We’re all in a moment. And, we’re asking the big questions. Especially about work. Should I join The Great Resignation? Should I stay and just keep on, keeping on. Or, reimagine, reinvent, maybe even start my own thing? Can I really expect more than just a paycheck and stability from work? How do I navigate the overwhelm, burnout, and work-life-bleed that’s turned work-from-home into never-stop-working? What about purpose, joy, excitement, time to breathe, and live? What about that nagging tension between money and meaning, the desire to feel secure and the quest to do something that makes you come alive - that sparks you?

These are the questions we’ll be diving into on the SPARKED podcast. Every week, we invite a listener to share what’s going on in their work & life, then pose a specific question. Then, our host, award-winning author, advisor, and founder, Jonathan Fields, and a rotating lineup of wise mentors from the SPARKED Braintrust will share insights, ideas, strategies, resources and tips to help us all better align what we do with who we are, so we can find and do more of what makes us come alive.

How to Unpack Assumptions about your Sparketypes
'How do you unpack your assumptions about your Sparketype and ways to succeed in business?'
23 min
On Putting Yourself in the Path of Pivot with J...
'How do we look at uncertainty differently?'
33 min
Reimagining farming after almost losing everyth...
'How do you recover from a natural disaster that almost took everything?'
15 min
How to Innovate in a Workplace that Adapts Slowly
"How do you handle a drive to innovate inside a system that adapts to change slowly?"
29 min
From the Military to Mentoring With Charlie Gil...
Today, we’re sharing a fun new episode format we’re calling SPARKED Stories, where we spotlight the experience of one person and explore how they’ve built a living and life that honors, celebrates, and centers the parts of themselves that truly make them and their work come alive.
20 min
On Leading with Humanity with Karen Wright
Karen Wright on Leading and Humanity at a Time When Both Are Hard to Access.
30 min
How to Have Patience in the Face of Uncertainty
"When looking for niche job roles that match your criteria, how do you have patience in the process?"
27 min
How to Release the need to find ‘Our One True P...
'Do we have to choose one specialty or can we release the need to find 'our one true passion'?'
32 min
How to Bring more Compassion & Empathy to Leade...
'How can I impact the future of leadership and tackle training our leaders to have more compassion and empathy?'
27 min
How to Balance a Family Legacy with Building Yo...
'How do I move on from my iconic entrepreneurial history and show up authentically to build my own legacy?'
28 min
How to Harness your Skills to have a Big Impact
"How do you harness your skillset to show up in work & life and make a meaningful difference?"
27 min
How to Assess if your Chosen Project is the Rig...
"How do you know if your chosen project is the right project to focus on?"
27 min
How to Embrace your Innate Impulses alongside N...
"How do you embrace your innate impulses and find joy in work and life whilst navigating neurodiversity?"
25 min
How to Reimagine your Style of Entrepreneurship
"What do you do when your goals and your personality type don't necessarily line up?"
32 min
How to Finish more Projects you Start
"How do you finish more of the projects that you start or do you need to complete everything?"
27 min
How to Seek out Aligned & Anti-Burnout Roles
"How do you find work that aligns more closely with your primary impulse and is less likely to end in burnout?"
29 min
How to Trust your Essential Nature throughout y...
When your roles change throughout your life, how do you know what is your essential nature?
30 min
How to Scale while Staying True to Yourself
How do you scale to serve more people while staying true to yourself and your talents?
31 min
How to bring a Writing Passion Project to Life
"When you have a passion project, like writing books, calling to you, how do you bring them to life?"
33 min
How to Blend Well Paid Work & Engaging Side Pas...
How do you blend a well-paying job and a side passion that lights you up?
27 min
How to Reignite Team Collaboration during Globa...
"How do you reignite the passion for work and collaboration, when everyone is so exhausted?"
29 min
How to Choose Freedom over Familial Responsibility
When the path is laid out for you, how do you make aligned choices that bring freedom and purpose?
32 min
How to Know if You’re Doing Too Many Things
"When your career and side projects are going well, how you know if you're doing too many things?"
30 min
How to Cultivate a Sense of Self Belief
"How do I develop a sense of self belief, when so much of my life is in a state of transition?"
32 min
How do you Start from the Bottom when You’ve Be...
How do. you start from the bottom of something new when you've been at the top of something else?
29 min
How to Stop Feeling like a Square Peg in a Roun...
"How do I stop feeling like a square peg in a round hole and find work that is aligned to me?"
29 min
How to Navigate Between Stability, Burnout & a ...
Should I stay in a role that's burning me out but offers long term security or pursue what lights me up?
27 min
How to Make Your Meaningful Work Sustainable
"Once you’ve found what makes your life meaningful, how do you make it sustainable?"
31 min
How to Utilize your Superpowers in a Way That M...
"How do I create the next great thing for me, when I have no clear path or even direction?"
31 min
How to Focus & Decide What to Prioritize
"How can I learn to focus when I'm in the space of paradox of choice? What do I prioritize?
29 min
How to Know When to Jump into Your Side Hustle
"I know what I want to do next, but how do I know when it's time to jump?”
29 min
Welcome to the SPARKED podcast with Jonathan Fi...
Introducing SPARKED: How to find and do work that makes you come alive
1 min