Space Poddity: A D&D Spelljammer Actu...

Space Poddity! It's an actual play D&D podcast in the fantasy outer space Spelljammer setting.

In Space Poddity, four adventurers visit the worlds of other actual play shows, under the possibly-horrified supervision of the show's GM. The tone is light, the characters are compelling, and on a cold, clear night you can hear the parody and the meditation on what it means to control the gates to the stars in a dangerous and teeming creative multiverse.

Comedy Fiction
Episode 4: The Last Resort, Part IV (Dragon Vibes)
43 min
Episode 3: The Last Resort, Part III (Mukbang I...
51 min
Episode 2: The Last Resort, Part II (Goat Bless)
56 min
Episode 1: The Last Resort, Part I (No Sails, ...
53 min
Launching August 17! Space Poddity: an actual p...
2 min