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Mars - A Scene Setter | Space Nuts 238 with Pro...
Probing the Martian Atmosphere – from a time when it was warm and wet.
55 min
Exoplanet Mystery | Space Nuts 237 with Profess...
The discovery of some new exoplanets that are proving to be a bit of a mystery. So, what’s going on…Fred explains.
49 min
Protected | Space Nuts 236 with Professor Fred ...
Passing of a new law protecting historic space history sites.
43 min
'The Need For Speed' | Space Nuts 235 with Prof...
Wondering why 2020 seemed to move along so quickly? Fred knows why…
46 min
196: CHEOPS Mission
Space Nuts 196 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
42 min
195: Comet ATLAS is on its way
Space Nuts 195 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
51 min
194: WASP-76b
Space Nuts 194 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
40 min
193: Space Time Dragging
Space Nuts 193 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
42 min
192: The Biggest Explosion
Space Nuts 192 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
47 min
191: Jaxa Mission to Phobos.
Space, Science and Stuff
54 min
190: Planet Formation.
Space, Science & Stuff
51 min
189: Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts
Science, Space and Stuff
45 min
188: Planet TOI-257b
Science, Space and Stuff
33 min
187: Asteroid 2020 AV2
Science, Space and Stuff
39 min
Bizarre objects near the black hole at the cent...
Space Nuts 186
40 min
Oldest Material Ever Found.
Space Nuts 185
35 min
184: Mars 2020
Plus the naming of exo-planets and from the mailbox - your questions answered.
39 min
183: Massive Gas Giant Mystery
Plus the most powerful gamma-ray burst ever seen and from the mailbox… more of your questions asked by Andrew and answered by Fred
38 min
182: Impossible Discoveries
The Stellar Black Hole Discovered ... and water without life right here on Earth..
45 min
181: Hibernation?
Space Nuts 181 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
40 min
180: From The Inbox
Once again, your questions answered..
44 min
179: PSZ1G311.65-18.48
The galaxy we can see 12 times over....
37 min
178: Voyager 2 Crosses Over
Plus a Low mass black hole. and Fred & Andrew’s Mailbag...your questions answered...
46 min
177: Mars Mole Misses Mark
Plus Dwarf Planet Confirmed and Fred & Andrew’s Mailbag...your questions answered...
42 min
176: First All-Female Spacewalk
Plus Mass extinction reason confirmed and Fred’s Mailbag...your questions answered
43 min
175: Vale Alexi Leonov
Plus Venus lava flows and Fred’s Mailbag...your questions answered...
38 min
174: Hungry, Hungry Andromeda
Plus the great asteroid smashup and Fred's Mailbag...your questions answered..
40 min
173: Planet 9 - A Whole New Theory
Plus Australian NASA tech and a distant galaxy cluster... Moon gravity assist...just one of the topics covered in this episode’s listener questions…
27 min
172: Tabby’s Star Theory
Plus Venus was once liveable & more of our listener's questions…
43 min
171: Earth 2.0 - Maybe
Plus Radio bubbles and listener question time…
40 min
170: The Lakes of Titan
Plus New dinosaur asteroid data and listener there anything Fred doesn't know?
39 min
169: India's History Making Moon Landing Imminent
India's about to make history...and the latest FRB's - what do we know?
32 min
168: Microbial Life Transport Theory. What??
It's all about Astronomy, Space and You.
35 min
167: Mission to Europa
Astronomy, Space, Science, Astrophysics, News Podcast
32 min
166: Life On The Moon
Say what? Fred Neutron Star behaviour and of course...your questions.
39 min
165: Twinkle Twinkle Very Old Star
Oldest star how old is it?
38 min
164: New Exoplanet Discoveries
Plus Solar Sails from Planetary Society tested. and an array of listener questions...
39 min
163: Question Time
Another episode devoted entirely to your questions....
39 min
162: Apollo 11 - The Legacies 50 Years On
A very special edition of Space Nuts as we look back on the lasting legacy of Apollo 11 and it’s historic Mission 50 years ago.
45 min
161: Pinpointed - Fast Radio Bursts
Fast Radio Bursts Origins Pinpointed, NASA is returning to look for life & Listener question time...
36 min
160: Elon Musk's Internet
The plan...and the controversy.
26 min
159: Intergalactic Radio Waves
Space Nuts 159 - Intergalactic Radio Waves, Space Travel...NASA's joining the fray...and the ever popular listener questions.
24 min
158: Finding Snoopy
Found! Apollo 10’s long lost Snoopy Module...
29 min
157: Hippocamp
Neptune's mini-moon...what we know plus heavy water's role in how earth’s Oceans may have come into being... and a listener question….what’s Dark Matter’s impact on time?
22 min
156: Newborn Exoplanets
Today on Space Nuts - Newborn exoplanets planets... Space Elevators...feasible? And did Earth ever have rings? Well...did it?. Fred has the answer.
30 min
155: New Comet Water Theory
Plus an important anniversary and listener questions about dark energy and dark DNA seeding. Fred has answers.
38 min
154: Weird...But Boring
Ultima Thule - weird but boring, plus Jeff Bezos Space vision unveiled and listener questions...the chicken and egg theory...and cosmic background radiation. Fred has the answers.
33 min
153: Moon Quakes
.Why they happen.. Plus NASA’s asteroid strike isn’t pretty and The Square Kilometre Array’s new supercomputers
42 min
152: More Gravitational Waves Detected
Plus...Dave Mackay and his Virgin Galactic flight record...and listener questions...
30 min
151: A Very Hungry Black Hole
But where's Fred podcasting from today?
40 min
150: Your Questions - Answered!
For Episode 150 we answer your many questions.
39 min
149: Women and Space Travel
A new study concludes that women are better suited to space travel than men...
32 min
148: First Picture of a Black Hole
A photo of a black hole at last...and confirmation of Methane gas on Mars.
31 min
147: The Rivers of Mars
The Rivers of Mars (sounds like a song title doesn't it….) plus a very rare asteroid spotted by Hubble...
34 min
146: Wardrobe Malfunction
News on Exoplanets and NASA wardrobe malfunction...
33 min
145: A Big Bang
A meteor explosion on our doorstep...and we all missed it.,,,
34 min
The Square Kilometre Array - Great News
The Square Kilometer Array Treaty signed - and it's great news for Australia...
36 min
A Successful Docking
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule’s historic docking with ISS
33 min
Historic Achievements
Hayabusa touches down...and Virgin Galactic’s historic test flight...
31 min
Andrew and The Professor
A revelation from the demise of the Opportunity Rover and a new look at Ultima Thule'...
38 min
Black Arrow
Britain's Black Arrow 2019 - The Year of the Periodic Table...
34 min
Let's Celebrate
Australia Day Honours...and the Aussie Science and Astronomy worlds have cause to celebrate... plus there’s a new Ultima Thule pic...and it’s stunning.
29 min
What Is Life?
What is life? Depends on who you talk to it seems...we discuss. Plus Gamma Ray deal...
32 min
Saturn's Rings - The Latest Data From Cassini
Saturn’s Rings...the data is in from Cassini...and they’re not as old as previously thought, nor will they last. Plus Earth’s magnetic field is moving...from Canada to Siberia...what does this mean?
31 min
Questions and More Questions
Our listeners ask the best questions and in this episode we tackle a whole bunch of them...
34 min
The Ultima Thule Flyby...and Alien Abductions?
The Ultima Thule flyby... Chang’e 4 update... and Alien abductions are down...go figure.
36 min
134: Looking Ahead
A look forward to some of the special events coming in 2019. Plus listener questions...
31 min
133: The Eerie Winds of Mars
The Australian Space Agency and Voyager 2 are in the news - so are the Eerie winds of Mars...
29 min
132: NASA's Moon Plans
Plus Osiris Rex arrives at Bennu and listener questions.
30 min
131: NASA's InSight Lands On Mars
Plus Comet Wirtanan, Planet HR8799c and Elon Musk Renames The BFR.
28 min
130: Colliding Binary Stars and a Ghost Galaxy
New discoveries...
35 min
129: Dark Matter Hurricane and a UFO
Should we be losing sleep over a Dark Matter Hurricane that's headed towards Earth...and what about that Irish UFO sighting?
28 min
128: A Supermassive Black Hole
Is there a supermassive black hole at the centre of our universe?
33 min
127: It's A Dusty World
Dust clouds around planet Earth, we revisit the Parker Solar Probe and listener questions.
34 min
126: Mission to Mercury
Andrew and Fred bring you robust discussion on the Space News headlines...
33 min
125: Fast Radio Bursts and Noisy Auroras
Let’s talk about those fast radio bursts...
29 min
124: Two Discoveries and One Big Crunch
Ice formations found on Europa, The first Exo-moon...and a listeners question about the Big Crunch.
32 min
123: The Discovery of Goblin
Astronomers are excited...can Planet 9 be far away?
35 min
122: Asteroid Encounters
Jaxa hops on an asteroid...while New Horizons has a date past Pluto...
29 min
121: We're off to the moon... (well...not us ex...
Once again the moon is back in focus as a destination.
30 min
120: All Listener Questions - Round 2
Answering some of the questions sent in by our listeners from around the globe.
37 min
119: That hole in the ISS
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30 min
118: A Reverse Polarity Sun Spot. What?
It's all about Space...
33 min
117: Water On The Moon - Confirmed!
Stream podcast episodes on demand from (mobile friendly).
31 min
116: The Parker Solar Probe is On It's Way
The Parker Solar Probe, The Perseid Meteor Shower and is a Black Hole really a hole?
34 min
115: The Next Step
NASA announces it's next steps in human Space Exploration
28 min
114: Confirmation of the General Theory of Rela...
New confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity...
30 min
113: The Mars Water Discovery
Water discovered on Mars...Fred explains it's importance.
31 min
112: New Jupiter Moons - Space Nuts with Dr.Fre...
New Jupiter Moons, a blood moon eclipse and a listeners question answered...
29 min
111: Seeing a Black Hole - Space Nuts with Dr. ...
Seeing a black hole, a galactic collision and what was that light in the sky? All in Episode 111 of Space Nuts.
35 min
110: Exo Moons - Space Nuts with Dr Fred Watson...
In Episode 110 of Space Nuts: - *Fred fills us in on the changes within the AAO (Australian Astronomical Observatory) and what the future holds for him…
29 min
109: All listener questions - Space Nuts with D...
In Episode 109 of Space Nuts we answer listener questions:-*First question is from Rich asking why most planets in our solar system are on the same plane*Question from Kerry Elli...
33 min
108: Journey to Mars - Space Nuts with Dr Fred ...
In Episode 108 of Space Nuts -*Getting to Mars. So just how will we do it?*The Oldest Object in the Solar System….*Listener Graham see’s a green flash in the morning sky ne...
25 min
107: Vale Capt. Alan Bean - Space Nuts with Dr ...
In Episode 107 of Space Nuts -*We pay tribute to the late Capt. Alan Bean.*Lunar Eclipses and Climate change...what’s the connection?*Listener Alex Simmons in Bellingen, NS...
28 min
106: That Dino Asteroid's affect on Birds - Spa...
In Episode 106 of Space Nuts -*The Dino asteroids affect on birds...*Saturn’s moonlets...*Listener Jacob from Brisbane, Australia has a question about the Inflationary Epoc...
25 min
105: "Let's colonise the moon!' - Space Nuts wi...
In Episode 105 of Space Nuts -*Industry on the moon?*The dino asteroid temperature effect...*Listener Tom Newitt asked about the WOW signal…we answer.Subscribe, rate and ...
29 min
104: Ancient Oxygen - Space Nuts with Dr Fred W...
In Episode 104 of Space Nuts -*Stargazing Live + Ancient Oxygen*Grace Satellites launched*Listener Tony Dawn offers dark energy theory...thanks Tony...Subscribe, rate and...
29 min
103: The Multiverse, Helicopter on Mars & the E...
In Episode 103 of Space Nuts -*Do multiverses exist? Possibly not...Fred explains...*Sending a helicopter to Mars. Will it work?*Our listener question this week...what's be...
32 min
102: InSight, Steve and Gaia - Space Nuts with ...
In Episode 102 of Space Nuts -*Mars InSight mission lifts off...*New research into strange light phenomenon called Steve...*Our listener question this week comes from Paul ...
29 min
101: Merging Galaxies, A Supernova Event Surviv...
In Episode 101 of Space Nuts -*Merging galaxies seen from early Universe...*Astronomers find a survivor from a supernova event...*Question from airline pilot and listener H...
31 min