Texas Crime Stories

The Texas Crime Stories podcast brings you true crime stories from San Antonio, South Texas, the Hill Country and beyond.

True Crime
Texas Crime Stories; Fractured Family: A Mother...
A mother speaks about the horrific attack done on her and her kids and how she has been surviving the past year.
14 min
Texas Crime Stories; Betrayed Justice
Murdered in front of her children, did the justice system fail her?
13 min
Shattered Dreams: The Martel DeRouen Murder
Love, music and murder: The death of Martell Derouen and the case against Sasha Skare
12 min
Mother's Day Tragedy; Texas Crime Stories
A senseless shooting shocked all of San Antonio, a six-year-old died in her mother’s arms on what should have been a joyous day.
15 min
Twisted Love: The Cayley Mandadi Tragedy
Texas Crime Stories follows the trials of the boyfriend of Cayley Mandadi, Mark Howerton.
21 min
The Cold Case of Jennifer Delgado: Texas Crime ...
Texas Crime Stories reexamines the murder of Jennifer Delgado 35 years after her death.
9 min
The Austin Caller; Unveiling A Serial Killer
Texas Crime Stories explores Raul Meza’s string of killings over decades
17 min
The Murder of Caiden Parker; Texas Crime Stories
Grandmother of toddler murdered by his mother in Poteet speaks about mother’s release from state custody
17 min
Exoneration; Texas Crime Stories
It took more than 30 years but Melvin Quinney has been exonerated after being wrongfully convicted in 1991.
10 min
The Murder of Andreen McDonald; Texas Crime Sto...
A San Antonio mother murdered in 2019 and her husband charged with the crime.
29 min
"A Mother's Fight For Justice"; Texas Crime Sto...
A San Antonio mother fights to keep her son's killer behind bars.
16 min
Iconic Village Fire; Texas Crime Stories
Five residents lost their lives, and seven others were injured in an apartment complex fire that was intentionally set almost five years ago.
14 min
Border Patrol Serial Killer Pt. 2; Texas Crime ...
The trial and sentencing of Juan David Ortiz.
28 min
Amber Alert; Texas Crime Stories
‘A lasting legacy’: Amber Hagerman’s unsolved murder inspires AMBER Alert
16 min
"The Will To Live": Texas Crime Stories
Sole survivor of the Railroad Killer tells her story about survival
19 min
Ordered Hit; Texas Crime Stories
Balcones Heights police officer caught in a double life ends up executed by Texas Mexican Mafia
18 min
Satanic Panic Pt. 3; South Texas Crime Stories
Member of the San Antonio four shares how satanic panic played into her false conviction
19 min
Satanic Panic Pt. 2; South Texas Crime Stories
The story of Marvin Quinney as he seeks exoneration.
18 min
Satanic Panic Pt. 1; South Texas Crime Stories
A look at how a hysteria known as Satanic Panic caused 5 people from San Antonio to be wrongfully convicted.
15 min
The Murder of Lauren Bump: South Texas Crime St...
A woman's life is tragically taken by a complete stranger while she went out running at a local park.
16 min
Friendship turns deadly for 2 young women; Sout...
Two murders six years apart with one thing in common.
23 min
The disappearance of Pauline Diaz; South Texas ...
Great-grandmother disappeared 12 years ago and many are still searching for her today.
13 min
The Murder of Nicole Perry; South Texas Crime S...
Nicole Perry was brutally attacked and murdered because she wouldn't stop talking.
32 min
The Unsolved Case of Rosa Sandoval; South Texas...
A 12-year-old girl disappears without a trace in 2004.
16 min
The San Antonio Strangler; South Texas Crime St...
A serial killer in San Antonio took the lives of five women from 2012 to 2015
20 min