Southern Gothic

The underbelly of the American South comes alive in this dark audio documentary series about the rich histories and eerie legends that lie beneath the beauty and majesty of this uniquely American culture.

True Crime
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Introducing Ghost Tour
36 min
The Curse on Barnsley Gardens
24 min
Massacre at the Sultan's Palace
“Blood Seeped Under the Door, Down the Steps, and into the Street…” On the corner of Orleans Avenue and Dauphine Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans is a stately three and a half-story mansion that is said to be the site of a massacre so...
31 min
The Spirits of Sloss Furnaces (Revisited)
Built in 1881, Sloss Furnaces was the first of many blast furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama to manufacture pig iron. The furnaces aided in catalyzing an Industrial Revolution in the postwar south. It was in Alabama, that the iron industry took off,...
24 min
The Ghost Town of Rodney, Mississippi
LOST TO TIME AND THE SHIFTING CURRENTS OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER… It was in 1828 that the town of Rodney, Mississippi was formally incorporated. Located near the Mississippi River, the town would grow to become an essential port for steamboats...
24 min
The Premature Burial of Octavia Hatcher
In 1891 Octavia Hatcher was twenty years-old. She was married to the most successful businessmen in the state of Kentucky and was awaiting the birth of her first child. There should have been nothing but excitement and hope in a bright future for the...
23 min
The Surrency Family Poltergeist
Enter our April T-shirt Giveaway by signing up for our newsletter at In October 1872, a small Georgia community was bursting with visitors and curiosity seekers in an attempt to discover the truth behind mysterious happenings at the family home of...
28 min
Hilton Head Island's Haunted Lighthouse
Enter our April T-shirt Giveaway by signing up for our newsletter at Hilton Head Island’s Leamington Lighthouse was erected in 1880 to help guide ships away from the island and safely into Port Royal Sound; but according to local lore, the now...
23 min
John Henry: Steel Driving Man
Help Southern Gothic grow by becoming a today! When the Civil War drew to a close, the United States’ railway networks, particularly those in the Southern states, were in shambles. During the Reconstruction era, the rehabilitation of the southern...
19 min
Refuge in the Great Dismal Swamp
Help Southern Gothic grow by becoming a today! Along the coastal plain region of Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina lies the ominously named Great Dismal Swamp. While this unique habitat has served as home to a wide array of...
26 min
The Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis
Check out our special bonus video content for this episode by becoming a today! On May 14, 1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out on what would become a two year expedition across the western half of the United States. Yet for all the...
32 min
Madame Félicité Chretien
Just north of Lafayette, Louisiana– in the small town of Sunset– is Chretien Point, a beautiful Creole style two-story mansion that once served as the centerpiece to a vast cotton plantation known as Chretien Point. Today, the enduring legacy of...
26 min
Legend of Peter Dromgoole
For almost two centuries the legend of the disappearance of Peter Dromgoole has been told by the students of the University of North Carolina. In 1833 Peter Dromgoole arrived to study at the University, and although he initially failed the entrance...
20 min
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium
On July 26, 1910 the Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened outside Louisville, Kentucky; the hospital on the hill was dedicated solely to the treatment of those infected with the highly contagious and often fatal disease, tuberculosis.  During its...
27 min
The Eliza Battle's Final Voyage
The Eliza Battle was once one of the most luxurious steamboats on Alabama’s waters, but her untimely demise by fire has left many to believe that she can still be seen on the Tombigbee River’s water– an omen of death. Still want more Southern...
29 min
The Curse of Julia Brown (Revisited)
On September 30, 1915 a vicious hurricane made its way through Southeastern Louisiana leaving almost 375 people dead and entire communities destroyed. One such town was the small farming community of Frenier, where a legend has since entered local...
33 min
Hotel Brunswick's Phantom Harpist
On August 23, 1882 Italian harpist Antonio “Tony” Caseletta drowned in a sailing accident on the Cape Fear river, leaving behind a wife and child. His body was then buried in the Old Smithville Cemetery; however, many claim that his spirit...
22 min
The Sad Statue of Corinne Lawton
After Corinne Elliott Lawton died in 1877, her parents commissioned a famous Italian sculptor to design the statue at her grave. The result still stands today in the historic Bonaventure Cemetery of Savannah, Georgia where the melancholy depiction of...
20 min
The Singing River
It is said that on warm summer and autumn nights, those standing on the banks of the Pascagoula river may hear the sound of a melodic humming emanating from beneath the river’s dark waters. The origin of the sound is unknown, but numerous legends...
20 min
Ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation (Revisited)
On this episode we revisit and update our very first– “The Ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation.” Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, over two centuries of tragedies and heartbreak have occurred under the roof of this beautiful Creole Cottage...
34 min
Legend of the Female Stranger
In 1816 a mysterious couple arrived in Alexandria, Virginia and isolated themselves in a room at Gadsby’s Tavern. Unfortunately, the young woman was deathly ill and in spite of receiving assistance from a local doctor, she passed away. After burying...
23 min
Ghost Hound of Goshen
Legend says that on Old Bumcombe Road in South Carolina, a man was hanged in the mid 19th century for a crime he did not commit. As a result, the spirit of his loyal canine companion is believed to continue to seek vengeance for his death– a spirit...
18 min
This week we have chosen to take part in the Podcast Blackout Movement. It is our hope that you will take the time that you would normally have spent with us to instead explore one of the many incredible podcasts made by people of color: by...
1 min
The Boomtown of Thurmond
The town of Thurmond, West Virginia was strategically built on the C&O Railroad line to serve the numerous coal mines surrounding the New River Gorge. What began as a small community quickly grew into a prosperous boomtown; however, as the coal...
24 min
The Mischievous Feu Follet
Cajun folklore claims that in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana are supernatural entities that appear to travelers in the form of glowing balls. Much like the well known will-o’-the-wisp, those unlucky enough to be lured into the trap of these...
21 min
The Kennesaw House
The Kennesaw House of Marietta, Georgia was built beside the Western & Atlantic Railroad line in the 1840’s; but over the course of this beautiful brick building’s long life, it has seen numerous tragedies that has left many to believe that...
22 min
The Witch of Yazoo City
On May 25, 1904, a fire broke out in the business district of Yazoo City, Mississippi. By day’s end, the fire had consumed much of the community, leaving nothing but ashes. Historians believe the fire started accidentally at the home of Herman Wise,...
20 min
Murder of the Lawson Family
On Christmas Day in 1929, North Carolina farmer Charlie Lawson murdered his entire family before turning his gun onto himself.  Almost a century has passed since this gruesome crime, but the question of motive has remained unanswered to this day....
23 min
Gaineswood's Ghostly Piano
In 1843 Nathan Bryan Whitfield began construction on a grand mansion in Demopolis, Alabama.  The beautiful home, which he named Gaineswood, still stands as part of Whitfield’s legacy; but some claim that echoes of a tragedy that occurred here...
22 min
Tragedy in Sand Cave
In 1925, cave explorer Floyd Collins discovered Sand Cave, not far from what would one day become Mammoth Cave National Park.  Floyd, like many others in Kentucky cave country, had hoped to discover a cave of his own that he could profit from as...
33 min
The Beale Ciphers
In 1885, publisher James B. Ward released a small pamphlet that contained three encrypted messages that purportedly told the whereabouts of an immense treasure.  Unfortunately, after a century of attempts to decipher these mysterious codes known...
21 min
Black River War
From 1847-1870, along the Black River in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, two neighboring plantation owners engaged in a violent family feud.  The cause of the dispute is still unknown, but whatever it may be, the result was the loss of numerous...
27 min
The Bride of Annandale
The apparition of a grieving woman purportedly haunts the Chapel of the Cross cemetery in Mannsdale, Mississippi.  Legend says this ghost is Helen Johnstone.-- the victim of one of Mississippi's most tragic tales of heartbreak and loss....
25 min
Cities of the Dead
One of the most significant issues that the early settlers of  New Orleans encountered was where to bury their dead. The city’s swampy location has an exceptionally high water table, so when graves were dug, water quickly filled the...
21 min
The Franklin Masonic Hall
One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee.  However, the rich history of this southern community is far deeper than what occurred on November 30, 1865, and no structure in this historic town...
28 min
Fiddler's Rock
On a precipice near the top of Stone Mountain in Johnson County, Tennessee is a flat outcropping of sandstone called Fiddler's Rock.  The mysterious landmark is covered in carvings of images, names and dates; however, what makes Fiddler's Rock so...
20 min
The Devil's Tramping Ground
Just fifty miles south of Greensboro, North Carolina, amidst lush pine forests and rolling hills is a large patch of barren nothingness known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground.  This empty spot is circular in shape, roughly 40 feet across, and for...
19 min
Lost Confederate Gold
As the end of the Civil War became imminent, Confederate President Jefferson Davis fled his capital city of Richmond, Virginia.  After leading the South for four years, he had high hopes to escape the country and rebuild a new Confederacy. So...
24 min
Skeleton of Longwood Mansion
In 1860, Dr. Haller Nutt began construction on a palatial estate in Natchez, Mississippi.  Unfortunately the outbreak of the Civil War put a halt to progress, leaving Dr. Nutt's vision incomplete for over a century and half. Connect with Southern...
21 min
The Lady of Bellamy Bridge
Legend says that the Bellamy Bridge in Marianna, Florida is haunted by a woman, who's life was supposedly lost to a vicious fire on her wedding night in 1837.; however, legend and history tell two different tales as to the origin of the Lady of...
29 min
Legend of Bill Sketoe's Hole
On December 3, 1864 William Henry Sketoe was hanged near his home in Newton, Alabama.  Some legends claim he was a Confederate deserter, others a Union sympathizer; but for whatever the reason may be, his story has been one of Alabama's most...
24 min
The Ruins of Rosewell
The Rosewell Plantation of Gloucester County, Virginia was once the most grandiose plantation home of the British Colonies in North America; but after a fire destroyed this exquisite home in 1916, all that is left of this once great mansion is ruins....
22 min
The Gray Man of Pawley's Island
Each year, June 1st marks the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane season; and while modern technology has helped reduced the catastrophic destruction of these storms, on the small barrier island of Pawley's Island, South Carolina, locals believe it is...
22 min
The Greenbrier Ghost
On January 23, 1897, Elva Zona Heaster was found dead in her home in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. At the time, the cause was presumed natural; however, after her ghost purportedly appeared to her mother, it was soon found that the circumstances...
27 min
St. Augustine's Haunted Lighthouse
Founded in 1565 by the Spanish, St. Augustine, Florida is one of America's oldest surviving cities; and while the history of this three-century old port, once instrumental in early colonization by the Spanish, is rich with tales of hauntings and...
25 min
The Curse of Lake Lanier
The creation of Georgia's Lake Lanier came at a high cost for the people who had once settled there; and as a result, many believe that today this manmade body of water is cursed by it's destructive past.
22 min
Legacy of Lavinia Fisher
Many legends claim that Lavinia Fisher was the first female serial killer in the United States.  She and her husband John operated an inn just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  They named it Six Mile Wayfarer House, but their...
25 min
The Ghost Town of Cahaba
The town of Cahaba was once the thriving state capital of Alabama.  Yet today, nothing remains of this city but ruins.  
28 min
The Burning of Atlanta
The city of Atlanta, Georgia was a strategic stronghold for the Confederacy during the Civil War, serving as an integral railroad hub that supplied the South with men, munitions and supplies.  But by the spring of 1864, as President Abraham...
28 min
Legend of the Bell Witch
In 1817 the family of Tennessee farmer John Bell came under the attack of a brutal entity; a haunting which became so infamous, it purportedly caught the attention of a future president, gripping a small community for years, and terrorizing the Bell...
33 min
Blackbeard's Demise
The legendary pirate Blackbeard is one of the most infamous men of the Golden Age of Piracy.  A pirate who's spirit many believe still haunts the shores of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. 
27 min
St. Alban's Sanatorium
On January 15, 1916 Dr. John C. King opened the St. Alban’s Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia; converting a former school into a modern mental health facility that he had hoped to transform by focusing on the moral management and care of those...
28 min
The Woolfolk Family Massacre
On August 6, 1887 one of Georgia’s darkest and most infamous murders occurred at a farmhouse in Bibb County.  Nine members of Richard Woolfolk’s family were brutally slain with an axe. Suspicion immediately fell on his son Thomas and a...
22 min
Phantom Flames of Tuscaloosa
Dr. John R. Drish began construction of one of Tuscaloosa's first plantation homes in 1835.  Unfortunately, after he and his wife Sara's deaths, the home fell to ruin; giving life to claims that the tower that looms over this once stately...
22 min
The Birth of a City: New Orleans, Part III
Madame Delphine LaLaurie
39 min
The Birth of a City: New Orleans, Part II
Spirits of the Cathedral
28 min
The Birth of a City: New Orleans, Part I
The Casket Girls
29 min
The Madison County Grey
Private Nicodemus Kidd enlisted in the Confederate Army on July 10, 1861; however, the young private quickly fell victim to an horrendous disease while camped outside of the Confederate capital.  A disease that would plague Confederate camps for...
18 min
Fort Jefferson's Most Infamous
Construction of Fort Jefferson began in the early 19th century to address the growing need for America to protect its shores.  The resulting massive coastal fortress is the largest masonry structure on American soil; however, its history as a...
32 min
The Abandoned Amusement Park of Lake Shawnee
In 1926 Conley Snidow opened the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in West Virginia, on land that many believe was once sacred to the indigenous tribes of the region.  Echoes of the land's subsequent bloody history and the park's tragic demise are said...
20 min
The Seer of Shelbyville
On March 22, 1957, Simon Warner, a self-described "crime doctor," was murdered at is home in Shelbyville, Tennessee for allegedly placing a Voodoo hex on a man who had come to him for help; and while Warner was certainly not a Voodoo practitioner,...
20 min
William Faulkner's Rowan Oak
William Faulkner is arguably the most influential writer in the literary genre of Southern Gothic; and nowhere is his fascination with the aesthetic more apparent, than in his Oxford, Mississippi home Rowan Oak.
26 min
Taking Up Serpents for Salvation
The religious practice of snake handling sprung up from the isolated rural communities of Appalachia in the early twentieth century; spreading throughout the south by way of an eccentric, charismatic and often troubled group of devout pastors.
29 min
Beautiful Nell's Tragic Tale
In 1901, Nell Cropsey went missing from her home in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for thirty-seven days. Her long-time boyfriend was convicted of her murder soon after, but many believe that the mystery of her tragic death still remains unsolved over...
26 min
The Haunted History of Liberty Hall
In 1796 John Brown, the founding father of the state of Kentucky, built a beautiful home where he and his family would entertain many of the new American political and social elite, but legend says that several of the famed Liberty Hall's guests still...
21 min
The Prologue
Welcome to Southern Gothic, an independently produced podcast exploring the dark underbelly of the American South.
2 min