Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett

Compassionate Capitalism may sound like an oxymoron AND it is the most powerful model we have for ensuring sustainable success - for ourselves, our businesses and our planet. Every organization has a “soul” or spirit that is its founding source. It is a non-replicable creative advantage that connects to literally everything. Knowing how to access and leverage this unique “soul” is a crucial key to sustainable success for all life on the planet!

Bruce Cryer, Former Heartmath CEO
39 min
Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, Evolutionary Biologist
30 min
Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder & Chief Visionary Offi...
26 min
Martin Rutte, President at Livelihood and Found...
32 min
Martin Rutte, President at Livelihood and Found...
30 min
Heather Mason, CEO and Founder of Caspian Agency
Her expertise in the innovation and social good business space have led to successful projects around the globe for Skoll World Forum, Dalio Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Participant Media, University of Oxford, and Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee to name a few,
30 min
David Wood
35 min
Adam Markel, CEO More Love Media
33 min
Jason Lara and David Abrams, Founders of Luxe G...
What if I told you that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? And, what if I told you there is a fashion company that is profitably changing this daily? Join me as I talk with two incredible entrepreneurs that are addre...
42 min
Cynthia Kersey, Founder and CEO, Unstoppable Fo...
Cynthia Kersey founded the Unstoppable Foundation 10 years ago. Today it is directly impacting the lives of almost 90,000 individuals daily. Cynthia speaks about social enterprises and the power of gratitude and generosity to create and sustain high leve...
32 min
Doland White, CEO of Rapid Crush
In this inaugural episode I talk with Doland White, CEO of Rapid Crush, a digital sales and marketing services firm with over a century of combined marketing & business management expertise. Their founding principle was to create a Customer First busines...
35 min
Introduction to Soul of Business with Blaine Ba...
In this introduction I provide the intention, the focus and the outline of what you can expect from the Soul of Business podcast.
19 min