Songfacts Podcast

Songfacts, which has been bringing you the stories behind the songs since 1999, now has a podcast. On the not-so-cleverly named Songfacts Podcast, our cheeky host Corey O'Flanagan speaks with songwriters and other music makers to learn about their own songs (which they often perform on the show) and explore the music that influenced them.

On this fun and enlightening musical journey, you'll discover new songs across a range of genres and take a deep dive into some you know - how they're structured, what they mean, how they make us feel.

Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music Interviews
Music History
Author Ken McNab on The Last Days of The Beatles
Ken McNab, author of And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles, explains how the group unravelled while making two of their masterpieces: Abbey Road and Let It Be.
58 min
Kirk Hamilton of Strong Songs
Kirk Hamilton, host of the podcast Strong Songs, explains his method of deconstructing a song and talks about the evolution of video game music.
50 min
12 albums in 12 months with Urban Jack (Simon M...
Simon Milliman, aka Urban Jack, talks about releasing his creative energy in a very aspirational project: writing 12 albums in 12 months.
55 min
Bekah Marie Knott on singing, teaching and a li...
Classically trained singer-songwriter Bekah Marie Knott on singing, teaching (even screamo) and a life of music.
37 min
Eric Victorino explains how internet killed the...
The internet allowed Eric Victorino to go from a band to an electronic duo with a guy he'd never met; they soundtracked it with the song "Internet Killed The Video Star."
50 min
Misty Boyce on performing with Sting and rethin...
Misty Boyce is a singer-songwriter who is a prolific solo artist and has toured with acts such as Lord Huron and Ingrid Michaelson.
46 min
Songfacts Podcast - Trailer
Introduction to the Songfacts Podcast.
1 min