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So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
<p>Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. So Money brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's top business minds, authors and influencers. What was their financial journey and how do they master their money today? Hear from inspiring individuals and learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures and habits. Plus, their secret guilty pleasures. On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers your biggest questions about money, career, guests, you name it. Submit your question for Farnoosh at</p>
955: The Father of Financial Life Planning, Geo...
31 min
954: Personal Finance for Grad Students with Em...
30 min
953: Ask Farnoosh: I'm $25,000 in credit card d...
39 min
952: Diversity, Inclusion and the Will to Chang...
38 min
951: Couples That “Work" with author Jennifer P...
34 min
950: Ask Farnoosh: What's the best way to start...
41 min
949: Finding the funny in finance with Paul Oll...
27 min
948: Ali Brown, World Leading Business Entrepre...
31 min
947: Ask Farnoosh: I have $230,000 in student l...
29 min
946: Career, Kids and Comebacks with Jennifer G...
32 min
945: Ladies Get Paid Founder Claire Wasserman
29 min
944: Ask Farnoosh: Selling a Timeshare, Chargin...
29 min
Bonus: Ask Farnoosh: Marriage and Money, How to...
26 min
943: Chana Ginelle Ewing, Author of An ABC of E...
30 min
942: Paula Rizzo, Author of Listful Living and ...
29 min
941: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planners vs Robo-A...
32 min
940: Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, Author o...
29 min
939: Health and Wealth with Kelly Brogan, M.D.
36 min
938: Ask Farnoosh: What's the deal with Roth IRAs?
23 min
937: Diane Harris, Award-Winning Personal Finan...
40 min
936: Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers
33 min
935: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Stress is Weighing...
33 min
934: The Illusion of Money with Kyle Cease
33 min
933: Affording a Career Pause with Erika Parker...
30 min
932: Ask Farnoosh: How to negotiate my salary w...
24 min
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: I'm 40, a freelancer and la...
26 min
931: Securing your financial legacy with Natali...
37 min
930: Career and financial success as an undocum...
34 min
929: Ask Farnoosh: Should I buy long-term care ...
28 min
928: Thriving as a female in tech and family br...
52 min
927: The Budget Mom (Kumiko Love)
27 min
926: Ask Farnoosh: Should I refinance my mortgage?
29 min
925: From the Projects to the Penthouse with CU...
30 min
924: The Equation for Financial Independence wi...
39 min
923: Ask Farnoosh: My Identity Was Stolen. What...
34 min
922: Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran (A Replay)
23 min
921: Paying Down $600k in Debt with Drs. Renée ...
38 min
920: Ask Farnoosh: What Risks to Consider When ...
35 min
919: Kari Skogland, Director The Handmaid's Tal...
45 min
918: Vicki Robin, Co-Author of Your Money or Yo...
43 min
917: Ask Farnoosh: What Financial Advice Would ...
28 min
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: Worth it to pay down my mor...
26 min
916: Eric Chesin, SVP, Head of Strategy for Rea...
32 min
915: Sara Dean, The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast
40 min
914: Ask Farnoosh: How Much is "Enough to Save ...
36 min
The True Story About the So Money Podcast: Inte...
57 min
913: Laena McCarthy and Ami Watkin, The Integra...
32 min
912: Andrea Pactor, Women’s Philanthropy Instit...
30 min
911: Ask Farnoosh and Allison Task (Replay)
33 min
910: Kelli Bradley, Author of Always Her Daughter
29 min
909: Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, Authors of Qu...
35 min
908: Ask Farnoosh: How to Ace a Job Interview
26 min
907: Debra Roberts, Author of The Relationship ...
27 min
906: Samantha Razook, Founder of Curious Jane
33 min
905: Ask Farnoosh: How to keep pushing for a ra...
36 min
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: How to pay off debt while s...
28 min
904: Almost 30 Co-Hosts Krista Williams and Lin...
36 min
903: Lou Anne Alexander, Group President of Pay...
30 min
902: (Live!) Ask Farnoosh and Priya Malani
24 min
901: Georgia Lee Hussey, Founder of Modernist F...
32 min
900: (Live!) Priya Malani, CEO of Stash Wealth
29 min
899: Ask Farnoosh: Besides salary, what else is...
34 min
898: Susan McPherson, Corporate Responsibility ...
36 min
897: Cameron Huddleston, Author of Mom and Dad,...
29 min
896: Ask Farnoosh: How do I best combine financ...
27 min
895: Liz Dennery Sanders, Founder of SheBrand
26 min
894: Sophia Parsa, Entrepreneur and Founder of ...
33 min
893: Ask Farnoosh: Do student loans need to be ...
41 min
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: Better to save for grad sch...
29 min
892: Karen Rinaldi, Author of (It's Great to) S...
37 min
891: Bola Sokunbi, Founder of Clever Girl Finance
36 min
890: Ask Farnoosh: How to save up quickly for a...
28 min
889: Ramona Ortega, Founder and CEO of My Money...
27 min
Bonus: Preparing for Retirement with Teresa Has...
31 min
888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared
38 min
887: Ask Farnoosh: How should I talk to my boyf...
40 min
Bonus: Live from Stacks House with Carrie Schwa...
48 min
886: Ramit Sethi, Author of I Will Teach You to...
36 min
885: Ramin Setoodeh, Author of Ladies Who Punch
29 min
884: Ask Farnoosh: Passed Up for a Promotion on...
29 min
883: Marc Lichtenfeld, Author of Get Rich With ...
31 min
882: Tamanna Roashan, Founder of DressYourFace
39 min
881: Ask Farnoosh: Maximizing tax deductions, p...
25 min
880: Kate Snow: Anchor NBC Nightly News Sunday
31 min
879: David Bach, Author of The Latte Factor
36 min
878: Ask Farnoosh: Which is more important, pay...
29 min
Bonus: Ask Farnoosh: Roth IRAs, Saving for Coll...
33 min
877: Susan Hyatt: Author of BARE and certified...
34 min
876: Tina Hay, Founder of Napkin Finance
30 min
875: Ask Farnoosh: How to help my aging parents...
25 min
874: Tori Dunlap: Founder, Her First $100k
25 min
873: Lindsey Pollak, Author of The Remix
31 min
872: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planning in Marriage
21 min
871: Erin Lowry, Broke Millennial Takes on Inve...
27 min
870: Alex Banayan, Author of The Third Door
46 min
869: Ask Farnoosh: Where to invest $50,000?
27 min
868: Kate Northrup, Author of Do Less
24 min
867: Ida Rademacher, Vice President at The Aspe...
36 min
866: Ask Farnoosh: How to juggle career and fam...
29 min
865: Sarah Fallaw, The New Millionaire Next Door
27 min
864: Stacks House Co-Founders, Kindra Meyer and...
39 min
863: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Stop Feeling Guilt...
25 min
862: Chanel Reynolds, Author of What Matters Most
36 min
861: Chris Taylor, Senior Money Correspondent, ...
27 min
860: Ask Farnoosh: How to financially support p...
26 min
859: Jonathan Walker, Executive Director of Ele...
32 min
858: Kara Perez, Founder of Bravely
26 min
857: Ask Farnoosh: All About That Roth IRA
35 min
856: Tonya Rapley, Founder of
32 min
855: Rachel Rodgers, Founder of
31 min
854: Ask Farnoosh: Saving for a Home, Buying Li...
29 min
853: Dr. Anna Cabeca, Author of The Hormone Fix
27 min
852: Maria Aspan, Author of Startup Money Made ...
37 min
851: Ask Farnoosh: How to Financially Prepare f...
32 min
850: Casanova Brooks, Real Estate Expert and Au...
31 min
849: Casey Erin Clark, Vital Voice Training Co-...
37 min
848: Ask Farnoosh: Help! My partner won't talk ...
27 min
847: Cate Luzio, Founder of Luminary
30 min
846: David Burns, The Business Monk
31 min
845: Ask Farnoosh: Is it OK to pause 401(k) to ...
34 min
844: Susan Packard, Co-Founder HGTV and Author
27 min
843: Todd Herman, Author of The Alter Ego Effect
44 min
842: Ask Farnoosh: Is a Master's Degree Worth It?
23 min
841: Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam, GoodEgg Inv...
36 min
840: Melissa Leong, Author of Happy Go Money
36 min
839: Ask Farnoosh: Best Way to Save for a House?
50 min
838: Linda Davis Taylor: CEO, Clifford Swan Inv...
33 min
837: Dan Pink, Author of WHEN: The Scientific ...
32 min
836: Ask Farnoosh: Should I pause my 401(k) to ...
36 min
835: Jaclyn Mellone, Host of Go To Gal podcast
41 min
834: Johnny Harris: Creator and Host of Borders...
35 min
833: Ask Farnoosh: How Do I Know if I'm Being P...
41 min
832: Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Correspondent
32 min
831: Veronica Dagher, Host of WSJ's Secrets of ...
36 min
830: Ask Farnoosh: My husband secretly racked u...
41 min
829: Gemma Hartley: Author of Fed Up: Emotional...
36 min
828: Sara Bliss, Author of Take the Leap
41 min
827: Ask Farnoosh: My friend's birthday dinner ...
37 min
826: Best of 2018 The Fire Movement
33 min
825: Best of 2018 Health & Wealth
28 min
824: Ask Farnoosh & Broke Millennial Author Eri...
24 min
823: Best of 2018: Extreme Money Makeovers
37 min
822: Best of 2018: Financial Feminism & Workpla...
30 min
821: Ask Farnoosh: Why are Roth IRA's so great?
33 min
820: Jenny Shih: Business & Productivity Coach
38 min
819: Susie Carder: From Bootstrap to Big Time
31 min
818: Ask Farnoosh: Managing Money in Your Business
42 min
817: Dr. Diana Burley, Cybersecurity Expert & P...
22 min
816: Farnoosh Brock, Author of The Serving Mindset
39 min
815: Ask Farnoosh: Home renovations, Investing ...
23 min
814: Andy Hill, Founder of Marriage, Kids and M...
31 min
813: Jen Roberts, Head of Chase Pay and Digital...
27 min
812: Ask Farnoosh: Investing 101, Side Hustles ...
25 min
811: Amy Nelson, Founder of The Riveter
34 min
810: Tim Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Nerdwallet
23 min
809: Ask Farnoosh: My husband left me. How can ...
34 min
808: Dan Schawbel, Author of Back to Human
29 min
807: David Neagle: Founder, Life Is Now, Inc,
30 min
806: Ask Farnoosh: I'm moving to NYC. How much ...
27 min
805: Joanne Lipman, Author of That's What She Said
35 min
804: Sol Orwell, Co-Founder of
35 min
803: Ask Farnoosh: Should I use an investing ap...
28 min
802: Leah Gervais, Founder
31 min
801: Sarah Jenks, Founder of Live More Weigh Less™
36 min
800: Ask Farnoosh: Best Ways to Invest?
42 min
799: Dr. Daniel Crosby: Author, The Behavioral ...
34 min
798: Adeola Omole, 7 Steps to Get Out of Debt a...
34 min
797: Ask Farnoosh: When should I tell my employ...
31 min
796: Tracy Matthews, Founder of Flourish & Thri...
36 min
795: Dr. Bonnie Koo, Physician and Founder Miss...
31 min
794: Ask Farnoosh: I have extra income. What sh...
42 min
793: Jenn Edden: Sugar Addiction Expert
40 min
792: Suze Orman, Author of Women & Money
37 min
791: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planning for a Spe...
39 min
790: Karen Bergreen: Stand-Up Comic
46 min
789: Angela Duckworth, Author of Grit
27 min
788: Ask Farnoosh: What should I do with my mon...
36 min
787: Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer of Vayn...
32 min
786: Dr. Peter Kim, Founder of
33 min
785: Ask Farnoosh: Should I rent or buy?
24 min
784: Raj Jana, Founder of JavaPresse Coffee
33 min
783: Ryan Serhant, Bravo's Million Dollar Listi...
27 min
782: Ask Farnoosh: What does my horoscope say a...
30 min
Bonus: Nikki Arwood, Regional Market Executive,...
24 min
781: Chanie WIlschanski: CEO of DiscoverED Cons...
34 min
780: Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project
48 min
779: Ask Farnoosh: What would you do if you won...
27 min
778: Lindsey Stanberry, Money Diaries
33 min
777: Kim Perell, The Execution Factor
29 min
776: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Retire Early?
32 min
Bonus: Catherine Golladay, SVP, Charles Schwab ...
28 min
775: Kate White, Former Cosmo Editor & Author o...
38 min
774: Jamila Souffrant, Founder of Journey to La...
40 min
773: Ask Farnoosh: A prospective employer wants...
35 min
772: Jaclyn Johnson, Founder of Create and Cult...
31 min
771: Mo Bunnell, Author of The Snowball System
27 min
770: Ask Farnoosh: I'm 32. Should I go back to ...
28 min
Bonus: Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Chief Financial...
34 min
769: Brian Portnoy, Author, The Geometry of Wealth
29 min
768: Lauren McGoodwin, Founder of CareerContess...
26 min
767: Ask Farnoosh: My identity was stolen. What...
34 min
766: Srinivas Rao, Author of An Audience of One
29 min
765: Petra Kolber, Author of The Perfection Detox
28 min
764: Ask Farnoosh: How to Build My (DIY) Financ...
31 min
Bonus: Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strate...
38 min
763: Alli Webb, DryBar Founder
37 min
761: Cristina Alger: Author of The Banker's Wife
30 min
761: Ask Farnoosh: My 9-year-old has saved for ...
37 min
760: Marissa Evans Alden, Co-Founder of Sawyer
25 min
759: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, Hosts...
40 min
758: Ask Farnoosh: How to Invest $100,000?
23 min
757: Brad Deutser, Author of Leading Clarity: T...
27 min
756: Nick Saponaro, The Divi Project
32 min
755: Ask Farnoosh: My friend's birthday dinner ...
37 min
754: Adam Torabi (Dad!)
40 min
753: Kristin Wong, Author of Get Money
40 min
752: Ask Farnoosh: How many credit cards is TOO...
34 min
751: Christine Lahti, Oscar Winner & Author
27 min
750: Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, Founder of Fisc...
29 min
749: Ask Farnoosh: We're taking care of my mom ...
30 min
748: Sidney Torres, Star of The Deed on CNBC
32 min
747: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Founder SeeJaneInv...
39 min
746: Ask Farnoosh: Can I afford to be a stay-at...
49 min
Bonus Ask Farnoosh with Terri Kallsen from Char...
40 min
745: Laura Vanderkam, Time Management Expert an...
31 min
744: Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube Star and Entrepr...
40 min
743: Ask Farnoosh with Co-Host Harry Campbell, ...
30 min
742: Ashley Eckstein, Actress, Founder of Her U...
29 min
741: Pete Chatmon, Producer, Director, Writer "...
33 min
740: Ask Farnoosh with Real Estate Guru Ilyce G...
40 min
739: Mical Jeanlys, General Manager of Chase Slate
29 min
738: Barbara Corcoran, Star of ABC's Shark Tank
23 min
737: Ask Farnoosh: Does Leasing a Car Make Sense?
38 min
736: Danielle Town, Author of Invested
42 min
735: Aditi Shekar, Founder and CEO, Zeta
48 min
734: Ask Farnoosh with Gretchen Caldwell, CFP
36 min
733: Matt Manero: You Need More Money Author
36 min
732: Scott Wapner, CNBC Host and Author
27 min
731: Ask Farnoosh: I'm switching careers. How s...
35 min
730: Savannah Sellers, NBC Journalist
35 min
729: Gaby Dunn, Host of Bad with Money
33 min
728: Ask Farnoosh: What's the best way to track...
28 min
727: Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life Author
43 min
726: Cousins Maine Lobster, Shark Tank Winners
37 min
725: Ask Farnoosh: I quit my job. Should I cash...
36 min
724: Natalie Bacon, Ex-Lawyer & Online Entrepre...
35 min
723: Kara Stevens, Founder of TheFrugalFeminist...
33 min
722: Ask Farnoosh with Sandra Grahame: What's t...
32 min
721: Kari Skogland, Director, The Handmaid's Tale
45 min
720: Libby Leffler, VP of Membership at SoFi
35 min
719: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I'm terrible at trying...
38 min
718: Tami Halton Pardee, Real Estate Mogul
26 min
717: Fran Hauser, The Myth of the Nice Girl Author
39 min
716: Ask Farnoosh, I have no kids... how should...
34 min
715: Emellie O'Brien, Founder of Earth Angel
34 min
714: Kara Swisher, Tech Journalist and Co-Found...
28 min
713: Ask Farnoosh, How do you stop yourself fro...
37 min
712: Dan Harris, Co-Anchor ABC News & Author of...
35 min
711: Carol Roth, Founder of FutureFile
35 min
710: Ask Farnoosh, How can I use inheritance to...
29 min
709: Geneen Roth, This Messy Magnificent Life A...
37 min
708: Marla Mattenson, Relationship Expert
49 min
707: Ask Farnoosh, Is the "for grads" So Money ...
27 min
706: Libby Moore, Former Chief of Staff for Opr...
43 min
705: Katherine Power, CEO of Clique
33 min
704: Ask Farnoosh, I'm sick of paying rent... h...
39 min
703: Dr. Habib Sadeghi, The Clarity Cleanse Author
32 min
702: Cathryn Lavery, Co-Founder BestSelf Co.
33 min
701: Ask Farnoosh, How much should my accountan...
25 min
700: Peter Shankman, Founder of HARO and Author...
27 min
699: Adam Auriemma, Editor-in-Chief of Money Ma...
39 min
698: Ask Farnoosh, What are risks to consider w...
35 min
697: Mitch Cohen, Author of "The Self-Made Bill...
28 min
696: Shannah Compton Game, Millennial Money Expert
31 min
695: Ask Farnoosh, What's your advice regarding...
29 min
694: Josh Robbins, Chief Strategy Officer of Am...
41 min
693: Abby Walker, Author of "Strap On A Pair" +...
41 min
692: Ask Farnoosh, Is my debt to income ratio t...
24 min
691: Jennifer Hemphill, Author of "Her Money Ma...
27 min
690: Elaine Pofeldt, Author of "The Million-Dol...
41 min
689: Ask Farnoosh, How do I get a book published?
34 min
688: Mrs. Frugalwoods, Author of "Meet The Frug...
41 min
687: Tanja Hester, Early Retiree + Founder of O...
37 min
686: Ask Farnoosh, What are your thoughts about...
29 min
685: Drs. Renée and Nii Darko, Paid off 6 Figur...
38 min
684: Mary Wheeler, Founder of Abundant Wealth S...
27 min
683: Ask Farnoosh, What advice do you have for ...
44 min
682: Leisa Peterson, Life Coach
32 min
681: Amy Lacey, Founder of Cali'flour Foods
34 min
680: Ask Farnoosh, How do I involve my spouse i...
30 min
679: Tricia Brouk, Director, Choreographer & Ex...
29 min
678: Abby Chao, Co-Founder + COO of CollegeBacker
30 min
677: Ask Farnoosh, Does closing a checking or s...
28 min
676: Isa Herrera, Master of Physical Therapy & ...
40 min
675: Primoz Bozic, Online Business Coach
36 min
674: Ask Farnoosh, What are signs that a seller...
34 min
673: Sheila Bair, Former FDIC Chair
29 min
672: Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox Co-Founder + CEO
36 min
671: Ask Farnoosh, How do I save for retirement...
26 min
670: BEST OF 2017: Defying Fear and Embracing F...
23 min
669: BEST OF 2017: Women, Work & Money Featuring
24 min
668: Ask Farnoosh, "My employer retirement acco...
27 min
667: BEST OF 2017: HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY, Feat...
23 min
666: BEST OF 2017: HOW TO RETIRE RICH: Featurin...
20 min
665: Ask Farnoosh, 2017 was going to be my year...
22 min
664: Lauren Slayton, Founder of Foodtrainers®
30 min
663: Laura Cowan, Estate Planning Attorney
39 min
662: Ask Farnoosh, We're recent grads - what do...
27 min
661: Chris Reining, Early Retiree
36 min
660: Josh Sundquist, Paralympic Skier
33 min
659: Ask Farnoosh with John Bahnken, President,...
30 min
658: Gunnar Lovelace, CEO and Co-Founder of Thr...
33 min
657: Carlvin Dorvilier, So Money Millennial
32 min
656: Ask Farnoosh, Help... my husband & I want ...
36 min
655: Sarah Shaw, Entrepreneur & Designer
42 min
654: JJ Ramberg, MSNBC Host + The Startup Club ...
34 min
653: Ask Farnoosh, Protecting your credit this ...
30 min
652: Latham Thomas, Founder of Mama Glow
38 min
651: Erica Duran, Business Coach and Host of Th...
26 min
650: Ask Farnoosh, Best advice for negotiating ...
31 min
649: Kelly Richmond Pope, Education Innovator &...
33 min
648: Jack Finio, Fund3 Co-Founder
42 min
647: Ask Farnoosh, I can't pay off my credit ca...
24 min
646: Andy Molinsky, Author of "Reach"
37 min
645: Sheelah Kolhatkar, "Black Edge" Author
33 min
644: Ask Farnoosh, Should I stop saving to pay ...
26 min
BONUS: John Bahnken, President, Citizens Bank W...
30 min
643: Dave Fanger, CEO & Founder of Swell Investing
37 min
642: Claudia Chan, Author of "This Is How We Rise"
26 min
641: Ask Farnoosh, Help! My parents never inves...
31 min
640: Jerry Kolber, Co-Founder & Executive Produ...
40 min
639: Emma Johnson, Author of "The Kickass Singl...
39 min
638: Ask Farnoosh, How do I fight the urge to k...
37 min
637: Eric Roberge, Certified Financial Planner
37 min
636: Brian Maloney, Founder of CUSP NYC
37 min
635: Ask Farnoosh, What steps should I take to ...
36 min
634: Dorie Clark, "Entrepreneurial You" Author
29 min
633: Rebecca Jarvis, No Limits Podcast Host
32 min
632: Ask Farnoosh, Should we use cash savings t...
25 min
631: Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker & Bestse...
29 min
630: Melyssa Griffin, Entrepreneur and Host of ...
42 min
629: Ask Farnoosh, How do I turn earned income ...
34 min
628: Pervaiz Shallwani, Host of Feed Me TV
43 min
627: Dr. Partha Nandi, Ask Dr. Nandi Author & Host
29 min
626: Ask Farnoosh, How do I save money while st...
41 min
625: Alisyn Camerota, CNN Anchor & Author of "A...
27 min
624: Deepak Chopra, Alternative Medicine Advoca...
28 min
623: Ask Farnoosh, Help... my student loan lend...
25 min
622: Leandra Medine, Founder of Man Repeller
31 min
621: Scott Oldford, Infinitus Founder
40 min
620: Ask Farnoosh, My S.O. is a spender and I'm...
37 min
619: Ana Homayoun, "Social Media Wellness" Author
41 min
618: Grant Sabatier, Millennial Money Founder
26 min
617: Ask Farnoosh, How should I prepare for my ...
30 min
616: Adam and Sheila Torabi, Farnoosh's Parents...
33 min
615: Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Be...
36 min
614: Ask Farnoosh, Should I keep separate or jo...
34 min
613: Jillian Michaels. Fitness Expert & Coach (...
26 min
612: Tim Gunn, Project Runway Mentor
37 min
611: Ask Farnoosh, I want to help my fiancé pay...
39 min
610: Douglas Boneparth, The Millennial Money Fi...
31 min
609: Nicole Moore, Love & Relationship Coach
35 min
608: Ask Farnoosh, Should I relocate my family ...
33 min
607: Brian Balthazar, VP of Programming & Devel...
41 min
606: Karen Rinaldi, Author of "The End of Men"
34 min
605: Ask Farnoosh, How much of my income should...
24 min
604: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, $1MM Blogger
26 min
603: Susie Moore, Creator of the Side Hustle Ac...
37 min
602: Ask Farnoosh, Any suggestions for a family...
27 min
601: Joanne Bradford, Chief Marketing Officer o...
34 min
600: Lisa Woodruff, Professional Organizer
40 min
599: Ask Farnoosh, Should I "jump ship" into a ...
33 min
598: Joe DePaulo, CEO and Co-Founder of College...
23 min
597: James Altucher, Serial Entrepreneur & Best...
67 min
596: Ask Farnoosh, I have a bank account for ea...
40 min
595: Akshay Nanavati, Fearvana Author
29 min
594: Harris Faulkner, Co-Host of Fox News' Outn...
30 min
593: Ask Farnoosh, How do you and your husband ...
25 min
592: Adam Braun, Founder of Pencils of Promise ...
36 min
591: Sarah LaFleur, Founder & CEO of MM.LaFleur
30 min
590: Ask Farnoosh, How do I negotiate between t...
36 min
589: Azita Ghanizada, Hollywood Actress
39 min
588: Jenel Stevens, Professional Stuntwoman & P...
33 min
587: Ask Farnoosh, How do I find a mentor and h...
35 min
586: Patrick McGinnis, "The 10% Entrepreneur" A...
25 min
585: Ali Brown, Entrepreneur + Host of Glambiti...
38 min
584: Ask Farnoosh: How bad would it be to close...
39 min
583: Lolly Daskal, "The Leadership Gap" Author
32 min
582: Alice Finn, "Smart Women Love Money Author"
38 min
581: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I lent someone money a...
31 min
580: John Kapetaneas, Journalist who paid off $...
39 min
579: Jo Piazza, Author of "How to Be Married"
31 min
578: Ask Farnoosh, How do I reposition myself a...
16 min
577: Mia Saini Duchnowski, Oars + Alps Co-Founder
31 min
576: Mike Nugent, Former NFL Player
47 min
575: Ask Farnoosh, "Should I help my fiancé pay...
17 min
574: Wendy Sachs, "Fearless and Free" Author
34 min
573: Danielle LaPorte, "White Hot Truth" Author
24 min
572: Ask Farnoosh, "Taking care of aging family...
32 min
571: Kathryn Minshew, Founder & CEO of The Muse
25 min
570: Emily Guy Birken, Author of "End Financial...
34 min
569: Ask Farnoosh, What are other ways to make ...
24 min
568: Lyss Stern, Divalysscious Moms Founder + CEO
28 min
567: Erin Lowry, "Broke Millennial" Author
33 min
566: Ask Farnoosh, What hard skills should youn...
29 min
565: Chris Winfield, Productivity Expert & Entr...
32 min
564: Mike Michalowicz, "Profit First" Author
28 min
563: Ask Farnoosh, How do I switch departments ...
23 min
562: Rachel Schneider, Co-Author of The Financi...
35 min
561: Lauren Singer, Founder of Trash is for Tos...
29 min
560: Ask Farnoosh, Why are people discouraging ...
29 min
559: Josh Spodek, Author of "Leadership Step by...
24 min
558: Jen Sincero, Author of You Are A Badass at...
31 min
557: Ask Farnoosh, Once I pay off my credit car...
23 min
556: How to Afford Quitting Your Job with Krist...
33 min
555: Scott McGillivray, Real Estate Expert
24 min
554: Ask Farnoosh, Help! My parents are in thei...
30 min
553: Deepa Purushothaman, National Managing Dir...
40 min
552: Nicole Lapin, Author of "Boss Bitch"
26 min
551: Ask Farnoosh, How much should I spend on m...
18 min
550: Ilana Levine, Host of Little Known Facts P...
46 min
549: Leanne Jacobs, Author of "Beautiful Money"
27 min
548: Ask Farnoosh, How do my husband and I begi...
19 min
547: Ann Shoket, Author of "The Big Life"
38 min
546: Vera Gibbons, Financial Journalist
40 min
545: Ask Farnoosh, Should I put money I was gif...
17 min
544: Jeff Tennery, Founder & CEO of Moonlightin...
29 min
543: Beth Kobliner, Author of "Make Your Kid A ...
34 min
542: Ask Farnoosh, How can I lower the interest...
20 min
541: Amanda Steinberg, Author of "Worth It"
24 min
540: Emelyn Northway & Dorie Smith, Of Mercer C...
36 min
539: Ask Farnoosh, Help! My boyfriend wants me ...
27 min
538: Emily Williams, Success Coach + Entrepreneur
36 min
537: Ted Gonder, Co-Founding CEO of Moneythink
34 min
536: Ask Farnoosh, Will a credit card debt cons...
28 min
535: Lisen Stromberg, Author of "Work Pause Thr...
41 min
534: Erica Keswin, The Spaghetti Project Founder
43 min
533: Ask Farnoosh, "My employer retirement acco...
27 min
532: Sallie Krawcheck, Author of "Own It"
27 min
531: Grace Bonney, Founder of Design*Sponge
43 min
530: Ask Farnoosh, What's the best way to find ...
20 min
529: Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome Founder
38 min
528: Kristy Shen, Canada's Youngest Retiree
32 min
527: Ask Farnoosh, Should I purchase a car out-...
16 min
526: Amanda Kludt, Editor-in-Chief of Eater
34 min
525: Jessica Mah, Founder & CEO of inDinero
29 min
524: Ask Farnoosh, Do I have to list that I'm a...
23 min
523: Barbara Reich, Professional Organizer + Fo...
42 min
522: Tanya Van Court, Founder & CEO of iSow
37 min
521: Ask Farnoosh, I want to take leave from wo...
31 min
520: Kyle Taylor, Creator of
38 min
519: Cindy Whitehead, CEO of The Pink Ceiling
30 min
518: Ask Farnoosh, I want to get my child set u...
29 min
517: David Bach, Author of "The Automatic Milli...
39 min
516: Lynn Perkins, CEO & Co-Founder of UrbanSitter
32 min
515: Ask Farnoosh, Can I convert my Coverdell E...
24 min
514: Best of 2016, Investment Advice
21 min
513: Best of 2016, Health & Wealth
18 min
512: Ask Farnoosh, My in-laws to-be have offere...
33 min
511: Best of 2016, Starting a Business
22 min
510: Best of 2016, Negotiating & Earning Your W...
19 min
509: Ask Farnoosh, How to prevent fraud this ho...
29 min
508: Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder and President of ...
34 min
507: Bobbi Rebell, "How To Be a Financial Grown...
40 min
506: Ask Farnoosh, Where should I save money fo...
25 min
505: Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha
44 min
504: Géraldine Lepère, Founder of Comme Une Fra...
32 min
503: Ask Farnoosh, Should I consider refinancin...
17 min
502: Charisse Conanan Johnson, Financial Wellne...
31 min
501: Jenny Blake, Author of "Pivot"
31 min
500: Ask Farnoosh, 6 Pieces of Advice That's Ma...
Today marks So Money's 500th episode so to celebrate I'm sharing 6 pieces of advice that's made me richer and answering a few of your Ask Farnoosh questions..
48 min
499: Nicole Feliciano, "Mom Boss" Author
30 min
498: Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist
Does the thought of money make you sick? Does it make you sad? Happy? Overconfident? Indifferent? Our emotions can run rampant when it comes to the top of personal finance and helping us today get to the root of those emotions is financial therapist...
38 min
497: Ask Farnoosh, Should I be concerned that R...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about lifestyle changes that come with taking a pay cut, securing a private loan for your college education, travel hacking and more. For more information visit...
39 min
496: Rachel Mansfield, Food Blogger and Social ...
I stumbled upon Rachel Mansfield on Instagram. She tagged me in a picture…Not what I was expecting to see when I saw the photo…I was tagged in a photo of a a grain-free salmon burger topped with avocado…the caption described the burger’s...
44 min
495: Al Ko, General Manager of Mint
As you know I’m working with one of my favorite financial tools – – writing weekly for the blog. As part of our partnership I had the awesome chance to sit down with Intuit’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Al Ko when he was...
30 min
494: Ask Farnoosh, What are the best budgeting ...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about strategizing to save money for grad school, maximizing your savings, my thoughts on the best budgeting apps and online safety and more. For more information visit...
30 min
493: Melanie Lockert, Creator of Dear Debt Blog
Many of the questions I get for Ask Farnoosh are about student loans and student loan debt. It's a problem that's plaguing our country and with the rise of inflation, looks like it might get worse before it gets better. Today's guest has an incredible...
41 min
492: Eric Dunn, CEO of Quicken Inc.
Are you one of those people who relies on technology to help track your spending and pay your bills in a timely manner? Perhaps you're using the software Quicken? Well today the company's CEO, Eric Dunn is joining me on So Money. He's been...
34 min
491: Ask Farnoosh, How do I know working hard a...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about which debt you should tackle first, breaking your lease in favor of a more affordable rental, refinancing your mortgage and more. For more information visit...
31 min
490: Kute Blackson, Author of YOU.ARE.THE.ONE
Kute Blackson is a charismatic visionary and transformational teacher. He was born in Ghana, the son of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, who was a spiritual leader and healer. Kute began speaking to his father's congregation at just...
39 min
489: Bushra Azhar, Persuasion Strategist
Want to learn how to get pretty much anything you want? Negotiating well is one of the tenets of being SO MONEY so to that end I’ve invited one of the world’s TOP persuasion strategists Bushra Azhar. She's going to give us her secrets to how she's...
34 min
488: Ask Farnoosh, Help, I want to learn more a...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about maintaining a good credit score here in the U.S. if you live abroad but want to keep an active credit profile in the States, my best financial advice for people who...
20 min
487: Rachel Cruze, Author of "Love Your Life No...
It's no secret that social media has been taking over our lives inn good ways and bad. For example, while social media can be a great way to share useful information, it can also be a huge TIME suck. According to recent research Americans are...
28 min
486: Natasa Lekic, Founder of New York Book Edi...
Imagine growing your income 10 times over in just a few short years? Maybe even working fewer hours along the way? Today's guest has done just that, as the founder of New York Book Editors. Natasa Lekic founded the company three years ago after...
33 min
485: Ask Farnoosh, Should I have different acco...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about having multiple accounts for different spending and savings purposes, opening an investment account for nieces, paying off debt vs. putting money into savings and...
21 min
484: Kat Cole, Group President of FOCUS Brands
Kat Cole first caught my eye when she appeared on the TODAY Show not so long ago. She's the President of Cinnabon. At 19 years old Kat got her first job in the food industry as a hostess and waitress at Hooter's. Soon she was being sent all over...
37 min
483: Emme, Supermodel and Advocate
Emme is a well-known supermodel. People Magazine has named her twice as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" and Ladies’ Home Journal chose her as one of the "Most Important Women in America" and one of the "Most Fascinating...
47 min
482: Ask Farnoosh, Do I really need to keep my ...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about whether or not you should hold onto your receipts, when it's okay to look for a new position within your current company, paying off debt vs. putting away money into...
25 min
481: Ric Edelman, Author of "Rescue Your Money"
Are you confident with your investment strategy? Do you wish you knew more about how to invest? Today's guest is going to help us because he's an expert on investing.  New York Times bestselling author of Rescue Your Money: How to Invest...
29 min
480: Aaron Task, Digital Editor at Fortune Maga...
Aaron Task is a friend and former colleague from and Yahoo! Finance. Now, he's the Digital Editor of Fortune where he oversees editorial strategy and operations. Aaron is also a fellow podcaster, hosting the NEW weekly...
38 min
479: Ask Farnoosh, Should I extend my credit or...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about whether to apply for a new credit card vs. increasing your credit line, rewards credit cards, prenuptial agreements and more. For more information visit...
27 min
478: Courtney Daniel, Founder of Courtney Danie...
Courtney Daniel is bringing back the lost art of a hand-written note. She went from fulfilling the needs of celebrities as a personal assistant to the stars to now running her own business making beautifully handcrafted stationary. [So there...
39 min
477: Dr. Shefali, New York Times Bestselling Au...
Do you watch Super Soul Sunday on OWN? It’s one of the things I miss since cutting cable. But I can catch some of it online (thankfully!) Our guest today is a Super Souler, Oprah’s go-to parenting expert and a household name in our home since Tim...
30 min
476: Ask Farnoosh, I'm not connecting with my f...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about leaving your financial advisor and managing your Roth IRA on your own, investing money vs. paying off your student loans and more. For more information visit...
33 min
475: Matt Mayberry, Author of "Winning Plays"
Matt Mayberry had his dreams crushed at the young age of 22. Imagine dedicating your whole life to becoming an NFL player, actually making it to the big leagues playing for your home town team the Chicago Bears and then having it all go away...
28 min
474: Jillian Michaels, Fitness Expert and Coach
Fasten your seatbelt, Jillian Michaels is about to take us on a superhighway fast lane to success, as she shares her rise to mogul status in the health and fitness world. She's the foremost fitness expert in the world and a renowned life...
26 min
473: Ask Farnoosh, How do you negotiate your sa...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about how early retiree's afford health insurance, negotiating your salary when an employer wants to know your wage requirements early in the interview process, putting...
25 min
472: Michael Ian Black, Author of "A Child's Fi...
Election Day is right around the corner and for parents out there, have your kids started to express interest in the upcoming election? Mine is only two so we’ve yet to have those conversations with him but for many parents, kids are starting to...
28 min
471: Catherine Alford, Mompreneur
Catherine Alford, a friend of So Money, is back to talk about protecting one of the most high-anxiety investments - college tuition. She was on So Money last summer (EP 113) sharing details of her life as a personal finance...
31 min
470: Ask Farnoosh, Where should I keep the mone...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about helping your siblings get out of debt, insuring prized possessions in your home, index funds and more. For more information visit 
26 min
469: Luvvie Ajayi, Author of "I'm Judging You"
Luvvie Ajayi is a blogging veteran, author, speaker, comedian and pop culture enthusiast. She's out with a brand new book, I'm Judging You: The Do Better Manual. It's her first book and I'm very excited for it. The book has humorous essays that...
43 min
468: Richard Ludlow, Executive Director of myRA...
How do you save for retirement if you don't have a lot of money and your employer doesn't offer a retirement plan like a 401(k)? Today's guest, Richard Ludlow, is the Executive Director of the myRA program within the U.S. Department of Treasury...
31 min
467: Ask Farnoosh, How can we split equity shar...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about prioritizing your personal finances when trying to save for your first home and pay down student loans, calculating equity shares between members of the family...
34 min
466: Mary Beth Storjohann, Founder of Workable ...
Mary Beth Storjohann is a CFP® who founded Workable Wealth. She's shaking up the traditional views of financial planning by leveraging technology to help people make smart, educated choices with their money. She recently was named among...
34 min
465: Sarah Kaler, Women's Leadership + Business...
Sarah Kaler is an executive leadership coach and business mentor. For over 17 years she's worked with business leaders across various industries. In particular, she works with female CEO's who are building high-growth companies, international...
36 min
464: Ask Farnoosh, Will my credit be affected i...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about looking for a new job when helping your family during a rough patch, student loan forgiveness programs, filing for bankruptcy and more. For more information visit...
26 min
463: Hilary Hendershott, Host of Profit Boss Ra...
Hilary Hendershott is a a fellow podcaster and host of the Profit Boss Radio Podcast. The weekly podcast is a fantastic resource for women who want to create success in their financial lives. Hilary's also a Certified Financial Planner and...
34 min
462: Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Be...
Dan Ariely is one of my favorite authors on the planet. He's provided me with so much invaluable insight throughout the years, as I've been working in the field of personal finances. He is the author of several New York...
35 min
461: Ask Farnoosh, I'm being underpaid, how sho...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about saving for your child's college education, purchasing a car while avoiding loans, asking for a raise and more. For more information visit 
21 min
460: Mad FIentist, Early Retiree Financial Blogger
So many of you have written in suggesting today's guest for the show. Excited to say the Mad FIentist aka Brandon is here. He's a personal finance blogger writing about everything from tax avoidance to investing and on all topics...
34 min
459: Lauren Greutman, "The Recovering Spender" ...
Ever feel the uncontrollable urge to spend? I used to do this very expensive thing in college as a way to distract myself from studying. I would go to the 24 hour market below my dorm that sold all sorts of things - food, clothes, accessories, etc....
31 min
458: Ask Farnoosh, Should I open a store card a...
On this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about establishing credit, opening up a credit card vs a store credit card, preparing a will, online college degrees and more. For more information visit...
32 min
457: Christine Hansen, Sleep Coach
We've heard so much about the importance of sleep as of late... earlier this summer I had Arianna Huffington on the show talking about the #SleepRevolution. Sleep is trending people. Well, today I have another sleep coach joining us. Christine Hansen...
34 min
456: Sheri Atwood, Founder and CEO of SupportPay
Money can be a leading cause of divorce and even after you split, it can continue to be a major source of arguments, especially with children involved. Sheri Atwood knows all about this and has started a company to help divorced parents amicable...
27 min
455: Ask Farnoosh, How will the presidential el...
On this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about how the upcoming presidential election will affect our finances, whether you should open up an IRA if your employer doesn't offer a retirement account and more. For more...
23 min
454: Douglas McCormick, Author of Family Inc.
Douglas McCormick is the author of the new book Family Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family's Wealth. In the book, he provides a roadmap to financial security for families with the premise that your family should be run...
25 min
453: Dr. Daniel Crosby, Author of "The Laws of ...
Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert. He's the author of a new book that came out earlier this summer, The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success. In the book he gives readers real and...
30 min
452: Ask Farnoosh, Should I take a pay cut for ...
On this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about considering new career opportunities that offer less pay, top resources for people looking to leave a 9-5 job in order to start a coaching business, cutting back...
26 min
451: Luisa Zhou, Business Coach for Aspiring En...
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Of course you are, that's why you listen to So Money. Today's guest Luisa Zhou is a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. She's helping women (but don't worry, men, you'll learn from this podcast,...
36 min
450: Andrew Zimmern, Chef + TV Host
Stir-fried donkey anyone? Our guest today would call that delicacy. Andrew Zimmern is here! He is a three-time James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, writer and teacher. He's one of the most well-known and knowledgeable personalities in...
45 min
449: Ask Farnoosh, Should I cancel my first cre...
On this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about whether or not you should cancel your first credit card from college, pros and cons of peer-to-peer lending, rolling over your 401k account and more. For more...
25 min
448: Neelam Sethi, Parenting Expert
Today's guest has some experience raising super successful children. Have you heard of Ramit Sethi or Nagina Sethi Abdullah? They're siblings and both have been on So Money as guests. I'm lucky enough to call them friends, as well....
32 min
447: Jason Nazar, Co-Founder + CEO of Comparably
Jason Nazar is the co-founder and CEO of Comparably, a young website that's trying to make workplace compensation transparent! Want to learn how much you should be getting paid? Of course! We all want that! Jason is here to talk about how he...
39 min
446: Ask Farnoosh, Pros + Cons to consider when...
On this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about tax withholding allowances, medical insurance plans for self-employed people, paying off student loans vs. investing in buying a home and more. For more information...
24 min
445: Wendell Potter, "Nation on the Take" Author
Sometimes in life a little voice inside tells you, “You need to quit your job immediately, effective now and take on a brand new path.” Today's guest, Wendell Potter, is someone who lived that. Wendell started as an insider in the insurance world....
31 min
444: Angie Martinez, Radio Personality
Angie Martinez is known as "The Voice of New York." Her afternoon radio show has consistently been ranked #1 with more young listeners than any other radio program in the country. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is also an...
37 min
443: Ask Farnoosh, What are your thoughts on gi...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about gift giving culture, looking for a new job when you're currently getting an MBA sponsored by your current employer, student loans and more. For more information visit...
25 min
442: Mr. and Mrs. 1500, Early Retirees
Mr. and Mrs. 1500 are soon-to-be early retirees at age 43. Their real names are Carl and Mindy. They're documenting their journey to financial independence on their blog, 1500 Days with the goal of having a portfolio of $1M by February 2017. This...
37 min
441: Katie Lane, Creator of Work Made for Hire ...
Katie Lane is helping artists and freelancers protect their rights and get paid fairly for their work. She's an attorney and negotiation coach based in Portland, OR. She helps her clients successfully handle all sorts of sticky conflicts like,...
29 min
440: Ask Farnoosh, How do I know it's time to l...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about knowing when it's time to move on to the next career opportunity, setting priorities with your personal finances, insurance plans and more. For more information...
33 min
439: Alexandra Dickinson, Founder + CEO of Ask ...
Alexandra Dickinson is on a crusade to close the gender wage gap. She's the founder and CEO of Ask For It, a boutique consulting company that is working to close the gender wage gap and effecting change on both the institutional and individual level....
37 min
438: Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning Author
Hal Elrod has an incredible story. Imagine if you died and then lived to tell the tale? That's exactly what happened to him. He died at age 20 after being hit head-on by a drunk driver going 70mph. He died for 6 minutes and broke 11 bones. Doctors...
36 min
437: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I need to make more mo...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about finding secondary income streams, budgeting, real estate, student loans and more. For more information visit 
25 min
436: Cary Carbonaro, Author of "The Money Queen...
Cary Carbonaro is a Certified Financial Planner. She's the author of the book "The Money Queen's Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear." It's an Amazon bestseller and was recently named one of the "10 best books to make you rich"...
36 min
435: Arianna Huffington, Author of "The Sleep R...
Today we’re going to learn how to sleep our way to the top with the Arianna Huffington, who has a new bestselling book out called, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. After her own brush with exhaustion in 2007...
27 min
434: Ask Farnoosh, How can I cut down on extra ...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about financial certifications, wiping out debt, getting ready for retirement and more. For more information visit 
24 min
433: J L Collins, Author of The Simple Path to ...
J L "Jim" Collins is a prolific financial blogger who began writing more or less in retirement. In 2011 he wrote a series of letters to his daughter about money and investing so she could learn what worked and even from his mistakes. In the...
46 min
432: Melissa Kieling, Co-Founder & CEO of PackIt
Today's guest is a single mom of three children who – soon after a divorce, losing her house and losing her car – managed to focus on a brilliant idea that led to her becoming one of the country’s leading female business owners. Melissa Kieling...
37 min
431: Ask Farnoosh, First time homebuyer looking...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about mortgages for first-time homebuyers, getting out of debt quickly, what to do with the extra money when you get a raise and more. For more information visit...
26 min
430: Ramona Singer, Bravo's RHONY Cast Member
Real Housewife of New York City star Ramona Singer is in the So Money clubhouse today! It’s strange to call her a Housewife because she is anything but that. Ramona is a very successful business woman. She ran multi-million dollar...
26 min
429: Howard Eisenberg, Author + Poet Laureate
Have you ever read What To Expect When You're Expecting? Or seen the movie? Or seen the book at the bookstore? I’m 99% sure you’re familiar with that title. It's been dubbed the "parenting bible" and an estimated 93% of expectant mothers read...
45 min
428: Ask Farnoosh, My credit score differs betw...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about credit score discrepancies, investing in a rental property, paying off debt and more. For more information visit 
26 min
427: Matt Kepnes, Nomadic Matt Travel Blogger
Wouldn’t it be a nice to make a living off of traveling the world? Our guest today is doing just that and he shares how…Matt Kepnes is the creator of the award-winning budget travel site, Nomadic Matt. Matt  is also the author of...
43 min
426: Nely Galán, Author of "Self Made"
Today's guest has been dubbed the "Tropical Tycoon" by The New York Times Magazine. Nely Galán, a women empowerment advocate and Emmy Award-winning television producer, joins us. She's also the owner of Galán Entertainment, a dynamic...
32 min
425: Ask Farnoosh, How can I get equal credit a...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about getting equal credit at work with your male counterpart, making sure you have enough money saved for when you retire and more. For more information visit...
31 min
424: Kimberly Palmer, "Smart Mom, Rich Mom" Author
Kimberly Palmer has been on So Money before on episode 274 take a listen if you haven't before... She's joining us again. She's the work and jobs editor over at AARP. Now she's out with a new book, Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How To...
32 min
423: Daniel Shapiro, "Negotiating The Non-Negot...
Dan Shapiro is going to solve all of our negotiation blunders and teach us how to actually (maybe) achieve world peace! He's the founder and director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program. Dan has his Ph.D and is a world-renowned...
41 min
422: Ask Farnoosh, How much $ should I put asid...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about paying off credit card debt, putting aside money for taxes if you have a side hustle, financial advice for non-millennials and more. For more information visit...
25 min
421: Jennifer Gefsky, Co-Founder of Après
Jennifer Gefsky is the co-founder of Après, a digital recruiting platform that connect women looking to re-enter the workforce. (Après means "after" in French). It launched this month to more than 10,000 subscribers. Jennifer is a lawyer...
35 min
420: Christine Hassler, Life Coach
Christine Hassler is a life coach and author of several best-sellers including Expectation Hangover, The 20 Something Manifesto, and 20 Something, 20 Everything. Christine Hassler left her successful job as a Hollywood agent to pursue a career...
38 min
419: Ask Farnoosh, Financial advice for single ...
In this week’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Sophia Bera and I answer your biggest questions about financial advice for single women, trust funds and beneficiaries, investing in target date funds and more. Sophia Bera is the founder of GenY...
32 min
418: Jason Vitug, "You Only Live Once" Author
Jason Vitug, founder and CEO of, a financial education service for millennials, is back on So Money. Go back and check out his first episode if you haven't tuned in before, it's episode 170. Last time Jason joined me, he had just...
28 min
417: Whitney Hansen, Millennial Money Coach
Whitney Hansen is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur who specializes in helping millennials eliminate debt in order to achieve financial independence. Whitney aims to give millennials the financial tools they need while still making it fun...
35 min
416: Ask Farnoosh, How do I save for a big purc...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about non-compete clauses, my recommendation if you're looking to save money for a big purchase down the road and more. For more information visit 
26 min
415: Adam and Sheila Torabi, Farnoosh's Parents
This interview today that you’re about to hear is an experience I will never forget. I’m actually surprised that it took me this long to bring my parents onto the show. They have been one of my biggest supporters since day one but particularly...
34 min
414: Maya Penn, Teen TED Talker & Entrepreneur
Maya Penn is just 16 years old and has accomplished a lot already. She has probably done more in her life thus far than I have done in my 36 years and I would guess, more than a lot of us have done in our lives. She's an incredible...
41 min
413: Ask Farnoosh, Are there benefits to having...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about financial planning fees, dipping into your emergency savings, having individual mortgages with your spouse and more. For more information visit 
35 min
412: Jessica Herrin, Founder of Stella & Dot
Today's guest is the founder of Stella & Dot,Jessica Herrin. She's out with a new book,that came out yesterday. It's called "FindYour Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Successon Your Own Terms." In the book,...
33 min
411: Wendy E. Simmons, "My Holiday in North Kor...
I'm so excited for today's guest. She's a writer, photographerand world traveler. Wendy Simmons is out with a new book that you should run-- not walk -- tomorrow to go get a copy after you listen tothis podcast. It's about her vacation in...
39 min
410: Ask Farnoosh, How can I make my credit sco...
In today's episode I answer your questions about making a comeback on increasing your credit score, the biggest financial mistakes college freshman make and more. For more information visit 
18 min
409: Jay Fleischman, Student Loan Lawyer
Today's guest is a consumer protection lawyer and has done sofor over 20 years. Most recently, he's focused on helping peoplewith student loan problems. Jay Fleischman is a partner with a lawfirm, Shaev & Fleischman, and practices in both New...
32 min
408: Patti Pao, Founder & CEO of Restorsea Skin...
Today's guest is the Founder and CEO of Restorsea. Patti Pao has an extensivebeauty background having launched over 400 products for popularbrands including Avon, Elizabeth Arden and Guerlain to name a few.She's known for creating revolutionary...
43 min
407: Shane and Jocelyn Sams, Creators of Flippe...
Today's guests are the dynamic duo behind and JocelynSams are former teachers and went onto build a business that allowed them to quit their day jobs, spendmore time with family and earn passive income online. The...
46 min
406: Jeanette Pavini, Savings Expert at Coupons...
Today's guest is a two-time Emmy Award winning consumer reporter. Jeanette Pavini has completed more than 10,000 money-saving news stories. For eight years she was the chief consumer reporter for CBS 5 News in San Francisco and her money-saving...
34 min
405: Ask Farnoosh, What should I do with a $30,...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about what to do with a $30,000 windfall, whether couples should keep their credit accounts separate and more. For more information visit 
24 min
404: Courtney Young, Founder of Think Young Med...
Welcome to the last episode on Startup Week here on So Money. Our last guest is a writer and entrepreneur from Southwest Louisiana who is now living in New York City. Courtney Young is the co-founder of  Heartmob,  a not-for-profit tech...
21 min
403: Eli Kariv, Co-Founder of The Coding Space
I'm so excited for today's startup guest. He's a fellow Penn State alum and co-founder of The Coding Space. Eli graduated from the Smeal College of Business last year and now runs the after school program The Coding Space where he helps students...
37 min
402: Jason Grad, Founder and CEO of Bstow App
Welcome back to startup week. Today's guest is the founder and CEO of Bstow, a forthcoming app that will be launching soon. It rounds up your spare change and shares it with a charity of your choice. Jason Grad is a technology specialist...
30 min
401: Julia Shapiro, Hire an Esquire CEO & Co-Fo...
It's Startup Week on So Money. We're going to talk to some amazing entrepreneurs that are in the startup phase of their businesses. This themed week was really inspired by my show Follow the Leader, where I've been spending time with...
29 min
400: Ask Farnoosh, Your Last Minute Tax Questio...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Sophia Bera and I answer your biggest questions about last minute tax information, what to do if you've misplaced your W2 form and are worried about fraud protection, paying off student loans lump...
30 min
399: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor
Today's guest is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. I'm excited to welcome Denise Duffield Thomas to today's show. Her best-selling books Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch provide a fresh and...
43 min
398: Scott McGillivray, Host of HGTV's Income P...
Today's guest is a skilled contractor and award-winning TV host and executive producer on the HGTV/DIY hit series Income Property. Scott McGillivray has a passion in educating homeowners to make smart renovation and investment decisions that deliver...
36 min
397: Kristin Bentz, Talented Blonde
Today's guest is the Talented Blonde aka Kristin Bentz. Kristin began her career in the luxury retail and hotel industry and then moved on to Wall Street where she 'survived' working with Dick Fuld and Jim Cramer, my ex-boss and previous So...
50 min
396: Kate Gardiner, Social Media Entrepreneur
Today's guest has a unique title - she's an audience engagement specialist who founded DSTL, a new York based audience engagement consultancy that serves clients around the world. Kate Gardiner works with media brands to help them redefine their...
42 min
395: Ask Farnoosh, Is a 401k a bad investment?
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about opening up a Roth IRA, if a 401k is a good investment, expenses to take into consideration if you want to relocate to a higher-cost-of-living city and more. For more...
33 min
394: Dr. Roshini Raj, Gastroenterologist + Medi...
Today's guest is a board certified gastroenterologist and internist. Dr. Roshini Raj is joining us. She has her medical degree from NYU School of Medicine and her undergraduate degree from Harvard, pretty impressive. Dr. Raj is also an attending...
33 min
393: Cynthia DiBartolo, Founder of Tigress Fina...
Today's guest has an amazing story. This woman has worked for some of the biggest names on Wall Street. Cynthia DiBartolo's resume consists of jobs at Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Citibank. She also has her law degree from the...
39 min
392: Chris Guillebeau, "Born for This" Author
Today's guest is a New York Times bestselling author. Chris Guillebeau has written "The Happiness of Pursuit," "The $100 Startup" and now "Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do", which is out today. In his latest book, Chris talks...
24 min
391: Amanda Clayman, Financial Therapist
Today's guest is a financial therapist and expert when it comes to financial wellness. Amanda Clayman is a clinician specializing in financial issues and helps people bring money into balance. Now, Amanda wasn't always good with money. At one...
30 min
390: Ask Farnoosh with Special Guest Dr. Brad K...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest, Dr. Brad Klontz joins me. He is an award-winning financial psychologist and a certified financial planner. Dr. Klontz is also a Partner of Occidental Asset Management, LLC, a fee-only...
21 min
389: Navid Moazzez, Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Today's guest is a lifestyle entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, online marketer and personal branding strategist. Navid Moazzez has made quite the name for himself in the online business world as a leading authority on helping entrepreneurs create,...
41 min
388: Whitney Johnson, Author of "Disrupt Yourself"
Today's guest is recognized as one of the world's most influential management thinkers in 2015 and was a finalist for the Top thinkers on Talent at the biennial Thinkers50 ceremony in London. Whitney Johnson is best known for her work...
33 min
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So Money has surpassed 2 million downloads!    And to spread the good news, I'm heading to Instagram. Want to join me? In exchange, I'm giving away 10 gift cards to Amazon worth $100 each! Here's how to enter to...
1 min
387: Mindy Mackenzie, CEO Adviser
Today's guest is an accomplished corporate executive, acclaimed speaker and CEO adviser. Mindy Mackenzie has quite the resume. She served as the Chief Performance Officer of Beam, Inc., where she earned the nickname the "Velvet Hammer" during her time...
40 min
386: Grant Baldwin, Public Speaking Expert
Today's guest is the creator of the Booked and Paid To Speak training program so if you're looking to make a living out of speaking engagements today's episode is for you. He's also a nationally known keynote speaker and author. Grant Baldwin is...
38 min
385: Ask Farnoosh, Should I hire a tax professi...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about filing your taxes on your own vs. hiring a tax professional to handle your return, real estate investment opportunities, signing up for your company's 401k and...
33 min
384: Jason Wrobel, Vegan Celebrity Chef + Welln...
Today's guest is a vegan celebrity chef and wellness expert. Jason Wrobel is coming out with a new cookbook this April entitled, "Eaternity: More than 150 Deliciously Easy Vegan Recipes for a Long Healthy, Satisfied, Joyful Life." He users powerful...
39 min
383: Kelly Brogan MD, Holistic Women's Health P...
Today's guest is a Manhattan-based holistic women's health psychiatrist. Dr. Kelly Brogan is joining us. She's out with a new book entitled, "A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives."...
35 min
382: Brad Hargreaves, Founder and CEO of Common
Today's guest, Brad Hargreaves, is the founder and CEO of Common. Maybe you've heard of it because it's been getting a lot of press recently. Common is dedicated to making housing better by providing flexible, community-minded shared homes....
39 min
381: Frederique van der Wal, Former Victoria's ...
We have a former Victoria Secret Model. Anyone here remember getting the catalogue growing up in the 90’s? We used to get the catalogue and it wasn’t very risqué back then. The woman who was in that catalogue more than any other...
32 min
380: Ask Farnoosh, How can I get my partner mor...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about attending financial conferences, signing up for a Wealthfront account, how to get your partner interested and involved in the household finances and more. For...
28 min
379: John Addison, Author of "Real Leadership"
Today's guest is the president and chief executive officer of AddisonLeadership Group, as well as the Leadership Editor for Success magazine. John Addison is joining us and he's out with a new book entitled, "Real Leadership: 9 Simple Practices...
37 min
378: Caroline Ceniza Levine, Career Expert
Today's guest is a career expert. Caroline Ceniza-Levine is the co-founder of SixFigureStart, a coaching business for professional and personal success. Caroline has worked with executives from major companies like American Express, Amazon, Conde...
33 min
377: Harry Campbell, The RideShare Guy Blogger
s anyone listening in today a fan of Uber or Lyft? I rely on Uber a lot. It might be one of those things that I "splurge" on to make my life easier or better at times, like I ask of my guests at the end of the show. There's a point to all of this I...
35 min
376: Patrice Washington, Steve Harvey's Money M...
Today's guest is Steve Harvey's Money Maven. Since 2003, Patrice C. Washington has dedicated herself to helping the masses move away from debt to mastering their money...and she knows how to do this first hand. She was $2 million in debt not too long...
52 min
375: Ask Farnoosh, Should my hubby and I keep j...
In today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Brittney Castro, Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, and I answer your biggest questions about whether it's best to keep joint or separate investment accounts with your spouse, whether you...
36 min
374: Aaron LaPedis, The Garage Sale Millionaire
I’m reconnecting with today's guest, Aaron LaPedis. He’s someone I interviewed years ago, back when I was working on a show called Financially Fit with Yahoo! It was a fun time and I got to travel around the country interviewing people who...
36 min
373: Scott Alan Turner, Millionaire Next Door
Today's millionaire next door is a serial entrepreneur and fellow podcaster. Scott Alan Turner claims he was once a "money moron" when he was 22 but was able to turn it all around to become an early retiree who now spends his time teaching money...
35 min
372: Rocky Lalvani, Millionaire Next Door
Today's millionaire next door has an interesting story of his own to share. He moved to the United States from India with his parents when he was just two years old and had to completely start over. They had just $25 to their name. Rocky Lalvani said...
33 min
371: MaryEllen Miller, Millionaire Next Door
It's Millionaire Next Door week on So Money. This is going to be an exciting week, and it is all thanks to your feedback. Many of your wrote in saying how much you enjoyed the first Millionaire Next Door series that we did in August. It was so popular...
31 min
370: Ask Farnoosh, Should I buy or rent?
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about buying vs. renting a home, life insurance, millionaires next door and more. For more information visit 
19 min
369: Jennifer Wilkov, Speak Up Women Founder & ...
Jennifer Wilkov is our So Money guest today. She is a woman who survived being victimized by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and incarcerated in one of New York’s and the Nation’s most violent prisons, Rikers Island....
40 min
368: Adrienne Richardson, Facebook Ads Expert
Today's guest specializes in helping her clients come "internet famous" through high-converting Facebook ads. Whether you're a doctor, university or millionaire entrepreneur Adrienne Richardson is a lead expert. Adrienne boasts that her clients are...
31 min
367: Mike Still, Actor & Upright Citizens Briga...
I am going down memory lane today. I’ve invited my friend from college. Mike Still is here and he’s going to become a household name very soon - I promise you. Mike and I were both in the honor’s college at Penn...
33 min
366: Jennifer Barrett, VP of Editorial at Acorns
Today's guest is the VP of Editorial at Acorns as well as the founding editor of the personal finance site, Grow, which just launched in January. Prior to joining Acorns at the end of last year, JenniferBarrett was a personal finance editor for CNBC...
35 min
365: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I was scammed
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about what to do after potentially being scammed by a student loan forgiveness program, filing your taxes after getting married, resources for earning a second income and...
24 min
364: Megan Perry, WNBA Basketball Operations & ...
Today's guest is a leader in the sports and entertainment industry. She's entering her eighth year with the NBA. Megan Perry primarily focuses on the WNBA, where she is responsible for scouting top college prospects in preparation for the WNBA draft....
31 min
363: Hannah Cranston, Host & Executive Producer...
Today's guest is the host and Executive Producer of YouTube's ThinkTank, an online news and talk show with nearly 1 million subscribers. Hannah Cranston is also a producer and regular guest host on The Young Turks, the largest online news network...
31 min
362: Karen Carr, CFP® at Society of Grownups
Today's guest and I have been featured alongside one another in articles focusing on the topic of millennials and money for quite a few months now. Karen Carr is a fantastic financial planner and somebody who really understands the...
27 min
361: Chris Wirth, Founder & CEO of American Jui...
Our guest today is someone that you’re going to love hearing from if you’re entrepreneurial, into the all-natural food trend, or if you like adult beverages. Chris Wirth founded American Juice Company in 2012, which manufactures...
38 min
360: Ask Farnoosh, "I'm the worst at saving, he...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about saving money in an emergency fund, opening up a new credit card and the implication it will have on your credit score, future guests for the show and more. For...
19 min
359: Kevin Olusola, Beat Boxer for Pentatonix
Rounding out So Money millennial week is today's guest, Kevin Olusola. If you are an a cappella fan then you might even know Kevin because he is part of an a cappella group that has gone platinum. He is a member of the Grammy...
40 min
358: Bing Chen, Digital Media Pioneer & Entrepr...
Today on So Money millennial week we have a digital media pioneer and entrepreneur. He, like many of the others this week, is not even 30 yet. In 2014, Bing Chen was featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 in the Hollywood and Entertainment category....
33 min
357: Arteen Arabshahi, Venture Capitalist from ...
Today I have a family friend on the show, a good friend and college buddy of my brother, Todd. Arteen Arabshahi is here. He recently made Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2016 in the Venture Capital category. Arteen is just one of...
47 min
356: Victoria Reitano, Digital Marketing Expert
I am very honored to dedicate this entire week to So Money millennials. We’ve done this before and it was very successful looking at some of the most remarkable young people in this country as they manage their money, careers and find their...
46 min
355: Ask Farnoosh, Should I contribute to my Ro...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Brittney Castro, Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, and I answer your biggest questions about paying off your car loan vs. student loans, maxing out your ROTH IRA before investing, whether you...
33 min
354: Natalie MacNeil, Creator of SheTakesOnTheW...
Today’s guest is an Emmy award-winning media producer and pioneer for female entrepreneurs. I met her back when I was super pregnant. She helped me promote When She Makes More and I’m so happy to now be able to give her the stage to share...
36 min
353: Clay Clark, Serial Entrepreneur
Today's guest is a serial entrepreneur and has been dubbed the "Jim Carey of Entrepreneurship" (we’re going to learn why on this episode). Clay Clark is the former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year. He’s the...
33 min
352: Allison Task, Life Coach
I have a friend on the show today, Allison Fishman Task. She's a personal coach. Allison helps people move through life transitions. The majority of clients use Allison’s coaching to significantly change their careers, whether it’s moving...
35 min
351: Joe Koss, Debt-Free College Professor
I decided to bring an avid listener from the podcast on today's show. He's been writing in, not just praising the show, but he has a really interesting story of his own about getting out of $50,000 worth of student loan debt. His name is Joe...
27 min
350: Ask Farnoosh, Is delaying my retirement sa...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about delaying your retirement savings in order to build up a downpayment for a home, how much you should actually aim to save in your 401(k), what getting a CFP...
19 min
349: Sallie Krawcheck, Co-Founder of Ellevest
I'm honored to have a very special guest on the show today. This is someone I wanted to have on the show from before I was even live with So Money. I always had a running wish list of guests, and she was at the top. Now, she is here - Sallie...
40 min
348: Bobby Monks, Author of "UNINVE$TED"
Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur. He founded, led and grew numerous businesses in the financial services, real estate, media and tech sectors. Robert or "Bobby" Monks as he goes by, is out with a new tell-all book. It’s called,...
27 min
347: Laura Belgray, Copywriting Expert
We have a fantastic, great, funny, beautiful, inspiring and smart guest today. She is Laura Belgray. She’s the founder of Talking Shrimp and creator of The Copy Cure. What is Talking Shrimp and what is The Copy Cure? She’s going to tell...
38 min
346: Lisa Gersh, CEO of Goop
Lisa Gersh is the CEO of GOOP, a lifestyle website that features fashion, travel, food, all actionable content curated by a team led by Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder.Prior to arriving at GOOP over a year ago, Lisa served as President and CEO of...
31 min
345: Ask Farnoosh, I'm a rookie investor... help!
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about investing as a rookie, changing your career path, 401k contributions and more. For more information visit 
22 min
344: Michael Roderick, Former Broadway Producer...
The show today is about your relationship strategy. You may have heard the expression, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with." Think about that. Do you like these 5 people? Do they support you? Reciprocate the help and...
36 min
343: Jennefer Witter, PR Exec & Author, "Little...
Today I have a longtime friend joining me on the show. I’ve known Jennefer Witter for at least 10 years. Jennefer is the CEO and founder of The Boreland Group, a national PR firm headquartered in New York City.It’s not often as...
46 min
342: Kathy Kristof, Award-Winning Financial Writer
Today's guest is an award-winning financial writer contributing to CBS News, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, Financial Planning amongst many others.Kathy Kristof is also the author of three books, most notably, "Investing 101" and "Taming the...
40 min
341: Jim Wang, Founder of & Bar...
Our guest today is a pioneer financial blogger, one of the first to sell his blog for 7 figures. Jim Wang founded It was a side hobby that eventually brought in a full time income — and then less than 5 years later he...
33 min
340: Ask Farnoosh, How much should we save mont...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about how much money to set aside monthly in a 529 account, effectively asking for a raise at work, student loan repayment plans and more. For more information visit...
20 min
339: Adam Carroll, Founder of National Financia...
Today, we're looking at $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. Outstanding student loan debt in this country has surpassed credit card debt and it’s a problem. Today’s guest is hoping that he can bring some solutions to this problem. We...
38 min
338: Mark Kantrowitz, Financial Aid Expert
 Today, we have a very special and important guest as we dive into college affordability and student loans. Our guest today is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of student financial aid scholarships and student loans. His name is Mark...
33 min
337: Mark Moody, Co-Director of College Counsel...
Today’s guest is the co-director of College Counseling at the Colorado Academy, which is an independent prep school for grades pre-K through 12th grade. It’s located in Denver. Mark Moody has been helping students at the school prepare for...
47 min
336: John Wasik, Author of "The Debt Free Degree"
It is college week on So Money! All week we’re dedicating the show to all aspects of college – How to afford it? How to pick the right school? How to dissect the financial aid process? Is college worth it? And much, much more. This...
42 min
335: Ask Farnoosh, Should I Buy That Second Home?
  For more information visit 
20 min
334: How to Save Half Your Income
Our guests today want to help you make 2016 the year you save HALF your income. I know what you’re thinking…"Say, what? It’s hard enough saving 10%!" Joe Saul-Sehy and Kathleen Celmins, both of the Stacking Benjamins podcast,...
34 min
333: Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer
Today’s guest needs no introduction. If you’re a female under the age of 30 and you like fashion, you probably own something from this designer. She is Rebecca Minkoff, global fashion powerhouse. It's her first podcast ever and she is full...
34 min
332: Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness and "Level Up You...
Who was your favorite super hero growing up? I think mine was ... Who am I kidding? I didn't watch action movies or read comic books when I was a kid. I was too busy running my pretend newspaper and bossing around my Cabbage Patch Dolls (I was an...
42 min
331: Chris Hogan, Author of "Retire Inspired"
The focus on today's show is retirement. I have an incredible guest who is out with a new book this week on this very subject. His name is Chris Hogan. He's a former National Champion and an all American Football player turned financial advocate and...
22 min
330: Ask Farnoosh, How do my brother & I come t...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about coming to an agreement on family finances, getting rid of debt to improve your credit score, how long you should keep your tax paperwork and more. For more information...
22 min
329: Sherry, Save. Spend. Splurge. Blogger
Today's guest is anonymous, we only know her first name - it's Sherry from the Save. Spend. Splurge. blog. She is on the show by popuar request. A few of you have written in specifically asking to hear from her. So we delivered....
40 min
328: Ann Shoket, Former Editor in Chief of Seve...
Today's guest is the former editor in chief of Seventeen magazine and one of the launch editors of CosmoGIRL. Ann Shoket has been named by Forbes as one of the "most Powerful US Fashion Magazine Editors."  For 10 years, Ann has...
48 min
327: Kailei Carr, Power Presence Expert
Today's guest is focused on helping you look, lead and live their best life. Kailei Carr advises C-level executives and successful entrepreneurs women on their image, presence and personal brand, and how to b ea compelling force within their...
48 min
326: Liz Weston, Personal Finance Columnist and...
Today's guest wears many hats. Liz Weston is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist and the author of several books including the best-seller "Your Credit Score." Liz is also a contributing editor...
40 min
325: Ask Farnoosh, How do I move on from a mone...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about moving on from a money mistake, teaching your children to invest their money, filing taxes for newlyweds and more. For more information visit...
28 min
324: 2015 Highlights - Greatest Lessons Learned...
Today we’re closing out our end-of-year wrap. I’ve had such a fun time this week reminiscing and looking back at some of the great So Money interviews of this year. Before we jump in to today’s theme of the “Greatest Lessons...
28 min
323: 2015 Highlights - Starting Your Own Business
 We're heading into day 3 of the So Money Year End Wrap. As a reminder. this is how it works. Each day I have a special theme and share some excerpts from some of my top interviews that correspond with that topic. Today’s theme is...
26 min
322: 2015 Highlights - Earn More
Today’s theme is about “earning more.” Probably my FAVORITE financial topic of all. You might know that I’m not a fan of couponing or cutting out coffee. I get more excited about the things I can DO to bring in the money...
20 min
321: 2015 Highlights - Health & Wealth
Today marks the last week of 2015 and I thought what better way to close out the year than to reflect on some of the wonderful lessons my guests have shared with us this year on the show? It’s been almost a full year since the show launched...
21 min
320: Tim Gunn, Project Runway Mentor
Ladies and gentleman, this episode will forever be an absolute dream come true for me. The day that we had the Emmy Award-winning co-host of Lifetime’s mega-hit show Project Runway Tim Gunn. Tim is fashion royalty and he’s...
37 min
319: Jim Cramer, Co-Founder of & ...
Our guest says he doesn’t like talking about personal wealth. He reveals this late in our interview, which kind of shocked me and made feel a bit bad because here I am digging into his personal finances. But he graciously makes an exception...
35 min
318: Derek and Carrie, One Bed One Bank Account...
Money is a taboo topic as we know, which is why so many of you come to listen to this show. Here, we go where most conversations DON'T. And when you’re in a relationship money is often the LAST thing you want to talk about. And so naturally,...
42 min
317: Andrew Fiebert, Listen Money Matters Founder
Today's guest is the founder of Listen Money Matters, which is the “ultimate personal finance resource” as they call it on their website. Andrew Fiebert is also the host of the popular podcast operating under the same name. If...
42 min
316: Jordan Harbinger, Founder of The Art of Charm
Today's guest you probably know him by his voice. He is the co-founder of The Art of Charm podcast, Jordan Harbinger. Once upon a time he was a Wall Street attorney and now he helps people with their communication skills and...
40 min
315: Ask Farnoosh, Should I contribute to a 529...
In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about contributing to a 529 and emergency fund while paying down credit card debt, keeping your family finances on track, making the leap to quit a job in order to pursue...
18 min
314: Beau Henderson, Founder of RichLifeAdvisor...
Today's guest wears many hats... he's a certified financial advisor, syndicated radio host of The RichLife and bestselling author of the book The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth.  Beau Henderson writes and speaks...
23 min
313: The Debt Free Guys, David Auten & John Sch...
We’ve got two wonderful guests today. A couple, in fact, David Auten and John Schneider, also known as the Debt Free Guys. They’re making headlines these days with their blog and coming out as financial leaders for their peers in the LGBT...
44 min
312: Joya Dass, Financial News Anchor
I have a question for you. How old were you when you discovered what you wanted to be in life when you were all grown up? I think I was maybe 11 or 12, I knew I wanted to go into news and journalism but then I got sidetracked and I did finance but...
43 min
311: Betty Liu, Bloomberg News Anchor
 Today, Betty Liu joins us on the show. She is the anchor of Bloomberg Markets, appearing each day from 10 AM to 12 PM ET and 3 PM to 4 PM ET.  She is also the creator and host of her own podcast program, Radiate,...
40 min
310: Ask Farnoosh, Fraud Security During the Ho...
The holiday shopping season is a particularly vulnerable time for credit and debit card fraud but there are several ways that you can help to protect yourself. I've invited Leslie Maloney, Executive Director, Credit & Debit Card Fraud Prevention...
28 min
309: Lea Goldman, Executive Editor at Marie Claire
My guest today is one of my favorite people to chat women, work and money with. I always feel incredibly inspired afterwards. She is a total champion for women. Lea Goldman is the Executive Editor at Marie Claire magazine. There, she’s...
33 min
308: Lauren Maillian, Entrepreneur, Author & TV...
My guest today is a former model turned serial entrepreneur, TV personality, and author. Lauren Maillian, at just 19 years old founded a boutique winery,making her the youngest self-made winery owner in the country.Since then, she has served as the...
41 min
307: Laura Coe, Healthcare Entrepreneur
Today's guest is an author, blogger and certified life coach whose mission is to help people shed the emotional weight keeping them from finding fulfillment.  Laura Coe founded Emotional Obesity after undergoing her own struggle. ...
33 min
306: Jenna Ricker, Producer and Director
Today's guest is a producer and director of notable films including Ben's Plan (2007) and now most recently The American Side (2014). Jenna Ricker studied acting at the prestigious NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and has received...
40 min
305: Ask Farnoosh, "How Do I File My Taxes as a...
In today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Alan Moore, co-founder of XY Planning Network, I answer your biggest questions about filing taxes after you get married, if it's possible to inherit your parents debt after they pass, student...
28 min
304: Alix Steel, Bloomberg News Anchor
My next guest and I go way back. Alix Steel and I were the first two women hired to work at TV where we covered the markets, interviewed CEOs and did many a videos with Jim Cramer, the co-founder and host of Mad Money on CNBC. It's why...
42 min
303: Dorethia Kelly, Author of #MoneyChat
Today’s guest is the founder of #MoneyChat and president of Conner Coaching LLC, which gives results oriented personal finance and business coaching services. Dorethia Kelly is known for her no nonsense approach and charismatic personality in...
26 min
#GivingTuesday: We Donated the Most!
All month long, #SoMoney has been in a healthy and fun competition with the #StackingBenjamins podcast to raise money for our respective charities. Host Joe Saul-Sehy has been advocating for Texas 4000 while I have been promoting THON at Penn State...
1 min
302: Amie Valpone, Nutritionist & Founder of Th...
My guest today was inspired to start her food blog  The Healthy Apple after suffering through years of health issues. She was told she had just 24 hours to live...That was five years ago. Today Amie Valpone is a culinary...
30 min
301: Alison Bernstein, Founder of Suburban Jung...
Today’s show is about real estate and relocation. I live in Brooklyn, where people complain that they’re getting priced out. It’s not just Manhattan with its high prices, but also Brooklyn and even parts of Queens. So, hard...
24 min
300: Ask Farnoosh, Any advice for rolling over ...
On today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Brittney Castro of Financially Wise Women and former So Money guest, and I answer your biggest questions about resources for finding college scholarships, the first steps you need to take to start...
33 min
299: Farnoosh Torabi, Host of So Money (Replay)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m reporting to you from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from the home where my husband grew up. I'm feeling very grateful this year for my healthy and beautiful son Evan, my best friend and husband Tim and my supportive...
57 min
298: Emma Johnson, Founder of WealthySingleMomm...
Today's guest is a longtime business and personal finance journalist. Emma Johnson is the founder of Wealthy Single Mommy, a website dedicated to professional single moms where she shares advice and discusses topics like career, money, parenting and...
46 min
297: Todd Torabi, Product Designer at Petrolicious
Today's guest is a really special person... he's my brother! You’ve heard him on the show before as he was my co-host during some of the earlier episodes of Ask Farnoosh. Todd and I have a very big age gap. I am almost 11 years his senior, so...
53 min
296: Jim Cramer, Co-Founder of & ...
My guest today says he doesn’t like talking about personal wealth. He reveals this late in our interview, which kind of shocked me and made feel a bit bad because here I am digging into his personal finances. But he graciously makes an exception...
35 min
295: Ask Farnoosh, Tips for a working mom suppo...
On today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about how to be your own boss, providing for your family and being a mom, finding the right financial planner and more. For more information visit
25 min
294: Samantha Ettus, Parenting Expert
Today's guest is a best-selling author of four books, a writer for Forbes, a sought-after speaker and host of a nationally syndicated call-in radio show on Lifestyle Talk Radio.  Samantha Ettus is frequently featured...
42 min
293: Ali Shapiro, Founder of Truce with Food
Today's guest is a coach who helps people that are accomplished in life but battle with food.  Ali Shapiro developed her own innovative method, called Truce with Food, by combining her background in functional medicine and holistic nutrition...
37 min
292: Alex Jamieson, Co-Creator of Super Size Me...
Today’s guest is a nutrition and life coach who's also the co-creator of the 2004 Oscar-nominated documentary that shook up the fast food nation, Super Size Me.Alexandra or "Alex" Jamieson is also a best-selling author of a #1 book on...
36 min
291: Mike Lowe, Founder of Kidoodle TV
Today's guest is Mike Lowe and parents to young children out there – you’re going to raise the volume UP on this podcast. Mike is the founder of Kidoodle TV, a unique subscription video on-demand service for families which offers...
26 min
290: Ask Farnoosh, Any advice for millennials i...
On today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about advice for millennials who are in survival mode, working with your partner to discuss expenses and budgeting and more. For more information visit
25 min
289: Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media & Sma...
Today’s guest is the CEO of GrowBiz Media, which is a content and consulting company specializing in small business and entrepreneurship. Rieva Lesonsky has been consulting, meeting and speaking with small businesses and owners for nearly 30...
44 min
288: Tara Gentile, Business Strategist & Creato...
 For more information visit
38 min
287: Ilyce Glink, Money & Real Estate Expert
Today's guest is a money and real estate expert. Ilyce Glink is also an award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist, television reporter and radio talk show host, frequently appearing on CNBC, CNN, PBS among other major news organizations. ...
37 min
286: Elias Weiss Friedman, The Dogist
If you’re a dog lover today’s podcast is totally for you! Elias Weiss Friedman is the star, or cameraman I should say, behind the insanely popular blog and Instagram account The Dogist, which shares daily portraits of adorable dogs out and...
33 min
285: Ask Farnoosh: How to Negotiate a Better Sa...
On today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Jacquette Timmons, a financial behaviorist, and I answer your biggest questions about negotiating a promotion or increase in salary at work, refinancing student loans, what to do with your leftover...
34 min
284: Sandra Hanna, Co-Founder and CEO of Smart ...
Today’s guest is one of the five co-founders and CEO of Smart Cookies, a movement helping thousands of people become debt-free.  Sandra Hanna claims she was “a complete financial disaster” only a few years ago but was able to...
37 min
283: Nigel Barker, Photographer & Judge on Amer...
Today’s guest is an internationally renowned photographer rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top models.  In fact, he is a judge on the popular TV show, America’s Next Top Model, that just announced it will be...
32 min
282: Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author of "Unbinding...
Alright…Today’s guest is a bestselling author and speaker who inspires audiences around the world along with her sister Arianna Huffington. Agapi Stass-in-opoulos is joining me today. She recently gave the final keynote speech at She...
43 min
281: Donovan Ramsey, Journalist & Millennial Pu...
Today’s guest is my former editorial assistant and right hand guy..Donovan X Ramsey who is now…an accomplished journalist focusing on the topic of black identity, politics and patterns of power in America. His work has appeared in...
46 min
280: Ask Farnoosh, When Do People Typically Sel...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about when's a good time to consider selling stock, whether to put your money into a new home or towards your retirement savings, future podcast guests you'd like to see on the show...
12 min
279: Tara Siegel Bernard, Personal Finance Repo...
Today's guest is currently a personal finance reporter for The New York Times.  Tara Siegel Bernard has been with the publication since 2008. Prior to that she spent time as a deputy managing editor at, a defunct personal finance...
48 min
278: Gerard Adams, Co-Founder of Elite Daily
Today's guest is the co-founder of a website you probably know, you've probably been on it. It's called EliteDaily, it's a website that advertises itself as the Voice of Generation Y. And I know a lot of you are millennials. The site was recently...
29 min
277: Lewis Howes, Author of "The School of Grea...
Today I have the great pleasure of bringing back Lewis Howes to the show to talk about his latest book out today. That’s right, you can go over to Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or your local bookstore after you listen to this and pick up a...
32 min
276: Steph Halligan, Motivational Cartoonist, F...
Today's guest has a very cool title. She is a motivational cartoonist. What does that mean? She combines her love of drawing cartoons and helping others with their finances in the blog, Empowered Dollar. The blog chronicles the cartoon version of...
27 min
275: Ask Farnoosh, What are your recommended re...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Brittney Castro, Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, and I answer your biggest questions about how to best meet with your partner to discuss your finances, purchasing your first home, where to...
34 min
274: Kimberly Palmer, Senior Money Editor at U....
Today on So Money, Kimberly Palmer joins us. She is the senior money editor at US News & World Report and author of "The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Enrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life."  She is working on a new book coming out...
30 min
273: Josh Altman, Bravo's Million Dollar Listin...
Today's guest is a regular on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and co-founder of The Altman Brothers real estate group, which has partnered with Douglas Elliman.Josh "The Shark" Altman is a real estate powerhouse and...
22 min
272: Tim Gunn, Project Runway Mentor
Ladies and gentleman, this episode is an absolute dream come true for me. Today on the show we have the Emmy Award-winning co-host of Lifetime's mega-hit show Project Runway Tim Gunn. Tim is fashion royalty and he's had a long lasting career as a...
37 min
271: Terri Trespicio, Branding Strategist
Today's guest is a branding strategist who coaches experts, visionaries, entrepreneurs and businesses to garner the attention they want for themselves and their brands.  She is also a speaker, storyteller and on-air talent who just delivered her...
39 min
270: Ask Farnoosh, How much money should I keep...
In today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Joe Saul-Sehy, co-host of Stacking Benjamins podcast, and I answer your biggest questions about using investing in yourself, owning a second home, using a life coach and much...
32 min
269: Marni Battista, Author of "Becoming Irresi...
 Today, I'm bringing back my friend Marni Battista, a Zen Dating and Life Coach to talk about her latest book "Becoming Irresistible - How To Effortlessly Have Men Pursue You, Treat You Like A Goddess, and Commit To You For Life."...
18 min
268: Cait Flanders, Blonde On A Budget
 You’re not going to believe what my guest today is doing, she is actually on a spending freeze, yep a spending cleanse. I’ve gone on a juice cleanse, unsuccessfully. The idea of actually not spending any money on once and things...
24 min
267: Mathew Knowles, Music Mogul & Beyoncé's Dad
I'm beyond excited to introduce today's guest. Once upon a time he was a Xerox top sales executive, worldwide turned music mogul and Grammy Award-winning executive music producer and did I mention father to the Queen B, yes Beyoncé! With over...
25 min
266: Jacquette Timmons, Financial Behaviorist
Today's guest is a financial behaviorist and has quite an interesting story as to how she got there. Jacquette Timmons started college at the Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York City at the young age of 16 years old where she was...
44 min
265: Ask Farnoosh, Should I trust credit repair...
In today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Alan Moore, co-founder of XY Planning Network, I answer your biggest questions about retirement planning, student loans, interest rates and more. Alan joined me on So Money last month. To catch...
23 min
264: Anthony Saleh, Manager to Nas & Tech Investor
Our guest today is like none other. He straddles the worlds of music and technology, managing artists like multi-platinum rap legend Nas while also investing in tech startups.His name is Anthony Saleh.His background is in mathematics and...
21 min
263: George Zimmer, Former Founder of Men's Wea...
Raise your hand if you’ve ever rented a tux? Or know someone who’s rented a tux? It’s kind of a pain, right? It’s multiple visits…you often need to get the tux tailored. It’s not cheap. The industry is...
29 min
262: Jenn Scalia, From Rock-Bottom to Six-Figures
If you're a female entrepreneur you'll hopefully be as inspired as I am by today's guest. Jenn Scalia is a visibility coach and online business strategist who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs stand out in their industry in order to make an...
33 min
261: Dan Macklin, Co-Founder of SoFi
I’m dedicating this show to all my student loan borrowers out there. I know you listen to this show. I know you’re dedicated to getting ahead financially. I also know that this is an extremely challenging issue. Overcoming student loan...
32 min
260: Ask Farnoosh: Credit 411
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Ethan Dornhelm, principal scientist at FICO, and I answer your biggest questions about credit everything from making minimum payments to what goes into your credit score and more. To learn more about...
21 min
259: Erin Smith, Founder of The Starters Club
Today's guest is a business strategist and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. Her story began when Erin dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad (written by Robert Kiyosaki, a former So Money...
32 min
258: Jon Birger, Author of DATE-ONOMICS & Journ...
Today’s guest is someone for whom I had the privilege of working when I was first in New York City working as a junior reporter at Money Magazine, and there my guest Jon Birger was a senior writer. And so it is with great pleasure that I...
37 min
257: Tory Johnson, GMA Correspondent, Author of...
Today's guest is the very accomplished Tory Johnson. She’s an employee-turned-entrepreneur whose goal is to help “make great things happen for women.” In doing so, she created two multi-million dollar career-focused...
35 min
256: Michael Schreiber, Editor-in-Chief of Cred...
  Kicking it off this week with my good friend Michael Schreiber. Michael and I used to work together. Well, actually we went to graduate school together at Columbia, followed by some colleague work, and then later we kind of...
0 min
255: Ask Farnoosh + Sophia: How to afford kids ...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, special guest Sophia Bera of GenY Planning and I answer your biggest questions about retirement planning, how to afford children and more. Sophia Bera joined me earlier in the month on So Money Millennial week...
41 min
254: Tess Vigeland, Former Host at Public Radio...
Today’s guest is a veteran journalist and well-known voice to millions of American Radio listeners. She is Tess Vigeland, CEO of Tess Vigeland Productions, an LA-based multi-media media company. For 11 years, she was the anchor for public...
32 min
253: Carl Richards, New York Times Sketch Guy C...
While I was at FinCon 2015, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carl Richards with a live audience. He is a Certified Financial Planner and the director of investor education for BAM Alliance, which is a community of more than 130 independent wealth...
22 min
252: Belinda Rosenblum, President of OwnYourMon...
Joining me today is Belinda Rosenblum, a CPA wealth expert and self-proclaimed “Chief Money Motivator.” She runs her own company,, which specializes in helping corporate professionals and entrepreneurs take charge of their...
44 min
251: Selena Soo, Business & Publicity Strategist
Today's guest is someone I've proudly worked with to help me steer my previous book launch and elevate my business. And I think what she does to help clients is simply outstanding and one of a kind. I am a little biased, but I'm very, very serious...
31 min
250: Ask Farnoosh, How Can I Pay For Grad School?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about renovating vs building your dream home, how to pay for graduate school, the importance of having an internship and more.  For more information...
20 min
249: Alan Moore, Co-Founder of XY Planning Network
Today’s guest is Alan Moore, a Certified Financial Planner and the co-founder of XY Planning Network, a fee-only RIA and location independent financial planning firm. Alan co-created this company because him and his business partner felt...
35 min
248: Adrienne Dorison, Success Coach and Host o...
When I set out to start this podcast, I wanted to create a show where successful people could share their stories and advice through an open conversation about money, and hopefully inspire the listeners that they can do it too. My guest today,...
39 min
247: Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Personal Fina...
Today I have the great pleasure and privilege of speaking with a fantastic award-winning journalist, Sharon Epperson. Sharon is currently a correspondent for CNBC covering the commodity markets and personal finance. She also appears on other NBC news...
33 min
246: Mimi Ikonn, Co-Founder of Luxy Hair and Yo...
Today’s guest considers herself a “global citizen” and documents her travels and fashion through a blog, a wildly successful YouTube channel and popular Instagram account (just shy of 1M followers popular...WOW!).  Her name is...
29 min
245: Ask Farnoosh, Should I Move Back In With M...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about moving back in with your parents to pay down debt, budgeting for annual vacations, how freelancers should plan for their taxes and more.   For more information visit...
13 min
244: Ask Farnoosh, Will I Inherit My Parents St...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about inheriting your parents student loans, using your credit vs. your debit card, steps you should take if you plan on renting your home and more.   For more information...
18 min
243: Julie Ann Cairns, Author of The Abundance ...
Imagine being a millionaire and then losing most of your wealth in an instant. My guest today stared down the barrel of bankruptcy at as the head of a financial markets education company during the most recent financial crisis. Her name is Julie Ann...
43 min
242: Luke Landes, Founder of Consumerism Commen...
Today on the show we have, whom I think is a true leader in the financial education space. He is one of the first personal finance bloggers to really take the stage in a big way in the early 2000's before financial blogging was really a thing. Similar...
37 min
241: Elisabeth Leamy, Dr. Oz Investigative Corr...
 Today’s guest is a nationally known TV journalist as well as a critically acclaimed author and nationwide speaker. Elisabeth Leamy is most known for contributing to the Dr. Oz show and ABC News as a consumer advocate and money-saving...
27 min
240: Rob Kosberg, Marketing & Brand-Building Ex...
If you’re looking to write a book and have it be successful, to help you build your brand and business, then you’ll love hearing from today’s guest! Rob Kosberg is joining me and he is a marketing and brand-building expert who...
28 min
239: Mrs. Frugalwoods, Frugalwoods Blogger & Co...
Mrs. Frugalwoods is a self-described frugal weirdo, all the way from Boston. She's one of a couple that's set on living on an extremely small budget with the goal of retiring in their 30's. They're called The Frugalwoods and their blog is apply...
33 min
238: Ask Farnoosh, What's the future of college?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about the future of education, what to do when you and your spouse don't agree on your financial advisor, what to know when inheriting someone else's 401k and what to look for when...
11 min
237: Ask Farnoosh, What's the best way to self ...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about the best way to self-publish a book, paying for grad school without going broke, what to do when you're in a high cost of living area and more. For more information visit...
14 min
236: Latrese Bookhard, So Money Millennial
We are rounding out So Money "Millennial" week! A “So Money” Millennial is someone who has proven to have accomplished a great deal in the their financial life in their 20s or early 30s. So often we hear about the struggles which are very...
27 min
235: Sophia Bera, So Money Millennial
Sophia Bera is in her early 30s and has already started her own company, GenY Planning, which delivers comprehensive financial planning to people in their 20s and 30s across the country. Most financial planners require an asset minimum of $1 million,...
39 min
234: Raya Schwartz, So Money Millennial
My guest today is a woman with similar drive and ambition to the So Money Millennials you've already heard from earlier this week. Today's guest is Raya Schwartz, and she is just 25 and has already opened up her own waxing boutique in...
34 min
233: Kristina Ellis, So Money Millennial
My So Money Millennial today wasn’t a top student or star athlete, but Kristina Ellis, 28, managed to earn half a million dollars in college scholarships by the time she graduated high school in 2005.  . The most recent...
39 min
232: Travis Hornsby, So Money Millennial
When you think of retiring early…you might think 55..50…Mr. Money Mustache retired when he was 30 – which WAS the youngest age I’d heard of retiring at…until I got an email from my guest today Travis Hornsby. He is 25...
34 min
231: Ask Farnoosh, how do I fire my financial a...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh on So Money podcast, I answer your questions about how to go about firing your financial advisor, online resources to check your resume, the best ways to calculate how much you're saving, and more.  For more...
20 min
230: Ask Farnoosh, How to renegotiate my job of...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about renegotiating a job offer, the best financial resources for a So Money fan that's looking for intermediate level literature, what other types of savings accounts you...
22 min
229: Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News Chief Business & ...
Rebecca Jarvis is the ABC news chief business and economics correspondent and creator, host and managing editor of “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.” She reports for all ABC news programs and platforms… and conducted wide ranging...
38 min
228: Justin McLeod, Founder and CEO of Hinge
So Money singletons, this episode’s for you.  If you’re looking for love and you like technology…our guest today is marrying the two with his new dating app called Hinge. You might have heard of it. I have to be honest,...
31 min
227: J. Massey, Real Estate Investor and Author
Today I’m sharing a real rags to riches story. Several years ago my guest J. Massey encountered a series of life-altering events – his pregnant wife had a serious illness, he was in an accident that left him with a punctured lung that...
37 min
226: Shannon Wilburn, Founder of Just Between F...
Kids grow fast, which means a whole new set of clothes every few months, which means constantly having to spend money on items your kids will use and then outgrow before you can blink an eye. So how can you keep your kids clothed without throwing...
35 min
225: Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment
In my Ask Farnoosh episodes I received a number of questions from  you about financial advisors. How do I know I’m ready to work with one? How much do they cost? Is it worth it? I also receive a number of questions about the growing market...
35 min
224: Ask Farnoosh, How to Save for a Home Downp...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answers your biggest questions about breaking down credit scores, prioritizing your expenses, helping family members with finances and saving to buy a house.
13 min
223: Ask Farnoosh, How Should I Quit My Job?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about quitting your job, AmEx returns, starting investing, budgeting for young couples, my favorite guest financial habits and diversifying your investments.
18 min
222: Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker
I have a guilty pleasure. And that guilty pleasure is an entire channel… known as Bravo.  From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hilss to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And today, we have one of my favorite Bravolebrities:...
28 min
221: Brian Brandow, Debt Discipline Blogger
Imagine earning six figures…but being broke. Earning over $100,000…but facing the same amount in credit card debt. This is where the story of Brian Brandow begins. When trying to book a family vacation back in 2010, Brian says he hit a...
25 min
220: Bill Raveis, Founder, CEO and Chairman of ...
A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy Braddock, the managing director of real estate company William Raveis, joined me for an interview. She had some great advice and insights on real estate and growing a successful business. Today, I am continuing that...
31 min
219: Joe Brewer, Serial Hobbiest and Arcade Col...
Today’s guest proves that some people can transform a quirky hobby into a profitable business. Joe Brewer reached out to me with his story a few weeks ago.  His quirky hobby is arcade and pinball repairs and restoration. Salvaging an old,...
39 min
218: Nate Berkus, Design Guru
Today I have the great honor of welcoming on the show my friend and design guru Nate Berkus. I've wanted to interview him since launching, but he’s had quite a busy year including celebrating the 20th anniversary of his design firm, and...
34 min
217: Ask Farnoosh, Should I Buy or Lease a Car?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about selling collectibles, pre-tax and post-tax money decisions, finding side-hustles, multiple savings accounts and what to do with inheritance.
20 min
216: Ask Farnoosh, How Do I Build Brand Authority?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about paying off medical bills, starting a 529 plan, building your online brand and buying vs. leasing a car.
23 min
215: Jeff Johnson, Millionaire Next Door
We are rounding out our series today with a Penn State grad, a fellow Penn State grad. I didn't know he was a Penn State grad until after we booked him, but very excited to introduce all of you to Jeff Johnson. He is a millionaire next-door...
38 min
214: Julie Rains, Millionaire Next Door
Welcome to the fourth episode of Millionaires Next Door!  Today I’m chatting with Julie Rains, a freelance writer specializing in investing and mortgages from North Carolina! She has a finance degree from UNC Chapel Hill and has had...
24 min
213: Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng, Milliona...
Welcome back to So Money. I'm your host Farnoosh Torabi. Thanks for joining me. Doing something special this week. If you've been listening since Monday, you know it is millionaire's next door week. Dedicating the week to people across the...
34 min
212: Luann Abrams, Millionaire Next Door
Today is the second installment of the “Millionaires Next Door Series,” with another great guest Luann Abrams from Bend, OR. Two years ago she and her husband hit the $1mil mark, and are almost 2/3 of the way to the second million...
36 min
211: Darrow Kirkpatrick, Millionaire Next Door
We’re kicking off ‘Millionaire Next Door Week’ on So Money today.  We’ve been revving up for this spectacular week for some time, I’ve been enlisting your help to either nominate yourself or people you know and...
28 min
210: Ask Farnoosh, Should I Live in My Car?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about rewards credit cards, paying off loans, saving for retirement, financial issues with your partner and credit scores.
18 min
209: Ask Farnoosh, My Boyfriend Doesn't Want a ...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest financial questions about creating money boundaries with family, rebuilding credit, real estate, crowdfunding, how to invest your inheritance, 401(k)s, pre-nups and compound interest.
21 min
208: (Replay) Ryan Holiday, Media Strategist & ...
Today's guest is Ryan Holiday. I had this wonderful guest on earlier this Spring and Ryan is a thought-provoking media strategist, bestselling author of three books, and he's not even 30 yet - I'm so jealous! Most recently his very...
40 min
207: Shannon McLay, Founder of The Financial Gym
Today’s guest has a really interesting story and is a woman after my own heart, helping young professionals navigate debt while teaching financial independence and what it means to be “financially fit.” Shannon McLay is a financial...
41 min
206: Dorie Clark, Marketing Strategy Consultant...
Today's guest is Dorie Clark. She's a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Time and Entrepreneur. She's been recognized as a branding expert by The Associated Press, Inc, and Fortune. What's a brand? Yeah we're gonna talk about...
47 min
205: Justin Gelband, founder of modelFIT
Today’s guest is a high-profile personal trainer, life coach and co-founder of the latest boutique workout in New York City, ModelFIT. Justin Gelband has been dubbed “The Model Whisperer” from The New York...
23 min
204: theSkimm Founders, Danielle Weisberg and C...
Now, if you're someone who's always on the go, looking for a way to consume the day's top new stories in the fastest way possible, you may already be a subscriber to this or you've heard about it, but you have to check...
34 min
203: Ask Farnoosh: I'm 30. Should I Move in Wit...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about how much to start investing, moving back in with parents to save money, budgeting your savings and budgeting for NYC living.
16 min
202: Ask Farnoosh: Can I Afford a 2nd Child?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about affording a second child, self directed IRAs, keeping your emergency fund in a money market account or a bond fund, and marketing your business.
16 min
201: (Replay) Jack Canfield, Bestselling Autho...
Welcome back to another edition of So Money Summer Fridays! Today I'm replaying my interview with Jack Canfield author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The book has sold more than 500 million copies in print since it first published...
34 min
200: Melanie Notkin, Author of Otherhood and Th...
In this day and age, we hear a lot about women balancing it all: work, relationship, kids, life, etc. But what about women who work, who aren’t married and/or don’t have children? My guest today Melanie Notkin is a media entrepreneur:...
56 min
199: Philip Taylor, Founder of FinCon & Blogger...
Today I am interviewing the blogger Philip Taylor from PT Money. In 2007 he created his blog to share his experiences trying to get out of debt, building savings and getting educated on personal finance. Even though he had finance in his blood –...
39 min
198: Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner
Today’s guest is a friend and one of my go-to financial experts. YES. Financial experts have financial experts. Jeff Rose is a self-made millionaire. He is the founder of, is a Certified Financial Planner™...
39 min
197: Jeff Yeager, "The Ultimate Cheapskate"
What’s your definition of cheap? Do you think you’re cheap? Is the person you’re living with – cheap? I got into trouble once because I went on ABC news and talked about MY personal definition of cheap versus frugal…To...
42 min
196: Ask Farnoosh, Is plastic surgery a good in...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about umbrella liability insurance, paying off your car, transition from working in the public sector to the private, investing in plastic surgery, entrepreneurship, saving for your...
20 min
195: Ask Farnoosh, Are Robo-Advisors any good?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about where to put short-term savings, best way to save for college, negotiating your salary and benefits, managing your 401K, robo-advisors and starting a blog.
24 min
194: (Replay) David Bach, 9 Time New York Times...
Happy Friday everyone. I'm doing a new thing starting this Friday and every Friday until the end of the summer. I've decided, just decided the other day, that I'm gonna air re-runs. You know, summer Fridays tend to be quieter than the other...
32 min
193: James Altucher (NEW!), Author of "Choose Y...
My guest today may sound familiar…and that’s because he’s been on the show before. I was lucky enough to have my friend, author James Altucher on my 3rd So Money episode, and now he’s back on my 193rd. Time...
56 min
192: Julie Parker, Founder and CEO of Beautiful...
My guest today is coming to us all the way from Australia! Her name is Julie Parker, and she is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers. Julie was raised by a single mother on welfare and started her career as a social...
39 min
191: Steve Chou, Founder of
Back in 2007 our guest today Steve Chou and his wife Jennifer found themselves in a position that many couples face. Jennifer found out that she was pregnant, and with their growing family came greater financial concerns. Neither Steve nor Jennifer...
30 min
190: Ethan Bloch, Founder and CEO of
Knowing how much to put aside for the future, emergencies or anything else for that matter can be challenging. How much can you afford to save? How much do you need to reach your goal? What if there was only an app that could figure all of that for...
36 min
189: Ask Farnoosh, What type of account we shou...
I wanted to be able to answer as many of your questions as possible so today we have a special extended edition of Ask Farnoosh.  On today's episode, I answer your biggest questions about, what to do with a raise, starting a "mastermind group,"...
22 min
188: Ask Farnoosh, What to do with $100,000 inh...
I wanted to be able to answer as many of your questions as possible so today we have a special extended edition of Ask Farnoosh. On today's episode, I answer your biggest questions about rebalancing your IRA, how I shifted from being a financial...
27 min
187: Paula Pant, Blogger of Afford Anything
Many of you have requested my guest today to be on So Money, so I’m very excited to finally have her here: Paula Pant of the blog and movement Afford Anything.  She is a self-proclaimed globetrotter, entrepreneur and...
51 min
186: Farnoosh Torabi, Host of So Money
You asked for it and this week we made it happen... I'm in the So Money hot seat! My fellow podcaster Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins stopped by to interview me about my earliest money memories, my financial mistakes and my so money...
50 min
185: Gillian Zoe Segal, author of Getting There...
Today’s guest is going to share the importance of having mentor in our lives…She is the author of the new book Getting There: A Book of Mentors. In it she interviews 30 leaders across different career paths that share their journey...
37 min
184: Hannah Ouimet, Poshmark Entrepreneur and F...
Hannah Ouimet is here on the show today. She's running a six-figure fashion business from her phone, yes, by selling some of her unwanted clothes and accessories. And now she's gotten so good at it, she knows how to buy items elsewhere...
30 min
183: Myleik Teele, Founder of curlBOX
Hair is a big business. My guest Myleik Teele is revolutionizing the world for women who have curly hair. She founded curlBOX, an exclusive and affordable monthly subscription box full of amazing haircare products for women with curly hair. This...
51 min
182: Ask Farnoosh: Hate my job. Have 20k in deb...
On today's special extended episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about saving for college, selecting the right money team, budgeting, getting out of an unhappy job, getting out of debt, making money from blogging, and figuring out...
27 min
181: Ask Farnoosh: I got the raise! Now what?
On today's special extended episode I answer your biggest questions about getting out of credit card debt before starting a business, retirement strategies, starting over in your sixties, investing, exploring career options, when she makes more in the...
32 min
180: Joe Saul-Sehy, Co-Host of Stacking Benjami...
Joe Saul-Sehy is co-host of the popular Stacking Benjamins podcast and is a contributor to the Money Tree Investing podcast. In his former life as a financial advisor of 16 years and the WXYZ Television “Money Man”...
40 min
179: Matt Becker, Founder of Mom and Dad Money
Matt Becker took his experience raising 2 little boys and his financial background as a CFP, and he started Mom and Dad Money. It's a fee-only financial planning practice that's dedicated to helping new parents build happy families by making money...
30 min
178: Richard Davies, Co-Host of How Do We Fix It?
In today's So Money episode I chat with Richard Davies, a former news reporter for ABC and the current co-host for the weekly podcast How Do We Fix It? Davies talks to me about his reporting career and and the financial problems he aims to solve on...
43 min
177: Paul Zak, Neuroeconomist, Author and Publi...
Dr. Paul Zak is a scientist, prolific author and public speaker. He has the very unique job title of Neuroeconomist. Dr. Zak has degrees in mathematics and economics and also has post-doctoral training in neuroimaging. In 2004, his lab...
30 min
176: Daphne Oz, Natural Food Chef, NYT Bestsell...
In today's episode of So Money Podcast I chat with Daphne Oz, a natural food chef, New York Times bestselling author and co-host of the ABC show The Chew.  Daphne shares how she seizes the moment and experiences life in the now,...
49 min
175: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Give Up Paid Vacati...
In this replay of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your questions about giving up paid vacation in exchange for more money at work, what to do about selling a home when you don't have the funds to cover a short sale, future guests you'd like to see on So...
16 min
174: Ask Farnoosh: How Do I Stick to a Budget?
In honor of the July 4th holiday, I'm replaying one of the first and a great episode of Ask Farnoosh. In this episode, I answer your questions about how to pursue freelance writing work, sticking to budgets, how to help pay down your children's...
21 min
173: Mr. Money Mustache, Founder of MrMoneyMust...
Today I'm replaying an oldie but goodie episode in honor of the Fourth of July holiday with Mr. Money Mustache.  He is a thirty-something retiree who now writes a personal finance blog with a cultish following.  In this interview, he shares...
45 min
172: Natalie Jill, Fitness Entrepreneur
Natalie Jill, Fitness Entrepreneur, talks how she went from a successful corporate career to hitting rock bottom to turning it all around by creating Natalie Jill Fitness.
34 min
171: Skylar Woodward, CEO/Co-Founder of Puddle
Skylar Woodward is the CEO and Co-Founder of Puddle, an online money sharing network.  He shares how Puddle works and earlier days in his career from co-founding to working at Yahoo! 
38 min
170: Jason Vitug, Founder/CEO of
Jason Vitug, Founder and CEO of, and online resource for getting real-time answers to your financial questions, discusses his inspiration for creating the website and becoming and entrepreneur.  
38 min
169: Tamsen Fadal, Award-Winning Journalist, PI...
Tamsen Fadal is a Lebanese-American television personality, 4-time Emmy awarding winning journalist and anchor on the PIX11 News.  We discuss her public divorce and how she recovered emotionally and financially, which led to her latest book, The...
28 min
168: Ask Farnoosh: I'm getting married, how do ...
  In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on combining bank accounts with your spouse, saving for retirement after divorce and improving your credit score.
17 min
167: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Go Back to Grad Sch...
  In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on going back to grad school, Roth IRA's and more.
22 min
166: Ryder Kessler, Founder of DipJar
Ryder Kessler realized that the use of credit cards prevents customers at coffee shops and other establishments from putting cash in a tip jar, causing workers to earn less. So he created a solution – the Dip Jar. 
43 min
165: Kimra Luna, From Food Stamps to $1Million
Kimra Luna went from being on welfare to earning $900,000 in one year using social media and online marketing skills. She now runs the online community Freedom Hackers and Be True, Brand You. 
41 min
164: Mrs. Money Mustache, Personal Finance Blogger
Mrs. Money Mustache, aka Simi, is the wife of blogger Mr. Money Mustache, and runs her blog. She is not an expert in any one field, but loves to discuss ideas about consumerism, parenthood, creating community, and money in our society 
35 min
163: Kathy Braddock, Real Estate Pro
Kathy Braddock is a 30-year real estate industry veteran and one of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the country. Kathy is currently a managing director at William Raveis, New York City.
37 min
162: Holly Johnson, Frugalista and Founder of C...
I've got a fantastic female entrepreneur on the show today, Holly Johnson. She's a blogger extraordinaire, co-founder of 2 websites: a personal finance blog, Club Thrifty, and a frugal travel blog, Travel Blue book. Which, both have become so...
25 min
161: Ask Farnoosh: Are Flip Flops Appropriate a...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on investing in the stock market, inviting a new guest on the show, flip flops at work and more.
9 min
160: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Get the Car Rental ...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on rental insurance with your credit card, maxing out on your 401K investments, sharing a great article and more.
11 min
159 (Replay): Gretchen Rubin: Mastering Money H...
Capping off our week of So Money replays is NYT Bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, who is here to share her best advice for mastering habits to improve your financial life.
23 min
158 (Replay): Danielle LaPorte and Financial Sp...
One of my interview from the early days of So Money, Danielle LaPorte discusses how gratitude is part of her bottom line. She speaks candidly about how she almost got fired from her own company and living off many credit cards for a while.   
28 min
157 (Replay): Seth Godin on Life's Riches and M...
Back by popular demand, Seth Godin. The bestselling author and marketing genius graces the podcast with his singular intellect, insights and stories. Learn what rich means to Seth and how he managed to escape his own period of financial fragility.
38 min
156 (Replay): Tim Ferriss, Author of 4-Hour Wor...
Tim Ferriss is back (a rerun, but still!) Learn how he mastered his career from an early age, how he invests his money and the lesson Billy Joel taught him at a young age.
51 min
155 (Replay): Tony Robbins and Steps to Financi...
So Money is in reruns this week! It's summatime, so we thought we should take a breather and reflect on all the great guests we've had to date. Today, an oldie but a goodie - Tony Robbins. Listen as he talks about how he got the motivation to become...
31 min
154: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Pay for My Daughter...
Lots of interesting questions this Sunday! From whether to help a child pay for graduate school to making the most of your money after you've paid off your mortgage, tune in to hear Ask Farnoosh!
19 min
153: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Refinance My Studen...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I tackle your questions about retirement planning, refinancing student loans and more. 
18 min
152: Eric Lowitt, CEO of Nexus Global Advisors
Today's guest is a futurist. Did you even know that was a profession? He's not a fortune teller, he's actually a professional futurist and is very much on the cutting edge of thought leadership surrounding sustainability, and his name is Eric Lowitt....
42 min
151: Doug Nordman, How Military Fams Can Retire...
Today I'm really excited to welcome a guest who is dedicating his financial advice and his financial mission to help, particularly, families that are in the military and especially those that are approaching retirement. Because as he has found, and as...
25 min
150: Zina Kumok, A Financial Story Gone Viral
Today’s guest is just 26 years old. She graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in journalism and a burning desire to become debt free as soon as possible. And even though her $28,000 loan was not particularly high by today’s...
28 min
149: Laura Vanderkam, Author of I Know How She ...
Today’s guest is going to help with some time tackling solutions. Her name is Laura Vanderkam. She is the author of the brand new book I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Build Lives That Work. It comes out TODAY. The book is based on a...
34 min
148: Ross Mathews, E! Red Carpet Host
I'm tremendously excited about today's guest. He is hands down one of my favourite TV personalities. His name is Ross Mathews. You've probably heard of him if you watch any television or you listen to podcasts because he also has a podcast. Ross first...
26 min
147: Ask Farnoosh: How to Make the Most of Link...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on credit card debt consolidation, odd jobs for couples, how to make the most of your LinkedIN profile and more.
16 min
146: Ask Farnoosh: How Many Credit Cards is Too...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on recouping spent savings or investments, how many credit cards are just too much, a best-of So Money guest list and more.
16 min
145: Andrea Woroch on the "Pink Tax" and Gender...
Our guest today is working vigilantly to educate and combat what she calls "The Pink Tax" and gender price discrimination. Andrea Woroch is a nationally recognized consumer and money saving expert who regularly contributes to leading national and...
25 min
144: Nagina Sethi Abudullah, Founder of MasalaB...
Today's guest is my friend Nagina Sethi Abdullah. She is a management consultant, weight-loss and food coach, and founder of Masala Body. It's an online resource for healthy recipes and weight-loss tips for the busy working woman. I have been to one...
43 min
143: Amanda Abella, Author of Make Money Your H...
If you're looking to start your own online business, but the thought of selling and financial uncertainty makes your forget about your dream once and for all. Well, don't despair just yet. Today's guest is a millennial business coach and a...
37 min
142: Deacon Hayes on Wiping Out $50k in Debt in...
Today's guest is Deacon Hayes, he is a great case in point. After being overwhelmed by $52,000 of debt, outside of their mortgage, he and his wife made a decision to quickly change the way they handled money. And they weren't kidding. 18 months later,...
34 min
141: Heather Thomson, Real Housewife of NY
Hey, if your guilty pleasure on a Tuesday night is watching Real Housewives of New York City, well you're in luck with today's guest and I have a smile on my face cause I've been a fan of the Real Housewives franchise for a while. I dunno if "fan" is...
34 min
140: Ask Farnoosh: How to Negotiate a New Salar...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on negotiating a new salary for work, whether it's wise to create a diversified portfolio of investments and my listeners love my article on Business insider.
9 min
139: Ask Farnoosh: How Much Savings is "Enough"...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on how much savings is enough to retire, I talk about socially responsible or environmentally responsible investments and how to find the right book keeper for you. 
16 min
138: Josh Levs on Fatherhood and Work-Life Balance
Today's guest knows this very well. His name is Josh Levs. He is the perfect guest to help us celebrate fatherhood. He is the author of the brand new book, "All In: How Our Work Culture Fails Dad's, Families, and Businesses and How We Can Fix It...
38 min
137: Jeff Steinmann on How to Quit Your Job
Today's guest was one of those people, and that was just a few short years ago. His reality - he dreaded his uninspiring 9 to 5 existence, he didn't know how to quit and start something he cared about. He eventually did figure it out and he managed to...
31 min
136: Bill Dwight on Kids, Money and Silicon Valley
Today we're speaking with an avid So Money listener, a real fan. He and I connected because of this podcast and just proof that if you like this show enough and you connect with me, you might be a guest on the show! He's a highly accomplished tech...
52 min
135: Margaret Cho, Comedian and Actress Talks M...
We've got an amazing guest, Margaret Cho, and award winning comedian and incredibly creative performer who's often called "The Queen of All Media". She's conquered the worlds of film, television, books, music, and theatre. Her comedy tours always sell...
34 min
134: Ryan Holiday, Media Strategist & Bestselli...
We're gonna kick off the week with a very, very cool guest, Ryan Holiday. He's a thought provoking media strategist and bestselling author of three books, most recently, "The Obstacle is The Way: The timeless art of turning trials into triumphs." He...
40 min
133: Ask Farnoosh: Farnoosh, What's One of Your...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on what my biggest financial failures were, what you should look for in a financial advisor, where should you start saving outside of your company's 401K and more.
14 min
132: Ask Farnoosh: I'm the Breadwinner. My Husb...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions on women being the breadwinners in the household, whether you should buy an apartment before grad school or not, where to put away your money if you have a few thousand available and more.
16 min
131: Andrew Schrage, Co-Founder of MoneyCrasher...
Today's guest is the co-owner of It's a personal finance and lifestyle website that caters to young adults. It attracts about a million readers a month and gives my guest an income that rivals his former hedge fund salary. Yes. His...
29 min
130: Stacy Francis, Farnoosh's Financial Planne...
I talk about this amazing woman from time to time on the show… and figured I HAVE to once and for all shine a light on her and have her share her insights and advice with my audience. I’m honored to introduce our guest today, my financial...
29 min
129: Elle Martinez, Founder of
Today's guest is Elle Martinez. She's a personal finance blogger and online entrepreneur. She is the founder of, and a weekly podcast called Couple Money Podcast. And on the podcast she teaches couples and families how to live on one...
35 min
128: Jon Acuff, Author of Do Over: Rescue Monda...
Today’s guest is Jon Acuff, the New York Times Bestselling author of five books including his most recent, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck. He's a well-known public speaker, social media expert and...
36 min
127: Matt Giovanisci on Millennials & Money
Today’s guest is Matt Giovanisci. He’s a website wizard, podcast producer, coffee connoisseur and all-around creative powerhouse. He makes a living by writing, building websites, producing funny rap videos (you have to check them...
37 min
126: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Consolidate My Stu...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about student loan consolidation, where to put money that you saved after college, it's never to late to start putting away money and more.
20 min
125: Ask Farnoosh: How Do I Financially Support...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about how to support your parents financially, whether it's possible to take part in P2P lending whilst on a visa, how to conquer relational issues when it comes to parents gives siblings more than...
20 min
124: Joan Sotkin, Holistic Business and Money C...
Today's guest has been looking for something a lot deeper and more meaningful than a typical definition of success throughout her life. For years she actually suffered from a long list of physical, emotional, and financial issues. After giving away...
30 min
123: Lauren Bowling, Founder of LBeeandtheMoney...
Today's guest is Lauren Bowling. She's the founder of the personal finance website It's an award winning blog which she began as a young professional, highlighting the ups and downs of her personal finance journey. Her site is...
23 min
122: Todd Tresidder, Founder of FinancialMentor...
Very excited to introduce our guest today. His name is Todd Tresidder. He is our second guest on So Money to retire in just his 30's. The first one was Mr. Money Moustache, a wildly popular episode. Check it out, episode 38. Todd is a former...
33 min
121: Crystal Hammond, Founder of SophisticatedS...
Today we're going to talk to a woman who will help us learn how to make some serious money on the side. She is the queen of side hustles, her name is Crystal Hammond. She's a former day trader. Today she's a real estate pro, she is a...
31 min
120: Bill Rancic, Winner, "The Apprentice" & En...
Do you remember watching The Apprentice when it first aired? I'm not talking Celebrity Apprentice, but you know, the very first Apprentice that kicked off. I think it was 10, 11 years ago. It was an epic debut. Do you remember that first season? It...
26 min
119: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Borrow From My 401k?
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about whether or not you should borrow from your 401K, How much is too much  for an apartment right out of college and when to negotiate your salary with your employer. 
12 min
118: Ask Farnoosh: Where Do I Shop for Life Ins...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about identifying your target market, overcoming anxiety whilst investing in yourself and where to shop for life insurance.
12 min
117: Jen Hemphill, Money Coach & Entrepreneur
I’m excited to welcome today’s guest. She’s relatable, down-to-earth and practical. For years, she felt frustrated and stuck in her day job, working endless hours to just pay all her bills…with little left over. And when she...
27 min
116: Dr. Brad Klontz, Financial Psychologist
Our guest today explains it all as his profession, Dr. Brad Klontz is an award-winning Financial Psychologist and a Certified Financial Planner. He works as an associate professor of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University, and a...
36 min
115: Simon Cunningham, Founder of LendingMemo M...
Today's guest is the founder and CEO of LendingMemo Media. His name is Simon Cunningham, and he runs the Seattle-based company that promotes peer to peer lending education.    If you're not familiar with P2P lending, it is exactly what it...
38 min
114: Beverly Harzog, Author of "The Debt Escape...
I'm excited for today's guest. She's a nationally recognized credit card expert, consumer advocate, and former Certified Public Accountant. She's also the author of the new book, "The Dead Escape Plan" and three other highly acclaimed books. She has...
29 min
113: Catherine Alford, Money Guru & Founder of ...
Today's guest is Catherine Alford, or Cat for short. She's the founder of and a personal finance writer who's been featured in some of the top media outlets including the Huffington Post, US News World and Report and many others....
21 min
112: Ask Farnoosh: Saving Money in a Long Dista...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about when it's the right time to move out, saving money in long-distance relationships and how to save more.
15 min
111: Ask Farnoosh: My Mother In-Law is a Financ...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer questions about student loans, aggressive investing and mother-in-laws caught in financial difficulties.
13 min
110: Jeffrey Zurofsky, Restaurateur & Star of B...
His name is Jeffrey Zurofsky. You may have heard of him. He is an incredibly talented chef and a successful restauranteur who broke into the New York City restaurant scene after graduating from college. He, along with his business partner Tom...
44 min
109: Valerie Rind, Author of Gold Diggers and D...
Ever have a friend who borrowed money and then never paid you back? OR worse, an ex spouse who ran off with your inheritance or never paid alimony? My guest today is the author of book with lots of stories like that, including some of her own. The...
26 min
108: David Stein, Creator of "Money For the Res...
My guest today is David Stein, host of Money For the Rest of Us, a weekly personal finance podcast. He also runs the Money For the Rest of Us Hub, an online educational platform on money, how it works, and how to invest it. ...
33 min
107: Stefanie O'Connell, Author of The Broke an...
Deemed the Mindy Kaling of personal finance, Stefanie O’Connell is a Millennial money expert, author and entrepreneur whose primary focus is keeping the discussion of finance simple, honest, and real.  Stefanie’s writing has...
24 min
106: Steve Stewart, Founder of MoneyPlan SOS
Today on the show we have a personal finance architect. Doesn’t that sound cool? I thought I was creative in calling myself a personal finance strategist. Architect is way cooler. My guest is Steve Stewart a Personal Finance Architect from St....
33 min
105: Ask Farnoosh: Where to Invest $2,000?
In today's Ask Farnoosh episode questions about where to start investing, support groups to learn about finances in NYC, thoughts about retirement savings and where to invest just $2000.
13 min
104: Ask Farnoosh: Can I Afford Grad School?
In today's Ask Farnoosh episode questions about whether to start podcasting, saving for your children's education and whether you can afford grad school.
18 min
103: Kathleen King, Founder of Tate's Bake Shop
If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will appreciate the awesome deliciousness that comes from the award-winning Tate·s Bake Shop in Southampton, NY. A household name in our home, Tate's Bake Shop was voted the Best Bakery in the Hamptons for...
35 min
102: Sandra Bernhard, Actor & Comedian
Today’s guest is someone I’ve been wanting to talk with for years! She is hilarious… She is an award-winning comedian, actor and musician, Sandra Bernhard.Described as a “living, breathing bonfire” and “a super...
24 min
101: Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments
I'm very honored and elated to welcome today's guest, Dan Price. He is the man of the moment. I'm sure you've read about him and his incredible decision. As the founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, a credit card processing firm, he recently...
27 min
100: Tim Sykes, Pro Investor and Founder of Pro...
Those of you who are interested in the stock market and enjoyed listening to the recent episode with Frank Cruzio (episode 78) are in for another treat… Today’s guest is a rader who made millions by age 22 by investing his $12,415 in Bar...
34 min
99: Zac Bissonnette, Author of The Great Beanie...
 Today’s guest is the best-selling author of the recent book The Great Beanie Baby Bubble and two other highly acclaimed bestsellers which he wrote before his 24th birthday: Debt-Free U and How to Be Richer, Smarter,...
32 min
98: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Cash in My Paid Vaca...
In today's Ask Farnoosh episode questions about whether you should give up on paid vacations to have more money, podcasting awards, burning out and the condo woes.
15 min
97: Ask Farnoosh: Where to Find Freelance Writi...
In today's Ask Farnoosh episode questions about freelance writing, podcasting equipment and creating a business credit with a new business.
22 min
96: Bravo's "Flipping Out" Star Jenni Pulos
My guest today is the diversely talented Jenni Pulos. Like a lot of us she has a maxed out to-do list. She is best known as Executive Assistant to Jeff Lewis on Bravo’s Emmy nominated hit show Flipping Out and it's spinoff...
41 min
95: Jesse Mecham, Founder of
If your budgeting is not where you want it to be… and you are wondering what else you can do, today’s guest might be able to help. He is the founder and CEO of or YNAB, Jesse Mecham. Fueled by the desire to...
32 min
94: "Money Girl" Laura Adams
Today's guest is the "Money Girl" Laura Adams. Laura is a personal finance expert and award-winning author of multiple books, including Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich. She’s been the host of the popular Money Girl Podcast,...
29 min
93: Corey Allan, Founder of
In researching my latest book When She Makes More, I reached out to some of the most renowned experts in the field of money and relationships. I came across Dr. Corey Allen who is our guest today. Corey is a husband, father, author, speaker, as...
32 min
92: Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker
I have a guilty pleasure. And that guilty pleasure is an entire channel… known as Bravo.  From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hilss to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And today, we have one of my favorite...
28 min
91: Ask Farnoosh: Ok to Buy a Home When Nearing...
In today's Ask Farnoosh episode... questions about buying a home close to retirement and co-mingling bank accounts in your relationship.
13 min
90: Ask Farnoosh: How to Start a Business With ...
In this Saturday's Ask Farnoosh questions about accelerating a mortgage payoff, starting a business with no savings and how to launch a speaking career. I've got answers! Tune in...
22 min
89: Paula Rizzo and Achieving Financial Freedom...
Raise your hand if you’re big on making lists! I am raising both hands right now. And I’ve got one foot in the air. I’ve been creating lists since I was probably in middle school... writing is cathartic for me and when I can put all...
26 min
88: Jesse Draper, Host of The Valley Girl Show
Today’s guest is a digital media pioneer and an incredible inspiration to me and millions of other entrepreneurs. She is the creator and host of “The Valley Girl Show” and CEO of Valley Girl, Inc. She has produced and distributed...
34 min
87: Jo-Ná Williams, Entertainment Attorney Disc...
Today’s guest is a professional musician turned entertainment attorney and business coach. Jo-Ná Williams is the founder and CEO of J.A. Williams Law firm which helps artists, content creators and entertainers navigate legal and...
47 min
86: Jeff Kreisler, Author of Get Rich Cheating
Today’s guest is the award-winning comedian, Jeff Kreisler. He is a triple threat! A writer, performer and producer with impressive Ivy League credentials… who believes that the world can be saved with more thinking, passion, and...
40 min
85: Ramit Sethi and Achieving More in 2015
Ramit Sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" and writes for over half a million monthly readers on his website,, where he covers psychology, personal finance, careers, and...
40 min
84: Ask Farnoosh: How Do I Get Rid of My Timesh...
Does saving money for my child's college education lower my chances of getting financal aid? And what the heck do I do with my stinkin' time share? I want to sell it!
20 min
83: (FIXED) Ask Farnoosh: I Got Bullied In a Jo...
How much should we borrow to attend college and what do I say if a prospective employer insists on knowing my previous salary?
19 min
82: Mandi Woodruff, Yahoo!Finance Correspondent
My guest today knows what it feels like to be in your 20s and overwhelmed by work, money and just, life, in general. She’s only 27 years old and has already experienced a devastating lay off from work (just two months after joining a company),...
46 min
81: Bernardo Mendez, Relationship Coach on Livi...
Whether you are single or in a relationship, living in a flashy metropolis or a quiet suburb, you have probably experienced how difficult it is to find your second half these days. I mean, who has the time to date? (A true personal story: when I first...
28 min
80: Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche
Many of my guests on the show have told me how important it is to start talking with kids about money… early and often. And one of my recent guests, Ron Lieber, the author of “The Opposite of Spoiled” has taken it a step...
29 min
79: Ryan Lee, Internet Entrepreneur on Starting...
Have you ever watched when kids play … and wished that you had the same bold, fearless attitude towards… pretty much everything? It seems that no matter what, they always seem to bounce back with more energy than before! Today’s...
41 min
78: Frank Curzio Gives Advice for Beginner Inve...
I’m excited to welcome our first stock expert and active investor on the show, Frank Curzio. By now, you probably know that I subscribe to the passive philosophy when it comes to investing – that’s right I love my index...
46 min
77: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Bank on Social Secur...
Should I bank on social security? And what financial moves should I make now before I move overseas? Lots of great questions on this edition of Ask Farnoosh.
17 min
76: Ask Farnoosh: How Much Should I Save for Re...
Farnoosh answers your biggest money questions. Today: What's the ideal age to retire and how much should I have? and How do you How do you approach that first investment or business move when you've made a bit of money? 
22 min
75: Marni Battista on Making Money Work in Your...
I’m excited to welcome our first LOVE guru on the show. Her name is Marni Battista. She is the founder and CEO of, a million dollar plus company specializing in helping her clients to FIRST fall in love with...
27 min
BONUS: Is College Worth $200,000?
Let's say you or your child gets accepted to Stanford or Harvard, an elite private college that consistently ranks in the tippity top of higher ed rankings and where graduates tend to get the best jobs with the best pay. But here's the catch:...
9 min
74: Paul Sullivan, NYT Columnist on Money Secre...
Today’s episode: What it means to live a truly wealthy life. Told by a man who’s job it is to report on the country’s ultra rich, how they think, act, save, spend and invest.Paul Sullivan writes the Wealth Matters column...
35 min
73: Kabir Sehgal, Author of Coined: The Rich Li...
Today’s guest makes me feel terribly under accomplished. He is a modern day Renaissance man. His name is Kabir Sehgal. I was introduced to Kabir by a mutual friend who thought he’d be a perfect fit for the show because he just wrote a New...
36 min
72: Lynnette Khalfani-Cox and Affording College
If you are thinking about going to grad school… or have children heading off to college soon, you’re probably wondering 'How the heck can I afford it? How do I plan for it?’ The cost of higher education in the US has...
41 min
71: David Pottruck, Former CEO of Charles Schwa...
Today’s episode is another great reminder that no matter how painful a life blow or a career setback, you can still recover… and not just survive but flourish and lead a richer, happier life. Today’s guest was let go as the CEO of a...
41 min
70: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Monetize My Website?
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your questions about monetizing a website, whole life insurance and the best way to withdraw your pension in retirement when you're married. For more visit    
23 min
69: Ask Farnoosh: How Much Net Worth Should I H...
Should I lease a car? What should my net worth be? What medical marijuana companies are hot? I have a ton of money, so should I pay of my student loans or invest? Today's Ask Farnoosh questions run the gamut!
16 min
68: Jeff Olson: CEO of Neurium Talks Happiness,...
Three years ago the United Nations sanctioned March 20th as International Day of Happiness – day to drive awareness for the need for happiness in our worlds. Today’s guest is a major supporter of this event. He is the...
36 min
67: Jaime Tardy, Founder of The Eventual Millio...
For most of us, including yours truly, having strict deadlines can be very helpful in achieving our goals… And for today’s guest, Jaime Tardy, a 9-month deadline put her quickly into action to become financially free. She became pregnant...
38 min
66: Gretchen Rubin and Mastering Financial Habits
If you’re someone interested in the psychology of money and learning more about yourself and why you do what you do when it comes to money, you’ll enjoy today’s episode. Today’s guest is author Gretchen Rubin, who started her...
23 min
65: Susan Beacham, Founder of Money Savvy Gener...
Today’s guest is a leading expert on money, kids and financial literacy and the creator of the Money Savvy Pig. She is also a banking and investment management veteran who worked with high net worth individuals for over 2 decades and advised...
39 min
64: John Lee Dumas on Going From Success to Sig...
oday’s guest is a podcasting legend who’s inspired millions to act on their entrepreneurial dreams – including YOURS TRULY. He is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, an award winning and uber successful podcast where he...
28 min
63: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Hide Money to Score...
In this episode of AskFarnoosh questions regarding how to buy disability insurance, saving on childcare and how to hire a tax preparer.  Also, where can  you legally "hide" money to position yourself in the best way possible to receive...
20 min
62: Ask Farnoosh: How to Manage $200,000 in Stu...
On today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, answering your questions about reducing the interest on a six-figure student loan figure, choosing a travel rewards card and how to afford graduate school. Is it always worth it?  For more...
23 min
61: Michael O'Neal: Living Large as a Solopreneur
One of my recent guests on the show, Amanda Steinberg, the founder of, said that she "ate struggle for breakfast" throughout her life. And that’s a trend that I’m starting to see across the board… among many...
39 min
60: Tim Ferriss on Life Experiments, Financial ...
Tim Ferriss joins So Money to talk career, investing, experimentations, rejection, Billy Joel and so much more. Learn how Tim volunteered his time to amazing connections and opportunities in his 20's, when he first graduated from college, how Billy...
51 min
59: Robert Coorey and How to Feed a Starving Crowd
Today’s guest joins us all the way from Australia. He’s an incredibly successful online marketing expert and a best-selling author of Feed a Starving Crowd… which he currently offers for free on his website (below). He’s known...
37 min
58: Mark and Lauren Greutman: Erasing $40,000 i...
I’m excited to welcome our first couple to the show, the amazing Mark & Lauren Greutman, the co-founders of a personal finance website, Having gone through financial hardships, they are now on a mission to spread the word...
40 min
57: Nicole Lapin on Being a Rich Bitch
Fast forward a decade later, she has become a much admired financial journalist and a money expert. In addition to having worked as a business anchor at CNN and CNBC, she has contributed to MSNBC and TODAY show and served as a business...
34 min
56: Ask Farnoosh: How to Become More Money Cons...
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh, how to plan your estate when you're divorced with two children, saving for retirement for the first time at 50 years old and how to save properly for your child's college education? For more,...
25 min
55: Ask Farnoosh: Should ethics play a role in ...
What role should our ethics play in our financial decisions? Farnoosh answers your biggest money questions on this latest episode of Ask Farnoosh. For more visit
20 min
54: Shama Hyder and The Zen of Social Media Mar...
Today’s guest is a Millennial superstar and a visionary strategist for the digital age. She is the CEO and founder of the Marketing Zen Group, an integrated online marketing and PR firm. She is the best-selling author and highly acclaimed...
24 min
53: Jack Canfield and Achieving Wealth with The...
I’d bet most of you - or all of you - have heard of or read The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The book has sold more than 500 million copies in print since it first published in the early 1990s. I recall that series of...
34 min
52: Ric Edelman and Choosing a Financial Planner
Ric is the founder and CEO of Edelman Financial Services, one of the largest independent financial planning firms in the US with 40 offices nationwide.
30 min
51: Helaine Olen, Author of Pound Foolish
Helaine Olen is the author of the highly acclaimed book Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry.
34 min
50: Linda Descano, President and CEO of Women &...
Game-changing workplace trends in the financial services industry…esp for women!
27 min
49: Ask Farnoosh: Tired of Paying for My Girlfr...
How  to invest for a secure future? And what to do if you feel taken advantage of - financially - in your relationship? Lots of interesting - and smart = questions on today's episode of Ask Farnoosh. Check out for more!
19 min
48: Ask Farnoosh: How Do We Split Bills if I Ma...
In this installment of Ask Farnoosh, answers to your questions about paying off a mortgage, how to pay bills in a relationship where there is a wide income disparity between partners and how to start investing at a basic level. For more check out SoMoneyP
20 min
47: Ron Lieber, NYT Columnist on How to Unspoil...
Are your kids spoiled? Be honest. Could your children be a little more patient and grounded? Today’s guest has written a great book about how to more or less unspoil your child. Ron Lieber is here today. He is the personal finance columnist for the New
29 min
46: Chris Brogan and Achieving Goals Once and F...
Even though this is NOT something we like to admit, we know all too well that our New Year’s resolutions do not always pan out the way we want! In fact, stats show that right around this time of year, most of us simply abandon them. If you...
25 min
45: Chris Ducker and Making Plans to Retire at 50
Today's guest in an international superstar. Chris Ducker is the founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live2Sell Group of Companies. He is well known as a "Virtual CEO.”
38 min
44: Manisha Thakor and Achieving MoneyZen
I’ve been privileged to have many amazing women on the show! And today’s guest is no exception. Manisha Thakor is a founder of and a financial literacy advocate for women, who co-authored two critically acclaimed personal finance books: O
39 min
43: J. Money : Founder of
J. Money is one of the most influential financial bloggers of our time and the founder of 2 personal finance websites and
38 min
42: Ask Farnoosh: Is Outsourcing Worth It?
In this installment of Ask Farnoosh, questions about retirement planning, paying down debt in your 60s and the benefits of outsourcing.
22 min
41: Ask Farnoosh: How to Save on My Wedding?
Farnoosh answers questions about how to save on a wedding, paying down debt after a job loss, investing for retirement and much more. Head to
17 min
40: Amanda Steinberg: Founder of
If you’re a woman seeking more financial guidance, inspiration and a supportive community, you’ll love today’s episode. We have the founder and CEO of the web’s premiere financial media company for women – Amanda Steinberg.
28 min
39: Ryan Levesque and How to "Ask" Your Way to ...
Ryan is a marketing expert and business coach who started his business in 2008 armed with nothing but a $450 laptop, an Ivy-league education and an insatiable curiosity to understand why people buy... which led him to creating the “Ask Formula”.
46 min
38: Mr. Money Mustache: Rebel with a Financial ...
Without a doubt, today’s guest is going to make you smile… He is a thirty-something retiree who now writes a personal finance blog with a cultish following, goes on 2-month long vacations, and occasionally takes on cool carpentry projects to keep his
44 min
37: Josh Elledge and Getting Outside Your Comfo...
Today’s guest is going to give us the kick in the pants that we often need to get outside our comfort zone, to face the fear, get in the seat of creation and do even greater things. Get ready to become uncomfortable! His name is Josh Elledge. He is a co
40 min
36: Pat Kiernan: NY1's Morning News Anchor Talk...
Pat Kiernan is the morning news anchor at NY1 News, the most beloved anchor in The Big Apple and well known for his "In the Papers" feature, where he summarizes the content from the New York City’s daily newspapers. AND – for those of you not in New Y
33 min
35: Ask Farnoosh: What Should I Do With $10,000?
In this episode Farnoosh responds to audience questions about credit card debt, investing books, Roth IRAs and whether she'd ever consider interviewing her parents on the podcast! For more, check out
24 min
34: Ask Farnoosh: Should I work for a brand nam...
Today we have questions about paying off student loans completely versus using extra money to invest, whether to take a personal finance course and how to figure out whether to work for a large, brand name company or a start-up where there may be more...
19 min
33: Barbara Stanny and Building Sacred Success
Barbara, author of Sacred Success, has made it her mission to revolutionize women’s relationship to money. She shares her journey to financial independence in hopes of inspiring and motivating YOU to become smart (or smarter) with money. For more visit
31 min
32: Michael Parrish Dudell, Author Shark Tank J...
Michael is the bestselling author of the show’s official book – Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business – that teaches how to successfully launch and grow a business from concept to cash.
38 min
31: Les Gold: Money Lessons From a Hardcore Paw...
Today I have the mac daddy of pawn brokers on the show, Les Gold. His Detroit pawn shop - American Jewelry & Loan · is the famous scene of the hit of the hit TV reality show, Hardcore Pawn, which is in its 9th season!
23 min
30: Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat: Being a Con...
How to start a conscious consumer movement.
39 min
29: Rachel Cruze and Raising Money Smart Kids
For Rachel Cruze, growing up as the daughter of Dave Ramsey was a powerful character building experience that helped her establish good habits early in life.
26 min
28: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Take the Job Offer?
Farnoosh answers audience questions about Roth IRAs, 401k rollovers, whether to know to accept a new job and lots more! Check out for tons more!
16 min
27: Ask Farnoosh: What To Do With My Inheritance?
Farnoosh answers audience questions about what to do with an inheritance, leveraging assets and starting a business. For more visit
29 min
26: Tom Corley and Developing "Rich" Habits
Imagine going from rich to poor overnight. Guest Tom Corley experienced just that at the gentle age of 9 when his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in literally one night. Tom is a sought after speaker, best-selling author and media contr
33 min
25: Seth Godin: The Meaning of Money and the Ch...
The singular Seth Godin joins the show to talk about what it means to be "rich," the resources we can all take advantage of to live happier, more meaningful lives and how going to the edge in life ives you leverage. Seth also responds to listeners questio
37 min
24: Dan Schawbel and Banking on Your Brand
Dan Schawbel is the founder and the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, which helps companies better understand the millennial generation. He is also the Founder of, a research and advisor
23 min
23: Melinda Emerson and How to Become Your Own ...
Farnoosh interviews #SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson about her new updated book Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months and how she built her business by leveraging social media and Twitter. Visit for comments and transcript.
36 min
22: Dr. Greg Wells and Prioritizing Life for Ma...
Farnoosh interviews Dr. Greg Wells, a scientist, broadcaster, author, coach and athlete, who has dedicated his career to better health and performance. Dr. Wells is an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Toronto where he studies elite
35 min
21: Ask Farnoosh: I'm Obsessed With Investing! ...
Farnoosh answers audience questions about how to curb your enthusiasm for investing around family and friends, how to reduce dining out costs and how to spend meaningfully when earning $250,000 a year! Check out for more!
23 min
20: Ask Farnoosh: How Should I Value My Money?
Farnoosh answers audience questions. What is a good way to figure out what you value most when it comes to money and spending?  How do I save with $200,000 in student loans? I'm 66 years old. How should I invest my money? And much more. Check out SoMoney
22 min
19: Brittney Castro and Mastering Your Money Now
Brittney Castro, founder of FinanciallyWiseWomen joins the podcast to share her journey empowering modern women with the tools and mindset for living their best financial life. Brittney is a certified financial professional based in Los Angeles and a medi
33 min
18: Stephanie Burns and Living on Cash
Ever wonder what it·s like to be on Wheel of Fortune? Meeting Pat Sajak? And landing on BANKRUPT?? My guest today has been there. A mid-westerner at heart Stephanie Burns is the founder and CEO of Chic CEO. She discusses how she built her business and ov
32 min
17: Jacki Zehner and Trailblazing Wall Street
Jacki Zehner is a trailblazer and champion for women’s advancement and leadership. It started at Goldman Sachs, where in 1996 she became the youngest woman and first female trader to be made partner. She currently serves as The Chief Engagement Officer
37 min
16: Leanne Jacobs and Connecting Self Esteem wi...
Money and lifestyle expert Leanne Jacobs joins So Money to discuss the viscous cycle some of us get into of "chasing" the money, the powerful connection between self-esteem and self-worth. For more check out
31 min
15: J.D. Roth and Being a Profitable Person
Farnoosh interviews the founder of and one of the very first financial bloggers, J.D. Roth. Visit for more.
37 min
14: Ask Farnoosh: Where Can I Find Legit Online...
In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh responds to listeners' questions regarding ways to find legit online work, whether whole life insurance is "worth it," how to save money on an engagement party and much more. Check out for mo
22 min
13: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Hire a Tax Preparer
Farnoosh responds to listeners' questions about tax preparation, finding your dream career and to which charities Farnoosh enjoys contributing.
31 min
12: Kate Northrup and Her Money Love Story
Farnoosh interviews bestselling financial author of Money: A Love StoryKate Northrup. During the interview she describes the importance of identifying what we value in our lives and how that translates into a stronger, more committed relationship with mon
29 min
11: Dave Asprey and How to Bulletproof Your Fin...
Dave Asprey is a self-described ‘biohacker’ who invested $300,000 to hack his own biology and from there he lost 100 pounds and started somewhat of a revolution in the world of health. He is the founder of the Bulletproof Executive, creator of Bulletp
31 min
10: Danielle LaPorte and Financial Spirituality
Danielle opens ups about how gratitude is not only a part of her spiritual practice but also part of her bottom line. She also speaks candidly about getting fired from her OWN company and living off of many credit cards for a while and her transformation.
28 min
9: Rebecca Jarvis and Secrets to Career Success
Chief Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis talks about her rise to broadcast stardom and the financial principles that have guided her along the way. For more check out
38 min
8: Robert Kiyosaki and Getting a "Second Chance"
Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki talks about his new book Second Chance.
27 min
7: Ask Farnoosh: Savings, Scams and CFPs
Farnoosh answers your questions submitted at about ways to save for a rainy day, choosing a financial planner and ways to recognize scam mail.
20 min
6: Ask Farnoosh: Retirement, Student Loans & In...
Host Farnoosh Torabi responds to audience questions submitted on regarding finance, career, life, etc. In this episode she fields questions related to real estate, paying off student loans and ways to save for the long-term.
20 min
5: David Bach and Being a Go Giver
Farnoosh Torabi interviews 9 times New York Times Bestselling author and financial expert David Bach. We’ll learn about David’s "go-giver" financial philosophy…and what it was like – after 10 years trying to get on her show – to finally be a gue
32 min
4: Lewis Howes and Living in a World of Abundance
Farnoosh Torabi interviews Lewis Howes, an online marketing expert, sought-after business coach, podcast host and entrepreneur. In this interview Lewis shares the single book that changed his financial life and his "So Money" moment when he earned more th
32 min
3: James Altucher and Overcoming Financial Scar...
Farnoosh Torabi interviews James Altucher, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author. In this interview James talks about how financial health is simply a bi-product of living a healthy life. Plus, learn about the scarcity complex he battled with for a l
32 min
2: Jean Chatzky and Mastering Your Financial Goals
Farnoosh Torabi interviews her first boss and NBC Today Show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky. Learn about how Jean sets financial goals and achieves them, her 6-word money mantra, and the memorable job growing up that only paid her 25 cents an hour.
32 min
1: Tony Robbins and the Steps to Financial Freedom
Farnoosh Torabi interviews Tony Robbins, bestselling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Learn the moment in Tony’s life that shaped, not only his financial perspective, but his entire philosophy on life, as well as his most effective ritual that h
36 min
0: Welcome to So Money
An introduction to So Money
3 min