Solvable showcases the world’s most innovative thinkers and their proposed solutions to the world’s most daunting problems. The interviews, hosted by Ronald Young Jr., will launch a dialogue that both acknowledges the complexity of the issues while inspiring hope that the problems are, in fact, solvable. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries. 

Society & Culture
Paul Rosolie, Protecting the Amazon Rainforest
Would you just let someone cut down the trees in your backyard?
24 min
Sterlin Harjo, Reservation Dogs
Telling honest human stories can be like writing a good blues song.
24 min
Revisiting Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
15 min
Misogyny in Game Design is Solvable
9 out of 10 kids play games in the US so more of them should design them!
24 min
Reality TV is Solvable
After 25 seasons of The Bachelor, solutions have emerged.
17 min
Solutions for 2022
What problems should be solved in the year ahead?
35 min
Mike Gauyo: Insecure
Mike Gauyo takes us inside the writers’ room.
33 min
Miracle And Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon
Presenting: An Excerpt from Miracle And Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam. Download the audiobook today at and receive an exclusive listener's guide pdf featuring additional commentary from Bruce, the producers and editors of Miracle and Wonder.
32 min
Kidney Failure is Solvable
It takes more than early testing.
19 min
Introducing: A Slight Change of Plans, Apple's ...
Pushkin is thrilled to announce that A Slight Change of Plans was named Apple Podcasts' Best Show of the Year! This week, we're sharing an episode with Solvable listeners.
39 min
adrienne maree brown: Cancel Culture is Solvable
It’s time to cancel ways of thinking, not people.
22 min
Mary Aiken: Cybercrime is Solvable
Cybercrime is costing 1 trillion dollars annually and rising
30 min
Wayne Modest: Museum Repatriation
Restitution is about redress; it is about repair.
30 min
Jade Begay: Indigenous People Were The First Cl...
How quickly can Indigenous expertise accelerate solutions to the climate catastrophes we face?
19 min
The Ozone Hole Was Solvable, And So Is Climate ...
Dr. Susan Solomon helped solve the ozone hole, now on to climate change
27 min
Malcolm Gladwell on Near Misses
What the bombing of London can teach us about surviving COVID-19
28 min
Native Erasure and Invisibility is Solvable
Beyond appropriation it's time to talk about re-matriation of lands and cultures
35 min
Government Policy is Solvable (with behavioral ...
Surprising factors, that shouldn’t influence decisions, do.
15 min
Psychedelics May Help Solve Addiction
We may only be 2 years away from a paradigm shift in mental health treatment
20 min
Climate Change Despondency is Solvable
Self-driving cars, electric planes and corporate responsibility could all be coming.
17 min
Consumerism and Celebrity Culture in Faith Orga...
Check out those super pricey sneaks!
21 min
Presenting: Some of My Best Friends Are...
Barry and The Boss have got nothing on these guys.
17 min
The Lack of Creatives of Color in Positions of ...
Without visibility there is no change.
22 min
Making Museums Relevant and Reflective is Solvable
Institutions that promote cultural awareness can embody it too
17 min
The Scantiness of Mental Health Resources For B...
Adaptive behavior doesn't have to be stigmatized
21 min
The Demands of Fighting Racism are Solvable
Dr. Ibram X. Kendi gets real about where to find energy and about how to make time for self-care.
17 min
Disordered Eating and Disconnection From Your B...
Health at every size is possible
21 min
Hating Your Body Is Solvable
Health should not be an indicator of value
18 min
Food Addiction is Solvable
Michael Moss thinks it’s fair to compare Twinkies with cigarettes
27 min
Mapping Catholic Lands Can Help Solve Biodivers...
Land portfolios can be a proposition of beliefs and values.
16 min
Malcolm Gladwell is All Riled Up
3 min
Making Transportation Systems Eco-friendly is a...
Don't sweat it if you forget your cloth grocery bag once
22 min
Reopening New York Safely and Securely is Solvable
New York hopes that a free vaccination status app will help local businesses thrive again
17 min
Under-Representation in Robotics and AI is Solv...
Robots can make us better humans
28 min
Presenting: Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi
Introducing Pushkin's new show Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi
12 min
Social Isolation is a Solvable Problem for Peop...
Accessible online gaming opens new worlds, experiences and possibilities to people living in isolation.
22 min
Cultural Asymmetry in Music Technology is Solvable
There’s room for Bach and Mozart along with Paco De Lucia and Ali Akbar Khan
27 min
Addiction to Fossil Fuels is Solvable
Bill McKibben says slowing climate change urgently requires more than vegans and Teslas
28 min
Introducing Ronald Young Jr., Solvable’s Newest...
Hostyness is Solvable
17 min
Being Victimized by Scams is Solvable
There are only a few real cons that exist and the bones of the story are the same.
31 min
Setbacks: Global Hunger is Solvable
100 million additional people may now be hungry as a result of the pandemic.
21 min
Presenting: An Excerpt from The Bomber Mafia by...
The Bomber Mafia is the new audiobook by Revisionist History host (and Pushkin co-founder) Malcolm Gladwell.
10 min
Setbacks: Girls' Exclusion from Education is So...
Female graduates return and support, on average, three more.
26 min
Setbacks: Global Health Inequity is Solvable
We have tools at our disposal that would have been unimaginable just a couple of decades ago.
29 min
Surgical Site Infections in Developing Countrie...
Dasia Taylor wants to use beet dye to help people survive
12 min
Psychological Manipulation is a Solvable Problem
Cults are trending
27 min
Making Medical Deliveries by Drone is Solvable
Where you live shouldn’t limit your access to care and services.
22 min
Racialized Trauma is Solvable
It's not about getting over it, it's about metabolizing it.
26 min
Extreme Poverty in New York City is Solvable
Andrew Yang is trading UBI for guaranteed minimum income, for now.
24 min
The Lack of Basic Sanitation in the United Stat...
Yes, parasitic hookworm is still a problem in the US.
25 min
The Problems of Regulating Algorithms are Solvable
Even without knowing top secret algorithms citizen scientists can have a big impact.
28 min
Designing Digital Spaces That Bring Us Together...
It might help to think more like an urban planner.
30 min
Political Polarization is Solvable
Local civic engagement, cult deprogramming and internet reforms can all help.
34 min
Civil War is Solvable (Again)
Learning how to end a civil war might help avoid one in the future.
23 min
Rural Vaccine Distribution is Solvable
Alaska is the US state that has vaccinated the largest percentage of its population against COVID-19 despite it's rugged landscape and hard-to-reach communities.
19 min
Bad Habits Are Solvable
Habits are only good or bad depending on your goals and Dr. Wendy Wood thinks that persistent behavior change is possible.
24 min
Vaccine Hesitancy is Solvable
Experts and trusted figures can do a lot to rebuild trust in the COVID-19 vaccines.
25 min
Destructive Agriculture is Solvable
Regenerative agriculture invests in perennial seeds and diversified crops that can restore balance to ecological systems we depend on.
15 min
Identifying Cost Effective Charities is Solvable
GiveWell researches the rates of saving and improving lives per dollar donated.
19 min
The Tech Gender Gap is Solvable (again)
Lady Mariéme Jamme is the founder of iamtheCODE which teaches coding to women and girls around the world.
22 min
Solvable: The Depression and Anxiety We Can All...
Retired astronaut Scott Kelly is no stranger to the impacts of social isolation and has practical advice for all of us during this time.
23 min
Remote Music Collaboration Online (in real time...
Virtual Studio is a device that can be paired with the open source software application JackTrip to allow musicians in multiple locations to collaborate in real time.
19 min
Culturally Competent and Financially Sustainabl...
Cross-subsidization can address the healthcare needs of economically diverse communities.
18 min
Political Demonization is Solvable (again)
Anne Applebaum talks with Flavia Kleiner about how patriotic liberalism can win against xenophobic populists.
23 min
Disinformation is Solvable
Emily Bazelon believes it's time for America to reconsider how it protects free speech.
27 min
Solvable: Stereotypical Refugee Narratives
Ahmed Badr discovered that his status as a young refugee didn’t have to be the whole story. Now he works to help other young people become active participants in the creation of their own stories.
18 min
The Slow Regrowth of Vulnerable Coral Reefs is ...
With the help of micro-fragmentation and re-skinning in labs, coral reefs can regrow 40 to 50 times faster than they grow in the wild.
17 min
Wildfire Ignition is Solvable
A new improvement to fire retardant is keeping fires from starting.
16 min
COVID-19 Transmission is Solvable
Dr. Michael Mina believes that rapid tests could stop the transmission of COVID-19 even before a vaccine is widely available.
20 min
Cancel Culture is Solvable
John McWhorter believes that those unfairly caught in the crosshairs can respond to name-calling without engaging in shouting matches.
18 min
The Decline of Local News is Solvable
Margaret Sullivan believes that local journalism, which binds communities and helps hold powerful government actors and business people in check, can be strengthened.
22 min
Election Security is (mostly) Solvable
Security technologist Bruce Schneier believes that election vulnerabililty is a problem that can be solved.
22 min
Voter Suppression is Solvable
Between 2014 to 2016, over 16 million citizens were removed from state voter registration rolls. Attorney Kristen Clarke believes that voter disenfranchisement is a problem that can be solved.
29 min
A Low-Turnout Election is Solvable (Even During...
The United States can have an election that is safe, participatory and with a robust turnout in 2020.
23 min
Lack of Accountability for Police Violence is S...
Lawyer Chiraag Bains believes there are legal solutions available at the federal level to investigate and solve patterns of police misconduct.
29 min
Mass Incarceration is Solvable
It’s possible to reduce the number of people behind bars in the United States from 2.3 million to 360,000.
20 min
Unjust Systems of Power are Solvable
Host Anne Applebaum speaks with Srdja Popovic about how strategic nonviolent action can bring about lasting and meaningful social change.
19 min
The Mental Health Crisis is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Dixon Chibanda about giving access to mental health care in non-Western nations.
28 min
Maternal Mortality is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks to Dr. Naveen Rao about fostering safe pregnancies and healthy deliveries worldwide.
25 min
Widespread Poverty is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Michael Faye about cutting out the middle man in charitable donations via GiveDirectly.
28 min
Extreme Inequality is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz about closing the wealth gap in the United States.
32 min
Youth Unemployment is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks with Nicola Galombik about increasing access to future work for young people in South Africa.
29 min
Restriction of Speech Online is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks with David Kaye about fostering public understanding of free speech on the internet and who should make the rules about regulation.
31 min
Gender-Based Violence is Solvable
Ahmed Ali Akbar talks with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy about using film to tackle violence against women in Pakistan.
25 min
Racial Reconciliation is Solvable
Malcolm Gladwell talks to former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu about mending race relations in the U.S.
29 min
Poverty in Marginalized Communities is Solvable
Malcolm Gladwell talks to Saumya Roy about using micro-financing to eliminate poverty amongst marginalized groups.
29 min
Global Disease is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Steve Davis about eliminating or eradicating diseases causing great human suffering worldwide.
27 min
Climate Change is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks to Anousheh Ansari about balancing the carbon cycle and fighting climate change through incentivized prizes and innovation.
28 min
Child Marriage is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Mabel van Oranje about ending child marriage by 2030.
26 min
Educational Inequity is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks to Dr. Urvashi Sahni about redefining education and curricula.
29 min
US-China Conflict is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Kevin Rudd about the need for diplomacy between China and the United States.
36 min
Poor Nutrition is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Roy Steiner about changing global diets.
27 min
Electricity for the Developing World is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks with Ashvin Dayal about creating worldwide access to electricity.
27 min
Global Poverty is Solvable
Malcolm Gladwell talks with Dr. Shashi Buluswar about fighting global poverty with the Institute for Transformative Technologies.
29 min
Conflict is Solvable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Victor Ochen about building peace in Africa.
44 min
AIDS is Solvable
Malcolm Gladwell talks to David Baltimore about his work that made a treatment for HIV/AIDS possible.
27 min
Basic Education is Solvable
Ahmed Ali Akbar talks to Sal Khan about bringing world class education to everyone, for free.
31 min
Cervical Cancer is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks to Vincent DeGennaro about building cancer programs in developing countries.
30 min
Gender Inequality in Leadership is Solvable
Malcolm Gladwell talks to Julia Gillard, the first and only woman to be Prime Minister of Australia, about the underrepresentation of women in leadership around the world.
45 min
Civil War is Solvable
Anne Applebaum talks to Juan Manuel Santos, former president of Colombia and Nobel Peace Laureate, about ending more than 50 years of conflict in his country.
25 min