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Episode 540: Kevin Maurer, Acclaimed Journalist...
This week we rolled back the clock with journalist and author Kevin Maurer as we talk about his most recent book 'Rock Force.'
41 min
Episode 539: David "Bull" Gurfein, CEO of Unite...
This week we're honored to host Lt. Colonel David "Bull" Gurfein, CEO of United American Patriots, a military advocacy group that works to defend service members.
79 min
Episode 538: Gretchen Smith, Veteran, Founder o...
Code of Vets is a 501c3 that exclusively uses social media to raise donations and awareness for veterans in crisis and/or in need.
43 min
Episode 537: Eric Davis, Former Navy SEAL Snipe...
In his new webinar course, Eric shares his experience as a Navy SEAL instructor and help you apply three core lessons to life and breathing through to the next level.
43 min
Episode 536: Donnie Edwards, Legendary NFL Line...
This week on SOFREP Radio, we sat down with former NFL Linebacker and philanthropist Donnie Edwards.
55 min
Episode 535: Paul Bruno, Historian and Author o...
Paul is an early Jeep historian who has just released a new book with MFM Publishing called The Original Jeeps, the true story of how the US Army created the Jeep some 80 years ago.
50 min
Episode 534: Jay Dobyns, the Federal Undercover...
A defense attorney once described Jay as: "...a government-trained ‘Predator’ repeatedly sent on seek and destroy missions in search of drugs, guns and violence, with instructions to succeed at any cost and without regard for the agent himself or those he crosses paths with.”
53 min
Episode 533: Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, the ...
During his heyday, Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel were pushing an estimated 70-80 tons of cocaine into the U.S. every month. Our guests, DEA agents Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, were the real 'Narcos' stationed in Colombia assigned to take down Escobar and the Medellin cartel.
67 min
Episode 532: Kristofer Goldsmith, Founder and P...
High Ground Veterans Advocacy is a small nonprofit organization which trains veterans to engage successfully with government on policy changes meant to improve the lives of servicemembers, veterans and their families.
52 min
Episode 531: Moe Davis, Retired Air Force Colon...
This week we sat dowbn with Col. Moe Davis (Ret.) who served as Director of the Air Force Judiciary and former Chief Prosecutor at GITMO.
71 min
Episode 530: Matiyes Kinker, VET Tv
42 min
Episode 529: General Don Bolduc
General Bolduc discusses military service, Afghanistan, foreign policy and beyond.
72 min
Episode 528: Dan Hampton, author of 'Operation ...
Our guest Dan Hampton is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who served in the U.S. Air Force from 1986 to 2006.
45 min
Episode 527: Clint Lorance, falsely imprisoned,...
The military system, the unit chain of command, and the Army committed a grave injustice and put Clint in prison for killing enemy combatants who were getting ready to attack his soldiers.
62 min
Episode 526: Marc Goldberg, IDF paratrooper and...
Marc Goldberg is an IDF (Israel Defense Forces) paratrooper and author of the book Beyond the Green Line
72 min
Episode 525: Ingrid Centurion, politician and f...
Our guest is Ingrid Centurion, an Iraq war veteran and a small business owner who is running for office as a State Representative in Massachusetts.
50 min
Episode 524: Mission readiness with Bob Besal a...
Host Steve Balestrieri discusses national security and childhood obesity nutrition with Rear Admiral Bob Besal (U.S. Navy Retired) followed by Brigadier General Gary Pappas (Massachusetts Army National Guard Retired).
40 min
Episode 523: John Wayne Walding, first ever amp...
Born on July 4th and named after the great John Wayne, you could say that our guest John Wayne Walding was destined to be an American hero.
48 min
Episode 522: Jake Lockett, actor
Jake is a great guy and actor who teases out a Special Forces project he's involved with.
44 min
Episode 521: Jason Lewis, former Army Captain, ...
Host Steve Balestrieri (retired Green Beret and current SOFREP writer) interviews Jason Lewis
43 min
Episode 520: Stuart Bradin, Global SOF Foundati...
Stuart "Stu" Bradin is the President and CEO of the Global SOF Foundation. He retired as a U.S. Army Special Forces colonel in May 2014 after over 32 years of service.
56 min
Episode 519: Navy SEAL, Delta Force Command Sur...
We had such a good time interviewing Bob Adams last week that host Brandon Webb had him back on for more.
35 min
Episode 518: Bob Adams - Navy SEAL, Delta Force...
Fourteen years as a SEAL, four years as a Delta Force Command Surgeon, author of 'Six Days of Impossible Navy SEAL Hell Week, a Doctor Looks Back'
33 min
Episode 517: Geo and Stavros interview a former...
In this episode, Geo and Stavros sit down with Brandon A., a former Air Force AC-130 Spooky gunner and now a detective in a law enforcement department.
39 min
Episode 516: Martha McSally, Senator and first ...
Clear the runway of your life: embrace fear, transform doubt, succeed when you are expected to fail, and soar to great heights.
36 min