Social Distance Assistance

A podcast about looking for the helpers during the pandemic. Taking a cue from Mr. Rogers, host Kelly Jones and her daughter, June, set out to find brave, creative problem solvers who are supporting their communities in the era of social distancing. Each week, they explore how people are helping and then sit down with experts who can answer our most pressing pandemic questions and give practical advice on how to become helpers ourselves. Visit for more information on how you can help.

Society & Culture
News Commentary
Recovery and the New Normal
What does life look like after the coronavirus? We look at recovery, literally and metaphorically, as we look ahead to life beyond COVID-19.
32 min
Introducing: Resettled
Check out the first episode from VPM's new podcast, Resettled, which explores the process of refugee resettlement in Virginia through the voices of those directly experiencing it.
32 min
Grieving Without Gathering
Coping with grief requires external support. So, how can we process loss when we can't be together?
42 min
Nature Is Healing - Are We The Virus?
In many ways, the environment was an unexpected beneficiary of the pandemic. What lessons can we learn from our response to the coronavirus, and can we follow through on them to address other global issues?
35 min
Social Justice Assistance
How can you protest police brutality and systemic racism while also protecting yourself from the coronavirus, and how else can you support Black lives if protesting isn't an option for you?
40 min
Revisited: Meet the Mask Makers
While we're taking a break this week, we have spent a little time updating our first episode with new information on masks.
24 min
Redefining Home
With houses being transformed into workplaces, classrooms and more, how are people finding the comforts of home, and what is being done to deliver those same comforts to people who can't be at home?
46 min
Art...Finds A Way
We explore the profound role of art in telling the human stories helping people cope through the pandemic.
37 min
Youth in the Time of Coronavirus
How are kids feeling about the pandemic, and what are they doing to help each other find happiness amidst the chaos?
45 min
Special Episode: Cultivating Resilience In Our ...
The coronavirus pandemic has introduced massive disruption in America's food system. In this extended episode, we look at the ways people are helping reconnect to community through food at every step in the process.
53 min
The Persistent Installation of Hope
What does it mean to experience a shared trauma from a distance, and how can we cope? We asked a trauma specialist for her advice on improving brain health..
25 min
Validate Your Mental State
What can you do to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression brought on by social isolation? We found helpers around the world with creative solutions to that question.
25 min
Being Present Without Being There
How can we live in the moment and help others questioning their faith during this crisis? We learn how "contemplative care" can provide moments of calm amidst the chaos.
25 min
Keeping the Faith
How are people continuing to worship without coming into contact with each other? We check in with faith leaders who are finding unexpected ways to bring their communities together.
27 min
Unmasked: Your Questions About Face Coverings
How do you effectively make, wear and take care of a mask? How will our society treat mask wearers when we're allowed to be near each other again? We explore these questions and more with Dr. Lindsey Neal.
24 min
Meet the Mask Makers
Why are so many people trying their hands at sewing homemade masks? Making a mask not only helps the wearers feel safe, it helps the maker feel useful and part of a movement.
23 min
Social Distance Assistance: Official Trailer
2 min