Social Distance

Journalists from The Atlantic document the first 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic through regular phone calls. Listen in as Dr. Jim Hamblin, producer Katherine Wells, and comedian/writer Maeve Higgins ask journalists, experts, and friends about the news and science behind the pandemic, get some advice, and learn how to apply it. 

Health & Fitness
What the World Looks Like After This
Will the future be better than the past?
28 min
Trump’s Miracle Cure
What do we actually know about hydroxychloroquine?
20 min
The Emergency in Our Jails
Everyone is being ordered to social distance. Except those who are being ordered into places where that’s impossible.
29 min
You're Doing Great
Lori Gottlieb of "Dear Therapist" advises on how to deal with grief, and how to care for yourself.
25 min
Should I Wear A Mask?
Dr. James Hamblin answers basic questions about the coronavirus (and how to avoid it).
21 min
The New Etiquette of Procuring Food
What’s the least unethical way to eat during a pandemic? Olga Khazan advises.
21 min
Jared Kushner and the Website That Never Was
Staff Writer Robinson Meyer investigated what happened to the coronavirus website President Trump announced weeks ago.
19 min
How Coronavirus Is Scrambling Our Politics
Staff writer McKay Coppins on how simple advice like avoiding handshakes plays into old ideological divides.
31 min
What Happens If We Run Out of Ventilators?
The ethics of rationing care.
26 min
Will $2 Trillion Be Enough?
Congress just passed the biggest stimulus package in history. It might just be the start.
16 min
How This Could End
Three possibilities of how this will play out.
25 min
What Happens Next?
A dispatch from the near future.
18 min
Can I Have a Drink?
Staff writer Derek Thompson on what needs to happen in Washington to make sure people stay afloat.
25 min
Should I Be Getting Deliveries?
And other questions from listeners.
20 min
Why Everyone Is Watching "Contagion"
Finding ways to relax is as vital now as ever. Culture writers Sophie Gilbert and David Sims advise.
17 min
On the Front Lines at a New York Hospital
The mask shortages in New York are worse than we imagined.
22 min
Why Can't I Get Tested?
Alexis Madrigal on why testing in the U.S. is so far behind.
33 min
When It's Illegal to Leave Home
Jeffrey Goldberg and Anne Applebaum discuss new restrictions on travel and movement.
24 min
A Slight Temporary Relief
Lori Gottlieb of "Dear Therapist" talks us through how to stay sane.
24 min
This is as Real as It Gets
Dr. Stephen Thomas, Chief of the Infectious Disease Division at SUNY Upstate Medical University, just got his first COVID-19 cases. He discusses how hospitals should prepare for the coming surge of patients.
29 min
The Time for Cash
Annie Lowrey, a staff writer covering the economy, explains what needs to happen right away to keep people safe and secure.
23 min
Not a Two-Week Problem
James and Katherine take a walk to the grocery store and discuss what the next week -- and year -- may look like in the U.S.
27 min
Call Someone
James and Katherine talk about the latest developments, the difficult decisions ahead, and how to keep things in perspective.
32 min
Catching Up
Dr. James Hamblin helps a colleague make the essential pandemic-era shopping list .
18 min