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So, Bob
What is technology doing to you? Civilian podcast producer Alia Tavakolian has always felt like a dumb tech consumer. Veteran tech-journalist Bob Sullivan has spent his life showing people they're not dumb tech consumers - they're being hacked. Each week, Bob and Alia join forces to answer your questions and untangle your sanity from this dark, scary world wide web.
Do I Have the Right to Be Forgotten?
When are our photos no longer ours?
40 min
Is Targeting Creepy?
At what point does targeting cross the line from useful to creepy?
42 min
Minisode: Why Does Google Maps Need WiFi?
10 min
Are We at the End of Attention?
Has technology ruined our ability to focus?
31 min
Minisode: How Safe Are Password Managers?
What makes a good password anyway?
13 min
Is Technology Fueling Overwork?
Is my ability to work from anywhere actually hindering me?
33 min
Minisode: What Does My Smart Meter Say?
Should I be boycotting smart meters?
14 min
Who’s Been Recording Me While I Sleep?
What happens when an app records you in your sleep?
32 min
Internet: Good or Bad?
Is the internet ruining our lives?
23 min
So, Bob…what is this show?
Coming May 6.
2 min