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Small Doses with Amanda Seales
Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems with, “Small Doses,” a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use.
Side Effects of Being Difficult
52 min
Side Effects of Addiction (with Raphael Saadiq)
65 min
Side Effects of going on Tour Again
49 min
Side Effects of Cannabis with Fab 5 Freddy
66 min
Side Effects of Triggers
This week we look down the barrel of those pesky occurrences that remind us of traumas and explore how to manage our own and others’!
50 min
Side Effects of Shame with Jameela Jamil
This week, Jameela Jamil, comedian and star of NBC's The Good Place cuts through the fat on shame, shaming, and how to shame shaming.
77 min
SD Revisited: Side Effects of Being a Cancer
36 min
Side Effects of Being a Workaholic (with Chris ...
62 min
Side Effects of Knowing Your Worth (with Yamane...
55 min
Side Effects of Knowing Your Worth (with Yamane...
65 min
Side Effects of NGMFU
First it was an Instagram post, now it’s a hit song. Behold, the story behind, N****s Got Me F'd Up.
29 min
Side Effects of the Game of Thrones Finale
Winter has come and gone, but there’s still so much left to say.
23 min
Side Effects of Reading with LeVar Burton - Part 2
A continuation of our conversation with the man, the myth, the legend LeVar Burton, about literature, life and Goerdi La Forge.
37 min
Side Effects of Reading with LeVar Burton - Part 1
This week, the man, the myth, the legend LeVar Burton joins us to talk about literature, life and Geordi La Forge. Come back next week for Part 2!
44 min
Side Effects of Being a Token (with Sal Masakela)
This week, Sal Masakela, host/modern-day Black renaissancer, joins us to discuss the nuances attached to the unique position of being in a unique position.
62 min
Side Effects of Communication
This week, we begin a conversation about conversations.
56 min
Side Effects of Game of Thrones
I swore by the old Gods, and the new, that when Winter came we would dedicate an episode to the most epic television show of all time. As a Lannister always pays its debts, I too keep my word!
53 min
Side Effects of Self-Care (with Christina Rice)
This week we keep the good vibes rolling with our guest, Christina Rice founder of OmNoire, a social wellness community for women of color, as we explore the ways and hows of what it truly means to take care of you!
98 min
SD Revisited: Side Effects of Dating an Artist ...
In honor of the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle, we pay tribute with a re-airing of this episode featuring Lauren London, actress and wife of the slain rapper/entrepreneur/visionary.
73 min
Side Effects of Pursuing Positivity
This week, we explore how to lighten the mood, bring out the sun, and smell the flowers while still maintaining a realist view on this real-ass life.
40 min
Side Effects of Being a Radical Black Artist (w...
In this episode, Tongo Eisen-Martin gets on the mic to wax poetic about what it really means to be a creative change agent.
78 min
Side Effects of The Red Pill Podcast
This week, I visit Van Lathan’s (TMZ) The Red Pill podcast to address the false headline spread by and discuss the bigger conversation around women challenging toxic masculinity.
83 min
Side Effects of Narcissists (with Candice Thomp...
This week we’re joined by comedian Candice Thompson to discover the truth behind the mystery of your friendly neighborhood egomaniac.
70 min
Side Effects of Fame
This week we take the glam out of the glamorous life in exchange for kicking the actual facts of celebrity.
51 min
Side Effects of Family (with Sharufa Rashied-Wa...
This week, designer Sharufa Rashied-Walker ( sits down with us and relates on what makes your relatives more than just blood and your friends more than just homies.
69 min
Side Effects of Being A Comedian Part 2
Amanda continues the conversation going with DMTs on where to find the funny and how to let it find you.
33 min
Side Effects of Being A Comedian Part 1 (with R...
This week, one of Amanda’s favorite comedians, Roy Wood Jr. (Daily Show), stops by to dig into where to find the funny, and how to let it found you. Come back next week for Gem Droppin’ and DMTs!
55 min
Side Effects of Pan Africanism, Part 2 (with No...
Part 2 of our episode with Noma Dumezweni (Hermione “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) and Michaela Coel (“Chewing Gum”) on what it means to be a part of and a believer in the black diaspora.
41 min
Side Effects of Pan Africanism, Part 1 (with No...
In this episode, we bring Noma Dumezweni (Hermione “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) and Michaela Coel (“Chewing Gum”) together for a three sided convo on what it means to be a part of and a believer in the black diaspora. Part 2 coming next week!
57 min
Side Effects of a Crush
This week is for the undercover lovers who are in long distance likes with the people sitting next to them.
52 min
Side Effects of Social Media (with Tess Finkle)
This week we’re joined by my publicist, Tess Finkle of Metro PR to explore how likes, hashtags, retweets and more have come to rule our analog lives in this digital world.
69 min
Side Effects of Self Doubt (with Jordan Carlos)
This week, Jordan Carlos (Guy Code, The Nightly Show) joins us and keeps it really fucking honest about questioning your own worth and how to not let it stop you.
109 min
Side Effects of Being a Cat Lady
This week is for all my folks who know that even tho they get a bad rap for being sketchy, and clawing you if you scratch em wrong, our feline friends make awesome companions! Meow!
26 min
Side Effects of the Holidays
This episode we get festive for that special time of year full of funny style family members, exes resurfacing, and of course, holiday cheer!
49 min
Side Effects of Doing a Special
I did a standup special, muhfuckas! January 26th on HBO.
40 min
Side Effects of Dating an Artist (with Lauren L...
This week, we are joined by actress Lauren London to unpack the complex intricacies of dating a creative, aka a weirdo.
64 min
Side Effects of Not Having Kids
This week we discuss what life is like in the no kids lane, and the unique exchanges, lifestyle, and expectations that come along with choosing not to procreate.
51 min
Side Effects of Travel (with Demetria Lucas)
This week your other favorite source for self help from the hip and travel maven, Demetria Lucas talks the fun of jet setting and the value of getting out of your comfort zone and broadening your perspective!
89 min
Side Effects of Being an Oreo (with Michael Jam...
This week, Broadway star Michael James Scott joins us to talk what it is to be a black person but not embraced by the black community because of a difference in vernacular and class status.
70 min
Side Effects of Toxic Masculinity Pt. 2
This week, we continue the conversation on toxic masculinity (without Dondre), and touch on what makes a man-basher, dealing with mansplainers, and cleansing society's waters of toxic masculinity.
42 min
Side Effects of Toxic Masculinity, Pt. 1 (with ...
This week, “Queen Sugar,” and “The Cosby Show’s” Dondré Whitfield joins us to go head to head in a 2pt extravaganza episode identifying, challenging, and dismantling, the beast of patriarchy.
73 min
Side Effects of College (with Ashley Blaine Fea...
This week we’re getting scholarly on y’all!! “Dear White People’s” Ashley Blaine Featherson joins us to talk all things collegiate and the pros/cons of heading off to got a higher learning!
69 min
Side Effects of Living in Modern America
It’s no secret that this country is submerging into trying times. This week we discuss how the dysfunctional state of the union is affecting the state of our mental health and ways to manage it.
48 min
Side Effects of Moving
In honor of Amanda upgrading from her apartment to a house this week’s episode is all about the stress, the excitement, and necessity of moving!
42 min
Side Effects of Style (with Bryon Javar)
This episode we take it to your closets and the runway, talking all things fashion and flavaful with our guest, stylist to the stars, Bryon Javar!
73 min
Side Effects of Loneliness
50 min
Side Effects of Great Sex
Aww sookie sookie now, this episode we smack it up flip it rub it down and get into the ins and outs (and ins and outs) of experiencing Sexcellence at its highest degree!
59 min
Side Effects of Ending a Frienship (with Toni T...
76 min
Side Effects of Going on Tour
46 min
Side Effects of Being in Your 30s
38 min
Side Effects of Being Woke (with Kendrick Sampson)
65 min
Side Effects of a Breakup
45 min
Side Effects of Having Anxiety
49 min
Side Effects of Being Outspoken (with Luvvie Aj...
55 min
Side Effects of Being A Cancer
36 min
Side Effects of Free Speech (with Natasha Korga...
74 min
Side Effects of Being an Independent Woman
50 min
Side Effects of Being a Nerd (with Ron Funches)
73 min
Side Effects of White Women
48 min
Side Effects of Platonic Friendships Pt. 2 (wit...
64 min
Side Effects of Platonic Friendships Pt. 1 (wit...
32 min
Side Effects of Being West Indian (with Yvette ...
This episode is dedicated to all my people of Caribbean descent!
66 min
Side Effects of Owning Your Own Business (with ...
This week we’re dealing with the ups and downs of Being you’re own CEO!
60 min
Side Effects of Being a Multihyphenate
We take a look at the life of the Jack of all Trades
47 min
Side Effects of Toxic Relationships (with J. W...
This week we wade into the murky triflin’ shady waters of them folks that bring you nothing but trouble!
57 min
Side Effects of Being Broke (with Retta)
This episode tackles the wackness of lacking funds.
78 min
Side Effects of Being an Only Child
49 min
Side Effects of Fuckboys (with James Bland)
66 min
Mini - Phrases I Hate
14 min
Side Effects of Working With Your Friends (with...
This week we talk all about the pros and cons of working with the homies!
76 min
Side Effects of Being an Extrovert
48 min
Side Effects of Being a Realist
Are you a pessimist? Or are you simply objective?
48 min
Side Effects of Being a Black Woman in Hollywoo...
Iconic actress and voice over artist, Cree Summer (“A Different World”) drops ALL THE GEMs
68 min
Side Effects of the Ho Phase (with DeWanda Wise)
This week we talk sexual freedom and how that phase impacts women’s bodies, relationships, and perspectives!
69 min
Side Effects of Being Type A (with John Early)
This show is dedicated to the high functioning folks!
57 min
Side Effects of Being an Innovator (with Robert...
This episode is all about folks taking a leap into the creative unknown!
57 min
Side Effects of Sexual Harassment (with Corinne...
This episode speaks to the where, whys, and whats of the current household topic of Sexual Harassment.
63 min
Side Effects of The Curve (with Bresha Webb)
59 min
Side Effects of Insecurity
Welcome to the Debut episode of Small Doses with Amanda Seales
49 min