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Acosta Is Out
And Trump definitely didn’t make him quit his job.
35 min
The CIA’s Bad Ideas
A lot of them involved animals.
27 min
Soccer’s Pay Parity Problem
Most arguments for equal pay are weak. The women still deserve it.
35 min
The Legacy of Ross Perot
He’s more than the caricature we all remember.
33 min
Life After Death Row
How do you come back from sitting on death row for 30 years because of a wrongful conviction?
32 min
Let’s Rank the Presidents
What about Chester A. Arthur?
30 min
Solving Urban Violence
There are practical solutions for urban gun violence. We need to implement them more.
28 min
Groaning Through Dad Jokes
The corny and the crass, but in small doses.
30 min
Who Is the Real Kim Jong-un?
To find out, the author of a new biography hunted down just about everyone who’s ever interacted with the guy.
31 min
Pen, Sword, or Rock and Roll
A former Hungarian ambassador to the U.S. on how the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix did more to pierce the Iron Curtain than any politician.
32 min
Data in the Dugout
How analytics are increasingly driving the ways baseball players are made.
29 min
Economic Anxiety? Joy Disagrees.
MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid on how xenophobes were “the hungriest constituency” in 2016—and might not be in 2020.
35 min
Erdogan Loses Istanbul. Now What?
“Whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey,” as the country’s own president put it. And his rivals have done just that.
28 min
Trump’s Chaotic Approach to Iran
The president made awful foreign policy decisions for years, and one good one on Thursday. It may not be enough to spare us from war.
27 min
The Science of Song
How Pandora’s music genome project was created.
26 min
Taffy Brodesser-Akner Doesn’t Care What You’re ...
“Nothing that happens in the interview is real. That’s the thing that a profiler always has to keep in mind.”
27 min
Love, Rules, and Animal Puns
The short story collection from the creator of Bojack Horseman is about love in all its messiness.
28 min
Where Christianity Meets Big Oil
Natural resources are often thought of as blessings sent from above. In America, oil is no exception.
22 min
Jessica Biel’s take on vaccinations is foolish, dangerous, and best ignored by the news media.
25 min
A Generalist and a Scholar
To succeed you need to diversify your knowledge base.
28 min
Just Take My Money
Registration, convenience charge, pop-ups… buying a ticket online has come to feel like a trip to the DMV.
31 min
The Politics of Pith
Should anyone really be concerned with shrinking soundbites?
23 min
Warren’s Wealth Tax Isn’t Enough
The Democratic candidate has some noble ideas, but not even her big central proposal can fund them.
36 min
Intellectual Agoraphobia
Liberal thought can’t be scared of challenging ideas.
29 min
The Melodies of Evil
In the news, two cute jingles that belie their organizations’ shady business practices.
28 min
What “Conservative” Means
George Will has led conservative thought for decades. In his latest book, he defines it.
31 min
Saving Civilians, and the Mission
Minimizing “collateral damage” isn’t just morally laudable. It can help win wars.
24 min
Out Like a Champ
Even in defeat, Jeopardy! king James Holzhauer managed to make a brilliant calculation.
28 min
The Impeachment Tree of Possibilities
Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley thinks impeachment is a good idea. Slate’s Mike Pesca doesn’t.
28 min
Enemies in Eurasia
America’s military edge on Russia and China—on the battlefield, in cyberspace, and in actual space—shouldn’t be taken for granted.
29 min
The Mueller Dud
The special counsel’s statement gave us nothing new. So why did it lead prominent Democrats to board the impeachment train?
26 min
Impeach a President
We learned a lot about impeachment the first time our country tried it.
35 min
The Impeachment Special
With impeachment on the table, The Gist rounds up previous interviews on what booting Trump from office might look like.
30 min
The Real Crimes of the TV Show Cops
Cops tricks viewers into thinking it’s not exploitation.
31 min
Life After Parkland
A new documentary follows the family and friends of those killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
27 min
Planned Parenthood Plans for Action
The organization’s president, Leana Wen, on the sorry state of abortion rights even before the recent state legislation.
30 min
What Basketball Gave Felipe Lopez
The “Dominican Michael Jordan” didn’t dominate the NBA like his nickname promised—but hoops gave him joy, an education, and an incredible New York story.
28 min
The First “Welfare Queen”
Linda Taylor was one-of-a-kind. But her fraud was presented as typical, and proof that America’s social safety net needed burning.
33 min
A Very Grumpy Death
How do we mourn such a curmudgeonly creature? Via song, of course.
37 min
The Personal Is Geopolitical
Jared Diamond’s new tome, Upheaval, compares individuals’ crises with those of nation states.
31 min
Have a Job? Thank Yourself, Not Trump.
Just look at the U.K., where similarly ultra-low unemployment rates coexist with a political circus.
31 min
“No War” Is the Best Trump Can Do
The Iraq War was worse—by measure of blood, treasure, and geopolitical consequences—than anything our current president has done so far.
32 min
Decoding the Bliss Gene
The brain chemistry isn’t as straightforward as it seems.
28 min
Comedy Is No Revolution
Larry Wilmore says professional jokesters aren’t supposed to change the world. They’re supposed to make you laugh.
30 min
Bigger Than Titanic
Avengers: Endgame has sunk Titanic at the box office. Is the Russo brothers' latest as good as that makes it sound?
38 min
Who Makes The Gist?
A roundtable discussion from Gist producers past and present.
34 min
The Retro Hits and Repeats of 2014
Meghan Trainor and Iggy Azalea really lucked out.
35 min
The Gist of the Past Five Years
Mike Pesca on what he’s learned about digital journalism from doing the longest-running daily news podcast.
32 min
Bird City
Lisa Hanawalt’s new animated comedy Tuca & Bertie is for the birds.
26 min
“I’ll Take Second Place for $2,000”
Adam Levin had the best performance of any runner-up in the game show’s history. But it wasn’t enough against trivia ace James Holzhauer.
29 min
Derby or Die?
This year’s Kentucky Derby is overshadowed by high death rates among horses at a California track, which may do lasting damage to the industry.
28 min
It’s a Code World
Coders have gone from a band of misfits to rulers of Silicon Valley.
25 min
Avengers: But For Real
Marvel’s latest blockbuster is long on Malthusian hypotheticals, but short on answers. That begs the question: what if?
29 min
Why Fools Fall in Love
Whether you buy into disinformation or not has a lot do with your social circle—and the support or pressure it gives you.
34 min
It's Getting Hot in Here
We’ve forgotten too much about climate change since 1979.
31 min
Joe Biden’s Battle
In an earlier run for president, Biden positioned himself as the heartfelt candidate. This time around, he’ll be the staid pragmatist.
32 min
The Never-ending CNN Town Hall
We promise it’s not a debate. That would break the rules.
33 min
Elizabeth Stormborn, Mother of Democrats!
The 2020 contender is a fan of Game of Thrones—and of Daenerys Targaryen. How does that bode for a potential Warren presidency?
28 min
The International Hilarity of Loyiso Gola
This South African comedian speaks five languages, no big deal.
31 min
It’s Mueller Overtime
The upshot of the DOJ’s redacted report, from Robert S. Mueller III’s biographer.
29 min
The Better Angels of Big Business
Corporations drive some ugly headlines—but they bring a net positive to the modern world.
26 min
Lock Up Your Mothers
Lest the New York Times quote them… about you!
27 min
The Farmers’ Candidate
If you’re a Democratic 2020 candidate with a shred of populist instinct, it’s easy to let it show in rural Iowa.
30 min
The Divergent Charts of 1994
Billboard’s number one hits that year don’t really represent where music was at.
36 min
The Real Cost of Medicare for All
Bernie’s policy is more expensive than he lets on.
33 min
The Candace Owens Sideshow
Owens did the public conversation on white nationalism a disservice. So did the Republicans who invited her onto a national stage.
33 min
Misquoter in Chief
Gandhi gets misquoted all the time. When Donald Trump does it, all bets are off.
32 min
The Puppet Masters
Grigori Rasputin’s gift was in controlling the more powerful. And there are plenty like him in today’s world.
29 min
Are Chiropractors Quacks?
Crack skeptic Maria Konnikova—and Mike’s own chiropractor—have thoughts.
28 min
There’s No Real Dirt on the Dems So Far
Is Amy Klobuchar too tough, Joe Biden too touchy, and Pete Buttigieg gay enough? Yawn.
33 min
We All Need to Talk
Lori Gottlieb knows therapy will help.
29 min
The Societal Optimist
Nicholas Christakis thinks it’s all going to work out.
29 min
The Thrilling Don Winslow
His trilogy on drug cartels has been a fantastic ride.
26 min
“Guest is God”
As dramatized in Hotel Mumbai, much of the staff at the Taj put their guests’ survival first during the 2008 terrorist attacks.
30 min
Adam Schiff Is Not Okay
… with the GOP’s claims that he called a Trump/Russia conspiracy as good as proven.
34 min
The Boeing Lesson
If any industry has a massive interest in successful self-regulation, it’s airlines—and it seems they can’t.
30 min
Trump’s Post-Mueller Strategy
Yelling about the media has always been a hit for Trump’s base, and “no indictment” means we’re about to hear it a whole lot more.
32 min
The Mueller Report Report
It’s more like a blurb or an elevator pitch.
33 min
The Real March Madness Upset
Jim Nantz is so boring.
28 min
The Past and Future Biden
Are we digging to deeply into Joe Biden’s past?
30 min
Solving Maternal Mortality
How California fixed its maternal health crisis
26 min
What Merchants of Truth Gets Right
Valid accusations of plagiarism shouldn’t tar Jill Abramson’s entire book. And if they do, that would only be prove her point on our hair-trigger news environment.
35 min
Beto Takes a Stand
We may not know much about Beto O’Rourke’s political stances, but his physical one—atop diner countertops—is clear.
29 min
In New Zealand, the Internet at Its Worst
The man who murdered dozens of worshippers in Christchurch didn’t get his twisted ideas from nowhere. Our increasingly connected world is to blame.
32 min
Manafort in Ostrich Court
Paul Manafort might be able to sidestep Federal court, but there’s one court of law he can’t dodge.
27 min
How to Close the Justice Gap
The best move for society would be to sentence the powerless—not just the likes of Paul Manafort—with leniency.
31 min
The Fraud Squad
Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were indicted for fraud in a college admissions scam.
35 min
Let the Sun Shine in 2020
Pro tip for the Democratic candidate looking to stand out: Setting our clocks to Daylight Saving Time permanently is where it’s at.
30 min
American Carnage? It’s Real
The opioid epidemic inflicted war-like casualties for years before getting national attention.
31 min
The Endless Fact Check
Keeping up with Trump’s lies is basically a full-time job.
27 min
The Unbelievably Bad Michael Jackson Defense
It’s hard to take an argument seriously when it’s executed so poorly.
33 min
Top Chef, the Anti-Reality TV?
The kitchen is a treacherous place, but Top Chef competitor David Viana says the vibe on set was medium-well.
33 min
The Incoherent Right
Their indulgence in Trump’s rhetoric is intolerable.
29 min
Believing Jackson’s Accusers
HBO’s Leaving Neverland presents the stories of Jackson’s alleged victims in grueling, compelling detail.
27 min
Is AOC Post-Truth Too?
As fact-checkers cover Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should “larger truth” get any consideration? It’s complicated.
21 min
Michael Cohen Isn’t Smart
He just did what Trump told him.
18 min
The Spring Breaker Vote
High schoolers in Oregon are using their upcoming vacation to rally for a lower voting age.
25 min
Mayor for America
Pete Buttigieg has hit success as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Could he make the leap to president?
30 min
Billionaire Bashing Is Just for Sport
America’s billionaires don’t make the rest of us any poorer.
32 min
A Show, But a Riddle Too
Netflix’s Russian Doll is structured in such a way—its main character stuck in a time loop—that it could be watched in any order.
34 min
The Viability of Bernie Sanders
Can his policy ideas work in this newly progressive Democratic party?
32 min
The Chinese Threat is Overblown
The huge challenges posed by global warming and nuclear armament can only be met with U.S.-China cooperation.
28 min
New York’s Bad Math
By losing Amazon, it loses billions in revenue.
35 min
Matt Braunger, Funny Dummy
His main advice is just to learn from your idiocy.
29 min
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds
A podcast host pressed his colleague for details about advising presidential hopeful Howard Schultz. It didn’t end well.
30 min
Open Season For America’s Wars
President Trump may want sudden troop withdrawals, but he still enjoys post-9/11 America’s carte blanche for the use of military force.
31 min
Quoth the Maven
Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos could use wise counsel right about now. Fortunately, his Alexa smart speaker has just that.
23 min
The Green New Deal Is a Dream
But can it actually become a reality?
32 min
The State of the Union is… Overrated
Seriously, it might be the least productive day on Congress’s calendar.
26 min
The Culture of Wealth
Can it really make you happy?
23 min
To Russia With Love
It may not be a smoking gun, but the Trump campaign team was so foolish as to stun even the Kremlin officials they spoke with.
30 min
This Festival Was Fyre
But what was it like to actually be there?
28 min
Kids Are Weird. You Can Be Weird Too.
Author Hillary Frank is here to give you permission to tell white lies and make everything a game.
25 min
Medicare for All, Dissent From None
If Democrats insist there’s only one right answer on health care, they risk squabbling their way to defeat in 2020.
27 min
E Pluribus Unum, Still?
31 min
Stone Cold Weirdos
Whatever comes of Roger Stone’s indictment, his is a great showcase of how odd one human being can get.
29 min
Big Tent Primaries
Former DNC chair Donna Brazile welcomes the huge field of 2020 candidates (and as for Capitol Hill, she digs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).
30 min
Digital Journalism, a Market Failure
The layoffs hitting journalism have nothing to do with its quality—and everything to do with Google and Facebook.
29 min
The Dismissal of Kamala Harris
We shouldn’t dismiss her before the 2020 race even starts.
23 min
Will #MeToo Face the Music?
R. Kelly may be going down, but veteran critic Jessica Hopper sees a long road ahead for the music industry.
26 min
For 2020, Steve King Is Dead Weight
Steve King’s rhetoric is nothing new. But his party’s reaction is.
30 min
Know Your Memes, or Be Fooled by Them
The internet’s briefest form of (dis)information is here to stay. So what’s the best way to understand it?
28 min
Tax Their Stuff, Not Their Money
Raising income taxes on America’s richest wouldn’t bring in that much cash. A wealth tax is where it’s really at.
28 min
Stop Going Nuclear
Nuclear power is too dangerous for use as an energy source. Take it from the guy who chaired a nuclear commission under Obama.
32 min
Against Steve King, Words Aren’t Enough
Republican lawmakers are calling out the racist congressman well enough. But don’t hold your breath for action.
26 min
The Future (of A.I.) Is Chinese
Every year, Eurasia Group puts out a list of top geopolitical risks. In 2019, China looms large in many of them.
31 min
When Fact Meets Fiction
How a documentary filmmaker crafted his first fiction feature, and why it draws so much on his past styles.
26 min
The Kids Are Not All Right
Millennial anxiety comes through in exhaustion over even basic errands (you know, “adulting”).
28 min
Addressing the Facts
Will Donald Trump’s Oval Office address contain any truth at all?
29 min
The Likeability Illusion
There’s nothing more likeable than wise policy stances. And those obviously lost in 2016.
30 min
What’s Wrong With Motherf---er?
It’s often used when shaking one’s head in disbelief, and President Trump inspires a lot of that.
24 min
There’s Something in the Water
Microplastics have found their way into our water and our poop. How worried should we be?
28 min
Impeachment Is a Real Crapshoot
Removal proceedings weakened Andrew Johnson and bolstered Bill Clinton. How would they play out against Trump?
32 min
Andy Serkis, Motion Capture Master
Turns out motion capture isn’t all that different from other forms of acting.
30 min
The Babies Are Not All Right
Black babies are dying at rates much higher than those for American babies as a whole.
27 min
The Same Old Mike, Plus The New One
In his one-man show, Mike Birbiglia tells you why procreation is a terrible idea (unless maybe it’s not).
29 min
Free Money for Everyone?
Presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to establish universal basic income.
32 min
Adam Keeps Ruining Everything
Adam Conover loves messing with your preconceived notions.
32 min
The Alt-Right Downturn
In flooding social media with racist sentiments and frog memes, the alt-right is practically asking to get banned from the internet.
33 min
Don’t Trust the Stars
Astrology may be fun, but is it reliable? Spoiler-not-spoiler: It isn’t.
26 min
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Taking out Osama Bin Laden wasn’t just a military feat. The Situation Room’s probability assessment was also on point.
30 min
One Quiet Leap for Mankind
Neil Armstrong may have conquered the moon, but he wasn’t one to blab about it. So how does he do as the protagonist of First Man?
27 min
When the President Speaks …
In their surreal Oval Office meeting, President Trump interrupted Nancy Pelosi because he interrupts everyone.
27 min
Halls of Fame Need Diversity, Too
The 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees are less progressive rock, more progressive politics.
36 min
They Can’t Hear You, Theresa
The U.K. Parliament is too busy shouting to listen.
25 min
High Time for Impeachment?
The “high” in “high crimes” doesn’t mean heinous. It means they come from a high place.
34 min
The Walk of the Town
Matt Green is on a yearslong mission to walk every last street of New York City (which, it turns out, isn’t great for one’s dating life).
26 min
The Eulogy Myth
Eulogies are the best part of a funeral but maybe the least reliable.
27 min
Sullying a Pup’s Good Name
Slate writer Ruth Graham dared suggest George H.W. Bush’s service dog was probably not in mourning. Then all internet hell broke loose.
22 min
Wild Wild Story
Wild Wild Country is one of the year’s best documentaries, but it pulls a few punches on the sinister cult it covers.
28 min
Very Legal, Very Cool
We should definitely trust Trump’s latest catchphrase.
29 min
How to Shoot a Fight
To direct Creed II, Steven Caple Jr. drew on everything from Jean-Claude Van Damme movies to street-fight videos.
28 min
The Parent Police
Do we watch children (and their parents) too closely?
31 min
Would the U.S. Win World War III?
A bipartisan commission says America could lose a hypothetical war against Russia or China. Of course, it might just be saying that to drive up military spending.
28 min
Make Voting Rights Sexy Again
If Democrats want to win, they should focus on promoting the cause that’s both just and good for their numbers.
33 min
Obesity, and You, and Me!
Excess weight can indeed bring health problems. But its causes are often more social than personal.
32 min
The Many, Many Ways to Think About Running
Humorist Peter Sagal doesn’t have a runner’s build, but he does have plenty of reasons to lace up.
30 min
Uncle Verne Pulls Up a Chair
Verne Lundquist offered play-by-play sportscasting for decades. But in retirement, he has more time for classical music than whatever game is on.
30 min
Ben Stiller’s Big Prison Break
Or, how to turn an inspector general’s report into a screenplay.
30 min
Cult Classic
Sex, money, and body branding—if all cults are the same, NXIVM still stands apart in its darker details.
27 min
Priming New York for Amazon
Should Queens be worried about Amazon or welcome it?
32 min
More Show Than Showdown
Thousands of U.S. soldiers are deployed at the southern border, but “deployed” really means “sitting around.”
30 min
The Love of the (Basketball) Game
Dan Klores’ new documentary is a love letter to hoops.
29 min
Two Countries, at the Cost of One
If polarized electoral results like Tuesday’s repeat themselves, America may soon feel like two separate nations.
28 min
In a Political Bind? Call Bradley Tusk
34 min
A Congresswoman Speaks
California Rep. Jackie Speier has war stories to tell—and another in the making: putting the squeeze on President Trump.
29 min
Just Ask Mimi
Food critic Mimi Sheraton on her career, food trends, and eating as a family.
29 min
What Newt Gingrich Wrought
America’s bipartisan split might look like a natural schism, but it was built by a GOP sick and tired of losing the House of Representatives.
32 min
Root for the Dummy
Simon Rich grew up watching whip-smart sitcom characters. His own protagonists are quite the opposite.
31 min
American Tribes
Dems and the GOP have divvied up the U.S. electorate too well. What was once a matter of policy choices is now all about worldview.
33 min
Hate Counts
The FBI and DoJ have tracked hate crimes and anti-Semitic incidents for decades now. But they fail to get the full picture.
29 min
Signed, Sealed, Forgotten
The mail bomber’s crimes have already faded from news headlines. But what can we learn from his methods?
30 min
For Every Brand, a Backstory
Starbucks, Jello-O, Pizza Hut—they don’t go big by accident.
30 min
The Blue Blizzard
What does Harry Enten’s polling data say about the coming election?
30 min
Et Tu, NBC?
When you hire Megyn Kelly, gaffes on the topic of race are part of the package.
27 min
Blame It on the Mailer
President Trump riles up his base in vile ways, but here’s why we shouldn’t blame him for the recent spate of mail bombs.
27 min
Something in the Water
How a fight about Iowan water pollution revealed the dubious machinations of agricultural corporations and a Pulitzer Prize.
29 min
The NFL Mafia
America’s most lucrative sports league is dominated by a “very unimpressive group of inherited misfits.”
30 min
Prison Guard Confidential
Shane Bauer was jailed in Iran before becoming a prison guard in the United States. In both cases, he was first and foremost a reporter.
30 min
Land of (Only Some) Opportunity
National Review editor—and Slate alumnus—Reihan Salam on the inconvenient truths of U.S. immigration.
32 min
Myth Management
Jann Wenner hated Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers mostly because it’s true.
28 min
Between a Rock and a Funny Place
Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman has had a post-scandal
27 min
Bare Necessities? Not in Alaska.
There’s a reason Katmai National Park and Preserve has the fattest bears: They have the good life.
27 min
Olive Branch, Turkey Leg
This Thanksgiving, Ike Barinholtz wants you to talk to your conservative relatives (even if his character in The Oath is really bad at it).
28 min
Going to The Good Place
29 min
And What About Yemen?
America’s most controversial ally, Saudi Arabia, is still at war with its southern neighbor. And America itself is still supporting it, for now.
33 min
Guarding the Court
Could Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension change the Supreme Court itself?
26 min
Take Down the Poll
25 min
Sitting President, Standing Anger
Donald Trump’s rhetoric is at its worst when he’s up on two feet.
25 min
Reignited (and It Feels So Good)
Rebecca Traister on the women’s anger that just might change the world.
33 min
Mueller on the Mind
Star attorney Neal Katyal thinks Robert Mueller’s investigation will end in “fireworks”—and knows exactly what those might look like.
28 min
College-Aged Coddling
Are we being too careful with the feelings of college students?
26 min
The Kavanaugh Conspiracy
How Brett Kavanaugh perpetuated the conspiracy of a Democratic hit job.
28 min
Losing Hate
Derek Black was heir apparent to America’s white nationalist movement. Then he went to college.
25 min
The Land of Steady Filmmaking
Nicole Holofcener isn’t prolific. She’s particular.
25 min
Generation Anxiety
In Eighth Grade, the portrait of a middle school girl (Elsie Fisher) by the quarter-life guy (Bo Burnham) who gets it.
29 min
That’s the First Straw
Ban-the-straw advocate Dune Ives wants to get rid of lots of plastics, not just the one in your iced tea.
29 min
Tight Countries, Loose Countries
We’re used to thinking of nations as liberal or conservative. Cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand has a new axis to consider.
30 min
What Is … a Podcast, Alex?
Jeopardy finally had its first podcast category.
25 min
Coal Over Climate
President Trump won’t lift a finger against climate change. He deserves flak over Hurricane Florence.
28 min
Owe Me the Money
Americans are in debt, and so are many of the candidates hoping to represent them. Case in point: Georgia’s Stacey Abrams.
26 min
Ethan Hawke’s Earnest Art
Why he loves making movies that matter, not just ones that make money.
28 min
Democratic Socialists of America, for the Win?
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have scary values to conservatives. But to the DSA’s national director, she’s a moderate.
28 min
After Family Separations, a Settlement
25 min
Billionaires Don’t Know Best
Generous philanthropists may mean well, but they often hijack efforts that should be more democratic.
30 min
DeRay Mckesson Makes the Case for Hope
But it means making systemic changes to policing in America.
32 min
Stylometry for Dummies
What prose analysis can (and can’t) tell us about that infamous New York Times op-ed.
27 min
If You Want Power, Sell It
Author Yuval Harari worries that liberalism offers no compelling vision of the future.
27 min
The DoD Payroll Just Got Smaller
The Pentagon’s third-in-command is reportedly losing his job. It was basically an undoable one.
24 min
Hedging Your Bets With Lake Success
Gary Shteyngart’s new novel is all about hedge funds and traveling across America by bus.
24 min
Farming for Red Herring
South Africa’s “white genocide” isn’t happening. One of the myth’s catalysts—farmland redistribution—might not either.
21 min
Bright Gays, Big City
Finding the refreshingly queer perspective in Strangers.
25 min
Trump’s disdain for democracy may be unprecedented in a U.S. president, but the Republican Party’s tricks have 19th-century roots.
25 min
Fake News Is Nothing New
It may feel like disinformation is at an all-time high, but hoaxes, lies, and yellow journalism are age-old.
21 min
Gerrymandering and You
County-cutting has given us only one clear winner so far, and it’s not the Democratic Party (or the country).
24 min
#AbolishICE … and Then What?
Journalist Sean McElwee wants the agency — and the criminalization it exists to punish — to disappear completely.
24 min
Crazy Rich Asians Is Important
Crazy Rich Asians Isn’t for White People. That’s Thrilling.
18 min
Sweep the Left
The guys behind Chapo Trap House say Trump’s undoer won’t be Robert Mueller, but whichever 2020 candidate can inspire (and expand) the left.
22 min
Don’t Touch The “I” Word
Mueller’s investigation is closing in on Trump. But talk of impeachment would drive Republicans to the voting booths in November.
23 min
Trolls and Trump's Lies
How one Canadian journalist spends his days fact-checking Donald Trump.
19 min
What Happened to “America’s Mayor”?
With every outlandish TV appearance, Rudy Giuliani loses more of the status he earned after 9/11.
30 min
Listening to Inanimate Objects
Podcaster Ian Chillag explores the secret lives of everyday objects we never think much about.
31 min
Goodbye to the Queen of Soul
Aretha Franklin’s talents went well beyond her golden voice.
27 min
The Heart of Reality Television
It isn’t all competition and cat fights. Born This Way follows the lives of a few charming individuals with Down syndrome.
22 min
Democracy Needs a Reboot
Jason Kander is a rising star in the Democratic Party, and he wants to take it back to square one (in a good way).
27 min
Trump’s Pyrite Touch
A GOP Never-Trumper on how the president gets nothing right.
24 min
Gist Presents: Slow Burn
46 min
Venturing Into Obscurity
The Venture Bros. is the best kind of show that doesn’t care about alienating viewers.
23 min
On Bended Knee
Being a sports star means your activism has a platform, but it doesn’t bode well for your career.
25 min
Regulate Me
The 2008 financial crisis continues to linger.
23 min
The Egyptian Seesaw
How the country went through a coup and the Arab Spring, and where they’re headed next.
30 min
The Smart Drug
One pill helps you focus. Another pill keeps you awake. Neither will make you smarter.
23 min
Where Is Space?
Jeffrey Lewis guest hosts and tries to find the line where space starts.
27 min
My Life as a Sitcom
If Guy Branum could choose, he’d live in a sitcom.
27 min
Quarter for Carter
President Jimmy Carter accepted an investigation into his White House team with grace. Think Trump would do the same?
28 min
Courting Politics
The Supreme Court today is seen as a critical asset for liberals and conservatives to fight over. Was that always so?
24 min
They’re More Bad Than We Are Good
Voters might feel just OK about their own party. But when it comes to the other one, emotions run high.
34 min
The Pushback Artist
How can we recognize our own blind spots about sexism and privilege?
39 min
The Real Deep State
Pakistan’s “deep state” helped Imran Khan claim electoral victory. Can he confront it, for the country’s sake?
23 min
Lights, Camera, Sexism
The 24-hour news cycle born in the 1990s was especially unkind to women.
31 min
The BS! It’s Everywhere!
President Trump lies even when it’s not in his interest.
27 min
When Death Row Stalls
Nevada’s first execution since 2006 was stopped just hours before schedule—even as a convicted killer welcomed it.
23 min
Bobcat Revival
Ten years after rejecting his old comedy routine, Bobcat Goldthwait has found his place—behind the camera.
20 min
Democracy Dies in Dark Money
How Montana—and America—got warped by anonymous campaign funds and baseless attack ads.
25 min
A Piece of Pai
Why is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai blocking Sinclair?
28 min
The Schoolyard President
After his callow showing beside Vladimir Putin, president Trump’s excuses were crafted with all the skill of a fourth-grader.
24 min
Are You Being Servered?
Trump tries to deflect questions about Russian election interference by bringing up the servers again.
24 min
Pardon the Arson
Dwight and Steven Hammond aren’t heroes standing against big government. They’re outright criminals.
26 min
A Cancer on the Court
Dark money helped Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch get his spot on the Supreme Court. It could help Brett Kavanaugh too.
27 min
Gridiron Man
Jim Brown was nearly impossible to tackle on the football field. And in public life, he still is.
30 min
Don't Forget About Sex
29 min
The Hole Picture
The ongoing rescue of the Thai boys trapped in a cave is the latest in a long line of similar stories.
25 min
Just Use My Data, People
Advertisers should target us more effectively.
24 min
How Quickly We Forget
Poland’s authoritarian streak shows how the benefits of democracy are soon forgotten.
26 min
Song, Dance, and Confirmation
For all her biases, Amy Coney Barrett could very well survive confirmation to the Supreme Court.
25 min
Shameless Mitch
When it comes to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, hypocrisy is a built-in feature.
24 min
In 12,000 Words
Jesse Singal wrote about children who detransition. But did he do his subjects justice?
32 min
Does Authenticity Matter?
We shouldn’t judge political candidates on such ambiguous criteria
22 min
The Self-Sufficiency Court
With Justice Kennedy on his way out, conservatives like Clarence Thomas are free to burn society’s safety nets.
26 min
The Unpopular Vote and a Few Justices
That’s all you need to make a joke of our country’s checks and balances.
24 min
The New Rules of Civility
Are the Democrats ever able to take cheap shots?
26 min
Who Needs Subtext, Anway
Melania Trump ditched subtlety and became a human billboard
28 min
A Song You Can Graduate To
It will probably be about war. Because life is a war. Here's your diploma.
26 min
Quitters Can’t Be Leaders
The U.S. shouldn’t leave the U.N. Human Rights Council. It should work to make it better.
20 min
Polarization Nation
It’s not just about the issues: Fear, competitiveness, and tribalism all make it harder for Democrats and Republicans to get along.
29 min
Oh, Stephen
It’s hard to make the face of forced separation at the border look good.
23 min
The Heisenberg Presidency
President Trump's uncertainty principle is his only principle.
27 min
When Border Policy Crosses the Line
More than 11,000 children are in U.S. detention facilities since being taken from their migrant parents. Are tent cities next?
27 min
Cup of Corruption
The World Cup starts this week, despite FIFA's rampant graft.
26 min
Summit Skeptical
Do lasting peace agreements hinge on warm & fuzzy friendships?
33 min
G-7 Hangover
Team Trump’s damage control is as embarrassing as the presidential antics that occasioned it.
25 min
Comedians Can Be Well-Adjusted, Too
Very few comics have never been to therapy. Tom Papa is one of them.
28 min
#MeToo and McYoga
The yoga world is rotten with sexual assault and harassment, and Bikram Choudhury is the darkest example of that.
28 min
James Clapper: Yeah, Russia Swung the Election
Now that the former director of national intelligence is a private citizen, he’s making his opinion known.
24 min
So You Think You Know About Race
Michael Eric Dyson on the civil rights era, his would-be woke students, and President Obama’s shortcomings.
24 min
Shots Fired, but Not Really
Yes, an “unindictable” president could commit whatever crimes he wants. But let’s not get carried away.
28 min
It's Not Just You
We have grown weary of the uncertain tariffs, maybe-summits, and possible pardons.
25 min
Folks, We’re Talking About the C-Word
On Samantha Bee’s use of one of the English language’s very worst nouns.
25 min
Our Trade Snore With China
The Trump administration's on-again, off-again tariffs.
24 min
Chris Gethard Can't Fake It
The impresario of the Chris Gethard Show explains his philosophy of entertainment: Be a little more real.
29 min
Ratatouille Got It Wrong
The nostalgia we feel around food is overrated. It’s not about the meal; it’s about what went with it.
27 min
Deal With Fake News Yourself, Facebook
We put the social media giant’s 10 tips on avoiding bogus stories to the test.
28 min
Thanks for Protesting … Now Stop
If the NFL has a good explanation for its intent to punish players who kneel during the anthem, it has yet to give it.
28 min
Girls Rule, and Boys Think They Rule More
It’s science.
29 min
Two-Party Problems
Republicans and Democrats dominate political life in the U.S., and that bipartisan division didn't evolve naturally. It was engineered.
26 min
Breaking Up Comedy's Boys Club
Nell Scovell, the co-author of Lean In, has a simple solution for getting more women into writers' rooms, and it rhymes with "conclusion glider."
43 min
Becky Hammon's Next Big Shot
A woman almost became president, but a woman hasn't yet become a head coach in the NBA.
27 min
Disconnecting the Dots in Israel
The deaths in Gaza this week are linked, however indirectly, to the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Try telling that to Fox News.
31 min
Introducing Upon Further Review
Episode 1 of Mike Pesca's new podcast on the great sports what-ifs.
26 min
Does Your Face Need a Workout?
I'm not raising my eyebrows maniacally, I'm *exercising.*
28 min
Why Putin Matters
Whoever says history is bigger than any one person hasn't considered Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
31 min
The Long, Long Road of Tiger Woods
Pro golf's biggest star is past his prime as an athlete. But as an individual, his best could be to come.
25 min
Some Interrogation
Here are the questions Gina Haspel didn't answer at her confirmation hearing to lead the CIA.
28 min
Donald and the Don
Watching the rise of Don Blankenship is like witnessing the 2016 Republican presidential primaries all over again.
33 min
Jake Tapper's Very Particular Kind of Escapism
He talks about Trump six days a week on TV. To relax, he wrote a book about McCarthyism.
31 min
The Dangerous Hits of 1991
Prepare the fainting couch. It was a big year for racy music videos.
30 min
Call of Rudy 2
Rudy Giuliani got his message out perfectly. And he probably doomed his client.
25 min
Gen. Michael Hayden
How did the U.S. intelligence community find itself outpaced by Russian bots? Gen. Michael Hayden explains.
30 min
How We Screwed Over Puerto Rico
FEMA chaos + reckless tax policy + shady debt deals + no vote in Congress.
29 min
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Michelle Wolf scandalized the White House Correspondents' Dinner by doing her job.
26 min
ISIS Isn't Done With
And once it is, terrorism itself won't be solved.
20 min
Old Man Donald
… had a rant.
29 min
Korematsu, Revisited?
As the Supreme Court weighs Trump's travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, one of its most notorious decisions still stands.
25 min
The Plain Prince
The duke of Cambridge isn't quite as good-looking as his spouse. Here's what science has to say about that.
33 min
The State of State
Ronan Farrow on the slow demise of American diplomacy.
31 min
The Zen of Cohen
The raid of Michael Cohen's office marks the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, says Adam Davidson.
31 min
Comey Can't Confess
On his book tour, the fired FBI director still can't square his pre-election blunders.
18 min
A Fuller Obituary for Barbara Bush
She was fierce and loyal but also kind of mean.
27 min
The Taint Team Cometh
The cover-up is worse than the crime when you put Michael Cohen in charge of the cover-up.
24 min
James Comey's Ego Trip
In defense of the former FBI director.
29 min
Chemistry No More
Russia's denialism over Syrian war crimes is unscientific nonsense.
27 min
"I Never Said That"
Except you did, Mr. President.
23 min
Tax Cut Conundrum
For a guy obsessed with budgets, Paul Ryan sure had a thing for cutting taxes.
22 min
It's Regulation Time
Democracy hijacked, data leaked, brains rewired—we'd be stupid not to rein in Facebook and its peers.
25 min
Zuck Everlasting
Answering to Congress isn't a good look for any CEO, but Facebook is politically important to the very people who will be asking the questions.
25 min
Andrew Cuomo's Pun Problem
Does New York's governor know what puns are?
27 min
Kevin Williamson Dies by the Sword
The Atlantic's hired-then-fired conservative writer fancies himself a provocateur. He provoked his way out of a job.
33 min
Oh Good, It Was Just a Handgun
We're lucky the YouTube shooter didn't have an AR-15.
26 min
Shulkin Be Sulkin'
David Shulkin got high marks from most fair-minded government watchdogs. Maybe that's why he was fired.
19 min
Clinging to Guns Is Our Religion
Repealing gun rights isn't just a losing argument, it's a doomed strategy.
30 min
In Defense of the Pun
Comedian Aparna Nancherla goes for wordplay, even if it gets a groan.
24 min
On Conservative Voices
Magazines and newspapers are going to hire conservative columnists. That's not a problem.
24 min
Know Thy Enemy
If Trump wants to persuade North Koreans to abandon their nukes, he has to think like they do.
23 min
Corruption Just Isn't Telegenic
The Kushners' deal-making is under investigation, but that's not drawing eyeballs like Stormy Daniels is.
25 min
Hitler's Art Dealer
Hildebrand Gurlitt's looted collection is open to the public, and museums are downplaying its sketchy history.
25 min
Spies Are People Too
The showrunners behind The Americans on what makes their Soviet protagonists deep, flawed, and heroic.
33 min
As Statues Fall, Racism Stays
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on dog whistles, Confederate monuments, and besting the likes of David Duke.
19 min
This Storm Ain't Brewing
Even if the courts let Stormy Daniels speak out, what could she say about Trump that we don't already know?
28 min
Will Democracy Survive Trump?
Cass Sunstein had big thinkers write about the question, and they weren't all optimistic.
23 min
Are Receipts Toxic?
How concerned should we be about receipt paper? Maria Konnikova helps us investigate.
16 min
The Year Groove Went Mainstream
Closing out the decade, 1969 sent the sound of flower power and psychedelic pop to the top of the charts.
27 min
Hot or Not: Presidents' Edition
We're talking looks, physique, and charisma.
23 min
The Rogue at State
How Rex Tillerson botched the one thing he could have done to improve the State Department and please Trump.
27 min
The Heroes of Colombia
Why do we know so much about Colombia's narcos and so little about the people who risked everything to fight them?
31 min
Russian Doping, Revisited
We dip into the archives for our interview with Bryan Fogel about his documentary, Icarus. The film just won an Academy Award.
29 min
North Korea Is Setting the Table
And we should be worried that president Trump will have a seat and be himself.
29 min
No Rules for the Wicked
Kellyanne Conway's violation of the Hatch Act isn't calamitous, but it's one of countless trespasses by the Trump team.
19 min
Guns, Controlled
New York State (and NYC) are shining models of how to cut gun violence.
26 min
The Scapegoat in Chinatown
How did a small, family run bank in New York wind up in court after the 2008 financial crisis? An Oscar-nominated documentary tells the story.
27 min
Ben Carson's Not Worth the Outrage
His "dining set" fiasco is small potatoes compared to the ongoing disaster that is the Trump administration.
26 min
Rejecting Jared
In 2016, Trump insisted he wasn't trying to get a top security clearance for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. See? Now it's finally true.
25 min
Watching for a Backtrack
Trump's concessions on immigration didn't last a week. Will White House staff swoop in to revise his comments on guns, too?
24 min
Heal Thyself, Dana Loesch
The NRA's spokeswoman is a capable spin doctor. But she can't live up to her own media criticism.
32 min
The Abbreviated Highlight Reel of Stacey Dash
Today, in "Congressional Candidates Who Cannot Possibly Win."
31 min
Dissing Dianne Feinstein
Why is a lioness of the Senate being spurned by the California Democratic Party?
29 min
Don't Fall for It
Arming educators is a recipe for disaster. It's also an utterly unserious proposal.
27 min
Who Can Check Big Tech?
Can the companies who build our smartphones and run our social networks be regulated? Or will they have to regulate themselves?
30 min
The World Is Coming Up Roses
War, murder, poverty, and disease: They're all trending downward here on planet Earth.
30 min
Free Money City
Once bankrupt, Stockton, California, will soon test the effects of universal basic income.
26 min
Ban the AR-15
It's a no-brainer: Taking the mass killer's weapon of choice off store shelves would save lives.
26 min
Which Side Are You On?
What the Quinn Norton fracas and the latest Twix bar marketing campaign have in common.
28 min
Runaway Military Spending
Are we hiking the defense budget mostly out of habit?
22 min
Spoon-Fed by the Feds
The White House's fiscal 2019 budget would cut food stamp funding, and tell its recipients what to eat.
23 min
Don’t Call It a White House Shake-Up
This is the Trump administration at rest. Chaos is its equilibrium.
24 min
Dumb About Deficits
Adam Davidson tries to heal our debt of understanding.
25 min
Is the Iran Deal a Dud?
Slate's Joshua Keating says our focus on Iran kept us from putting out fires across the Middle East.
23 min
The Longest War Is Lost
Steve Coll paints a bleak picture of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan has a lot to do with it.
26 min
America Adrift
Ian Bremmer says the “America First” doctrine could work, if it were implemented like a long-term strategy—but that’s not happening.
28 min
Phil Rosenthal Eats the World
The TV writer's food obsession started with chopped-up garlic.
28 min
Philly vs. Boston
Both cities have a reputation for being obnoxious. But which is worse?
28 min
LBJ, Reconsidered
Without Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, there would be little welfare state for the GOP to undercut in the first place.
24 min
We Still Have No U.S. Ambassador to South Korea
The Trump White House nixed a well-qualified candidate who discouraged a preventive military strike against North Korea.
30 min
When All the Jobs Are Gone
Author Amy Goldstein went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to see how people coped when their local economy vanished. In short: It’s really hard.
27 min
The Scholarly Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The NBA great sees #BlackLivesMatter as a continuation of the civil rights era that shaped his youth.
25 min
Good Night, Portlandia
Carrie Brownstein's series mocks the region she's from just gently enough.
31 min
He Got Trump’s Taxes
Reporter David Cay Johnston gave the public the first look at Donald Trump’s taxes. He thinks Robert Mueller will show us more.
28 min
Odds, Ends, and Senators
A mathematical computation about the midterms that's, in the words of our expert, "sort of hideously irrelevant."
31 min
Dan Pashman hosts a food podcast—and dinner parties. In both capacities, he’s big on monosodium glutamate.
30 min
The Dems Have a Bad Hand
Conservative Democratic voters are to blame for Chuck Schumer's move on DACA.
25 min
One Year Down
The hosts of Slate’s Trumpcast dish on the Mueller investigation and Trump’s first year in office.
31 min
Busted: A Gist Productions Parody
Relive the “fake news” media’s greatest mistreatment of the guy who’s just trying to “Make America Great Again.”
27 min
Wait and CR
The continuing resolution is the worst thing in politics.
26 min
Nukes and Crannies
President Trump likes to bluster. But when will North Korea see that as more than talk, and react accordingly?
30 min
Teenage Brains Are Just Different
We’re still learning about how the mind of an adolescent is only half-baked.
22 min
Is Trump Insane? Does It Matter?
Grill him for his deeds, not his ditzy moments.
28 min
A Cry for Self-Help
Books that promise “a new you” often don’t cure us, but they sure can expose our greatest anxieties.
26 min
Radio Reconciliation
Rwanda’s radio programming fueled the country’s infamous genocide in 1994. Could it also help it heal?
30 min
What to Make of Fire and Fury
NPR’s media correspondent says Michael Wolff’s new book is kicking off a more honest conversation on the president’s fitness to hold office.
26 min
Going for Gridiron
Jen Welter grew up without female role models in the NFL. Then she joined the Arizona Cardinals.
34 min
Move to the Center or Keep on Losing
If Democrats want to win back the blue-collar vote, they may need a bigger tent.
32 min
Killed, Then Counted
Police killed more than 1,100 people last year. And yes, there’s a racial disparity.
27 min
Behind the Scenes of Slow Burn
Slate podcasters Leon Neyfakh and Andrew Parsons on how Watergate fever compares to today’s investigations into Russia and the 2016 election.
28 min
It’s Fan Service or Bust
Some comedians have a “kill or be killed” relationship with their audiences. Anjelah Johnson just gives them what they want.
28 min
Your Brain Is Bad With Money
But being aware of that can help you spend it more wisely (or better yet, save it).
33 min
Hobby Lobby Is Just Getting Started
The chain’s evangelical founders are spending millions on putting the Bible at the center of American life.
30 min
Deplorables and Snowflakes
Ken Stern thinks we should quit it with the name-calling.
31 min
Tax Bill Ballyhoo
Why Trump’s economic predictions don’t pass the smell test.
26 min
Trickle Down Now
Is it possible that Republicans were damned whether or not they passed their tax bill?
27 min
Behind the Scenes at The Daily
Michael Barbaro and Theo Balcomb share their secrets.
31 min
Don’t Worry if Baby Turns Orange
Maria Konnikova tells us about the foods that can dramatically change your skin’s hue ... and when to see a doctor about it.
25 min
Jeff Ross Got Bored, So He Got Political
The comedian’s latest roast takes the conversation around immigration down to the U.S.-Mexico border.
32 min
Revisiting Another Democratic Wave
How Chris Hurst became one of Virginia’s newest state representatives, with some indirect help from a petting zoo.
18 min
The Underdog and the Bully
The Alabama election, as much of an upset as it was, restored a sense of normalcy in politics.
24 min
It’s Partisanship, Stupid
Don’t blame a Roy Moore win on low black turnout.
28 min
The Abortion Fight Led Us Here
The downside of progress is that someone has to lose. Where does all that energy go? In Alabama, a lot of it is going to Roy Moore.
25 min
Drama in Alabama
Our man in Birmingham explains how Roy Moore went from political pariah to anti-establishment champion.
27 min
Can You Win as the Party of Purity?
Dahlia Lithwick says Democrats are stuck in a downward spiral of doing the honorable thing and hoping Republicans will meet them halfway.
23 min
Next Falls Franken?
Senate Democrats are clambering up to secure the moral high ground.
26 min
The Boys Club on the Bus
They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. But did they really put a thumb on the scales of the election?
29 min
Pete Souza’s Photo Synthesis
The Obama presidency, distilled into 5 pounds’ worth of pictures.
26 min
Bob Saget Doesn’t Think He’s That Raunchy
And he doesn’t like guardrails on comedy.
26 min
Life Is Like Pachinko
It’s a popular game of chance in Korea. It’s also a metaphor for the Korean Japanese experience in Min Jin Lee’s swoonworthy novel.
26 min
A Founding Fathers Bromance
The on-again, off-again friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
36 min
The Problem With America’s Rich
Is the top 20 percent of the country hogging opportunities that would otherwise go to the middle class?
32 min
Is Neocon Nation-Building Done For?
Elliott Abrams wants U.S. support for democracy in the Arab world.
29 min
Dana Gould’s Take on Horror
Turns out demons are ripe for comedy.
23 min
The Anti-War Candidate Was Invented in 1968
How a Minnesota senator’s campaign for president set the precedent for Bernie Sanders’ run.
27 min
What’s Next for Zimbabwe?
Robert Mugabe can still slow down the coup against him.
21 min
At Home With Gilbert Gottfried
Comedian, voice actor, and lifelong hoarder of tiny soaps.
30 min
The Nazi-Busting Woman Erased by History
Elizebeth Smith’s code-breaking genius helped America win two world wars, but the FBI took all the credit.
32 min
People Power Beats the Courts
There have been three big constitutional changes in our lifetime. How did they happen?
22 min
Putting the Con in Economics
Adam Davidson sizes up Trump’s top economic adviser
35 min
Prisons of Profit
Private prisons were billed as a way to bring innovation to incarceration, housing more prisoners for less money. They’ve failed.
24 min
The Family Man
Loudon Wainwright III reflects on his uneasy relationship with his father, now that he can “appreciate the difficulty of the job.”
28 min
Why Bush 41 Was the Anti-Trump
As president, George H.W. Bush was tight-lipped, decorous, and self-abnegating—loath even to use the word 'I.'
24 min
About Last Night
If Tuesday’s election results were a canary in a coal mine, it’s a really expansive mine and a somewhat unreliable canary.
24 min
The Paradox of Black Patriotism
A black former Navy commander considers peaceful protest in the age of Trump.
24 min
Lynn Novick on Making The Vietnam War
How do you curate a quagmire?
30 min
Free to Be You and #MeToo
What’s around the corner from this moment of reckoning?
25 min
Get Inside the Brain of Michael Rapaport
His views on New York sports teams, the sexual prowess of various athletes, and the basketball skills of Justin Bieber.
23 min
Talk Like a Pirate (Party) Day
Birgitta Jónsdóttir explains what Iceland’s Pirate Party is all about. PROMO: What Can We Learn From Iceland’s Pirate Party?
27 min
Putting Dr. Seuss on the Couch
It doesn’t take much to see the racial stereotypes in Theodor Seuss Geisel’s works. Does that mean we shouldn’t read them to kids?
23 min
Scared to Death?
How fear and adrenaline can wreck our health.
22 min
Sen. Cory Booker Has a Message for Pot Smokers
The New Jersey senator says that if you’re not trying to make it legal, you’re part of the problem.
28 min
Fellas We Frolicked With
These two women hate how we talk about sex.
24 min
Jacob Weisberg on the Steele Dossier
The oppo research that brought us the “pee tape” was sleazy, but don’t equate it with collusion with a hostile power.
23 min
Jeff Bezos Isn’t King
Why the head of Amazon isn’t No. 1 among the world’s CEOs.
26 min
A Show for Mere Mortals
What if you got to read your own obituary? That’s kind of what Audible’s Mortal City is going for.
30 min
Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald
How bad does a beef have to be for a comedian to refuse to go on WTF With Marc Maron?
32 min
Flags Tell Fibs
Why flags make good symbols but bad historical records.
27 min
Falling for the Gambler’s Fallacy
How long-term probability misleads our short-term observations.
24 min
The Stupid Genius of Dexter Guff
Because the thought-leader/life-hacker/productivity-optimizer trope was ripe for parody.
31 min
Sarah Kliff on the Big Questions
Is Obamacare bending the cost curve? Would its demise cause more people to die? Sarah Kliff from Vox weighs in.
32 min
Why Now With the Weinstein Stories?
Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual harassment was Hollywood’s worst-kept secret. What allowed two news giants to put it in print within days of one another?
29 min
The Shia LaBeouf of Islam
Aymann Ismail’s video series takes a look at what it’s like being Muslim in America.
28 min
Oklahoma Is Not OK
Low tax rates, failing public services, and a governor who thinks prayer will fix the budget deficit. Why can’t Oklahoma get it together?
24 min
Made-Up Cabaret
Actor Jason Kravits sings from a lesser-known American songbook—the one he creates, on the spot.
24 min
Masha Gessen, Putin Whisperer
The U.S. has liberalized over time. Why hasn’t Russia?
28 min
Facebook’s Data Monopoly
How big tech killed innovation and acquired too much information on us.
24 min
You Poor Seoul
A retired military man explains why any show of force against North Korea will hurt our allies in the south.
25 min
The Presidency is Impossible
How the world changed the presidency and doomed the office to failure.
23 min
The Rage Was Already There
Author Masha Gessen on what we get wrong when we try to explain the psychology of mass shooters.
27 min
Kurt Andersen’s History of American Wackadoodles
Have we always been this disconnected from reality? Very possibly, yes.
33 min
Recentering American Politics
Can the left and right ever agree?
26 min
It’s Time to Rethink Puerto Rico
Being a territory helped Puerto Rico. Just not enough.
23 min
Mark Lilla’s Advice for Liberals
The author of one of the most polarizing columns of the past year thinks you may have misunderstood his argument.
28 min
David Litt is D.C. Funny
A former Obama speechwriter on why a president needs to get the joke.
27 min
2007 Defined the Next Decade In Pop
In 2007, hip-hop and R&B dominated the charts, but digital sales are what mattered.
25 min
Dylan Moran Will Say It to Your Face
If you’ve gone through the trouble to craft a perfect joke about American girth, why dial it back for an American audience?
26 min
Credit Where Credit Is Due
The credit reporting bureaus don’t care about you. Why should they?
22 min
The Frat Doesn’t Have Your Back
Fraternities protect themselves, but not their members.
25 min
Was Booger Really A Nerd?
Actor Curtis Armstrong on the deeper message within Revenge of the Nerds.
28 min
Ted Leo’s Hanged-Man Wisdom
The musician’s latest album offers a serenity prayer for political obsessives.
25 min
Which Type Are You?
Author Gretchen Rubin sorts people into four major personality types: Rebel, Obliger, Questioner, and Upholder.
30 min
Chris Gethard Wrestles With Comedy
How WWE tropes inform The Chris Gethard Show.
26 min
The Hygiene Hypothesis
Should you let your kids eat dirt?
29 min
Nnamdi Asomugha’s Drama School
The former NFL cornerback says football prepared him to be an actor.
28 min
Patricia Williams Isn’t Joking
The comedian known as Ms. Pat started doing standup 15 years ago. Her caseworker got her into it.
27 min
Three Cheers for Houston
Natural disaster experts are marveling at the low death toll in southeast Texas. What accounts for it?
26 min
Music Is Sex
From gospel to rock, it’s all about sex.
27 min
Choosing Who Gets Flooded
NPR’s Wade Goodwyn surveys the damage after Harvey.
26 min
Is Amazon a Monopoly?
NPR’s Robert Smith wonders whether tech giants like Amazon and Google really need to be reined in.
30 min
Dan Savage on the Nashville Statement
You can only be gay if you give up love and happiness.
27 min
Shake It Off, Taylor
Is there a person underneath all the celebrity angst?
23 min
The Flood Trap That Houston Built
How unchecked development in the Houston suburbs added to the nightmare of Tropical Storm Harvey.
21 min
Al Letson Became A Human Shield
Why journalist Al Letson rushed to protect an agitator at an anti-hate rally in Berkeley over the weekend.
26 min
New York Times critic Wesley Morris on the unsettling race play at the center of the Mayweather–McGregor fight.
37 min
America Is Weird About Sex
We don’t know how to talk about sex—or teach it.
25 min
Sure, Punching Nazis Feels Good…
But are the antifa in the right?
29 min
Russia's Lab Rat
Amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel asked a Russian scientist to help him dope himself. He wound up working with the man who would expose Russia’s anti-doping fraud.
28 min
The Many Theories of Malcolm Gladwell
How does Gladwell justify a character profile, explain a historical oversight, or spice up a story? He hangs a theory on it.
33 min
The Year MTV Took Over the Charts
In 1982, synth-pop came in strong, Hall and Oates crossed over into R&B, and Paul McCartney learned about racial harmony.
28 min
Is This the End of Steve Bannon?
Author Josh Green on the rumors around Trump’s chief strategist
31 min
The Overreaction Doctrine
Moshe Maor on how Trump’s over-the-top policy ideas are actually good politics
22 min
Why Are Police Unions So Aggressive?
Former Boston cop Tom Nolan on why many police unions are angry at the public.
24 min
There Is No Order in Congress
Everything in Congress is behind closed doors.
23 min
Brandt Tobler Has a Problem With Authority
Tales from the guy who once threw a roulette ball at a pit boss.
28 min
About the Google Memo
Even if Google was right to fire James Damore, why does it insist that employees can still expect freedom of expression at work?
32 min
Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight
How the greatest knocked out the U.S. Justice Department.
25 min
Somewheres vs. Anywheres
British journalist David Goodhart says there are two kinds of people.
26 min
The Social Experiment on TV
Confidence rules, meek people lose.
27 min
Maria Bamford Wants to See Emotion
A stand-up comic graciously shares her show notes for sports program producers.
31 min
The Scaramucci Tapes
Zoe Chace, producer for This American Life, digs up the audio from her 2016 interview with the former White House communications director. His past suggests he’ll bounce right back.
27 min
A Video Game Thoreau Might Play
In Walden, a game, players can pick berries, walk in the woods, or spend the rest of their virtual lives in jail for tax evasion.
26 min
No Hard Feelings
Scientist Lisa Feldman Barrett says the results are in: Your feelings are a construct.
32 min
How to Beat a Casino
In the new ESPN podcast documentary A Queen of Sorts, the story of a woman who turned the tables on casinos around the world.
29 min
Alan Alda Seeks Clarity
In his new book, the MASH star shares his hope for better communication between scientists and us regular folks
26 min
They Called Him Son of Sam
A Smithsonian Channel documentary revisits the media hysteria surrounding the 1970s serial killer known as the Son of Sam.
26 min
How Democrats Condescend to the White Working C...
Joan C. Williams says a third of the country is feeling talked down to. Here’s how to stop it.
32 min
Why Did Trump and Putin Meet in Secret?
Ian Bremmer broke the story of the second Trump-Putin meeting. But are we blowing it out of proportion?
27 min
A Kid in the Hall Tells All
Kevin McDonald on the special alchemy that made Kids in the Hall a truly groundbreaking comedy troupe.
24 min
Al Gore, Ever Hopeful
The former vice president returns with a sequel to his climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
31 min
Unearthing a Cult Classic
Comedy writer Mike Sacks on the 40th anniversary of the Dixie-fried action caper "Stinker Lets Loose."
26 min
The Garbage Art of Handwriting Analysis
The Gist’s resident guff detector Maria Konnikova returns to look at the (appropriately) lost art of graphology.
27 min
Tyler Cowen Fears for Our Future
An economist’s diagnosis of our societal torpor.
27 min
Dan Pashman on the Psychology of Taste
This is your brain on food.
23 min
Haunted By “A Ghost Story”
How a classic Halloween costume inspired one of the most profound films of the year.
22 min
At Sea With James Stavridis
The retired admiral answers all of our questions about ISIS, H.R. McMaster, and life on a submarine.
25 min
Look at All the Struggling Democracies
Financial Times columnist Edward Luce introduces us to a new word: oikophobia, fear of fellow countrymen.
26 min
Ben Wittes on the Latest News Bomb
How bad are Don Jr.’s emails?
25 min
Twitter Should Drop Trump Already
Political scientist Seth Masket argues the harassment, the trolling, and the misinformation need to stop now
21 min
In Defense of Ombudsmen
Daniel Okrent, the first public editor for the New York Times, sticks up for the journalists everyone loves to hate.
21 min
Centrists Won’t Save Health Care
Conservative writer Philip Klein says compromise won’t lead to better health policy. It has to be all or nothing.
26 min
Chris Christie’s Biggest Mistake
No, it wasn’t Bridgegate. Or Beachgate.
24 min
The Incredible Eddie Izzard
A conversation with the famed comedian, author, runner and one-day-only concert pianist
31 min
Invisibilia Questions Your Emotions
The hosts of NPR’s hit podcast say there’s been a quiet revolution in the way we understand our feelings.
27 min
Writing Cop Fiction in the Age of Black Lives M...
Crime writer Don Winslow on the deep research that goes into writing modern crime fiction
20 min
I Hate This, Don’t Quote Me
In one paragraph, Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher held the line against anonymous sources and “outright awfulness.”
28 min
Big Turmoil in Big Sky Country
Anne Helen Petersen returns to discuss her new posting—covering politics in Montana for BuzzFeed.
27 min
The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women
In her new book, author Anne Helen Petersen on how our culture treats women defying norms.
26 min
Do Radicals Change the World?
Author Jeremy McCarter on the five people who changed the course of America in 1917.
31 min
Scaachi Koul on Surviving the Trolls
It helps to stay off Twitter.
25 min
The Musings of Wallace Shawn
The playwright and actor on the struggle of making a creative statement in the face of political chaos.
28 min
Is Terrorism Coverage Racist?
A few problems with the recent study suggesting white terrorists get less media play than Muslim terrorists.
29 min
Lies vs. BS
A handy guide to parsing the president’s tweets.
25 min
Jon Ronson on Writing the Year’s Wildest Movie
The Welsh journalist on his new movie, the meat-is-murder fantasy adventure Okja.
26 min
The Delicate Art of Political Persuasion
Robb Willer on how to reframe debates in a way the “other side” will understand.
25 min
He Ate Human Flesh for Science
Bill Schutt on his comprehensive new book, Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History
27 min
Why does awkwardness make us so uncomfortable?
28 min
Autocrats Can’t Take a Joke
Comedian Bassem Youssef satirized two Egyptian presidents. They were not amused.
23 min
Larry Wilmore is Black on the Air
The comedian talks about his new podcast and why satire can’t change minds.
32 min
What We Get Wrong About Mass Incarceration, Pt. II
Criminal justice quant John Pfaff says to bring down the prison population we must rein in prosecutors. Can that be done?
22 min
What We Get Wrong About Mass Incarceration, Pt. I
Hint: It’s not about the feds, it’s about local prosecutors.
25 min
Why So Morose About Lactose?
Our resident debunker, Maria Konnikova, on the truth and the fiction about nondairy milks.
26 min
O Great Confessor Google
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz combs internet search data to uncover secrets that elude pollsters.
29 min
You Can’t Say That, Mr. Senator
Guest host Zoe Chace talks to Al Franken about jokes you can’t say out loud in Washington.
35 min
The Path of Most Resistance
New Republic editor Jeet Heer on how the election of Donald Trump has remade the Democratic Party.
27 min
A Playwright in the Rust Belt
Lynn Nottage on her Pulitzer Prize–winning Broadway show Sweat.
23 min
Donald Trump, Body Snatcher
Why is it so hard to talk about Trump without sounding like warmed-over commentary on CNN?
23 min
The Colony and the Nation
MSNBC host Chris Hayes on how the law-and-order policies of Richard Nixon have created a bifurcated America
33 min
Ben Wittes Digs Out
The editor of Lawfare returns to wade through the past two weeks’ worth of ENSH (errant national security horses--t).
27 min
Everyone Looks Presidential on Air Force One
Josh King on why Donald Trump is looking kind of respectable during his first foreign trip.
26 min
Tom Ricks: “It’s Shakespearean”
A longtime defense policy reporter on the tragedy unfolding in the Trump White House.
30 min
Jon Glaser Is Conflicted
The star of Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter isn’t sure the world needs more dumb jokes, but he’s making them anyway.
25 min
Can We Really Fix College Sports?
Obama’s education secretary, Arne Duncan, wants to help college athletes out of their plight.
20 min
Roger Ailes Created This Mess
Isaac Chotiner on the death of a man who created Fox News and elevated Trump to political power.
30 min
Why Things Went South in Alabama
John Archibald, dean of the Alabama press corps, unpacks the scandal that brought down his state’s governor.
24 min
Encounters With the Very, Very Famous
Chuck Klosterman on his new book X, which includes profiles of everyone from Kobe Bryant to Taylor Swift.
26 min
Chasing the Bauble With Brooke Gladstone
The On The Media host says press tallies of Trump lies are not enough; we have to cover the consequences.
29 min
Are Bilinguals Really Smarter?
Our social science sleuth Maria Konnikova returns to take on the question of whether bilinguals are brighter than the rest of us.
25 min
Clint Watts, Testifier Extraordinaire
The star of March’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing says we need to get better at knowing information warfare when we see it.
29 min
The Man Who Wrote the Comey Memo
How did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein become a presidential hatchet man?
24 min
Are We Smart Enough to Be a Direct Democracy?
Foreign Policy editor David Rothkopf asks The Great Questions of Tomorrow in his new book.
24 min
The Formation of Stephen Miller
The Trump administration’s wunderkind adviser made his name as a student pundit during the Duke lacrosse scandal.
27 min
What’s in the Bill? With Sarah Kliff
The Vox healthcare writer returns to discuss the AHCA, which passed the House on Thursday.
24 min
Observing Obscura Day
On Saturday, May 6th adherents to the Atlas Obscura worldview will venture out to explore oddities near and far. We checked out a funky neon shop in our neighborhood.
22 min
Sarah Manguso’s Words to Live By
The author and poet writes aphorisms for modern times in her new book 300 Arguments.
25 min
Red Feed, Blue Feed With Cass Sunstein
The Harvard professor on his new book, #Republic, which looks at what’s new about American polarization.
20 min
Facing Your Genetic Destiny
New York Times science reporter Gina Kolata looks at a mysterious disease and the diagnosis that almost tore a family apart
25 min
The Incredible Lucas Brothers
Why twins should avoid mushrooms and other life lessons from stand-up comedy duo Keith and Kenny Lucas.
27 min
When Did Late Night Stop Being Fun?
Comedian Guy Branum on the “controlled fun” of late night, and how Talk Show: The Game Show promises to fix that.
27 min
The Populists Cannot Win
Slate columnist and Harvard lecturer Yascha Mounk on what we can learn from the rise of populism in Europe.
27 min
The Clinton Campaign Tell-All
In the book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, Jonathan Allen and his co-author, Amie Parnes, detail an organization beset by infighting, fatalism, and a fundamentally weak candidate.
26 min
Moshe Kasher Is Not an Activist
Comedy Central’s Problematic is part talk show and part town hall, tilting at a variety of incendiary topics and urging candid discussion. Can it also be funny?
29 min
When the ’80s Went Pro
In 1987, the big acts got bigger. Hair metal got hairier. Slick pop stars got slicker. And Michael Jackson was Bad as ever.
28 min
The Secrets of S-Town
Host and producer Brian Reed takes us inside his hit podcast.
32 min
Up With Eggheads
Are experts taking the fall for decisions made by people in power?
24 min
What Happened to the Crack Epidemic?
In 100:1 The Crack Legacy, Christopher Johnson draws a line between the ’80s epidemic and overpolicing today.
21 min
Ariel Levy Was Here
In her memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply, Levy ponders the price of her own plucky, third-wave feminism.
31 min
The Gist Presents the Grift
A special presentation of Maria Konnikova’s new podcast, about long cons and the characters who perpetrate them.
26 min
The Handmaid’s Fail
Is The Handmaid’s Tale really the most fitting dystopian novel we could be reading right now? Guest host Alexandra Petri talks to Slate’s Mallory Ortberg.
19 min
Improv is Hard, Writing is Harder
Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg on the hectic process behind the new poker comedy Win It All
29 min
Why David Letterman Still Matters
In his book, The Last Giant of Late Night, reporter Jason Zinoman explains how The Late Show was like nothing else on TV.
25 min
When Protesters Pull the Fire Alarm
Does your right to free speech entitle you to silence the speech of someone else? Mike Pesca debates Slate’s Osita Nwanevu.
26 min
Shots Fired. What Now?
How does President Trump’s attack on a Syrian air base fit into U.S. policy toward the Assad regime?
24 min
Lovable Losers With Scott Simon
The NPR host on the changing nature of his fandom for the Chicago Cubs
25 min
A More Human Kind of Sci-Fi
Charlie McDowell imagines a world where the afterlife is scientifically proven in his film The Discovery.
27 min
An Outsider’s Take on America’s Game
For 15 years, Tabitha Soren followed a group of baseball minor league draft picks with a camera. The results are stirring.
23 min
Where Is the Republican Resistance?
GOP strategist Mike Murphy on why Democrats won’t get an “Aaron Sorkin moment” where the whole party righteously turns on Trump.
26 min
The Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000
Creator Joel Hodgson and head writer Elliot Kalan on the return of the iconic movie-riffing show that changed comedy.
24 min
Russia Doesn’t Have Any Friends
What are we missing in all the coverage of the Kremlin’s election skullduggery?
23 min
What is Homeopathy, Exactly?
Resident myth-debunker Maria Konnikova returns to trace the spotty history of homeopathic remedies.
28 min
How Political Parties Collapse
The Whigs were destroyed in the 1850s by divisions over nativism, free trade, and government spending. Sound familiar?
26 min
Step Away From the Screen
Should your favorite video game or Netflix show come with a surgeon general’s warning?
29 min
Feet off the Couch, Please
Alyssa Mastromonaco, who served as deputy chief of staff in Obama’s White House, on why mess ups like the Kellyanne Conway couch photo actually matter
24 min
Slobs vs. Snobs
The Free Beacon’s film critic reviews the delightful romp that is our conservative vs. liberal political death match.
23 min
Health Care! It’s Trump’s Problem Now
Slate’s Jordan Weissmann and Jim Newell look at Trump’s no-win situation, a day before the AHCA gets a House vote.
28 min
James Comey’s Slow Drip
The president’s allies are being investigated for connections to Moscow. Are we making a big enough deal of this?
28 min
Cold, Hard Facts with Wendy Zukerman
The Science Vs. host takes on everything from climate change to ghosts on her weekly podcast.
26 min
What’s Next for Travel Ban 2.0
Typically, judges aren’t supposed to use campaign-trail speech to evaluate official policy. Slate legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick says the travel ban case isn’t typical.
27 min
Dangerous Times With Kelly McEvers
The host of All Things Considered and Embedded reflects on her career as a war reporter and the roots of her new podcast.
32 min
Stretching the Truth With Maria Konnikova
The New Yorker writer returns to investigate whether stretching is really a warm up or a huge safety hazard.
23 min
Todd Barry Would Rather Be Drumming
Why stand-up is better than substitute-teaching but not as cool as playing the bongos.
24 min
See You in Court!
Lawfare’s Ben Wittes on some lingering questions about Trump’s new executive order on immigration.
25 min
Survey Says …
Toggling between red and blue Facebook to take the nation’s political temperature? There’s a better way.
26 min
Trump’s Azerbaijan Problem
The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson looked into one of the Trump Organization’s most questionable deals and found lots of red flags.
32 min
A Beautiful Health Care Plan, Just Terrific
Vox writer Sarah Kliff returns to break down the new health care bill.
25 min
Moneyball for the Israeli Military
In his latest book, Michael Lewis studies the Israeli psychologists who changed decision-making forever
22 min
The Fonz Talks About Fonts
Actor and author Henry Winkler on Happy Days and how he came to terms with dyslexia through his Hank Zipzer books.
28 min
The Year “Gangnam” Was Robbed
When everyone was spoofing “Call Me Maybe” and a Swedish song factory in Sweden was taking over the charts.
32 min
The Bard of Florida
Humorist Dave Barry stands up for the Sunshine State. Someone has to.
25 min
Coming to America With Maeve Higgins
The Irish comedian tells disparate, inspiring, scary tales of immigrants coming to America in her podcast.
28 min
A World Disorder Doctrine
Don’t worry about China. Do worry about North Korea. And reassure global allies. Foreign policy expert Richard Haas has some advice for the president.
26 min
Gonzo Journalism
Brad Meltzer delves into the story of Jim Henson’s life and legacy in the latest installment of his biography series for kids.
27 min
George Saunders’ American Ghosts
With his first novel, Saunders traverses the afterlife with Abraham Lincoln’s son.
27 min
An Experiment to Save Local News in Nevada
Veteran reporter Jon Ralston on his independent news startup and covering politics in the ultimate purple state.
21 min
On Saddam Hussein’s Case
Former CIA analyst John Nixon spent years studying former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein—his rise to power, his frustration with the U.S., his bad poetry.
27 min
Facing the News Like a Poker Champ
Guest host Maria Konnikova speaks with Annie Duke about how champion card players stay calm during hard times
29 min
Andy Zaltzman Is Back at Exactly the Right Time
The British satirist reboots his influential comedy show The Bugle, just in time for Brexit and a Trump White House.
29 min
Would a Narcissist Do This?
The good news is the president doesn’t have narcissistic personality disorder. The bad news is he seems to be inured to distress.
25 min
A Late Show for Grown-Ups
Chris Licht is helping to turn The Late Show With Stephen Colbert into the heir-apparent of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.
26 min
John Darnielle Talks About Words and Snakes
The Mountain Goats’ lead singer on his horror novel, Universal Harvester, and accidental creative inspiration.
26 min
David Frum Beseeches You to Focus
The Atlantic’s David Frum says Never Trumpers can’t afford to splinter apart now.
27 min
Oh, How This Feels Like Moscow
The Atlantic’s Julia Ioffe and BuzzFeed’s Miriam Elder pour out the contents of their reporters’ notebooks from Russia.
30 min
Elvis Costello’s High-Fidelity Life
In his memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, the Irish English music legend reflects on his place in music history.
26 min
Plus Jamais Le Fake News
Slate’s Will Oremus on how Facebook is tackling fake news ahead of the European elections.
27 min
An Obamacare Architect Speaks Out
Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the Affordable Care Act and the right-ward tumble of politics in Kansas.
24 min
The Business of Corporate Protest
Adi Ignatius, editor of the Harvard Business Review, on how different business leaders are responding to the Trump presidency.
22 min
He Left the Hold Steady for Mongolia
Journeyman musician Franz Nicolay had done the big-band thing. He wanted to go solo. And he wanted to see Ulaanbaatar.
28 min
The Case of the Frozen Trucker
Emily Bazelon of the New York Times Magazine breaks down the decisions and philosophy of SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch.
26 min
Inside the Biggest Pyramid Scheme Ever
Journalist Steve Fishman on interviewing Bernie Madoff.
26 min
The New Queens of Satire
The founders of Reductress imagine their latest project as a feminist’s how-to manual—written by the most ignorant feminists ever.
24 min
Up in the Air
Immigration lawyers are struggling to interpret the Trump White House’s travel ban. They’re flying blind.
26 min
Yeah, We’re Scared Too
Bush appointee Eliot Cohen told other conservatives to work with Trump’s State Department. One conversation changed his mind.
24 min
Deregulation Nation
Fighting red tape is a winning political strategy for Republicans. How did that happen? Author Jacob Hacker explains.
22 min
Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Collapsing
There’s never been a greater time to be alive. Does that mean we’re overdue for a downturn?
22 min
The Problem With Tracking Hate
Hate crimes are among the most undercounted offenses in the U.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center is trying to firm up a shoddy data set.
28 min
The Truth About Vitamin C
The New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova returns to discuss a vexing health question: How much vitamin C is actually good for you?
22 min
A Bet Against Reality
None of the conventions of politics stuck to President Donald Trump during his campaign. Will that change now that he’s in office?
38 min
The 12-Step Program of Highly Effective People
How comedian Nick Thune survived Alcoholics Anonymous, black-market therapy, and Seattle.
26 min
Trial by Firing Line
How conservative champion William F. Buckley argued with his friends, how he argued with his foes, and why he thought there should be no argument about Donald Trump.
26 min
Can The Democrats Obstruct Everything for Four ...
The Atlantic’s Norm Ornstein on the best way forward for Congressional Democrats facing Trump.
25 min
Jamelle Bouie on the Trump Cabinet
Slate’s chief political correspondent on Trump’s picks, from the mildly acceptable to the downright disturbing.
24 min
How Should We Talk About Whiteness?
Professor Marc Lamont Hill on how to have a real conversation about identity politics in the Trump era.
28 min
Twenty-Four Grueling Hours in Trumpland
Slate’s Fred Kaplan on Rex Tillerson’s hearing and the unverified dossier connecting Trump and Russia.
26 min
How the Onion Remade Joe Biden
Head writer Chad Nackers on how his satirical site turned the veep into a Trans Am–loving metal head.
21 min
The Secret to Meaningful Work
Behavioral economist Dan Ariely mines his research for lessons on happiness, employment, and the folly of common sense.
25 min
Unpacking Peanuts
Guidelines out this week say toddlers should be exposed to peanuts early. Marion Nestle on the new science of kids and allergies.
23 min
The Paradox of Shaving
Maria Konnikova returns to take on one of life’s great mysteries: When you shave a lot, does your hair grow back faster?
24 min
Mara Wilson’s Post–Child Star Life
Between Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda, and Miracle on 34th Street, Wilson is a defining part of many childhoods. Her new book looks at life after early fame.
20 min
Ralph Nader’s Animal Instincts
The author and advocate on his new book, Animal Envy, and predictions for the Trump presidency.
27 min
Bob Boilen: Tiny Desk, Big Effect
The man who brought us NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, asked a bunch of musicians about their influences. Guess which artists picked their own songs?
28 min
Good Grief
Comedian Laurie Kilmartin has tips to help you boost your Twitter following and mourn your dying parent at the same time.
26 min
The Home Movie That Changed America
Abraham Zapruder captured a presidential assassination by accident. Now his granddaughter wrestles with his legacy.
27 min
LifeAfter’s Mac Rogers
Audio dramatist Mac Rogers discusses the resurgence of radio theater in the U.S. and his own work on the podcast drama, LifeAfter.
22 min
When There Was No Ducking Disco
Listening back to Billboard hits of 1976, the year that gave us the Disco Duck.
27 min
The Year of Bill Camp
The actor who brought us the “subtle beast” in HBO’s The Night Of imagines the Salem witch trials with a Long Island accent.
28 min
We’re Going Into Labor
Journalist Steven Greenhouse says union membership has plummeted in the past 50 years, and Democrats haven’t done enough to fight Republican-backed anti-labor measures.
24 min
Thank God for Hedonists
Work hard, play harder, build a global economy? Author Steven Johnson says frivolity, not necessity, is the mother of invention.
25 min
Our Inflamer-In-Chief
Sparks of international conflict are snuffed out around the world before we ever hear about it. How could that change under the Trump administration?
25 min
Do Strict Voter Laws Make a Difference?
Voting law expert Rick Hasen on the many ways Republican states try to suppress turnout.
24 min
We Could Use Jon Stewart Right Now
Chris Smith is the compiler of new oral history The Daily Show (The Book), which focuses on Stewart’s cultural legacy.
27 min
Putin Plays the Long Game
Obama’s second ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, on the Rex Tillerson nomination and how the U.S. should approach Russia post-hacking.
23 min
Let’s Talk About Rex
Houston Chronicle energy reporter James Osborne on Trump’s left-field pick for secretary of state.
23 min
Don’t Tell Kyle Kinane What To Do
The comedian from Netflix’s Love is still fuming about all those “I voted” stickers.
27 min
Getting Held Back in Racial Justice Class
What did the Black Lives Matter movement accomplish? Writer Jeff Chang reflects on a complicated year.
25 min
Boeing, Get Off My Plane!
Is $4 billion a lot for Air Force One? Or is Trump looking for savings in all the wrong places?
22 min
It’s Much Bigger Than O.J.
Ezra Edelman, director of the ESPN doc O.J.: Made in America, on how his film addresses race, class, the Los Angeles Police Department and celebrity culture.
26 min
The Blueprint for Trumpcare
Vox writer Sarah Kliff has read seven possible Republican health care plans. Here’s what she learned.
27 min
The Chaos Doctrine
Not so fast, neat freaks: The Undercover Economist explains how a cluttered space makes you work smarter.
27 min
Dissecting the Carrier Deal
Aaron Renn of the Manhattan Institute on Trump’s first deal as president-elect.
25 min
What’s Bunk About Brainstorming
Maria Konnikova wonders, “How about we touch base later and piggyback on a few of these ideas?”
23 min
Why Working People Left the Democrats
Author Thomas Frank says the Democratic Party deserted labor years ago, and he sees little sign of a course correction.
27 min
Stephen Dubner’s Genre-Busting Game Show
The Freakonomics journalist on his new podcast, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, where expert panelists are taken outside their comfort zones.
24 min
Revenge of the Music Nerds
Year after year, musicians like Chic and Joe Tex wither on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now the hall is inviting more critics to vote.
27 min
A Former Breitbart Star Takes On Steve Bannon
Ben Shapiro used to be a writer for Breitbart. Now, he’s an enemy of the alt-right.
27 min
Learning From the Fallout of Brexit
Comedian and BBC Radio host Josie Long comes to America with her new politically charged show Something Better.
26 min
The Incredible Failure of Get-Out-the-Vote
We thought Trump had a terrible ground game. And Clinton was expert at micro targeting. Sasha Issenberg tells us what went wrong.
21 min
Can Jared Kushner Really Get Top-Secret Intel?
Slate’s Fred Kaplan on the rumored Trump plan to give family members national security clearance.
24 min
A Show That Watches the Cops
TV journalist Dan Abrams on the controversial Live PD which follows cops in real time
23 min
The Liberal Hegemony of Pop Culture
New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on how conservatives feel alienated by late night TV and what we’ve learned about Republican voters.
21 min
This Is Your Brain on Political Correctness
In Campus Politics, history professor Jonathan Zimmerman argues that the marriage of psychology and political discourse has hurt our capacity for debate.
25 min
The Fault in Our Polls
FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten explains polling error, and Princeton’s Julian Zelizer puts the 2016 election in historical context.
27 min
Solidarity, Sister?
New York Times columnist Gail Collins debunks the myth of the women’s vote, and NPR’s David Folkenflik says the media should step away from the polls.
28 min
The Autopsy
What The Gist got wrong about the election.
43 min
More Rock, Less Talk
Puzzling through it all: the anti-Trump protests, the Trump economy, and of course, the Trump win.
30 min
It’s Morning in Trump’s America
How did the media botch this call? GOP strategist Mike Murphy hazards a guess. Plus, the New Yorker’s Adam Davidson explains the market turbulence surrounding the election.
28 min
Jamelle Bouie Sums It Up
Slate’s senior political correspondent on what to look for after the results start rolling in.
18 min
The Myth of the Hard-Luck Trump Voter
A lot of reporting claims Trump supporters aren’t racist, they’ve just fallen on hard times. Slate’s Michelle Goldberg says that’s not the full story.
29 min
Harry Enten Explains the FiveThirtyEight Numbers
Are you freaked out about Trump’s resurgent poll numbers? We called the senior reporter at FiveThirtyEight to calm our nerves.
23 min
A Tax on Both Their Houses
The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson looks back at the presidential campaign and its wasteland of tax policies.
21 min
Dominate the News, You Lose
Former Obama aide Tommy Vietor says one axiom holds true this election: The candidate in the headlines slips in the polls.
31 min
Spotlight on a (Very) Close Race
The race in New York’s 19th district has everything: celebrity, big money, name-calling, fracking, and a very uncertain outcome.
28 min
The Problem With Mark Kirk
The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn on how two races in Illinois could spell the end for moderate Republicans in Congress.
28 min
A Governor You Can Make a Beer With
Colorado’s brewer-turned-governor John Hickenlooper is waiting to see what comes of his state’s social experiment with legalized marijuana.
24 min
Mike Debates His Former Producer About Dating
Gist phenom Andrea Silenzi returns to introduce her new show, Why Oh Why, a podcast about dating and relationships.
33 min
Dan Savage Diagnoses Donald Trump
Are Trump’s sexual transgressions symptoms of his internalized heterophobia?
27 min
Adam Tries to Ruin a Horrible Election
In his new TV special, professional killjoy Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything takes on the 2016 campaign.
26 min
The Case Against Dropping College Debt
New Yorker contributing writer Adam Davidson says the country’s education system exacerbates inequality. But eliminating student loan payments wouldn’t help either.
27 min
Do the Best and Brightest Ever Become President? 
Elliott Kalan used to be the head writer for The Daily Show. Now, he studies presidents. And guess what: Most of them weren’t very good. 
23 min
Rapid Response: Cirque du Debate
Welcome, fellow voters, to the Punch and Judy show.
11 min
Jill Stein Pitches a Green Foreign Policy
The Green Party presidential candidate says de-escalating tensions with Russia should be our top priority. And neither major party candidate is up to the job.
30 min
How Do You Prep to Debate a Dumpster Fire?
Jonathan Prince has prepared several Democratic candidates before major debates. Here’s his advice for Hillary Clinton.
26 min
The Secret Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump
Ahead of the final debate, we check in with Jennifer Mercieca, an academic with the unenviable job of studying how Donald Trump uses language.
23 min
Inside "Late Night" With Amber Ruffin
The sketch writers sit here, the monologue writers sit there, and someone is probably wearing a dinosaur costume.
26 min
Why Don’t More Women Run for Congress?
Some people say there’s a bias against women running for political office. So gender and politics scholar Jennifer Lawless went looking for it.
27 min
Your Food Will Be Ready When You Look Hungry En...
Dan Pashman from The Sporkful compares the long lines of a legendary pizza place in Brooklyn and an exalted sausage joint in Chicago. Does a long wait enhance a meal?
25 min
Where Do Republicans Go From Here?
The National Review’s Reihan Salam looks at the conservative movement’s future after Donald Trump.
26 min
Rapid Response: The Town Hall Debate
Pundits said this was Trump’s chance to “stop the bleeding.” Isn’t the campaign already dead and bloating?
8 min
Rapid Response: Trump’s Comeuppance?
Television built him up, and television may well tear him down.
5 min
Phoebe Robinson Will Teach You How to Bae
The comedian, podcaster, and author of You Can’t Touch My Hair on collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and Queens versus the Bronx.
26 min
Fact-Checking Won’t Stop Trump
The Republican nominee is saying a falsehood every five minutes. Brendan Nyhan from Dartmouth College weighs in on the failure of fact-checking in the 2016 election.
27 min
Why Do We Use BMI to Measure Health?
Body Mass Index is imperfect. Is there a better way? We asked Maria Konnikova.
18 min
Rapid Response - The VP Debate
Talking about the Fracas in Farmville
8 min
Investigating Long Island’s Not-Deplorables
In WNYC’s “United States of Anxiety” series, Arun Venugopal explores the real people supporting Trump in the New York suburbs.
29 min
How Bad Is the Trump Tax Leak?
Tax expert Philip Hackney on Trump’s billion-dollar write-down.
19 min
Who Called Off the Pretension Police?
Simon Doonan and Mike wonder if, in the last 20 years, we’ve seen a decline in the negativity around pretentiousness.
29 min
The Rules According to Malcolm Gladwell
What was young Malcolm like? He obsessed over ad slogans. He collected car brochures. And he insisted on being every board game’s explainer in chief.
34 min
A Budding Storyteller Turns In His “Homework fo...
Moth champion Matthew Dicks hears from a Gist listener who took his top storytelling tip to heart: Jot down one idea every day.
25 min
Where’s the Beef in Trump’s Ground Game?
Donald Trump’s get-out-the-vote effort defies convention. Then again, so does the entire 2016 presidential campaign.
23 min
Rapid Response: The First Presidential Debate
The “debate of the century” was a bizarre bit of political theatre. But it was also deeply predictable.
9 min
This Debate Is Not the Super Bowl
The first presidential debate may be spectacular, but it lacks the final, unspinnable outcome of a sporting event.
13 min
Is Your Favorite World Oddity Wondrous Enough f...
Atlas Obscura’s first printed book is your guide to Cincinnati’s lost subway, Sweden’s nose museum, and the salt-cured mummies of Iran.
28 min
A How-Not-To Manual for Presidents
America’s 15th president was a committed waffler: James Buchanan refused to take a stance on the country’s wide-open question of slavery and helped usher in the Civil War.
27 min
How Filmmakers Faked the Moon Landing Inside Re...
Matt Johnson and Matthew Miller tricked America’s space agency into helping them with the new conspiracy mockumentary, Operation Avalanche.
23 min
Maureen Dowd Wants a Candidate Like H.W. Again
The New York Times columnist on her new book, The Year of Voting Dangerously, and what we’re missing about Donald Trump
27 min
How Do We Fix Down-Ballot Elections?
Gerrymandering, bathroom bills, and big money from the Koch brothers: Reid Wilson walks us through the state of state and local races.
29 min
“Mrs. Robinson,” “Hey Jude,” and Some Utter Sch...
1968 was a year of protest and political upheaval, but the Billboard charts were dominated by novelty hits and a singing Herb Alpert.
26 min
The Great Tightening, Explained
Recent polls show the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is closing, but FiveThirtyEight analyst Harry Enten says Clinton still has a hefty lead.
25 min
Are Southpaws Really Criminals?
Maria Konnikova explains if being right- or left-handed determines how you think. Plus, Mike finds the one U.S. voter who likes both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
26 min
Hillary’s Campaign Manager on Pneumonia, Swing ...
Robby Mook talks about Hillary Clinton’s tough week and the struggle to pin down Trump. Plus, the rise and fall of jai alai.
36 min
What Does the Charity World Think of the Clinto...
What kind of rep does it have in philanthropy, and does political power warp the giving economy?
32 min
Tony Kornheiser Will Make Fun of Your Pants
The host of The Tony Kornheiser Show is allergic to pretense, intrigued by podcasting, and disconcerted by Costco.
26 min
Courting Controversy With Drew Magary
Deadspin’s author of the “Why Your Team Sucks” series explains his approach to reporting on people he finds kind of horrifying.
25 min
Telling Jokes in the Age of Trigger Warnings
Comedian Karith Foster and director Ted Balaker take on the over-the-top reactions facing comedians on campus in Can We Take a Joke?
26 min
A GOP Apostate Explains Her Vote for Hillary
Kori Schake, a former Bush adviser, says a write-in vote for this year’s presidential election would be a waste.
29 min
The Year Nirvana Lost Out to Bryan Adams
1991 marked the beginning of a decade of musical narrowcasting. With Kurt Cobain and A Tribe Called Quest splitting the vote, Color Me Badd rose to the top.
27 min
Do You Rely on GPS? Thank Chuck E. Cheese and W...
In Pinpoint, Greg Milner chronicles how a conservative pundit, the military, and a pizza impresario made GPS ubiquitous.
21 min
A Sympathetic Serial Imposter
Joshua Marston’s new film, Complete Unknown, depicts a woman who can’t stop changing her identity.
24 min
There’s a Viking on the Delta
The lead singer of the Icelandic band Kaleo found his inspiration in the blues music of the Deep South.
28 min
The ’80s Really Were the Best
Hadley Freeman wondered why the movies of her 1980s childhood seemed so special. So she went back and asked her favorite actors and directors.
25 min
W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu Want Equal Time
The hosts of Politically Re-Active tend to agree on the issues that fascinate them. But they each want to say their piece.
27 min
Why We’ve Never Learned to Stop Worrying and Lo...
A painter, a Vietnam vet, and a nun walk into a nuclear storage facility. So begins Dan Zak’s fascination with the Pandora’s box of weaponry.
24 min
Women’s Gymnastics Gets the Hard-Boiled Treatment
Intense personalities, high stakes, and restrained rivalry: The world of women’s gymnastics is the perfect setting for a suspense novel.
20 min
Brazil’s Redeemer Has Subpoena Power
Slate’s Franklin Foer says there’s reason for optimism in Brazil, despite rampant corruption and chaos.
27 min
The Résumé Says “Loafer,” but the Loafers Screa...
Maria Konnikova digs into the psychological link between your clothes and your performance.
30 min
Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass Followed the Fear ...
The creators of the film Don’t Think Twice have some very earnest observations about improv comedy and pursuing your dreams.
27 min
Should You Have Your Silver Medal Bronzed?
Mike bites down on a happiness study of bronze and silver medalists. Oh, does it bend.
27 min
John Dickerson Has a Follow-Up. He’s Willing to...
The host of Face the Nation on CBS has two competing theories about the 2016 presidential election.
28 min
Republicans Are Using Leeches to Cure Cancer
Stuart Stevens, Romney’s top strategist in 2012, says the GOP’s presidential nominee could make Republicans uncompetitive in national elections for a generation.
19 min
Playing the Spanish Card
UPenn professor Nelson Flores says, anecdotally, Tim Kaine’s Spanish skills seem to be the biggest hit among white liberals, not Latino voters.
28 min
History’s First Benedict Arnold
Who was the original Benedict Arnold? Why, it’s Benedict Arnold—as you’ll find out from spy novelist and history fanatic Brad Meltzer.
22 min
If It Feeds, It Leads
Facebook’s News Feed is the world’s most powerful purveyor of news. But how it assembles each person’s top stories remains a mystery.
25 min
Is Your Grill Killing You?
Faulty claims go up in smoke once Maria Konnikova weighs in.
22 min
Jessi Klein Says Women Are Dogs
The head writer for Inside Amy Schumer sorts women into two groups: poodles and wolves. She’s a wolf.
24 min
Diary of a Soon-to-Be-Freed Detainee
Guantánamo inmate Mohamedou Slahi has been cleared for release. Here’s The Gist’s never-aired 2015 interview with Larry Siems, who edited Slahi’s writings from the detention camp.
28 min
The Little-Known Story of Sabotage in the New Y...
July 30 marks the centenary of a major terrorist attack on the United States. Never heard of it?
19 min
AM Spiel: Hillary Takes the Mic
A Quick & Dirty Dissection of the DNC’s last day.
9 min
Celebrating the Nerd Mentality
The hosts of the Nerdette podcast bring their safe space to The Gist for a round of nerd confessions.
22 min
AM Spiel: No Room for Gloom
Would that all the country’s problems were as surmountable (and mockable) as Donald Trump.
4 min
Finally, a Pro-Kidnapping Film
Orange Is the New Black writer Sian Heder says her new film, Tallulah, stemmed from her experience as a nanny for wealthy moms in Los Angeles.
21 min
AM Spiel: Hillary, Humanized
Finally, it all makes sense: Bill Clinton’s presidency was guided by the Police Academy franchise.
7 min
Optimum Optics
Keep an eye out for the subtle stage-managing of the presidential nominating conventions.
21 min
AM Spiel: DNC Quick & Dirty Dissection, Day 1
Not a Chachi in the bunch.
5 min
Pity the Peckish Politician
The only thing they have to fear is food itself.
29 min
P.C. Policing the Border
Having a progressive fan base is equal parts exhilarating and maddening for comedian Hari Kondabolu.
21 min
AM Spiel: Points For Averting Disaster
Did Trump’s RNC speech persuade… anyone?
8 min
“Your Dog Smells My Dog”
Does a dog go crazy on you because he’s picking up the whiff of another canine? Maria Konnikova has the answers.
17 min
AM Spiel: Cruz Control
Ted Cruz’s cry to “vote your conscience” dealt another distraction to the chaos-loving Trump campaign.
6 min
Cutting Class
In White Trash, author Nancy Isenberg delves into the history of class identities and our efforts to appropriate or shed them.
21 min
AM Spiel: RNC Rapid Response
What was the convention's Tuesday theme supposed to be, again? Lucifer something?
8 min
To Catch a Cartel
The Infiltrator is Hollywood’s treatment of the customs agent who burrowed deep inside Pablo Escobar’s money-laundering operation.
25 min
O Captain Fantastic!
Early films by director Matt Ross explored carnivorous armchairs. His latest movie—about a headstrong father and his children—is a bit more grounded.
29 min
And We Never Looked at Music the Same Way Again
The year of MTV’s launch brought us aerobic-chic, urban cowboys, and the one song you hear at every wedding.
22 min
The Ungeheuerlich Mr. Johnson
Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s new top diplomat, in all his un-bleeped glory.
24 min
Type A Anonymous
Maria Konnikova sizes up the old saw: “I’m a little Type A.”
24 min
Art That Makes You Angry
This is your brain on political ads.
24 min
A Kamikaze Mission to Jupiter
Scientist Summer Ash explains the interstellar choreography of the Juno spacecraft mission and what we hope to learn from it.
26 min
The Life and Death of Aaron Swartz
Author Justin Peters on the impatient child prodigy of the free-culture movement.
26 min
It Was the Best of Timesheets, It Was the Worst...
For novelist J. Bradford Hipps, the modern office space is rich territory when it comes to human drama.
27 min
Mister Postman, Lower Your Price Points for Me
Your trusty postal service used to traffic in children and politicians’ dirty laundry.
25 min
Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Evaluate
Recycling: It’s the dominant moralism of our time. Is it bull?
24 min
Fantastic Negrito Returns
Xavier Dphrepaulezz has had a good year.
29 min
Wyatt Cenac Wants Kermit the Frog’s Job
The comedian’s stand-up showcase aspires to be the next Muppet Show. Without the puppets.
23 min
Poll Analysis From a Spiritual 60-Year-Old
Harry Enten explains the new 2016 election prediction from FiveThirtyEight.
25 min
Do the Dead-Cat Bounce
Looking for a silver lining in the Brexit vote.
26 min
Brittle England
The Brexit vote let supporters of the “Leave” campaign stick it to the elites. What’s the value of their collective primal scream?
25 min
Billboard Hits From 1964
On a day of British retreat, we ponder the British Invasion.
28 min
The Character Actor’s Studio
Coping with Star Trek makeup and other tips from René Auberjonois.
30 min
If You Build It, Alonzo and Alie Will Come
Alonzo Bodden and Alie Ward explain "How to Build … Everything."
26 min
Can Boris Fool Britannia?
Tracing the parallels between Boris Johnson’s calls for the Brexit and Donald Trump’s rise.
27 min
Brexit Stage Right
Is this the best you got, Team Leave?
26 min
Charmed and Disgusted With Dave Hill
You might say he saw the whole Trump phenomenon coming.
25 min
We Are Never Ever Joining Quail Forever
Probing the limits of Quail Unlimited.
30 min
Against All Owls
Maria Konnikova delves into the research on chronotypes.
23 min
You’re Not the Real Trump
Impersonating the most imitated man in America.
25 min
Shut Your Lie Hole
Interrogation expert Lena Sisco is on to you.
27 min
The Good, the Bad, and the Ali
The consummate boxer, Muhammad Ali stood alone in the ring, alone when he converted to Islam, and alone when he denounced the Vietnam War.
30 min
Hoping Tevye Gets a Cold
The man who plays Mordcha the Innkeeper (and subs for Tevye) in Fiddler on the Roof followed in his late father’s footsteps when he joined the cast of the Broadway musical.
26 min
The Gangbanger Who Switched Sides
He went from dealing crack to busting dealers.
29 min
How the Post Office Cured “Going Postal”
Newspapers coined the term to refer to mail carriers gone berserk.
31 min
Chuck Klosterman Is Wrong! (He Says.)
Even the stickiest ideas can slip into oblivion.
29 min
Tim Heidecker Is Tired of Being Meta
His comedy dumps on the mainstream. His music is a bit more earnest.
27 min
The Myth of Kitty Genovese’s Murder
A man looks for answers after the famous story of his sister’s murder is debunked.
28 min
Ghost Bluster
An appeal to Ghostbusters purists.
30 min
Are Skim Drinkers Milking It?
Maria Konnikova gets to the bottom of skim vs. whole milk.
28 min
You Can’t Handle the Spoof
Grounded absurdity in "Filthy Preppy Teen$."
29 min
Suing the Saudis
Sen. Chuck Schumer says victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks should be able to take the Saudi Arabian government to court for their alleged involvement.
30 min
Trump Anxiety Hotline Reconvenes
Our trained experts can help you turn down the Trumpeting.
30 min
Gov. John Hickenlooper Gets His Ass in Gear
Colorado’s highest-ranking brewmaster says government should consider measuring joy as well as unemployment.
30 min
Kevin Spacey Is a Cat
Breaking down the film cliché of workaholic dads who reconnect with their children.
27 min
If the Dog Turns Left, Think Novel
How storyteller Matthew Dicks maximizes every second of his day—from meals to showers to dog walking.
29 min
The Whigs Were Right
The hosts of the BackStory podcast join us to discuss the #NeverLincoln movement and other historical parallels.
30 min
When a Joke Almost Works Too Well
Trying not to let a quality bit become a crutch.
29 min
Enlightened Titans of Industry
Big business is taking up the LGBTQ vanguard. Is that a problem?
27 min
Saving Paul Ryan
He went in for the handshake. Tianna Gaines-Turner gave him a hug.
25 min
Vote Jabba
In the Spiel, Mike focus-groups Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia.
21 min
Did the Media Create Trump?
Or were they just manipulated by him? NPR’s David Folkenflik debates our host.
25 min
I'll Know Porn Addiction When I See It
Maria Konnikova explains what all of those pizza delivery guys and naughty nurses are doing to our brains.
33 min
Neither Frightened Nor Rabbit
Scottish frontman Scott Hutchison explains how songwriting helps him sort his messiest, darkest thoughts.
24 min
He’s Not Pivoting
When you give opposing answers to the same questions, that’s called contradicting yourself.
27 min
A Rob Reiner-mentary if You Will
We discuss father-son relationships in Being Charlie and the birth of the mockumentary genre in This Is Spinal Tap.
29 min
Trump as Napalm
Why some conservative thinkers are excited for the scorched Earth that will be left in the wake of the presumptive nominee.
22 min
Welcome to the Abyss
We’re reconvening this much-requested Trump Anxiety Hotline. Trust us, you’ll feel better.
32 min
Trumpeting Mike Tyson’s Endorsement
Why do we call it progress when convicted felons get the right to vote, but not when this specific felon expresses his particular vote?
24 min
The End of Conventional Wisdom in Politics
No one thought the individual donor–funded campaign for a democratic socialist would get this far… especially Bernie Sanders.
27 min
Buzz Aldrin! He Walked on the Moon!
“I want to hear a destination, an objective, a time period, and a plan,” Buzz Aldrin tells The Gist.
19 min
Behind the Scenes at Wait Wait
Hear what happens when you put two public radio nerds in a room—a lot of insightful shoptalk.
29 min
The National Emergency We Call Donald Trump
Slate’s Jacob Weisberg joins us to share favorite moments from the first month of Trumpcast.
35 min
The So-Called “So-Called Acela” Primary
In the Spiel, the two men who mangled their already impossible chances of pulling off a victory.
30 min
Bathroom President Ted Cruz
Today’s the day for making accords with the Texas senator, and we’re prepared to offer him his own kingdom.
24 min
How Prince defined the sound of the ’80s, even when his name wasn’t on the records.
32 min
The Energy Crisis and the End of American Liber...
What the energy crisis in the ’70s taught Americans about government.
33 min
Did Bernie Pull Hillary to the Left?
Is Bernie Sanders part of a long Democratic tradition of progressive insurgency?
25 min
Get a Life ... Coach
These days even life coaches have life coaches, but are they effective?
31 min
Bill Clinton’s Advance Man Tells All
Josh King joins us to explain why the visuals and headlines are becoming increasingly important for political campaigns. For the Spiel, what happened after the Google Play app introduced Mike to ’90s agro anthems.
30 min
Billboard Hits From 1986
Chris Molanphy helps count down the Billboard hits from 1986 that marked a significant pivot in music history. For the Spiel, favorite moments from Friday night’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn.
25 min
Hurry Up and Fast
Is spending a day without food the ultimate weight-loss trick? Maria Konnikova explains what researchers have found when the looked into the health benefits of fasting. For the Spiel, honoring the breakfast cereal spokes-things tradition.
23 min
An Interesting and Beautiful Day
David Plotz from Atlas Obscura offers advice for creating your own adventures on Saturday, April 16 for this weekend’s Obscura Day. For the Spiel, why we’re not impressed by the depth of your worldview, Mark Zuckerberg.
22 min
Pinocchio’s Got a Gun
Bernie and Hillary are exchanging shots over gun control. Who should we believe? Plus, we use Yodely Guy to discuss the latest from Goldman Sachs. Then, let’s dive deep into Wyoming delegate math with Aimee Van Cleave from the Wyoming Democratic Party.
25 min
It’s Time We Talk About Wolverines
It’s time you knew the truth about the fierce demon of the North, the wolverine. Plus, learn the definition of an “S.O.B. flag” when we visit Vexillology Corner with our favorite vexillologist Ted Kaye.
24 min
Twisted F--king Sister
What the cross-dressing glam band learned from a decade spent clawing its way out of Long Island. Jay Jay French and director Andrew Horn join us to tell the story behind a new Twisted Sister documentary. For the Spiel, the Lobstar of the Antentwig.
27 min
If I Were Hillary
On Ep. 471, a clever strategy for preventing a full Zika virus epidemic—genetically modified mosquitos. We’ll speak with Nina Fedoroff. For the Spiel, Mike imagines what life would look like if he were held to the same standards as Hillary Clinton.
17 min
Burning Down Bernie’s Momentum
Is it momentum or just primary results from a certain collection of states with very few black people? For the Spiel, why Wisconsin’s primary results tell us so little about who the Democrats want as a nominee.
22 min
You’re Getting Very Sleepy
Maria Konnikova explains what makes hypnosis especially challenging to study
29 min
Jon Ronson, Imam of Shame
When the Internet gangs up to publicly shame an individual, what’s that really about?
27 min
The Hamilton Rule
Zoe Chace speaks with Republicans who despise Hillary Clinton but plan to vote for her because of Alexander Hamilton.
33 min
Abolitionist Heroes Lost to History
We discuss American abolitionism as an activist social movement with historian Manisha Sinha.
29 min
Are The Winter Blues BS?
Climb under a therapy light and pop some vitamin D as Maria Konnikova renders her verdict on seasonal affective disorder.
23 min
The Huge Lingering Why
San Bernardino investigators know the who, what, and where, but will the culprit’s iPhone tell us why?
22 min
40 Years for Genocide
After hiding in plain sight for years, this Bosnian War criminal’s sentence has made him a symbol for anti-Serb conspiracy theories.
25 min
The Height of Clinton-Era Pop Music
Remembering Billboard hits from 1999, when MTV’s Total Request Live was huge, and our biggest pop stars were teenagers.
24 min
Crazy Funny with Sara Benincasa, Chris Gethard,...
It’s official. All comedians but Seinfeld are insane. (And maybe Seinfeld.)
18 min
1,145 Police Killings
We have terrible statistics from the Justice Department about police killings in America, so a team of Guardian journalists started their own count.
23 min
When Words Change World Events
Use your words, but don’t forget to use spellcheck, too.
22 min
The Secret Genius of the T-Shirt Cannon
We tear apart and affirm some of the most notorious myths about the power of sports over our brains.
27 min
A Triumph of Small Talk
Slate’s Ruth Graham demonstrates a crucial social lubricant while telling us about the weather.
22 min
Are The Dangers of GMOs BS?
Maria Konnikova explains the real effects of genetically modified Frankenfood on humanity.
27 min
All Things Horse Race
As the Super Tuesday 2 results roll in, here’s everything you ever wondered but were too afraid to ask Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight.
26 min
The Duke Lacrosse Case, 10 Years Later
The new ESPN documentary Fantastic Lies left out one of its interviewees, author William D. Cohan. We bring you our interview with him from 2014.
24 min
The Year of Travolta
In 1978, even the Rolling Stones had a disco hit. We discuss the year the center of culture slipped away from the rockers.
28 min
Slate’s Fred Kaplan joins us to share the secret history of U.S. cyberwarfare.
27 min
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Our host once had a dream where Joe Biden told him to “go diagonal.” What could it mean?
19 min
What Detroit Gave America
Author David Maraniss tells the story of the city that brought us cars, Motown, the labor movement, and the civil rights movement.
18 min
Is Torture Ever Worthwhile?
On The Gist, can we use game theory to make the case for or against the use of torture during an investigation? We explore various models compiled in Does Torture Work? with our guest John Schiemann from Fairleigh Dickinson University. For the Spiel,...
30 min
Adam Davidson Makes Negative Interest Rates Pos...
On The Gist, Adam Davidson explains the latest experimental development of a desperate economy—negative interest rates. Davidson is columnist for the New York Times Magazine and host of a new podcast with Adam McKay called Surprisingly...
23 min
Would I Be Happier in an Arranged Marriage?
On The Gist, the story behind the so-called Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times.” Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker tells us about international efforts to find the recipe for a happy, lasting marriage. She’s...
27 min
Trump’s Tiny Little Lead
On The Gist, Josh Putnam from Frontloading HQ explains what last night’s Super Tuesday results mean when you do the delegate math. He’s a lecturer at the University of Georgia, where he specializes in campaigns and elections. For the...
22 min
This Podcast Is for Losers
On The Gist, do we have more to learn from losers than winners? Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Stein joins us to share the stories behind his podcast Candidate Confessional. For the Spiel, Mike reveals his workout secrets. Join Slate...
24 min
Bernie Down the House
On The Gist, writer Matt Bruenig makes the case for electing Bernie Sanders and explains why the candidate’s top economic advisors say his policies could bring 5.3 percent gross national product growth. For the Spiel, a post-Oscars joke...
24 min
Chappelle's Show Co-Creator Neal Brennan
On The Gist, we speak with the brilliant comic mind Neal Brennan about his new one-man comedy show 3 Mics. It’s showing at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in New York City through mid-March. For the Spiel, a crazy 24 hours in presidential politics....
28 min
What’s Next for #OscarsSoWhite?
On The Gist, why the Oscars matter to the future of Hollywood. We discuss the ideas behind #OscarsSoWhite with Slate’s Aisha Harris and NPR TV critic Eric Deggans. Aisha recently wrote “Why Creed’s Best Picture Snub...
33 min
Whale News!
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker explains Sigmund Freud’s lasting contributions to psychiatry and castration anxiety everywhere. She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, we dive into whale news from...
22 min
Yuge Tariffs
On The Gist, Adam Davidson explains why he’s rarely enthusiastic about any politicians. How does he feel about experimentations with the American economy proposed by Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders? He’s a columnist for the New York Times...
27 min
Is Bernie’s Agenda More Than Imaginary?
On The Gist, an important update on the Brexit. Then, William Galston joins us to discuss the practical considerations for executing a Bernie Sanders agenda. Can it be done from the executive branch alone? Galston is a senior fellow in Governance...
23 min
Hillary’s Chances in Nevada
On The Gist, Slate’s Will Oremus joins us for a round of “One Question, One Question Only” about Apple’s battle with the U.S. government. Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight uses his polling expertise to explain what’s ahead...
26 min
We Knew You’d Listen
On The Gist, we knew you were going to listen to this episode about ESP. Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker joins us for a game we call, “Is That Bulls---?” She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, Donald...
25 min
Are You a Super-Encounterer?
On The Gist, Pagan Kennedy explains how writing the New York Times Magazine column “Who Made That?” led her to discover interesting similarities among many inventors. She’s the author of Inventology: How We Dream Up Things That...
24 min
Glory Be to Kanye
On The Gist, a special guest host with some words of wisdom for job applicants. Slate’s Forrest Wickman explains the complexity of Kanye West as an artist and helps dissect the track “Ultralight Beam” from his new album The...
19 min
Acclaimed Actor David Morse
On The Gist, actor David Morse tells us about his role as Big Foster in Outsiders, a new TV series from WGN America. For the Spiel, Mike finds a new appreciation for the furry-hooded coat. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive...
26 min
Mike and Frank Take the Stage
On The Gist, Matthew Dicks and your host record the show in the wee hours of the night, after seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert. They’ll present two stories from the Story Collider storytelling night at the Kraine Theater in New York. The first...
38 min
Should We Fear Domestic Terrorism?
On The Gist, the daughter of a Fort Hood victim explains how she became friends with the shooter’s cousin. We’ll speak with the HBO documentary Homegrown’s filmmaker Greg Barker and subjects Kerry Cahill (the daughter), Nader Hasan...
35 min
Is Marijuana Making You Stupid?
On The Gist, Mike’s thoughts on the P-word. Then, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker tells us about the challenge of doing a controlled trial on a controlled substance. She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, Mike...
23 min
Why We Still Care About O.J.
Murder is one of the most venerable subjects of journalism and drama. What was it about the O.J. trail that still entertains? On The Gist. reporter Jeffrey Toobin explains the case’s lasting significance. He’s the author of The Run of His...
27 min
What Time Does the Super Bowl Start?
On The Gist, Slate’s Justin Peters shares his observations from watching every Super Bowl in history over the course of two months. He’s the author of The Idealist: Aaron Swartz and the Rise of Free Culture on the Internet. For the Spiel,...
27 min
What’s a Vote Worth?
On The Gist, Mike identifies the greatest depiction of a zebra in mass media. Here’s the video. The, Dan Pashman from The Sporkful podcast explains how sound influences taste. For the Spiel, if a candidate offered to pay you 2,800 for your vote,...
23 min
Are Lots of Little Babies Synesthetes?
On The Gist, we don’t mention Iowa once! First, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker separates the gold-tinted truth from the rubber-scented fiction when it comes to synesthesia. She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the...
24 min
Toodle-oo Iowa
On The Gist, listener C. Andrew Frank shares his experience caucusing in Iowa last night. Plus, Slate’s Jamelle Bouie explains what the Iowa results tell us, if anything. For the Spiel, how to discuss Iowa better in the media. Join Slate Plus!...
27 min
Finally Forgetting Iowa
On The Gist, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay shares a landmark moment from his cancer recovery—getting annoyed in line at Starbucks. He’s the author of Little Victories: Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living. For the Spiel, the one...
23 min
Seeing Yourself in "Spotlight"
On The Gist, a best-of episode to welcome new listeners who heard our host on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me this weekend. First, the film Spotlight depicts serious investigative journalism without the usual guns, car chases, and explosions. We speak...
28 min
Obama Did What?
On The Gist, has the bully pulpit been in the hands of a poor communicator? Michael Grunwald from Politico joins us to discuss Obama’s lesser-known accomplishments as discussed in his article “The Nation He Built.” He’s the...
22 min
Jesse Eisenberg, Part 2
Yesterday on The Gist, Jesse Eisenberg performed his story “Marv Albert is My Therapist” alongside your host. Today, they’ll discuss his story collection Bream Gives Me Hiccups and why Eisenberg is drawn to writing dialogue. For the...
29 min
Jesse Eisenberg, Part 1
While researching Ronald Reagan for his new biography, Slate's Jacob Weisberg grew to appreciate the 40th president’s original mind and dedication to writing every day. As he explains on today’s Gist, "We’d give that guy a column in...
23 min
Did Track Palin Get Off Easy?
On The Gist, what factors determine how a domestic abuser is charged? We ask attorney adviser Jane Anderson from AEquitas: The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women. For the Spiel, much more ridiculousness in politics from Donald Trump...
19 min
The Creative Duo Behind "Billions"
On The Gist, guests Brian Koppelman and David Levien explain why they stopped making easy TV-show deals with networks. For Billions, the longtime creative duo decided to take the time to write the show they wanted to make on spec. Their series...
28 min
Paleo and Palin
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker examines the benefits of eating the “Paleo” diet for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, can Sarah...
25 min
Changing More Than a Mayor
On The Gist, Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn explains the likelihood that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel will resign, and suggests a possible plan B for protestors. For the Spiel, what we do and don’t need to know about presidential candidates...
27 min
The Former Poet Laureate to Kim Jong-il
On The Gist, we bring you two favorite segments from the past year. First, a look at how propaganda thrives in North Korea from the perspective of Kim Jong-il’s former poet laureate, Jang Jin-sung. He’s the author of Dear Leader: Poet,...
21 min
How to Spot a Con Artist
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker explains how the best con artists make their victims emotionally invested. She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, all the self-flagellation Ted Cruz thinks was missing...
22 min
Winning Powerball Numbers
On The Gist, the phrase you should listen for during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. Then, researcher Gordon Pennycook explains lessons from his study “On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit.” For the...
21 min
Sea Lion, Smell Lion
Disruption eruption, what’s your function? On The Gist, Harvard Business Review editor Adi Ignatius explains what actually makes a business a disruptor. For the Spiel, San Diego sea lion crap, The Gist annotated edition. Today’s...
25 min
Where Genius Is Born
On The Gist, traveler Eric Weiner joins us to discuss why certain cities throughout history have been ripe for cultivating our most creative thinkers. He’s the author of The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative...
33 min
The Heavily Guarded Facebook Algorithm
On The Gist, Slate’s Will Oremus explains who’s really controlling your Facebook feed. He recently wrote a cover story based on a visit to Menlo Park, California, where even his trips to the bathroom were supervised. For the Spiel, Mike...
23 min
Exercise Fad B.S.
On The Gist, a gift for your New Year’s resolutions. Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker tells us what research has been done into various popular exercise methods. She’s the author of The Confidence Game, now available for...
22 min
Near-Death Winter Tales with Matthew Dicks
On The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks tells a story to demonstrate how to tell better stories. We’ll learn why it’s important to give your story a setting in the physical world. He’s the author of The Perfect Comeback...
28 min
Terrorists or Nudniks?
On The Gist, how significant is the impact of the shale revolution on the international oil markets? We ask Robert Weiner, professor of international business at George Washington University. For the Spiel, Mike wonders what we should call the armed...
20 min
The 8 New Billboard Hits of 2015
This year, many of us were consuming the same big songs at the same time. On The Gist, music writer Chris Molanphy explains how 2015 continues a modern trend toward a shared pop music monoculture. Chris writes Slate’s Why Is This Song No. 1...
25 min
The Questioner
On The Gist, Gretchen Rubin explains what self-knowledge has to do with forming lasting habits. To identify your core tendency, try filling out her quiz here. She’s the author of Better Than Before and hosts the Happier Podcast, a...
28 min
Bloody Merry
On The Gist, Dan Pashman from The Sporkful podcast explains the food science behind why we’re more in the mood for a lemony Blood Mary this week instead of a creamy glass of eggnog. If you’re going to serve eggnog anyway, there’s a...
21 min
The 12 Days of Trumpmas
On The Gist, the big news from Zimbabwe. Then, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker what can be done to fight off a common cold. Maria’s new book The Confidence Game is now available for preorder. For the Spiel, we welcome friendly...
20 min
Presidential Candidates on Half-Speed
On The Gist, a look back at major news stories made possible by data leaks and analysis. Too bad there’s no award for data … or is there? Jody Avirgan from the FiveThirtyEight podcast What’s the Point joins us to share the winners...
26 min
The Ultimate Star Wars Spoiler Is Star Wars
On The Gist, Mike has a song in his heart about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Listeners sensitive to Mike’s singing should tune out around 25:40. But first, has conceal-and-carry helped armed civilians defend themselves against criminals with...
31 min
What Is It About Adele’s Voice?
On The Gist, music writer Chris Molanphy explains what’s made Adele’s new album 25 an epic success. It is her voice or the cult of Adele? Chris writes Slate’s Why Is This Song No. 1 column. For the Spiel, a Bruce Springsteen bootleg...
19 min
Fusilli, You Crazy Bastard!
On The Gist, a few glib chortles are exchanged about the venerable institution of New Yorker cartoons. Director Leah Wolchok joins us to discuss her film Very Semi-Serious. For the Spiel, wouldn’t it be great to live in the world that the...
24 min
Gihad for the Calif8
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker explains how our birth order influences personality and intelligence for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” Does IQ go down after the firstborn? Her new book, The...
25 min
May the Pastiche Be With You
On The Gist, Slate’s Forrest Wickman explains the many layers that a casual visitor to the Star Wars universe might miss. He recently wrote the cover story “Star Wars Is a Postmodern Masterpiece” for Slate....
26 min
Do We Get the Government We Deserve?
On The Gist, we talk about the weather. Then, Mary Lane from the Wall Street Journal will discuss the new show at the Detroit Institute of Arts called “30 Americans” on display through Jan. 18. Plus, author Amy Koppelman joins us to...
32 min
Dollar Strong, Euro Weak
On The Gist, we call in Adam Davidson to explain the frustratingly tepid action of the European Central Bank amid Europe’s economic crises. Davidson is a contributor to the New York Times Magazine and host of a new podcast with...
36 min
How Stand-Up Got Its Name
On The Gist, historian Kliph Nesteroff shares a few favorite tales from comedy’s mobster past. He’s the author of The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels, and the History of American Comedy. For the Spiel, the ordinary American focus...
29 min
Is Cryotherapy BS?
On The Gist, the incredibly cool Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker looks into the dearth of research into cryotherapy for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” Her new book, The Confidence Game, is now available for...
23 min
Woodrow Wilson’s Racist Legacy
On The Gist, professor Julian Zelizer joins us to discuss how to understand Woodrow Wilson in the context of his time, and how Princeton is grappling with that legacy today. He’s the author of The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress,...
26 min
Jon Glaser as Neon Joe
On The Gist, actor Jon Glaser explains how a one-off joke on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon led to his new miniseries Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter. The new show premiers Monday, Dec. 7 at midnight on Adult Swim. For the Spiel, a look into the...
25 min
The Amazing Self-Restraint of the Pro-Life Move...
On The Gist, we welcome back past guest and Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer to discuss the likelihood of new gun control legislation. Then, Slate’s Will Saletan joins us to assess the current state of the abortion debate, a decade...
28 min
"If Syed Leaves the Party, Call the Cops"
On The Gist, Mike discusses the fast-moving field of cancer research with doctor Vincent T. DeVita, and his daughter, science writer Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn. Together they wrote The Death of Cancer. For the Spiel, a rhyming response to Keith...
29 min
Unwrapping Holiday BS
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker rounds up the holiday season’s most tedious myths for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” Her new book, The Confidence Game, is now available for preorder....
19 min
Thank God This Guy’s President
On The Gist, Slate’s Fred Kaplan explains how recent GOP rhetoric plays perfectly into the bad guys’ plans. He’s the author of The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War and 1959: The Year...
24 min
Is Income Inequality Our Biggest Problem?
On The Gist, the real reason why government programs like Medicaid and food stamps show little to no impact on the poverty rate. We get into the specifics with Vox editor Ezra Klein. Check out his new podcast The Weeds, from Panoply. For the Spiel,...
24 min
The Parents of Jordan Davis
On The Gist, a parent’s worst nightmare. Three years ago this week, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath’s 17-year-old son was shot while Black Friday shopping with his friends. The HBO documentary 3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets tells the story of...
29 min
The Current Standing of Standing Desks
On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to stand up to tell us about dangers of sitting. She’s the author of The Confidence Game, now available for preorder. For the Spiel, Mike examines the spooky,...
28 min
From Carson’s Couch to Nixon’s Enemies List
On The Gist, comedian David Steinberg joins us to share favorite tales from his life making comedy history. His new show is called The David Steinberg Podcast. For the Spiel, Mike takes on the manhunt for Saleh Abdeslam in...
25 min
Playwright David Hare
Screenwriter and dramatist David Hare has written about the Chinese revolution, the U.S. financial crisis, privatization of the railways, and now, finally, his own story. On The Gist, the award-winning playwright will discuss on his new memoir The...
30 min
Psychic Spies and the CIA
On The Gist, reporter Jim Popkin tells us about his Newsweek cover story, “Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies.” For the Spiel, advice for the 31 state governors who say they’ll not be taking...
23 min
Only 10% of Our Brains?
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker examines how we utilize our grey matter for a segment we call “Is That Bulls--t?” Her new book, The Confidence Game, is now available for preorder. For the Spiel, why Fox News...
14 min
150 Foiled Terrorism Plots
On The Gist, a look at what technologies have been the most helpful in deterring another major terrorist attack. Our guest Dr. Gary LaFree is the director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, a Department...
15 min
Was Paris a Tactical Mistake?
Immediately after the Paris attacks, French President François Hollande called the terrorism “an act of war.” Then on Meet the Press, White House staffer Ben Rhodes went further, saying, “We’ve been at war with ISIS for...
25 min
A Devastating Film About Facing Adulthood
On The Gist, director Josh Mond and actor Christopher Abbott join us in studio to discuss their film James White. During our chat, we’ll learn that Mond’s influences include González Iñárritu, Joachim Trier and the...
29 min
Subtlety Sucks!
Have we failed to critically celebrate heavy-handedness? On The Gist, Slate’s Forrest Wickman explains when subtlety works to the detriment of a work of art. He recently wrote the cover story “Against Subtlety” for Slate. For the...
23 min
Is 35 the Ovum/under?
On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the research into the link between age and fertility for men and women. She’s the author of The Confidence Game, now available for preorder. For the...
30 min
The Great Compromiser
On The Gist, author Harlow Giles Unger tells us about the great compromiser of America’s formative years, former Speaker of the House Henry Clay. Read more in Unger’s book Henry Clay: America's Greatest Statesman. For the Spiel, a look at...
29 min
Why Trump Wasn’t Funny on SNL
On The Gist, a show about art and prostitutes up now at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Wall Street Journal’s Mary M. Lane will share her highlights from “New Objectivity: Modern German Art in the Weimar Republic,...
29 min
Chaka Khan vs. Deep Purple vs. The Smiths
On The Gist, music writer Chris Molanphy explains why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is often frustratingly arbitrary. For example, the millions of fan votes from their website count as much toward the impact on the final selection process as the vote...
25 min
Ben Carson: The Doctor Is In Tune
On The Gist, a new show at Musée d’Orsay in Paris is the first to tell the story of prostitution in art, 1850–1910. Our guest Mary Lane from the Wall Street Journal will share the highlights. Then, we check back in with...
27 min
Bacon Makes Everything Better, Except Your Colon
On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker about her beef with the World Health Organization. Their recent headlines draw attention to a link between processed meats and cancer risk. Is that bulls--t? Maria’s new book The...
25 min
Prisoner Rehabilitation Is Not That Easy
When thinking about America’s prison problem, at some point we’re going to have to begin asking how we’re going to treat violent offenders differently. On The Gist, Fordham law professor John Pfaff joins us for the rest of our...
26 min
Ending Mass Incarceration Is Not That Easy
If you’re 42 or younger, you’ve never lived in a safer America than today. But if you were alive in 1960, today’s crime rates are twice as high as they were then. Could that be why older politicians are resisting prison reform? On...
33 min
Played by Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and M...
On The Gist, the film Spotlight depicts serious investigative journalism without the usual guns, car cases, and explosions. We speak with subjects from the film including journalists Walter “Robby” Robinson (played by Michael Keaton),...
31 min
An Unforgettable Technique for Telling Riveting...
On The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks tells a story about how to tell better stories. It all comes down to the stakes. For the Spiel, a moment in the CNBC GOP debates draws attention to the use of “that” and “who”...
26 min
Is Salt Still Bad for You?
For many Americans, the salt you sprinkle on your steak has less of an impact on daily sodium intake than what you pour into your … cereal bowl? On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the...
24 min
Unnatural … Pauses in “NPR Voice”
On The Gist, should we fear a league of robots taking away our teaching jobs? Slate’s Will Oremus explains why even the smartest teaching tools still need a teacher’s guiding hand. He recently wrote the feature “No More Pencils, No...
25 min
Why Jeff Bezos Went From No. 1 to No. 87
On The Gist, why the Harvard Business Review’s list of top-performing CEOs has adopted a new formula. The magazine’s editor Adi Ignatius explains why this year’s rankings decided to factor in ESG, the catchall term used to discuss a...
24 min
Sarah Vowell on Marquis de Lafayette
On The Gist, Sarah Vowell tells us about Gen. Lafayette, the French teen who befriended George Washington and became a symbol for the French alliance during the American Revolution. Her new book is called Lafayette in the Somewhat United States. In...
25 min
Less of a Hearing, More of a Talking
On The Gist, Jill Duffy from the Productivity Report joins us to share a few tricks for gaming your inbox. Then, Jen Rustemeyer from Peg Leg Films shares what she learned from eating garbage in her documentary Just Eat It. For the Spiel, Mike dives...
24 min
Padding Your Résumé for President
What part of a governor’s economic impact scales at a national level? On The Gist, Ben Casselman from FiveThirtyEight offers a new criterion from his article, “How To Evaluate The Economic Records of Governors Who Want to Be...
24 min
They Finally Won
On The Gist, learn why WNYC’s Ilya Marritz decided to profile the Columbia University Lions for a new show called The Season. Plus, we’ll hear from the team’s co-captain and star running back Cameron Molina about how a new coach is...
25 min
Giving the Freedom Caucus Its Due
Are conservatives making a horrible mistake … in branding? On The Gist, Slate’s Reihan Salam shares his ideas for how the Republican Party could change the conversation to better match its supporters’ priorities. For the...
29 min
1971: When the ’70s Started Sounding Like the ’70s
On The Gist, we travel back to the year Mike Pesca and music writer Chris Molanphy were born. Learn why the Billboard Hits from 1971 stand the test of time, winter, spring, summer, or fall. Chris writes Slate’s Why Is That Song No. 1...
25 min
Munitions and Menstruation
Immediately upon learning that there’s such a thing as a menstrual cup, Mike Pesca had to ask Slate’s L.V. Anderson to explain. Learn why the DivaCup and Keeper Cup are growing in popularity, and why a new Kickstarter campaign for the...
29 min
The Clinton Cadence
On The Gist, did you see the post-debate footage where Bernie Sanders threw his body in front of a surging horde of reporters and saved NBC’s Andrea Mitchell from being flattened, if not scooped? This and other favorite moments from last...
27 min
All the President’s Body Men
On The Gist, we bring you a Pesca-moderated panel recorded live from Politicon in Los Angeles. Panelists include actor Tony Hale, who plays a body man on TV, and Reggie Love, a real-life body man for six years. We’ll learn what goes into their...
37 min
Our First Latino Poet Laureate
On The Gist, some truths and lies about the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Then, we’re honored to welcome the United State’s new national Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera. As a bilingual, first-generation immigrant, Herrera explains...
23 min
The Gist Live: Craig Finn from the Hold Steady
On The Gist, the last of three episodes recorded at our live show in Brooklyn, New York. From the stage of the Bell House, Mike asks Craig Finn from the Hold Steady about a literary device his songs share with the Bible, Milton, and...
28 min
The Gist Live: Making Interest Rates Interesting
On The Gist, the second of three episodes recorded at our live show in Brooklyn, New York. From the stage of the Bell House, Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight uses his poling expertise to explain Trump’s real chances at the presidency. Then, Adam...
33 min
The Gist Live: Samantha Bee
On The Gist, the first of three episodes recorded at our live show in Brooklyn, New York. From the stage of the Bell House, Mike Pesca accepts an award from Slate’s Julia Turner and a drink from bartender Chris Wertz, author of Brooklyn...
36 min
O Say Can You Shut The Hell Up
On The Gist, Mike explains why a Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich won’t be bringing him back to Starbucks for a while. Then Alex Marshall responds to The Gist calling him “Sir Twiddle Twaddle” in a previous episode and...
35 min
Campus Assault Surveys Say Too Little
If women going to a certain foreign country had a 30 percent chance of sexual assault, would we send our daughters there? How is college any different? On The Gist, Slate’s Emily Yoffe explains why the grim portrait painted by the new...
20 min
Field of Screens
On The Gist, Mike reviews how Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton conspired to make him look at something he can never un-see. Then, Mike O'Malley joins us to discuss the new season of Survivor’s Remorse on Starz. For the Spiel, the most viewed...
23 min
Cred And Ginger
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker shares what’s she’s learned from research into ginger’s super food status. For the Spiel, hear a performance from last night’s live Gist from Moth champ and professional...
26 min
Pencil Shavings for Mr. Pesca
On The Gist, a shaved-down tale from an elder Pesca. Mike and The Gist staff are busy preparing for our first live show, so on Tuesday we present a favorite from the Pesca family dinner table. Joe Pesca tells it best. We’ll be back on Wednesday...
6 min
Everybody Loves Eating
On The Gist, TV writer Phil Rosenthal explains how he came to host his own PBS show about food and travel. His new show, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, premieres Monday on PBS. For the Spiel, Mike poops on the pope’s media coverage....
27 min
Alison Brie Sex Scene Therapy
On The Gist, remembering Phil Patton. Then, writer and filmmaker Leslye Headland explains how she brought lessons from theater and heartbreak into the making of the indie comedy Sleeping With Other People. For the Spiel, highlights from the Values...
27 min
Are There Any Real Catholics in Congress?
On The Gist, we take the vitals on the current state of health care in America. The number of uninsured has dropped dramatically, but are the struggling state exchanges and co-ops a cause for concern? Phil Galewitz from Kaiser Health News joins us for...
25 min
Excluding Black Jurors
On The Gist, how filmmaker Jennifer Nelson helped bring the birthday song back into the public domain. Plus, we welcome back Dax-Devlon Ross to discuss his research into black juror exclusion, one of the facets of the upcoming Supreme Court case...
33 min
It’s a Copper Sock Miracle
On The Gist, Emily Bazelon from the New York Times Magazine joins us to answer one question, one question only. This is it: “If Congress defunds Planned Parenthood, is it possible that, even though no government funding funds abortions, they...
27 min
Graduate, Work, Marry, Procreate
How essential is marriage for aspiring middle-class families? On The Gist, economist and Brookings fellow Isabel Sawhill explains her often-cited “success sequence” and declining marriage rates in the developed world. She’s the...
26 min
That Groovy Summer of Love
On The Gist, our regular guest Chris Molanphy returns to explore the "psychedelic-lite" and "semi-baroque" Billboard chart hits from 1967. He’ll explain how the music industry took a druggy cultural movement like the "summer of love" and...
25 min
Is Anger Curable?
On The Gist, Mike’s personal highlight reel from Wednesday night’s CNN GOP debates. Then, how does the medical community distinguish anger issues from psychopath issues or substance abuse issues?  Maria Konnikova of the New...
21 min
The Canadian Accent Is Changing, Eh?
On The Gist, what’s all this a’boot the shifting Canadian accent? We speak with sociolinguist Paul De Decker. Plus, Douglas Birch from the Center for Public Integrity explains why South Africa still has highly enriched uranium. For the...
28 min
What Michael Did on His Summer Vacation
On The Gist, Mike chats with the interesting attendees at his friend’s destination wedding in Montenegro. Our audio version of a wedding guestbook includes: John W. Frehse from Core Practice explains what millennials really want; Phil Hochberg...
32 min
Serial for the Truly Obsessed
On The Gist, a new podcast unravels the case against Adnan Syed one complex detail at a time. We’ll speak with the podcast’s three hosts, Rabia Chaudry from Split the Moon; Colin Miller of EvidenceProf; and Susan Simpson, who writes for...
28 min
Dog Show
Notice anything different about your street today? Just ask a dog.  On The Gist, Alexandra Horowitz from the dog cognition lab at Barnard talks us through a dog walk. She’s the author of Inside of a Dog and On Looking: Eleven Walks With...
23 min
Yes! Oh God!! Yesss!!!
Why is the female orgasm notoriously difficult to study? On The Gist, guest host Andrea Silenzi avoids tarnishing her browser history by asking Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker about new research into the effects of la petite mort on...
24 min
Bobcat Goldthwait Stands Up for a Fellow Comic
On The Gist, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait reflects on how his career in comedy led him to chose the path of a filmmaker. His new documentary tells the story of fellow comic Barry Crimmins and explores the role of politics, anger, and activism in his...
25 min
Don’t Say Cheese
On The Gist, Colin Atrophy Hagendorf tells us why he decided to eat a slice from every pizzeria in Manhattan. Unlike Super Size Me or Julie & Julia, sometimes ambitious food-related projects aren't life-changing experiences. But they can produce...
35 min
The Year Disco Became a Dirty Word
On The Gist, our regular guest Chris Molanphy returns to explore Billboard chart hits from 1980, including rock songs, adult contemporary tracks, and lots of elements stolen from disco. It was a great year for dentists’ offices. For the...
29 min
The “March to Zero” Veers Off Course in Kansas
On The Gist, a look at how Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and fellow Republicans are scrambling to preserve the state’s troubled zero-tax policy. Our guest Chris Suellentrop made politics personal in his New York Times Magazine feature "The Kansas...
23 min
Raising a Trans Kid
On The Gist, Mike responds to the tragic news of the WDBJ7 shooting. Then, we debut a new segment we call Analogy Emergency. Can you help? Join the conversation on our Facebook page. Plus, Dr. Robert Garofalo joins us to discuss the difficult...
30 min
Garlic: The Secret to a Long Life With No Friends
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker presses her knife down on a clove of wisdom and minces apart the research. Should we believe the hype about garlic, the miracle food? For the Spiel, a story of slobs vs. snobs as told...
24 min
My Disease Became Your Fad Diet
On The Gist, Slate’s Laura Bennett explains what it’s like to be gluten-free since the ’90s. She recently wrote “I Was Gluten-Free Before It Was Cool.” Plus, what should we do with all our RadioShack gift cards?...
29 min
Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Ride the Glass Bus
On The Gist, we debut a new financial news segment called MarketScope with correspondent Sebastian Sinclair. Plus, comedians Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer explain why they paid $400 million to bring a bus from New York City’s Times Square to...
31 min
A Horse Is a Horse, Unless It’s a Nazi
On The Gist, the latest chapter in Germany’s ongoing struggle with the legacy of the Third Reich. The Wall Street Journal’s Mary M. Lane tells us about the outcry over a Nazi-era bronze horse that stands outside a boarding school in...
28 min
When Comedy Podcasts Were Still in Beta
On The Gist, comedian Jimmy Pardo recalls lessons learned from the dawn of podcasting and alt-comedy, and takes pride in the complexity of his new game show inspired by the room-escape zeitgeist. He hosts the podcast Never Not Funny and the...
26 min
The Sons and Daughters Lost to ISIS
We’re all familiar with news stories about radicalized Western kids who join the terrorist group ISIS. Today on The Gist, Julia Ioffe tells the story of the mothers those kids leave behind, and how many turn to activism in their grief....
26 min
Simon Rich, the Premise Keeper
An article in the Guardian once asked, “Is Simon Rich the funniest man in America.” We ask him, “Are you?” His new book Spoiled Brats explores why the so-called millennial culture is easy to mock, especially by baby...
33 min
Warning: This Episode Contains Singing
Mike Pesca has no plans to stop singing on the podcast. For this special episode of The Gist, we bring in vocal coach Dr. Jan Douglas to help him find the key. Will he declare our host a lost cause? For the Spiel, the tart-tongued Buckeye John...
22 min
How Economists Define Poverty
On The Gist, we examine a historically very loose measure—the poverty line. When we hear about the “supplemental poverty measure” in the news, is that a more valuable number? We ask our regular guest Adam Davidson to explain....
28 min
Where to Find the Best Stories
Today on The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks returns to share a daily exercise for every aspiring storyteller. He’s the author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend. For the Spiel: Mike Pesca may not vocal-fry, but he sure hears...
26 min
Mike Pesca's Origin Story, as Told by His Parents
On The Gist, an unusual episode about an unusual coincidence among our staff. Both Mike Pesca and managing producer Joel Meyer were born in cars in the 1970s. First up, Neila Pesca and Joe Pesca tell the story of the ultimate driveway moment, when our...
29 min
Summer BS Edition
On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker addresses the burning questions of the summer season, including the truth about SPF and the weirdness of ice cream headaches. Plus, filmmaker Jennifer Nelson explains how new research...
29 min
That's Just Sand In My Eye!
In 1997, the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Princess Diana left America looking for musical catharsis. The Gist, our regular guest Chris Molanphy explores how tribute songs came to dominate the Billboard chart from 1997, with a sprinkling of a few...
27 min
How to Survive Mark Sanford
Today on The Gist, Barton Swaim gives us a glimpse inside the world of a certain former governor of South Carolina. Swain’s new book is called The Speechwriter. Plus, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis responds to lingering criticisms of the Iran nuclear...
30 min
Debt Ratings Are Like The Emmys
Four years ago today, the U.S. debt rating by Standard & Poor’s was downgraded from AAA to AA+. An assortment of politicians and rich people warned us this would be a day we’d never forget. We forgot. On The Gist, Adam...
28 min
BPA! BPS! Are They BS?
When you drink from a BPA-free water bottle, is it still safe from "leeching" plastics? On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the research into BPA plastics for a game we...
19 min
Trump's Star Begins to Dim
Donald Trump is a clear leader in national polls, but for how long? If it was anyone else, would we be more impressed? On The Gist, Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight explains how Trump’s inevitable fall from the top of GOP candidate polls could...
25 min
The Man Behind “Cabin Boy” Sails On
On the day Adam Resnick learned what an internship was, he called up Late Night With David Letterman. From there, his career would be marked by cult classics he’d rather not revisit. We’ll revisit. Hear the story of Resnick’s...
27 min
Ted Cruz Hits the Road
On The Gist, Politico’s Manu Raju joins us from the Senate Periodical Press Gallery to discuss the recent Ted Cruz blowup in the Senate, and its lasting impact on his relationship with the GOP. How might his disregard for traditional procedure...
25 min
Bed Bugs Are Unvanquishable and It’s Our Fault
On The Gist, science writer Brooke Borel explains how a bed bug infestation in 2004 landed her in the ER and later became a consuming area of research. She’s the author of Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the...
26 min
On The Gist, a clear explanation of the many dangers of monosodium glutamate, or MSG. Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the research for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” She’s the...
21 min
Work Harder, America
Are Americans not working hard enough? Jeb Bush told the New Hampshire Union Leader, “Workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more...
22 min
Overcoming the Intraoffice Cold Shoulder
When a colleague in your office suddenly freezes you out without explanation, what’s the best course of action? On The Gist, Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column advises a woman on how to deal with tension created by a...
26 min
Step Inside the Juiceboxxx
On the heels of our conversation with Slate’s Leon Neyfakh about his book The Next Next Level, The Gist talks with the book’s subject, the rap artist Juiceboxxx. Today Juice tells his own story, and explains what...
25 min
First Taste of the Juiceboxxx
On The Gist, Mike shares an important lesson about Connecticut he discovered as a guest on the Colin McEnroe Show today. Then, Slate’s Leon Neyfakh tells the story of how his early friendship with the...
26 min
Comedy Isn’t Pretty
Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner recently said that beautiful women are “usually not funny.” Is there anything to that? On The Gist, TV producer Mike Schur reacts to that statement and discusses the role of funny but attractive unicorns on...
28 min
American Exceptionalism Rah-Rah
On The Gist, Ian Bremmer from the Eurasia Group has explored three options for what kind of country America should be: independent, moneyball, or indispensable. He defines these terms on the show, and in his book Superpower: Three Choices for...
28 min
A Different Stroke
On The Gist, Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. shares his journey from a 19-year-old rock star with massive hair, to a sober 35-year-old with a solo side project (and less hair).  His new album, Momentary Masters, is available for preorder,...
33 min
To Strangle a Flamingo
On The Gist, one question with Frank Deford.  Then, are the core issues of traditional social conservatism on the wane? Slate’s Reihan Salam explains why some Republicans may change their focus from gay marriage to the economy,...
26 min
Let's Grade a Deal (Iran Edition)
Even the most qualified arms control experts had little confidence that the Iran deal would even happen, much less be good. On The Gist, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis explains why you have to hate deals in order to dislike the Iran deal. Lewis hosts Mike’s...
25 min
Smile If You’re a Democrat
On The Gist, a wave of Trump talk crashed down on the weekend news shows. We have the highlights. Plus, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the scientific merits of political personality studies in a series we...
18 min
Keep News Weird
In the age of the vast and insatiable Internet, where zany headlines are compiled by the hive-mind, is it possible that the very notion of weird has been diluted? On The Gist, Slate contributing editor Dan Engber explores changing standards for the...
27 min
The Art of Porn
Today on The Gist, something none of us know anything about—porn. Pesca is away, but Felix Salmon from Fusion, Piper Text (and, of course, Slate Money) will be your guide. First up, we explore the difference...
26 min
Easy Listening Wasn’t Easy in 1975
On The Gist, Mike is joined by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer for a game we call “One Question, One Question Only.” What are the best, worst, and most likely scenarios for the Greek economy? Plus, our regular guest Chris Molanphy...
25 min
Fear Your Shower, Not ISIS
On The Gist, NPR’s Frannie Kelley explains why Tuesday has lost its significance for the music industry. That will all change this Friday. She hosts the Microphone Check podcast on NPR and edits Yours Truly. Plus, Stephen Walt from the Harvard...
26 min
Nerds in the Hood
On The Gist, Mimi Valdés explains her work as chief creative officer for Pharrell Williams’ collective I Am Other. She’s a co-producer of the film Dope, the new drama-comedy from writer and director Rick Famuyiwa. For the...
25 min
Telling Stories: Do It Better
On The Gist, Matthew Dicks offers more tricks for helping Gist listeners tell better stories. You’re welcome. This class focuses on how to bring the emotions behind our experiences into how we tell our stories. Dicks is the author of Memoirs of...
29 min
Awkward Silence Is Our Polio
Kristin Gore, Tallulah Bankhead, and Alice Roosevelt Longworth are all known for their comedic writings  and the daughters of elected officials. Add to that list the Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri. She’s the daughter of...
20 min
Poking Holes in Acupuncture
Today on The Gist, Jeff Ross’ harsh comedic roasts have finally landed him in prison. We’ll speak to the roastmaster general about his new special Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live At Brazos County Jail. Then, Mike asks Maria...
25 min
Will Gay Marriage Upend Gay Culture?
The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will welcome a new era in equality, acceptance, and fretting. A recent headline even predicted a “twinge of loss” for modern gay culture. On The Gist, Slate’s J. Bryan...
27 min
The Following Story Is Based on Real Presidents
Today on The Gist, the return of “Names in the News!” Plus, Brad Melzer from the Lost History TV series explains how real presidential lore and relationships influenced his new novel The President's Shadow. You can hear Brad’s...
27 min
1990: The Year Before Music Changed Forever
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick explains the vulnerability of Friday’s SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, and a favorite Scalia moment from the arguments. She’s the host of the Slate podcast Amicus. Plus, our regular...
33 min
Is the "Five-Second Rule" Baloney?
Today on The Gist, you will either be happily relieved or totally devastated by what we’ve learned about the “five-second rule.” Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker if she’d eat what we’ve...
24 min
Why Humankind Needs Kardashians
Is there a relationship between celebrity worship and a lack of social mobility? Today on The Gist, we explore the allure of celebrity with professor Timothy Caulfield. He’s the author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?: How the...
29 min
What’s Fair for Fatherhood
Mike took three months off after each of his sons were born. He considers that time to be the most important bonding he’s ever done, but when it comes to family leave, some new dads aren’t so lucky. CNN’s Josh Levs makes a...
23 min
Four Essential Lies
On this weekend’s Meet the Press, Mike Huckabee asked, “Is South Carolina a racist state because of the flag that flies on their Capitol grounds?” On The Gist, Mike Pesca answers, “No, the flag flies over the Capitol because...
29 min
The Creator of Doc McStuffins
What kind of person is drawn to write for children’s television? And why does that person always seem to sneak in adult jokes and pop culture references? The creator and executive producer of Doc McStuffins, Chris Nee, shares the wide...
27 min
Why Dylann Roof Picked Those Two Flags
Today on The Gist, a closer look at the apartheid-era South African and Rhodesian flags worn by the Charleston suspect, Dylann Roof, with vexillologist Ted Kaye. Plus, Richard Thaler offers common-sense ideas found in behavioral economics. He’s...
27 min
Go-Go Wearable Gadgets
Does Congress care about the political interests of regular American citizens as much as those of their affluent donors? Today on The Gist, we speak with Princeton politics professor Martin Gilens about a study in Perspectives on...
31 min
Deep Dive Into a Defining Institution
Was racism the progeny of the decision to enslave black people? Today on The Gist, the duo behind a new Slate Academy tell us what they’ve learned so far in a summerlong inquiry into a vast and complex aspect of American history. Mike...
21 min
Google’s Loony Balloons
Today on The Gist, an improbable Google experiment is still afloat. Will this “loony” idea help expand Internet access around the world, or just be a boon to fuzzy sock manufacturers? Slate’s Will Oremus explains. For The Spiel, we...
19 min
My Friend Became a Staunch Anti-Vaxxer. Now What?
Today on The Gist, we dig some of our favorite segments out of the vault. Mike Pesca is still away taping Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me, which you can hear this coming weekend online or on NPR stations across the country. First up, Mary...
26 min
Tour Guide for The Memory Palace
James Holmes is mounting an insanity defense for his trial in the 2012 movie-theater killings in Aurora, Colorado. But what connection does that tactic have with the actual medical understanding of mental illness? Today on The Gist, Fordham’s...
29 min
Sleeping: You’re Doing It Wrong
Today on The Gist, how common is the phenomenon of the historic genius or eccentric CEO who needs less sleep than the rest of us? Could more of us benefit from less sleep? Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to open our...
23 min
Grasping for the Ferguson Effect
In the Wall Street Journal editorial “The New Nationwide Crime Wave,” Heather Mac Donald argues that spikes in inner city crime are the consequence of “The Ferguson Effect” on police. Today on The Gist, Mike Pesca disagrees....
26 min
Sharon Van Etten, Banter Mentor
Today on The Gist, listener Dillon Kondor explains why he finds himself consistently embarrassed by his own stage banter. Can indie rock singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten save the day? They’ll join us in studio for a thoughtful conversation...
31 min
His Dunkological Clock Was Ticking
When Asher Price reached his mid-30s, he realized it was his last chance to learn how to dunk a basketball. Today on The Gist, we’ll visit the West 4th Street Courts to learn about his training regimen and the symbolism behind a slam dunk....
28 min
Mac McCaughan: Solochunk
Today on The Gist, a new album from Mac McCaughan captures the feeling of being fifteen in 1982. His new album Non-Believers is available from the label he co-founded, Merge Records. In our segment, you’ll hear the tracks “Box...
34 min
Nothing Up Their Sleeves?
A look at the benefits offered, if any, from compression sleeves worn by LeBron James, alpine skiers, and ailing senior citizens.
33 min
What a Cherokee Chief Can Tell Us About Andrew ...
NPR host Steve Inskeep examines the complicated story of America’s seventh president through a new lens.
29 min
Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road Story
Alex Winter went from co-starring with Keanu Reeves in the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure franchise to creating tech-centric documentaries. Today, Winter talks about directing Deep Web, about the online black market Silk Road and its founder Ross...
30 min
Talking About Talking About Race
Today on The Gist, a brief history of beer with William Glenn and Trish Parry. Their show A Brief History of Beer is at the Under St. Marks Theater in New York the last Sunday of every month. Plus, author Baratunde Thurston joins us from the new...
26 min
Living in the Post-Material World
The other day in the Wall Street Journal, Mike Pesca saw a headline that he adored: World Awash in Too Much of Almost Everything. It wasn’t a pun, just that stark truth, and it reminded Pesca of a book he read years ago called The Progress...
23 min
Hoist Up the Liberland Flag
Today on The Gist, our resident vexillologist Ted Kaye explains why it’s so much fun to visit micronation.org and size up the baby flags. For more flag news, we strongly recommend subscribing to the Vexilloid Tabloid, the...
28 min
Why Karaoke Carries a Torch for 1984
Today on The Gist, we listen back to Billboard hits from 1984. Our regular guest Chris Molanphy explains why the year inspired so many go-to karaoke jams. He writes Slate’s Why Is That Song No. 1 column. For the Spiel, it’s time to name...
30 min
The Present Tense (and Other Storytelling Secrets)
Today on The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks is here to coach our winning listener Frank Kennedy. We’ll hear stories from Frank’s life raising an autistic son, and hear ideas for how to better integrate them into a larger...
23 min
Dylan’s 14-Month Miracle
In a span of just 14 months, Bob Dylan wrote, recorded, and released three of the greatest albums of all time. Today on The Gist, David Kinney explains how it happened. He’s the author of The Dylanologists: Adventures in the Land of Bob. For the...
24 min
Nine out of 10 Germs Agree
Today on The Gist, what does the looong campaign mean for 2016’s candidates? Annie Lowrey from New York magazine joins us for a reasonable amount of time. She’s part of a new Panoply podcast called Podcast for America, which debuts Tuesday...
28 min
Why We Lost It Over Beanie Babies
Today on The Gist, we remind you of what’s in that crate in the back corner of your basement. Author Zac Bissonnette tells the tale of Ty Warner and the craze that launched e-commerce. He’s the author of The Great Beanie...
35 min
It’s Letterman’s World, We Just Critique It
Today on The Gist, Mike Pesca and Slate senior editor Laura Bennett reflect on the unique career of David Letterman, and the new breed of late-night hosts. His last show will be on May 20th, and Slate’s Last Laugh features include many looks at...
22 min
Eating Chinese Food Out of the Carton
Today on The Gist, Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg are called out for making a notorious cliché on their hit FX spy drama, The Americans. They recently hosted a Slate podcast following Season 3 of their show, available in iTunes, or as an RSS...
29 min
Another Blow to Bipartisan Spirit
A new trade bill has split Senate Democrats and united Obama with Republicans. Today on The Gist, we speak with BuzzFeed’s congressional reporter Kate Nocera from the Senate press gallery. For the Spiel, a simple solution to the Amtrak...
25 min
On Twitter, TV Follows You
Today on The Gist, Jared Feldman from Canvs explains how social media is supplanting the old-fashioned focus group for media buyers and TV shows. For the Spiel, how American elections could benefit from candidates with less...
26 min
Are Artificial Sweeteners Bullshit?
Today on The Gist, does the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev feel remorse? Seth Stevenson has been reporting for Slate on the trial and shares the latest insight into how the defense is attempting to humanize. Plus, are there adverse health...
29 min
Restaurants These Days!
Guest host David Plotz debates the state of American fine dining with Grantland staffer, Pulitzer Prize winner, and aggrieved diner Wesley Morris.
21 min
He's Not God, but He Plays Him on Twitter
The man upstairs takes time out from his busy online life to dish about his Broadway show, Jon Stewart, and his day job as a comedy writer.
26 min
The Podcast Fight Takes Its Troll
Guest host Zoe Chace of This American Life on the battle for podcasting’s origin story.
27 min
100 Jokes a Day
Today on The Gist, we celebrate our first year as a show! Will you tell a friend about us? Plus, Jon Macks joins us to explain which celebrities have provided the most fodder during the 22 years of jokes he’s written for late night television....
24 min
The Bottom Line on Carly Fiorina
Today on The Gist, James Ledbetter from Inc. and Panoply's new Inc. Uncensored podcast sizes up presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. What was her impact on Hewlett-Packard, and does business experience translate to success in politics? For...
25 min
Artie Lange Is a Stand Up Guy
Today on The Gist, Artie Lange shares how he’s de…
26 min
Being Barney Frank
Today on The Gist, former Rep. Barney Frank expla…
22 min
The Bald Truth About Presidential Candidates
Today on The Gist, Mark Leibovich from the New Yo…
28 min
Let’s Talk About Duck Vaginas
Today on The Gist, author Zoe Cormier explores th…
29 min
Spooning With Dan Pashman
Today on The Gist, John Curtice from the What Sco…
26 min
Your Grandpa Is a Little Sketchy
Today on The Gist, professional storyteller Matt Dicks speaks with the winner of our storytelling challenge. Did we make the right pick? Hear our entries from yesterday’s Gist here. Plus, Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column advises...
33 min
What Makes a Story Unforgettable
Today on The Gist, professional storyteller Matt …
25 min
Are Probiotics Bulls--t?
Today on The Gist, it’s an episode that comes fro…
26 min
We Dish on the Knish
Today on The Gist, Marc Caputo from Politico’s F…
27 min
Before Bombs Fell Out of Favor
Today on The Gist, Bryan Burrough explains what A…
26 min
From 'The Daily Show' to the Past
On Ep. 238, Brian Unger joins us in studio. He’s …
24 min
50-Year-Old Hits
Today on The Gist, we listen back to Billboard hi…
22 min
Putin Programs, You Decide
Today on The Gist, Phil Galewitz from Kaiser Heal…
25 min
Ar U for Spelling Reform?
Today on The Gist, an update from Slate’s Dahlia …
23 min
Thomas Jefferson as Touchstone
Do women make better presidents? Today on The Gis…
29 min
Vincent D’Onofrio on Introversion and Acting
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick puts n…
30 min
Risk Lives Up to Its Name
Today on The Gist, Mike tests the assertion that …
24 min
Expired Exschmired
For a tourist’s paradise, the Maldive Islands is …
29 min
The Moment Has Arrived
Today on The Gist, Brian Koppelman, the accomplis…
24 min
TED Talks Shame the Devil
Today on The Gist, we explore a new form of dark …
30 min
Targeted by Putin
While Mike Pesca’s off hosting Wait, Wait Don’t T…
25 min
Shakespeare Without the Script
On a past Gist, we gave you drunk Shakespeare. No…
25 min
What’s a Walking Bass Line?
Today on The Gist, Mike joins us from a Chicago T…
25 min
Gunfight at the Walmart Corral
Today on The Gist, James Ledbetter from Inc. expl…
29 min
The Pit Boss of House of Cards
Today on The Gist, we imagine the hearts and mind…
27 min
Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs
Today on The Gist, Adam Davidson of NPR’s Planet …
23 min
Practical Yolks
How should we understand the evolving nature of U…
26 min
The Wizard of Ooze
Remember when Mike Pesca gargled Pond’s cold crea…
24 min
The #NotAMovie Challenge Begins
Now that we’ve become indifferent to illegal and …
30 min
Scharpling and Wurster Do It Best
Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster rarely analyze why…
22 min
Puppy Love
Today on The Gist, we ask Jonathan Rauch of the B…
25 min
Political Kryptonite
Today on The Gist, a look at ski racing’s uphill …
29 min
My Big Fat German Debt
Why would someone accused of multiple crimes enga…
28 min
A Matter of Chorus
Not every great pop song has a standard format or…
27 min
Tips for Your Office Fridge
Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments in Ki…
33 min
High Maintenance Delivers
Today on The Gist, we celebrate the Web series Hi…
23 min
Bitter Delights
Will a recent Gallup poll be a wake-up call for s…
25 min
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Patents
Today on The Gist, Mary Pilon shares the real his…
31 min
Songs That Almost Killed the American Songbook
Obama promised hope and change, but what about ma…
25 min
Paid to Play
Dream job alert. Today on the Gist, Mike talks wi…
34 min
Republicans: Report to Spring Training
For ages, athletes have been judged by their impo…
26 min
He Stared Down the Soviets
Before he was a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist…
26 min
One Condiment to Rule Them All
The New York outpost of France’s famed Maille mus…
41 min
Smell The Roses
Slate's Dahlia Lithwick discusses the issue of le…
31 min
World Saved by Jet-Skiing Comedian
Jet skis look like a horse running and defecating…
21 min
The Quiet Dignity of Bears
On the day when the Internet turns to llamas, we …
24 min
Get Happier
Today on The Gist, Gretchen Rubin explains what s…
22 min
Is “Illegal Immigrant” Offensive, Accurate or B...
With 100 inches of snow landing on Boston this wi…
26 min
ISIS’s Self-Destruct Button
Today on The Gist, journalist Graeme Wood offers …
25 min
The Cuddle Cure
The Nasdaq Composite Index is closing in on an al…
26 min
Targeted by Putin
Today on The Gist, Bill Browder tells the story o…
27 min
Selma’s Fictional LBJ
Today on The Gist, ponds face cream, plus water, …
20 min
What Cubans and Mormons Have in Common
Lance Armstrong has been ordered to pay $10 milli…
26 min
The Read Meets the Spiel
Today on The Gist, Mike Pesca is joined by Kid Fu…
28 min
Beyond Death Cults and Nihilism
Today on The Gist, Max Abrahms from Northeastern …
23 min
Extra: Xavier Dphrepaulezz, aka Fantastic Negrito
A past Gist guest was recently named the winner o…
14 min
He Wanted to Be a Millionaire
How do you own your failures? Today on The Gist, …
24 min
Kick-Ass Commando Weathermen
Is the White House’s new National Security Strate…
30 min
Hit the Road, Union Jack
Why is international justice so slow and scleroti…
29 min
Letter-Perfect Solution
Today on The Gist, a conversation about fetal hom…
35 min
The Most Interesting Man We Know
Today on The Gist, we might have audio from Brian…
35 min
Melody As Smoking Gun
Are headlines about “three-parent babies” far-fet…
35 min
North Korea’s Former Poet Laureate
Today on The Gist, a look at how propaganda thriv…
24 min
The Detox Detox
Today on The Gist, political analyst Jonah Blank …
29 min
The One-Man Beautification Plan
Today on The Gist: a visual avenger for the beaut…
28 min
Caffeine: Shot by Shot
Fellow dads Mike Pesca and Adam Davidson of NPR a…
32 min
The Passion of the Christie
Do Chris Christie’s outbursts make him impossible…
28 min
Microsoft’s Imperfect 10
Does the GOP’s 2016 candidate need to figurativel…
28 min
The Five-Second Story
How exactly should the United States go about cou…
31 min
Fraunces Tavern Bombing
Before the Revolutionary War, the tavern founded …
28 min
George Costanza vs. ISIS
Winning the public relations war against ISIS won…
28 min
Learning Styles Over Substance
After elementary school, who will cater to your l…
22 min
Bull in a Vagina Shop
When it comes to international monetary shockers,…
32 min
Where Are America’s Terrorist Cells?
From a statistical standpoint, should we all be s…
28 min
Should You Buy the Fitbit?
On The Gist, Slate’s Reihan Salam shares the Repu…
30 min
Is “Don’t Be Evil” More Than a Slogan?
Today on The Gist, Michael Levi from the Council …
28 min
A Better Name for 11
How real is the possibility of a terrorist strike…
33 min
If LBJ Faced Today's Congress
Did Lyndon B. Johnson really move Washington with…
25 min
Shh! ASMR Isn’t Real
Why do the American public and political leadersh…
25 min
A Poet Goes to MerCon
Can terrorism ever be defeated? As a tactic? As a…
26 min
The Right to Remain Uncivil
From campus codes to moderated online forums, fai…
24 min
Mario Cuomo’s Missed Career in Stand-Up
What did Mario Cuomo accomplish and set in motion…
38 min
As a Long Island teenager in the 1980s, Mike Pesc…
27 min
Give Me Liberty or Give Me … Liberté
A week ago, Obama told CNN he’s doing everything …
27 min
Al Michaels Has the Call
Michael Daly of the Daily Beast on the challenges…
29 min
Abraham Grinchstein
Thanksgiving cocktails are about a nice drink wit…
23 min
Are You Sure He Had a Red Nose?
How open are Cubans to the idea of democracy? Tod…
21 min
Grin and Bear It
Are we experiencing a fundamental reshaping of th…
26 min
Bad Movies, Good Podcast
All this week on The Gist, we’re down with O.P.P.…
21 min
Too Beautiful to Stop
All this week on The Gist, we’re down with O.P.P.…
28 min
For Dana Gould, Editing Is No Laughing Matter
All this week on The Gist, we’re down with O.P.P.…
28 min
Ten Years To 'StartUp'
All this week on the The Gist, we’re down with O.…
22 min
Marc Maron on the Best Podcast Episode Ever
All this week on the The Gist, we’re down with O.…
33 min
Cut Off From a Sex Life Too Soon
When your husband dies, must your sex life die to…
32 min
Should America be the world police? Today on The …
27 min
Is “Mother’s Intuition” Real?
While campus sexual assault is a real and serious…
26 min
Goodness Gracious: Great Bio of Fire
Today on The Gist, Mike comes out with his predic…
23 min
The Uruguayan in Chief
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Jacob Weisberg offers …
26 min
Tap the Holiday Spirit
Clarence Page is knowledgeable, reasonable, and n…
29 min
Orchestral Snoring on the Trans-Siberian Railway
On The Gist, NPR’s David Greene joins us in studi…
22 min
The Duck Face Facial Regime
Today on The Gist, a look at the issues surroundi…
31 min
Learning Little From the Near-Death Experience
Pop-up ads keep telling Mike to test his food sen…
27 min
The Mingus Method for Toilet Training Cats
Starting Wednesday, Billboard will change the way…
30 min
The Thunder-Throat Hope Behind Macy’s Floats
Thanksgiving is for eaters, so we’ve called in an…
28 min
Demons and Spirits
Today on The Gist, Mike begins the show with his …
33 min
The Moist Birdie Debate
How come Scandinavians are always the internation…
27 min
The Buck Starts Here
Today on The Gist, Chuck Todd from NBC’s Meet the…
22 min
The Kitsch of Death
If it bleed, it leads, but today on The Gist we d…
31 min
Afghanistan: 13 Years and Counting
When our feelings about Hamid Karzai cooled, did …
30 min
Don’t Call It a Comeback
Today on The Gist, Chicago’s Joshua Sebastian tel…
22 min
Pumpkin Spice in July? That’s Too Soon
Today on The Gist, Philip Galewitz from Kaiser He…
24 min
To Catch a Professor
Are the recent midterm voters reflective of the A…
25 min
The Sweet Smell of Survival
Today on The Gist, RAND Corp. political scientist…
31 min
Did Smarf Have to Die?
Are we entering an era in which failure will domi…
31 min
Heroes Need Not Apply
Today on The Gist, Margaret Aguirre from the Inte…
27 min
Why WKRP Was Called WKRP
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Jamelle Bouie explains…
31 min
We Know Less Than We Think
Today on The Gist, our in-house vexilologist Ted …
26 min
Friends With (Slate Plus) Benefits
Today on The Gist, a collection of some of our fa…
28 min
Veteran SNL Writer Asks “Who Tooted?”
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Josh Voorhees joins us…
28 min
JFK’s Brain Is Missing
Raise a toast: There are no more dry states left …
25 min
Does When We Eat Matter?
Today on The Gist, political writer Harry Enten f…
26 min
Two Families, One Mortgage
It looks likely that the Republicans will win the…
30 min
Starving Jake Gyllenhaal
Today on The Gist, it’s hard to look away from a …
25 min
If Washington Hips to Indie Rock
Today on The Gist: Divided government is supposed…
30 min
Why Political Consultants Prescribe Bumpkin
Every so often there’s a politician who breaks th…
26 min
Don’t Get Ebola in Missouri
Today on The Gist, Stephen E. Flynn, political sc…
20 min
High Times Rolls On
Today on The Gist, political writer Harry Enten f…
29 min
Tastes Like James Joyce
Today on The Gist, Paul Slovic from Decision Rese…
31 min
We Work Hard For Less Money
Today on The Gist, a question about opera that ha…
30 min
Soup Was Once Hilarious
Today on The Gist, David Montgomery from the Siou…
31 min
The Serial Podcast Ending Is TBD
Today on The Gist, an interview from the new podc…
28 min
Norman Lear, Thanks for TV
Like TV? Then you owe a debt to our guest on The …
32 min
Thanks Bro, Now Get the Hell Out of Feminism
This election season has been full of court fight…
30 min
The Eight-Glasses-of-Water-a-Day Myth
Today on The Gist, a new message of mercy emerges…
29 min
Working On Our Night Moves
Are Apple and Google “beyond the law”? Today on T…
28 min
George Carlin Gets His Way
Today on The Gist, why has Turkey seemed strangel…
29 min
My Friend Became a Staunch Anti-Vaxxer. Now What?
Should we be more concerned about black juror exc…
37 min
Rogue Taxidermy, Art for Awful Dreams
Today on The Gist, we explore the uncanny valley …
27 min
Bedbugs: Disgusting Nuisance, Great Musical
Today on The Gist, is it too soon for Ebola jokes…
27 min
Math vs. Ebola
Today on The Gist, something we’re good at when i…
30 min
Qatar: Friend or Frenemy?
Today on The Gist, the home of the largest U.S. m…
30 min
Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick previe…
29 min
The Cosby Showdown
Today on The Gist, we prepare for a verdict in th…
28 min
Can Peeps Be Sticky Year-Round?
Is the attorney general the lightening rod of the…
31 min
True Tales of Andy Warhol’s Sex Couch
Today on The Gist, we talk about Andy Warhol’s er…
26 min
Louisiana Isn’t Boot-Shaped Anymore
Today on The Gist, we discuss the legacy of Attor…
27 min
His Friends Know He Cheated. Does She?
Today on The Gist, the science journalist’s versi…
31 min
Where Did the Fade-Out Go?
Today on The Gist, what happened to the good old …
22 min
Why Economists Don’t Have Many Friends
Today on The Gist, we ask the Atlantic’s Jeffrey …
29 min
The Analogy That Helped Sell Viagra
Exactly how many black men are killed each year b…
27 min
Is “Tomato Ketchup” Redundant?
In a recent article for The New Republic, Tom A. …
27 min
Xavier Dphrepaulezz, Musician Reborn
Today on The Gist, in anticipation of Sunday’s cl…
29 min
The Police’s Stewart Copeland Scores a Silent Film
Today on The Gist, Police drummer Stewart Copelan…
27 min
Comedian Jen Kirkman Doesn’t Want Kids. Cue Out...
Today on The Gist, comedian Jen Kirkman explains …
29 min
Ken Follett’s Case for Long Novels
Today on The Gist, Riveted author Jim Davies expl…
26 min
Chanteuse Storm Large Subtly Accuses Miley Cyru...
Today on The Gist, we call up Scottish schoolteac…
26 min
Why Do I Keep Accidentally Dating Swingers?
Today on The Gist, Adam Davidson from Planet Mone…
29 min
Did You See Obama Pull a John Wayne?
How did the office of the president work with TV …
29 min
Tips for Prosecuting Ray Rice
How appropriate were the measures taken against R…
28 min
Reductio Ad Hitlerum
Today on the first archive edition of The Gist, a…
26 min
Dan Carlin on the Art of the Retreat
Taking a note from Mike’s hairline (zing!), Slate…
25 min
Stop Calling Teaching a Calling. It's a Profess...
Former NFL player Nate Jackson’s league health in…
29 min
A Brilliant Cellist Embraces the Devil’s Music
Today on The Gist, cellist Maya Beiser tells us h…
30 min
The Almost Mystical Yet Totally Routine Process...
What does Anna Karenina look like when you read T…
27 min
Can Naps Make You Feel Worse?
While the best chess players in the world face of…
28 min
The Thing I Need To Do Before “I Do”
On The Gist, Adam Davidson from Planet Money expl…
28 min
Gilbert Gottfried Speaks for the Birds
Today on The Gist, a voice you couldn’t mistake f…
25 min
Happy People in Love … Boring
Republicans, like all marketers, want to reach La…
27 min
Puppies Don’t Win Pulitzers
Today on The Gist, we say hello to Yo founder Or …
24 min
The Bomb Makers’ Bomb Maker
On The Gist, Mike plays the mad dog and our guest…
29 min
The Proud Mom of 23 Could-Be Kids
“In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied wi…
28 min
Is Infidelity Still a Third Rail for TV?
We bet you an Andrew Jackson that you’ll like our…
23 min
Dude, on the Set of the Big Lebowski
In preparation for Lebowski Fest, writer Alex Bel…
28 min
Hillary’s Early Primary Polling
Today on the Gist, Rolfe Winkler from the Wall St…
23 min
Baby Panda vs. George Washington
On The Gist, Slate editors and special guest Broo…
29 min
Is That Ferguson or Selma?
The visuals coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, evo…
27 min
In Ukraine, Even the Flags Are Clashing
President Obama and former Secretary of State Hil…
24 min
Would You Report a Creepy Correspondence?
When a bored copy-shop employee spotted a chillin…
24 min
The Pursuit of Happiness Studies
Can gathering happiness data help countries evalu…
26 min
The Vin Scully of Horseracing Retires
Today on The Gist, Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Br…
26 min
Crazy Funny
When Amy Solomon was growing up in Chicago, she w…
23 min
Elizabeth Gilbert’s Secret to Never Being Boring
Today on The Gist, we speak with Elizabeth Gilber…
24 min
Come Together
Today on The Gist, how the alchemy of two helps c…
24 min
Chris Gethard Shows Off His Guns
Comedian Chris Gethard shows The Gist his guns. W…
26 min
What Made Hitler Hitler?
Today on The Gist, we observe the 100th anniversa…
24 min
Sioux Falls Has a New Flag, and It’s Quite Fetc...
The Committee to Establish a Suitable Flying Bann…
28 min
What Poker Has to Teach Us About Missile Defens...
When is it best to know when our privacy has been…
22 min
Urban Biking: A Love Story
With only two days left before August recess, wha…
26 min
We’re Terrible at Reading Online
Today on The Gist, Canadian human rights worker D…
26 min
Why Does Tomato Juice Taste Better on an Airplane?
The world used to be full of empires. Is it time …
23 min
Would You Let Your Husband Road Trip With an Ex?
Today on The Gist, where do you draw the line wit…
27 min
Who’s Better Off: A Roman Emperor, or You?
How good did the Roman emperors have it? The Gist…
26 min
Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?
Today on The Gist, writer Dave Hill tells us abou…
23 min
When Does A Civilian Become A Combatant?
Are all civilians are automatically innocent? Tod…
23 min
NYPD Cold Case from 100 Years Ago, and the Vict...
Today on The Gist, reporter Challen Stephens expl…
24 min
Does Putin Know When to Fold ’Em?
Today on The Gist, Slate’s Anne Applebaum shares …
20 min
Comic, Sans Its Hero
Today on The Gist, Ben Lillie from Story Collider…
23 min
Your Brain on Bandwidth Poverty
Today on The Gist, as rockets rain from Gaza, Isr…
25 min
Why Is Mike Pesca So Happy?
Today on The Gist, political analyst Jonah Blank …
21 min
David Plotz Is Out, Panda Blogs Are In
Today at Slate, we announced a changing of the gu…
22 min
Her Husband’s Stupid Record Collection
Is not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border President …
25 min
This Guy Killed Hitler. All He Wants Is a Thank...
Today on the show, writer Mike Sacks explains how…
24 min
Inside the Principal’s Office
For what was Mike’s most enjoyable visit to the p…
25 min
Warren G. Harding in Love
Today on The Gist we discuss a new cache of steam…
23 min
Today, It’s a Pot-Cast
As Washington State’s recreational marijuana law …
26 min
Emotions Are Contagious, but Probably Not on Fa...
On the 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s famous fa…
27 min
Philly, in Black and White
Today on The Gist, Mike talks with Alice Goffman,…
29 min
What Happens on Amish Spring Break Stays in Flo...
As Alan Mulally packs up his desk, Bryce Hoffman …
21 min
Taking (a Fake) One for the Team
An obscure U.S. government agency called the Expo…
20 min
The Diplomat Who F--ked Up
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski was sec…
26 min
I Believe That We Will Win
On today’s Gist, the stock market’s volatility, o…
23 min
Scalia Just Wants to Have Fun
Today on The Gist, judicial biographer Bruce Alle…
22 min
Hey U.N. Secretary-General … You Got Served!
Can you sue the United Nations over a tragic chol…
25 min
Is Dick Cheney the Least Qualified Iraq Expert ...
Today on The Gist, song lyrics made literal. Wits…
21 min
The Sinister Business of Advertising to Kids
Today’s Gist is a special New Haven hotel room di…
27 min
Does the Minimum Wage Create or Kill Jobs?
Today on the Gist, political writer Harry Enten f…
26 min
Should We Ditch Internet Comments?
Do nasty comments affect how readers perceive an …
26 min
Dirty Laundry? There’s an App for That
On today’s The Gist, Mike and New York magazine’s…
26 min
Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Quit Already?
With many well-respected liberal thinkers pressur…
26 min
Blame Salt-n-Pepa for American Glottal Stop
Today on The Gist, why Chipotle has become an imp…
27 min
Polls Say the Darndest Things
Forces for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, o…
20 min
13 Days a Beatle
For the first two weeks of June 1964, Jimmy Nicol…
28 min
A Mass of Mass Shootings
Today on The Gist, criminologist and homicide res…
22 min
Zen and Beef Jerky at the World Series of Poker
Today on The Gist, reporter and former Afghan Tal…
22 min
Freakonomics Is Basically a Peanut Butter Cup
Today on the Gist, Politico magazine editor Susan…
27 min
Fancy Private College vs. Good-Enough U
May’s unemployment numbers aren’t out until Frida…
24 min
The Downside of Waiting for More Marshmallows
Today on the show, a look at a Tea Party resurgen…
26 min
Does Obama Need More Drama?
President Obama’s speech to West Point graduates …
27 min
Negotiating with Terrorists
Today on the Gist, a look at the release over the…
23 min
How a Comedian Chooses Just the Right Words
Today on the show, Adam Davidson from NPR’s Plane…
28 min
Why Math Matters
Today on the Gist, the case for integrating math …
21 min
Will Racism Die When Today’s Racists Die?
How much do Donald Sterling’s attitudes toward ra…
27 min
The Vicious Circle of Mass Shooting Media Coverage
On today’s episode of The Gist, Mike talks with A…
25 min
Reinvigorating Reparations
A massive piece in the Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coat…
25 min
The Role of Empathy in Israeli Peace Negotiations
Today on The Gist, a look at why peace negotiatio…
24 min
Springtime for Hitler’s Stolen Art
Today on The Gist, the Wall Street Journal’s Mary…
24 min
The Guy Who Started “Retweets Don’t Equal Endor...
Today on The Gist, we ask what it would be like t…
21 min
Weren’t You in That Movie …?
We hear that a common obstacle to prosecuting cam…
25 min
Inside the Jill Abramson Firing
On today’s episode, NPR's David Folkenflik explai…
25 min
Elections in India, Debates in Idaho
The Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi has been deni…
24 min
Should The Wildlings Be on The Terrorism Watch ...
Today on the show, who belongs on the terrorism w…
20 min
Smithies Dis Chris, Coaches Corner
On today’s episode, Mike Pesca talks with Cathy O…
27 min
Signifiers: Headphones, Beards & The Washington...
Today on The Gist, is buying Beats by Dre a good …
21 min
Bankers and Internet Outrage and All These Ands
On this Friday’s Gist, Mike Pesca talks with Feli…
26 min
Has the U.S. Crowdsourced Foreign Policy?
Slate's The Gist with Mike Pesca: The Telegraph's Tom Rogan speaks with Mike about the wisdom of sending forces to rescue the Nigerian schoolgirls. Later in the show, Mike tries his hand at freestyle hip-hop, and he shares recent news items related to...
26 min
Slate’s The Gist with Mike Pesca: Why Are Onlin...
On today’s episode, Mike Pesca talks with Mark Le…
24 min
Slate’s The Gist with Mike Pesca: Russian Reali...
May 6, 2014: Mike Pesca talks with Russia expert …
20 min
Slate’s The Gist With Mike Pesca: Episode the F...
Mike talks with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about tod…
25 min
Promo: The Gist of the Gist
Mike Pesca gives a little preview of his new daily show, debuting May 5, 2014 on Slate.
2 min