Political Gabfest

Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners. Stephen Colbert says "Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest." The Gabfest, featuring Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks.

Talking Filibuster
Voting rights; Russia, with guest Nina Jankowicz; and the increasing politicization of cable news.
63 min
Well, Obviously It’s Jan. 6
Jan. 6, with guest Jamelle Bouie, and discussion of omicron's impact on schools, and the Theranos case.
67 min
Conundrums 2021
Your pressing questions answered by the Gabfest hosts and special guest Dwayne Betts!
64 min
Build Back Never
Manchin says he’s out; Azmat Khan on U.S. killings of civilians overseas; and Omicron.
59 min
Build Back Later
January 6th revelations get worse; Build Back Better and voting rights; and Slow Burn Season 6: The L.A. Riots.
65 min
The pandemic economy; a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics, and the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
54 min
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health
The Supreme Court considers overturning Roe and Casey, Omicron, and the Cuomo brothers’ scandals.
70 min
Biden in 2024, the Rittenhouse verdict, and China.
54 min
No Joe Mojo
Biden’s approval numbers, authoritarianism on the rise, and Jay Caspian Kang on The Loneliest Americans.
65 min
Presidents Are Not Kings and Plaintiff Is Not P...
Biden’s infrastructure win, Trump’s January 6 obstruction, and the Rittenhouse trial.
59 min
Gabfest Reads: Kirsten Powers, Saving Grace
John Dickerson talks with Kirsten Powers about her new book Saving Grace.
19 min
Red All Over
The implications of the off-year election with guest Ross Douthat; and Supreme Court arguments on abortion in Texas and guns in New York.
62 min
Is Facebook Evil?
The Facebook Papers; Building Back (Somewhat) Better; and Pamela Paul’s new book: 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet.
61 min
Great Resignation
Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress; supply chain woes; and Americans leaving their jobs.
61 min
Death of Democracy
U.S. democracy in peril, Democrats‘ strategy woes, and Andrea Elliott’s book Invisible Child
63 min
Profits Over People
Dangerous debt ceiling games; blowing the whistle on Facebook; and new revelations about January 6th and the plan to overturn the election—with guest host Mary Harris!
52 min
Get Those Huddled Masses Out of My Yard
Build Back Better on the rocks; vaccine mandates working; and Caitlin Dickerson on U.S. immigration amnesia.
66 min
True Crime
Saving the Biden agenda; an abortion doctor defies the Texas ban; and true crime mania.
58 min
Our Patience is Wearing Thin
The Biden’s administration’s vaccine rule, the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and the new book from Woodward and Costa
62 min
20 Years Since 9/11
Reflecting on 9/11; the infrastructure agenda, and declining college enrollment among men.
64 min
$10,000 Bounty
SCOTUS lets Texas’ abortion ban go into effect; processing the Afghanistan exit; and Dr. Atul Gawande on how Costa Rica expanded life expectancy by getting serious about public health.
63 min
Back to School
The Afghanistan evacuation, starting school during delta, and the path forward for infrastructure--with guest host Jamelle Bouie!
59 min
Tragedy of Afghanistan
The Afghanistan withdrawal, with guest Annie Pforzheimer; California’s recall election; and personal pandemic ethics—with guest host Alexandra Petri.
58 min
Little Fires Everywhere
58 min
Impeach Today
Cuomo refuses to resign, the eviction moratorium survives for now, and the arrival of vaccine passports.
58 min
Medieval Battle
The January 6th Commission; the return of masks; and guests Annie Lowrey on the "time tax."
50 min
Actually It Is ‘Infrastructure Week'
Delta and the vaccination decline; the bipartisan infrastructure plan lives another day; and the pandemic Olympics.
48 min
Mature Minor
Escalating threats to democratic elections, minors’ rights to vaccination, and Josh Levin on the podcast One Year: 1977.
55 min
Gab Me Baby One More Time
New York City’s primary election, J.D. Vance’s Senate run, and injustice illuminated by Britney Spears
54 min
Failed Justice Breyer Countdown
Infrastructure negotiations, alarming Supreme Court decisions on democracy, and Bill Cosby’s release.
58 min
F School, F Softball, F Cheer, F Everything
The post-pandemic workforce, Tucker Carlson, and student wins at the Supreme Court.
49 min
New, New, New Cold War
Biden meets with Putin, McConnell’s plans to block a Biden Supreme Court nominee, and Melissa Murray on what “critical race theory” is and is not.
52 min
Manchin on the Hill
Joe Manchin, how the Trump DOJ lives on, and George Packer’s four Americas.
59 min
The “Murder Mystery” Edition
The Big Lie bill is bigger in Texas, Biden’s agenda stalls under minority rule, and Patrick Sharkey on the rise in violent crime.
61 min
The “Gain of Function” Edition
55 min
Hot Button Issue
Israel, abortion at the Supreme Court, and Nine Nasty Words with John McWhorter
56 min
Million Dollar Jab
The post-pandemic economy; vaccine hoarding; and Alex Stamos on the Colonial Pipeline hack.
62 min
Martyrdom of Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney defies the Trumpists; Trump’s Facebook suspension upheld; and going meatless gets political.
60 min
Live at 100 Days
A live Gabfest on the policies and politics of Biden’s first 100 days—with guest Jamelle Bouie!
46 min
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
The Chauvin verdict with Dwayne Betts; Andrew Yang’s mayoral campaign; and why the U.S. invaded Iraq with Noreen Malone.
60 min
Blood Clot
The vaccine “pause,” the death of Daunte Wright, and Biden’s commission on the U.S. Supreme Court.
64 min
Midnight Train From Georgia
Voting restrictions, shamelessness in government and productive conflict with author Amanda Ripley.
75 min
Impending Doom
The fourth wave of the virus, Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, and fixing the U.S.’s caregiving infrastructure--with guest host Andrea Valdez
60 min
The situation at the border, Claire Jean Kim on violence against Asian Americans, and Alec MacGillis’s new book about Amazon.
70 min
I'll Get the Vaccine If You Give Me A Pony
The politics of vaccine acceptance, policing, and how Texas and many other states are threatening voting rights -- with guest host Josie Duffy Rice.
53 min
Zero Sum
The unprecedented American Rescue Plan; Heather McGhee on how racism hurts all Americans and Michael Mina on better pandemic-fighting tools.
63 min
I'm Sorry If...
The state of the stimulus bill, sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, and escalating voter suppression efforts.
56 min
Shocked, Shocked! By Her Tweets
Rediscovering “civility” to take down Tanden, Merrick Garland‘s DOJ, and how to stop police killings of Black people with guest Jason Johnson
68 min
Let the Purge Begin
Republican allegiance to Trump, schools during COVID-19, and guest Jonathan Cohn on Obamacare and vaccinations.
53 min
The Impeachment Trial Again
Trump's impeachment trial; lawsuits about election lies; and the execution of a possibly innocent man.
59 min
Jewish Space Laser
The stimulus bill; Dr. Uché Blackstock on racial inequity in vaccine distribution; and Majorie Taylor Greene’s GOP.
68 min
Short Squeeze
The Senate obstruction ahead; delegating deplatforming; and GameStop.
69 min
End this Uncivil War
The unusual but uplifting inauguration, Joe Biden’s priorities, and the Trump aftermath.
52 min
The Greatest Betrayal
What happens after an insurrection, double impeachment, and the future of COVID-19 vaccine rollout with guest Juliet Kayyem.
69 min
Reaping the Whirlwind
The election lies that inspired the invasion of the U.S. Capitol and Democrats’ historic win in Georgia.
64 min
15th Anniversary
Celebrating 15 Years of Political Gabfesting
47 min
Conundrum 2020
Emily, John, and David end 2020 considering listeners’ most perplexing conundrums—with special guest Alexandra Petri!
63 min
Barr-Barr-Barr, Barr-Barr is Gone
The massive Russian hack-- with guest Alex Stamos, Bill Barr’s resignation, and Joe Biden’s cabinet.
65 min
Breaking Up Facebook
The coup attempt, Facebook’s legal troubles, and which presidential norms to restore or discard, with guest Tim Wu.
56 min
Neutral Laws of General Applicability
Presidential pardons, coronavirus exemptions for religious institutions; and former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull on disinformation.
70 min
Sabotage for Christmas
Hobbling the Biden Administration; ethical problems in vaccine distribution; and dealing with the damage of the election fraud lie.
71 min
COVID Tsunami
The sabotage of Biden’s COVID-19 response, Trump clings to power, and guest Ta-Nehisi Coates.
75 min
Biden Biding
Trump’s scorched earth strategy, the Biden transition, and the Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act.
59 min
Special Episode: Biden Wins
Emily, John, and David reflect on Joe Biden's election and the upcoming transition.
25 min
President Joe Biden???
Trump’s election lawsuits, Democrats’ down-ballot disappointments, and polling problems.
66 min
Slate Plus Special: Counting the Votes
Emily, John and David discuss what we know and what to watch for as votes continue to be counted.
10 min
Voting accessibility, Election Day updates, and gratitude for life-changing individuals.
67 min
Last Debate of Donald Trump’s Career
The presidential debate, 545 children separated from their parents, and the coronavirus surge.
61 min
A Thursday Message
Slate's Political Gabfest will be published on Friday this week.
0 min
Empty Notepad
Barrett’s confirmation hearings; the First Amendment and disinformation; and the latest election machinations
71 min
Spitting Into a Sheet of Plexiglass
The White House virus outbreak, vice-presidential debate, and Senate races.
58 min
Slate Plus Special: The President Has COVID
President Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus. What happens next?
6 min
What We WILL Know on Election Night
Trump’s miniscule tax payments, guest Nate Persily on election night reporting, and Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
67 min
Bonus: Would you Shut Up Man
Emily, John and David discuss the first presidential debate of 2020.
29 min
Not Even Cold in The Ground
A rush to replace Justice Ginsburg, the coming presidential debates, and 200,000 COVID-19 deaths.
68 min
Special: SCOTUS After Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Emily Bazelon and Mike Pesca on the Justice’s legacy, the looming Senate fight, and what could happen with a conservative court.
27 min
Giant Fires Everywhere
Wildfires and the climate crisis, apocalyptic election talk, and imagining the post-pandemic work week -- live as part of the Texas Tribune Festival!
76 min
What Trump knew about the virus, DOJ’s move to end E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit, and Matthew Yglesias on One Billion Americans.
64 min
Who Should Get the Vaccine?
The politics of violence, Ezekiel Emanuel on vaccine distribution, and Edward Ball on his book, Life of a Klansman
70 min
Pool Boy
The Republican convention, violence in Kenosha, and the Falwell and Conway families’ dramas.
68 min
I Know a Predator When I See One
Democrats’ virtual convention, the U.S. Postal Service, and the bipartisan Senate report exposing more Trump ties to Russia.
63 min
Cheap, Mediocre Testing
The Biden-Harris ticket, stimulus gridlock, and guest Dr. Michael Mina on his proposal for rapid, ubiquitous coronavirus testing-- with guest host Josie Duffy Rice
58 min
Stop Counting Now
Messing with the census, undermining the election, and guest Juliette Kayyem on competent crisis response
62 min
Twilight of Democracy
Biden’s campaign, Big Tech, and Anne Applebaum’s new book Twilight of Democracy — with guest host Ruth Marcus.
68 min
Invading America
Trump’s assault on Portland, scrapping the filibuster, and Julian Zelizer’s new book on Newt Gingrich’s power tactics -- with guest host Jamelle Bouie.
64 min
Find Something New
Pandemic catastrophe, the racial justice movement, and “cancel culture”--with guest host James Forman, Jr.
77 min
Ministerial Exception
The presidential campaign, new Supreme Court decisions, and watching Hamilton during Trump times.
71 min
Open the Damn Schools
The Supreme Court’s abortion decision, reopening schools--with guest Emily Oster, and Russia’s bounties for U.S. Troops.
68 min
Global Pariahs
COVID rising, politicization of the DOJ, and Slow Burn’s Josh Levin on the rise of David Duke.
63 min
Because of Sex
Trump’s Tulsa rally, Bolton’s book, and this week’s historic Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ rights--with attorney Chase Strangio.
74 min
He Is Going to Change the World
A live Gabfest on police abuse, the 2020 election, and John’s new book about the presidency, The Hardest Job in the World.
75 min
Inspecting the Bunker
Protests against police brutality and racism, Trump’s increasingly authoritarian response, and the pandemic--with guest Jamelle Bouie.
68 min
It's Not a Lie, It's a Tweet
Trump vs. Twitter, the realities of a partisan pandemic, and U.S.-China relations with Sheena Chestnut Greitens.
75 min
L-Shaped Recovery
The state of the pandemic; insider trading allegations in the Senate; and Trump’s firing of the watchdog investigating Mike Pompeo.
69 min
There Is No Plan
COVID without federal leadership; Trump’s taxes at the Supreme Court; and novelist Isabel Allende on crisis as an opportunity for change.
71 min
Vote By Mail
States reopen before it's safe; this year’s election security challenges; and economist Gene Sperling on “economic dignity.”
72 min
Come On, Man, I Heard You Liked Me
Tara Reade’s allegations against Biden, reopening schools, and astronaut Scott Kelly on living in confined spaces.
75 min
Georgia Out of Its Mind
Pushback against COVID-19 restrictions, the success of female political leaders, and Mark Bittman on eating well during isolation.
63 min
I Alone Can Open It
Trump claims “total authority”, Heather Boushey on fighting the recession, and Amanda Ripley on lessons from Katrina and other disasters.
57 min
Relationships During a Pandemic
Therapist Esther Perel joins the show to talk about how the coronavirus is affecting our relationships, and what we can do to support each other and ourselves.
24 min