Political Gabfest

Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners. Stephen Colbert says "Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest." The Gabfest, featuring Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks.

Is Antisemitism Back?
Trump elevates proud antisemites Ye and Fuentes; protestors challenge China’s authoritarian regime, and Congress protects marriage equality.
49 min
What If Twitter Dies?
The future of Twitter, a ghoulish World Cup, and Justice Alito is accused of a pre-Dobbs leak.
57 min
Gabfest Reads: Rethinking J. Edgar Hoover
Beverly Gage talks about writing the first major J. Edgar Hoover biography in over a quarter century.
33 min
Candidate Trump, election denying candidates lose, and a crypto firm’s implosion shakes the Effective Altruism movement.
46 min
Extremely Surprising Midterms
Midterm surprises; what the midterm results might mean for governance in the U.S.; and the challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act at the Supreme Court
48 min
Live From Atlanta!
Georgia & the midterms, the potential for more political violence, and affirmative action at the Supreme Court.
77 min
Bonus Episode: The PA Midterms Edition
A special episode of the Political Gabfest on the midterm races in Pennsylvania.
20 min
Are British Politics More Or Less Crazy Than Ours?
The final midterm sprint; Adrian Wooldridge on the UK’s latest Prime Minister; and Trump’s legal troubles.
50 min
Gabfest Reads: Tracy Flick Returns
The original ambitious woman returns in author Tom Perrotta’s new novel, Tracy Flick Can’t Win
26 min
The Polls Do Not Look Amazing For Democrats
Some dire polls for Dems; women demand human rights in Iran; and Arkansas’ law targeting trans kids goes on trial.
45 min
Bonus Edition: Michigan and Arizona Midterms
A special episode of the Political Gabfest on the midterm races in Michigan and Arizona.
25 min
Clarence Thomas Is A Prince Fan
LA’s racism & redistricting scandal, the Andy Warhol copyright case at the Supreme Court, and Anne Applebaum on Ukraine.
55 min
What Is Herschel Walker Lying About Today?
The Supreme Court tees up another radical term; Herschel Walker’s abortion lies; and the legal mess Dobbs created for doctors providing abortion via telemedicine.
49 min
Is the Polling Wrong?
Potential polling pitfalls; Brett Favre and the greater scandal of states misusing federal welfare funds; and Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Italy’s neo-fascist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
52 min
Ron DeSantis’ Sadistic Plan
New York alleges massive fraud by the Trumps; Ron DeSantis trafficks asylum seekers; and Dahlia Lithwick’s Lady Justice.
48 min
Gabfest Reads: Searching for a Happy Ending
Ada Calhoun’s memoir, Also a Poet, started as a biography about Frank O’Hara. It became a reflection on Calhoun’s relationship with her father.
29 min
What if Ukraine Wins?
Anne Applebaum on Ukraine’s advances, Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban bill; and the controversy over minimum education standards for religious schools in New York.
51 min
61 min
Diligent Search
Trump’s classified document stash; what Trump’s second term would do to U.S. democracy; and what voters deserve to know about a candidate’s health.
58 min
Could the Democrats Actually Win?
Changing tides ahead of the midterms; Conservatives score an unprecedented $1.6B donation; and Biden’s student loan forgiveness and repayment plans.
49 min
Gabfest Reads: Life on Europa Looks Too Much Li...
Mat Johnson’s Invisible Things compares our reality with life in a bubble on Jupiter’s largest moon
25 min
The Martyrdom of Liz Cheney
The Trump investigations; Liz Cheney’s defeat; and controversies over how to teach kids to read
51 min
What’s in Trump’s Safe?
The Mar-a-Lago search; the Inflation Reduction Act; and seeking accountability for family separation at the border.
52 min
Nothing’s The Matter With Kansas
The primaries & Kansans’ defense of abortion; Alex Jones on trial; and surviving pregnancy in the United States.
45 min
Did You Apologize to Manchin Yet?
The surprise deal for climate legislation, new January 6th revelations, and the deadliest road in America.
50 min
Gabfest Reads: Revolution Through Teenage Eyes
Vanessa Hua’s Forbidden City follows a sixteen-year-old dancer into Mao’s China.
26 min
Hot, Hotter, Hottest
Europe’s deadly heat wave, Joe Manchin kills climate legislation, and the inevitable post-Roe healthcare chaos has begun.
43 min
Lowest Approval Rating
Biden’s 2024 plans, the establishment Republicans who stand by Trump, and Herschel Walker’s baffling Senate campaign.
49 min
The “Is The Major Questions Doctrine Bogus?” Ed...
59 min
Gabfest Live! Grab the Steering Wheel Edition
The Gabfest is live from Sixth & I in Washington, DC discussing new insurrection revelations; the overturning of Roe; and the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court.
59 min
Gabfest Reads: Corrections in Ink
Felony and figure skating in the same memoir.
33 min
SCOTUS Guts The Establishment Clause
The Supreme Court requires funding for religious schools, the January 6th hearings, and dissension at progressive organizations.
47 min
Drunk as Rudy Guiliani
The January 6th hearings, Jason Furman on the economy, and debates among providers of gender-affirming medical care.
51 min
Is San Francisco a Hellscape?
Tuesday’s primaries, the economy (is it as bad as we all think it is?), and Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade.
46 min
Forgive Me, Joe
The response to Uvalde, Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness, and a bunch of ignored subpoenas.
47 min
Gabfest Reads: Coming of Age in the Nineties
Elif Bautman’s The Idiot sequel, Either/Or, looks back with a modern eye.
31 min
No Way to Prevent This
The Texas, Uvalde shooting, a bizarre social media bill, and what’s going on in China, Taiwan
53 min
More Fetterman!
The “replacement theory”-inspired massacre in Buffalo, Tuesday’s primaries, and the infant formula shortage.
47 min
Why Did White Evangelicals Get So Angry
Abortion in the U.S. post-Roe; Trump power over Republicans; and white evangelicals’ hard right turn.
56 min
The “End Of Roe Is Nigh!” Edition
The leaked draft decision overturning Roe, abortion politics after Roe falls, and J.D. Vance’s Senate primary win.
55 min
So Much Free Speech!
Elon Musk’s Twitter plans, school prayer at the Supreme Court, and post-pandemic asylum policy.
66 min
Farewell, Jocelyn!
Malcolm Turnbull on China & Ukraine; the mask mandate ruling, the RNC rejects presidential debates; and Gabfest producer Jocelyn Frank says goodbye.
63 min
Gabfest Reads: He Wanted to Die Holding Hands
Her husband’s Alzheimer's diagnosis led Amy Bloom to support his dying wishes.
17 min
Double Bazelon
Approaching midterms, inflation, and whether social media is imperiling U.S. democracy—with guest Simon Bazelon.
59 min
Hey, Groomer
Russia’s war crimes; Disney’s reaction to “don’t say gay”; and Amazon’s first union
65 min
Burner Phone
Biden speaks too honestly about Russia; Trump’s missing phone logs; and Ginni Thomas’s efforts to subvert the election.
60 min
Deep Sigh
Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing; Ukraine keeps fighting through atrocity; and more allegations of Republican candidates committing domestic abuse.
51 min
Gabfest Reads: Invisible Kingdom: How Meghan 0'...
Germ theory isn’t everything.
26 min
I Call On You To Do More
Arming Ukraine, preparing for the next pandemic, and daylight savings debates—with guest host Juliette Kayyem.
58 min
Price of a Gallon of Gas
Ukraine holds on, rising gas prices, and conformity on campus.
57 min
I Need More Ammunition
Ukraine resists, the State of the Union, and backlash against reformer prosecutors.
62 min
Special: Justice Jackson
Nate Persily dishes about KBJ’s jurisprudence and high-school acting career.
18 min
Putin's War
Julia Ioffe on Putin, GOP attacks on transgender children, and Democrats’ “hack gap”—with guest host Jane Coaston.
46 min
Gabfest Reads: Heartbreak
It’s not just in your head; heartbreak can impact your immune system.
30 min
Angry Parents
Radicalized parents; what the midterms may bring; and the Sandy Hook families’ victory.
50 min
Legitimate Political Discourse
SCOTUS fails to enforce the Voting Rights Act, the GOP embrace of January 6th, and protests in Canada.
51 min
Am I Normal?
Trump’s attempts to seize voting machines, Racist attacks on the yet-to-be-named SCOTUS nominee, and Joseph Allen on updating COVID norms.
58 min
The Breyerwatch Hath Ended
Justice Breyer’s retirement, Anne Applebaum on Ukraine, and The Gist’s Mike Pesca.
63 min
Has It Only Been A Year?
Biden’s first year, SCOTUS blocks OSHA’s vax-or-test rule, and VA Governor Glenn Youngkin’s busy start.
57 min
Talking Filibuster
Voting rights; Russia, with guest Nina Jankowicz; and the increasing politicization of cable news.
63 min
Well, Obviously It’s Jan. 6
Jan. 6, with guest Jamelle Bouie, and discussion of omicron's impact on schools, and the Theranos case.
67 min
Conundrums 2021
Your pressing questions answered by the Gabfest hosts and special guest Dwayne Betts!
64 min
Build Back Never
Manchin says he’s out; Azmat Khan on U.S. killings of civilians overseas; and Omicron.
59 min
Build Back Later
January 6th revelations get worse; Build Back Better and voting rights; and Slow Burn Season 6: The L.A. Riots.
65 min
The pandemic economy; a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics, and the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
54 min
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health
The Supreme Court considers overturning Roe and Casey, Omicron, and the Cuomo brothers’ scandals.
70 min
Biden in 2024, the Rittenhouse verdict, and China.
54 min
No Joe Mojo
Biden’s approval numbers, authoritarianism on the rise, and Jay Caspian Kang on The Loneliest Americans.
65 min
Presidents Are Not Kings and Plaintiff Is Not P...
Biden’s infrastructure win, Trump’s January 6 obstruction, and the Rittenhouse trial.
59 min
Gabfest Reads: Kirsten Powers, Saving Grace
John Dickerson talks with Kirsten Powers about her new book Saving Grace.
19 min
Red All Over
The implications of the off-year election with guest Ross Douthat; and Supreme Court arguments on abortion in Texas and guns in New York.
62 min
Is Facebook Evil?
The Facebook Papers; Building Back (Somewhat) Better; and Pamela Paul’s new book: 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet.
61 min
Great Resignation
Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress; supply chain woes; and Americans leaving their jobs.
61 min
Death of Democracy
U.S. democracy in peril, Democrats‘ strategy woes, and Andrea Elliott’s book Invisible Child
63 min
Profits Over People
Dangerous debt ceiling games; blowing the whistle on Facebook; and new revelations about January 6th and the plan to overturn the election—with guest host Mary Harris!
52 min
Get Those Huddled Masses Out of My Yard
Build Back Better on the rocks; vaccine mandates working; and Caitlin Dickerson on U.S. immigration amnesia.
66 min
True Crime
Saving the Biden agenda; an abortion doctor defies the Texas ban; and true crime mania.
58 min
Our Patience is Wearing Thin
The Biden’s administration’s vaccine rule, the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and the new book from Woodward and Costa
62 min
20 Years Since 9/11
Reflecting on 9/11; the infrastructure agenda, and declining college enrollment among men.
64 min
$10,000 Bounty
SCOTUS lets Texas’ abortion ban go into effect; processing the Afghanistan exit; and Dr. Atul Gawande on how Costa Rica expanded life expectancy by getting serious about public health.
63 min
Back to School
The Afghanistan evacuation, starting school during delta, and the path forward for infrastructure--with guest host Jamelle Bouie!
59 min
Tragedy of Afghanistan
The Afghanistan withdrawal, with guest Annie Pforzheimer; California’s recall election; and personal pandemic ethics—with guest host Alexandra Petri.
58 min
Little Fires Everywhere
58 min
Impeach Today
Cuomo refuses to resign, the eviction moratorium survives for now, and the arrival of vaccine passports.
58 min
Medieval Battle
The January 6th Commission; the return of masks; and guests Annie Lowrey on the "time tax."
50 min
Actually It Is ‘Infrastructure Week'
Delta and the vaccination decline; the bipartisan infrastructure plan lives another day; and the pandemic Olympics.
48 min
Mature Minor
Escalating threats to democratic elections, minors’ rights to vaccination, and Josh Levin on the podcast One Year: 1977.
55 min
Gab Me Baby One More Time
New York City’s primary election, J.D. Vance’s Senate run, and injustice illuminated by Britney Spears
54 min
Failed Justice Breyer Countdown
Infrastructure negotiations, alarming Supreme Court decisions on democracy, and Bill Cosby’s release.
58 min
F School, F Softball, F Cheer, F Everything
The post-pandemic workforce, Tucker Carlson, and student wins at the Supreme Court.
49 min
New, New, New Cold War
Biden meets with Putin, McConnell’s plans to block a Biden Supreme Court nominee, and Melissa Murray on what “critical race theory” is and is not.
52 min
Manchin on the Hill
Joe Manchin, how the Trump DOJ lives on, and George Packer’s four Americas.
59 min
The “Murder Mystery” Edition
The Big Lie bill is bigger in Texas, Biden’s agenda stalls under minority rule, and Patrick Sharkey on the rise in violent crime.
61 min
The “Gain of Function” Edition
55 min
Hot Button Issue
Israel, abortion at the Supreme Court, and Nine Nasty Words with John McWhorter
56 min
Million Dollar Jab
The post-pandemic economy; vaccine hoarding; and Alex Stamos on the Colonial Pipeline hack.
62 min
Martyrdom of Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney defies the Trumpists; Trump’s Facebook suspension upheld; and going meatless gets political.
60 min
Live at 100 Days
A live Gabfest on the policies and politics of Biden’s first 100 days—with guest Jamelle Bouie!
46 min
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
The Chauvin verdict with Dwayne Betts; Andrew Yang’s mayoral campaign; and why the U.S. invaded Iraq with Noreen Malone.
60 min
Blood Clot
The vaccine “pause,” the death of Daunte Wright, and Biden’s commission on the U.S. Supreme Court.
64 min