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A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.

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News Commentary
Opinionpalooza: This SCOTUS Decision Is Actuall...
While we were worrying about the blockbuster decision to overturn Chevron, the Court decided a clutch of other cases that will supercharge the dismantling of government as we know it.
47 min
Opinionpalooza: The Supreme Court End-of-Term B...
As we look back on a Supreme Court term that still has us reeling, some really surprising new trends have emerged from the justices.
58 min
Opinionpalooza: The Supreme Court Puts Preside...
The Supreme Court says, if you’re the President, we’ll let you do it.
10 min
Opinionpalooza: The Day SCOTUS Became President
The Supreme Court has decided they know more than everyone else about everything ever
50 min
Opinionpalooza: SCOTUS and MAGA’s Shared Vision...
Cases aimed at dismantling the administrative state mean clean air and functioning government take a big hit at the high court.
46 min
Opinionpalooza: The Vanishing Emergency Abortio...
Why timing is everything in opinion season; Justice Barrett bench-slaps the ‘Fightin’ Fifth’; and Justice Kavanaugh lends his hand to the Court’s federal corruption deregulation spree.
7 min
Rahimi and The Roberts Court’s All New, Also Ol...
A (mostly) embarrassed Supreme Court majority tries to clean up sloppy (and deadly) Bruen with vague Rahimi. Justice Thomas is not embarrassed.
52 min
Opinionpalooza: SCOTUS Says Yes to Bump Stocks,...
Justice Clarence Thomas overturns the bump stock ban in his deadly Garland v Cargill majority opinion.
47 min
Opinionpalooza: Don’t Call the Mifepristone Cas...
SCOTUS's first big abortion decision of the term is a case of anti-abortionists winning while they're losing
7 min
The Supreme Court’s Appeal to Heaven
The religious right’s influence goes far beyond a flag. A deep dive on Christian Nationalism and the US Supreme Court
53 min
Will the Supreme Court Step Into Trump’s Hush M...
There are some alarmingly unconstitutional calls for the High Court to step in, will the conservative Justices take the bait?
46 min
Opinionpalooza: The Court of King Alito
In case after case and in his now infamous flag response - Justice Samuel Alito is bending facts to fit his narrative, crowning himself this monarchic court’s sovereign.
5 min
SPECIAL: Trump Guilty on All 34 Counts
A New York City jury voted to convict former President Donald J Trump of falsifying records to cover up the story of an affair with a porn star that threatened his chances in the 2016 presidential election.
23 min
Opinionpalooza: A Bad June Rising At SCOTUS
The Supreme Court’s end-of-term is going to be chaos. It doesn’t have to be.
47 min
Opinionpalooza: Justice Alito Flies the Flag fo...
The Supreme Court’s June rampage begins in May with a very bad racial gerrymander decision
7 min
How Originalism Ate The Law: What We Can Do Abo...
Part three of our Originalism series examines how SCOTUS became captive and what we can do about it, in a live edition with Hawaii State Supreme Court Justice Todd Eddins, Madiba Dennie, and Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern.
37 min
Alito’s Stars and Gripes
What the Justice’s upside down American flag tells us about SCOTUS’ declining legitimacy.
57 min
How Originalism Ate The Law: The Trap
Part two of a series examining the theory of constitutional interpretation that has eaten the law and gobbled up a bunch of your rights with it.
49 min
How Originalism Ate the Law: The Trick
Part one of a series examining the theory of constitutional interpretation that has eaten the law and gobbled up a bunch of your rights with it.
44 min
Democracy Dies at SCOTUS
Justice Alito suggests it’s better for democracy to let Presidents commit crime with impunity. Cool.
54 min
PREVIEW: Abortion Gaslighting is Back at SCOTUS
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern take you through the arguments in the emergency abortion care case and a look ahead to Trump’s immunity case.
7 min
Twelve Jurors and One Angry Ex-President
What the first week of Trump’s hush money trial tells us about how the former President is handling his first criminal trial
35 min
The Jurisprudence of Bleeding Out
SCOTUS is about to decide whether being on the brink of death is the only way pregnant patients can qualify for emergency abortion care.
65 min
When Gag Orders Become Campaign-Performance Ind...
What to do when a presidential campaign folds in the characteristics of terrorism.
36 min
When RAGA Rhymes with MAGA
The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is part of the conservative legal movement’s holy trinity, and all in for Trump.
47 min