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A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.

News Commentary
Roberts vs. Trump
As the Supreme Court term comes to a close, the chief justice shows his political acuity.
50 min
What’s Left of Roe v. Wade?
Exploring the division of opinion in June Medical Services LLC v Russo.
41 min
Blockbusters: DACA and Title VII
Dissecting two huge decisions in one Supreme Court week.
82 min
Race, Police, and The Law
Where is the justice and what is this Justice Department?
53 min
Immunity, Impunity, and Justice by the Numbers
The financial records cases, who’s getting cut off on the all-new SCOTUS call-in show, and why the law is for suckers.
60 min
Big Days for Justice
Bill Barr drops things, SCOTUS phones it in, and Little Sisters intervene.
61 min
States’ Rights
Colorado State Attorney General Phil Weiser on cooperative federalism, COVID-19, and faithless electors.
42 min
Why, Wisconsin?
Election lawyer Marc Elias on what this week’s election mess can teach us ahead of November.
51 min
Protecting Democracy in a Pandemic
What we need to hold onto, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.
58 min
The Law of Public Health
Professor Michele Goodwin on holding onto civil liberties when the world turns upside down.
53 min
Have Progressives Lost the Courts for Good?
Big questions for the new president of the American Constitution Society, Russ Feingold.
45 min
Election Meltdown, Professor Brendan Nyhan
How disinformation undermines elections.
13 min
Election Meltdown, Part 5
Doomsday scenarios and hopeful actions in the final part of our voting-rights series.
69 min
Election Meltdown, Part 4
Rhetoric and reality: When is it OK to say an election was “stolen”?
50 min
Election Meltdown, Part 3
Delving into the big bag of dirty tricks ahead of the 2020 election.
54 min
Election Meltdown, Part 2
Paper jams, lost forms, and lost boxes—incompetence and elections.
32 min
Impeachment's Aftermath
Precedents for future presidents, and questions for current citizens
43 min
Election Meltdown, Part 1
The voter fraud that wasn’t, the voter suppression that is.
40 min
A Trial That's Not A Trial
As the Chief Justice and Senators swear in for Donald J Trump’s impeachment trial, a lawyer’s eye view of proceedings.
48 min
What Is Impeachment For?
Live from the Aspen Institute, a conversation about the case against Donald Trump.
5 min
Buckle Up, John Roberts
Looking ahead to a turbulent 2020 for the chief justice.
50 min
Divided Realities
Lawyers on the crisis at the border, and a cacophony of bad faith in the Capitol.
66 min
Slate Presents: Lockdown
Living through the era of school shootings, one drill at a time.
24 min
Impeaching Other Presidents
History lessons and a constitutional law clinic at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment.
61 min
Bonus: A Conversation About Conversations With...
Dahlia Lithwick and Jeff Rosen on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s jurisprudence—and her character.
66 min
Your Move, Mitch
The next steps for impeachment, and deciphering the DACA arguments with Janet Napolitano.
64 min
Live Bonus: Press Freedom
In partnership with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.
2 min
A Look at the Original Quid Pro Quo: Emoluments.
We’re talking fact patterns: impeachment, the federal courts, and emoluments.
67 min
Bonus: Impeachment and the “Spy Stuff”
House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Jim Himes on the intersection of the law and national security.
35 min
The Conservative Legal Resistance
Stuart Gerson on the case for impeachment from the right, plus Cyrus Habib on listening.
57 min
Impeachment Primer
Answering all the questions you’ve had about the constitutional crisis but were afraid to ask.
66 min
Get Ready for the Most Significant Supreme Cour...
The justices are tackling abortion, guns, DACA, and LGBTQ rights.
45 min
How Donald Trump Weaponizes the Law
From his first real-estate suits all the way to Ukrainegate, Trump’s legal (and extralegal) bag of tricks.
79 min
The Clerk’s Eye View of Justice John Paul Stevens
Remembering the late Supreme Court justice with Professors Sonja West and Jamal Greene.
65 min
Redefining The Executive Power
Overturning the conventional wisdom on presidential powers with a radical reading of constitutional history.
55 min
Lawyers, Who Needs 'Em?
What the lack of legal representation in the civil courts can teach us about justice.
39 min
Let's Start with Race
Michele Goodwin on America’s defining issue, and on papering over the gaping holes in the constitution.
63 min
The End of an Era, and the Cult of the Constitu...
What we lost with the passing of Justice John Paul Stevens, and Mary Anne Franks on what we lose when we unquestioningly revere the nation’s founding document.
58 min
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Frank Bowman on impeachment--its history and meaning, and whether it’s meant to be so hard.
57 min
Ready, Set, Gerrymander!
A round table round-up of the 2018 Supreme Court term with Dahlia Lithwick, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, Professor Pam Karlan of Stanford and Professor Leah Litman of the University of Michigan Law School. Analysis of the census case, the gerrymandering cases, and the down-docket items you might have missed, but whose repercussions you won’t.
39 min
Trumpcast: An Interview With E. Jean Carroll
38 min
Flowers, Crosses, Clauses and Oaths
Present-tense SCOTUS decision analysis that reaches all the way back to the Magna Carta for context.
63 min
Clarence Thomas Said What?
Adam Cohen on how the Supreme Court Justice picked up his thesis on eugenics, and ran with it, in the opposite direction.
42 min
“Slouching Toward Gilead”
Surveying legislative assaults on the right to choose, and what guides the chief justice’s thinking about abortion.
65 min
A Judge, on Judging
Federal Court Judge Robert Lasnik of the Western District of Washington on judicial self-governance, racial fairness in the courts and… Quoting Bob Dylan.
61 min
The Fight for LGBTQ Protections Under the Civil...
70 min
Extra: Redactionist History
A Mueller report rundown with former Department of Justice spokesperson Matt Miller and Fordham Law Professor Jed Shugerman
23 min
Death Penalty Dust-Ups at the High Court
The robes are on but the gloves are off when it comes to capital punishment.
46 min
Kavanaugh and Kagan Had a Moment
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern unpack the arguments in the North Carolina and Maryland gerrymander cases heard by the Supreme Court this week, and Aaron Belkin of advocacy group Pack the Courts tells us why packing the courts is becoming a serious topic in the Democratic presidential race. Please let us know what you think of Amicus. Join the discussion of this episode on Facebook. Our email is
67 min
Lawyers are Tackling our Democracy Problem Via ...
Dahlia Lithwick pans back this week to assess what’s holding and what’s buckling in terms of norms and institutions, two years and change into the Trump presidency. She’s joined by Ian Bassin of Protect Democracy, a new kind of litigation shop looking at global trends toward authoritarianism and trying to resist those trends in the United States.
60 min
The Case Regarding the So-Called Emergency
Dahlia Lithwick is joined by conservative lawyer Stuart Gerson and finds common ground over the President’s declaration of a national emergency so he can build the wall. And Leah Litman helps us take a lawyerly look at Michael Cohen’s testimony before congress this week.
61 min
Parsing the Shadow Docket
What recent seemingly procedural SCOTUS decisions can tell us about substance.
53 min
Amicus Presents: The Pre-Crime Unit
47 min
What Did We Learn From The Trans Ban Injunction...
Lambda Legal’s Sharon McGowan on their setback at SCOTUS.
56 min
We’re Back to Where Mueller Began: Counterintel...
Yale’s Asha Rangappa takes us inside “the spy stuff.”
48 min
The Threat of National Emergency
20 min
Chief Justice John Roberts, a Rock, and a Hard ...
How will the chief justice reconcile his conservatism with his institutionalism in a divided court?
58 min
The Incrementalist RBG
A conversation with screenwriter Daniel Stiepelman on the biopic On the Basis of Sex, about his aunt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
47 min
Mapping the Mueller Investigation
Mimi Rocah draws a legal map of the Special Counsel’s investigation, dotted with “buckets of criminality”, plus inside the arguments about whether half of Oklahoma is an Indian Reservation.
66 min
A Hard Line on Acosta’s Hard Pass
The White House settled CNN’s suit, but big questions remain.
28 min
“Taking a Wrecking Ball to Our Constitution”
Is Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker even legal? And why the census citizenship question is so problematic.
58 min
SPECIAL: The Deadly Shooting at the Tree of Lif...
19 min
Docket Deep Dive and Is It Time to Freak Out Ab...
Reading tea leaves on the cases before the court this term and spilling the tea on where voting rights stand for the midterms.
55 min
Amicus Presents: Legal Wars
10 min
Due Processing
As Justice Kavanaugh takes his seat, Dahlia Lithwick takes stock with Senator Jeff Merkley and Matthew Yglesias.
54 min
Live from Austin
A legal all-star panel on Kavanaugh, the coming SCOTUS term, and the future of the court.
66 min
The Press, The President, and Enemy Construction
Law Professors Lisa Sun and RonNell Andersen Jones on morphing the media into enemies of the people.
53 min
Introducing Slate Day
0 min
SPECIAL: Surviving a School Shooting, From a Te...
SPECIAL: Surviving a School Shooting, From a Teacher's Point of View
29 min
Roe v Kavanaugh
Trump’s nominee is not super into precedent, it seems.
56 min
Back to School Protest Special
From armbands to Parkland, free speech rights inside the school gates.
57 min
Barbie, Bratz, and Who Owns Your Dreams?
The intellectual property battle about much more than plastic dolls.
39 min
A Taftian Antidote to Trumpian Excesses
37 min
The Scalia Factor
Rick Hasen on his book “The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption”
49 min
The Argument That Could Reclaim the Supreme Cou...
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on the frustrating process of vetting a new Supreme Court justice.
31 min
With Kennedy Gone, What’s on the Chopping Block?
Our annual look at the end of the Supreme Court term.
47 min
Voting: Purging, Packing, Cracking, Standing
Analysis of SCOTUS gerrymandering and voter purge decisions with Paul M Smith, who argued two of the cases.
41 min
Bonus: Live From the ACLU
A legal all-star panel with David Cole, Vanita Gupta, Joyce White Vance and Richard Painter.
71 min
Religious Belief, Sincerely Held
Examining the narrow slicing of the Masterpiece cake shop holding, and contemplating the role of faith in our laws.
65 min
The Impeachment Question
It’s a possibility, but should it be a goal?
42 min
The State of the State Attorneys General
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on gun safety wins, the resistance, and Eric Schneiderman
38 min
Travel Ban 3.0 and Rinsing off Religious Animus...
55 min
The Rule of Law and the Ethics of Poking the Bear
A slow motion constitutional crisis may be upon us. Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Lawfare blog editor and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Ben Wittes, to assess the threats to the rule of law posed by presidential pique.
43 min
Don’t Call It an Abortion Case
NIFLA v Becerra may be all about reproductive rights, but it’s a speech case, too.
57 min
All The President's Lawyers
This week we follow the money in the Mueller investigation and we talk with a former White House counsel under President Barack Obama about the relationship between presidents and their lawyers, and between this president and his lawyers.
51 min
When Did Corporations Become People?
57 min
A Preview of a Union-Busting Case, and RBG’s Gr...
59 min
Immigration: Whose Call Is It Anyway?
As the courts grapple with radical shifts in immigration policy, a look at the cases underlying the conversation about the rights of refugees, immigrants, Dreamers, and visitors.
34 min
“The Gross Spectacle of a Divided Defense”
The case of the capital defendant who insisted “I’m innocent” while his lawyer told everyone “he did it” reaches the Supreme Court.
60 min
The Right Not to Vote
SCOTUS will weigh whether Ohio had the right to purge more than a million voters who sat out elections.
58 min
#MeToo in the Courts
What’s next, and what’s needed, in the wake of sexual harassment claims concerning the judiciary?
63 min
Probing the Mueller Probe, and Inside the Chamb...
58 min
Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate | Martha
A preview of Slate's eight-episode miniseries about Watergate.
24 min
Why the Cakeshop Case is So Delicious
33 min
Guns in America and the Travel Ban that Went Un...
55 min
The 25th Amendment, What's That?
43 min
The Single Most Unremarked Win of the Trump Era
31 min
The Supreme Court Term RBG Is Calling "Momentous"
45 min
Gerrymandering Goes Back to Court
As is so often the case, all eyes are on Justice Anthony Kennedy.
33 min
Breakfast Table Redux
Dahlia Lithwick, Mark Joseph Stern, and Pam Karlan chew over the Supreme Court term just completed.
56 min