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A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.

News Commentary
Religious Liberty and the Right to Vacation in ...
The problem isn’t the leaks, it’s the stench
28 min
When You Take Away the Kids, You Take Away the ...
The case that seeks to strike down the Indian Child Welfare Act is about colonialism, not civil rights.
60 min
Affirmative Action on the Chopping Block
Professor Cara McClellan on how the Supreme Court is poised to change access to higher education and David Rothkopf on the Deep State stories you haven’t heard.
67 min
The Supreme Court Case that Could Upend Democracy
Moore v Harper has hit the Supreme Court calendar, and conservative Judge Michael Luttig is sounding the alarm.
53 min
Bonus: Time to Celebrate Some Wins
Live in California, Dahlia Lithwick reflects on the progress made in the face of Trumpism.
11 min
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Gives SCOTUS a Hi...
Inside the voting rights arguments at the High Court
62 min
A Hair-Raising SCOTUS Curtain-Raiser
As Justice Jackson takes her seat, a court gone wild gets back to work
58 min
Listen to Lady Justice
: A high water mark for women and the law, and then, a great unraveling.
10 min
The Sound of Worms Turning
Good for the rule of law, bad for the former guy
57 min
Lady Justice and Charlottesville Nazis
Roberta Kaplan on women, the law and holding white supremacists accountable.
41 min
The Law v Lawless Edition
Mary Trump and Norm Ornstein sift through the Mar-a-Lago files
44 min
The Clash Between Privacy and Freedom of the Press
Amy Gajda takes us through the history of privacy rights to find the sweet spot between dignity, secrecy, journalism and ethics.
48 min
Judge Victoria Pratt’s “The Power of Dignity”
Amicus goes to municipal court to find a fairer way to deliver justice
56 min
What the Dobbs Decision Means to Me
Heidi Schreck on hope and action when the law fails
54 min
Eric Holder's Supreme Court Protest
President Obama’s Attorney General reveals why he decided to boycott SCOTUS
45 min
A Supreme Court Term Like No Other
At the Amicus breakfast table, chewing over the start of a new reactionary era at the Supreme Court.
64 min
SCOTUS Wraps, Precedent Collapses, and KBJ Take...
Dorothy Roberts on what’s deadly, deliberate, and deeply rooted in Dobbs; Amy Westervelt on how the court is just getting started with West Virginia v EPA.
75 min
Slate Plus Bonus: Praying at the 50 Yard Line a...
The Supreme Court’s alternative facts in the Coach Kennedy case
6 min
Just Doing The Job They Were Put On The Court T...
Crushing, predictable decisions from SCOTUS at the dawn of an alarming new era
56 min
Slate Plus Bonus: Carson v Makin
So long, establishment clause.
4 min
Somewhere, John Roberts is Screaming into an Ex...
How does SCOTUS even operate in this environment?
50 min
The January 6th Committee Revelations You Might...
Just Security’s Ryan Goodman on the “sleeper” stories from Thursday night
55 min
Our Guns Problem is a Democracy Problem
The Supreme Court is set to deliver a devastating blow to gun safety
53 min
When a Shooter Comes to Your School
A rebroadcast of Dahlia Lithwick speaking with three educators about when gun violence came to their schools—and the return to the classroom after.
29 min
Why the Coming January 6th Hearings are So Impo...
Ambassador Norm Eisen on the next chapter in the battle to save democracy
44 min
Learning from Pre-Roe to Navigate Post-Roe
Amicus live at the Crosscut Festival
49 min
The (draft) Opinion of the Court on Abortion
Reading between the lines of the leak that shook America, and the jurisprudence that’s set to strip millions of their rights.
5 min
Rewriting Statutes Via Courts
A federal Florida court has thrown out the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation.
36 min
Fundamental Rights Doublespeak
History proves that “unenumerated” does not equal “invented” rights.
75 min
Ketanji Brown Jackson: Asked and Answered
What we learned from the confirmation hearings.
62 min
A Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmation-Hearing Pr...
An absence of substantive opposition and a surfeit of partisan posturing.
5 min
Anita Hill on the Supreme Court’s Future
The upcoming confirmation, and what it means for the court’s future​​—and for America’s future.
55 min
Why “Cheap Speech” Threatens Democracy
Rick Hasen on the speech that’s undermining elections, and what to do about it.
28 min
And the Nominee Is … Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson
President Biden’s Supreme Court pick is unprecedented.
52 min
Politics Masquerading as Law
Rep. Adam Schiff on the Jan. 6 investigation, and the end of Section II of the Voting Rights Act comes not with a bang but a shadow docket order.
65 min
Justice Breyer to Retire
The apolitical pragmatist makes the pragmatic political choice.
55 min
COVID in the Courtroom
When public health and the Supreme Court collide.
35 min
2021 Was a Direct Response to 2020
The NAACP LDF’s Sherrilyn Ifill on what happens when you win the culture but lose the courts.
49 min
Jan. 6: The Coup That Wasn’t, but Still Could Be
Accounting for the accountability gap in Washington.
54 min
The Purported Right to Abortion
Texas’ bounty scheme worries the chief justice, but his conservative colleagues think it’s just fine.
27 min
Inside the Arguments in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s...
The Supreme Court’s conservative majority eyes overturning Roe v Wade.
83 min
Everybody Wants to Be Scalia
A significant jurisprudential theme is emerging at the Supreme Court, with big implications for the climate and the environment.
57 min
Guns on the Subway and Vigilantes in Texas
The Supreme Court grapples with the Second Amendment and abortion
61 min
The Supreme Court’s Role in Police Violence
Analysing decades of jurisprudence that prop up racist police practices and block reform.
62 min
The Trump Court and the Roberts Court
What the data about decisions can tell us about the new Supreme Court term
46 min
The Supreme Court’s Charm Offensive
Three out of nine justices really want you to know they are not partisan.
36 min
The Legal Repercussions of the War on Terror
Twenty years after the 9/11 attacks, Baher Azmy reflects on how our legal and constitutional axes shifted.
52 min
Abortion, Surveillance, and Vigilantism : An Am...
SB 8 is unconstitutional and good to go in Texas (and probably a bunch of other states too).
60 min
Pauli Murray: Lawyer, Poet, Priest, Trailblazer
We’re only just catching up to Pauli Murray.
60 min
The Lawlessness of Property and Ownership
Property law isn’t what you think it is, and it doesn’t do what you think it does.
59 min
“Braided In”: The Second Amendment and Anti-Bla...
Tracking the Second Amendment through a history rooted in slavery to a present of persistent asymmetry.
52 min
A To-Do List for Senate Democrats
Is it too late to tackle the filibuster, voting rights, and the judiciary?
49 min
An Elegy for the Voting Rights Act
Democracy is not what this Supreme Court is all about.
64 min
Fulton: Bigger Than We Thought?
Religion gains “most favored nation status” at the Supreme Court.
42 min
From the Snapchat Cheerleader to Katie Porter’s...
Decision time at the Supreme Court, and Rep. Porter on why corruption is a national security issue.
76 min
The Return of The Waves!
Re-introducing Slate's podcast about feminism and gender
34 min
The Conservative Legal Project Comes Home to Roost
Roe-endangering SCOTUS grants, Texas laws, and how we got here.
75 min
Rudy and the Death of Truth
Preet Bharara on prosecutions, accountability, and what we can’t move on from in the post-Trump era.
54 min
The Verdict, the Video, and the Unreasonable Bu...
George Floyd’s murder and the history of bearing witness while Black in America.
58 min
Why Are Republicans Upset About Corporate Free ...
Corporate money in politics, and the right to boycott.
54 min
Woulda, Coulda SCOTUS
The modern history of the Supreme Court’s trampling of equality, and the decisions that might have changed all that.
51 min
Live From SXSW, With Sen. Jeff Merkley
Democracy reform, voting rights, and the legislation he hopes will ensure both.
11 min
“An Injury To Their Electoral Prospects”
Inside the arguments in a case that could gut voting rights even further.
72 min
First Amendment Fallacies
When data-scraping is speech, but whistleblowing isn’t, we might need a new frame.
42 min
Impeachment’s Message and Meaning
What we’re learning from the second Senate trial of Donald J Trump.
82 min
Inside Impeachment
A key voice from Impeachment 1.0 on what’s happening with Impeachment 2.0
51 min
The Domestic Terror Arm of MAGA
Counterterrorism should inform the response to Trumpism.
40 min
The Predictability is Part of the Tragedy
Joshua Geltzer on what so many saw coming—and failed to prevent.
50 min
Truth, Reconciliation, and Korematsu v. United ...
A lesson from history in finding the truth when the Justice Department has been complicit in the cover-up.
63 min
Justice Breyer, In His Own Words
An Interview with the court’s eldest sitting justice on life and life’s lessons.
6 min
How Amy Coney Barrett is Already Making a Mark ...
Plus Michigan’s secretary of state and the real bellwethers for defending democracy.
54 min
Trump’s Pardonpalooza
Amnesty and clemency under an unprecedented president.
55 min
“How Does This End Well?”
Stumbling in courtrooms and sweating in press conferences, Trump’s election fraud fever dream spreads.
57 min
Empty Suits
Do Trump’s lawyers have the goods?
51 min
The Canaries in the Coal Mine of Justice
Sherrilyn Ifill on the early warnings the legal establishment ignored.
64 min
The American Contest
Historical context for the conservative project to capture the courts.
48 min
The Litmus Test
What hostility to abortion rights really predicts.
46 min
What Progressives Got Wrong About the Judiciary
Politics, power, and the Supreme Court.
65 min
Testing the Election
Votes are already being cast. Will chaos be the winner?
59 min
The Senate Judiciary Committee and Boxing Kanga...
Dahlia Lithwick, Elie Mystal, and Mark Joseph Stern on girding for a fight and choosing your battles.
49 min
Quiet Words That Remain
The cases, opinions, and dissents you may have missed from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s decades in court.
38 min
A Conversation about Conversations with RBG
Dahlia Lithwick and Jeff Rosen on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s jurisprudence—and her character.
65 min
An Interview With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Dahlia Lithwick’s complete January interview with Justice Ginsburg about her time at Harvard Law School--and about her fellow female classmates.
43 min
Bill Barr’s American Carnage
The attorney general is not just a Trump enabler, he has his own agenda.
62 min
Dozens of Baby Bush v Gores
The new fronts of voting rights battles.
62 min
Behind the Scenes of "The Class of RBG"
Working's June Thomas talks with Dahlia Lithwick and Molly Olmstead about the project.
28 min
An Interview With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Dahlia Lithwick talks to Justice Ginsburg about her time at Harvard Law School--and about her fellow female classmates.
8 min
Amicus Presents: The Class of RBG Part Two
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and two of her classmates discuss their lives from Harvard Law School through today.
30 min
Amicus Presents: The Class of RBG Part One
Who were the nine other women in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Harvard Law Class? The justice remembers them all.
35 min
Coming Soon
Amicus Presents: The Class of RBG
1 min
Roberts vs. Trump
As the Supreme Court term comes to a close, the chief justice shows his political acuity.
50 min
What’s Left of Roe v. Wade?
Exploring the division of opinion in June Medical Services LLC v Russo.
41 min
Blockbusters: DACA and Title VII
Dissecting two huge decisions in one Supreme Court week.
82 min
Race, Police, and The Law
Where is the justice and what is this Justice Department?
53 min
Immunity, Impunity, and Justice by the Numbers
The financial records cases, who’s getting cut off on the all-new SCOTUS call-in show, and why the law is for suckers.
60 min
Big Days for Justice
Bill Barr drops things, SCOTUS phones it in, and Little Sisters intervene.
61 min
States’ Rights
Colorado State Attorney General Phil Weiser on cooperative federalism, COVID-19, and faithless electors.
42 min
Why, Wisconsin?
Election lawyer Marc Elias on what this week’s election mess can teach us ahead of November.
51 min
Protecting Democracy in a Pandemic
What we need to hold onto, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.
58 min
The Law of Public Health
Professor Michele Goodwin on holding onto civil liberties when the world turns upside down.
53 min