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Game of Thrones TV Club | Ep 2, Season 8: The N...
When Brienne’s smile stole the show.
7 min
What Next: The Case for Impeachment
Why it makes political sense for House Democrats to draw up articles against the President.
15 min
Women in Charge: Kristine Guillaume
Kristine Guillaume talks about the pressures of being a ‘first’ and how to get the most out of an all-volunteer staff.
37 min
Working: How Does Comedy Cellar's Owner Do His ...
Meet Noam Dworman, the owner of New York's legendary Comedy Cellar.
37 min
Charged 1+: The Making of Charged
The producers discuss making a show that deals with race and crime.
24 min
Slate Money: The Inspecting Our Own Meat Edition
38 min
Gist: The International Hilarity of Loyiso Gola
This South African comedian speaks five languages, no big deal.
31 min
Trumpcast: A Mueller Report Next-Day Debrief
48 min
Spoilers: After
55 min
What Next: Are You There, Congress? It’s Me, Mu...
No collusion. No obstruction. One recommendation.
23 min
Better Life Lab: Karoshi
Work til you die.
27 min
Gist: It’s Mueller Overtime
The upshot of the DOJ’s redacted report, from Robert S. Mueller III’s biographer.
29 min
Political: The “Oh My God. This is Terrible. Th...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the release of the Mueller Report, Trump’s refusal to respond to Congressional subpoenas, and the resurgence of measles.
51 min
Amicus Extra: Redactionist History
A Mueller report rundown with former Department of Justice spokesperson Matt Miller and Fordham Law Professor Jed Shugerman
23 min
Trumpcast: The Mueller Report: the Executive Su...
59 min
Studio 360: Daveed Diggs and Suzan-Lori Parks, ...
Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks on “White Noise” with one of its stars, Daveed Diggs. Plus the rich history of the folk song “In the Pines,” and the art of being a supernumerary.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Frank Edition
Rebecca, Gabe, and Carvell answer listener questions on how to set rules for adults at a one-year old’s birthday party and what to do when parents project their childhood traumas onto to their kids.
50 min
The Waves: The “Algorithm-y” Edition
57 min
What Next: A Fox Guarding the Henhouse at the I...
Deregulation is shrinking salmon runs and killing migratory birds. But it’s great for business.
19 min
Trumpcast: Finding Your Guts When The Spire Falls
8 min
Gist: The Better Angels of Big Business
Corporations drive some ugly headlines—but they bring a net positive to the modern world.
26 min
If Then: What Happened To WikiLeaks
39 min
Outward: The "Scene" Edition
Where’s yours?
71 min
What Next: What Ilhan Omar Gets Right
Muslim Americans should insist on their humanity. But that won’t end Islamophobia.
18 min
Charged | Ep 1: Born In Brooklyn
A brutal new court opens in Brooklyn. Two men's lives intersect inside of it.
26 min
Culture Gabfest: Free Rein on Some Gargoyles Ed...
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Dan Kois discuss the fire at Notre Dame cathedral with New Yorker staff writer Lauren Collins, the new animated film Missing Link, and the saga of country/hip hop mega-hit Old Town Road with Slate's Chris Molanphy.
65 min
Gist: Lock Up Your Mothers
Lest the New York Times quote them… about you!
27 min
Dear Prudence: The Friend, Not Therapist" Edition
56 min
Lexicon: The Lingua Francas
A conversation with Gaston Dorren, author of Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages.
33 min
Studio 360: In the Footsteps of Merce Cunningham
For over half a century, Merce Cunningham’s work was marked by his consistent embrace of innovation expanding the frontiers of contemporary dance.
10 min
What Next: Trump’s Plan to Politicize the Fed
What could happen if our central banking system becomes a political football?
19 min
Gist: The Farmers’ Candidate
If you’re a Democratic 2020 candidate with a shred of populist instinct, it’s easy to let it show in rural Iowa.
30 min
Game of Thrones TV Club | Ep 1, Season 8: Retur...
Recapping the season 8 premiere.
36 min
Hang Up: The Tiger! Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss Tiger Woods’ Masters win with Slate’s Jim Newell.
74 min
What Next: Democrats Could Lose Wisconsin Forever
Did one Supreme Court race just settle how Wisconsin will be governed for years to come?
15 min
Women in Charge: Anna Allanbrook
45 min
Who Runs That: Food52 Co-Founder Merrill Stubbs
37 min
Working: How Does Bon Appétit’s Video Food Dire...
Meet Rhoda Boone, Video Food Director for Bon Appétit and Epicurious.
47 min
Trumpcast: Climate Change Meets The U.S. Border...
29 min
Political: The “Wahoo” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Jamelle Bouie discuss the arrest of Julian Assange; Trump’s purge of the Department of Homeland Security; and the 2020 contenders for President.
73 min
Slate Money: The Puerto Rico Edition
46 min
Amicus: Death Penalty Dust-Ups at the High Court
The robes are on but the gloves are off when it comes to capital punishment.
46 min
Hi-Phi Nation: Demons of Democracy
Season 3: Episode 5
51 min
Gist: The Divergent Charts of 1994
Billboard’s number one hits that year don’t really represent where music was at.
36 min
Spoilers: Little
48 min
What Next: Mexico Fuels the Humanitarian Crisis...
The Mexican president wanted to liberalize immigration policies in his country, instead he made things worse.
16 min
Better Life Lab: Egalitarian Relationships
Are they really possible?
36 min
Gist: The Real Cost of Medicare for All
Bernie’s policy is more expensive than he lets on.
33 min
Studio 360: Portraits of the artists
Frederic Tuten’s Zelig-like connection to New York, plus cartoonist Cathy Guisewite on creating “Cathy,” and the music of Helado Negro.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Teenager Under the Be...
Rebecca, Gabe, and Carvell answer listener questions about when to limit a five year old’s Batman intake and if parents should settle for second best when it comes to kid car seats.
45 min
The Waves: The “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” Edition
66 min
What Next: The Trash Crash
How America got into a recycling crisis—and how it’s getting out.
15 min
Gist: The Candace Owens Sideshow
Owens did the public conversation on white nationalism a disservice. So did the Republicans who invited her onto a national stage.
33 min
If Then: Fake Meat Designed for Carnivores
39 min
The Good Fight: Heidi Tworek
Social Media Apocalypse Now
51 min
What Next: Bernie Hasn’t Really Changed
It’s why people love him. And it might be his downfall.
16 min
Culture Gabfest: Energy Vampire Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss the stunning film Diane, FX's What We Do in the Shadows, and the debut album by Billy Eilish: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?.
56 min
Trumpcast: The Collusion Effect On Our Norms
43 min
Gist: Misquoter in Chief
Gandhi gets misquoted all the time. When Donald Trump does it, all bets are off.
32 min
Dear Prudence: The "Sexual Side Effects" Edition
70 min
Studio 360: This Woman’s Work: Patti Smith’s Ho...
This is the album that helped forge punk’s DIY attitude with its fusion of free-form rock and poetry.
24 min
Slate Money: Travel: Budget Travel Can Be Cool
20 min
What Next: When A Border Wall Isn't Enough
This Arizona border town already has a wall. The Trump administration still isn’t satisfied.
13 min
Gist: The Puppet Masters
Grigori Rasputin’s gift was in controlling the more powerful. And there are plenty like him in today’s world.
29 min
Hang Up: The Make America Cheat Again Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the women’s NCAA tournament with Lindsay Gibbs of ThinkProgress.
73 min
What Next: California Weighs When Police Can Us...
The death of Stephon Clark sparked outrage, protests, and a bill that could change policing in America.
17 min
Women in Charge: Virginia Johnson
This season returns with Allison Benedikt as your host and we kick off the first episode talking with Virginia Johnson, the artistic director and founding member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
40 min
Who Runs That: Reductress Co-Founders Beth Newe...
31 min
Working: How Does the Editor-in-Chief of Bon Ap...
Meet Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit.
54 min
Slate Money: The Evil Empires Edition
40 min
Gist: Are Chiropractors Quacks?
Crack skeptic Maria Konnikova—and Mike’s own chiropractor—have thoughts.
28 min
Spoilers: Shazam!
49 min
Better Life Lab: Schedule Chaos
Service with a smile, scheduled by an algorithm.
35 min
What Next: Brexit Isn’t Over and Everything Hurts
Why Britain can’t just “get it sorted.”
20 min
Trumpcast: Behind Closed Doors At Kushner Inc.
47 min
Gist: There’s No Real Dirt on the Dems So Far
Is Amy Klobuchar too tough, Joe Biden too touchy, and Pete Buttigieg gay enough? Yawn.
33 min
Political: The “He's a Natural Toucher” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Joe Biden; the White House’s stonewalling of Congress; and Brexit--with guest Anne Applebaum.
65 min
Studio 360: Mob mentalities
Filmmaker Jia Zhangke, David Remnick, and others on why we’re so obsessed with the gangster myth.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Pre-School Nemesis Ed...
Rebecca, Gabe, and Carvell answer listener questions about communicating with an ex-spouse's family after divorce and what to do about challenges between a stepdad and kid.
41 min
The Waves: The "Handsy Joe" Edition
70 min
What Next: Liberals Treat Puerto Ricans Like Se...
U.S. policies toward Puerto Rico have long been exploitative. Trump’s rhetoric just makes it plain.
19 min
Gist: We All Need to Talk
Lori Gottlieb knows therapy will help.
29 min
If Then: Local News Brought to You by Big Tech
39 min
What Next: Security Clearances Were Hard to Get...
How Trump made a mockery of the White House security clearance.
16 min
Culture Gabfest: St. Louis Style Edition
Julia Turner and Dana Stevens are joined by The Atlantic film critic and co-host of the Blank Check podcast David Sims to discuss Tim Burton's remake of Dumbo, the life and work of Agnès Varda, and the social media kerfuffle over "St. Louis style" sliced bagels.
59 min
Trumpcast: A Trip To Barr-A-Lago
35 min
Gist: The Societal Optimist
Nicholas Christakis thinks it’s all going to work out.
29 min
Lexicon: Can Climate Influence Language?
Tonal languages evolved mostly in hot and humid places. What would explain that?
42 min
Dear Prudence: The "Feeling Guilty" Edition
65 min
Studio 360: Susan Choi’s Surprising Side Project
How a fun file on Susan Choi’s hard drive turned into her new novel, Trust Exercise.
19 min
Slate Money: Travel: Bringing the Kids
18 min
What Next: Mick Mulvaney Is Trump’s Chief Enabler
The ultra-conservative has a knack for slashing regulations and starting fights.
19 min
Gist: The Thrilling Don Winslow
His trilogy on drug cartels has been a fantastic ride.
26 min
Hang Up: The Farewell to Zion Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Mike Pesca break down the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four and are joined by Lindsay Gibbs of ThinkProgress to discuss the women’s tournament.
63 min
What Next: Is the Measles Panic Warranted?
There’s a fine line between getting the word out on measles and fanning the misinformation flames.
22 min
Who Runs That: Bonobos CEO Micky Onvural
32 min
Studio 360: Remembering Agnès Varda
What happened when iconic filmmaker Agnès Varda and artist JR teamed up for a road trip? They brought art to the people of rural France.
20 min
Working: How Does a Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Ch...
Meet Molly Baz, Senior Associate Food Editor at Bon Appétit.
50 min
Working: How Does a Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Ch...
Meet Molly Baz, Senior Associate Food Editor at Bon Appétit.
50 min
Slate Money: The Bad Pharma Edition
36 min
Amicus: Kavanagh and Kagan Had a Moment
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern unpack the arguments in the North Carolina and Maryland gerrymander cases heard by the Supreme Court this week, and Aaron Belkin of advocacy group Pack the Courts tells us why packing the courts is becoming a serious topic in the Democratic presidential race. Please let us know what you think of Amicus. Join the discussion of this episode on Facebook. Our email is amicus@slate.com.
67 min
Hi-Phi Nation: Name of God (2019)
Of Headscarves and YHWH
51 min
EotM: Alyssa Mastromonaco and Peter Grosz on wh...
67 min
Gist: “Guest is God”
As dramatized in Hotel Mumbai, much of the staff at the Taj put their guests’ survival first during the 2008 terrorist attacks.
30 min
Better Life Lab: Beyond Inbox Zero
Confronting the demons that lurk in unanswered email.
29 min
What Next: A Pilot on Whether He’ll Ever Trust ...
The Ethiopian crash looks different when you’ve been in a cockpit.
20 min
Hit Parade: The Everybody Say YEAH! Edition
Stevie Wonder’s legendary songbook started when he was a “Little” young man. How a semi-improvised live recording became his first, and least likely, No. 1 hit.
65 min
Gist: Adam Schiff Is Not Okay
… with the GOP’s claims that he called a Trump/Russia conspiracy as good as proven.
34 min
Political: The "Live From Washington DC" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz discuss William Barr’s puzzling description of the Mueller report; Emily’s new book Charged; and House Democrats’ legislative agenda with guest Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.
78 min
Studio 360: Let’s do the time warp
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the woman who created the Creature from the Black Lagoon but didn’t get credit, and how reading “The Metamorphosis” created a metamorphosis for one writer.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Ages Ten And Up Edition
Rebecca, Gabe, and guest host Katherine answer listener questions about putting the pressure on your kid after getting into a prestige school and solutions on getting your kids to play nice with each other.
42 min
The Waves: The “On-brand Analysis” Edition
60 min
What Next: Is the Court Ready to Curb Gerrymand...
How Brett Kavanaugh could deliver liberals a voting rights win.
16 min
Gist: The Boeing Lesson
If any industry has a massive interest in successful self-regulation, it’s airlines—and it seems they can’t.
30 min
Trumpcast: Facing And Erasing White Terrorism
8 min
If Then: Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike
43 min
Whistlestop: The Making of the American Preside...
The American Presidency from the Electoral College, to the rules of impeachment and the balance of powers in between.
59 min
What Next: Trump is Trying to Kill Obamacare, A...
The president was having a good week and then he began talking about health care.
19 min
The Good Fight: Tony Blair
A Case for Optimism
38 min
Culture Gabfest: Talkin’ Traz Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Willa Paskin discuss Jordan Peele's new film Us, Hulu's comedy series Shrill, and the bestselling book Dreyer's English with the author, Benjamin Dreyer.
60 min
Gist: Trump’s Post-Mueller Strategy
Yelling about the media has always been a hit for Trump’s base, and “no indictment” means we’re going to hear it a whole lot more.
32 min
Dear Prudence: The "Affair To Remember" Edition
67 min
Working: Second Acts: How Does a Tech Exec Beco...
Meet Patty Stonesifer, who moved from Microsoft to the Gates Foundation and on to Martha’s Table.
45 min
Working; Second Acts: How Does a Lawyer Become ...
Meet Nicole Auerbach, who went from criminal justice to social justice.
39 min
Working: Second Acts: How Does an Airline Emplo...
Meet Gerry Allen, who became a park ranger in his late 50s.
28 min
Working: Second Acts: How Does a Writer Become ...
Meet Adriane Fugh-Berman, a writer-activist who became a physician.
23 min
Working: Second Acts: How Does an Economics Pro...
Meet Mary Stevenson, who pivoted from the invisible hand to jazz hands.
27 min
What Next: New York City’s School Segregation P...
Why the inequities at one elite high school resonate across the country.
18 min
Slate Money: Travel: The Death of First Class
19 min
Gist: The Mueller Report Report
It’s more like a blurb or an elevator pitch.
33 min
Hang Up: The March Equals Madness Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss Duke’s crazy NCAA Tournament win over UCF.
70 min
Trumpcast: The Barr Letter Is Not The Mueller R...
43 min
What Next: About That Mueller Report
The special counsel is not here to save you.
26 min
Decoder Ring: Truck Nutz
Truck Nutz are a brand name for the dangling plastic testicles some people affix to the bumper or hitch of their vehicle.
33 min
Who Runs That: Zola Co-Founders Shan-Lyn Ma and...
45 min
Political Gabfest BONUS: The "No Conspiracy, No...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the summary Attorney General William Barr submitted to Congress.
11 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does the Creativ...
Meet Leigh Cordner, Medieval Times’ Creative Director
42 min
Slate Money: The Spoiled Children Edition
39 min
EotM: Tim Blake Nelson and Jill Sobule
60 min
Gist: The Real March Madness Upset
Jim Nantz is so boring.
28 min
Spoilers: Us
48 min
What Next: How Long Will It Take the Death Pena...
California Governor Gavin Newsom’s moratorium on executions is largely symbolic.
22 min
Better Life Lab: Work-Work Conflict
When your job is too many jobs, all at once.
28 min
Gist: The Past and Future Biden
Are we digging to deeply into Joe Biden’s past?
30 min
Trumpcast: Why Did Deutsche Bank Support Trump?
41 min
Political: The “The President is Not a White Su...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and guest host Jamelle Bouie discuss the Christchurch massacre; why Democratic presidential candidates who are straight, white and male are dominating the news coverage; and whether the Electoral College should be abolished.
60 min
Studio 360: Cracking cases
After prosecuting the O.J. Simpson case, Marcia Clark turned to writing courtroom-drama novels and a new TV show. Plus the mystery of “Cracks,” a “Sesame Street” cartoon that terrified kids — and then disappeared.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Make The Chicken Danc...
Rebecca, Gabe, and Carvell answer listener questions about the looming fear of talking with your kid about death and if it's okay if your ten year-old is into Amy Winehouse and other adult things.
51 min
The Waves: The "Avocado Turd" Edition
59 min
What Next: When Are We Going to Start Planning ...
It’ll take an absolute catastrophe.
18 min
Gist: Solving Maternal Mortality
How California fixed its maternal health crisis
26 min
If Then: Livestreaming A Massacre
31 min
Outward: The "Town and Country" Edition
What’s it like to be a rural queer?
69 min
What Next: Court Packing Is Not That Extreme
It’s an accident of history that the Supreme Court has nine seats.
18 min
Culture Gabfest: Queen of Shade Edition
Dana Stevens, Isaac Butler, and Benjamin Frisch discuss HBO's documentary The Inventor about the Theranos scandal, the meteoric rise of Rupaul's Drag Race, and Netflix's awkward attempt at branding itself in the wake of cancelling the beloved show One Day at a Time.
58 min
Gist: What Merchants of Truth Gets Right
Valid accusations of plagiarism shouldn’t tar Jill Abramson’s entire book. And if they do, that would only be prove her point on our hair-trigger news environment.
35 min
Dear Prudence: The "You Gonna Eat That?" Edition
69 min
Lexicon: When Ain't Was Alright
What we can learn about English from am, the seemingly simplest verb.
35 min
Studio 360: Jia Zhangke’s Empathetic Eye
Jia Zhangke on his latest film about the lives of working-class Chinese, Ash Is Purest White, and the movies that shaped him.
19 min
What Next: How the Internet Makes Murderers
Right-wing extremism lives online now. Can law enforcement follow it there?
23 min
Slate Money: Travel: What’s the Point?
22 min
Trumpcast: The Six Groups Within The 2019 Democ...
29 min
Gist: Beto Takes a Stand
We may not know much about Beto O’Rourke’s political stances, but his physical one—atop diner countertops—is clear.
29 min
Hang Up: The Poorly Photoshopped Water Polo Act...
Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Ben Mathis-Lilley talk about the field for this year’s NCAA tournament and Zion Williamson’s return to the court.
69 min
What Next: Why is Beto Running?
The former Congressman isn’t bringing anything unique to an already crowded 2020 field.
14 min
Who Runs That: Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser
38 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Bar Manag...
Meet Toni Ann Siri, the Bar Manager at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ.
33 min
Amicus: Lawyers are Tackling our Democracy Prob...
Dahlia Lithwick pans back this week to assess what’s holding and what’s buckling in terms of norms and institutions, two years and change into the Trump presidency. She’s joined by Ian Bassin of Protect Democracy, a new kind of litigation shop looking at global trends toward authoritarianism and trying to resist those trends in the United States.
60 min
Hi-Phi Nation: The Forever War
Season 3: Episode 4
47 min
EotM: Adam Gopnik on Sibling Rivalry, Stand Up,...
50 min
Slate Money: The Uninhabitable Earth Edition
40 min
Gist: In New Zealand, the Internet at Its Worst
The man who murdered dozens of worshippers in Christchurch didn’t get his twisted ideas from nowhere. The internet—and our increasingly connected world—is to blame.
32 min
Better Life Lab: The Calm Company
Insights from a different kind of unicorn company — one that strives to make big money without burning out its workers.
34 min
Hit Parade: Cover Queens and The Boy Wonder
20 min
What Next: How to Dodge a Presidential Pardon
The groundwork Mueller laid nearly two years ago is on display today.
16 min
Gist: Manafort in Ostrich Court
Paul Manafort might be able to sidestep Federal court, but there’s one court of law he can’t dodge.
27 min
Political: The “Operation Varsity Blues” Edition
John Dickerson, and David Plotz, and guest host Josie Duffy Rice discuss Trump’s budget proposal, the college admissions scandal, and the changing debate over reparations for slavery.
59 min
Studio 360: Why Yanni happened
The improbable starmaker that brought us Yanni and John Tesh. Plus director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and Nat King Cole at 100.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Free Lunch Edition
Rebecca and Isaac talk with the authors of the book Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won't Solve Our Problems and What We Can Do About It and answer a listener question about placing your kids in a religious pre-school.
45 min
The Waves: The “Live From Sydney” Edition
58 min
What Next: The Side Door Into College
Rich families wanted a guarantee. What they got was an FBI investigation.
21 min
Gist: How to Close the Justice Gap
The best move for society would be to sentence the powerless—not just the likes of Paul Manafort—with leniency.
31 min
Trumpcast: To Understand Trump World, Find The ...
8 min
Whistlestop: The Making of the American Preside...
The almost-final chapter of this story of our founders and the birth of the American balance of power.
37 min
If Then: Your Social Media Photos Are Helping t...
25 min
The Good Fight: Karen Stenner
The Authoritarian Vote
56 min
What Next: Big Banks Say “No” to Private Prisons
Protesters chanted in front of Jamie Dimon’s house and got results.
16 min
Culture Gabfest: Come as You Were Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the blockbusting Captain Marvel, Hulu's girl-puberty comedy Pen15, and the article Guilty with Seth Stevenson
61 min
Trumpcast: Fear As Right-Wing Media’s Plot
37 min
Gist: The Fraud Squad
Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were indicted for fraud in a college admissions scam.
35 min
Dear Prudence: The “Good (Not Great) Sex” Edition
57 min
Slate Money: Travel: Frequent Flyer
35 min
What Next: Joe Biden's Laundered History
We all know Uncle Joe, but do we know Joe Biden?
19 min
Gist: Let the Sun Shine in 2020
Pro tip for the Democratic candidate looking to stand out: Setting our clocks to Daylight Saving Time permanently is where it’s at.
30 min
Hang Up: The Sorting Out the Winners From the L...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin talk about the basketball recruiting scandal at LSU.
72 min
What Next: Is Mark Zuckerberg Gaslighting You?
What to think of the Facebook founder’s latest blog post.
20 min
Who Runs That: NerdWallet CEO Tim Chen
32 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Wench Do ...
Meet Victoria Militello, a server at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ
27 min
Slate Money: The This Should be Free Edition
42 min
EotM: Aparna Nancherla On Learning to Saying No...
35 min
Gist: American Carnage? It’s Real
The opioid epidemic inflicted war-like casualties for years before getting national attention.
31 min
Introducing Charged: Inside New York’s Gun Court
3 min
Spoilers: Captain Marvel
A spoiler-filled discussion of Captain Marvel
36 min
What Next: The Scandal Catching Up to Justin Tr...
Could this imbroglio prompt the rise of Canada’s far right?
17 min
Gist: The Endless Fact Check
Keeping up with Trump’s lies is basically a full-time job.
27 min
Political: The "Fox is in the White House" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the House of Representatives’ investigation of Trump, Amanda Ripley’s article about political prejudice in America, and the Fox News White House.
69 min
Studio 360: The Playbill of Rights
Heidi Schreck’s memoir-tinged play about the Constitution hits Broadway, plus making Broadway autism-friendly and the magic-realist documentary “301 Hollywood.”
48 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Broken Promises Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss follow-up to the piña colada censorship story, husbands that break promises, estranged fathers, and more.
55 min
The Waves: The “Rainbow Gel Pen” Edition
62 min
What Next: Listening to Ilhan Omar
The congresswoman has a case to make.
18 min
Trumpcast: 2019 Ways To Spell Doomsday
49 min
Gist: The Unbelievably Bad Michael Jackson Defense
It’s hard to take an argument seriously when it’s executed so poorly.
33 min
If Then: How To Trust A VPN
Everyone says you should use a VPN. But what about when the VPN is totally sketch?
27 min
What Next: Things That Should Scare You More Th...
YouTube’s algorithm is the real boogeyman.
12 min
Culture Gabfest: Michael Jackson Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens break our usual format to do an in-depth discussion of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland by director Dan Reed about two men allegedly abused by Michael Jackson.
59 min
Gist: Top Chef, the Anti-Reality TV?
The kitchen is a treacherous place, but Top Chef competitor David Viana says the vibe on set was medium-well.
33 min
Dear Prudence: The "Consent Agenda" Edition
44 min
Lexicon: The Semitic Tongues
Where did Arabic, Hebrew and Amharic originate? And what is a triconsonantal root?
41 min
Studio 360: Arresting Poetry
A Baltimore police officer turns to poetry to understand his experiences on the job.
12 min
Better Life Lab: Introducing Season 2
2 min
What Next: The National Emergency Isn’t Really ...
It’s a natural escalation of constitutional hardball.
20 min
Slate Money: Travel: Ghosts
33 min
Trumpcast: Demystifying Putin’s Power And Clan
32 min
Gist: The Incoherent Right
Their indulgence in Trump’s rhetoric is intolerable.
29 min
Hang Up: The Rabbit Out of His Head Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Jemele Hill of the Atlantic to discuss what’s gone wrong with LeBron James and the Lakers.
60 min
What Next: Reconsidering Michael Jackson
How could a documentary change everything when a criminal trial changed nothing?
24 min
Who Runs That: Merge Records Co-Founders Laura ...
41 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Falconer ...
Meet Bill Ponder, Falconer at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ.
59 min
Amicus: The Case Regarding the So-Called Emergency
Dahlia Lithwick is joined by conservative lawyer Stuart Gerson and finds common ground over the President’s declaration of a national emergency so he can build the wall. And Leah Litman helps us take a lawyerly look at Michael Cohen’s testimony before congress this week.
61 min
Slate Money: The Occupy French Starbucks Edition
43 min
Hi-Phi Nation: No Offense
Season 3: Episode 3
45 min
EotM: Adrienne Truscott and Alysia Reiner
61 min
Gist: Believing Jackson’s Accusers
HBO’s Leaving Neverland presents the stories of Jackson’s alleged victims in grueling, compelling detail.
27 min
What Next: Sins of the Fathers
What will accountability look like for the Catholic Church?
17 min
Political: The “He is a Racist, He is a Con Man...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Michael Cohen’s testimony, Trump’s failed North Korea summit, and Patrick Radden Keefe’s new book Say Nothing.
49 min
Studio 360: These go to 11
“This Is Spinal Tap” at 35. Plus N.K. Jemisin on “How Long 'til Black Future Month?” and the mythology — and musicality — of Robert Johnson’s “Cross Road Blues.”
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: CSI: American Girl Do...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss temporary visiting dog fails, teacher's strikes, doll-related crime scenes, bedwetting at science camp, and husbands in need of encouragement.
44 min
Gist: Is AOC Post-Truth Too?
As fact-checkers cover Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should “larger truth” get any consideration? It’s complicated.
21 min
Hit Parade: The Bad Moon on the Rise Edition
Creedence Clearwater Revival was an eternal chart bridesmaid—a record number of No. 2’s—and the No. 1’s holding them back weren’t all classics
59 min
The Waves: The "Cookie Manster" Edition
65 min
What Next: The Gun-Owning Doctors Changing the ...
The NRA told them to stay in their lane. They replied, “This IS our lane.”
20 min
Trumpcast: Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congr...
257 min
Whistlestop: The Making of the American Preside...
This episode of Whistlestop travels to June 1st, 1787 when America’s founders faced a challenge: the nation couldn’t depend on the good will of the states to keep itself unified but there wasn’t a mandate for new rules to be made either.
34 min
If Then: Empathy at Scale
Journalist Casey Newton on the trauma of Facebook content moderators.
29 min
Trumpcast: Michael Cohen's Opening Statement to...
54 min
What Next: Civil Rights Cold Cases Find Teenage...
A student-teacher duo put their curriculum to the test and passed legislation that would help solve civil rights crimes.
23 min
The Good Fight: Chayenne Polimédio
48 min
Culture Gabfest: Jason Momoa Scrunchie Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the Oscars ceremony and its various controversies, Comedy Central's new show The Other Two, and how letter boards took over Instagram and our visual culture.
54 min
Gist: The Spring Breaker Vote
High schoolers in Oregon are using their upcoming vacation to rally for a lower voting age.
25 min
Dear Prudence: The "Unrequited Colleague" Edition
45 min
What Next: Venezuela’s Crisis Deepens
Vice President Pence reaffirmed American support for Venezuela. How far will it go?
18 min
Gist: Mayor for America
Pete Buttigieg has hit success as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Could he make the leap to president?
30 min
Trumpcast: How Our Branches Of Government Hold ...
52 min
Hang Up: The Breaks of the Game Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Damon Young to discuss Zion Williamson and the NCAA.
68 min
What Next: The Laquan McDonald Case Isn’t Over
Here's how it's shaping Chicago's contentious mayor's race.
15 min
Decoder Ring: Baby Shark
Baby Shark is an megaviral YouTube video, an unstoppable earworm, a top 40 hit, a Eurodance smash, a decades old campfire song, and the center of an international copyright dispute. This month on Decoder Ring we explore the strange history and conflicted future of the song, what makes it so catchy, and how it came to be.
35 min
Who Runs That: Coffee Meets Bagel CEO Dawoon Kang
34 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Queen Do...
Meet Tara Henderson who plays Queen Doña Maria Isabella at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ.
38 min
Slate Money: The Color of Money Edition
40 min
EotM: Nick Hornby on His New TV Project and Kno...
47 min
Gist: Billionaire Bashing Is Just for Sport
America’s billionaires don’t make the rest of us any poorer.
32 min
Spoilers: Isn't It Romantic
51 min
What Next: Who Wants to Be a (Heavily Taxed) Mi...
America’s one-percenters weigh their options: Higher taxes, or mobs with pitchforks?
23 min
Gist: A Show, But a Riddle Too
Netflix’s Russian Doll is structured in such a way—its main character stuck in a time loop—that it could be watched in any order.
34 min
Political: The "Feel the Bern" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Trump’s national emergency declaration, Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, and Amazon abandoning its New York plans.
55 min
Studio 360: The Oscar hour
Two nominees — actor Richard E. Grant and “Black Panther” costume designer Ruth E. Carter. Plus how a movement director helped helped Rami Malek embody Freddie Mercury.
49 min
MADAF: Do You Like Pina Coladas? Edition
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie are joined by Katherine Goldstein to talk about her brand new podcast The Double Shift, a show about working mothers.
48 min
The Waves: The "BezChez" Edition
56 min
What Next: Meet the EPA’s Ghost-Writer
For years, one scientist has been saying the U.S. should loosen rules around toxins. Now, he’s writing a new government standard.
20 min
Trumpcast: Where Do Black Conservatives Align W...
39 min
Gist: The Viability of Bernie Sanders
Can his policy ideas work in this newly progressive Democratic party?
32 min
If Then: Can Palantir Be Used For Good?
Palantir has been criticized for building predictive policing tech, now the company is working with the UN.
28 min
What Next: The Fight to Change Frat Culture
If financial pressures won’t force frats to change, will the courts?
13 min
Outward: The "Queer Media" Edition
Where do we go from here?
67 min
Culture Gabfest: As In Her Royal Highness Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and K. Austin Collins discuss the film Bohemian Rhapsody, the bonkers true crime documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, and the death of the Mars rover Opportunity.
57 min
Gist: The Chinese Threat is Overblown
The huge challenges posed by global warming and nuclear armament can only be met with US-China cooperation.
28 min
Dear Prudence: The "Praise Dog" Edition
51 min
Lexicon: Precious Little
How an old word for child morphed into a versatile, and very modern, suffix.
39 min
Studio 360: The Crack Monster: The Mystery Behi...
The Sesame Street cartoon that terrified children and created an obsession.
26 min
What Next: Utah’s Medicaid Battle
Voters approved Medicaid expansion. Lawmakers rolled it back.
18 min
Slate Money: Travel
35 min
Hang Up: The Settling Our Grievances Edition
Josh Levin is joined by Robert Lipsyte to discuss the settlement between the NFL and ex-49ers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid.
63 min
Trumpcast: Paul Manafort And The Heart Of Collu...
41 min
Sponsored: Episode 8 | Hilton Als and Thelma Go...
In this episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast, award-winning writer and curator Hilton Als is joined in conversation by Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem.
29 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Horse Tra...
Meet Amanda Kenny, the Head Horse Trainer at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ.
38 min
EotM: Lisa Kron and Desiree Akhavan on Finding ...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Lisa Kron and Desiree Akhavan
37 min
Slate Money: The Lucky Strike Edition
40 min
Amicus: Parsing the Shadow Docket
What recent seemingly procedural SCOTUS decisions can tell us about substance.
53 min
Hi-Phi Nation: Risky Business
Season 3: Episode 2
46 min
Spoilers: Russian Doll
45 min
Hit Parade: R. Kelly and Music's #MeToo Reckoning
22 min
What Next: A Cautionary Green New Deal Tale
What lessons should Americans take from California’s high speed rail boondoggle?
12 min
Gist: New York’s Bad Math
By losing Amazon, it loses billions in revenue.
35 min
Political: The “All About the Benjamins” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the deal to avoid a second shutdown, Jeff Bezos claims of sextortion, and Ilhan Omar’s tweets about Israel.
52 min
Studio 360: Sex seen
Sex on the screen: first times, an intimacy coach and bisexual pride. Plus, “Reality Bites” at 25.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Marching Band Clown P...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a trio of parenting fails, a really tough question about telling your kid that her dad isn't her biological dad, and another about a kid that has to be winning at all times.
51 min
The Waves: The "Minnesota Nice" Edition
63 min
What Next: Has Anything Changed Since Parkland?
There were marches, there were town halls, there were midterms. Are we any closer to solving our gun violence problem?
15 min
Whistlestop: The Making of the American Preside...
This episode of Whistlestop travels to the spring of 1787 when fifty-five men of property and elite status argued in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention for what President John Adams called "the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen,” and soon the American Presidency was born.
24 min
Gist: Matt Braunger, Funny Dummy
His main advice is just to learn from your idiocy.
29 min
Trumpcast: Trump, Drug Smuggling, And The Opioi...
10 min
If Then: Jeff Bezos’s Privacy Complexifier
Jeff Bezos lost control of his own intimate data. Will his company protect ours?
26 min
What Next: The Democratic Divide Over Israel
Republicans saw a chance to pit the Democrats against one another and jumped at it.
15 min
The Good Fight: Cory Doctorow
Taming the Net
57 min
Culture Gabfest: Steampunk Deer Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the film If Beale Street Could Talk, the TV phenomenon The Masked Singer with The Gist's Mike Pesca, and finally they deconstruct "The Stew"—the viral recipe that's seemingly everywhere.
54 min
Gist: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds
A podcast host pressed his colleague for details about advising presidential hopeful Howard Schultz. It didn’t end well.
30 min
Trumpcast Live In LA
55 min
Dear Prudence: The "Don't Like Doodads" Edition
43 min
What Next: When a Border Wall Isn’t Enough
This Arizona border town already has a wall. The Trump administration still doesn’t think that’s enough.
12 min
Gist: Open Season For America’s Wars
President Trump may want sudden troop withdrawals, but he still enjoys post-9/11 America’s carte blanche for the use of military force.
31 min
Hang Up: The Telling Not Showing Edition
Josh Levin, NPR’s Gene Demby, and the New Yorker’s Vinson Cunninham discuss the big moves and non-moves at the NBA trade deadline.
56 min
What Next: How to Get Away With Highway Robbery
A South Carolina newspaper takes a closer look at civil asset forfeiture.
18 min
Working at Medieval Times: How Does a Knight Do...
In this episode of Working, we meet Ivan Guevara, a Senior Knight at Medieval Times
54 min
Trumpcast: The BuzzFeed Revelations on Trump
40 min
EotM: Reggie Watts on Creating Virtual Reality ...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Reggie Watts
32 min
Slate Money: The Mrs. Watanabe’s Favorite Podca...
48 min
Gist: Quoth the Maven
Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos could use wise counsel right about now. Fortunately, his Alexa smart speaker has just that.
23 min
Spoilers: Lego Movie 2
48 min
What Next: How an Abortion Bill Started the Mes...
Are we about to see a lot more bare-knuckled politicking as states try to expand access to abortions?
13 min
Gist: The Green New Deal Is a Dream
But can it actually become a reality?
32 min
Political: The “Just A Little Bit of Shoe Polis...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Virginia Democrats in turmoil, Trump’s State of the Union speech, and the appalling conditions at a federal prison in New York.
66 min
Studio 360: Honky tonk angels
The past, present and future of country music.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Toddler Rabies Edition
Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace receive a transmission direct from the scene of a temper tantrum, and discuss a question about telling your kids about estranged parents. Plus, learn which member of the Lavoie household is officially a narc.
54 min
The Waves: The “John Wayne Bobbitt’s Organ” Edi...
57 min
What Next: How Trump’s Inaugural Committee Got ...
Inaugurations are always a little unseemly. But Trump’s crew seemed unbothered by the appearance of influence-peddling. And now prosecutors want receipts.
12 min
Gist: The State of the Union is… Overrated
Seriously, it might be the least productive day on Congress’s calendar.
26 min
If Then: The Court-Records Paywall Scam
The Federal Judiciary Is Making Millions of a Records System Many Think Should Be Free.
41 min
What Next: Which State of the Union? Which Medi...
Trump's speech often meandered from pleas for bipartisanship to accusations of “ridiculous partisan investigations.” What do we make of this state of the union?
21 min
Culture Gabfest: Nobody's Mad at Columbo Edition
Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss Netflix's series Russian Doll, the best-documentary nominee Minding the Gap, and Vanity Fair's list of the 25 most influential movie scenes of the last 25 years with Richard Lawson and K. Austin Collins.
63 min
Gist: The Culture of Wealth
Can it really make you happy?
23 min
Lexicon: When Words Collide
Some more of the many ways that neologisms form.
40 min
Dear Prudence: The "Friendly Flakes" Edition
53 min
Sponsored: Connecting Mental and Physical Health
In this episode, we investigate the deep connections between mental health and physical health.
25 min
Studio 360: Behind the Curtain at Autism-Friend...
Kids on the spectrum — and their families — let it go at a special performance of Frozen.
12 min
What Next: Larry Krasner and the System That Fo...
He campaigned on a promise to reform Philadelphia’s criminal justice system. Putting theory into practice has been challenging.
16 min
Trumpcast: Calling Out Jared Kushner’s Insecure...
37 min
Gist: To Russia With Love
It may not be a smoking gun, but the Trump campaign team was so foolish as to stun even the Kremlin officials they spoke with.
30 min
Hang Up: The You’re We-ing This Edition
Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley discuss the Patriots’ putrid Super Bowl win over the Rams.
67 min
What Next: The Ferguson Effect
Protesters organized into a grassroots campaign to unseat a 7 term incumbent and replace him with the first black St. Louis County prosecutor.
13 min
EotM: Utkarsh Ambudkar and Nisha Ganatra Reveal...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Utkarsh Ambudkar and Nisha Ganatra
43 min
Amicus: What Did We Learn From The Trans Ban In...
Lambda Legal’s Sharon McGowan on their setback at SCOTUS.
56 min
Slate Money: The “Horse Loose in A Hospital” Ed...
40 min
Gist: This Festival Was Fyre
But what was it like to actually be there?
28 min
What Next: Anti-Vaxxers Brought Back the Measles
Why the spread of a preventable disease in the Pacific-Northwest should scare Texans.
14 min
Gist: Kids Are Weird. You Can Be Weird Too.
Professional mom Hillary Frank is here to give you permission to tell white lies and make everything a game.
25 min
Political: The “But Every Politician’s Gonna Sa...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Howard Schultz’s threat to run for president, Mitch McConnell’s legacy (with guest Charles Homans), and performative workaholism.
57 min
Studio 360: Found in translation
How Natasha Wimmer translates Bolaño, plus theater about gynecology’s unconscionable founder, and fine art made of carpet.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Pesto in a Tub Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss Gabe's greatest-of-all-time parenting triumph, opening up to your kids, making it to year sixteen, whether divorced parents have it easier, and the anxiety of being an older parent.
47 min
The Waves: The "Subpoena Me" Edition
55 min
What Next: Don't Call Him El Chapo
The myth of El Chapo has overpowered the hard truths his trial is revealing.
11 min
Hi-Phi Nation: The Precrime Unit
45 min
Decoder Ring: The Grifter
For over a decade, Brett Johnson was a cyber criminal, a scammer, and a con man, but now he's a good guy, helping companies stop people like who he used to be. His story is the stuff of a prestige TV anti-hero drama, but real life is more complicated than a story.
51 min
Gist: Medicare for All, Dissent From None
If Democrats insist there’s only one right answer on Medicare, they risk squabbling their way to defeat in 2020.
27 min
Whistlestop: A ’90s-Style Government Shutdown (...
This episode of Whistlestop travels to November 7, 1995, when a long and uncomfortable plane ride helped fire up Speaker Gingrich to deliver a dramatic set of budget demands that President Bill Clinton did not expect.
28 min
Trumpcast: The Collusion Story Info Spectrum
30 min
If Then: Media Layoffs Are Trending
32 min
What Next: Howard Schultz and the Ghost of Ross...
A billionaire flirts with a third party presidential run and everybody loses their mind.
15 min
The Good Fight: James Bloodworth
45 min
Culture Gabfest: Prosthesis Statement Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the Oscar-nominated film Vice, the Netflix streamer Sexual Education, and what to make of Netflix's "ratings" numbers with Slate TV critic and the host of Decoder Ring, Willa Paskin.
57 min
Gist: E Pluribus Unum, Still?
31 min
Dear Prudence: The "I'm Not Really Perfect" Edi...
48 min
What Next: How Big Tech Is Bleeding American Jo...
Is it time for major media companies to boycott Facebook?
17 min
You Must Remember This 145: Ramon Novarro
51 min
Gist: Stone Cold Weirdos
Whatever comes of Roger Stone’s arrest, his is a great showcase of how odd one human being can get.
29 min
Trumpcast: A (Roger) Stone In A Barrel
29 min
Hang Up: The Most Alarming Feet I’ve Ever Seen ...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Courtney Nguyen to talk about Naomi Osaka’s Australian Open win.
71 min
What Next: The Gun Rights Case Headed to the Su...
In the fight to expand Second Amendment rights, a New York City gun law could be the first domino to fall.
16 min
EotM: RISK!’s Kevin Allison and Chris “Shockwav...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Kevin Allison and Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan
63 min
Slate Money: The Blah Blah Blahs Matter Edition
41 min
Gist: Big Tent Primaries
Former DNC chair Donna Brazile welcomes the huge field of 2020 candidates (and as for Capitol Hill, she digs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).
30 min
Hit Parade: The Gaga is Born Edition
Lady Gaga may be about to pivot from Grammy-winner to Oscar-winner. How did A Star Is Born both reflect and reboot her decade-long career?
66 min
What Next: The Opposition Comes for Venezuela’s...
Venezuela has been in crisis for years. Why is a network of exiled politicians sending people into the streets now?
19 min
Gist: Digital Journalism, a Market Failure
The layoffs hitting journalism have nothing to do with its quality—and everything to do with Google and Facebook.
29 min
Political: The “Great Blotch” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the government shutdown, the 2020 Democratic presidential field, and Brexit doom with guest Tanya Gold.
68 min
Studio 360: Shall we dance?
Dance, movement and the music that moves you to dance.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: This Job Sucks Edition
46 min
What Next: Congress Does Something
Could Thursday mark the beginning of the end of the government shutdown?
18 min
The Waves: The “Masculine Mystique” Edition
61 min
Trumpcast: How The FBI Investigates A President
10 min
Gist: The Dismissal of Kamala Harris
We shouldn’t dismiss her before the 2020 race even starts.
23 min
If Then: Juul Heist
Wired’s Nitasha Tiku Breaks Down Juul, the Company That Dominates E-Cigarettes.
39 min
What Next: Kamala Harris & the Rise of Progress...
Why doesn’t the reform-minded set accept Harris as one of their own?
21 min
Culture Gabfest: Beautiful Blindspot Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Sam Adams discuss the dueling Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu with Slate writer Shannon Palus, Glenn Close best actress vehicle The Wife, and the 2019 Academy Award Nominations.
49 min
Hang Up: The When You’re the Steak Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Gist’s Mike Pesca to discuss the NFL’s conference championship games. ESPN’s Steve Fainaru also joins to talk about the collapsing football insurance market, and Ben Lindbergh of the Ringer assesses baseball’s ice-cold free agent market.
76 min
Gist: Will #MeToo Face the Music?
R. Kelly may be going down, but veteran critic Jessica Hopper sees a long road ahead for the music industry.
26 min
Dear Prudence: The "Sell The Damn Ring" Edition
51 min
Lexicon: Truth Be Told
An actually very literal discussion of true words. Really!
36 min
Studio 360: From Aria Code: Dalila, the Femme F...
The wildly beautiful aria that drives Samson wild.
31 min
What Next: The Women Fleeing Saudi Arabia
What it’s like to escape when your every movement is policed by men.
19 min
Trumpcast: The Democratic Approach To Immigrati...
45 min
Slate Spoiler Specials: Glass
56 min
Sponsored: Technology and Health
From pacemakers that help control abnormal heart rhythms to apps that monitor everything from oxygen to sugar levels, technology’s role in patients’ lives and health care generally is continuing to expand. In this episode, we look at how innovations in telehealth, wearable tech, and artificial intelligence are changing patients’ experiences and healthcare in general.
28 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Museum Store Market...
Meet Maggie Berry, associate director of retail marketing at MoMA.
45 min
EotM: The Moth’s Catherine Burns on Grief and B...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Catherine Burns and Jo Firestone
52 min
Amicus: We’re Back to Where Mueller Began: Coun...
Yale’s Asha Rangappa takes us inside “the spy stuff.”
48 min
Slate Money: The Bad Deals Edition
39 min
Gist: For 2020, Steve King Is Dead Weight
Steve King’s rhetoric is nothing new. But his party’s reaction is.
30 min
Hit Parade Trivia: Grammys and Gaga Edition
21 min
What Next: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Flips the S...
She doesn’t need to be authoritative, or vaguely androgynous, or even right. How does AOC pull that off?
20 min
Gist: Know Your Memes, or Be Fooled by Them
The internet’s briefest form of (dis)information is here to stay. So what’s the best way to understand it?
28 min
Political: The “Pocketing Your Notes” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the continued government shutdown, the counterintelligence investigation of Trump, and the racism of Steve King.
61 min
Studio 360: The mother of all abstraction
A new exhibit at the Guggenheim suggests it was Hilma af Klint who invented abstraction — so why has she been practically unknown for the last century?
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Grandma Inception Edi...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss picky eaters with The Sporkful's Dan Pashman, a listener question about kids and creative problem solving, "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.
55 min
The Waves: The "Grandmother's Fart" Edition
65 min
What Next: The L.A. Teachers' Strike
The second-largest school district in the country is having a battle royale over charter school expansion.
24 min
Trumpcast: Make Conservatives Great Again
30 min
Gist: Tax Their Stuff, Not Their Money
Raising income taxes on America’s richest wouldn’t bring in that much cash. A wealth tax is where it’s really at.
28 min
Whistlestop: A ‘90’s Style Government Shutdown ...
This episode of Whistlestop travels to April 1995 as President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich battle to define American democracy.
30 min
If Then: Social Media's Weird Future
The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz explains TikTok, Instagram eggs, and why teens are reading the comments.
48 min
What Next: The Gymnast Who Went Megaviral
Remember when U.S. women’s gymnastics used to be joyful?
19 min
The Good Fight: Coleman Hughes
Future Identity
45 min
Outward: The "Travel" Edition
69 min
Culture Gabfest: The Life-Changing Magic of Mak...
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the Golden Globs-conquering film Green Book with Vanity Fair's K. Austin Collins, Netflix's Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and the art of the pan and the state of the bad review in criticism.
63 min
Gist: Stop Going Nuclear
Nuclear power is too dangerous for use as an energy source. Take it from the guy who chaired a nuclear commission under Obama.
32 min
Dear Prudence: The "Overloaded Friend" Edition
40 min
What Next: Pardons, Presidential Power, and Wor...
What can history tell us about how William Barr will handle the Mueller investigation?
24 min
You Must Remember This 143: Dorothy Dandridge
45 min
Trumpcast: The Compromises That Create Kremlin ...
43 min
Gist: Against Steve King, Words Aren’t Enough
Republican lawmakers are calling out the racist congressman well enough. But don’t hold your breath for action.
26 min
Hang Up: The Rooting for the Mustache Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by The Football Girl’s Melissa Jacobs to discuss the NFL playoffs.
64 min
What Next: The Three-Headed Beast Leading U.S. ...
You’ve got President Trump, Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton. And they’re all pulling in different directions.
15 min
Working at MoMA: How Do an Art Handler and a Mu...
Meet Steven Wheeler, Associate Registrar and Sarah Wood, Assistant Manager of Art Handling and Preparation at MoMA.
50 min
EotM: Ezra Klein on Tribalism, Fan Fiction, and...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Ezra Klein and Sasheer Zamata
42 min
Slate Money: The WeBurnout Edition
39 min
Gist: The Future (of A.I.) Is Chinese
Every year, Eurasia Group puts out a list of top geopolitical risks. In 2019, China looms large in many of them.
31 min
Spoilers: Bandersnatch
61 min
What Next: The Threat of National Emergency
Can President Trump get his wall by circumventing Congress?
18 min
Trumpcast: Beacons Through Autocratic Gaslighting
12 min
Gist: When Fact Meets Fiction
How a documentary filmmaker crafted his first fiction feature, and why it draws so much on his past styles.
26 min
Political: The “Infinity War” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the government shutdown, new Russia connections revealed in the Mueller investigation, and why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting so much attention.
69 min
Studio 360: Digging into ‘Doug’
The quietly enduring impact of Nickelodeon’s “Doug,” plus artist Rina Banerjee and the migrant-camp play, “The Jungle.”
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Accidental Beauties E...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Isaac Butler discuss tyrannical grandmas, musical bribery, triumphs and fails, recommendations, and more.
57 min
The Waves: The "Horny in Our Politics" Edition
51 min
What Next: How We Became Shutdown Nation
It doesn’t have to be like this.
18 min
Gist: The Kids Are Not All Right
Millennial anxiety comes through in exhaustion over even basic errands (you know, “adulting”).
28 min
If Then: At CES: Tech After Smartphones
Smartphone sales are on the decline, but shady characters buying your location data is on the rise.
40 min
What Next: Clemency for Cyntoia Brown
She was serving a notably harsh sentence. But what does it mean that she was freed after a publicity blitz and a celebrity assist?
15 min
Culture Gabfest: Naked Pomegranate Tory Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the court farce The Favourite, the awards frontrunner Roma, and the year in movies and the Slate Movie Club.
63 min
Gist: Addressing the Facts
Will Donald Trump’s Oval Office address contain any truth at all?
29 min
Dear Prudence: The "Always An Excuse" Edition
52 min
Lexicon: A Penetrating History of F*%k
English speakers have been getting it on with the F-word for centuries.
42 min
Studio 360: Tales from the Script
How John August fell in love with screenwriting -- and illuminates the craft for aspirants.
12 min
What Next: Battling 2020 Fatigue
Each election is an experiment. Approach it like a scientist, armed with a few hypotheses.
20 min
You Must Remember This 142: Bugsy Siegel
37 min
Trumpcast: The ‘Successful’ Political Candidate...
29 min
Gist: The Likeability Illusion
There’s nothing more likeable than wise policy stances. And those obviously lost in 2016.
30 min
Hang Up: The Phenomenal Young Gentleman Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Slate’s Nick Greene to discuss the NFL’s wild card weekend.
59 min
What Next: The Republican Party Shake-Out in Ka...
What do you do when your party leaves you behind?
17 min
Who Runs That: Harry's CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield
36 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Museum’s Event Plan...
Meet Tania Abitbol, Assistant Director of Special Programming & Events at MoMA.
43 min
Sponsored: Millennial Health
In this episode, we look at the millennial generation’s unique relationship with health. From chat rooms to social media to wearable tech, millennials are used to having boundless information just a click away. So how does their post-internet world connect to millennials’ tendency of taking health matters into their own hands?
28 min
EotM: Peter Sagal on His Journey From Theater t...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Peter Sagal
41 min
Slate Money: The God Save Texas Edition
44 min
Amicus: Chief Justice John Roberts, a Rock, and...
How will the chief justice reconcile his conservatism with his institutionalism in a divided court?
58 min
Gist: What’s Wrong With Motherf---er?
It’s often used when shaking one’s head in disbelief, and President Trump inspires a lot of that.
24 min
Gist: There’s Something in the Water
Microplastics have found their way into our water and our poop. How worried should we be?
28 min
Political: The “Exploratory Committee” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and guest David Leonhardt discuss the government shutdown, 2020, and whether there are signs of hope that the climate crisis could be addressed.
53 min
Studio 360: Best of 2018, part 2
Some of our favorite stories from the last year: Daniela Vega, the drudgery of a movie and TV quality control technician, novelist Lauren Groff’s complicated relationship with Florida and an oral history of the hip-hop pirate radio station WBAD.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Behind the Velvet Rop...
Gabriel Roth hosts a cultivated selection of some favorite Slate Plus segments to ring in the new year, featuring Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, Allison Benedikt, and Isaac Butler.
42 min
The Waves: The "Winter Call-In" Edition
64 min
Trumpcast: No Sir, Romney Doesn't Like It
32 min
Gist: Impeachment Is a Real Crapshoot
Removal proceedings weakened Andrew Johnson and bolstered Bill Clinton. How would they play out against Trump?
32 min
If Then: Best of 2018
A look back at some of If Then’s best interviews of the year; Senator Mark Warner, Taylor Lorenz, Naomi Klein, Yeshimabeit Milner, Adam Mosseri, & Paige Panter.
46 min
The Good Fight: Sagarika Ghose
Liberalism Without Borders
50 min
Culture Gabfest: Welcome to Slaht Ploos Edition
Dana Stevens hosts a selection of a few of our favorite Slate Plus bonus segments.
64 min
Dear Prudence: The "Up For Sitting Down" Edition
67 min
Hang Up: The Yepremian Corollary Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin take listener questions in a special year-end call-in show.
48 min
Who Runs That: Chirps CEO Rose Wang
32 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Museum’s Building ...
Meet Nelson Nieves, MoMA’s Assistant Director of Building Operations and Fire and Life Safety Manager.
27 min
Patton Oswalt and Tig Notaro on being fired to ...
51 min
Slate Money: The Valley of Genius Edition
46 min
Trumpcast: Wading Through The Democratic Presid...
33 min
Gist: Andy Serkis, Motion Capture Master
Turns out motion capture isn’t all that different from other forms of acting.
30 min
Spoilers: Mary Poppins Returns
49 min
Gist: The Babies Are Not All Right
Black babies are dying at rates much higher than those for American babies as a whole.
27 min
Studio 360: Best of 2018, part 1
Some of our favorite stories from the last year: Library music, The Noid and Angélique Kidjo.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Friend Zone Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace are prompted by a Washington Post series of three stories about raising boys in the #MeToo era to discuss teenagers, modern masculinity, "the friend zone", and more.
52 min
Waves: The "Mediocre Mrs. Maisel" Edition
55 min
Political: The “2018 Conundrum” Edition
Emily, John, and David close out the year considering listeners’ most confounding conundrums with special guest Simon Doonan.
50 min
Trumpcast: How Can Trump's Administration Actua...
32 min
If Then: Aftermath of a Data Breach
A Cybersecurity expert on the bizarre legal battles after a big data theft and the confusion for everyday consumers who may have been affected.
31 min
Culture Gabfest: Completely Phoned-In Holiday S...
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens gather around the holiday hearth to answer listener questions in our annual call-in special!
56 min
Dear Prudence: The "It's Already Weird" Edition
61 min
Lexicon: When Did English Get Happy?
A New Year's meditation on a joyful word.
34 min
Studio 360: Welcome to The Jungle
How a new play puts the audience inside a migrant camp.
17 min
Working for the Holidays: How Does a Christmas ...
Meet Quinn O’Sullivan, the man behind New York’s most magical Christmas displays.
47 min
You Must Remember This 141: Marlene Dietrich, C...
43 min
Trumpcast: Explaining Trump To Young Adults
35 min
Hang Up: The Round Mound of Rebound and the Ca...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Shirley Wang to talk about her dad’s friendship with Charles Barkley.
62 min
Who Runs That: Field Notes Co-Founder Aaron Dra...
30 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Conservation Scient...
Meet Chris McGlinchey, senior conservation scientist at MoMA.
47 min
Wyatt Cenac on Casual Acting and Negin Farsad o...
55 min
Amicus: The Incrementalist RBG
A conversation with screenwriter Daniel Stiepelman on the biopic On the Basis of Sex, about his aunt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
47 min
Slate Money: The Panic Edition
46 min
Gist: The Same Old Mike, Plus The New One
In his one-man show, Mike Birbiglia tells you why procreation is a terrible idea (unless maybe it’s not).
29 min
Hit Parade: The Christmas is All Around Edition
The annual derby for UK Christmas No. 1 is the world’s most hotly contested pop-chart contest. But can the competition survive in the streaming age?
70 min
MADAF: Time Is My Co-Parent Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss the role of step parents, and their relationships to the birth parents of their step-kids.
40 min
Gist: Free Money for Everyone?
Presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to establish universal basic income.
32 min
Political: The “A Liberal is a Conservative Who...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, Michael Flynn’s legal troubles, and new revelations about Russian trolling and Facebook’s privacy violations.
61 min
Studio 360: A movie hallmark, and Hallmark movies
John Ford’s problematic masterpiece “The Searchers” and an inexplicable love for Hallmark Christmas movies.
49 min
The Waves: The "Whiskey Stones and Stabby Thing...
67 min
Trumpcast: A Foxhole In The Cyberwar
54 min
Gist: Adam Keeps Ruining Everything
Adam Conover loves messing with your preconceived notions.
32 min
If Then: The Information World War
An interview with the lead author of a new report to the Senate Intelligence Committee on how rival powers are weaponizing social media.
31 min
Working for the Holidays: How Does a Greeting C...
Meet Greg Vovos, a Senior Writer at American Greetings.
53 min
The Good Fight: John Judis
The Case for Nationalism
47 min
Outward: The "Spirituality" Edition
Queers find their religious experiences in the woods and on the dance floor.
66 min
Culture Gabfest: Treacle Box Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner discuss the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, reappraise the Christmas film classic Love, Actually, and whether TV was just "fine" this year.
62 min
Gist: The Alt-Right Downturn
In flooding social media with racist sentiments and frog memes, the alt-right is practically asking to get banned from the internet.
33 min
Dear Prudence: The "Aren't We Friends?" Edition
54 min
You Must Remember This 140: Lupe Velez
47 min
Gist: Don’t Trust the Stars
Astrology may be fun, but is it reliable? Spoiler-not-spoiler: It isn’t.
26 min
Hang Up: The Caught Between the Moon and Golden...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the New Yorker’s Vinson Cunningham.
68 min
Sponsored: Are Today’s Caregivers Tomorrow’s Pa...
In this episode, we enter the world of caregivers: the relatives and close friends who step up when sick family members need support. Often, it’s a full-time job, so it's not surprising that these caregivers can end up neglecting their own health.
25 min
Who Runs That: E.L.F. CEO Tarang Amin
29 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Painting Conservato...
Meet Anny Aviram, Senior Paintings Conservator at MoMA.
42 min
Employee of the Month: Jeffrey Wright and Brian...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Jeffrey Wright and Brian Lehrer.
63 min
Slate Money: The Liquid Assets Edition
34 min
Trumpcast: Trump, The NRA, And More Illegal Act...
28 min
Gist: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Taking out Osama Bin Laden wasn’t just a military feat. The Situation Room’s probability assessment was also on point.
30 min
Hit Parade Trivia: The Christmas Music Edition
23 min
Spoilers: The Favourite
34 min
Gist: One Quiet Leap for Mankind
Neil Armstrong may have conquered the moon, but he wasn’t one to blab about it. So how does he do as the protagonist of First Man?
27 min
Political: The “Tinkle Contest With a Skunk” Ed...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss Michael Cohen’s sentencing, the search for America’s next White House chief of staff, and Trump’s threat to shut down the government over border wall funding
48 min
Studio 360: Art that grows on you
The Muppets, picture books and other childhood pursuits you never outgrow.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Welcome to the Man Ca...
On this week’s episode, Carvell and Gabe discuss an accidental dirty joke fail while getting a Christmas tree and a rare bureaucratic triumph.
40 min
The Waves: The "Gentle Sexy Gif" Edition
58 min
Gist: When the President Speaks …
In their surreal Oval Office meeting, President Trump interrupted Nancy Pelosi because he interrupts everyone.
27 min
If Then: Warehouse Workers Bring Amazon To The ...
Workers at Amazon fulfillment centers in Minneapolis are fighting for better conditions. And Amazon is starting to come to the table.
45 min
Whistlestop: If a Wall Falls
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to November 9, 1989, when East and West Berliners took sledgehammers to the Berlin Wall and President H.W. George Bush refrained from making grandiose statements about American-style Democracy.
45 min
Culture: Angry at the Lollipop Edition
57 min
Gist: Halls of Fame Need Diversity, Too
The 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees are less progressive rock, more progressive politics.
36 min
Dear Prudence: The "Addiction Fatigue" Edition
64 min
Sponsored: Adjusting the Lens on Chronic Disease
More than half of Americans are currently living with one or more serious, preventable, chronic diseases. These rates are expected to increase significantly over the next two decades.
27 min
Lexicon: Why Language Can't Be Tamed
A conversation with Lane Greene, author of Talk on the Wild Side, about the "vague and anarchic" nature of language.
35 min
Studio 360: Can You Ever Forgive Lee Israel?
The literary con artist talks about her criminal past — now adapted into the Melissa McCarthy film, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?"
13 min
You Must Remember This 139: Mary Astor's Diary
52 min
Trumpcast: The Depths Of Disinformation In 2016
45 min
Gist: They Can’t Hear You, Theresa
The U.K. Parliament is too busy shouting to listen.
25 min
Hang Up: The Edward R. Tebow Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by NPR’s Gene Demby to discuss Heisman winner Kyler Murray’s impending choice between pro baseball and pro football.
60 min
Who Runs That: Carnival CEO Arnold Donald
34 min
What Next: We're in the New York Times
No big deal.
1 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Museum Security Sup...
Meet Chet Gold, a Security Supervisor at MoMA.
46 min
Employee of the Month: Hannibal Buress & Marina...
Catie Lazarus honors and interviews Hannibal Buress and Marina Franklin
58 min
Amicus: Mapping the Mueller Investigation
Mimi Rocah draws a legal map of the Special Counsel’s investigation, dotted with “buckets of criminality”, plus inside the arguments about whether half of Oklahoma is an Indian Reservation.
66 min
Slate Money: The Yellow Vests and Golden Passpo...
44 min
Trumpcast: The Tragic Flaw Of James Comey
36 min
Gist: High Time for Impeachment?
The “high” in “high crimes” doesn’t mean heinous. It means they come from a high place.
34 min
Gist: The Walk of the Town
Matt Green is on a yearslong mission to walk every last street of New York City (which, it turns out, isn’t great for one’s dating life).
26 min
Political: The "Last Wasp" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz discuss the legacy of George H.W. Bush, the power-grab by Wisconsin Republicans, and election fraud in North Carolina.
74 min
Studio 360: Unhung heroes
A scholarly look at why men in classical art are so slightly endowed, plus how a writer thinks about her day job as a respiratory therapist and holiday fiction from Kurt Andersen.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Parent Like it's 1985...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss whether to confront an overprotective daycare, how to make sure your kids aren't "the mean ones", Triumphs and Fails, "endorsements" and more.
47 min
The Waves: The "Rifles or Ruffles" Edition
67 min
Gist: The Eulogy Myth
Eulogies are the best part of a funeral but maybe the least reliable.
27 min
Trumpcast: Those 80s Moments That Politicized T...
41 min
If Then: The Civil Rights Group Targeted By Fac...
A former employee wants reform, and a civil rights group wants its policy chief fired.
40 min
The Good Fight: Helen Pluckrose
The Identity Hoax
55 min
Slow Burn Live: The Kingdom and the Power
Hillary, Bill and Monica
50 min
Culture Gabfest: Girls, Girls, Burgers, Edition
Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss the film Support the Girls, the LeCarre TV adaptation Little Drummer Girl, and the saga of a writer at Thrillist who may or may not have killed a great burger joint.
54 min
Gist: Sullying a Pup’s Good Name
Slate writer Ruth Graham dared suggest George H.W. Bush’s service dog was probably not in mourning. Then all internet hell broke loose.
22 min
Dear Prudence: The "Always Testing Me" Edition
57 min
Sponsored: The Science of Longevity
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live to be 100? How about 150? Life-extending technology may not be accessible today, but is it possible that something as simple as exercise could reverse the aging process right now?
26 min
You Must Remember This 138: Mae West
51 min
Gist: Wild Wild Story
Wild Wild Country is one of the year’s best documentaries, but it pulls a few punches on the sinister cult it covers.
28 min
Hang Up: The Deja Vu All Over Again Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by ThinkProgress’ Lindsay Gibbs to discuss the Kansas City Chiefs’ decision to cut Kareem Hunt.
69 min
Decoder Ring: Sad Jennifer Aniston
Is Jennifer Aniston Having Brad Pitt's Baby!??
41 min
Who Runs That: Kickee Pants CEO Aerin Nicole
32 min
Working at MoMA: How Do Exhibition Designers Do...
Meet Lana Hum and Mack Cole-Edelsack of MoMA’s Exhibition Design & Production Department
51 min
Sponsored: Episode 7 | Nicholas Fox Weber and P...
The seventh episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast features Nicholas Fox Weber, executive director of The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, in conversation with fashion designer Paul Smith
32 min
Slate Money: The Car Talk Edition
45 min
Gist: Very Legal, Very Cool
We should definitely trust Trump’s latest catchphrase.
29 min
Trumpcast: It’s All About Mogilevich
11 min
Spoilers: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
51 min
Hit Parade: The Give Me a Sign Edition
How an introverted Swedish producer and a showbiz kid from Louisiana made the late 1990s’ most influential No. 1 hit
71 min
Gist: How to Shoot a Fight
To direct Creed II, Steven Caple Jr. drew on everything from Jean-Claude Van Damme movies to street-fight videos.
28 min
Political: The "Not Off the Table" Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the mounting number of liars linked to the Trump administration, President Trump’s confrontation with the courts over asylum, and the future of the census.
79 min
Studio 360: My fair lyricist
Lyricist Alan Jay Lerner’s centennial, and more theater magic with impresario Jack Viertel and “Sweat” in the Rust Belt.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Family Game Night Edi...
Carvell, Rebecca, and Gabe are joined by Noel Murray to discuss Slate’s new package on family games: the best, the worst, and more, including Rebecca’s spirited defense of the game Clue.
54 min
The Waves: The "Ocasio-Cortez Instant Pot" Edition
60 min
Trumpcast: Whodunit? Solving Trumpian Mysteries...
34 min
Gist: The Parent Police
Do we watch children (and their parents) too closely?
31 min
Whistlestop: Tip and the Gip Part 2, Social Sec...
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to December 16, 1981 when President Ronald Reagan signs Executive Order 12335, creating the National Commission on Social Security Reform.
47 min
Standoff Ep. 4: Afterlife
How did a brief incident become an enduring myth on the far right?
31 min
If Then: Tomorrow's Children, Edited.
The journalist who broke the story on the first gene-edited babies that were reportedly born in China this month joins If Then to talk about the history, the future, and the ethics of the controversial procedure.
37 min
Slow Burn Live: Keyholes
What caused the impeachment of Bill Clinton?
51 min
Culture Gabfest: Wingless Thrush Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the Coen Bros. new film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, HBO's Elena Ferrante adaptation My Brilliant Friend, and the art of adaptation.
62 min
Gist: Would the U.S. Win World War III?
A bipartisan commission says America could lose a hypothetical war against Russia or China. Of course, it might just be saying that to drive up military spending.
28 min
Dear Prudence: The "Socializing While Sober" Ed...
57 min
Lexicon: Is Social Media Changing English?
Our speech is becoming more childlike, but not for the reasons you think.
37 min
Studio 360: Aha Moment, An Odd Path to Plath
Where a troubled teen discovered Sylvia Plath: in a Charlie Sheen TV movie.
11 min
Who Runs That: DoSomething CEO Aria Finger
33 min
Gist: Make Voting Rights Sexy Again
If Democrats want to win, they should focus on promoting the cause that’s both just and good for their numbers.
33 min
Hang Up: The Foot Locker Gift Card Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by SB Nation’s Spencer Hall to discuss Texas A&M’s seven-overtime win over LSU.
61 min
Who Runs That: Betterment CEO Jon Stein
34 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Curator Do Her Job?
Meet Sarah Meister, a curator in MoMA’s Department of Photography.
71 min
Employee of the Month: Emily Mortimer and Dolly...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Emily Mortimer.
37 min
Slate Money: The Cryonics Special Edition
55 min
Amicus: A Hard Line on Acosta’s Hard Pass
The White House settled CNN’s suit, but big questions remain.
28 min
Who Runs That: Big Gay Ice Cream Co-Founder Dou...
33 min
Sponsored: I Travel For Stories
16 min
Sponsored: I Travel For Adventure
28 min
Studio 360: American Tricons: Harley, Hendrix a...
America’s love affair with a motorcycle, plus Georgia O’Keeffe’s Southwestern masterpieces and how Jimi Hendrix summed up the Vietnam War with a single guitar solo
50 min
Nerf Gun Fantasy Edition
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Mary Harris discuss Gabe's annual Autumn Sing fail, Carvell's new job as a PA on his son's film, Mary's daughter's competitive , Nerf Gun Christmas gifts, and more.
41 min
The Waves: The "Live From Miami" Edition
64 min
Gist: Obesity, and You, and Me!
Excess weight can indeed bring health problems. But its causes are often more social than personal.
32 min
Standoff Ep. 3: The Wisdom of the Crowd
As the Weaver family stayed holed up inside their cabin, their story attracted droves of supporters and rabble-rousers to rural Idaho.
26 min
Political: The "Sealed Indictment" Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss what may be next for the Mueller investigation, the California wildfires, and new revelations about Facebook’s leadership team
72 min
If Then: Facebook's Former Security Chief on Wh...
Alex Stamos on the NYT expose, Facebook’s political balancing act, and why Russia might be targeting the left.
44 min
Working on Thanksgiving: How Does the Director ...
Meet Michael Ottley, the guy who makes sure everything runs smoothly at one of New York City’s busiest soup kitchens.
47 min
The Good Fight: Max Boot
The Convert
44 min
Outward: The "Family" Edition
How do queer people create their own families?
72 min
Culture Gabfest: Mum's the Word Edition
Julia Turner returns with Stephen Metcalf and Dana Stevens to discuss the film Widows, The British import The Bodyguard on Netflix, and the life and work of William Goldman and what the role of screenwriter means today.
51 min
Gist: The Many, Many Ways to Think About Running
Humorist Peter Sagal doesn’t have a runner’s build, but he does have plenty of reasons to lace up.
30 min
Dear Prudence: The "Nixed Nuptials" Edition
58 min
You Must Remember This 137: Gina Lollobrigida
The Seduced, Episode 6
40 min
Gist: Uncle Verne Pulls Up a Chair
Verne Lundquist offered play-by-play sportscasting for decades. But in retirement, he has more time for classical music than whatever game is on.
30 min
Hang Up: The NBA Players Aren’t Friends Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Athletic’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss to discuss Draymond Green’s beef with Kevin Durant.
75 min
Who Runs That: Cuyana CEO Karla Gallardo
29 min
Working at MoMA: How Does a Collection Speciali...
Meet Paul Galloway. You’ve probably never heard of his job. But without him, MoMA’s Architecture and Design department would cease to function.
41 min
Slate Money: The Helipad Edition
45 min
Gist: Ben Stiller’s Big Prison Break
Or, how to turn an inspector general’s report into a screenplay.
30 min
What Next: Jeff Flake Takes Another Stand
Conservatives are beginning to check the Trump administration. Is it too little, too late?
19 min
Spoilers: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grind...
37 min
Music Trivia: ’90s Teen-Pop Edition
19 min
What Next: The Gun Owning Doctors Changing the ...
A pediatric surgeon recommends new ways to think about gun safety. Not only because he has seen the damage that a gun can do, but because he owns guns himself.
26 min
Gist: Cult Classic
Sex, money, and body branding—if all cults are the same, NXIVM still stands apart in its darker details.
27 min
Political: The “House Speaker John Lewis” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the Florida recount, what House Democrats should prioritize during the new session, and the legal challenge to Trump’s appointment of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
63 min
Studio 360: Settlers, unsettled
A haunting opera about Homestead Act settlers, plus new leads in the Gardner Museum heist, a White Album obsessive, and a Buffalo Tom member’s day job in the leafy suburbs.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Grandma's Baggage Edi...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss an academic turnaround in the Lavoie household, Californian air quality, a kid's dislike his grandma, and a tough question about the life of an unsupported military mom.
54 min
The Waves: The "Why is No One Having Sex Anymor...
59 min
Gist: Priming New York for Amazon
Should Queens be worried about Amazon or welcome it?
32 min
Whistlestop: Tip and the Gip Part 1
This episode of Whistlestop visits 1981 when Republican President Ronald Reagan, after surviving an assassination attempt, received a warm visit from the Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill.
46 min
What Next: Sins of the Fathers
What will accountability look like for the Catholic Church?
17 min
If Then: Amazon's Prime Real Estate
An employment economist explains what cities had to gain from its HQ2 contest—and what they had to lose.
41 min
Standoff: The Order and Women in White Power
More about the white power movement in the 1980s and '90s.
26 min
Dinner is Served! Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Laura Bennett discuss the Melissa McCarthy vehicle Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Netflix's filthy but heartfelt puberty cartoon Big Mouth, and the death of Stan Lee with Slate's Jamelle Bouie.
55 min
What Next: The Wildfires to Come
Stephen Pyne has made fire his life’s work. He put them out for 15 summers and has thought about them ever since. Today on the show – the conversation we’re not having about wildfires.
16 min
Gist: More Show Than Showdown
Thousands of U.S. soldiers are deployed at the southern border, but “deployed” really means “sitting around.”
30 min
Dear Prudence: The "Animal Husband-ry" Edition
48 min
Lexicon: What Was the First Language?
How far back can we trace, with any accuracy, the spoken word?
43 min
Studio 360: To Distill a Mockingbird
How the Harper Lee classic still finds fans — and detractors.
23 min
You Must Remember This 136: Yvonne De Carlo
The Seduced, Episode 5
42 min
Gist: The Love of the (Basketball) Game
Dan Klores’ new documentary is a love letter to hoops.
29 min
What Next: The Legacy of the Last Florida Recount
How we learned all the wrong lessons from the 2000 election and landed right back in Broward County.
18 min
Coming Nov. 19th: Who Runs That?
1 min
Hang Up: The NBA Jam Is Real Life Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Cohen to discuss Duke freshman Zion Williamson and the video game–like NBA and NFL.
72 min
Employee of the Month: Chris Jackson’s Daytime ...
Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Chris Jackson and Celina Su.
44 min
Slate Money: The More Like Canada Edition
38 min
Amicus: “Taking a Wrecking Ball to Our Constitu...
Is Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker even legal? And why the census citizenship question is so problematic.
58 min
What Next: Sessions’ Last Act Deals Blow to Pol...
Just as he was getting kicked out the door, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to do one last thing: strongly limit the strength and use of consent decrees moving forward.
17 min
Gist: Two Countries, at the Cost of One
If polarized electoral results like Tuesday’s repeat themselves, America may soon feel like two separate nations.
28 min
Gist: In a Political Bind? Call Bradley Tusk
34 min
What Next: What to Watch After Sessions’ Ouster
Are we about to see Bob Mueller use his voice?
18 min
Political: The “Way Too Much News” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the extraordinary midterm elections, whether the success of ballot initiatives protecting voting rights marks a turning point in ballot access, and the ouster of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
53 min
Studio 360: The deal of the art
Nathaniel Kahn’s documentary about the art market, plus the making of a Talking Heads masterpiece and Kenneth Lonergan on writing plays and movies.
50 min
I Have to Ask: Nate Cohn
42 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Weed Stash Edition
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth discuss what to do when your teenager discovers your weed stash, some major parenting fails, recommendations, and more.
43 min
The Waves: The "It Wasn't All Crap" Edition
60 min
What Next: What Won for the Democrats?
Democrats ran all sorts of different campaigns and won (or lost) in all sorts of different ways. Is there a lesson they could take from the midterms and carry into the next election?
19 min
Standoff Ep. 2: Rules of Engagement
The tense situation on the Weaver family compound erupts into violence.
30 min
The Good Fight: Tim Snyder
The Road to Fascism
53 min
Secret History Of The Future: Infinite Scroll
37 min
Culture Gabfest: Orson Welles in a Snuggie Edition
Dana Stevens and Stephen Metcalf are joined by The Atlantic's David Sims, host of the podcast Blank Check to discuss the two new Orson Welles projects on Netflix, Robyn's new album Honey, and the concept of the "blank check" in the film industry.
60 min
Gist: Just Ask Mimi
Food critic Mimi Sheraton on her career, food trends, and eating as a family.
29 min
What Next: Happy Election Day?
We asked the pros for tips and tricks for watching election night returns.
25 min
Dear Prudence: The "Enough Is Enough" Edition
56 min
You Must Remember This 135: Linda Darnell
The Seduced, Episode 4
43 min
Gist: What Newt Gingrich Wrought
America’s bipartisan split might look like a natural schism, but it was built by a GOP sick and tired of losing the House of Representatives.
32 min
What Next: What Story Will This Election Tell Us?
What signals and trends should you be on the look out for and what will that tell us about how we understand ourselves as a country?
14 min
Hang Up: The Worst Quarterback Ever Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Washington Post’s Rick Maese to talk about the state of the Maryland football program after DJ Durkin’s firing.
69 min
If Then: The Meme Midterms
Has misinformation on social media gotten better or worse since 2016? And just how hackable are our voting machines?
56 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Marijuana Lobbyi...
Meet Peter Marcus, the in-house lobbyist for Terrapin Care Station.
41 min
Slate Money: The Don't Be Evil Edition
45 min
Sponsored: Episode 6 | Jarrett Earnest and Pete...
The sixth episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast features avid writer and conversationalist Jarrett Earnest in discussion with distinguished art critic Peter Schjeldahl.
26 min
Amicus: SPECIAL: The Deadly Shooting at the Tre...
19 min
What Next: They Forecast a Hate Wave in 2008
Ten years ago, a team of government analysts noted a surge in right-wing extremism. Instead of taking action, conservatives took offense.
19 min
Gist: Root for the Dummy
Simon Rich grew up watching whip-smart sitcom characters. His own protagonists are quite the opposite.
31 min
I Have to Ask: Slow Burn Live
21 min
Spoiler Specials: Suspiria
54 min
What Next: The State of Red State Democrats
President Trump wanted to make this the election of the caravan. So with only days to go until midterms how will Trump’s immigration rhetoric shape close races?
20 min
Gist: American Tribes
Dems and the GOP have divvied up the U.S. electorate too well. What was once a matter of policy choices is now all about worldview.
33 min
Political: The "Most Important Election of our ...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, John Dickerson, and guest David Axelrod, discuss the intersections of politics and violence and also Trump’s attempts to steer the election coverage leading up to the midterms.
55 min
Studio 360: Done and doner
The art of finishing — how creative people get unstuck and creative projects get back on course.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Patronising Mirth Edi...
Gabriel Roth and Rebecca Lavoie discuss a recent Slate article attacking THIS VERY PODCAST with the writer, Rebecca Onion. Also, empty thermoses, parent teacher conferences, and a question about sleepovers and night terrors
41 min
The Waves: The "Radical Gender Ideology" Edition
62 min
Gist: Hate Counts
The FBI and DoJ have tracked hate crimes and anti-Semitic incidents for decades now. But they fail to get the full picture.
29 min
What Next: Understanding the Crisis in Yemen
We spent weeks riveted by the Khashoggi disappearance. What about Saudi Arabia’s hand in the war to its south?
17 min
Whistlestop: Doing the Midterm Shuffle
This episode of Whistlestop visits 1982, 1986, 1994, 2006 and 2010 when former sitting U.S. Presidents all scrambled to respond to displeasing midterm election results.
44 min
If Then: The Internet of Hate
How Hate Online Leads To Violence Offline.
42 min
Standoff Ep. 1: Two Shotguns
Ruth Graham explores the ideologies and influences that led to the deadly siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992.
29 min
Spoilers: Halloween
58 min
Secret History Of The Future: A Little Less Con...
28 min
Culture Gabfest: Werewolf Bar-Mitzvah Edition
On this spooky scary edition of the show: Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Isaac Butler discuss the new Halloween reboot, Netflix's Haunting of Hill House, and the absence of women in horror film direction.
49 min
Gist: Signed, Sealed, Forgotten
The mail bomber’s crimes have already faded from news headlines. But what can we learn from his methods?
30 min
What Next: "And Subject to the Jurisdiction The...
There's a clause in the 14th amendment that people wanting to change it continue to come back to: "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof." Today on the show, Professor Garrett Epps of The Atlantic joins us to explain why its absurd for Trump to think he can end birthright citizenship with an executive order.
12 min
Dear Prudence: The "Shy Spy" Edition
40 min
Lexicon: So ... Let's Talk About So
How long have we been starting our sentences with "so"?
35 min
Studio 360: Home, Sweat Home
How Sweat, the Pulitzer Prize-winning labor drama by Lynn Nottage, made the jump from Broadway glitz to blue-collar communities.
12 min
You Must Remember This: Ann Dvorak
The Seduced, Episode 3
46 min
Gist: For Every Brand, a Backstory
Starbucks, Jello-O, Pizza Hut—they don’t go big by accident.
30 min
What Next: Words Matter
Does anyone know how to weed out the social media platforms that allow hate speech to bloom?
15 min
Hang Up: The How Not to Get Fired Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by ESPN’s Sam Miller to discuss Boston’s fourth World Series title in 15 years.
69 min
Women in Charge: Julia Turner
40 min
Decoder Ring: The Incunabula Papers
Ong's Hat, or The Incunabula Papers, is a conspiracy theory that arose on the early internet. Combining cutting edge science, mysticism, and obvious hokum, it intrigued thousands of people who tried to find out what it all meant.
50 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Compliance Specia...
The legal weed business has a million rules and regulation. Here’s what it’s like to be the person in charge of dealing with the.
28 min
Fred Armisen Says Dreams Are a Waste of Time an...
27 min
Slate Money: The Brexit Special Edition
60 min
Gist: The Blue Blizzard
What does Harry Enten’s polling data say about the coming election?
30 min
Hit Parade: The Oh. My. God. Becky Edition
What finally got hip-hop to the top of the Billboard charts? Whether conscious or gangsta, trippy or lascivious, rap’s early ’90s arrival at No. 1 started a party—but some rappers literally bum-rushed the show.
81 min
What Next: The Blame Game
Can we chalk up this week’s bomb scares to heated political rhetoric?
22 min
I Have to Ask: Zeynep Tufekci
37 min
What Next: Does Corruption Matter?
Evidence points to no. Not really.
13 min
Gist: Et Tu, NBC?
When you hire Megyn Kelly, gaffes on the topic of race are part of the package.
27 min
Political: The “Now We Have Pipe Bombs” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the pipe bombs sent to Trump critics, the state of the midterm elections, and whether Saudi Arabia will be punished for the death of Jamal Khashoggi.
56 min
Studio 360: Scents and sensibilities
How a perfumer concocts a scent from Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” the mysterious betrayal at the heart of the documentary “Shirkers,” and making sense of “American Pie.”
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Don't Go to France Ed...
42 min
The Waves: The “She's Running” Edition With Gla...
66 min
Gist: Blame It on the Mailer
President Trump riles up his base in vile ways, but here’s why we shouldn’t blame him for the recent spate of mail bombs.
27 min
What Next: Midterm Trolls - Online and Off
US Cyber Command launched its first cyber operation to deter Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections, but is it too late? Clint Watts, the author of Messing With the Enemy, "Oh yeah."
17 min
If Then: Who Owns Your DNA Data?
23andMe’s top privacy officer says you control your information. But there are some caveats.
32 min
The Good Fight: Tim Dixon
The Real Tribes of America
51 min
Secret History Of The Future: VR or It Didn’t H...
30 min
Culture Gabfest: Who's On First Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss the new movie First Man, the Netflix streamer Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and Slate's New American Songbook with culture editor Forrest Wickman,
56 min
Gist: Something in the Water
How a fight about Iowan water pollution revealed the dubious machinations of agricultural corporations and a Pulitzer Prize.
29 min
What Next: Turkey Makes the Most of Its Moment
President Erdogan’s angle on the Khashoggi crisis.
21 min
Dear Prudence: The “Misguided Text” Edition
40 min
Gist: The NFL Mafia
America’s most lucrative sports league is dominated by a “very unimpressive group of inherited misfits.”
30 min
What Next: The Health Care Turnabout
Andrew Gillum began his candidacy as a "Medicare for All" supporter. His subtle slide from that position to another is a small, but telling one. Today on the show, the health care debate in the lead up to midterms.
16 min
Hang Up: The Crotch-Chopping, Bat-Flipping Edition
Stefan Fatsis is joined by Ben Lindbergh of the Ringer and Emma Baccellieri of Sports Illustrated to discuss the baseball playoffs.
75 min
Women in Charge: Ellen Stofan
40 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Cannabis Lawyer W...
Meet Marshall Custer, who co-leads the cannabis law practice at Husch Blackwell.
44 min
Sponsored: I Travel For Culture
27 min
Slate Money: The Prudential Managers Edition
37 min
Gist: Prison Guard Confidential
Shane Bauer was jailed in Iran before becoming a prison guard in the United States. In both cases, he was first and foremost a reporter.
30 min
What Next: Just an Old Sweet Song
The Georgia governor’s race highlights a struggle playing out across the country: voter turnout versus voter suppression.
21 min
I Have to Ask: Lynsey Addario
35 min
Spoiler Specials: The Hate U Give
53 min
Gist: Land of (Only Some) Opportunity
National Review editor—and Slate alumnus—Reihan Salam on the inconvenient truths of U.S. immigration.
32 min
What Next: Now Is a Good Time to Cheat on Your ...
Budget cuts have crippled the IRS allowing tax cheats to run rampant.
16 min
Political: The "Cheek Swab" Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the Trump administration’s response to the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test, and the debate around Georgia’s voter security measures.
63 min
Studio 360: Pure speculation
The many aspects of speculative fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, alternate history and everything else otherworldly.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Don't Look Free Child...
This week: Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss homework triumphs, a followup on yelling, questions about watching your insecurities play out in your children, and whether to get on grandma's case for letting the kids watch screens.
46 min
The Waves: The Random Acts of Power Edition
48 min
Gist: Myth Management
Jann Wenner hated Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers mostly because it’s true.
28 min
What Next: From One Caravan to Another
Mary Harris is joined by Vox’s Dara Lind to discuss how the latest caravan from Honduras is shining a light on the danger and red tape facing asylum seekers.
20 min
What Next: From One Caravan to Another
Mary Harris is joined by Vox’s Dara Lind to discuss how the latest caravan from Honduras is shining a light on the danger and red tape facing asylum seekers.
20 min
If Then: How Senator Mark Warner Wants to Crack...
The Senate Intel Committee’s Top Democrat on How Government Might Regulate Tech and What His Colleagues Need to Learn To Catch Up.
37 min
Secret History Of The Future: A Clock in the Sky
33 min
Outward: The "Radicals" Edition
Remember, Stonewall Was a Riot!
61 min
Culture Gabfest: Brain and Body Still Rebooting...
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new film Private Life, the legacy of Doctor Who and its new Doctor played by Jodie Whitaker, and Kanye West at the White House.
56 min
Gist: Between a Rock and a Funny Place
Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman has had a post-scandal
27 min
The Gist: Between a Rock and a Funny Place
Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman has had a post-scandal
27 min
What Next: Could the Saudi Monarchy Fall Over T...
Why the death of Jamal Khashoggi is “catastrophic” for Saudi Arabia and the relative stability of the Middle East.
25 min
Lexicon: Like-Minded
A meditation on the evolution of the word like.
28 min
Dear Prudence: The “Fun, Flirty Friends” Edition
46 min
Studio 360: Day Jobs, Respiratory Therapist
Stacey Rose is a playwright, screenwriter, director, producer and...a respiratory therapist.
9 min
Gist: Bare Necessities? Not in Alaska.
There’s a reason Katmai National Park and Preserve has the fattest bears: They have the good life.
27 min
Hang Up: The Middle Relievers All the Way Down ...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Yahoo’s Jeff Passan to discuss Red Sox pitcher David Price’s October awfulness.
72 min
Women in Charge: Nadja West
33 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Marijuana Farmer ...
Meet Ryan Milligan, the co-owner and head of cultivation at Denver’s Green Dragon.
44 min
Employee of the Month: Martha Plimpton and Mash...
36 min
Amicus: Due Processing
As Justice Kavanaugh takes his seat, Dahlia Lithwick takes stock with Senator Jeff Merkley and Matthew Yglesias.
54 min
Slate Money: The Win-Win Edition
46 min
Gist: Olive Branch, Turkey Leg
This Thanksgiving, Ike Barinholtz wants you to talk to your conservative relatives (even if his character in The Oath is really bad at it).
28 min
Music Trivia: The '90s Hip-Hop Edition
21 min
I Have to Ask: Coral Davenport
29 min
Gist: Going to The Good Place
29 min
Political: The "Angry Mob" Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the dire new climate report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation, and Taylor Swift’s new engagement with politics.
51 min
Studio 360: All most famous
Theresa Rebeck on the most famous actress of her day, Justine Batemen on fame waxing and waning, and a pirate radio station that got too famous for the FCC.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Cold Turkey Edition
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth discuss YELLING! and other subjects including kids mocking the weight of their teachers, the privilege conversation, stolen cell phones, and making sick days fun.
54 min
The Waves: The Star Report Edition
66 min
Gist: And What About Yemen?
America’s most controversial ally, Saudi Arabia, is still at war with its southern neighbor. And America itself is still supporting it, for now.
33 min
If Then: Is Privacy A Right?
Tech lawyer Tiffany C. Li explains how privacy law has evolved in the digital age—and how it hasn’t.
42 min
The Good Fight: Thomas Chatterton-Williams
Escaping the Identity Trap
53 min
Secret History Of The Future: From Zero to Selfie
35 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 8: Move On
In 1998, Congress weighed whether Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation against Bill Clinton was grounds for impeachment.
54 min
Culture Gabfest: Just Wanted to Take Another Lo...
The panel discusses the film A Star is Born, the TV documentary America to Me, and brings critic Wesley Morris into the studio to discuss his New York Times Magazine piece "The Morality Wars" about the state of art criticism.
63 min
Gist: Guarding the Court
Could Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension change the Supreme Court itself?
26 min
Hang Up: The Name-of-Coach Experiment Is Over E...
60 min
The “Brother Betrayal” Edition
52 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Coriolanus
Shakespeare’s final tragedy is about authenticity, compromise, and the struggle between the elites and the populists.
33 min
Sponsored: I Travel For Local Flavor
28 min
Women in Charge: Jen Agg
44 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Cannabis Research...
Meet Dr. Angela Bryan, a researcher at CU Boulder studying the effects of marijuana.
47 min
Slate Money: The Culp-able Edition
36 min
Gist: Take Down the Poll
25 min
Spoiler Specials: A Star Is Born
55 min
I Have to Ask: Nate Silver
35 min
Gist: Sitting President, Standing Anger
Donald Trump’s rhetoric is at its worst when he’s up on two feet.
25 min
Political: The “All County Building Supply and ...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the Kavanaugh controversy, Trump’s apparent tax evasion, and whether the new North American trade deal is better than the old one.
60 min
Studio 360: Mind the Generation Gap
51 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Frivolous With Money ...
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth discuss questions about kids and divorce, plus "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.
52 min
The Waves: The Rage At Brett Edition
57 min
Gist: Reignited (and It Feels So Good)
Rebecca Traister on the women’s anger that just might change the world.
33 min
Whistlestop: Taking Aim at the New Guy
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to October 18, 1938 when former President Hoover picked on the new President with gusto. Many U.S. Presidents to follow were also publicly critical of the new one in office.
23 min
If Then: Fact And Fiction on Wikipedia
Wikimedia’s executive director explains how the site’s volunteer editors fight misinformation—and harassment.
53 min
Slow Burn S2: Secret Tracks
Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and others who had a ringside seat at the Clinton circus.
28 min
Secret History Of The Future: Human Insecurity
28 min
Culture Gabfest: Pope in a Speedo Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry's new show Kidding, the CBC podcast Uncover: Escaping NXIVM, and the purpose and practice of dad jokes.
55 min
Gist: Mueller on the Mind
Star attorney Neal Katyal thinks Robert Mueller’s investigation will end in “fireworks”—and knows exactly what those might look like.
28 min
Dear Prudence: The “Slightly Lesser Mess” Edition
54 min
Lexicon: Why Do Southerners Talk Like That?
John McWhorter dissects the many distinct features that make up Southern speech.
36 min
Sponsored: I Travel For Adventure
28 min
Studio 360: Don McLean's "American Pie"
The song where everyone knows the words, but few what know what those words mean.
13 min
Gist: College-Aged Coddling
Are we being too careful with the feelings of college students?
26 min
Hang Up: The Satan’s Armpit Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Deadspin’s Laura Wagner are joined by Ben Lindbergh of the Ringer to discuss the baseball playoffs, and by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post to discuss New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.
58 min
Trumpcast Live From The 2018 Texas Tribune Fest...
Live from the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, TX.
84 min
Women in Charge: Ana Mari Cauce
36 min
Decoder Ring: Hotel Art
What Happened to Hotel Art
29 min
Amicus: Live from Austin
A legal all-star panel on Kavanaugh, the coming SCOTUS term, and the future of the court.
66 min
The “Live from Austin: Do You Have a Drinking P...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the state of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the possibility that former felons will regain the right to vote in Florida, and guest DeRay Mckesson’s new book, On The Other Side of Freedom.
74 min
Working With Weed: How Does an Edibles Baker Work?
Meet Lauren Kaufman, a who makes cannabis treats and oversees the kitchen at Love’s Oven in Denver.
34 min
Amicus: The Press, The President, and Enemy Con...
Law Professors Lisa Sun and RonNell Andersen Jones on morphing the media into enemies of the people.
53 min
Slate Money: The Dissent Channel Edition
55 min
Gist: The Kavanaugh Conspiracy
How Brett Kavanaugh perpetuated the conspiracy of a Democratic hit job.
28 min
I Have to Ask: Jason Zengerle
31 min
Hit Parade: The Nights on Broadway Edition
How did the Bee Gees survive the fall of disco—the falsettos? The white suits? It was the songs—from ’60s British Invasion, to ’70s R&B, to ’80s country, even ’90s hip-hop.
88 min
Political: The “One Hundred Percent Certain” Ed...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the testimony of both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.
37 min
Political: The “One Hundred Percent Certain” Ed...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the testimony of both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.
37 min
Trumpcast: Ford's Testimony and The Real Brett ...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Slate's Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern about Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh's hearing.
27 min
Gist: Losing Hate
Derek Black was heir apparent to America’s white nationalist movement. Then he went to college.
25 min
Studio 360: Hawkish
Ethan Hawke embraces the aging process, the enduring power of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks,” and the genre-defying music of Balún.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Get It Together Edition
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace and Rebecca Lavoie discuss surprising teen triumphs, depressing school lunches, the boredom of tears, and more.
45 min
The Waves: The "Horseplay" Edition
58 min
Gist: The Land of Steady Filmmaking
Nicole Holofcener isn’t prolific. She’s particular.
25 min
If Then: Reshuffling the Podcasting Deck
Hot Pod’s Nick Quah says the industry is on the precipice of big changes.
40 min
Employee of the Month: Alex Lacamoire on Hamilt...
How many jobs does it take to make a living as a musician? Ask Alex Lacamoire.
45 min
Alex Lacamoire on Hamilton, Hollywood and his h...
How many jobs does it take to make a living as a musician? Ask Alex Lacamoire.
45 min
The Good Fight: Justin E. H. Smith
Irrational Democracy
55 min
Secret History Of The Future: The Fault In Our ...
32 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 7: Bedfellows
Clinton’s enemies said his affair made him unfit to govern. What did his friends think?
44 min
Culture Gabfest: Still There Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Gabriel Roth discuss the new season of the podcast Serial, the recent spate of post-#metoo essays by disgraced men, and the Amazon show Forever.
58 min
Gist: Generation Anxiety
In Eighth Grade, the portrait of a middle school girl (Elsie Fisher) by the quarter-life guy (Bo Burnham) who gets it.
29 min
Introducing Employee of The Month
2 min
Dear Prudence: The "Obstinate Husbands" Edition
53 min
Gist: That’s the First Straw
Ban-the-straw advocate Dune Ives wants to get rid of lots of plastics, not just the one in your iced tea.
29 min
Hang Up: The Tiger! Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Slate’s Jim Newell to talk about Tiger Woods’ first win in five years.
77 min
Women in Charge: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
39 min
Working With Weed: How Does the Head Chef at an...
Meet Hope Frahm, who creates the recipes at Love’s Oven in Denver.
35 min
Julia Turner's Women in Charge
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Aline Brosh McKenna
44 min
Slate Money: The We’re Not Drunk, We’re Multi-B...
50 min
Gist: Tight Countries, Loose Countries
We’re used to thinking of nations as liberal or conservative. Cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand has a new axis to consider.
30 min
I Have to Ask: Jonathan Haidt
34 min
Spoiler Specials: A Simple Favor
64 min
Gist: What Is … a Podcast, Alex?
Jeopardy finally had its first podcast category.
25 min
Political: The “What Happens At Georgetown Prep...
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and David French discuss the value of an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s declassification of documents related to the Russia investigation, and revised thinking about police shootings.
72 min
Studio 360: Pacific Northbest
The golden age of grunge — and moving beyond dumb grunge cliches — in the Pacific Northwest.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Toxic Preschool Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Gabriel Roth, and Steve Lickteig discuss (relatively) late-in-life bicycle lessons, correcting your kid's college essays, toxic masculinity, a potentially toxic preschool teacher, and more.
45 min
The Waves: The End of Summer Call-in Edition
43 min
SPECIAL: Surviving a School Shooting, From a Te...
SPECIAL: Surviving a School Shooting, From a Teacher's Point of View
29 min
Trumpcast: Ford's Credibility and Kavanaugh's Lies
Virginia Heffernan talks to Michelle Goldberg, columnist at The New York Times, about the latest surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, Christine Blasey Ford's allegation, and the #MeToo movement as a whole.
27 min
Gist: Coal Over Climate
President Trump won’t lift a finger against climate change. He deserves flak over Hurricane Florence.
28 min
If Then: Tech Barons Are the New Media Barons
A conversation with the Washington Post’s media columnist about the billionaires buying news organizations—including her own.
43 min
Outward: The "Orientation" Edition
58 min
Secret History Of The Future: Fork Fashions and...
27 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 6: God Mode
The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal sent the religious right into paroxysms of outrage. The rest of the country wasn’t convinced.
46 min
Culture Gabfest: Oopsie Jar Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Sam Anderson discuss Paul Feig's new film A Simple Favor, Sam's book Boom Town, and the delightful tradition of New York Post headlines inspired by "Beat the Meatles".
57 min
Gist: Owe Me the Money
Americans are in debt, and so are many of the candidates hoping to represent them. Case in point: Georgia’s Stacey Abrams.
26 min
Dear Prudence: The “Unnecessary Shame” Edition
55 min
Lexicon: The Habitual Past
Did you "used to" do something but don't any longer? Where does that expression come from?!
31 min
Studio 360: BoJack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg
How a dark comedy got so dark and so funny.
22 min
Gist: Ethan Hawke’s Earnest Art
Why he loves making movies that matter, not just ones that make money.
28 min
Hang Up: The Let’s Retire at Halftime Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss Vontae Davis’ mid-game retirement and Le’Veon Bell’s holdout, Outside Magazine’s Alex Hutchinson talks about Eliud Kipchoge’s new marathon world record...
70 min
Gabfest Bonus: The "Kavanaugh in Crisis" Edition
27 min
Women in Charge: Aline Brosh McKenna
41 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Hash Maker Work?
Turning marijuana into professional-grade hash is a technical, potentially explosive, and surprisingly physical job.
36 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Hash Maker Work?
Turning marijuana into professional-grade hash is a technical, potentially explosive, and surprisingly physical job.
36 min
Amicus: Roe v Kavanaugh
Trump’s nominee is not super into precedent, it seems.
56 min
Slate Money: The Shaky Ground Edition
43 min
Gist: Democratic Socialists of America, for the...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have scary values to conservatives. But to the DSA’s national director, she’s a moderate.
28 min
I Have to Ask: Shane Bauer
31 min
Gist: After Family Separations, a Settlement
25 min
Trumpcast: Raising Red Flags and The Story of O...
Virginia Heffernan talks to BuzzFeed's Anthony Cormier about his latest money trail story surrounding Aras Agalarov and some suspicious financial activity that happened after the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.
34 min
Political: The “Trump Economy” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss who deserves credit for the economy, the state of the midterm campaigns, and the Trump administration's attempt to indefinitely detain migrant children.
63 min
Studio 360: Apocalypse, wow
How Ann Dowd makes her dystopian character on “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Aunt Lydia, more believable, and how hippies in the late ’60s started obsessing over Doomsday.
50 min
Coming Sept. 17: Women in Charge
2 min
The Waves: The Smashing Her Racket Edition
64 min
If Then: Special Report: Apple’s New (Old) Gizmos
If Then breaks down the new gadgets from Apple’s big Annual Event.
24 min
Gist: Billionaires Don’t Know Best
Generous philanthropists may mean well, but they often hijack efforts that should be more democratic.
30 min
If Then: Google’s Real Biases
Despite what Ted Cruz might say, conservatives are the not the communities most harmed in internet searches.
44 min
The Good Fight: Sheri Berman Redux
Populism: An Assessment
55 min
Secret History Of The Future: The Body Electric
33 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 5: Tell-All
Linda Tripp exposed Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. What was she thinking?
45 min
Culture Gabfest: God's Laptop Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the screen-based film Searching, Ariana Grande's album Sweetener, and the life and work of Burt Reynolds.
62 min
Gist: DeRay Mckesson Makes the Case for Hope
But it means making systemic changes to policing in America.
32 min
Trumpcast: The New Trump Rallies [Teaser S+]
On the president's weird rallies, and what they mean as Trump's base unravels.
5 min
Dear Prudence: The "Sister Misery" Edition
54 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Othello
Is “Othello” a racist play or a play about racism—or both?
42 min
Gist: Stylometry for Dummies
What prose analysis can (and can’t) tell us about that infamous New York Times op-ed.
27 min
Hang Up: The Let’s Talk About Serena Edition
Josh Levin and guest host Vann Newkirk of the Atlantic are joined by the New Yorker’s Louisa Thomas to discuss Serena Williams and the 2018 U.S. Open final. They’re also joined by Slate’s Derreck Johnson to assess LeBron James’ HBO series The Shop.
76 min
Sponsored Content: Coffee and Crayons - Encoura...
In Episode 03, Mallory and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville discuss compassion, confidence, and, of course, Mr. Rogers.
27 min
Secret History of The Future: The Box That A.I....
33 min
Working with Weed: How Does a Dispensary CEO Work?
Meet Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of Green Dragon.
50 min
Working with Weed: How Does a Dispensary CEO Work?
Meet Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of Green Dragon.
50 min
Working with Weed: How Does a Dispensary CEO Work?
Meet Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of Green Dragon.
50 min
Slate Money: The Kaep Caper Edition
36 min
Gist: If You Want Power, Sell It
Author Yuval Harari worries that liberalism offers no compelling vision of the future.
27 min
I Have to Ask: Dara Lind
35 min
Spoiler Specials: Insatiable
71 min
Gist: The DoD Payroll Just Got Smaller
The Pentagon’s third-in-command is reportedly losing his job. It was basically an undoable one.
24 min
Trumpcast: The Brett Kavanaugh Hearings in the ...
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Senator Kamala Harris' interrogation of the Supreme Court nominee, and the protests surrounding the whole event.
31 min
Political: The "Unsung Hero" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss anonymous dissent within the Trump administration, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, and backlash against The New Yorker for inviting and un-inviting Steven Bannon to their Festival.
64 min
Studio 360: EGOT to have it
What’s it take to win entertainment’s grand slam?
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Kidnappers Not Going ...
The panel discusses the tyranny of demanding teens charge their phones, beginning of school-blues, balancing time between kids, and an interview with Slate's Rebecca Onion about how parenting groups are making it impossible to leave Facebook
48 min
The Waves: The Grotesque Display of Irrelevant ...
The Waves on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, the return of Aziz Ansari and Louis CK and the term “ladyboss.”
54 min
Gist: Hedging Your Bets With Lake Success
Gary Shteyngart’s new novel is all about hedge funds and traveling across America by bus.
24 min
Whistlestop: The Nomination of Judge Bork Part ...
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to September 15, 1987 and into the Senate Caucus Room where Associate Justice Designee Robert Bork begins his five days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
47 min
If Then: How The Future Of Music Streaming Will...
If Then chats about how artists are faring in the streaming music economy, and what Justice Brett Kavanaugh could mean for the future of the internet.
40 min
Culture Gabfest: Eat Your Terrarium Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, NBC's Making It, and the fire and incredible loss at the national museum in Brazil with Mauricio Santoro of the State University of Rio de Janeiro.
58 min
Gist: Farming for Red Herring
South Africa’s “white genocide” isn’t happening. One of the myth’s catalysts—farmland redistribution—might not either.
21 min
Hang Up: The Jerry Jones Did What With Shoes? E...
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss Colin Kaepernick and Nike, Mark Leibovich's Big Game, and a baseball player who came agonizingly close to making the majors.
63 min
Dear Prudence: The "Done Raising Children" Edition
42 min
Dear Prudence: The "Done Raising Children" Edition
42 min
Lexicon: A Riot of Color
Our word for "red" predates our word for "blue"—and that's true for almost every language!
37 min
Studio 360: Link Wray’s “Rumble”
The guitarist who Dave Davies and Jimmy Page worshipped.
6 min
Trumpcast: A Tower in Toronto and the Story of ...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Tom Burgis of the Financial Times about his story "Tower of Secrets: The Russian Money Behind a Donald Trump Skyscraper."
31 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Trimmer Work?
39 min
Sponsored Content: Dialogues - Marcel Dzama and...
The fifth episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast features artist Marcel Dzama in conversation with musician, singer, and songwriter Will Butler
28 min
Slate Money: The High Stakes Negotiation Edition
54 min
Amicus: Back to School Protest Special
From armbands to Parkland, free speech rights inside the school gates.
57 min
Gist: Bright Gays, Big City
Finding the refreshingly queer perspective in Strangers.
25 min
Music Trivia: The Aretha Franklin Edition
25 min
I Have to Ask: Re-Air: Maggie Haberman
30 min
Gist: The OG GOP
Trump’s disdain for democracy may be unprecedented in a U.S. president, but the Republican Party’s tricks have 19th-century roots.
25 min
Trumpcast: A Campaign Finance Crash Course
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Trevor Potter, Former Commissioner & Chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), to talk about how Trump may have violated campaign finance laws.
30 min
Political: The “Packing and Cracking” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss lawyer Don McGahns’s departure from the White House team, North Carolina’s political gerrymandering and John McCain’s legacy.
59 min
Studio 360: A room with a viewfinder
Liz Diller on her favorite use of architecture in film, a classic Richard Pryor album turns 40 and a noteworthy summer for black cinema.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Age of Fear Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace talk to Kim Brooks, author of Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear, as well as a listener question about a neighbor on the sex-offender registry, plus triumphs and fails and recommendations.
63 min
The Waves: The To All the Boys Edition
The Waves on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Slow Burn season 2, and desirability in men and women.
61 min
Gist: Fake News Is Nothing New
It may feel like disinformation is at an all-time high, but hoaxes, lies, and yellow journalism are age-old.
21 min
If Then: Twitter Without the Nazis
The founder of Mastodon on how he built an alternative social network, and why people are flocking to it.
38 min
The Good Fight: Peter Wolodarski
Paradise Lost
54 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 4: Alone, Together
What really happened between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?
38 min
Culture Gabfest: Hegemonic Victimhood Edition
Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss the film Eighth Grade, the maligned TV series Insatiable with June Thomas, and Kelly Marie Tran's op ed about social media harassment.
64 min
Gist: Gerrymandering and You
County-cutting has given us only one clear winner so far, and it’s not the Democratic Party (or the country).
24 min
Trumpcast: SDNY, The Trump Organization, and Pa...
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor in the SDNY, to talk about Allen Weisselberg and if in fact his immunity means the investigations are getting deeper into the Trump Organization.
34 min
Sponsored Content: Coffee & Crayons - Inspiring...
In Episode 02, Mallory talks with Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy! about encouraging kids to be creative and helping them express their individuality.
22 min
Dear Prudence - The "Work Talk At Home" Edition
50 min
Gist: #AbolishICE … and Then What?
Journalist Sean McElwee wants the agency — and the criminalization it exists to punish — to disappear completely.
24 min
Hang Up: The Speeding the Cube Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis are joined by Jessica Luther to discuss Ohio State’s decision not to fire its football coach Urban Meyer.
63 min
Decoder Ring: The Paper Doll Club
Paper dolls were a ubiquitous part of children’s lives for decades, and then they mostly disappeared.
36 min
Whistlestop Special Re-Air: John McCain's Surpr...
40 min
Working With Weed: How Does a Dispensary Manage...
33 min
Slate Money: The Raging Bull Edition
37 min
Gist: Crazy Rich Asians Is Important
Crazy Rich Asians Isn’t for White People. That’s Thrilling.
18 min
I Have to Ask: Anand Giridharadas
34 min
Spoiler Specials: Crazy Rich Asians
81 min
Trumpcast: ICE and the Unfolding Immigration Tr...
León Krauze jumps into the host chair for the day to chat with The Atlantic's Frank Foer about ICE, the fear in immigrant communities, and what to make of the Paul Manafort fiasco at the end of this week.
34 min
Gist: Sweep the Left
The guys behind Chapo Trap House say Trump’s undoer won’t be Robert Mueller, but whichever 2020 candidate can inspire (and expand) the left.
22 min
Political: The “Eight Count” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Tuesday’s conviction of Manafort, Cohen’s guilty plea and McGahn’s cooperation with the special counsel as well as the Kavanaugh nomination.
76 min
Studio 360: Framing the debate
How the politics of the past, and today, inspire art, music and poetry.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Bad Grandpa Edition
Carvell Wallace, Dan Kois, and Katherine Goldstein discuss listener questions about dealing with a chauvinist grandpa and how and when to talk to your kids about a conspicuous confederate flag on the side of the interstate.
53 min
The Waves: The Subtweeting Your Spouse Edition
The Waves on reverse #MeToo, Mr. and Mrs. Conway, and the trouble for republican women.
52 min
Gist: Don’t Touch The “I” Word
Mueller’s investigation is closing in on Trump. But talk of impeachment would drive Republicans to the voting booths in November.
23 min
Whistlestop: The Bidding of Biden to Boo Bork
On June 26, 1987 President Reagan learned that the swing vote Justice on the Supreme Court was going to step down and a judicial nomination would be due.
38 min
If Then: Google’s Secret Censorship Project
Google’s secret project to censor search in China.
46 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 3: Cred
Many accusations were launched against Bill Clinton. Only some of them stuck.
39 min
Culture Gabfest: You Will Never Be Enough Edition
Julia Turner, Inkoo Kang, and Isaac Butler discuss the film Crazy Rich Asians, the TV show Younger, and what, exactly, is up with Elon Musk.
50 min
Trumpcast: The Cohen Plea and Manafort Verdict
Virginia Heffernan talks to Mimi Rocah, a former assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, about Cohen's guilty plea and the verdict in the Manafort trial.
21 min
Gist: Trolls and Trump's Lies
How one Canadian journalist spends his days fact-checking Donald Trump.
19 min
Dear Prudence: The "Leftover Food" Edition
41 min
The Rise of They
English pronouns are evolving and it's time to embrace it.
39 min
Studio 360: The Remarkable Bounce of Blindspotting
Poet Maya Phillips talks about how rap elevates this modern dramedy about race, friendship, and a rapidly gentrifying Oakland.
20 min
Gist: What Happened to “America’s Mayor”?
With every outlandish TV appearance, Rudy Giuliani loses more of the status he earned after 9/11.
30 min
Hang Up: The Last Bruh You Hear Before You Get ...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by The Root’s Damon Young to discuss Jalen Ramsey, Jarvis Landry, and the state of NFL trash talk.
77 min
Amicus: Barbie, Bratz, and Who Owns Your Dreams?
The intellectual property battle about much more than plastic dolls.
39 min
Slate Money: The Accountable Capitalism Edition
41 min
Trumpcast: The Outspoken John Brennan and What ...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Mattathias Schwartz about Trump revoking John Brennan's security clearance.
27 min
Gist: Listening to Inanimate Objects
Podcaster Ian Chillag explores the secret lives of everyday objects we never think much about.
31 min
I Have to Ask: Michelle Goldberg
32 min
Gist: Goodbye to the Queen of Soul
Aretha Franklin’s talents went well beyond her golden voice.
27 min
Political: The "Unhinge Me Now" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and CNN's Kirsten Powers discuss the relevance of Omarosa Manigault Newman’s criticisms of President Trump, results from state primaries and the Title IX investigation of sexual harassment of a male student at NYU.
61 min
Studio 360: The golden age of anonymous music
The curious world of vintage stock music libraries, a groundbreaking radio thriller, and America’s most prestigious cinema: the White House.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Call Me By Your Scree...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a fun game about getting kicked in the face, what it means when children lie for attention, and whether a 17 year old boy should be dating a 25 year old man via Tinder.
47 min
Outward: The "Our Queer Roots" Edition
Outward’s new LGBTQ podcast discusses queer roots.
47 min
The Waves: The Omarosa-esque Edition
The Waves on Omarosa v. Trump, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and male NFL cheerleaders.
60 min
Gist: The Heart of Reality Television
It isn’t all competition and cat fights. Born This Way follows the lives of a few charming individuals with Down syndrome.
22 min
Culture Gabfest: No Bad Horses Edition
June Thomas, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss the TV show A Very English Scandal, the HBO film The Tale, and the work of Aretha Franklin with Jody Rosen.
57 min
If Then: Making Sense of Elon Musk
Tesla and SpaceX reporter Dana Hull on what drives tech’s most enigmatic CEO.
43 min
The Good Fight: James Crabtree
Hindus First
50 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 2: There There
The Clinton administration was mired in scandal from its very first days.
40 min
Trumpcast: Omarosa and Reality Show Politics
Virginia Heffernan talks to Lola Ogunnaike, host of "Entertainment Weekly The Show" about Omarosa finally making her way through the Trump love-hate cycle.
33 min
Gist: Democracy Needs a Reboot
Jason Kander is a rising star in the Democratic Party, and he wants to take it back to square one (in a good way).
27 min
Dear Prudence: The “Bare Minimum of Icy Neutral...
53 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Measure for Measure
Why it’s still difficult to reckon with the ethics of Shakespeare’s darkest comedy.
33 min
Gist: Trump’s Pyrite Touch
A GOP Never-Trumper on how the president gets nothing right.
24 min
Hang Up: The Nudity as a Social Construct Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Slate’s Jim Newell to discuss Tiger Woods’ near-win at the PGA Championship and SB Nation’s Spencer Hall talks about toxic college football cultures.
71 min
Coming Aug. 15: Outward, Slate's LGBTQ podcast!
On the first episode: queer roots.
1 min
Slate Money: The Momentous Tweet Edition
36 min
Gist: Venturing Into Obscurity
The Venture Bros. is the best kind of show that doesn’t care about alienating viewers.
23 min
I Have to Ask: David Kirkpatrick
31 min
Spoiler Specials: BlacKkKlansman
69 min
Gist: On Bended Knee
Being a sports star means your activism has a platform, but it doesn’t bode well for your career.
25 min
Political: The “War on Your Mind” Edition
Emily Bazelon, Benjamin Wittes, and David Plotz discuss revelations from Paul Manafort’s trial, proposed White House changes to legal immigration, and Alex Jones’s banishment from social platforms.
71 min
Studio 360: Walden pondered
How “Walden” holds up, “I Will Survive” at 40 and Leonard Bernstein’s concerts for children.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Eighth Grade Edition
Allison Benedikt, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss taxidermied animals, being without your kids, summer camp compromises, a listener question about whether to take a young child on a trip to Africa, and the film "Eighth Grade"
44 min
The Waves: The Swole Edition
The Waves on Les Moonves, Sarah Jeong's "white people suck" tweets, and swole Jeff Bezos.
56 min
Gist: Regulate Me
The 2008 financial crisis continues to linger.
23 min
Trumpcast: Learning From James Clapper's Life i...
Virginia Heffernan talks to James R. Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, about his book Facts and Fear: Hard Truths From A Life In Intelligence.
26 min
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 1: Deal or No Deal
Season 2 of Slow Burn begins with the Clinton presidency hanging by a thread.
34 min
If Then: Embracing Deplorable Status
A conversation with the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer on QAnon, Pizzagate, and why so many Trump supporters are falling for online conspiracy theories.
43 min
Sponsored Content: Dialogues - Lisa Yuskavage a...
In the fourth episode of Dialogues, painter Lisa Yuskavage is paired with screenwriter and film director Tamara Jenkins
31 min
Culture Gabfest: Capitalism is Grift Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Laura Bennett discuss Boots Riley's film Sorry to Bother You, HBO's TV drama Succession, and the summer of grifters and our fascination with scam artists.
53 min
Gist: The Egyptian Seesaw
How the country went through a coup and the Arab Spring, and where they’re headed next.
30 min
Dear Prudence: The “Family Heirloom Accountant”...
47 min
Lexicon: Wabbit Twacks
A linguistic analysis of Looney Tunes.
40 min
Studio 360: Happy Bernstein to You!
As conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein changed the way audiences understood classical music.
9 min
Trumpcast: Cyberwar and Security in the Trump Era
Jacob Weisberg talks to Clint Watts, the author of Messing with the Enemy: Surviving in a Social Media World of Hackers, Terrorists, Russians, and Fake News, about the question of cyberwar.
35 min
Gist: The Smart Drug
One pill helps you focus. Another pill keeps you awake. Neither will make you smarter.
23 min
Hang Up: The Love Me Some Me Edition
Josh Levin is joined by Deadspin’s Laura Wagner and the New Yorker’s Vinson Cunningham to talk about Urban Meyer’s possible ouster at Ohio State, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Terrell Owens and Ray Lewis, and the NFL’s new helmet rule.
66 min
Amicus: A Taftian Antidote to Trumpian Excesses
37 min
Slate Money: The Silicon Bubble Edition
39 min
Trumpcast: Is the Facebook Problem Unfixable?
Virginia Heffernan talks to Siva Vaidhyanathan, the author of Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy, about the post-IRA indictment struggles at Facebook.
33 min
Gist: Where Is Space?
Jeffrey Lewis guest hosts and tries to find the line where space starts.
27 min
I Have to Ask: Martha Nussbaum
30 min
Gist: My Life as a Sitcom
If Guy Branum could choose, he’d live in a sitcom.
27 min
Gist: My Life as a Sitcom
If Guy Branum could choose, he’d live in a sitcom.
27 min
Political: The “3D-Printed Gabfest” Edition
Emily Bazelon, Ruth Marcus, and David Plotz discuss Paul Manafort’s trial, blueprints for 3D-printed guns, and potential capital gains tax cuts. Lara Bazelon joins for Slate Plus to discuss sexism in courtrooms.
63 min
Studio 360: Everyone’s a comedian
Ken Jennings on the history — and ubiquity — of comedy, Picasso in Mira T. Lee’s new novel and a performance by Roomful of Teeth.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Sand Couch Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace continue the conversation about King Kong and the gorilla suit, discuss sand couches, teen films, feminist slogans on two year old boy's t-shirts, and the grooming habits of teenage boys.
56 min
Sponsored Content: Coffee & Crayons - Teaching ...
In Episode 01 of Coffee & Crayons, host Mallory Kasdan talks with Amy Webb, creator of the popular blog This Little Miggy Stayed Home, about inclusivity and kindness.
26 min
The Waves: The #SayHerName Edition
64 min
Gist: Quarter for Carter
President Jimmy Carter accepted an investigation into his White House team with grace. Think Trump would do the same?
28 min
Trumpcast: Why Trump and India Aren't Working Out
Jacob Weisberg talks to James Crabtree, the author of The Billionaire Raj, about the Trump administration's relations with India and why it's not working out.
28 min
If Then: Flying Cars Are Only A Few Years Away
The former head of “urban aviation” at Uber says they’re coming--the question is how soon.
37 min
Spoiler Specials: Mission: Impossible-Fallout
62 min
The Good Fight: Kori Schake
After NATO
48 min
Culture Gabfest: Fortnite Kegel Storm Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss Mission Impossible: Fallout, the video game Fortnite, and a NYT Magazine profile of Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP.
64 min
Sponsored Content: Coffee and Crayons - Encoura...
In Episode 03, Mallory and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville discuss compassion, confidence, and, of course, Mr. Rogers.
27 min
Gist: Courting Politics
The Supreme Court today is seen as a critical asset for liberals and conservatives to fight over. Was that always so?
24 min
Dear Prudence: The "Stoner Shame” Edition
47 min
Trumpcast: When the President Takes Putin's Sid...
Jacob Weisberg talks to the former American ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, about how he ended up in Putin's sights, Trump not confronting Putin, how the Kremlin abuse Interpol and more.
32 min
Gist: They’re More Bad Than We Are Good
Voters might feel just OK about their own party. But when it comes to the other one, emotions run high.
34 min
Hang Up: The Cloud of Salbutamol Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Dallas Wings star Liz Cambage to discuss the state of the WNBA. VeloNews’ Frederick Dreier talks about the Tour de France. Finally, Keith Barnes of the Mamie Johnson Little League talks his history-making team.
63 min
Decoder Ring: The Basement Affair
What are the real reasons people go on reality TV?
40 min
The Abortions We Don’t Talk About
39 min
Slate Money: The Blame Iowa Edition
42 min
Gist: The Pushback Artist
How can we recognize our own blind spots about sexism and privilege?
39 min
I Have to Ask: Ottessa Moshfegh
33 min
Hit Parade: The Feat. Don’t Fail Me Now Edition
The featured-artist credit has gone from a rare anomaly to a staple of the charts. How did guest rappers change the way supporting performers are credited across popular music?
70 min
Gist: The Real Deep State
Pakistan’s “deep state” helped Imran Khan claim electoral victory. Can he confront it, for the country’s sake?
23 min
Political: The “Pay With Cash” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Michael Cohen’s release of secret recordings with Trump, the gubernatorial race in Georgia, and justice for the death of Markeis McGlockton.
57 min
Sponsored Content: Dialogues - Stan Douglas and...
The third episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast features photographer Stan Douglas in conversation with composer and pianist Jason Moran.
25 min
Studio 360: Whee!
The art of children at play: playground design, imaginary friends and the unlikely histories of Barbie and the Frisbee.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Guy in a Gorilla Suit...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace and guest host Dana Stevens discuss the difficulty of homespun ABBA cover sessions, trusting teens, perfectionist tennis lessons, bad dads, and more.
54 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Bottle Servi...
The Waves on Mariia Butina, how we talk about Trump and Putin, and the infamous Refinery29 money diary.
51 min
Gist: Lights, Camera, Sexism
The 24-hour news cycle born in the 1990s was especially unkind to women.
31 min
Trumpcast: Cohen’s Basement Tapes
Virginia Heffernan talks to Emily Jane Fox, senior reporter at Vanity Fair, about the Trump-Cohen tape that was released on Tuesday.
34 min
If Then: This Is How Fake News Spreads
38 min
Culture Gabfest: Summer Strut 2018 Edition
It's our annual summer strut episode where we crowdsource the best songs for strutting around town from an exhaustive playlist curated by our listeners.
66 min
Gist: The BS! It’s Everywhere!
President Trump lies even when it’s not in his interest.
27 min
Dear Prudence: The "Hots For My Cousin" Edition
48 min
Lexicon: Tee Time
What the French Canadian version of The Flintstones can teach us about the letter T.
38 min
Studio 360: A Wild and Crazy Anniversary
Forty years ago, Steve Martin made comedy history with “A Wild and Crazy Guy” and “King Tut.”
10 min
Gist: When Death Row Stalls
Nevada’s first execution since 2006 was stopped just hours before schedule—even as a convicted killer welcomed it.
23 min
Hang Up: The Fighting Cancer Beats Godspeed Edi...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by ESPN’s Howard Bryant to discuss the militarization of sports, Slate’s Christina Cauterucci talks about Jaelene Hinkle, and Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino assesses the future of flag football.
70 min
Working: How Does the Owner of Katz’s Deli Work?
Jake Dell is not just running a deli, he’s running a New York institution.
40 min
Amicus: The Scalia Factor
Rick Hasen on his book “The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption”
49 min
Slate Money: The Mobile Monopoly Edition
42 min
Gist: Bobcat Revival
Ten years after rejecting his old comedy routine, Bobcat Goldthwait has found his place—behind the camera.
20 min
I Have to Ask: Annie Lowrey
32 min
Trumpcast: The Pieces of the Mueller Puzzle
Virginia Heffernan talks to Garrett Graff, a contributor at WIRED and the executive director of the Aspen Institute’s Cybersecurity & Technology Program, about the shape of the Mueller investigation.
33 min
Gist: Democracy Dies in Dark Money
How Montana—and America—got warped by anonymous campaign funds and baseless attack ads.
25 min
Gabfest: The "Double Negative" Edition Live fro...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz are live in Glenside, PA to discuss the fallout of the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.
70 min
Studio 360: Making it in Cleveland
A citywide art survey in Ohio, a biblical reading of Beyoncé and the mastery — and misery — of a quality control technician.
50 min
The Surprising Reason Why the Gender Pay Gap Ha...
30 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Blockchain Baby Names...
The panel discusses how to pick a baby's last name, the allure of Avenger's pajamas, salvaging a love of baseball out of a personal hatred, driving in cars with teens, and how to deal when your boy keeps getting called a girl at school.
54 min
Important Announcement from El Gabfest en Inglés
2 min
Anuncio Importante de El Gabfest en Español
2 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Live From D....
The Waves (formerly Double X) on mens rights activists, scientist Ellen Stofan, and listener "Is it sexist?" questions.
58 min
Gist: A Piece of Pai
Why is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai blocking Sinclair?
28 min
If Then: How a Top Twitter Exec Tackles Trolls
Vijaya Gadde explains why harassers must go, but conspiracy theorists can stay.
46 min
The Good Fight: Jake Sullivan
Here are the radical economic ideas Democrats should run on to win in 2020
58 min
Culture Gabfest: Grasping at Straws Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss the film "Leave No Trace", Sacha Baron Coen's new show "Who is America?" and plastic straw bans as an agent of change and/or useless virtue signaling.
60 min
Gist: The Schoolyard President
After his callow showing beside Vladimir Putin, president Trump’s excuses were crafted with all the skill of a fourth-grader.
24 min
Trumpcast: The Man Putin Singled Out
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bill Browder, Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice campaign, about the moment his name came up during the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.
19 min
Dear Prudence: The "Weapons Grade Pettiness" Ed...
49 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Do Animals ...
A reading by acclaimed poet Marianne Moore and Chicago filmmaker Jim Trainor on his “anti-Disney” animal educational film.
12 min
Hang Up and Listen: The Allez Les Bleus Edition
Henry Grabar and Josh Levin the World Cup, Wimbledon, and the terrible Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals.
68 min
Trumpcast: Trump’s Submission in Helsinki
Jacob Weisberg talks to Anne Applebaum, a columnist at the Washington Post and the author of Red Famine, about the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.
26 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Do Animals ...
Author and Historian Laurel Braitman puts on concerts for all-animal audiences. Richard Prum talks to us about the aesthetic preferences of animals.
22 min
Working: How Does a Tattoo Artist Work?
Victor J. Webster tells us about the challenges of drawing on skin.
38 min
Slate Money: The Give People Money Edition
51 min
Gist: Pardon the Arson
Dwight and Steven Hammond aren’t heroes standing against big government. They’re outright criminals.
26 min
Trumpcast: Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Officers,...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Max Bergmann, Sr. Fellow at Center for American Progress and Director of The Moscow Project, about the latest round of Mueller indictments.
27 min
Spoiler Specials: The Handmaid's Tale Season 2
56 min
Hit Parade: The Deadbeat Club Edition, Part Two
How the two leading bands from Athens, Georgia transformed themselves from college-rockers in the ’80s to hitmakers by the ’90s
54 min
I Have to Ask: Chris Hayes
23 min
Gist: A Cancer on the Court
Dark money helped Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch get his spot on the Supreme Court. It could help Brett Kavanaugh too.
27 min
Political: The “Carpool Justice” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy, the U.S. relationship with NATO, and federal policies around breastfeeding
59 min
Studio 360: Drawn from experience
What inspired comic artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Wilson Pickett and “Luke Cage” showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Accidental Drunkennes...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss mysterious sibling bonding, weird eye infections, relatives who bully kids, and younger sibling-induced touchiness.
50 min
Trumpcast: The ACLU in the Trump Era
Jacob Weisberg talks to Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU, about the mission of the ACLU in the Trump era and whether it's causing any tension in the organization.
25 min
Inside A Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
21 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Privacy is D...
The DoubleX Gabfest on the future of abortion rights, falling birth rates, and #PlaneBae.
56 min
Gist: Gridiron Man
Jim Brown was nearly impossible to tackle on the football field. And in public life, he still is.
30 min
Whistlestop: Kennedy and Communism (Part 2)
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to June 1961 when President John F. Kennedy sits down with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna.
38 min
If Then: The Surveillance State's Eyes at the U...
29 min
Sponsored Content: Dialogues - Rose Wylie and R...
The second episode of Dialogues pairs the artist Rose Wylie in conversation with actor Russell Tovey
28 min
Culture Gabfest: This Is the Chewiest Thing I'v...
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the summer blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the appeal of the Netflix cooking-failure show Nailed It, and Scarlett Johansson's casting as a trans man, with Slate's Evan Urquhart.
60 min
Gist: Don't Forget About Sex
29 min
Trumpcast: The Fight Liberals Should & Shouldn’...
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Noah Feldman of Harvard Law School and Bloomberg to talk about Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.
30 min
Dear Prudence: The “Invisible Girl” Edition
44 min
Lexicon: Happy Birthday OED!
John McWhorter raises an etymological glass to the nonagenarian Oxford English Dictionary.
32 min
Studio 360: Here Comes the Pitch
The new season of the music documentary podcast Pitch takes listeners behind the music of ISIS, blacklist jazz, Carnival, and more.
25 min
Lend Me Your Ears: King Lear
What happens your country is run by an aging narcissist who may not be entirely stable?
33 min
Gist: The Hole Picture
The ongoing rescue of the Thai boys trapped in a cave is the latest in a long line of similar stories.
25 min
Hang Up: The Strangely Likable England Edition
Nick Greene and Josh Levin are joined by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl to discuss the World Cup. The New Yorker’s Vinson Cunningham also joins to discuss Stephen A. Smith.
69 min
Working: How Does an A Professional Wrestler Work?
Bull James tells us about making a living in the ring.
41 min
Amicus: The Argument That Could Reclaim the Sup...
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on the frustrating process of vetting a new Supreme Court justice.
31 min
Slate Money: The Just Sign the Check Edition
45 min
Gist: Just Use My Data, People
Advertisers should target us more effectively.
24 min
I Have to Ask: Porochista Khakpour
41 min
Trumpcast: Lessons from South Africa
Virginia Heffernan talks to Andries du Toit, a researcher and writer at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, about the history of apartheid.
27 min
Gist: How Quickly We Forget
Poland’s authoritarian streak shows how the benefits of democracy are soon forgotten.
26 min
Political: The "Abolish ICE" Edition
Emily Bazelon, Jacob Weisberg, and David Plotz discuss potential replacements for Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, liberal chants to ‘Abolish ICE’, and why Scott Pruitt resigned.
49 min
Studio 360: American Icons: Monticello
This is the home of America’s aspirations and its deepest contradictions.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Co-Parenting Conundru...
Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace discuss haunted AirBnBs, California kids, overbearing mom-reminders, low-key deadbeat dads, co-parenting responsibilities, screen time habits to model for your kids, and more.
43 min
Better Life Lab: Why Progressive Offices Still ...
24 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Big D Energy...
The Waves (formerly Double X) on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs, BDE, and "When Children Say They’re Trans."
59 min
If Then: The Supreme Court in the Cyber Age
Will this new Supreme Court Justice also be scared of the internet?
37 min
The Good Fight: Jeff Jarvis
The Case for Optimism
50 min
Trumpcast: Overcoming Class Cluelessness
Jacob Weisberg talks to Joan C. Williams, Founding Director of the Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hastings, about liberal condescension towards the white working class.
32 min
Culture Gabfest: Unproblematic Trolley Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner discuss the new documentary about Mr. Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, the Netflix comedy special Nanette, and the World Cup, with Mike Pesca.
62 min
Gist: Song, Dance, and Confirmation
For all her biases, Amy Coney Barrett could very well survive confirmation to the Supreme Court.
25 min
Dear Prudence: The “Unexpected Inheritance” Edi...
46 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Your Brain ...
What is medical improv? WNYC’s Amanda Aronczyk takes us on a tour. Plus, back to Laughter Yoga with Kurt Andersen and Marry Harris.
15 min
Gist: Shameless Mitch
When it comes to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, hypocrisy is a built-in feature.
24 min
El Gabfest: Del Nuevo Presidente de México y Pe...
42 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Magical Mexican President
16 min
Hang Up: The LeBron to the Golden State Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley to discuss LeBron to the Lakers, Sports Illustrated’s Luis Miguel Echegaray talks about the World Cup.
84 min
The World Cup of GOLLLL Shouting
Slate staffers compete to find out who can shout "GOOOOLLLLL!" the longest.
2 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Your Brain ...
Your brain on Laughter: Neuroscientist Sophie Scott explains the science of laughter. Plus, Comedian Chris Gethard talks to us about how depression and comedy can be interwoven.
24 min
Working: How Does a Child Life Specialist Work?
In this episode of Working, we talk with a woman who helps young medical patients deal with stress and navigate their treatment.
43 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Your Brain ...
Kurt Andersen and Marry Harris give Laughter Yoga a try.
12 min
Trumpcast: Civility as a Cudgel
Jamelle Bouie talks to Nicole Hemmer, an assistant professor at UVA's Miller Center, about the topic of "civility."
26 min
Amicus: With Kennedy Gone, What’s on the Choppi...
Our annual look at the end of the Supreme Court term.
47 min
Slate Money: The Germany Edition
40 min
Today From Slate: A DM from GM
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the Capital Gazette shooting, to the EU's borders, to General Motors' tariff worries.
3 min
Gist: In 12,000 Words
Jesse Singal wrote about children who detransition. But did he do his subjects justice?
32 min
Hit Parade: The Deadbeat Club Edition, Part One
The story of how two very different bands came to define the boundaries of New Wave rock from the college town of Athens, Georgia
60 min
Spoiler Specials: Westworld Season 2
A spoiler-filled review of Westworld
57 min
Today From Slate: Japan Plays Fair, Japan Wins ...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from president Trump's date with Putin, to gay conversion therapy, to Japan's World Cup tie-breaker.
2 min
Gist: Does Authenticity Matter?
We shouldn’t judge political candidates on such ambiguous criteria
22 min
Political: The “Red Court, Red Dem, and Red Hen...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the New York primary upset, and the meaning of civility.
65 min
Studio 360: Filth
When art is dirty ... and dirt is arty.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Summer Break Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss summer break! Is it better to structure your kid's summers or let them veg out?
37 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Liberals in the Lurch
15 min
El Gabfest: De Polarización y Sorpresas Neoyorq...
59 min
Today From Slate: Justice Kennedy Says Au Revoir
Jayson De Leon has two things to kick off your day – starting with the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and ending with the man who worked for free even though he was millions in the hole.
4 min
Why You’re Addicted to Being Busy: Better Life Lab
30 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Jokes About ...
The Waves on Hannah Gadsby's Nanette, SCOTUS pregnancy centers ruling, and the end of pantsuits.
57 min
Gist: The Self-Sufficiency Court
With Justice Kennedy on his way out, conservatives like Clarence Thomas are free to burn society’s safety nets.
26 min
Trumpcast: The Supreme Court Without Justice Ke...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Rick Hasen, a Professor of Law and Political Science at UC Irvine, about Justice Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court.
18 min
I Have to Ask: Quinta Jurecic
24 min
Whistlestop: Kennedy and Communism (Part 1 of 2)
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to June 3, 1961 as President John F. Kennedy prepared to hobble on stage for his first high-stakes summit with a soviet leader.
30 min
If Then: Tech Workers Fight Back
How The Tech Workers Coalition Organizes Employees To Demand Better.
39 min
Sponsored Content: Dialogues | Jeff Koons and L...
Listen to the inaugural episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast, featuring artist Jeff Koons and curator Luke Syson.
29 min
Culture Gabfest: Anthony Rising Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner Discuss Brad Bird's The Incredibles 2, 30 For 30's podcast series about Bikram yoga, and the re-emergence of astrology with production assistant Daniel Schroeder.
59 min
Today From Slate: Los Niños Robados
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Trump's Supreme Court victory, to Spain's stolen children, to Uber's fortunes in London.
2 min
Trumpcast: The Travel Ban Stands and the Legacy...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Emily Bazelon about SCOTUS and its decision on Trump's travel ban. Plus, what are we to make of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts?
24 min
Gist: The Unpopular Vote and a Few Justices
That’s all you need to make a joke of our country’s checks and balances.
24 min
Dear Prudence: The “Is Cheating Ever Ok?” Edition
59 min
Lexicon: If Frozen, Why Not Squozen?
Language lessons from this year's Tony nominees for Best Musical.
35 min
Studio 360: Behind the Harlem Sound of Luke Cage
Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker on the show’s ‘90s, New York, hip-hop vibe.
16 min
Today From Slate: Gorsuch Takes a Swing at the ...
Jayson De Leon has two things to start your day – from Mueller obtaining the phones and computer of Erik Prince to Neil Gorsuch's position on the Voting Rights Act.
4 min
Hang Up: The Crying Neymar Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the World Cup with Ken Early of the Irish Times, the fate of the DH and Major League Baseball expansion with Ben Lindbergh of the Ringer, and killing the NBA draft with Jay Caspian Kang of Vice News.
73 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Presents: How to Take ...
30 min
Decoder Ring: Clown Panic
The clown has existed in various forms for thousands of years, what changed and made us suspect and fear them?
35 min
Working: How Does a Music Supervisor Work?
In this episode of Working, we talk with the veteran music supervisor about working with Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese and more.
48 min
Today From Slate: Mick Mulvaney's Long Haul Ove...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to kickoff your weekend from a 5-objective disaster plan from NASA to the Trump administration's attempt to put a stranglehold on government benefit programs.
4 min
Amicus: Voting: Purging, Packing, Cracking, Sta...
Analysis of SCOTUS gerrymandering and voter purge decisions with Paul M Smith, who argued two of the cases.
41 min
Slate Money: It Depends on the Price of the Bon...
Slate Money on public transit, pregnancy, and Rwanda
37 min
Slate Money: It Depends on the Price of the Bon...
Slate Money on the public transit, pregnancy, and Rwanda
37 min
I Have to Ask: James Wood
32 min
Today From Slate: Vladimir Putin, You're On the...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from a Supreme Court decision on sales taxes to yet another summit in the making. Plus, the NBA Draft.
3 min
Trumpcast | Detained Without Trial: A History o...
Jamelle Bouie talks to Andrea Pitzer, the author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps.
30 min
Gist: A Song You Can Graduate To
It will probably be about war. Because life is a war. Here's your diploma.
26 min
Political: The “Wicked, Even for Trump” Edition
John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Ruth Marcus discuss the future for children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, DOJ findings on the FBI and 2016 presidential election, and elite schools' admissions policies.
57 min
Studio 360: Rebels without a pause
A revolutionary Public Enemy album turns 30, the history of protest art and the “Nancy” comics reboot.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Do More Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss the situation at the border, anti-mom bias in the workplace with Katherine Goldstein, how not to model vices for your kids, and more.
51 min
El Gabfest: De Niños en Jaulas y Caos Periodístico
65 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Kids in the Crosshairs
10 min
How to Take Summers Off and Still Get Promoted
28 min
How to Take Summers Off and Still Get Promoted
28 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Beyonce and ...
The DoubleX Gabfest on The Carter's new album, the separation of families at the border, and Cameron Esposito's Rape Jokes.
56 min
Today From Slate: Asteroid Deflection? Planet E...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Trump's executive order, to legal pot in Canada, to asteroid defense.
2 min
Gist: Quitters Can’t Be Leaders
The U.S. shouldn’t leave the U.N. Human Rights Council. It should work to make it better.
20 min
If Then: Should Tech Companies Take a Stand Aga...
Big Tech came out strong against the travel ban. Will it fight as hard to end family separation at the border?
27 min
The Good Fight: Michael McFaul
Meet The Ambassador Set Out to Fix America’s Relationship with Russia—and Ended Up Having to Flee the Country
58 min
Working Presents: Better Life Lab
33 min
Culture Gabfest: Unkindest Cut of All Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Isaac Butler, and Laura Miller discuss the horror film Hereditary, the return of The Staircase with Rebecca Lavoie, and Isaac's Shakespeare podcast Lend Me Your Ears.
58 min
Trumpcast: The Reality of Family Separation and...
Jacob Weisberg talks to KPBS's Jean Guerrero about a migrant children facility she visited and to a public defender about clients he's representing along the border.
34 min
Gist: Polarization Nation
It’s not just about the issues: Fear, competitiveness, and tribalism all make it harder for Democrats and Republicans to get along.
29 min
Dear Prudence: The “Bullying Sister-in-Law” Edi...
52 min
Dear Prudence: The “Bullying Sister-in-Law” Edi...
52 min
Today From Slate: Tears at the Border
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the U.S.-Mexico border, to Colombia, to Mexico City after one epic World Cup goal.
3 min
Hang Up: The 54 O’s Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the World Cup with Slate’s Nick Greene and Slate’s Jim Newell joins to talk about golf’s U.S. Open. Plus, an interview with BuzzFeed’s Ken Bensinger about his book on corruption in soccer, Red Card.
74 min
Trumpcast: "It's All Too Much, and We Still Hav...
Slate's Dahlia Lithwick reads her cover story from earlier this week, "It's All Too Much, and We Still Have to Care."
10 min
Working: How Does a New York City Archaeologist...
In this episode of Working, we learn what’s buried under New York City.
52 min
Slate Money: The House of Cards Edition
Slate Money on Bad Blood, Netflix, and Just Capital
45 min
Today From Slate: Iron Tower, Glass Walls
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the latest trade war salvo, to Paul Manafort's jailing, to the Eiffel Tower.
2 min
Gist: The Heisenberg Presidency
President Trump's uncertainty principle is his only principle.
27 min
Trumpcast: Manafort Goes to Jail
Jayson De Leon jumps into the host seat for the day to chat about Paul Manafort's arraignment with Tierney Sneed of Talking Points Memo who was at the courthouse to watch the day's events unravel.
18 min
Hit Parade's Music Trivia: The MTV and Alt-Rock...
18 min
I Have to Ask: Anthony Bourdain: A Previously U...
23 min
Today From Slate: A Gift Unlike Any Other for P...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from the NY State Attorney General's gift to Donald Trump to a heated exchange in the White House press room.
4 min
Better Life Lab: Your Work May Be Killing You
Bragging about being overworked is not badge of honor. Economists say the way we work has become so stressful it’s now the fifth leading cause of death.
26 min
Better Life Lab: Your Work May Be Killing You
Bragging about being overworked is not badge of honor. Economists say the way we work has become so stressful it’s now the fifth leading cause of death.
26 min
Spoiler Specials: Hereditary
A spoiler-filled review of Hereditary
83 min
Spoiler Specials: Hereditary
A spoiler-filled review of Hereditary
83 min
Gist: When Border Policy Crosses the Line
More than 11,000 children are in U.S. detention facilities since being taken from their migrant parents. Are tent cities next?
27 min
Political: The “Special Place in Hell” Edition
John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Dahlia Lithwick discuss the U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore, Husted v. A. Philip Randolph at the Supreme Court, and the impact of Trump on Tuesday’s primaries.
50 min
Studio 360: Shadows in the Sunshine State
The strange, creative influence of Florida
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Easy Baby Envy Edition
The panel discusses feeling envious of parents who's parenting comes easily, how to rearrange a physical household post-divorce, new college scholarships, the diversity of the senate page program, and kids birthday party gift-opening etiquette.
46 min
El Gabfest: De la Doctrina Trump y Euforia Futb...
64 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Abandoning Asylum
15 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Seduction of...
The DoubleX Gabfest on Bill Clinton, seduction, and Sex and the City.
55 min
Today From Slate: World Cup Fever?
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from what's next for North Korea, to the Antarctic, to the World Cup's kickoff.
4 min
Gist: Cup of Corruption
The World Cup starts this week, despite FIFA's rampant graft.
26 min
Whistlestop: Nixon Goes to China (Part 3 of 3)
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to February 1972, when President Nixon abandoned a much-needed shower in order to rush off and meet Chairman Mao for the first time.
37 min
Amicus: Bonus: Live From the ACLU
A legal all-star panel with David Cole, Vanita Gupta, Joyce White Vance and Richard Painter.
71 min
If Then: The Failed Promise of the Gig Economy
Author Sarah Kessler explains how the “future of work” has helped computer programmers—and failed those who need it most.
35 min
Culture Gabfest: Elan Deficit Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the movie Ocean's 8, the theory and practice of Instagram Stories, and the legacy of Anthony Bourdain with the New Yorker's Helen Rosner.
55 min
Today From Slate: AT&T and All That Javanka Money
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from a judge's decision on the AT&T and Time Warner merger to a last minute underdog for the World Cup!
4 min
Gist: Summit Skeptical
Do lasting peace agreements hinge on warm & fuzzy friendships?
33 min
Trumpcast: Clown Yalta
Virginia Heffernan talks to Alexandra Bell, Senior Policy Director at the Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation, about Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-Un and what, if anything, substantive came out of it.
24 min
Dear Prudence: The "Demeaning My Coworkers" Edi...
45 min
Lexicon: The Pronouning of Profanities
Words like f*ck and sh*t are increasingly standing in for *it* and *that*.
31 min
Studio 360: The Director of Hereditary on Famil...
The influences behind Ari Aster’s debut film.
14 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Richard II
Which is the more legitimate king—the one chosen by God or the one chosen by the people?
37 min
Upon Further Review: What if Tom Brady Never Be...
In this alternate reality, the Pats are the Patsies and no one knows Brady’s name.
26 min
Today From Slate: The Paperless President
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from a tough decision on immigration, to net neutrality, to president Trump's "filing" system.
3 min
Gist: G-7 Hangover
Team Trump’s damage control is as embarrassing as the presidential antics that occasioned it.
25 min
Trumpcast: The Sewage of Trump's Trade War
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Slate's Jordan Weissmann to talk about Trump's showdown with Trudeau on tariffs and the future of NAFTA.
27 min
Hang Up: The Monday Morning Center Back Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin to talk about LeBron James' next stop; by Bruce Arena to discuss why the U.S. missed the World Cup; and by Slate's Jayson De Leon for a conversation about who to root for in Russia.
69 min
Working: How Does an Art Auctioneer Work?
In this episode of Working, we talk to Helena Newman, the woman who just sold a $157 million painting for Sotheby’s.
42 min
Working: How Does an Art Auctioneer Work?
In this episode of Working, we talk to Helena Newman, the woman who just sold a $157 million painting for Sotheby’s.
42 min
Slate Money: The Put a Fork In It Edition
Slate Money on GitHub, WhatsApp, and Australia
47 min
Amicus: Religious Belief, Sincerely Held
Examining the narrow slicing of the Masterpiece cake shop holding and contemplating the role of faith in our laws.
65 min
Today From Slate: Adieu, Bourdain
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the latest charge against Paul Manafort, to the opioid crisis, to the mark left by culinary traveler Anthony Bourdain.
3 min
Gist: Comedians Can Be Well-Adjusted, Too
Very few comics have never been to therapy. Tom Papa is one of them.
28 min
Trumpcast: Our Pardon Giving President Perverts...
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick to talk about Trump's performative pardons and how he continues to destabilize trust in our institutions.
27 min
Spoiler Specials: Ocean's 8
A spoiler-filled review of Ocean's 8
56 min
Today From Slate: Rosenstein's Role and the G6+1
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from President Trump’s reluctant trip to Québec to different arguments around a potential Rosenstein recusal.
5 min
Represent: Represent Lovefest
Aisha cries, our final quiz, and lots of Represent love.
80 min
Political: The “I Beg My Pardon” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the President’s pardon power, the decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and Bill Clinton’s bumbling book tour.
54 min
Studio 360: ‘Fahrenheit 451’ rekindled
The Ray Bradbury novel’s new relevance, plus the making of a Bowie mashup and “American Animals” director Bart Layton.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Make Daycare Great Ag...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Sam Adams discuss whether one should employ the services of a Trump supporting day-care, what to do about bath-supply snatching kids, high school graduations, guitar lessons, and much more
42 min
El Gabfest: De Hispanos Ausentes y Damas de Com...
63 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Vying for Votes
12 min
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Feckless C-W...
The Waves (formerly Double X) on the c-word, choosing life with down syndrome, and Ali Wong.
57 min
Today From Slate: You Sunk My Dataship!
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Paul Ryan and SPYGATE, to a commuted life sentence, to the coast of Scotland.
4 min
Trumpcast: The Black Widow, The Giant, and the ...
Virginia Heffernan talks to BuzzFeed's Anthony Cormier about his story that broke today on Ivanka Trump's Olympic weightlifter connection to Vladimir Putin and what that has to do with Trump Tower Moscow.
19 min
Gist: James Clapper: Yeah, Russia Swung the Ele...
Now that the former director of national intelligence is a private citizen, he’s making his opinion known.
24 min
If Then: Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism in ...
People want power, not just electricity.
42 min
The Good Fight: Glen Weyl
Capitalism has failed. Only the markets can fix it.
57 min
Today From Slate: Pruitt's Chick-fil-A Dreams a...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from the EPA administrator's Chick-fil-A based hopes and dreams to a President who has found a new toy. Plus, a quick update on that Manafort witness tampering case.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Secret Summer Getaway Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf are live at S&S Farm Brewery in Nassau, NY for a secret summer getaway show.
63 min
Gist: So You Think You Know About Race
Michael Eric Dyson on the civil rights era, his would-be woke students, and President Obama’s shortcomings.
24 min
Dear Prudence: The “Crush On My Job Interviewer...
50 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Way to Go, ...
What are gravitational waves? Astrophysicist Janna Levin has the answer.
14 min
Today From Slate: Manafort's Witness Tampering ...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from one senator’s attempt to get into a former Walmart housing hundreds of refugee children to an NFL team’s disinvitation to the White House.
5 min
Upon Further Review: What If the 1999 U.S. Wome...
Sadly, Not Much Would Be Different.
28 min
Gist: Shots Fired, but Not Really
Yes, an “unindictable” president could commit whatever crimes he wants. But let’s not get carried away.
28 min
Trumpcast: Gearing Up For a Subpoena Showdown
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Jed Shugerman, a professor at Fordham law school, to talk about the letter that leaked this past weekend wherein the president's lawyers all but admitted that he obstructed justice.
27 min
Hang Up: The As Excited As Pat Sajak Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the NBA finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors and the crazy story of anonymous Twitter accounts linked to Philadelphia 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo.
73 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Way to Go, ...
Pop-Culture Einstein: John Wray and James Gleick on how Einstein influenced their writing.
17 min
Decoder Ring: The Johnlock Conspiracy
Decoder Ring explores the Johnlock Conspiracy, a fan theory about the BBC TV show Sherlock positing the inevitability of a gay romance between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.
49 min
How Does an Urban Winemaker Work?
In this episode of Working, we learn what a winemaker (who happens to work part of the year as a commercial salmon fisherman) does all day.
48 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Way to Go, ...
When Einstein was no Einstein: The long road to the theory of relativity.
19 min
How Does an Urban Winemaker Work?
In this episode of Working, we learn what a winemaker (who happens to work part of the year as a commercial salmon fisherman) does all day.
48 min
Working: How Does an Urban Winemaker Work?
In this episode of Working, we learn what a winemaker (who happens to work part of the year as a commercial salmon fisherman) does all day.
48 min
Slate Money: The Five-Star Sandwich Edition
Slate Money on Italy, the Volcker Rule, and sandwiches
43 min
Gist: It's Not Just You
We have grown weary of the uncertain tariffs, maybe-summits, and possible pardons.
25 min
Spoiler Specials: 13 Reasons Why
A spoiler-filled review of 13 Reasons Why
74 min
13 Reasons Why
A spoiler-filled review of 13 Reasons Why
74 min
I Have to Ask: Harry Enten
26 min
Represent #89: Filmmakers Leslie Harris and Nik...
Two directors at different stages of their careers explain the importance of telling black girls’ stories.
52 min
Gist: Folks, We’re Talking About the C-Word
On Samantha Bee’s use of one of the English language’s very worst nouns.
25 min
Trumpcast: Live From Brooklyn
Jacob Weisberg, Virginia Heffernan, and Jamelle Bouie are joined by Michael Avenatti to talk about his day in court and his strategy heading forward in the case Stormy Daniels case.
67 min
Political: The “Ambien and Racism” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss #WhereAreTheChildren and new immigration policies, the death toll in Puerto Rico, and Roseanne’s racism.
53 min
Studio 360: American Icons: The Vietnam Veteran...
How do you memorialize a war that was more tragic than triumphant? Inscribed with the name of every fallen soldier, Maya Lin’s granite wall became a sacred place for veterans.
51 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Circumcision Conundru...
This week we're joined by Wendy Zukerman of the podcast Science Vs. to discuss the science and ethics behind circumcision, plus failed video shoots, painting bedrooms on vacation, too-voracious readers, where babies come from, and much more.
53 min
The Americans S:6 | E10 START
Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Noah Emmerich, Brandon J. Dirden, Costa Ronin, June Thomas
29 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Dreams Deferred
6 min
El Gabfest: De Trump Ganador y Cobra Kai
28 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Manic Pixie Murderer Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on My Favorite Murder, Ireland legalizing abortion, and Killing Eve.
55 min
Gist: Our Trade Snore With China
The Trump administration's on-again, off-again tariffs.
24 min
If Then: Bloody Money and Blind Investors
How Theranos Happened.
38 min
Whistlestop: Nixon Goes to China (Part 2 of 3)
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to July 10, 1971 when Henry Kissinger is reported to have had a terrible stomach ache while abroad but was really working covertly on an important project.
23 min
Culture Gabfest: Whiskey and Pepto Bismol Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the film First Reformed, the podcast My Favorite Murder with production assistant Daniel Schroeder, and the redemption of Tucker Max with Slate's Laura Bennett.
60 min
Trumpcast: An Encyclopedia of Trump’s Dishonesty
Jacob Weisberg talks to Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star about his running tally of Trump's false claims and what the difference is between that and his lies.
22 min
Gist: Chris Gethard Can't Fake It
The impresario of the Chris Gethard Show explains his philosophy of entertainment: Be a little more real.
29 min
Hang Up: The Bricks, Bricks, and Additional Bri...
atsis and Josh Levin are joined by ESPN’s Kevin Pelton, NPR's Gene Demby and Deadspin's Laura Wagner.
71 min
Dear Prudence: The “Do I Buy the Ticket?” Edition
42 min
Lexicon: One Tongue to Rule Them All
The tantalizing prospect of a universal language.
35 min
Studio 360: American Animals: Bart Layton’s New...
How filmmaker Bart Layton blurred the line between a feature and a documentary to create American Animals.
16 min
Upon Further Review: What if the Dodgers Hadn't...
It’s 2018 and after decades of threatening to do so the Dodgers are finally leaving Brooklyn.
20 min
Upon Further Review BONUS: Jesse Eisenberg mee...
25 years after writing to basketball star Dan Majerle, Jesse Eisenberg meets his hero.
16 min
Working Classics: How Does a Drag Queen Work?
On the final episode of Working Classics, Jacob Brogan talks to New York drag queen and Rupaul's Drag Race contestant, Miz Cracker
53 min
Trumpcast: Three Sketches on Two Stories (Bonus!)
For a Memorial Day weekend bonus episode, we've compiled three brand new sketches to share with you – from Don Jr's Trump Tower transcript to the reaction from Trump's base on the ZTE deal.
9 min
Amicus: The Impeachment Question
It’s a possibility, but should it be a goal?
42 min
Slate Money: The Ticking Time Bomb Edition
Slate Money on arbitration, the Pope, and customer returns
37 min
Gist: Ratatouille Got It Wrong
The nostalgia we feel around food is overrated. It’s not about the meal; it’s about what went with it.
27 min
I Have to Ask: Re-Air: Ta-Nehisi Coates
37 min
Hit Parade: The Twerking and Chatrouletting Edi...
Even before the launch of MTV, the music video has been making pop songs buzzworthy.
63 min
Hit Parade: The Twerking and Chatrouletting Edi...
Even before the launch of MTV, the music video has been making pop songs buzzworthy.
63 min
Hit Parade: The Twerking and Chatrouletting Edi...
Even before the launch of MTV, the music video has been making pop songs buzzworthy.
63 min
Spoiler Specials: Solo: A Star Wars Story
A spoiler-filled review of Solo: A Star Wars Story
60 min
Trumpcast: Can You Indict the President?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Noah Feldman of Harvard Law School about what it would take to prosecute a sitting president.
32 min
Political: The “Open Hostility” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the state of U.S.-North Korea relations, Stacey Abrams’ Georgia primary win, and Trump’s call for an investigation of his investigators
51 min
Studio 360: Muppet regime
How Jim Henson brought the Muppets to life.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Existential Tantrum E...
Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace discuss Carvell's kids anti-authoritarian tendencies, what it means to be "Henry's mom", a tough question about a manipulative ex husband, and how to deal with tantrums when you're depressed, anxious, and pregnant.
53 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Drama, Debates, and Democ...
10 min
El Gabfest: De Olas Políticas y Princesas Modernas
59 min
The Americans S:6 | E9 Jennings, Elizabeth
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Costa Ronin, H. Keith Melton, Chris Long, Brandon J. Dirden, June Thomas
29 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The White Lady Tears Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Miss America, The Handmaid's Tale, and the Oakland BBQ saga.
59 min
Gist: Thanks for Protesting … Now Stop
If the NFL has a good explanation for its intent to punish players who kneel during the anthem, it has yet to give it.
28 min
Whistlestop: Nixon Goes to China (Part 1)
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to February 21, 1972 when President Nixon lands in communist-led China.
31 min
If Then: Google’s Chokehold on the Web
A Yelp executive explains his yearslong battle with the internet giant over how it ranks your search results.
37 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Reading Julius Caesar in Mod...
An excerpt from the Slate Plus bonus episode on Julius Caesar.
9 min
The Good Fight: Vladimir Kara-Murza
Don’t Give Up Hope on Russia
50 min
Culture Gabfest: Guillotine in the Mists Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the royal wedding with Simon Doonan, the death of author Tom Wolfe with Laura Miller, and the way TV shows survive cancelation in the modern age by examining Brooklyn Nine Nine.
60 min
Trumpcast: Trump's Challenge to Prosecutorial I...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Rebecca Roiphe of New York Law School about the stress test Trump is putting on prosecutorial independence and how the DoJ is responding to it.
26 min
Dear Prudence: The “Poly Wedding Invite Etiquet...
52 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: The Multive...
The multiheroes of the superverse: Physics Professor James Kakalios and TV producer/creator of the Tommy Westphall universe Tom Fontana.
15 min
Upon Further Review: The Fan Letter That Doomed...
In 1993, actor Jesse Eisenberg put pen to paper—something that proved to be a fatal distraction in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.
21 min
The Represent Rose: The Royal Wedding
Black excellence was on display for Meghan and Harry’s big day.
39 min
Gist: Two-Party Problems
Republicans and Democrats dominate political life in the U.S., and that bipartisan division didn't evolve naturally. It was engineered.
26 min
Hang Up: The My Favorite House Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Athletic’s Marcus Thompson to discuss the Warriors and Steph Curry. Bloomberg’s Ira Boudway also joins to talk about legalized sports betting.
83 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: The Multive...
Artist Charles Jenks has turned the Scottish countryside into a map of the multiverse.
18 min
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: The Multive...
What is the multiverse?
16 min
Working Classics: How Does the Writer of Batman...
Jacob sits down with Tom King, the current writer of Batman to discuss his process, how he came to the industry, the mythology of the character, and more. In Slate Plus, Slate staffers ask their burning Batman questions.
73 min
Slate Money: The Where's My Tax Cut? Edition
Slate Money on tax cuts, jobs, and Slate 90
47 min
Today From Slate: #NeverAgain... Again
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the latest American school shooting, to the DRC's Ebola outbreak, to UN action on Gaza.
5 min
Gist: Breaking Up Comedy's Boys Club
Nell Scovell, the co-author of Lean In, has a simple solution for getting more women into writers' rooms, and it rhymes with "conclusion glider."
43 min
I Have to Ask: Cecilia Muñoz
27 min
Trumpcast: Draconian and Cruel Immigration Poli...
Jamelle Bouie talks to Vox's Dara Lind about the latest moves the Trump administration has made on immigration and on the southern border.
18 min
Spoiler Specials: Deadpool 2
A spoiler-filled review of Deadpool 2
45 min
Today From Slate: Baby Bust
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Kushner Companies' bailout, to a battlefield in Niger, to America's baby bust.
3 min
Gist: Becky Hammon's Next Big Shot
A woman almost became president, but a woman hasn't yet become a head coach in the NBA.
27 min
Political: The “Leaks and the Leaky Leakers Who...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss protests over the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the rash of White House leaks, and racial bias in marijuana arrests in New York City
54 min
Studio 360: Pet projects
How pets inspire and confound us.
50 min
Great Grandma Name Debate Edition
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Isaac Butler discuss the question tearing the Slate Parenting Facebook group apart: do you let a grandparent name herself "Nama"? Plus, finding parental commiseration, one-weekend-potty training, and more.
50 min
El Gabfest: De Violencia en Israel y Lluvias de...
50 min
The Americans S:6 | E8 The Summit
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Alyssa Monks, Dan Davis, Mila Khalevich, Tim Goodmanson, June Thomas
30 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: The Situation with Sanctuary
13 min
Today From Slate: The Gang That Can't Keep Thei...
Jayson De Leon has two things to kick off your day – from the Senate Intelligence Committee's release of documents surrounding the Trump Tower meeting to Trump repaying Michael Cohen.
5 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The What to Do With Bad Men Ed...
The DoubleX Gabfest on men plotting their post-#MeToo comebacks, Gina Haspel, and Marchesa.
52 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The What to Do With Bad Men Ed...
The DoubleX Gabfest on men plotting their post-#MeToo comebacks, Gina Haspel, and Marchesa.
52 min
Trumpcast: A Very Stormy Disclosure
Jacob Weisberg is joined by The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold to discuss Trump's repayment to Michael Cohen, what else we learned from the President's financial disclosure , and just what the hell is the Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC?
28 min
Gist: Disconnecting the Dots in Israel
The deaths in Gaza this week are linked, however indirectly, to the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Try telling that to Fox News.
31 min
If Then: Welcome to the Swamp
A former DoJ antitrust official says the problems with the AT&T/Time Warner merger run much deeper than Michael Cohen.
49 min
Today From Slate: Haspel Has the Votes and Pree...
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day, from Gina Haspel's inevitable confirmation to the mean spirited escalation on border security.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Smoke-N-Chill Novelties Edition
Dana Stevens, Sam Adams discuss the new film The Rider with Inkoo Kang, Childish Gambino's song and video for This Is America with Aisha Harria, and Jia Tolentino's New Yorker piece "The Promise of Vaping and the Rise of Juul" with Lena Wilson.
54 min
Gist: Introducing Upon Further Review
Episode 1 of Mike Pesca's new podcast on the great sports what-ifs.
26 min
Dear Prudence: The “I Wanna Kidnap a Dog” Edition
39 min
Lexicon: The Art of the Spiel
A brief history of oratory from the Gilded Age to the Era of Trump.
40 min
Trumpcast: A Torture Victim Speaks To Gina Haspel
Virginia Heffernan talks to the journalist, Theo Padnos, about his open letter to Trump's CIA nominee, Gina Haspel.
23 min
Studio 360: When Bad People Create Good Art
How should journalists write about art in the #MeToo era?
24 min
Upon Further Review: What If Nixon Had Been Goo...
Football really mattered to Richard Nixon. Only one problem — he sucked at it.
22 min
Gist: Does Your Face Need a Workout?
I'm not raising my eyebrows maniacally, I'm *exercising.*
28 min
Hang Up: The Seven Dwarves Versus Four Giants E...
Stefan Fatsis and guest host Mike Pesca discuss the start of the NBA conference finals and the debate over the debate over who’s the greatest, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.
71 min
Working Classics: How Does a Barbecue Chef Work?
Mike Metevia of Slows Bar B-Q makes some of the best smoked meats in Detroit.
51 min
Slate Money: The Give Your Mother a Century Bon...
Slate Money on Mother’s Day, Michael Cohen, and Argentina
40 min
Amicus: The State of the State Attorneys General
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on gun safety wins, the resistance, and Eric Schneiderman
38 min
Trumpcast: The Psychic Tyranny of Shakespeare's...
What the work of Shakespeare can tell us about Trump and the Trump era.
26 min
I Have to Ask: Maggie Haberman
29 min
Hit Parade: Music Trivia
Hit Parade, Slate’s music history podcast, is here to quiz you with some trivia.
19 min
Represent #88: Prince Harry and Meghan’s Histor...
On why this historic love connection matters... maybe.
30 min
Political: The “Is Every Attorney in New York a...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss shady payments to Michael Cohen’s business, and Eric Schneiderman's fall. Max Fisher, of the New York Times, joins the gang to discuss Trump’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal.
47 min
Studio 360: One mom at a time
Women who create stories about what it means to be a mother now.
47 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Make Your Own Dang Br...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Dan Kois discuss sibling solidarity in the face of morning lateness, new solutions to those morning routines, difficult parents and destination events, and the effect of a parent's mental illness on their children
50 min
El Gabfest: De Caminos que Llevan a Trump y Ten...
62 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: The Migrants in the Middle
14 min
The Americans S:6 | E7 Harvest
Sarah Nolen, Noah Emmerich, H. Keith Melton, Ian McLaughlin, June Thomas
25 min
Today From Slate: They're Coming Home
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from North Korea's prisoner release, to ire in Iran, to Gina Haspel's confirmation hearings.
4 min
Gist: Some Interrogation
Here are the questions Gina Haspel didn't answer at her confirmation hearing to lead the CIA.
28 min
Trumpcast: A Slush Fund for Playmates, an Oliga...
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Virginia Heffernan and ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger to discuss the latest Michael Cohen story surrounding his Delaware LLC.
31 min
If Then: Baby, You Can Self-Drive My Car
Are Self-Driving Cars Really Safer Than Human Drivers? Not yet, says a professor who builds them.
38 min
The Good Fight: Cecilia Muñoz
Should We Compromise on Immigration?
44 min
Today From Slate: Michael Cohen's Problems Just...
Jayson De Leon has two things to start your day – from President Trump withdrawing from the Iran deal to all that funky activity around Michael Cohen's Essential Consulting account.
5 min
Culture Gabfest: [Laugh Track] Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens, discuss the new film Tully with Slate's Willa Paskin, who sticks around to talk about her new podcast Decoder Ring and the history of the laugh track, and finally: are you a brand? Should you be one?
57 min
Gist: Donald and the Don
Watching the rise of Don Blankenship is like witnessing the 2016 Republican presidential primaries all over again.
33 min
Trumpcast: Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal In Sp...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's War Stories correspondent, Fred Kaplan, about President Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.
24 min
Dear Prudence: The “Women Are Too Distracting” ...
50 min
Lend Me Your Ears: Julius Caesar
Why was Shakespeare so fascinated by the fall of the Roman Republic?
39 min
Today From Slate: Eric Schneiderman's Quick Res...
Jayson De Leon has two things to track on Tuesday from Trump's announcement on the Iran deal to NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, resigning.
3 min
Gist: Jake Tapper's Very Particular Kind of Esc...
He talks about Trump six days a week on TV. To relax, he wrote a book about McCarthyism.
31 min
Hang Up: The Little Tikes Hoop With a Saggy Pam...
Stefan Fatsis is joined by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin to break down the epic buzzer-beater by LeBron James in Game 3 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference playoffs and by hockey writer Sean McIndoe to discuss the Stanley Cup playoffs.
72 min
Working Classics: How Does an Aquarium Veterina...
Leigh Clayton takes care of the health of 1,500 animals in Baltimore's National Aquarium. She explains how you can tell when a fish is sick, and everything that goes into keeping them healthy.
32 min
Today From Slate: A General Cloud of Suspicion
Jayson De Leon has three things to kickoff your Cinco de Mayo – from being perhaps not-so-tough on Russia to Qatar's latest addition to the Trump World Tower building.
5 min
Slate Money: The Leapfrogging Edition
Slate Money on the Sprint–T-Mobile merger, remittances, and Apple buybacks
47 min
Gist: The Dangerous Hits of 1991
Prepare the fainting couch. It was a big year for racy music videos.
30 min
Trumpcast: Michael Avenatti is Beating Trump at...
Virginia Heffernan is joined by her co-host, Jacob Weisberg, to chat about pornstars, hush money, sex, and lies as enhanced by Rudy Giuliani this week.
20 min
I Have to Ask: Michelle Dean
29 min
Gist: Call of Rudy 2
Rudy Giuliani got his message out perfectly. And he probably doomed his client.
25 min
Represent #87: Dear White People Creator Justin...
On the new season and how he addressed Season 1 critiques.
44 min
Today From Slate: Marsquakes for Thanksgiving
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the feds on Michael Cohen, to a disaster in India, to the surface (and depths) of Mars.
2 min
Trumpcast: The Real Answer to Russian Disinform...
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev to talk about the "Arena" project which analyzes disinformation, polarization, and tries to create a counter-response to all the noise.
36 min
Political: The "Live in St. Louis" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the Mueller team’s questions for President Trump and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’ indictments. Jason Kander joins in to talk about voting rights and the 2018 elections.
65 min
Studio 360: Super humans
The mortals who bring comic book characters to life.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Four Wheelers and a H...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss the danger inherent in eating watermelon rinds, kid's bad taste in music, if and how to forbid teens from having sex, the rudeness of texting, and more.
44 min
El Gabfest: De Caravanas Migrantes y Kanye Boqu...
57 min
The Americans S:6 | E6 Rififi
Stephen Schiff, Justin Weinberger, Amanda Pollack, June Thomas
33 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: The Contentious Caravan
10 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Has Amy Schumer Bought the...
The DoubleX Gabfest on I feel pretty, incel, and Janelle Monae.
53 min
Today From Slate: Starbucks and Two Bucks
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the Ty Cobbs' retirement, to Iowa's abortion bill, to a settlement in Philadelphia.
2 min
Gist: Gen. Michael Hayden
How did the U.S. intelligence community find itself outpaced by Russian bots? Gen. Michael Hayden explains.
30 min
If Then: Why an E-Waste Recycler Is Going to Pr...
“I’m not a criminal,” insists Eric Lundgren, who has devoted his life to salvaging used electronics.
44 min
Whistlestop: Roosevelt v. The Gorgon
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to Feb 22, 1902, as Theodore Roosevelt prepares to receive the unhappy company of angry executives hoping to strong-arm the White House into ignoring their monopolies.
35 min
Culture Gabfest: The Monkfish Was Fine Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the Netflix documentary series Wild, Wild, Country, the flap over the White House Correspondents Dinner, and nooks and crannies of Youtube subculture with Slate's Justin Peters.
62 min
Today From Slate: Bob's Questions
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from what Robert Mueller wants to know, to Palestine, to Facebook moving on.
3 min
Gist: How We Screwed Over Puerto Rico
FEMA chaos + reckless tax policy + shady debt deals + no vote in Congress.
29 min
Trumpcast: Reading into the Leak of the Mueller...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Eric Columbus, a former lawyer at the Department of Justice, about the leak of the Mueller questions and the questions themselves. What can we read into them? What do we make of the leak?
28 min
Dear Prudence: The “Inspector Javert of Office ...
48 min
Lexicon: Getting to Yes
The making of our compact, workaday affirmative.
33 min
Studio 360: Ch-ch-changes: Making the Bowie Mashup
How Tony Visconti, Bowie's longtime producer, captured the artist's career in a 15 minute remix.
13 min
Today From Slate: How to Not Start a Conversation
Jayson De Leon has three things to start your day – from John Kelly calling Trump an "idiot" to a fascinating history of the laff box.
3 min
Gist: A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Michelle Wolf scandalized the White House Correspondents' Dinner by doing her job.
26 min
Hang Up: The No Texts or Nothin’ Edition
71 min
Decoder Ring: The Laff Box
What happened to the laugh track? For nearly five decades, it was ubiquitous, but beginning in the early 2000s, it fell out of sitcom fashion. What happened?
29 min
Working Classics: How Does an Immigration Lawye...
Nithya Nathan-Pineau is Program Director of CAIR Coalition's Detained Children's Program. She spoke with Jacob Brogan about helping children understand their legal situation
41 min
Trumpcast: Dreaming of Hillary on the Campaign ...
Virginia Heffernan talks to the author of Chasing Hillary, Amy Chozick, about "New York Times worship," being what she calls an "unwitting Russian agent," and why she kept having dreams of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.
30 min
Slate Money: The Self-Driving Office Edition
Slate Money on self-driving cars, Ford, and WeWork debt
49 min
Today From Slate: Weekend Edition
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Why you should stop calling yourself Facebook's product, a torrent of excuses for self-conscious seltzer water obsessives, and New York Times reporter Amy Chozick shares her secret weapon: babka.
3 min
Gist: ISIS Isn't Done With
And once it is, terrorism itself won't be solved.
20 min
Amicus: Travel Ban 3.0 and Rinsing off Religiou...
55 min
I Have to Ask: Amy Chozick
29 min
Hit Parade: The You Give Rock a Bad Name Edition
Over the objections of critics, Bon Jovi entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this month. What is the band’s legacy? Like it or not, they do have one.
69 min
Represent #86: Comedians Hari and Ashok Kondabolu
From their new podcast to their problematic favs.
30 min
Spoiler Specials: Avengers: Infinity War
A spoiler-filled review of Avengers: Infinity War
73 min
Gist: Old Man Donald
… had a rant.
29 min
Trumpcast: Is Trump's Chaos Beating the Press?
Jacob Weisberg is joined by the media critic, Jay Rosen, to talk about why he thinks Trump is winning and the press is losing.
22 min
Political: The “Hardest Job in the World” Edition
On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Ronny Jackson’s will-he-won’t-he Cabinet nomination, arguments before SCOTUS in Hawaii v. Trump, and John’s new piece on the presidency.
62 min
Studio 360: One tall woman
An interview with Laurie Metcalf (“Three Tall Women,” “Roseanne,” “Lady Bird”), a miniature play and jazz guitar great Wes Montgomery.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Joyless Slog Edition
They panel discusses kid anger fails, reading getting in the way of basic life functions, the joy of barely passing German class, the joyless slog of the early parenting years, and what to do about teens and drinking and the friends they drink with.
48 min
El Gabfest: De Machos Alfa y el Regreso de Luis...
51 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: DACA Deliberations
11 min
The Americans S:6 | E5 The Great Patriotic War
Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Ian McLaughlin, June Thomas
31 min
Today From Slate: The Trump Slump
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Emmanuel Macron went to Congress and preached to the choir, an explanation of President Trump's splash-and-crash cycle, and a Port Authority's new ethics code claims its first victim.
4 min
Trumpcast: Us vs. Them Told in Two Parts
Virginia Heffernan talks to Slate's Mark Joseph Stern about the open arguments at the Supreme Court today surrounding Trump's travel ban and then is joined by Ian Bremmer to chat through his new book Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism.
30 min
If Then: The Cost of Online Immunity
The Surprising Controversy Behind a Law to Fight Online Sex Trafficking.
49 min
The Good Fight: Ezra Klein
Ezra Klein interviews Yascha Mounk
112 min
Today From Slate: The Caravan Gets Closer, Trum...
Jayson De Leon has three things to start your day – from "the caravan" heading north to Ronan Farrow's appearance on The Gist.
5 min
Culture Gabfest: Hammer Time Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss the new BBC America series Killing Eve, the film from Lynne Ramsay, You Were Never Really Here, and ask themselves: "should we delete Facebook?"
60 min
Gist: The Plain Prince
The duke of Cambridge isn't quite as good-looking as his spouse. Here's what science has to say about that.
33 min
Dear Prudence: The "Calculated Incursion On My ...
56 min
Today From Slate: When One Nomination Solidifie...
Jayson De Leon has three things to start your day – from the death of a Russian journalist to the two nominations that went in separate directions on Monday.
4 min
Gist: The State of State
Ronan Farrow on the slow demise of American diplomacy.
31 min
Hang Up: The Bill Belichick’s Best Friend Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss the NBA playoffs with Slate’s Nick Greene. The Irish Times’ Ken Early joins to talk about Arsene Wenger’s departure as Arsenal’s manager, and the MMQB’s Tim Rohan explores the history of the mock draft.
65 min
Working Classics: How Does an Abortion Provider...
40 min
Slate Money: The #Brands Edition
Slate Money on brands, airspace, and authenticity
45 min
Today From Slate: Cuba Minus the Castros
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Comey's memos, to new immigration rules, to Cuba minus the Castros.
5 min
Gist: The Zen of Cohen
The raid of Michael Cohen's office marks the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, says Adam Davidson.
31 min
Trumpcast: The Book and Memos of James Comey
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan discuss James Comey's new book A Higher Loyalty and the recent batch of Comey memos that leaked on Thursday evening.
33 min
I Have to Ask: Adam Davidson
32 min
Hit Parade: Music Trivia. Welcome to The Bridge.
10 min
Trumpcast: How the Southern District of NY Flip...
Virginia Heffernan talks to a former Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), Mimi Rocah, about what her prosecutions of organized crime units for the SDNY can tell us about the Michael Cohen case.
38 min
Gist: Comey Can't Confess
On his book tour, the fired FBI director still can't square his pre-election blunders.
18 min
Political: The “Slimeball” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss fallout from the Michael Cohen raid, James Comey’s world tour, and racism at Starbucks.
60 min
Studio 360: American Tricons
American Icons 3-pack: “Amazing Grace,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and “Spoon River Anthology.”
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Falling Piano Edition
Gabriel Roth and Carvell Wallace are joined by Marlo Mack of the How to be a Girl podcast to discuss whether a mom should push her ex-husband to allow their transgender son to start taking hormones
54 min
El Gabfest: De Donald en el país de las pesadil...
61 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Murky Morality
12 min
The Americans S:6 | E4 Mr. & Mrs. Teacup
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Costa Ronin, H. Keith Melton, June Thomas
35 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Pee Tape Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Trump's “pee tape,” black mothers and babies maternity rates, and male authors.
55 min
Today From Slate: Pompeo's Problem
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Pompeo and Pruitt, to Puerto Rico, to a dangerous World War II relic in Berlin.
3 min
Whistlestop: The Lighthearted Leanings of Leade...
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to April 30, 2011 when President Obama stepped up to the podium at the White House Correspondents' Dinner to deliver a dig and dig for a laugh.
27 min
Gist: A Fuller Obituary for Barbara Bush
She was fierce and loyal but also kind of mean.
27 min
If Then: What If Facebook Used Data For Black L...
The Founder of Data 4 Black Lives on how tech companies can use their data as a tool of oppression—or a force for racial justice.
42 min
Today From Slate: Two Goodbyes to Two Firsts
Jayson De Leon has a few things to start your day – from Mike Pompeo meeting Kim Jong-un to the President seeking some new counsel.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Apocalypse Mom Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the hit horror film A Quiet Place, the new adaptation of Howard's End on the BBC and Starz, and Barbara Ehrenreich's essay: "Why I'm Giving Up On Preventative Care".
57 min
Trumpcast: A Measured View of the Cohen Probe
Jacob Weisberg talks to Tim O'Brien, Executive Editor of Bloomberg View, to catch up about the latest surrounding the Michael Cohen story and why it may not be all the media is cooking it up to be.
26 min
Gist: The Taint Team Cometh
The cover-up is worse than the crime when you put Michael Cohen in charge of the cover-up.
24 min
Dear Prudence: The “Expensive Bulk Food-Grazer”...
44 min
Lexicon: The Story of P
The 16th letter of our alphabet is a fancy little thing.
36 min
Studio 360: The Sound of One Claw Slashing (SNI...
How Brendan Baker and Chloe Prasinos created a sound-rich world for Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night.
15 min
Today From Slate: Hello, Hannity?
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Hannity's lawyer, to James Comey's press tour, to a deadly prison riot.
5 min
Gist: James Comey's Ego Trip
In defense of the former FBI director.
29 min
Hang Up: The Not Michael Jordan Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss the musical Small Ball with Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell joins to talk about why the NFL is bad at scouting quarterbacks, and The Good Place’s Mike Schur explains his love for Dan Le Batard.
70 min
Working Classics: How Does a Director of Presid...
Fiona Reeves, the Director of Presidential Correspondence. Every day Reeves and her staff sort through thousands of letters and emails that President Obama receives from his constituents.
28 min
Slate Money: The Sovereign Debt Reminiscences E...
Slate Money on Rusal sanctions, lawyers, and credit default swaps
46 min
Amicus: The Rule of Law and the Ethics of Pokin...
A slow motion constitutional crisis may be upon us. Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Lawfare blog editor and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Ben Wittes, to assess the threats to the rule of law posed by presidential pique.
43 min
Today From Slate: One Tough Turtle
Mary Wilson has today’s three things: Facebook faces more trouble abroad, why our money’s on Australia’s punk turtle, and the trolling of Mick Mulvaney.
3 min
Gist: Chemistry No More
Russia's denialism over Syrian war crimes is unscientific nonsense.
27 min
Trumpcast: A Pruitt and a Pardon
Jamelle Bouie talks to Mother Jones' Rebecca Leber about the "liberties" Scott Pruitt is taking as a public official and how it's effecting the EPA as a whole.
18 min
I Have to Ask: Barbara Ehrenreich
21 min
Today From Slate: New Lines in the Sand South o...
Jayson De Leon has two things to start your day – from the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru to a discovery of new lines in the sand 250 miles south of the event.
3 min
Gist: "I Never Said That"
Except you did, Mr. President.
23 min
If Then: What Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Share
Facebook’s CEO played dumb with Congress. It could come back to bite him.
32 min
Political: The “Farewell My Blue-Eyed Monster” ...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss whether Donald Trump should be panicking about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office, what Paul Ryan’s retirement portends, and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress.
48 min
Studio 360: A void: The Noid
The triumph and tragedy of a pizza mascot.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Reservoir Puppies Edi...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss reluctant playdates, college manipulation, digital loss in the iCloud, how to have a familial relationship with your step-son, kids noticing violence on TV, and much more.
53 min
El Gabfest: De Republicanos Bajo La Lupa y Dona...
53 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: The President Misses Peru
13 min
The Americans S:6 | E3 Urban Transport Planning
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Noah Emmerich, Katie Ennis, June Thomas
31 min
Today From Slate: This Is Why Paul Ryan Works Out
Mary Wilson has today’s three things: Everyone is dumping on retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan, South Korea puts the kibosh on a joint intel operation, and we remember comedy godmother Mitzi Shore.
4 min
Gist: Tax Cut Conundrum
For a guy obsessed with budgets, Paul Ryan sure had a thing for cutting taxes.
22 min
The Good Fight: Anand Giridharadas, Part 2
53 min
Culture Gabfest: Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Willa Paskin discuss the return of ABC's Roseanne, Kacey Musgraves' album Golden Hour with Slate's Carl Wilson, and Molly Ringwald's essay in the New Yorker: "What About 'The Breakfast Club'?"
59 min
Today From Slate: The Overton Window, But For B...
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Congress and one study identifies the key "window" for having babies while closing the gender pay gap.
2 min
Trumpcast: Raiding Trump's Fixer, Dealmaker, an...
Jacob Weisberg talks to former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa and The New Yorker's Adam Davidson about the raid on Michael Cohen's office.
29 min
Gist: It's Regulation Time
Democracy hijacked, data leaked, brains rewired—we'd be stupid not to rein in Facebook and its peers.
25 min
Dear Prudence: The "Mommy Moocher" Edition
45 min
Today From Slate: A Manual for One Not the Other
Jayson De Leon has two things you should know to start your day – from former tech CEOs appearing on Capitol Hill to the raid on Michael Cohen's office.
6 min
If Then: Congress Called. They Want Our Data Back.
A preview of the Mark Zuckerberg hearings with some of the lawmakers who will be questioning him.
30 min
Hang Up: The Everybody Hates Patrick Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss Patrick Reed’s Masters win with Slate’s Jim Newell. The Toronto Star’s Bruce Arthur also joins to talk about the Humboldt bus crash, and the Ringer’s Ben Lindbergh helps assess Shohei Ohtahi’s amazing week.
64 min
Working Classics: How Does a Bartender Work?
Chantal Tseng has been working as a bartender for 16 years, and has been designing her own cocktails for almost as long.
21 min
Slate Money: The Mind the Gap Edition
Slate Money on a trade war with China, the wage gap, and New Zealand
48 min
Today From Slate: The Calm Before "the Storm"
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the looming trade war, to a bad week for presidents past, to a sprawling conspiracy theory... the Storm.
6 min
Trumpcast: Trump’s Nativist Delusions and Peña ...
Virginia Heffernan is joined by host of Slate's El Gabfest, Leon Krauze, to discuss Trump's renewed nativist delusions.
28 min
Gist: Andrew Cuomo's Pun Problem
Does New York's governor know what puns are?
27 min
Spoiler Specials: Ready Player One
A spoiler-filled review of Ready Player One
54 min
I Have to Ask: Parul Sehgal
27 min
Today From Slate: What I Talk About When I Talk...
Jayson De Leon has two updates to start the day – from the swamp and from Beantown.
4 min
Gist: Kevin Williamson Dies by the Sword
The Atlantic's hired-then-fired conservative writer fancies himself a provocateur. He provoked his way out of a job.
33 min
Political: The “Caravan of Gabfesters” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Robert Mueller's investigation, President Donald Trump’s attacks on immigration and Amazon, and corruption at the EPA.
51 min
Studio 360: Poets who know it
Inside the heart and soul of American poetry.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Fascist Haircut Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss raising children of a different skin color from your own, whether we should allow kids to have fascist haircuts, spring break schedules, Dungeons & Dragons, bro dates, and more.
53 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Fascist Haircut Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss raising children of a different skin color from your own, whether we should allow kids to have fascist haircuts, spring break schedules, Dungeons & Dragons, bro dates, and more.
53 min
The Americans S:6 | E2 Tchaikovsky
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Alyssa Monks, Mila Khalevich, Tim Goodmanson, June Thomas
26 min
Double X: The Roseanne is Back Edition
The Double X Gabfest on Roseanne, Noor Salman's trial, and theybies.
56 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: Beef at the Border
13 min
El Gabfest en Español: De Trump vs México y el ...
52 min
Trumpcast: The MBS-JK Connection Takes on the M...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker about the young 30-somethings trying to reform the Middle East – Jared Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman.
29 min
Today From Slate: Federal Policy, But Improv!
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the National Guard, to the US presence in Syria, to the world's fastest (?) drone.
2 min
Gist: Oh Good, It Was Just a Handgun
We're lucky the YouTube shooter didn't have an AR-15.
26 min
Whistlestop: Four Score and Seven Years of Pres...
President Dwight D. Eisenhower longed to golf more than any President before or after.
31 min
If Then: Alexa, How Do You Really Work?
The man in charge of Amazon’s voice assistant thinks users’ privacy concerns are off-base.
40 min
Today From Slate: Mr. President, What Was Your ...
Jayson De Leon has just one quick update today about The Washington Post's latest story on the Mueller investigation.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Midnight at the OASIS Edition
Dana Stevens, Christina Cauterucci, and Sam Adams discuss the new Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One, HBO's new assassination comedy series Barry, and the Cannes Film Festival's decision to ban Netflix films from competing in the festival.
57 min
Trumpcast: Sinclair's Local News Propaganda Bomb
Jacob Weisberg talks to Erik Wemple of The Washington Post about Sinclair Broadcasting, Trump's recent attacks on the press, and the decline of local news.
24 min
Gist: Shulkin Be Sulkin'
David Shulkin got high marks from most fair-minded government watchdogs. Maybe that's why he was fired.
19 min
Dear Prudence: The “Wizard Privilege” Edition
39 min
Lexicon: English Spelling Is a Beautiful Mess
John McWhorter on why English spelling is so frustratingly idiosyncratic.
34 min
Studio 360: A Room of Nell Scovell’s Own
The writer for The Simpsons, Late Night with David Letterman and Newhart on being the only woman in the writers’ room.
17 min
Gist: Clinging to Guns Is Our Religion
Repealing gun rights isn't just a losing argument, it's a doomed strategy.
30 min
Hang Up: The Goalie Is an Accountant Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss the women’s NCAA tournament with Jere Longman and Kara Lawson. Patrick Fort also joins to talk about emergency hockey goalies, and they interview Jack Alexander and Bill Bunten about sports before Brown v. Board.
71 min
Trumpcast: All That Kushner Money
Virginia Heffernan talks to Jesse Drucker of The New York Times about the money coming into Kushner Co's hands (which Jared continues to have a significant stake in) from both foreign and domestic partners.
23 min
Amicus: Don’t Call It an Abortion Case
NIFLA v Becerra may be all about reproductive rights, but it’s a speech case, too.
57 min
Slate Money: The Hollywood Edition
Slate Money on the future of movies, today’s movie stars, and inclusion riders.
49 min
Gist: In Defense of the Pun
Comedian Aparna Nancherla goes for wordplay, even if it gets a groan.
24 min
ABC: The Sparsholt Affair by Alan Hollinghurst
Laura Miller, Alex Barasch, and Gabriel Roth discuss the new novel by Alan Hollinghurst, The Sparsholt Affair, a multigenerational saga about gay life.
56 min
I Have to Ask: Ross Douthat
48 min
Represent #85: Isle of Dogs
Wes Anderson’s latest animated feature doesn’t consider Asian-American viewers.
26 min
Today From Slate: Aiding, Abetting, or Innocent
Pierre Bienaimé has just one thing you need to know about today—the trial of Noor Salman.
6 min
Gist: On Conservative Voices
Magazines and newspapers are going to hire conservative columnists. That's not a problem.
24 min
Political: The “Pardon Me” Edition
Emily Bazelon, Jamelle Bouie, and Jack Hitt, co-host of Gimlet’s Uncivil, discuss the census citizenship question, Trump’s brewing legal trouble, and gerrymandering.
53 min
Studio 360: What Laurie Anderson lost
How the multimedia artist bounced back from losing Lou Reed — and so much more.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Anonymous Sex Questio...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss the terror of not teaching a child to ride a bike, Rebecca's "beautiful" daughter, fluids, and a difficult question about a child with a potential and non-specific disability.
38 min
Hit Parade: The Veronica Electronica Edition
In 1998, at a crossroads, Madonna rebooted her career by fusing electronics with matters of the heart—and turned digital music into viable pop.
71 min
El Gabfest en Español: De Olor a Sessions Y Pat...
64 min
El Gabfest en Inglés: A Sensitive Census
14 min
Trumpcast: Liberal Democracy’s Misplaced Faith ...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Timothy Snyder, the author of The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America.
32 min
The Americans S:6 | E1 Dead Hand
Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Katie Irish, Chris Long, June Thomas
36 min
Today From Slate: Too French to Fire
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the umpteenth White House shakeup, to Poland's missile defense, to the case of the French waiter.
3 min
Gist: Know Thy Enemy
If Trump wants to persuade North Koreans to abandon their nukes, he has to think like they do.
23 min
If Then: Facebook’s Deepwater Horizon
Inside the data leak that let Cambridge Analytica game our neuroses for Donald Trump.
48 min
The Good Fight: Anand Giridharadas, Part 1
The Elite Charade of Changing the World
40 min
Culture Gabfest: The Great Work Begins Edition
Dana Stevens, Dan Kois, and Isaac Butler discuss the revival of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, the book The World Only Spins Forward, and the film Love, Simon with Slate's Alex Barasch.
54 min
Today From Slate: 37 Miles An Hour
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the US census, to Baton Rouge, to Kim Jong-un's cushy train ride.
3 min
Gist: Corruption Just Isn't Telegenic
The Kushners' deal-making is under investigation, but that's not drawing eyeballs like Stormy Daniels is.
25 min
Trumpcast: Michael Cohen Must Be Kicking Himself
Virginia Heffernan talks to Vanity Fair's Emily Jane Fox about the Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview and just how Michael Cohen's role in the scandal could factor into the Mueller investigation.
25 min
Dear Prudence: The “Falling for My Co-Parent” E...
47 min
Today From Slate: Everybody Wants This Job (Nob...
Jayson De Leon has two things you should know to start your day – from the 60 Russian diplomats expelled from the US to the lone lawyer left in Trump's corner in the Russia investigation.
3 min
Gist: Hitler's Art Dealer
Hildebrand Gurlitt's looted collection is open to the public, and museums are downplaying its sketchy history.
25 min
Hang Up: The Everyone Is Going Through Somethin...
Josh Levin, ESPN’s Joel Anderson, and NPR’s Gene Demby discuss March Madness. They also talk about the sports world’s response to the police killing of Stephon Clark and how Kevin Love and DeMar Derozan started a conversation about mental health.
70 min
Working Animals: How Does a Show Jumping Horse ...
Jacob Brogan sits down with Shauna Alexander to talk about Skywalker, the show jumping horse. They discuss the lives of sporting horses generally, how these animals train for their jobs, the diversity of equestrian sport and much more.
50 min
Slate Money: The Space Bees Edition
Slate Money on Rocket Billionaires, Facebook/Cambridge Analytica problem, and Wealthfront.
52 min
Today From Slate: Soviet Ways
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know this weekend—from Washington's $1.3 trillion spending bill, to a woman inspired by the movies, to FX's The Americans.
3 min
Gist: Spies Are People Too
The showrunners behind The Americans on what makes their Soviet protagonists deep, flawed, and heroic.
33 min
Trumpcast: Trump Is Finally Getting the Team He...
Jacob Weisberg chats with Fred Kaplan about the departure of H.R. McMaster and the arrival of John Bolton.
38 min
I Have to Ask: Judd Apatow
Isaac Chotiner talks with Judd Apatow
43 min
Today From Slate: Resigning in the Midst of Sca...
Jayson De Leon has three resignations to tell you about – a National Security Advisor, a lawyer, and a President all on their way out.
6 min
Represent: Pre-Woke Watching
Three of our favorite Pre-Woke Watching segments.
33 min
Gist: As Statues Fall, Racism Stays
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on dog whistles, Confederate monuments, and besting the likes of David Duke.
19 min
Isle of Dogs
A spoiler-filled review of Isle of Dogs
55 min
Spoiler Specials: Isle of Dogs
A spoiler-filled review of Isle of Dogs
55 min
Political: The "Delete Facebook" Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and New York Time's technology columnist Farhad Manjoo discuss Robert Mueller's job security, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and compare today's political climate to the 1960s.
67 min
The art of noise
The pioneers who turn the sound of everyday objects into music.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Technological Dystopi...
Carvell Wallace, Gabriel Roth, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss an educational math game called Prodigy, and how to deal with a kid's potential over-interest in a video game
49 min
El Gabfest: De La Caída de Facebook y La Niña Bien
61 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Stormy D and Cardi B Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Stormy Daniels, Cardi B, and microcheating.
57 min
Trumpcast: Who Trashed the Party?
Virginia Heffernan talks to The New Yorker's Andrew Marantz about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.
39 min
Gist: This Storm Ain't Brewing
Even if the courts let Stormy Daniels speak out, what could she say about Trump that we don't already know?
28 min
If Then: The Tech That Draws Your District
An expert on gerrymandering explains the tech behind the mapmaking that helped the GOP take control of Congress.
24 min
Culture Gabfest: We Are a Sacred Troupe Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Gabriel Roth discuss Armando Iannucci's new film The Death of Stalin, NBC's new musical series Rise, and the power or lack thereof of Twitter metrics.
57 min
Today From Slate: A Gentle Giant Says Goodbye
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from the explosions in Texas, to Mohammed bin Salman, to the death of a species.
1 min
Gist: Will Democracy Survive Trump?
Cass Sunstein had big thinkers write about the question, and they weren't all optimistic.
23 min
Dear Prudence: The "Spousal Acknowledgement" Ed...
37 min
Lexicon: Did the Founding Fathers Have a Britis...
What we know about what Washington, Franklin and Hamilton may have sounded like.
34 min
When The Belly Room Grew — and Flopped — for Fe...
In 1978, the Comedy Store gave female comedians a room of their own. Here’s the story of its complicated legacy.
15 min
Hang Up: The Humble Swagger Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the New York Times’ Marc Tracy to discuss UMBC. Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino comes on to talk about Kirk Cousins’ new contract. Plus: Dave Kindred on covering girls’ high school basketball.
74 min
Gist: Are Receipts Toxic?
How concerned should we be about receipt paper? Maria Konnikova helps us investigate.
16 min
Trumpcast: John Kelly's Power and Failure
Jacob Weisberg talks to Chris Whipple, author of The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency, about what it takes to be a successful Chief of Staff.
30 min
Trumpcast: The PutinCon Files
Virginia Heffernan is joined by The Guardian's Luke Harding and the Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice campaign, Bill Browder, to discuss Vladamir Putin and his actions in the UK.
25 min
Working Animals: How Does Fiona the Hippo Work?
acob Brogan sits down with Wendy Rice of the Cincinnati Zoo to talk about Fiona the Hippo and how she helps Fiona in her job as ambassador to the Cincinnati Zoo, and all of hippo-kind.
43 min
Amicus: All The President's Lawyers
This week we follow the money in the Mueller investigation and we talk with a former White House counsel under President Barack Obama about the relationship between presidents and their lawyers, and between this president and his lawyers.
51 min
Slate Money: Jordan's Last Episode Edition
Slate Money on universal basic income, McDonald's, housing, and Martin Shkreli
48 min
Today From Slate: Putting the Sham in Shamrocks
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Gina Haspel's bad rap, to the firing of the FBI's number 2, to the many, many Saint Patrick's day lies.
5 min
Gist: The Year Groove Went Mainstream
Closing out the decade, 1969 sent the sound of flower power and psychedelic pop to the top of the charts.
27 min
Trumpcast: Rating the Trump-Russia Angles
Jacob Weisberg chats with Michael Isikoff and David Corn, authors of Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.
42 min
Spoiler Specials: Blue Planet II
A spoiler-filled review of Blue Planet II
61 min
Represent #84: A Wrinkle in Time and Representa...
We dive into Ava DuVernay’s latest. Then, a conversation with Bim Adewunmi and Antonia Cereijido about representations that made us feel ashamed or embarrassed.
35 min
Today From Slate: Did Mueller Cross a Line? Did...
Jayson De Leon has two things to start your day and they're all about lines – from Mueller looking into the Trump Organization to a judge reenforcing lines with two of Mueller's indictees.
4 min
Gist: Hot or Not, Presidents' Edition
We're talking looks, physique, and charisma.
23 min
Political: The "Rex Wrecks" Edition
John Dickerson, David Plotz and Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post discuss the Twitter-firing of Rex Tillerson, the special election results from Pennsylvania, and Betsy DeVos’s bizarre interview on "60 Minutes."
60 min
Studio 360: Babe I’m leaving
The case for the earnest Styx ballad, plus the Brothers Weisberg on “The Americans” and “Trumpcast,” living with the “Truman Show” disorder and remembering art collector Peggy Cooper Cafritz.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Simpering Airhead Mer...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Katherine Goldstein discuss failed voice lessons, resigning yourself to chicken nuggets, dude time, what to do about sexist cartoons, how to cope with friends with bad parenting technique, plus recommendations and more.
43 min
I Have to Ask: David Corn and Michael Isikoff
31 min
El Gabfest: De Despidos Previsibles, Hijos de P...
56 min
Gist: The Rogue at State
How Rex Tillerson botched the one thing he could have done to improve the State Department and please Trump.
27 min
Trumpcast: The Ghost of the Mueller Investigation
Virginia Heffernan talks to the journalist Hannah Seligson about Ivanka Trump.
33 min
If Then: What Keeps Facebook Up at Night
The head of Facebook’s news feed on Myanmar’s deadly crisis, the challenge of local news, and the downsides of transparency.
39 min
The Good Fight: David French
The Corruption of the Evangelical Movement
57 min
Culture Gabfest: 10th Anniversary Edition
Live at The Bell House in Brooklyn New York, the panel discusses the film A Wrinkle in Time, go deep on the cultural significance of color, and are quizzed on past segments of the show by Hit Parade's Chris Molanphy.
74 min
Today From Slate: Prototypes to a Promise
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Rexit, to the CIA's next director, to Trump's prototypes for the border wall.
3 min
Gist: The Heroes of Colombia
Why do we know so much about Colombia's narcos and so little about the people who risked everything to fight them?
31 min
Trumpcast: Rex Tillerson's Long Goodbye
Jacob Weisberg talks to Politico's Susan Glasser about the firing of Rex Tillerson and what (if anything) we can expect from the incoming Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.
19 min
Dear Prudence: The “Holidays of Their Own Desig...
39 min
Today From Slate: Will the Real Bruce Willis Pl...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know today—from Russia-linked assassinations, to centrifuges, to fake Bruce Willis news.
5 min
Gist: Russian Doping, Revisited
We dip into the archives for our interview with Bryan Fogel about his documentary, Icarus. The film just won an Academy Award.
29 min
Hang Up: The Passing Is an Expression of Failur...
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis talk with Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley about the NCAA Tournament, Slate’s Jim Newell joins to talk about Tiger Woods’ comeback, and ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz assesses the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets.
67 min
Sponsored Content: Life on the Fast Track - Sta...
It all comes down to this: After weeks of hard work and preparation, Faith, Bryn, and Erin will see if their cars have what it takes against hundreds of other Girl Scouts at regional competitions in San Gorgonio, Detroit, and Dallas.
20 min
Working: How Does Neil Gaiman Work?
Jacob Brogan sits down with Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman comics, American Gods, Good Omens, and most recently a book called Norse Mythology.
52 min
Today From Slate: Michael Cohen's Terrible, Hor...
Jayson De Leon has two things to kick off your weekend – from Michael Cohen's questionable emails to a quick update on that poisoned Russian spy.
4 min
Slate Money: The Dread Pirate Trump Edition
Slate Money on Gary Cohn, South African land, and Dodd-Frank
59 min
Gist: North Korea Is Setting the Table
And we should be worried that president Trump will have a seat and be himself.
29 min
I Have to Ask: Josh Barro
35 min
Represent #83: Unpacking The Chi
A closer look at Emmy-winning writer Lena Waithe's show and its depiction of Chicago.
33 min
Spoiler Specials: A Wrinkle in Time
A spoiler-filled review of A Wrinkle in Time
62 min
Today From Slate: Summit Wrong With That?
Is Trump caving on his demands and planning to meeting with North Korea after all? Plus, steel yourself for tariffs. And Slate explains why L'Affaire Russe is so much more.
2 min
Gist: No Rules for the Wicked
Kellyanne Conway's violation of the Hatch Act isn't calamitous, but it's one of countless trespasses by the Trump team.
19 min
Trumpcast: Stormy Sues, Sanders Slips, and Cohe...
Jacob Weisberg talks to the Washington Post's Beth Reinhard about the Stormy Daniels lawsuit and Michael Cohen's restraining order.
19 min
Political: The "Stormy Weather" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Trump’s tariffs and fledgling trade war, the Stormy Daniels lawsuit, and the relationships between sanctuary cities and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
63 min
Late bloomers
Midlife breakthroughs with Toni Morrison, David Chase and Philip Glass.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Minimalist Hellscape ...
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth discuss the cause and treatment of childhood anxiety with Lynn Lyons, LICSW. Also an overwound Leo, a follow-up about summer camp for kids-of-color, managing kids acquisition of knick knacks, and more.
61 min
El Gabfest: De Renuncias en la Casa Blanca y Os...
62 min
De Renuncias en la Casa Blanca y Oscares Latinos
62 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Hope for Hicks Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on raising boys, Hope Hicks and TAL's #MeToo story.
56 min
Today From Slate: A President Ensnared in Scand...
Jayson De Leon has one story about the Peruvian President to kick off your day.
4 min
Gist: Guns, Controlled
New York State (and NYC) are shining models of how to cut gun violence.
26 min
Whistlestop: Griever-in-Chief and Guardian of C...
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to April 19, 1995 when the Oklahoma City Bombing shocked the nation and the President stepped up to offer emotional and political guidance.
27 min
If Then: Nietzsche with a 3D Printer
Meet the DIY weapons maker who says gun control is “a fantasy.”
45 min
Culture Gabfest: Dana the Octophile Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss this year's Oscar ceremony, the surprise hit film "Game Night", and Daniel Engber's Slate cover story "Against the Octopus" with the author.
57 min
Today From Slate: A Lawyer, Guns, and Money
Was it ethical to put Sam Nunberg on live TV? Why ghost guns are the spookiest guns of all. And the teachers' strike ends in West Virginia.
2 min
Gist: The Scapegoat in Chinatown
How did a small, family run bank in New York wind up in court after the 2008 financial crisis? An Oscar-nominated documentary tells the story.
27 min
Trumpcast: Democracy Gets a Checkup
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Yascha Mounk, author of The People vs. Democracy, to talk about his new book and how democracies are holding up around the globe.
31 min
Dear Prudence: The "Early Summer Chicken" Edition
44 min
Lexicon: No-Uh!
John McWhorter on the rise of an exclamatory syllable in English.
32 min
Today From Slate: When Sam Nunberg's Business B...
Jayson De Leon has three things you should probably know to kick off your day. Mostly Sam Nunberg but also a curious incident outside of London and some advice for Michael Cohen.
6 min
Gist: Ben Carson's Not Worth the Outrage
His "dining set" fiasco is small potatoes compared to the ongoing disaster that is the Trump administration.
26 min
Hang Up: The Golden Age of Tanking Edition
Guest hosts Daniel Engber and David Epstein talk with Carl Bialik about robot line judges in tennis, Mike Pesca joins for a review of NBA tanking, and Florentina Hettinga discusses the science of the Paralympics.
57 min
Represent: What Went Down at the 2018 Oscars
Recapping the night's highs and lows and figuring out what to make of that #MeToo montage.
35 min
Working Animals: How Does a Livestock Guard Dog...
Jacob Brogan sits down with Georgia Ranney to discuss Sarge, Kinderhook Farm's maremma guard dog, responsible for help guarding a flock of sheep from predators including coyotes, fishers, and other predators.
43 min
Amicus: When Did Corporations Become People?
57 min
Slate Money: The Natural Beauty Edition
Slate Money on tariffs, Seychelles, and expert networks
51 min
Trumpcast: Getting Whole
Virginia Heffernan talks to BuzzFeed's Anthony Cormier about the FBI investigation that nearly had Paul Manafort before the Trump campaign, the result of that, and why Anthony doesn't think Paul Manafort will flip.
31 min
Today From Slate: K-Pop On Ice, But Relations G...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to know—from the post-Weinstein Oscars, to the Korean peninsula, to H.R. McMaster.
4 min
Gist: Rejecting Jared
In 2016, Trump insisted he wasn't trying to get a top security clearance for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. See? Now it's finally true.
25 min
Spoiler Specials: Annihilation
A spoiler-filled review of Annihilation
68 min
I Have to Ask: Benjamin Wittes
37 min
Represent: #82: Oscar-Nominated: A Fantastic Wo...
Ahead of the 90th Academy Awards, we discuss Chile’s Foreign Language Film nominee and revisit conversations with two first-time directors.
36 min
Today From Slate: Hanging Out With Santa, Not t...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to start your day – from Russia's nuclear capabilities, to Trump's steel tariffs, to Jared Kushner's money moves.
4 min
Trumpcast: Overleveraged and Under Scrutiny
Jacob Weisberg is joined by The Washington Post's Shane Harris to discuss the fallout of Jared Kushner's security clearance downgrade and just how his role in the West Wing could be changing.
25 min
Gist: Watching for a Backtrack
Trump's concessions on immigration didn't last a week. Will White House staff swoop in to revise his comments on guns, too?
24 min
Political: The “There Once Was a Union Maid But...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the changes to gun sales following the Parkland shooting, the most recent White House shake-ups, and the future of public unions as Janus v AFSCME comes before the Supreme Court.
61 min
The shape of Oscar
Underrated and overrated performances from this year’s Oscars, and how to make a political acceptance speech that doesn’t get booed.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Chickenpox for the So...
Carvell Wallace, Allison Benedikt, and Gabriel Roth debate the ethics of exposing anti-vaxxer's kids to the chicken pox, when to step in on undeserved discipline, suspicious Harriet Tubman essays, and much more.
43 min
El Gabfest: De los problemas de Kushner y #Dona...
53 min
Today From Slate: Trump Without Hope and Jared ...
Jayson De Leon has two things you should know to start your day – from Hope Hicks' soon-to-be departure to the security clearance "situation" around the White House.
4 min
Gist: Heal Thyself, Dana Loesch
The NRA's spokeswoman is a capable spin doctor. But she can't live up to her own media criticism.
32 min
If Then: “You Have to Be Heard”
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn says the fight for a free and open internet isn’t over.
43 min
The Good Fight: Benjamin Wittes
Three Cheers for the National Security State
52 min
Culture Gabfest: Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment Ed...
Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss The Florida Project as part of the run-up to the Oscars, the hit podcast Atlanta Monster, and New York Magazine's article Worst Roommate Ever by William Brennan.
59 min
Today From Slate: Back From the Hill, And Back ...
Pierre Bienaimé has three things to start your day – from Billy Graham's eldest son, to Syria, to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
5 min
Gist: The Abbreviated Highlight Reel of Stacey ...
Today, in "Congressional Candidates Who Cannot Possibly Win."
31 min
Trumpcast: A System of Silencing
Jacob Weisberg talks to Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker about Trump's way of silencing the women he has had affairs with. Plus, why did Jared get a down graded security clearance?
24 min
Dear Prudence: The “Nosey Desk-Searching Boss” ...
44 min
Today From Slate: Catch Me Outside (in Lima)
Jayson De Leon has three things to start your day – from union busting, to stock problems, to the humanitarian crisis in South America.
4 min
ABC: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le ...
Laura Miller, Jacob Brogan, and Charlie Jane Anders discuss Ursula K. Le Guin's classic science fiction novel "The Left Hand of Darkness".
54 min
Gist: Dissing Dianne Feinstein
Why is a lioness of the Senate being spurned by the California Democratic Party?
29 min
Hang Up: The "Here Comes Diggins!” Edition
Stefan Fatsis welcomes Slate’s Justin Peters and NBC Nordic skiing commentator Chad Salmela to recap the Winter Olympics. And journalist Ben Strauss and sports economist Andy Schwarz examine the government probe of NCAA basketball recruitment.
63 min
Working Animals: How Does a Theater Dog Work?
Jacob Brogan sits down with trainer William Berloni to talk about Bowdie, a dog and the star of the stage musical "Because of Winn Dixie".
54 min
Spoiler Specials: Black Panther
A spoiler-filled review of Black Panther
53 min
Slate Money: The Success Theater Edition
Slate Money on guns, GE, and Alibaba
48 min
Trumpcast: The Big Facebook Talk
Virginia Heffernan talks to WIRED's Editor-in-Chief, Nick Thompson, and the Director of the Center for Media & Citizenship at the University of Virginia, Siva Vaidhyanathan, about all the issues that have plagued Facebook.
40 min
Today From Slate: One Must Reflect On Thyself
Jayson De Leon has a quick rundown of the day's news from the unusual self reflection of our President to the plea deal of Rick Gates.
3 min
Gist: Don't Fall for It
Arming educators is a recipe for disaster. It's also an utterly unserious proposal.
27 min
Hit Parade: The Def Jams Edition
Today, rap is ubiquitous on pop radio. But the genre’s first crossover hit required a little help from some out-of-favor rock stars. This month, how Run-DMC met Aerosmith, and provided career boosts to them, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys.
86 min
I Have to Ask: Chuck Klosterman
52 min
Represent #81: Black Panther Production Designe...
On her career, her process, and what it’s like working with Ryan Coogler and Beyonce.
58 min
Today From Slate: Look at Those Kids Go
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Dahlia Lithwick's latest on the impressive students from Parkland and Mark Joseph Stern's take on Pennsylvania's ongoing legal battle over redistricting.
2 min
Trumpcast: High School Revolutionaries Are Chan...
Dahlia Lithwick talks to Adam Winkler, author of Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America, about the current state of the gun debate.
33 min
Gist: Who Can Check Big Tech?
Can the companies who build our smartphones and run our social networks be regulated? Or will they have to regulate themselves?
30 min
Political: The “Enough Thoughts and Prayers” Ed...
John Dickerson and David Plotz are joined by Annie Lowrey, of The Atlantic, to discuss the power of students organizing against gun violence, the Mueller indictments, and Mitt Romney’s newest campaign.
59 min
Studio 360: American Icons: The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial is now one of the most treasured landmarks of Washington, DC. But for decades people fought over every aspect of it — and even whether it should be built at all.
50 min
Professionalized Childhood Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a followup from last week's toxic mother-in-law situation, mean kids, forced activities, the power of Black Panther, Mickey Mouse t-shirt privilege, and much more.
51 min
El Gabfest: De Jóvenes en Lucha y la Pantera Negra
73 min
DoubleX Gabfest: Will Porn Be Banned in the Mat...
The DoubleX Gabfest on White House's abuse scandals, teens and porn, Lena Dunham 's hysterectomy.
56 min
Gist: The World Is Coming Up Roses
War, murder, poverty, and disease: They're all trending downward here on planet Earth.
30 min
Whistlestop: Retiring for Peace
When President Johnson delivered his State of the Union speech on January 17, 1968 he surprised those closest to him when he didn’t step down.
39 min
If Then: How Russian Trolls Went Local
A Deep Dive Into How Russia Gamed Facebook
35 min
Culture Gabfest: Redneck Margarita Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Willa Paskin discuss Black Panther with Carvell Wallace, the return of Queer Eye with Bryan J. Lowder, and the state of the New York Times op-ed page.
59 min
Gist: Free Money City
Once bankrupt, Stockton, California, will soon test the effects of universal basic income.
26 min
Today From Slate: Trolls Gonna Troll
Mary Wilson with today's roundup: Russian bots react to the Mueller indictment, an insider's account of Russia's troll farm, and a refresher course on the White Horse Prophecy.
2 min
The Trickless Hungarian Edition
Josh Levin is joined by Slate’s Justin Peters and the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Cohen to talk about Elizabeth Swaney, Ester Ledecka, Nathan Chen, and more from the Olympics. PhillyVoice’s Kyle Neubeck joins to discuss what’s wrong with Markelle Fultz.
62 min
Dear Prudence: The “Relentlessly Friendly Neigh...
44 min
Lexicon: The Inner Workings of Out
The rich complexities of a humble preposition.
31 min
Today From Slate: Three Acts on Silence
Jayson De Leon has three things and a take to kick off your week – from Trump's Twitter rage over the indictments to the NBA's All Star Weekend.
6 min
Working Animals: How Does a Guide Dog Work?
Jacob Brogan sits down with Albert Elia and his guide dog Cheech as part of our continuing series on animals with jobs.
51 min
Represent: Wakanda Forever
Three critics hold a spoiler-filled discussion of Black Panther.
53 min
Amicus: A Preview of a Union-Busting Case, and ...
59 min
Slate Money: The Fertile Nigerian Blockchain Ed...
Slate Money on cryptocurrencies, fertility in the U.S., and Nigerian corruption
60 min
Trumpcast: Project Lakhta and Russia's Plan to ...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Just Security's Kate Brannen about the most recent round of Mueller indictments.
17 min
Gist: Ban the AR-15
It's a no-brainer: Taking the mass killer's weapon of choice off store shelves would save lives.
26 min
Today From Slate: Steak and Mashed Potatoes Wit...
Jayson De Leon has a few of the latest stories heading into the weekend including Ronan Farrow's latest report, more updates on the Florida school shooting, and the indictments released by Robert Mueller.
5 min
I Have to Ask: Steven Pinker
The author of ‘Enlightenment Now’ thinks the world is getting better—but we refuse to acknowledge it.
30 min
Represent #80: Wesley Snipes Talks Blade and Bl...
We discuss the black superheroes that predate Ryan Coogler’s new Marvel blockbuster.
56 min
Gist: Which Side Are You On?
What the Quinn Norton fracas and the latest Twix bar marketing campaign have in common.
28 min
Political: The “Let’s Just Ban Everything” Edition
Emily Bazelon and David Plotz are joined by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat to discuss the Parkland, Florida shooting, job openings at the White House, and whether it’s the right time to ban porn.
76 min
Studio 360: Wipe your nose!
Denise Gough on mucousy method actors, an atheist’s love of Christian rock, mocking Kennedys, and a photographer’s mentally ill mom.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Vintage Suitcase Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a parable of vintage suitcases, valentines in the yellow room, false accusations of serious crimes, lazy dads, and much more.
56 min
Sponsored Content: UnCanned - How Do We Make Qu...
26 min
El Gabfest: De Callejones Sin Salida, Maná y Ra...
70 min
Gist: Runaway Military Spending
Are we hiking the defense budget mostly out of habit?
22 min
Today From Slate: Qubits, Jacob Zuma, and Robot...
Pierre Bienaimé has a couple of things you need to know and one thing that you more than likely don't — from Quantum computing to Jacob Zuma and robot skiers.
2 min
Trumpcast: John Kelly and the Complicity Machine
Virginia Heffernan talks to Vox's Jane Coaston about the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and his role in the Rob Porter story.
25 min
If Then: “Like” Is Too Simple An Emotion
The inventor of Facebook’s iconic button reflects on technology’s unintended consequences.
42 min
The Good Fight: Jennifer Rubin
Shorter description will go here.
52 min
Culture Gabfest: Trundle-Tail Dog Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Isaac Butler discuss the film BPM, the TV show Babylon Berlin, and the recent discovery of a new source for Shakespeare's texts.
52 min
Gist: Spoon-Fed by the Feds
The White House's fiscal 2019 budget would cut food stamp funding, and tell its recipients what to eat.
23 min
90 Seconds: Porter, Bipartisanship, and PepsiCo
Pierre Bienaimé has a couple of things you need to know and one thing that you more than likely don't — from Rob Porter to DACA to PepsiCo's earnings.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The “Not Your Mom” Edition
46 min
90 Seconds: An Ode to Infrastructure
Jayson De Leon has a couple of things you need to know and one thing that you more than likely don't — from infrastructure to the White House to the Philadelphia 76ers.
5 min
Gist: Don’t Call It a White House Shake-Up
This is the Trump administration at rest. Chaos is its equilibrium.
24 min
Hang Up: The Yoo-Hoo, We Did It Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis talk with Slate’s Justin Peters about the top stories from the Olympics, Jack Hamilton joins to look at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster shake-up, and Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl discusses what’s next for U.S. Soccer.
64 min
Trumpcast: The Effects of Reckless Rhetoric
Jamelle Bouie talks to Jacob Levy, a professor of political theory at McGill University, about his essay "The Weight of the Words," and why we shouldn't just be brushing off Trump's rhetoric on the left or the right.
19 min
Working Animals: How Does a Landscaping Goat Wo...
Jacob Brogan sits down with Tammy Dunakin to talk about her agricultural goats, and her business, Rent-a-Ruminant, based on Vashon Island in Washington.
40 min
Slate Money: The Return to Volatility Edition
Slate Money on volatility, Steve Cohen, and delivery apps
47 min
Gist: Dumb About Deficits
Adam Davidson tries to heal our debt of understanding.
25 min
Trumpcast: The Partisan Attacks on Christopher ...
Jacob Weisberg talks to John Sipher, a former senior member of the CIA's Intelligence Service, about Christopher Steele and the partisan attacks on him and his work.
27 min
Sponsored Content: Life Effects - Pop Depression
Depression often plays a starring role in the entertainment world, although some representations of the condition are more truthful and helpful than others.
26 min
Spoiler Specials: Fifty Shades Freed
A spoiler-filled review of Fifty Shades Freed
51 min
Represent #79: Thinking About #MeToo Through Qu...
On Netflix’s new documentary, Seeing Allred.
52 min
Gist: Is the Iran Deal a Dud?
Slate's Joshua Keating says our focus on Iran kept us from putting out fires across the Middle East.
23 min
Political: The “A Correction, Not a Crash” Edition
On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the value of the Nunes memo and accusations of White House aide Rob Porter’s domestic abuse.
66 min
Studio 360: Learning to love Comic Sans
A case for the most-hated typeface.
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Secret Twins Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss how to deal with multiple stuffies, whether sexual abuse at camp should worry parents, teaching boys to wash their clothes, the sexism of dress codes and more.
45 min
I Have to Ask: Katie Roiphe
38 min
El Gabfest: De Soñadores “Flojos” y Palabras Be...
59 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Glowy Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Sexual Abuse Scandal in Gymnastics, Skincare, and Jordan Peterson
55 min
Whistlestop: Carter Withdraws From U.S. Olympics
America boycotted the Moscow Summer Olympics in 1980 in response to the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Here on the eve of the next winter Olympiad we’ll have the story of that decision by President Jimmy Carter.
37 min
Gist: The Longest War Is Lost
Steve Coll paints a bleak picture of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan has a lot to do with it.
26 min
If Then: FISA and Fury
National security expert Marcy Wheeler explains the hypocrisy behind the Nunes Memo
40 min
Culture Gabfest: Abrasive Toast Scrape Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss the film Phantom Thread, take a trip to the Met to learn about artist David Hockney, and follow up on Bullet Journaling with Slate's June Thomas.
69 min
Gist: America Adrift
Ian Bremmer says the “America First” doctrine could work, if it were implemented like a long-term strategy—but that’s not happening.
28 min
Trumpcast: Releasing the Meme
Virginia Heffernan talks to information warfare expert Molly McKew about the #ReleaseTheMemo phenomenon and why it should alarm us that the campaign ultimately landed in our President's brain as the #1 item on his political agenda.
26 min
Dear Prudence: The “Not Unconditional Love” Edi...
51 min
Sponsored Content: Life on the Fast Track - If ...
Translating an imaginative design into a fast and functioning car is what separates winners from the pack. In Episode 2 of Life on the Fast Track, we’ll check in with Faith, Bryn, and Erin to see how they’re managing the design portion of the competition.
17 min
Lexicon: Words, For Her
John McWhorter on the origin of woman, girl and other lady terms.
32 min
Gist: Phil Rosenthal Eats the World
The TV writer's food obsession started with chopped-up garlic.
28 min
Hang Up: The Nick Foles Is a Super Bowl MVP Edi...
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis talk with the Gist’s Mike Pesca about the Eagles’ win over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. They’re also joined by Jeff Passan of Yahoo to discuss what can be done to fix Major League Baseball’s broken economic system.
66 min
Working Animals: How Does a Miniature Therapy H...
For our first episode of the season Jacob sits down with Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of the non-profit Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses to talk about Magic, a 100-pound therapy horse, and her job helping people in need.
49 min
Amicus: Immigration: Whose Call is it Anyway?
As the courts grapple with radical shifts in immigration policy, a look at the cases underlying the conversation about the rights of refugees, immigrants, Dreamers, and visitors.
34 min
Slate Money: Generations Edition
Slate Money on Kids These Days, millennials, and unpaid internships
43 min
Gist: Philly vs. Boston
Both cities have a reputation for being obnoxious. But which is worse?
28 min
Trumpcast: An Incomprehensible Dud of a Memo
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about the release of the Nunes memo and why, despite its many flaws, it may still be a win for Trump.
23 min
I Have to Ask: Wesley Morris
36 min
Represent #78: "Jane the Virgin" Star Jaime Camil
On playing Rogelio de la Vega, lending his voice to Coco, and the state of Latino representation in Hollywood.
44 min
Political: The “Hope Hicks’ Loose Lips Sinks Sh...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss criticism of the FBI by the White House and its allies, the State of the Union, and Hillary Clinton’s protection of an adviser accused of sexual assault.
59 min
Trumpcast: What if We Never See the Mueller Rep...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Ross Garber, a defense lawyer who has represented three Republican governors during impeachment proceedings, about how Trump's lawyers could be thinking about defending their client.
31 min
Papa was a rolling stone
The musical children of pop stars
49 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Binky Barter Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace and Katherine Goldstein discuss a mostly successful binky-for-trains program, answer questions about a difficult divorce, and reading, plus more "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.
49 min
Gist: LBJ, Reconsidered
Without Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, there would be little welfare state for the GOP to undercut in the first place.
24 min
El Gabfest: De Cuatro Pilares y Fanboys Políticos
62 min
Gist: We Still Have No U.S. Ambassador to South...
The Trump White House nixed a well-qualified candidate who discouraged a preventive military strike against North Korea.
30 min
Trumpcast: How Paul Manafort's Life Unraveled
Jacob Weisberg talks to The Atlantic's Frank Foer about his most recent cover story on Paul Manafort and how the American hustler's life fell apart in recent years.
31 min
If Then: Through The Revolving Door Between Fac...
A Former Facebook Employee Says Russia Used Its Ad Tools As Designed
34 min
90 Seconds: The Left Shark (Finally) Explains H...
Josh Voorhees has one thing you need to know, one thing you need to read, and one thing you need to hear—and none of them involve Donald Trump.
5 min
The Good Fight: David Miliband
David Miliband makes the case for a courageous and generous refugee policy—that takes concerns about immigration seriously
51 min
Culture Gabfest: Live From Sundance Edition
The Culture Gabfest records live from Sundance
60 min
Gist: When All the Jobs Are Gone
Author Amy Goldstein went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to see how people coped when their local economy vanished. In short: It’s really hard.
27 min
Trumpcast: The Outgoing McCabe and the Incoming...
Producer Jayson De Leon talks to Matthew Miller, MSNBC's Justice and Security Analyst & formerly of the Department of Justice, about the resignation of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the controversy surrounding the Devin Nunes memo.
21 min
Studio 360: Will Super Bowl Ads lay off bikini ...
Super Bowl commercials aren’t exactly a place you’d look for enlightened portrayals of women. Will that finally change in this year of #MeToo?
16 min
90 Seconds: The State of the State of the Union
Josh Voorhees has one thing you need to know, one thing you need to read, and one thing you need to hear—all concerning’s Donald Trump’s first State of the Union.
5 min
Dear Prudence: The Live “Cruise-ship Romance” E...
65 min
Sponsored Content: UnCanned - What is Food Tech...
22 min
Gist: The Scholarly Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The NBA great sees #BlackLivesMatter as a continuation of the civil rights era that shaped his youth.
25 min
Hang Up: The “What Did Izzo and Dantonio Know?”...
Josh Levin talks with Paula Lavigne of ESPN and Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley about the Michigan State sexual abuse scandal. ESPN’s Howard Bryant also joins to discuss the Australian Open, and the Root’s Damon Young assesses the NBA’s all-star draft.
66 min
90 Seconds: The Darks Arts of Paul Manafort
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: The Atlantic goes deep on Trump’s indicted ex-campaign manager, the Cleveland Indians give up on casual racism, and Donald Trump flunks science (again).
5 min
ABC: Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria...
Katy Waldman, Parul Sehgal, and Laura Bennett discuss Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado.
47 min
Slate Money: Trump in Davos Edition
Slate Money on Trump in Davos
35 min
Gist: Good Night, Portlandia
Carrie Brownstein's series mocks the region she's from just gently enough.
31 min
90 Seconds: ‘I Added the Green’
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Sean Hannity tries—and fails—to dismiss a new bombshell about Trump; the U.S. government once turned to fiction to plan for a nuclear apocalypse; and a museum curator trolls the president with a golden toilet.
5 min
Sponsored Content: Life on the Fast Track - The...
Every great car starts as a great idea on paper. In Episode 1, we’ll get to know our three Girl Scout contestants – Faith, from California; Bryn, from Michigan; and Erin, from Texas – and talk through their thoughts on car design.
20 min
Hit Parade: The B-Sides Edition
Live from the Bell House, in Brooklyn New York, it’s a very special Hit Parade about B-sides that improbably became classics, or even No. 1 hits. Plus special guest Ted Leo!
82 min
Trumpcast: The Davos Man (Live from the WEF)
Jacob Weisberg is joined by BuzzFeed's Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith, for a quick chat about Donald Trump's address to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
14 min
Spoiler Specials: Mosaic
A spoiler-filled review of Mosaic
33 min
I Have to Ask: Jia Tolentino
27 min
Represent: #77: Represent Takes On Sundance
Sebastián Silva explains why he chose to tackle the black American experience in his latest film, Tyrel.
34 min
Gist: He Got Trump’s Taxes
Reporter David Cay Johnston gave the public the first look at Donald Trump’s taxes. He thinks Robert Mueller will show us more.
28 min
Political: The “50,000 Texts” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the integrity of the FBI, the usefulness of government shutdowns and the value of survivor testimony during sentencing.
55 min
Studio 360: Fantastic women
The fantastic actress who is “A Fantastic Woman”
49 min
90 Seconds: Take Me to Church
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: John Kerry considers another White House bid, a Detroit paper pays a front-page tribute to some brave women, and a Republican congressman is mighty confused about the Immaculate Conception.
6 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Fifteen Candles Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a question from a listener about racism in the classroom
42 min
DoubleX Gabfest:The Babe.net vs. Aziz Ansari Ed...
The DoubleX Gabfest on Aziz Ansari, Jacinda Ardern, and the One Fight
58 min
Gist: Odds, Ends, and Senators
A mathematical computation about the midterms that's, in the words of our expert, "sort of hideously irrelevant."
31 min
Whistlestop: The 25th Amendment
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to April 4, 1841, the death of president William Henry Harrison, and a flaw in the Constitution that needed fixing.
30 min
If Then: Dudebros Everyday
30 min
90 Seconds: The “God’s Plan” Defense
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: he tells you about the alarming frequency of school shootings in 2018, he explains the conservative war cry of #ReleasetheMemo, and he unpacks the Christian right’s defense of Trump.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Nobody Bonks Me On the Head Wi...
The Culture Gabfest on The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Paddington 2, and Drag
65 min
Trumpcast: A Rot at the Core of the Republic
Virginia Heffernan talks to The Atlantic's David Frum about the Evangelical right's justification for Trump, how the people around him are holding up so far in their positions, and why he thinks what we're facing today is much more serious than Watergate.
26 min
Gist: MSG Is A-OK
Dan Pashman hosts a food podcast—and dinner parties. In both capacities, he’s big on monosodium glutamate.
30 min
Slate Money: The You Guys PIK Edition
Slate Money on Blackrock, super PIK bonds, and Nigerian debt
46 min
90 Seconds: Finding (Juvenile) Joy in the Shutdown
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: The best thing about the shutdown (it’s a low bar!); Ted Cruz Ted Cruzes (and gets called out for it); and RIP, Rosie the Riveter.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The “Tepidly Panromantic” Edition
42 min
Lexicon: What's the Deal with Eleven?
John McWhorter on the etymology and pronunciation of English numbers.
42 min
Sponsored Content: Life Effects - How it Starts
Depression affects 1 in 5 Americans every year – but how do you know if you’re one of them? And if you are, what does “Depression” even mean?
22 min
Gist: The Dems Have a Bad Hand
Conservative Democratic voters are to blame for Chuck Schumer's move on DACA.
25 min
Hang Up: The One-Armed Bandit Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin talk about the Patriots’ and Eagles’ wins in the NFL’s title games; the New York Times’ Juliet Macur discusses the sex abuse scandal in U.S. gymnastics; and Deadspin’s Dave McKenna helps remember D.C. sports legend Gary Mays.
72 min
90 Seconds: What the Democrats Got (And What Th...
Josh Voorhees runs you through the Senate compromise and tells you what it might mean for the next shutdown.
4 min
Trumpcast: The Shutdown Vote (UPDATED)
Producer Jayson De Leon talks to Slate's Jim Newell about the run-up to the government shutdown. Then, how did the shutdown vote unfold? We have a play-by-play of sorts.
19 min
Amicus: “The Gross Spectacle of a Divided Defen...
The case of the capital defendant who insisted “I’m innocent” while his lawyer told everyone “he did it” reaches the Supreme Court.
60 min
Gist: One Year Down
The hosts of Slate’s Trumpcast dish on the Mueller investigation and Trump’s first year in office.
31 min
90 Seconds: Shutdown, (White) Supremacy, and … ...
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Washington edges toward a shutdown, Fox News decides diversity is a bad thing, and Stormy Daniels talks about Trump, sex, and sharks.
5 min
I Have to Ask: David Frum
29 min
Represent: #76: Oscar Nomination Predictions an...
Our look inside the mind of this year’s Academy voter.
50 min
Gist: Busted: A Gist Productions Parody
Relive the “fake news” media’s greatest mistreatment of the guy who’s just trying to “Make America Great Again.”
27 min
Political: The “A House is Not a Hole” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss if Republicans and Democrats should keep the government open, Trump's opinions on immigration and what positive outcomes can result from public dissection of Grace's Aziz Ansari story.
58 min
Studio 360: I killed Captain Kirk
What a long, strange Trek it’s been
48 min
90 Seconds: A Sassy Gray Lady
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Donald Trump (once again) undercuts the GOP agenda with a tweet; Rex Tillerson’s unusual, old-school way of keeping up with his boss’ Twitter feed; and the New York Times’ response to the “Fake News Awards.”
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Too Cool For School E...
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth interview Ann Hulbert, author of Off the Charts: The Hidden Lives and Lessons of American Child Prodigies, and take a question from a listener with daddy problems.
44 min
El Gabfest: Del Guasón Bannon y Jiu Jitsu Político
56 min
Gist: Wait and CR
The continuing resolution is the worst thing in politics.
26 min
If Then: The Problem with Facebook is Facebook
Why Facebook and “Meaningful Interactions” Don’t Mix
33 min
90 Seconds: A Storms a Comin’
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: The GOP has a Dreamer-free plan to avoid a shutdown; a tabloid has the latest twist in the Trump-Stormy Daniels story; and Jeff Flake compares the president to Stalin on the Senate floor
5 min
The Good Fight: Sabeel Rahman
Sabeel Rahman explains why the left should fight against all concentrations of power, from Trump’s White House to Silicon Valley
50 min
Culture Gabfest: Run It! Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss Steven Spielberg's movie "The Post", Netflix's "The End of the F***ing World", and Facebook's new algorithm changes with Slate's If/Then podcast host Will Oremus.
60 min
Trumpcast: Racism, The Dems, and #MeToo
Virginia Heffernan talks to the LA Times' Jamil Smith about Trump's racism, how the Democrats have fared over the past year, and what (if any) parallels they can find between the #MeToo movement and Trump's lies.
19 min
Gist: Nukes and Crannies
President Trump likes to bluster. But when will North Korea see that as more than talk, and react accordingly?
30 min
90 Seconds: What to Make of Aziz
Josh Voorhees explains the Democratic divide in the shutdown fight, plays you a clip of a flustered Trump cabinet secretary on the Hill, and offers up some recommended reading to help you make sense of the Aziz Ansari story.
6 min
Dear Prudence: The “Ongoing Fling with a Famous...
54 min
DoubleX Gabfest: They Almost Called It Moxie
A conversation with the founders of the DoubleX section as we bid it a fond farewell.
56 min
Trumpcast: $130,000 in Hush Money
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Jacob Weisberg to chat about the Stormy Daniels story, Jacob's involvement in it, and how the story is important in the context of the dossier.
21 min
Hang Up: The “They Shoot Utility Infielders, Do...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the Vikings’ last-second win over the Saints and other NFL playoff doings; the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Cohen joins to talk about Trae Young; and Sam Miller comes on for a conversation about a 50-inning baseball game.
70 min
Represent #75: Actor Bambadjan Bamba Comes Out ...
Why Hollywood should stand with immigrants in the industry by fighting for DACA.
30 min
Slate Money: Down the IGWEL Edition
Slate Money on Trump going to Davos, Huawei, and iPhone addiction
47 min
Gist: Teenage Brains Are Just Different
We’re still learning about how the mind of an adolescent is only half-baked.
22 min
Trumpcast: A Dangerous, Bumbling, Racist Idiot
Jacob Weisberg talks to Brian Klaas, author of The Despot's Apprentice, about Trump's dictatorial tendencies and why the Republicans are still refusing to call out the President after his "shithole" comment yesterday.
24 min
90 Seconds: ‘Sh*tholes’ and Racists
Josh Voorhees has one thing you need to know, one thing you need to read, and you need to hear about Donald Trump’s latest vulgarity.
4 min
I Have to Ask: Margaret Sullivan
The Washington Post media critic grades a turbulent year of media coverage.
25 min
Spoiler Specials: Black Mirror Season 4
A spoiler-filled review of the newest season of Black Mirror
48 min
Represent #74: Faith-Based Film Producer DeVon ...
On his Hollywood commandments for achieving secular success.
46 min
Gist: Is Trump Insane? Does It Matter?
Grill him for his deeds, not his ditzy moments.
28 min
Trumpcast: The Immigration Fight Escalates
Jamelle Bouie is joined by Vox’s Dara Lind to discuss the latest going on around Capitol Hill on immigration.
24 min
Political: The "Very Stable Genius" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the future of the Dreamers, Trump’s fitness for office, and voting-related cases before SCOTUS.
52 min
Sponsored Content: Uncanned - How Do We Feed a ...
Joe Yeung, a Chinese immigrant, started farming in the 1950s. Decades later, his granddaughters Becky and Melissa have taken over the operation and are committed to maintaining their family’s legacy.
25 min
Breaker 1-9
How “Convoy,” a novelty country song by a couple admen, became a #1 hit.
48 min
90 Seconds: With 'Friends' Like These
Josh Voorhees explains how Donald Trump got confused by his ‘Fox & Friends,’ tells you about a new effort to document the Trump-Fox feedback loop, and lets the president tell you himself how much TV he watches.
5 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Look Who's Back Edition
Carvell Wallace and Gabriel Roth are joined by Allison Benedikt to discuss Ruth Graham's article “My Life Is a Waking Nightmare” about the world of online parenting advice
51 min
El Gabfest: De finales de sueño y libros devast...
57 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Oprah 2020 Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Oprah, self help, and the generation gap in the #MeToo movement.
57 min
Gist: A Cry for Self-Help
Books that promise “a new you” often don’t cure us, but they sure can expose our greatest anxieties.
26 min
Trumpcast: 10 Hours of Dossier Testimony
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Virginia Heffernan to pore through the release of Glenn Simpson's (Fusion GPS) testimony by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).
28 min
Live from CES: Our Dumb "Smart" Future
How many laundry folding robots do we really need?
31 min
90 Seconds: ‘The Apprentice’ Meets ‘The West Wing’
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Dianne Feinstein pulls a fast one on the president; the real problem with ‘Fire and Fury’; and another Republican congressman throws in the towel.
6 min
"Why Wouldn't King Kong Want a Lady Gorilla?" E...
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, are joined by Slate book critic Laura Miller to discuss the film The Shape of Water, The Golden Globes, and explore what sleep is, exactly.
60 min
Gist: Radio Reconciliation
Rwanda’s radio programming fueled the country’s infamous genocide in 1994. Could it also help it heal?
30 min
90 Seconds: Bloody Noses & a Disgraced Sheriff
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: A new report suggests U.S. officials are debating a pre-emptive strike at North Korea; what Joe Arpaio’s Senate campaign means for the Trump-Bannon feud; and an overlooked moment from the Globes.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The “Reverse Kids Get Off My Law...
44 min
Lexicon: There Are Two N-Words
Like gangster and gangsta, nigger and nigga have become two distinct words.
32 min
Gist: What to Make of Fire and Fury
NPR’s media correspondent says Michael Wolff’s new book is kicking off a more honest conversation on the president’s fitness to hold office.
26 min
Hang Up: The Citronauts Are National Champions ...
Stefan Fatsis, former NFL player Nate Jackson, and football writer Melissa Jacobs discuss the NFL playoffs. Then Stefan talks to Spencer Hall of SB Nation about the University of Central Florida’s claim on college football’s national championship.
50 min
90 Seconds: Oprah-mentum!
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech; Donald Trump’s (allegedly) short workday; and the brewing fight over Golden Globes winner Three Billboards.
6 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does an ACLU Attorney Work?
In the final episode of our season of LGBTQ jobs, Jacob sits down with Josh Block, senior staff attorney at the ACLU's LGBT & HIV Project.
58 min
Slate Money: The Distinctly Nordic Edition
Slate Money on Iceland, Spotify, and Iran
50 min
Amicus: The Right Not To Vote
SCOTUS will weigh whether Ohio had the right to purge more than a million voters who sat out elections.
58 min
Gist: Going for Gridiron
Jen Welter grew up without female role models in the NFL. Then she joined the Arizona Cardinals.
34 min
Trumpcast: Obstructing and Burning
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, to discuss the recent revelations with regards to the President possibly obstructing justice.
38 min
90 Seconds: The Bills Make Me Wanna Shout
Josh Voorhees brings you an all-NFL episode: a new ESPN story has the dirt on Tom Brady and his coach; Jemele Hill talks about Colin Kaepernick, race, and redemption in pro sports; and delirious Buffalo fans get creative thanking another team’s QB.
5 min
Represent #73: Hollywood Women Respond to #MeToo
On “Time’s Up” and the Latest "Great American Baking Show" Winner
42 min
Trumpcast: The Commission is Dead, Not the Mission
Jamelle Bouie talks to Ari Berman, a writer at Mother Jones, about President Trump's now disbanded voter fraud commission and how the fight over voter suppression is still far from over.
21 min
Gist: Move to the Center or Keep on Losing
If Democrats want to win back the blue-collar vote, they may need a bigger tent.
32 min
Political: The “Lost His Mind” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the buzz around Trump's relationship with Steve Bannon, partisanship within the Russia investigation, and a new (real) study about fake news.
51 min
90 Seconds: ‘Fire and Fury’ and Fact-Checking
Josh Voorhees unpacks the latest juicy gossip from Michael Wolff’s upcoming book, and has a clip you need to hear that has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.
5 min
Studio 360: Staff picks, 2017 (Volume 2)
Completing our favorites list: Stevie Salas on Native American rockers, Angie Thomas on how a TLC lyric saved her life, and the hoax behind the bodice-ripper “Naked Came the Stranger.”
48 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Becoming Aunt Gertie ...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss a question from a listener about whether to let an abusive step parent into the life of her children
42 min
I Have to Ask: The A.O. Scott Edition
The New York Times film critic on watching movies in the post-Weinstein age.
38 min
El Gabfest: De Preguntas Incomodas y Tuiteros E...
48 min
Gist: Killed, Then Counted
Police killed more than 1,100 people last year. And yes, there’s a racial disparity.
27 min
If Then: Science Fiction by ABBA
Batterygate, the gig economy, and science-fiction clichés
33 min
90 Seconds: Gangstas, Bullhorns, and Treason
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Steve Bannon talks to a journalist, North Korea and South Korea talk to each other, and Jeopardy judges talk about Coolio.
4 min
The Good Fight: Martin Sandbu
The Economics of Populism
51 min
Beauteous Sprout Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner discuss the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Errol Morris's Wormwood, and Slate's 2017 Movie Club.
60 min
Gist: Behind the Scenes of Slow Burn
Slate podcasters Leon Neyfakh and Andrew Parsons on how Watergate fever compares to today’s investigations into Russia and the 2016 election.
28 min
90 Seconds: Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due
Josh Voorhees returns to tell you about one thing you need to know, one thing you need to read, and one thing you need to hear.
3 min
Dear Prudence: The "Eternally Engaged" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Eternally Engaged" Edition
43 min
Hang Up: The 200 Seventh-Graders vs. LeBron Edi...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Gist’s Mike Pesca to discuss a whole bunch of sports conundrums.
47 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Gender and Sexuality ...
Jacob Brogan sits down with Christina Cauterucci, a staff writer at Slate whose beat encompasses gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ issues.
58 min
Slate Money: The Travel Edition
Slate Money on Airbnb, airlines, and the travel industry
34 min
Gist: It’s Fan Service or Bust
Some comedians have a “kill or be killed” relationship with their audiences. Anjelah Johnson just gives them what they want.
28 min
90 Seconds: Inside A Podcast Producer's Brain
Veralyn's top three favorite episodes to produce this year.
4 min
Spoiler Specials: Phantom Thread
A spoiler-filled review of Phantom Thread
39 min
Gist: Your Brain Is Bad With Money
But being aware of that can help you spend it more wisely (or better yet, save it).
33 min
Trumpcast: The Truth Didn't Set Us Free
How Washington failed to handle Kremlin trolls.
27 min
90 Seconds: “Trump could react very badly"
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Suicide bombing in Kabul, Erica Garner fights for her life, UK government micromanages Prince Harry's wedding guest list.
3 min
Studio360: Staff picks, 2017 (Volume 1)
51 min
Political: The "2017 Conundrums featuring They ...
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson dig in, dissect and debate listener-generated conundrums with special performances from They Might Be Giants.
60 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Potty Camp Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss how many performances of Bye Bye Birdie is too many, what's normal around divorced families holidays, and how to potty train without ruining your child.
42 min
Hit Parade: The Silver Medalists Edition
On the Billboard Hot 100, two is often the loneliest number. This month, Chris Molanphy profiles No. 2 songs that went on to become historic, from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Go-Go’s and Kelly Clarkson.
51 min
El Gabfest Recuerda el 2017: Un Año Como Ningún...
22 min
Hit Parade: The Silver Medalists Edition
On the Billboard Hot 100, two is often the loneliest number. This month, Chris Molanphy profiles No. 2 songs that went on to become historic, from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Go-Go’s and Kelly Clarkson.
51 min
I Have to Ask: The Mark Lilla Edition (Re-air)
The author of The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics has a recipe to save Democrats.
39 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Call-in Show Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest tackle your “is it sexist?” questions.
42 min
Gist: Hobby Lobby Is Just Getting Started
The chain’s evangelical founders are spending millions on putting the Bible at the center of American life.
30 min
90 Seconds: The Tax Bill Is Here
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Republican Tax Bill is actually law, end of year lists, and the 284 billion electricity bill.
4 min
Whistlestop: Special Re-Broadcast of The Entang...
Host John Dickerson visits January 11, 2017 and also the campaign of Gerald R. Ford and Nelson Rockefeller. With it came along concerns of economic entanglements that a rich family might not be able to untangle.
29 min
Culture Gabfest: Annual Highly Improbable Compl...
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens answer listener questions about which piece of culture they would forever delete from the universe, how to raise adopted kids, their relationship to cooking, list-making and more.
54 min
Dear Prudence: The "Personal ATM" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Personal ATM" Edition
45 min
Lexicon: The Thing Is Is
The problem is, is that we sometimes say "is" twice. Why?
31 min
Hang Up: The Remember Connie Hawkins Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Ben Strauss to discuss why academically rigorous universities like Wesleyan are betting big on football. They also speak with Rick Telander about the life and legacy of hoops legend Connie Hawkins.
53 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Presbyterian LGBTQ Ad...
On this episode, Jacob sits down with Alex McNeill, the Executive Director of More Light Presbyterians, an organization that advocates for LGBTQ causes inside and outside the Presbyterian church.
46 min
Amicus: #MeToo in the Courts
What’s next, and what’s needed, in the wake of sexual harassment claims concerning the judiciary?
63 min
Slate Money: The Call-In Edition
Slate Money answers your voicemails
36 min
Gist: Deplorables and Snowflakes
Ken Stern thinks we should quit it with the name-calling.
31 min
90 Seconds: Trump Free Zone
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Why Ta-Nehisi Coates quit twitter, remembering a podcast pioneer, and the man with the golden voice.
3 min
Trumpcast Bookclub: Submission
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Katie Roiphe and Philip Gourevitch to discuss Michel Houellebecq's novel, Submission.
35 min
Represent #72: Represent: 2017 in Review
Reflecting on the year in representation, from Moonlight to the Weinstein fallout.
57 min
Gist: Tax Bill Ballyhoo
Why Trump’s economic predictions don’t pass the smell test.
26 min
Political: The “Paul Ryan Has Died and Gone to ...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the final tax bill, government agency leadership, and are joined by Linda Greenhouse to talk about her new book about covering the Supreme Court.
62 min
Studio 360: Where is Bobbie Gentry?
Alexander Payne on avoiding Hollywood temptations, Aisha Harris on why “Gone with the Wind” may be a confederate monument, and the enduring mystery of “Ode to Billie Joe.”
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Spurious Holiday Grin...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace gather round the podcasting hearth for a holiday edition of Mom and Dad Are Fighting, with holiday-related listener questions and recommendations, plus "Triumphs and Fails" and more.
40 min
90 Seconds: ‘The Universal Law School of the Ai...
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: an update to the Virginia House race that is now tied; a shameless display of ego-stroking by Mike Pence; and Trump’s ongoing efforts to stack the bench with (unqualified) loyalists.
5 min
El Gabfest: De Millonarios Felices y Viejitos P...
46 min
I Have to Ask: The Bill Kristol Edition
The conservative writer and editor examines his own past, and where the Republican Party went awry.
34 min
Gist: Trickle Down Now
Is it possible that Republicans were damned whether or not they passed their tax bill?
27 min
Trumpcast: Strategic Confusion
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Fred Kaplan about Trump’s new National Security Strategy.
27 min
If Then: What’s a Firefox?
If Then on Uber’s misdeeds, media consolidation, and Firefox’s future.
38 min
90 Seconds: From the Discotheque to the Yacht
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Virginia proves every vote really does count, Republicans try find a way to sell their law to an angry public, and a little-known Koch heir becomes an outlet for liberal rage.
4 min
The Good Fight: Francis Fukuyama Rerun
The Author of “The End of History” on Why Democracy Might End in America.
53 min
Culture Gabfest: General Hugs Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the app HQ Trivia with Slate's Forrest Wickman, and the life and death of memes and memetics generally.
60 min
Gist: Behind the Scenes at The Daily
Michael Barbaro and Theo Balcomb share their secrets.
31 min
90 Seconds: Robot Trump and GOP-on-GOP Drama
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: he’s got the latest on the #CorkerKickback, the backstory of last week’s Republican-on-Republican confirmation humiliation, and he takes you to Disney World to meet a kinder, gentler Donald Trump.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The "Selfish Sister" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Selfish Sister" Edition
51 min
ABC: The Odyssey, Translated By Emily Wilson
Katy Waldman, Parul Seghal, and Meghan O'Rourke discuss Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey by Homer. Next month's book will be Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado.
66 min
Trumpcast: The Impending Tax Bill
Jacob Weisberg chats with economist Jason Furman about the impending GOP tax bill and its economic impact.
26 min
Gist: Don’t Worry if Baby Turns Orange
Maria Konnikova tells us about the foods that can dramatically change your skin’s hue ... and when to see a doctor about it.
25 min
Hang Up: The Badly Photoshopped Flag-Burning Ed...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Andrew Brandt to discuss the allegations against Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson; by Chris Nowinski to talk about the NFL concussion protocol; and by Deadspin to assess the rise of fake sports news.
74 min
Sponsored Content: Scaling Global - Law of the ...
No one knows the legal implications of global expansion better than a global law film like Withersworldwide. Hear Chairman, Ivan Sacks, describe how to get your legal ducks in a row.
25 min
90 Seconds: Delusions of Exoneration
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: a new CNN report suggests Donald Trump is confused about the FBI investigation; a former Fox News host speaks out; and Twitter cracks down on hate speech.
4 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does Sci-Fi Author Samuel De...
Jacob sits down with science fiction author Samuel Delany, author of Trouble on Triton, Babel-17, Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders, and many more fiction and non-fiction books.
54 min
Slate Money: May the Fox Be With You Edition
Slate Money on Disney acquiring Fox, Apple acquiring Shazam, and bitcoin futures
51 min
Trumpcast: All The President's Accusers
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Dahlia Lithwick and Jacob Weisberg to discuss all the sexual misconduct accusations against the President and what can be done about them.
31 min
Gist: Jeff Ross Got Bored, So He Got Political
The comedian’s latest roast takes the conversation around immigration down to the U.S.-Mexico border.
32 min
Spoiler Specials: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
A spoiler-filled review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
56 min
90 Seconds: Youthquakes, Broflakes, and a Confi...
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Marco Rubio gets want he wants, a Trump nominee gets humiliated, and Oxford Dictionaries gets creative—maybe a little too creative.
4 min
Studio 360: That’s What She Said
June Thomas on Scenes of Workplace Sexual Harassment: From “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “The Office”
14 min
Represent #71: "She’s Gotta Have It" Writer Rad...
On criticisms of the show and being a woman of color in a writers’ room.
57 min
Gist: Revisiting Another Democratic Wave
How Chris Hurst became one of Virginia’s newest state representatives, with some indirect help from a petting zoo.
18 min
Trumpcast: Acting Ethically in The Fog of War
Virginia Heffernan talks to Walter Shaub about the Office of Government Ethics, principled governance, and what it's like to run a federal agency.
25 min
Political: The “Devil and Mister Jones” Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss Democrat Doug Jones’s win in Alabama, the current state of the tax bill and the transgressions of men in the headlines.
56 min
Reconstruction | e4 | Experiments in State Poli...
The Case of South Carolina
22 min
So you think you're creative?
What do we mean by creativity? How can we encourage it and measure it? From imaginary friends to jazz musicians in fMRI machines, we explore the creative brain.
50 min
90 Seconds: What's the Russian Word for Fragile...
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Blake Farenthold’s long goodbye, Trump’s fragile ego, and Joe Biden Joe Bidens on The View.
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Your Child is Made of...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss Periscope's problem with online predators with Slate's April Glaser, Rebecca's big news, Carvell's creeping fail, and Gabe's three kiss accident in "Triumphs and Fails" and "Recommendations".
50 min
El Gabfest: De Milagros Sureños y Batallas Galá...
44 min
I Have to Ask: The Stephen Kotkin Edition
The Stalin biographer on the secret to understanding the mind of an autocrat.
32 min
DoubleX Gabfest: Anyone But A Man Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on the party of purity, Slack, and “Cat Person."
57 min
Gist: The Underdog and the Bully
The Alabama election, as much of an upset as it was, restored a sense of normalcy in politics.
24 min
Whistlestop: The Air Traffic Take Down
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to August 3, 1981 when 12,000 air traffic controllers walked off their jobs.
31 min
If Then: Beanie Babies for Geeks
Will the end of net neutrality be the start of an Internet ice age?
29 min
90 Seconds: Teach Me How to Dougie
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Omarosa’s out at the White House; Newtown looks back five years later; and Doug Jones nails his exit at his victory rally.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Frantic Rabbity Burst Edition
Julia Turner, Steven Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss the new film I, Tonya, Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with Slate's Willa Paskin, and The New Yorker's short story Cat Person.
57 min
Gist: It’s Partisanship, Stupid
Don’t blame a Roy Moore win on low black turnout.
28 min
90 Seconds: A Presidential Tantrum, a Grieving ...
Josh Voorhees explains Trump’s morning tirade against Kirsten Gillibrand, shares an emotional interview in Alabama, and tells you about an unidentified object that is currently in the midst of an interstellar drive-by of our solar system.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The "Schrödinger's Stolen Cat" E...
Dear Prudence: The "Schrödinger's Stolen Cat" Edition
48 min
Lexicon: An Accidental Sanctity
Biblical scholar Mark Ward discusses his forthcoming book, Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible.
31 min
Gist: The Abortion Fight Led Us Here
The downside of progress is that someone has to lose. Where does all that energy go? In Alabama, a lot of it is going to Roy Moore.
25 min
Trumpcast: Yet Another Round of Attacks on the ...
Jacob Weisberg chats with The Washington Post's Erik Wemple about Trump's most recent round of attacks on the press and about the reporting errors over the last week on the Russia investigation.
21 min
Hang Up: The Bronx Bombers’ Big Boppers Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Warren Cromartie and the Ringer’s Ben Lindbergh to discuss Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton; David Epstein joins to assess Russia’s Olympics ban; and Daniel Libit talks about his muckraking site NM Fishbowl.
83 min
90 Seconds: Cat Persons, Presidents, and Polls
Josh Voorhees tries out a new format today: He has the latest on sexual misconduct accusation against Donald Trump, tells you about some wildly different Senate polls in Alabama, and points you to a new short story that has the Internet talking.
3 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Gender Reassignment S...
Jacob sits down with Dr. Jess Ting, a plastic surgeon who specializes in transgender surgery at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City.
43 min
Amicus: Probing the Mueller Probe, and Inside t...
58 min
Slate Money: The Petro Edition
Slate Money on the United States, Brexit, and Venezuelan cryptocurrency
49 min
90 Seconds: Yearbook Memories
Josh Voorhees with the latest on Roy Moore and his accuser’s yearbook, and on Rep. Trent Franks and his curious story of surrogacy in the workplace.
4 min
Trump's Endorsement and Alabama's Senate Race
Jamelle Bouie talks to Geoffrey Skelley – associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. The two discuss the upcoming Alabama senate race.
18 min
Gist: Can You Win as the Party of Purity?
Dahlia Lithwick says Democrats are stuck in a downward spiral of doing the honorable thing and hoping Republicans will meet them halfway.
23 min
Political: The "Wedding Cake" Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss why Roy Moore appears to be surviving the allegations against him, the wedding cake case in front of the Supreme Court, and President Trump's impact on Middle East peace.
69 min
Studio 360: Gay theater, then and now.
NYT Theater critic Jesse Green and playwright Paul Rudnick on groundbreaking gay theater.
51 min
90 Seconds: Franken’s Parting Shots
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: a defiant Sen. Franken takes a few parting shots as he heads for the exits; speculation about Franken’s replacement begins in earnest; and the House passes an NRA dream bill.
3 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: "What's Elf on the Sh...
The panel discuss dealing with estranged parents and how to introduce them to your kids, whether following the rules too much is bad for kids, and the joy and sorrow of holiday traditions. Plus Triumphs and Fails and recommendations.
49 min
El Gabfest: De Traiciones Populistas y Personas...
55 min
I Have to Ask: The Lawrence O'Donnell Edition
The MSNBC host and author on how the 1968 election changed American politics forever.
33 min
Gist: Next Falls Franken?
Senate Democrats are clambering up to secure the moral high ground.
26 min
If Then: The Ellen Pao Effect
Ellen Pao Knows Who Will Fix Sexism In Silicon Valley
24 min
90 Seconds: Senate Republicans Made a $289 Bill...
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Is Al Franken on the way out? Did Senate Republicans make a fatal error in writing their tax bill? And how does Roy Moore fit into all this?
4 min
The Good Fight: Branko Milanovic
The Elephant Curve and Global Wealth Inequality
56 min
Trumpcast: The Russia Strand Trump Fears Most
Jacob Weisberg talks to The Guardian's Luke Harding about his new book Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win.
29 min
Culture Gabfest: Fractal Badness Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss James Franco's The Disaster Artist with Slate's Forrest Wickman, the cult film The Room with producer Benjamin Frisch, and Fiona the hippo and celebrity animals.
62 min
Gist: The Boys Club on the Bus
They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. But did they really put a thumb on the scales of the election?
29 min
90 Seconds: Mike Pence’s Woulda, Coulda Campaig...
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: A Roy Moore surrogate offers up one of the worst talking points you’ll ever hear; a new Atlantic article details a near campaign coup by Mike Pence; and a hungry teen had the most retweeted Twitter post of 2017.
3 min
Dear Prudence: The “Dirty Secret” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Dirty Secret” Edition
44 min
Trumpcast: A Desperate Defense Knows No Bounds
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Jeffrey Toobin (Senior Legal Analyst for CNN & Staff Writer at The New Yorker) to talk about Trump's defense in light of the most recent Flynn news.
22 min
Gist: Pete Souza’s Photo Synthesis
The Obama presidency, distilled into 5 pounds’ worth of pictures.
26 min
Hang Up: The Most Valuable Vegan Edition
Stefan Fatsis, Jeremy Stahl of Slate, and Howard Bryant of ESPN discuss the rift among NFL players over the league’s plan to donate money to social causes.
54 min
90 Seconds: ‘Booze or Women or Movies’
Josh Voorhees has today’s rundown: Trump drops the pretense, Chuck Grassley delivers a doozy of quote in defense of the GOP tax bill, and an Aussie lawmaker makes an historic marriage proposal.
4 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Queer Theorist Work
On this episode Jacob sits down with Elizabeth Freeman, queer theorist, professor of English at UC Davis, and author of the books Time Binds, The Marriage Complex, and more.
60 min
Slate Money: The Consumption Smoothing Edition
Slate Money on The Financial Diaries, Affirm, and Amazon
49 min
Gist: Bob Saget Doesn’t Think He’s That Raunchy
And he doesn’t like guardrails on comedy.
26 min
Trumpcast: Flynn Breaks, What's Next? (UPDATED)
Trumpcast producer Jayson De Leon chats with Just Security's Deputy Managing Editor, Kate Brannen. about the latest surrounding Michael Flynn's plea deal and where this all may point to next.
35 min
90 Seconds: A Rough Draw
Josh Voorhees explains what you need to know about Michael Flynn’s plea deal, previews the coming government shutdown fight, and helps you pick your new favorite World Cup soccer team.
5 min
Studio360: New Yorker Cover Illustrator Barry B...
Illustrator and political cartoonist Barry Blitt is best known for his New Yorker covers
16 min
Spoiler Specials: The Shape of Water
A spoiler-filled review of The Shape of Water
42 min
Gist: Life Is Like Pachinko
It’s a popular game of chance in Korea. It’s also a metaphor for the Korean Japanese experience in Min Jin Lee’s swoonworthy novel.
26 min
Political: The “Pass Through” Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the momentum of the Republican tax plans, Project Veritas's attempted take-down of the Washington Post, and the Supreme Court's consideration of the privacy of cell phone data.
60 min
90 Seconds: McCain Won’t Save the Dems This Time
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: John McCain signs off on the GOP tax bill, Roy Moore rebounds in Alabama, and Rex Tillerson may be on the way out.
4 min
90 Seconds: McCain Won’t Save the Dems This Time
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: John McCain signs off on the GOP tax bill, Roy Moore rebounds in Alabama, and Rex Tillerson may be on the way out.
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Grandpa Rules Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss their annoyingly triumphant week, how to raise your kids outside of the influence of toxic masculinity, and what to do about a doting grandpa
49 min
Studio 360 | American Icons: The Disney Parks
Stories from inside the oddly touching, sometimes creepy, deeply American utopia that Walt Disney created.
49 min
El Gabfest: De Vetos a Trump y Princesas Americ...
59 min
DoubleX Gabfest: I Feel Red-Pilled Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Kill All Normies, sex panic, and She’s Gotta Have It
69 min
I Have to Ask: The Laura Kipnis Edition
The author and essayist on the importance of teaching women to fight back.
29 min
Trumpcast: Nixon's Slow Burn
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Leon Neyfakh about his latest series Slow Burn | A Podcast About Watergate.
22 min
Gist: A Founding Fathers Bromance
The on-again, off-again friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
36 min
Whistlestop: The Partial Truths of the Presidency
Presidents FDR, Bush, Obama and others delivered partial truths to the American people. Were they good leaders?
30 min
If Then: Antitrust Superstar
Trump Is Tackling Monopolies. Is Silicon Valley Next?
35 min
90 Seconds: Trigger Warning
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: Matt Lauer’s out at NBC, Republicans consider adding a “trigger” to their tax bill, Trump is retweeting British extremists, and the quiet return of Birtherism.
4 min
Do I Dare to Eat a Peach Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new film Call Me By Your Name, Spike Lee's Netflix series She's Gotta Have It with Aisha Harris, and The Polybius Conspiracy with Jacob Brogan.
58 min
Trumpcast: The Magnitsky Update with Bill Browder
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan are joined by Bill Browder to chat about the latest surrounding the Magnitsky Act, corruption, and those seeking to discredit his efforts worldwide.
32 min
Gist: The Problem With America’s Rich
Is the top 20 percent of the country hogging opportunities that would otherwise go to the middle class?
32 min
Dear Prudence: The “Oh, Roger” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Oh, Roger” Edition
47 min
90 Seconds: Chuck + Nancy – Donald
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: Democratic leaders bail on a White House meeting; Jeff Sessions’ changing Russia story becomes a plot point in a police shooting; and one state dusts off an emergency plan from the Cold War.
4 min
Lexicon: Thanksgiving Misnomers
Turkey? Pumpkin? Squash? They're all mistakes.
33 min
Slow Burn: Martha
Our eight-episode miniseries launches with the story of a woman who knew too much.
24 min
ABC: Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
Katy Waldman, Laura Miller, and Meghan O'Rourke discuss the novel Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan. Our selection for next month will be Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey.
50 min
Gist: Is Neocon Nation-Building Done For?
Elliott Abrams wants U.S. support for democracy in the Arab world.
29 min
Hang Up: The Shania Twain and Sled Dogs Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Spencer Hall to talk about Alabama’s loss to Auburn and Tennessee’s Greg Schiano fiasco; by Vann Newkirk to discuss Alabama’s 3-on-5 basketball near-miracle; and by Bruce Arthur to assess the Grey Cup.
62 min
90 Seconds: Rewriting (Recent) History
Josh Voorhees previews a busy week in Congress, and tells you about the president’s latest attempt to rewrite (very!) recent history.
3 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Bespoke Tailor Work?
Jacob sits down with Daniel Friedman, co-founder of Bindle & Keep, a bespoke tailoring company with a majority LGBTQ clientele.
51 min
Amicus: Why the Cakeshop Case is So Delicious
33 min
Slate Money: The Splendid Food Edition
Slate Money's live show on restaurant buzz, vegetarianism, and cookbooks
67 min
Hit Parade: The Queen of Disco Edition
Donna Summer set chart benchmarks and managed to stay relevant on the radio and in clubs for more than three decades. Why didn’t she get more respect from the rock establishment?
72 min
Trumpcast: Night Rider
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Philip Gourevitch (The New Yorker) and Katie Roiphe (NYU) to discuss Robert Penn Warren's first novel "Night Rider."
35 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Who's Your Mommy Edition
The panel discusses the effect of leather jackets on teen boys, why Sartre is so annoying for parents, questions about when it's OK for a kid to call a step-parent "mom" and if giving kids freedom also enables their tantrums
47 min
Political: The “Al Franken and Charlie Rose and...
David Plotz, Zoe Chace of This American Life, and Chairman of The Slate Group, Jacob Weisberg discuss the state of the GOP tax bills, the case for resignation by perpetrators of sexual harassment and the health of the magazine industry.
53 min
El Gabfest: De Periodistas Acosadores y Aprecio...
48 min
Gist: Dana Gould’s Take on Horror
Turns out demons are ripe for comedy.
23 min
If Then: Hack Friday
A digital media bubble, the death of net neutrality, and Brian Krebs on Black Friday cybersecurity
39 min
90 Seconds: We Picked Him for His Moxie
Mary Wilson with the rundown: A third U.S. troop surge for Afghanistan, a stern rebuke for Tennessee's "sterilization for freedom" judge, and a new guy to run the NYC subways.
2 min
Studio 360 | American Tricon
Three American Icon segments about women’s identity in works by Hawthorne, Porter and Sherman.
51 min
I Have to Ask: The Jelani Cobb Edition
The New Yorker writer on why Trumpism will survive Trump.
16 min
The Good Fight: Ian Bassin
Don’t Underestimate Trump’s Threat to Democracy
42 min
Culture Gabfest: Recrimination in the Cranberry...
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss NBC's The Good Place, the death of Charles Manson with podcaster Karina Longworth, and Dan Pashman's problem with Thanksgiving programming.
59 min
Gist: The Anti-War Candidate Was Invented in 1968
How a Minnesota senator’s campaign for president set the precedent for Bernie Sanders’ run.
27 min
Dear Prudence: The “Master of Disaster” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Master of Disaster” Edition
38 min
Sponsored Content: Stories of the InterContinen...
Whether it happens during a meal, in a taxi, through art, or over a cocktail, connecting with new people, places, and ideas is one of the most enlightening experiences we have as humans.
21 min
90 Seconds: Facebook's Ad Fail
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Facebook says a "technical failure" kept racist ads from triggering further scrutiny. Democrats in Congress call for an investigation into Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Conyers' reported history of foul and fowl play.
2 min
SPECIAL: Weinstein Accusers in Conversation
59 min
Gist: What’s Next for Zimbabwe?
Robert Mugabe can still slow down the coup against him.
21 min
Hang Up: The So Many Interceptions Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Ringer’s Kevin Clark to talk about NFL quarterback play and the Root’s Damon Young discusses Donald Trump’s feud with Lavar Ball. Plus: Slate’s June Thomas joins for an interview with swimmer Diana Nyad.
64 min
90 Seconds: Erasing Franken
Evangelical leaders aren't turning on Roy Moore in Alabama. PBS has edited Al Franken out of tonight's Mark Twain Prize broadcast. Paul Hollywood (of Great British Bake Off fame) says his marriage is toast.
2 min
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Drag Queen Work?
Jacob talks to New York drag queen Miz Cracker about how she conceives of her shows and outfits, the significance of makeup, drag lore, the place of drag and RuPaul's Drag Race in gay culture, and battling robot Hitler.
52 min
Slate Money: The Protection Money Edition
Slate Money on the sale of a da Vinci, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Zimbabwe
48 min
Gist: At Home With Gilbert Gottfried
Comedian, voice actor, and lifelong hoarder of tiny soaps.
30 min
90 Seconds: American Vandal, Navy-Style
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the GOP tax plan—and about a giant penis in the sky.
5 min
Sponsored Content: Scaling Global - Starting at...
For a retail conglomerate like Sunrise Brands, sourcing is the name of the game. But in today’s global economy, you can’t source effectively without hyper-connectivity.
21 min
Trumpcast: A History of Bunk
Jacob Weisberg talks to Kevin Young, director of the Schomburg Center and poetry editor at The New Yorker, about his new book Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News.
21 min
Spoiler Specials: Justice League
Dana Stevens and Jonathan Fischer spoil Justice League
27 min
Represent #68: Comedian Hari Kondabolu
On his new documentary, "The Problem With Apu."
51 min
Political: The “She Was Just 17, You Know What ...
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the downward spiral for Roy Moore, the tax plans of the House and Senate, and the latest with the Russia investigation and Wikileaks.
60 min
Studio 360 | I'm the Boss, Baby
Kurt talks to Alec Baldwin about playing Donald Trump, how the actor depicts villains, and his favorite depictions of villains in the movies. Plus filmmaker Taika Waititi on the jump from making low-budget comedies to making “Thor: Ragnarok”
49 min
90 Seconds: USO-No, Not Al
Josh Voorhees has everything you need to know about the new allegations against Al Franken—and what could happen next.
5 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Sadistic Track Coach ...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss how to deal with verbally abusive dad-coaches, Gabe's not-messed-up weekend with Leo, a question about in-laws whose culture you disagree with, and more in Triumphs and Fails and recommendations.
44 min
Trumpcast Live From San Francisco
Jacob Weisberg, Virginia Heffernan, Jamelle Bouie, and John Di Domenico are live from the Nourse Theater in San Francisco!
85 min
El Gabfest: De Amnesia en Alabama e Incontinenc...
49 min
DoubleX Gabfest: Put It Away Edition
The DoubleX Gabfest on Roy Moore, Louis C.K., and At Home with Amy Sedaris
59 min
I Have to Ask: The Rebecca Traister Edition
The journalist on sexual misconduct stories, and the coming backlash to them.
30 min
Gist: People Power Beats the Courts
There have been three big constitutional changes in our lifetime. How did they happen?
22 min
90 Seconds: ‘Lenny Bernstein’ Calling
Josh Voorhees tells you about a dirty robocall in Alabama, how liberals are reckoning with Bill Clinton’s past, and points you to a Trump tweet that, sadly, perfectly illustrates America’s mass shooting problem.
5 min
Whistlestop: Harry S. Truman's Battles with the...
Host John Dickerson visits May 24, 1946 and President Harry S. Truman's challenges to labor bosses and delight in an action-hero-style presidency.
44 min
If Then: Leaving Zen on the Table
And How Fighting Tech with Tech Might Make More Tech...
45 min
Culture Gabfest: Tell Me About a Complicated Ma...
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, Louie CK's sexual abuse with Willa Paskin, and a new translation of Homer's The Odyssey with classicist Emily Wilson.
54 min
Gist: Putting the Con in Economics
Adam Davidson sizes up Trump’s top economic adviser
35 min
Sponsored Content: Scaling Global - Law of the ...
No one knows the legal implications of global expansion better than a global law film like Withersworldwide. Hear Chairman, Ivan Sacks, describe how to get your legal ducks in a row.
25 min
Sponsored Content: Scaling Global - Law of the ...
No one knows the legal implications of global expansion better than a global law film like Withersworldwide. Hear Chairman, Ivan Sacks, describe how to get your legal ducks in a row.
25 min
90 Seconds: Alabama Mall Rat
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Roy Moore scandal, the early takeaway from Jeff Sessions' congressional testimony, and a musical climate protest at a U.N. conference.
5 min
Sponsored Content: Scaling Global - Greener Pas...
Hear Greiner USA President, David Kirkland, talk about developing new competitive advantages and how going “green” was the key to his company unlocking new international business.
24 min
Lexicon: Sometimes Just Because
Language is often at the mercy of pure chance.
29 min
Trumpcast: The Fox News Survivor & Alec Baldwin
Jacob Weisberg chats with Slate's Justin Peters who spent 3 weeks watching Fox News.
27 min
Gist: Prisons of Profit
Private prisons were billed as a way to bring innovation to incarceration, housing more prisoners for less money. They’ve failed.
24 min
Hang Up: The Cavalcade of Whimsy Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl to talk about the race for the U.S. Soccer presidency, and Mike Pesca comes on to talk about NFL celebrations, the Miami turnover chain, and inspirational locker room speeches.
57 min
90 Seconds: More on Moore
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Roy Moore scandal, Trump’s new pick for HHS, and the Iran earthquake.
4 min
Trumpcast: "The Last Republican President"
Josh King talks to Mark Updegrove, author of The Last Republicans, about why Bush 41 & Bush 43 may just be the last establishment Republicans to hold the presidency.
24 min
Amicus: Guns in America and the Travel Ban that...
55 min
Slate Money: The Well-Endowed Edition
Slate Money on Saudi Arabia, Wilbur Ross, and endowments.
51 min
Gist: The Family Man
Loudon Wainwright III reflects on his uneasy relationship with his father, now that he can “appreciate the difficulty of the job.”
28 min
90 Seconds: There’s Always Moore
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the latest reports of powerful men doing horrible things to women—and then gives himself a needed lesson in how to properly pronounce the name of Japan’s prime minister.
4 min
Represent #67: The Mindy Project and Queen Suga...
53 min
Trumpcast: The People vs. Trump: Year One (Live...
Jamelle Bouie is joined by former Virginia congressman, Tom Perriello to discuss Tuesday's election and the Democrats moving forward.
18 min
Gist: Why Bush 41 Was the Anti-Trump
As president, George H.W. Bush was tight-lipped, decorous, and self-abnegating—loath even to use the word 'I.'
24 min
Political: The "One Year and One Day" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Tuesday’s victories for Democrats, Trump’s first year, and the role of technology companies in Russian meddling.
65 min
The Agonies of Small Talk
Newly minted MacArthur geniuses: Annie Baker tackles small talk in her plays, Jesmyn Ward depicts rural African American life in her novels, and Taylor Mac’s 24-hour revue of the entire history of American pop music.
50 min
90 Seconds: It’s a Trap!
Josh Voorhees tells you about the ongoing GOP exodus in Congress, explains the story behind the AT&T-Time Warner merger, and points out an unlikely highlight from Trump’s trip to Japan.
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: If You Give a Mouse a...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Katherine Goldstein discuss the welfare state critique of To Give a Mouse a Cookie, children's negotiating skills, potty training, Shrinky Dinks, and more.
49 min
El Gabfest: De Demócratas Triunfalistas y Filós...
55 min
I Have to Ask: The Ta-Nehisi Coates Edition
The author tries to make sense of Trump’s America, and his place in it.
37 min
Gist: About Last Night
If Tuesday’s election results were a canary in a coal mine, it’s a really expansive mine and a somewhat unreliable canary.
24 min
90 Seconds: The Sad Trombone
Josh Voorhees highlights two particularly promising results from Election Day 2017—and then promptly rains on his own parade.
5 min
The Good Fight: Perry Bacon Jr.
The Wrong Way to Talk about Identity
51 min
If Then: You Can’t Hardcode Community
An expert on trolls and hate speech says there’s no easy fix for online harassment
35 min
Culture Gabfest: Two Steves and a Metcalf Edition
Dana Stevens, June Thomas and Seth Stevenson discuss Greta Gerwig's new film Lady Bird, the Margaret Atwood TV adaptation Alias Grace, and the new HBO documentary about Rolling Stone.
55 min
Gist: The Paradox of Black Patriotism
A black former Navy commander considers peaceful protest in the age of Trump.
24 min
Trumpcast: A Year Spent in Panic Inducing Bubbles
Virginia Heffernan chats with Slate's Laura Bennett & Allison Benedikt about the cover story they co-edited this week – The Year in Push Alerts,
22 min
90 Seconds: Laissez-Faire Landscaping
Josh Voorhees points you to a local election today that could have a global impact, tells you about a Trump cabinet member who seems to have been wildly inflating his own net worth, and details Rand Paul’s laissez-faire attitude toward landscaping.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The “Wishin’ Boot” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Wishin’ Boot” Edition
48 min
Gist: Lynn Novick on Making The Vietnam War
How do you curate a quagmire?
30 min
Trumpcast: The Giant Pool of Money Laundering
Jacob Weisberg gets an explainer from The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson about money laundering. Why do people do it? What does he see in the Manafort indictment?
33 min
Hang Up: The No Berries for Brady Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Chuck Culpepper to discuss a crazy weekend in college football, by Charles P. Pierce to talk about Tom Brady’s weird diet and workout regimen, and by Greg Wyshynski to assess the Vegas Golden Knights.
57 min
90 Seconds: Lost in Translation
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Texas gunman’s possible motive, tells you who may be the next person indicted by Robert Mueller, and corrects the record from a messy weekend online.
4 min
Slate Money: The Powell's Books Edition
Slate Money on Republican tax plans, the opioid crisis, and Jay Powell
43 min
Gist: Free to Be You and #MeToo
What’s around the corner from this moment of reckoning?
25 min
Trumpcast: Inching Closer to the Oval Office
Jacob Weisberg chats with the historian and author David Greenberg about how the latest revelations in the Trump-Russia scandal compare to those of Watergate.
23 min
Sponsored Content: Open Account: The Farmer’s A...
If there’s one thing Jagpaul Badhesha learned as a farmer, it’s that you don't take money for granted.
34 min
90 Seconds: Eleven Minutes in Heaven
Josh Voorhees unpacks a big new development in the Mueller investigation, tells you about Bowe Bergdahl’s sentence, and relives that brief but glorious window last night when Trump’s twitter account disappeared.
3 min
Spoiler Special - Thor: Ragnarok
Dana Stevens, Dan Kois, and Jonathan Fischer discuss Marvel and Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok
41 min
Represent #66: Actress Q’orianka Kilcher on Por...
54 min
Trumpcast: Cut, Cut, Cut or Not So Much?
Jamelle Bouie talks to Slate's Jordan Weissmann about the GOP tax plan rollout and the nomination of new Fed Chair Jerome Powell.
16 min
Gist: Get Inside the Brain of Michael Rapaport
His views on New York sports teams, the sexual prowess of various athletes, and the basketball skills of Justin Bieber.
23 min
Political: The "Cut, Cut, Cut" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the initial indictments from the Mueller investigation and the House’s tax cut bill. Civil War historian David Blight joins in to dig in to John Kelly’s comments on the Civil War and Robert E. Lee. 
59 min
If Then: Trash Moths to the Trash Flame
If Then's first episode digs into the congressional hearings on social media & Russian election meddling
41 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: What's Under the Bed ...
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth discuss phone etiquette, what to do about a teenage boy's under-bed ephemera, trick or treating, a tough question about a father who doesn't get along with his son, and more.
46 min
90 Seconds: ‘DEATH PENALTY!’
Josh Voorhees tells you how Trump’s NYC-terror tweets could cause headaches for prosecutors, how the Mueller investigation cost a Trump ally his new job, and about the not-so-subtle message James Comey is sending with the title of his new book.
3 min
El Gabfest: De Tapetes Persas y Algoritmos Peli...
53 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Woke Men Versus Harassers ...
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss sexual harassment at The New Republic, gender neutrality, and flexible work.
53 min
I Have to Ask: The Ron Chernow Edition
The author of ‘Alexander Hamilton’ and ‘Grant’ on what biographies teach us about powerful men.
28 min
Gist: Talk Like a Pirate (Party) Day
Birgitta Jónsdóttir explains what Iceland’s Pirate Party is all about. PROMO: What Can We Learn From Iceland’s Pirate Party?
27 min
90 Seconds: American ‘Beauty’
Josh Voorhees unpacks Donald Trump’s response to the NYC terror attack, details the latest allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and marks an important day for Obamacare.
3 min
Culture Gabfest: Tiny Frozen Shrimp Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the Joan Didion documentary The Center Will Not Hold, the return of Will & Grace with Daniel Schroeder, and what to make of the continued sexual harassment and abuse allegations.
61 min
Gist: Putting Dr. Seuss on the Couch
It doesn’t take much to see the racial stereotypes in Theodor Seuss Geisel’s works. Does that mean we shouldn’t read them to kids?
23 min
Trumpcast: A Long, Slow Revenge
Josh King jumps in for a weekday show to chat about the Frontline documentary, Putin's Revenge, with its producer-reporter, Jim Gilmore.
29 min
ABC: What Happened by Hillary Clinton
Katy Waldman, Meghan O'Roark, and Emily Bazelon discuss Hilary Clinton's memoir, What Happened.
60 min
Dear Prudence: The “Friend of the Devil” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Friend of the Devil” Edition
35 min
90 Seconds: Russian Tea Leaves
Josh Voorhees looks for clues for the next big break in Robert Mueller’s investigation, and tells you about John Kelly’s dubious retelling of Civil War history.
3 min
Lexicon: Against Strunk & White
It's time to permanently shelve the Elements of Style.
29 min
Reconstruction | E1 | Experiments in Land Owning
Reconstruction | E1 | Experiments in Land Owning
68 min
Trumpcast: Bob Mueller's Opening Salvo [UPDATED]
Virginia Heffernan chats with former DoJ flack & current MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst, Matthew Miller, about the guilty plea of George Papadopoulous & why it was released after the Manafort-Gates indictments.
41 min
Gist: Scared to Death?
How fear and adrenaline can wreck our health.
22 min
Hang Up: The Juiced, Slick, and Out of the Park...
Josh Levin is joined by Ben Lindbergh to discuss the World Series; by Don Van Natta Jr. and Jeremy Stahl to talk about behind-the-scenes machinations in the NFL; and by Alexandra Starr and Christina Cauterucci to examine sexual abuse in sports.
69 min
90 Seconds: Indictments!
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the two major developments in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigations.
4 min
Hit Parade: Le Petty Prince Edition
Tom Petty and Prince only played together once. But their careers paralleled each other for four decades.
70 min
Trumpcast Book Club: The Handmaid's Tale
Jacob Weisberg, Philip Gourevitch, and Katie Roiphe discuss what, if anything, Margaret Atwood's book can tell us about the Trump administration.
32 min
Slate Money: The Tiran and Sanafir Edition
Slate Money on sexual harassment, NEOM, and trading cryptocurrencies.
46 min
Gist: Sen. Cory Booker Has a Message for Pot Sm...
The New Jersey senator says that if you’re not trying to make it legal, you’re part of the problem.
28 min
Coming November 2nd, Slate's New Tech Show IF THEN
A Tech Podcast From Slate
8 min
90 Seconds: A Constitutional Crisis and a Comme...
Josh Voorhees tells you about: dueling votes in Spain and Catalonia; the latest on Whitefish Energy’s sketchy Puerto Rico deal; and an accidentally charming NYT comment everyone is talking about.
5 min
Represent #65: Live with Actress Gabourey Sidibe
On her directorial debut, the short film, "The Tale of Four."
45 min
Gist: Fellas We Frolicked With
These two women hate how we talk about sex.
24 min
Political: The "Live from Chicago" Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the growing GOP fissures, criminal justice reform in Chicago, and the empowerment of survivors of sexual harassment and assault.
74 min
Dance Studio 360
Twyla Tharp’s love of popular music, a belly dancer inspired by Bono, parents obsessed with tango, scientific principles to ballet, and how Christopher Wheeldon brought “An American in Paris” to the stage.
50 min
90 Seconds: Drugs, ‘Dirty Jokes’, and Dog Whistles
Josh Voorhees on the White House’s leader-less opioid strategy, new accusations of sexual assault against George H.W. Bush, and Trump’s latest thoughts on the Confederacy.
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Your Life Is Terrible...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss carpool politics, daddy's girls, and how late capitalism makes fools of us all in listener questions, "Triumphs and Fails", and recommendations.
41 min
Trumpcast: Ukrainian Politics in America
Jacob Weisberg talks to the writer and historian Anne Applebaum about the historical context of the Trump-Russian scandal.
24 min
I Have to Ask: The Jennifer Egan Edition
The author of ‘Manhattan Beach’ on what technology is doing to our brains and why she hates memoirs.
30 min
Gist: Jacob Weisberg on the Steele Dossier
The oppo research that brought us the “pee tape” was sleazy, but don’t equate it with collusion with a hostile power.
23 min
90 Seconds: The Return of the Steele Dossier
Josh Voorhees tells you about the latest on the infamous dossier, and explains you why it matters—and why it doesn’t. He also has the latest on an undocumented Jane Doe and an NAACP travel warning.
5 min
The Good Fight: Rachel Kleinfeld
Down with Your Protest!
38 min
Culture Gabfest: What if Crime Is Just a Respon...
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss Netflix's Mindhunters, Post Malone's hit song Rockstar with Hit Parade's Chris Molanphy, and the criticism surrounding Rotten Tomatoes by film creators.
52 min
Coming Soon: El Gabfest en Español
Coming Nov. 2 to Slate podcasts: El Gabfest en Español
0 min
Trumpcast: The Sound of a Rebel Yell
Jamelle Bouie talks to Ted Johnson, a fellow at New America and a veteran of the US Navy, about what Trump and the rest of the White House really mean when they call their critics "unpatriotic."
18 min
Gist: Jeff Bezos Isn’t King
Why the head of Amazon isn’t No. 1 among the world’s CEOs.
26 min
90 Seconds: The #AlertTheDaycareStaff Edition
Josh Voorhees explains the president’s latest Twitter tantrum, tells you about the highly questionable deal Puerto Rico made in hopes of restoring its power grid, and follows up on the story of the missing Trump condolence check.
5 min
Dear Prudence: The “Go Dutch” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Go Dutch” Edition
41 min
Gist: A Show for Mere Mortals
What if you got to read your own obituary? That’s kind of what Audible’s Mortal City is going for.
30 min
Hang Up: The Grotesquely Swollen Jaw Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the World Series and Dusty Baker with ESPN’s Howard Bryant. Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN also joins to talk about the Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Alan Siegel helps assess the legacy of the Simpsons’ “Homer at the Bat.”
58 min
90 Seconds: Gold Star Criticism and Bone Spurs
Josh Voorhees has the latest on: Trump’s ongoing fight with an Army widow, Amazon’s search for a second home, and John McCain’s war of words with the president.
4 min
Working: How Does a Comic Book Librarian Work?
acob Brogan sits down with Caitlyn McGurk, to discuss her work as a librarian and researcher of comics.
52 min
Trumpcast: The Generals, North Korea, and Myanmar
Jacob Weisberg talks to Fred Kaplan about General Kelly's response to Trump's phone call with the widow of a US soldier who died during an operation in Niger.
27 min
Gist: Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald
How bad does a beef have to be for a comedian to refuse to go on WTF With Marc Maron?
32 min
90 Seconds: Paper Shortages and Cheeky Receptions
Josh Voorhees tells you why having the votes might not be enough to fix Obamacare, how an African government ran out of office supplies at an inopportune time, and about the cheeky reception the president’s motorcade got last night in D.C.
4 min
Spoiler Special: Halt and Catch Fire
Twists and plot developments in the fourth and final season of Halt and Catch Fire.
33 min
Represent #64: Telling Marsha P. Johnson’s Story
On the Netflix documentary, "The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson," and who gets to tel trans stories
39 min
Trumpcast: Hello Dossier, My Old Friend
Virginia Heffernan talks to Business Insider's Natasha Bertrand about Trump's tweet this morning regarding the Steele dossier and why the firm behind it refused to testify to the House Intel Committee on Wednesday.
31 min
Gist: Flags Tell Fibs
Why flags make good symbols but bad historical records.
27 min
Political: The "President Pence" Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss presidential calls to grieving families, Vice President Pence’s core politics, and the opioid crisis.
52 min
Sugar Mouth
Artists Agnès Varda and JR on a road trip (and sugar binge), the overuse of horror-movie jump cuts, why Hari Kondabolu loves “Untamed Heart,” and a manifesto for slow art.
52 min
90 Seconds: Emolument Hotdogs and #FakeMelania
Josh Voorhees tells you about the tasty emolument metaphor served up by a federal judge, a father of a fallen soldier who was promised a personal check from the president, and what you need to know about #FakeMelania.
5 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Poison Resentment Edi...
The panels sits down with John Culhane, author of Slate's Hey, Daddy! column about being a gay dad of twins, plus step-parenting resentments, the sad end of bedtime reading time, Rebecca's new family project, and more.
53 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The "Wire With Wigs" Edition
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss Harvey Weinstein, The Deuce, and ageism in the workplace.
56 min
Gist: Falling for the Gambler’s Fallacy
How long-term probability misleads our short-term observations.
24 min
Whistlestop: At the Heart of the President's Heart
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to mid September, 1955 when a briefly secret Presidential heart attack changed the relationship between the press and the Presidency.
33 min
I Have to Ask: The Gabriel Sherman Edition
The biographer of Roger Ailes on how Fox News has changed, and why Rupert Murdoch “loathes” Trump
33 min
90 Seconds: ‘I Guess It Hurts Anyway’
Josh Voorhees has the latest on: an Obamacare fix winding its way through the Senate and Trump’s travel ban getting blocked (again) in court. And he also unpacks the president’s, um, unusual way of talking to Gold Star families.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Priceless Moments Edition
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss Noah Baumbach's film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), the true-crime parody American Vandal, and the New York Times Magazine's article about teenage anxiety.
49 min
Gist: The Stupid Genius of Dexter Guff
Because the thought-leader/life-hacker/productivity-optimizer trope was ripe for parody.
31 min
Trumpcast: Impunity for Men Like Trump
Jacob Weisberg runs a theory by Emily Bazelon – with the election of Donald Trump is impunity for men like Trump coming to an end?
22 min
Represent: Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s “Op...
What Weinstein fallout tells us about how we respond to sexual harassment and assault.
26 min
SPONSORED CONTENT: What To Do With The Money - ...
Velma Davis bought her first house when she was 26 years-old. Although it would’ve been hard to know it then, Davis – a first-generation college graduate in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement – was on her way to amassing life-changing wealth.
34 min
Dear Prudence: The “Rich Girl” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Rich Girl” Edition
50 min
90 Seconds: McCain’s Revenge
90 Seconds: McCain’s Revenge
4 min
Lexicon: Whence Baby Mama?
John McWhorter answers questions from Lexicon Valley listeners.
34 min
Gist: Sarah Kliff on the Big Questions
Is Obamacare bending the cost curve? Would its demise cause more people to die? Sarah Kliff from Vox weighs in.
32 min
Hang Up: The How Many Altuves Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss Colin Kaepernick’s collusion grievance. They’re also joined by Evan Drellich to talk about Houston Astros star Jose Altuve, and by Caitlin Murray for a conversation about the Portland Thorns women’s soccer team.
69 min
90 Seconds: Almost-Vice President Chris Christie
Josh Voorhees has a trio of quick hits for you: Colin Kaepernick sues the NFL, Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty in military court, and we all are learn just how close we were to saying the words Vice President Chris Christie.
4 min
Working: How Does a Comic Book Store Owner Work?
Jacob Brogan sits down with Jared Smith, one of the co-owners of Big Planet Comics in Washington DC. They discuss the day to day business of interacting with customers, managerial responsibilities, and running a small business.
49 min
Slate Money: The Some of My Best Friends Are Pe...
Slate Money on Richard Thaler, Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy, and Brexit
54 min
Gist: Why Now With the Weinstein Stories?
Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual harassment was Hollywood’s worst-kept secret. What allowed two news giants to put it in print within days of one another?
29 min
Trumpcast: The Obama Backlash in Two Parts
Jamelle Bouie talks to Cornell Belcher, President of Brilliant-Corners Research and Strategies, about the Obama backlash and Trump leaning into white racial resentment.
29 min
90 Seconds: Trump’s Obamacare Hostages
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about Donald Trump’s latest attempts to take down Obamacare from the inside.
4 min
Gist: The Shia LaBeouf of Islam
Aymann Ismail’s video series takes a look at what it’s like being Muslim in America.
28 min
Political: The “Adult Day Care” Edition
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Trump Administration infighting, Harvey Weinstein’s history of alleged gross misconduct, and the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.
62 min
Studio 360 | American Icons: One Flew Over the ...
50 min
90 Seconds: Se Levanta Solo
Josh Voorhees on Donald Trump’s chilling threat to withdrawal federal first-responders from Puerto Rico, where millions of Americans are struggling to survive.
3 min
Some Kids Are Jerks Edition
Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth talk to Elissa Strauss about her article in Elle, "The Leftover Embryo Crisis", answer a question about dealing with friends whose kids don't get along with their kids, plus "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.
39 min
Trumpcast: Getting Off Easy
Jacob Weisberg is joined by ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger to talk about how Don Jr. & Ivanka Trump avoided felony fraud in a case involving the Trump SoHo project back in 2012.
29 min
I Have to Ask: The Jodi Kantor Edition
The New York Times reporter goes behind-the- scenes of her Harvey Weinstein stories.
22 min
Gist: Oklahoma Is Not OK
Low tax rates, failing public services, and a governor who thinks prayer will fix the budget deficit. Why can’t Oklahoma get it together?
24 min
90 Seconds: ‘Moron’ Says What?
Josh Voorhees unpacks a new, nuclear weapons-themed report that details the national security meeting that prompted Rex Tillerson to reportedly call Trump a “moron.”
3 min
Hang Up and Listen Extra: The World Cup Catastr...
Hang Up Extra: The World Cup Catastrophe Edition
29 min
The Good Fight: E.J. Dionne
Why we can't beat Trump by running away from nationalism
44 min
Culture Gabfest: We've Seen Things You People W...
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens and Isaac Butler discuss Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, catch up on Amazon's Transparent, and discuss the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein.
51 min
Trumpcast: A Corker of a Story
Virginia Heffernan talks to Politico's Susan Glasser about the story of the weekend – Senator Bob Corker's rhetorical triple axel.
29 min
Hang Up: The Duglegur Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss Jemele Hill, Jerry Jones, and Donald Trump with the Ringer’s Bryan Curtis. Yahoo’s Jeff Passan also joins to discuss the baseball playoffs, and Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers talks about Iceland’s World Cup dreams.
61 min
Dear Prudence: The “On the Nose" Edition
Dear Prudence: The “On the Nose" Edition
48 min
90 Seconds: ‘Liddle Senator,’ Big Problem
Josh Voorhees brings you the latest on the California wildfires, unpacks the shifting Las Vegas timeline, and takes a look at Donald Trump’s spat with GOP Sen. Bob Corker.
3 min
Working: How Does the Creator of a Graphic Nove...
Jacob talks to cartoonist Benjamin Frisch, the author of the graphic novel The Fun Family, who also happens to be the producer of this season of Working.
50 min
Trumpcast: #AskTrumpcast
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan take your questions via tweet, phone, and snail mail in our first edition of #AskTrumpcast.
30 min
Slate Money: The Africa Edition
Slate Money on Lagos and Nairobi, China in Africa, and South African corruption
51 min
Slate Money: The Africa Edition
Slate Money on Lagos and Nairobi, China in Africa, and South African corruption
51 min
Represent: The Return of Scandal
As Shonda Rhimes’ game-changing drama enters its final season, we recap the premiere episode.
28 min
Gist: Masha Gessen, Putin Whisperer
The U.S. has liberalized over time. Why hasn’t Russia?
28 min
90 Seconds: Peace
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and explains why the award committee played it safe this time around.
2 min
Spoiler Specials: Blade Runner 2049
Twists and plot holes in Denis Villeneuve's movie Blade Runner 2049.
42 min
#63: Fall TV Roundup
Our look at representation in the new and returning TV shows this fall.
43 min
Political: The “Thoughts and Prayers” Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the Las Vegas shooting, the response to Puerto Rico’s suffering and Supreme Court's examination of gerrymandering.
53 min
Studio 360 | Michael Chabon Sings!
Danny Strong takes on J.D. Salinger, Van Gogh paintings come to life, Michael Chabon’s punk awakening, kids’ books as literature.
50 min
Gist: Facebook’s Data Monopoly
How big tech killed innovation and acquired too much information on us.
24 min
Trumpcast: A Presidential Response?
Josh King talks to Sig Rogich, a Republican who helped make Las Vegas what it is today, about the events of this past week in the city and how it's recovering.
25 min
90 Seconds: The Sound a “Bump” Makes
The Las Vegas shooter is said to have used a “bump stock” to maximize the carnage. Josh Voorhees explains what that is, lets you hear what it sounds like in action, and explains why maybe—just maybe—Republicans may be willing to ban them.
4 min
Full Brony Edition
Gabriel Roth and Carvell Wallace discuss broken phones, how to gift an inheritance, My Little Pony: the Movie, and are joined by Slate's Aisha Harris to tackle a tough question about American Girl dolls.
45 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The "From Mildred to Crystal" ...
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss the early days of women’s pro tennis, Huge Hefner, and Gloria Allred’s crusade.
52 min
I Have to Ask: The Masha Gessen Edition
The Russia expert on how Putin’s regime operates, and what people don’t understand about autocrats.
34 min
Gist: You Poor Seoul
A retired military man explains why any show of force against North Korea will hurt our allies in the south.
25 min
Whistlestop: Responder in Chief
September 10, 1965 the President established the norm of being "disaster responder in chief."
38 min
90 Seconds: Moron This In a Moment
Josh Voorhees breaks down Rex Tillerson’s unexpected—and unconvincing—press conference, during which he denied he threatened to quit but didn’t deny calling Trump a “moron.”
3 min
Culture Gabfest: Too Good to Last Edition
Julia Turner, Stephen Metcalf, and Dana Stevens discuss the new film Battle of the Sexes, the life and work of Tom Petty with Hit Parade's Chris Molanphy, and the mind of John McPhee with The New York Times Magazine's Sam Anderson.
59 min
Trumpcast: Democracy vs. Itself
Jacob Weisberg checks back in with Yascha Mounk about the state of liberal democracy in America and abroad.
34 min
Gist: The Presidency is Impossible
How the world changed the presidency and doomed the office to failure.
23 min
Dear Prudence: The “Good Grief" Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Good Grief" Edition
49 min
90 Seconds: Making Sense of the Senseless
Josh Voorhees takes a look at the big question that remains in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas: that of the gunman’s motive.
4 min
Lexicon: Este No Es Parqueo
After parking in front of a garage, John received a note written in Spanish.
33 min
Gist: The Rage Was Already There
Author Masha Gessen on what we get wrong when we try to explain the psychology of mass shooters.
27 min
Hang Up: The Watch Out for the Pious Ones Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin discuss the shifting politics of the NFL protests with Jamil Smith. Bloomberg View’s Joe Nocera also joins to discuss the FBI investigation of NCAA basketball, the Ringer’s Ben Lindbergh previews the baseball playoffs.
71 min
90 Seconds: What We Know
Josh Voorhees tells you what we know—and what we don’t—about last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.
2 min
Working: How Does the Colorist of Batman Work?
In this episode, Jacob sits down with Dean White, a freelance colorist, who recently worked on DC's All Star Batman.
52 min
Trumpcast Live from IAB's Leadership Dialogues
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Studio 360's Kurt Andersen and Slate's Mike Pesca live in our Slate Brooklyn office to talk about Kurt's latest book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire.
43 min
Slate Money: The Krautrock Edition
Slate Money on music royalties, Puerto Rican bondholders, and Wolfgang Schäuble
41 min
Trumpcast: Concern Trolling Jared
Virginia Heffernan talks to Politico's Josh Dawsey about Jared's private email use in the White House and the strange story behind how that story leaked.
23 min
Gist: Kurt Andersen’s History of American Wacka...
Have we always been this disconnected from reality? Very possibly, yes.
33 min
Hit Parade: The Great War Against the Single Ed...
The story of how the recording industry made you shill out $18 for one good song in the ’90s.
76 min
90 Seconds: The Price Isn’t Right
Josh Voorhees explains the giant flaw in HHS Secretary Tom Price’s plan to make amends for flying private, and tells you why Trump might let him keep his job in the end.
4 min
Represent #62: “Strong Island” Director Yance Ford
On making his incredibly personal documentary about the murder of his brother, William Ford 25 years ago.
52 min
Gist: Recentering American Politics
Can the left and right ever agree?
26 min
Political: The “Everyone Listens to Women When ...
Emily Bazelon, Ruth Marcus and Ross Douthat discuss Trump’s tax plan, shifting Republican power and pro athletes using their influence to inspire social change.
46 min
Studio 360 | Does Laughter Yoga Work?
Sure, laughing makes us feel good in the moment. But could it have enduring health effects?
50 min
Parental Obsolescence Edition
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace and Gabriel Roth sit down with Suzanne Bouffard, author of THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR: Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children to discuss the state of pre-K education. Plus, "triumphs and fails", and recommendations.
55 min
90 Seconds: Trump’s Self-Serving Tax Plan
Josh Voorhees takes a look at Donald Trump’s new tax proposal—and counts all the ways it would help Donald Trump cut his own tax bill.
3 min
I Have to Ask: The David Remnick Edition (Part 2)
The editor of ‘The New Yorker’ on what ails the NFL and whether the New Yorker could go web-only.
42 min
Gist: It’s Time to Rethink Puerto Rico
Being a territory helped Puerto Rico. Just not enough.
23 min
Trumpcast: The Fine Points of Impeachment
Jacob Weisberg talks to Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School about his new book, Impeachment: A Citizens Guide, and the complexities involved in removing a President from office.
31 min
90 Seconds: A Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Soil
Josh Voorhees explains just how bad things are in Puerto Rico—and takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s seeming disinterest in the situation on the ground there.
3 min
The Good Fight: Nicholas Casey
The populists are winning in Latin America. Nick Casey explains why Americans should be worried.
44 min
Allegory! Edition
Dana Stevens and Stephen Metcalf discuss the new film mother! with Slate's Jack Hamilton, Ken Burns Vietnam documentary series with Willa Paskin, and the art of theme park caricatures with producer Benjamin Frisch.
55 min
ABC: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney
Laura Bennett, Katy Waldman, and Meghan O'Rourke discuss Sally Rooney's debut novel Conversations with Friends, and idea-driven novel about a group of four young people in Dublin struggling with ideology and identity.
46 min
Dear Prudence: The "Hot Mess" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Hot Mess" Edition
51 min
90 Seconds: Graham-Cassidy's Timely Death
Josh Voorhees explains why, in hindsight at least, the latest GOP repeal effort looked doomed from the very start. And he tells you about the odd type of consensus the bill did build: opposition to it.
3 min
Trumpcast Live From the Texas Tribune Festival
Jacob Weisberg, Virginia Heffernan, and Jamelle Bouie are joined by Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and former executive editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson, to discuss white supremacy, Democrats in Texas, and the 2016 election coverage.
78 min
Gist: David Litt is D.C. Funny
A former Obama speechwriter on why a president needs to get the joke.
27 min
Hang Up: The U Bum Edition
Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin and Marcus Thompson of The Athletic discuss the wave of protests against Donald Trump’s remarks about the NFL.
65 min
90 Seconds: NFL Counterprogramming
Josh Voorhees takes you through the other, non-NFL news from a busy weekend.
3 min
Slate Voice: "The Tricky Path to Employment Is ...
Autistic children grow up to be autistic adults. Our society doesn’t give them the support they need.
22 min
Working: How Does the Letterer of Batman Work?
Jacob sits down with Deron Bennett, owner of AndWorld Design and recent letterer of Batman. They talk about how lettering is like poetry, why he might choose one font over another, the shape of word balloons and more.
56 min
Slate Money: The Anna's Air Quotes Edition
Slate Money on Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy, the new startup Loftium, and sukuk bonds
48 min
Gist: 2007 Defined the Next Decade In Pop
In 2007, hip-hop and R&B dominated the charts, but digital sales are what mattered.
25 min
90 Seconds: Advocacy After Dark
Josh Voorhees breaks down Jimmy Kimmel’s role in the current debate over Obamacare and the GOP’s latest attempt to gut it.
3 min
Sponsored Content: Open Account - Up From the A...
Bryan Clay trains hard, and works hard. It's what earned him a gold medal at the Olympics, and the title of "Greatest Athlete in the World." But his training only prepared him to win – it didn't teach him to deal with failure.
33 min
Spoiler Specials: Mother!
Twists and plot holes in Darren Aronofsky's movie Mother!
39 min
Trumpcast Book Club: Strangers in Their Own Land
Jacob Weisberg, Phillip Gourevitch, and Katie Roiphe are back for the Trumpcast Book Club to discuss Arlie Russell Hochschild's Strangers in Their Own Land.
42 min
Represent #61: Bollywood Star Ali Fazal
On crossing over to Hollywood, his new film Victoria & Abdul, and what it means to represent India at home and abroad.
37 min
Gist: Dylan Moran Will Say It to Your Face
If you’ve gone through the trouble to craft a perfect joke about American girth, why dial it back for an American audience?
26 min
Studio 360 | Harvard’s Full of Morons
Spielberg’s greatness, “Bojack Horseman’s” edginess, the worst seat at the symphony.
50 min
Political: The “Equinox, the Rocket Man” Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson dig into the remix of the Obamacare repeal, Bob Mueller's shock and awe investigative tactics and Trump's visit to the U.N.
49 min
90 Seconds: Manafort’s Black Caviar
Josh Voorhees on Sean Spicer’s prodigious note-taking, Paul Manafort’s cryptic emailing, and everything else you need to know about the new twists in the FBI’s investigation into Russia, Trump, and the 2016 election.
3 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Emotional Bloodshed E...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss how to deal with a longterm toddler beef, how to feel about well subsidised adult stepchildren, teen street harassment, and more. Plus "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.
58 min
Trumpcast: The Last Person Standing
Virginia Heffernan talks to Vanity Fair's Sarah Ellison about Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, and just what life in the administration has been like for the First Daughter.
29 min
I Have to Ask: The David Remnick Edition (Part 1)
The editor of ‘The New Yorker’ on Hillary hatred and the problem with Obama cashing in on Wall Street.
28 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Hillary's Yoga and Chardon...
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss Hillary Clinton's new book, campus sexual-assault, and the benefits of having a best friend.
54 min
Gist: Credit Where Credit Is Due
The credit reporting bureaus don’t care about you. Why should they?
22 min
Whistlestop: A High Point in Bipartisan Deal-Ma...
A surprising moment of bipartisan deal-making and what can be learned from the 1990's.
43 min
90 Seconds: The Stroke of Midnight
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the GOP’s latest, and maybe last, attempt to repeal Obamacare—including which two GOP senators could deliver the deciding votes and why Mitch McConnell is almost out of time.
3 min
Culture Gabfest: Live From Toronto Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner and Stephen Metcalf are live in Toronto to discuss Justin Trudeau as dreamboat meme factory, the critical under-recognition of Joni Mitchell with critic Carl Wilson, and the film Mudbound with director Dee Rees.
58 min
Gist: The Frat Doesn’t Have Your Back
Fraternities protect themselves, but not their members.
25 min
Trumpcast: Cornering Manafort
Virginia Heffernan talks to former FBI special agent & current CNN Legal and National Security analyst, Asha Rangappa, about the Manafort wiretap & the more detailed account of the raid on his home earlier this summer.
19 min
Dear Prudence: The "Sunk Cost" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Sunk Cost" Edition
45 min
90 Seconds: Robert Mueller’s Shock-and-Awe Style
Josh Voorhees unpacks two new blockbuster reports about the FBI’s Russia investigation, and explains why the devil’s in the details for both.
3 min
Lexicon: From Pidgins to Creoles
John McWhorter discusses the process by which some new languages are born.
34 min
Gist: Was Booger Really A Nerd?
Actor Curtis Armstrong on the deeper message within Revenge of the Nerds.
28 min
Hang Up: The Ninja Doppelgänger Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by NPR’s Gene Demby to discuss Jemele Hill and ESPN’s conservative trolls, by HBO’s Eric Raskin to talk about Golovkin-Alvarez, and by Ninja Warrior’s Josh Levin for a conversation about obstacle course stardom.
76 min
90 Seconds: The Mustachioed Lawyer and Rumors o...
Josh Voorhees talks about the latest revelations about the FBI’s Russia investigation—and the awkward ways in which the Trump White House is reacting to it.
3 min
Working: How Does the Inker of Batman Work?
Jacob sits down with Seth Mann, a freelance inker who recently worked on Tom King's Batman.
47 min
Slate Voice: "Could Father Mychal Judge Be the ...
Inside the fractious campaign to canonize the 9/11 icon.
19 min
Trumpcast: Becoming the Opposition
Josh King talks to Philippe Reines, longtime spokesman and adviser to Hillary Clinton, about playing Donald Trump in debate prep and his former boss' book What Happened.
31 min
Amicus: Gerrymandering Goes Back to Court
As is so often the case, all eyes are on Justice Anthony Kennedy.
33 min
Slate Money: The Homicidal Sexbots Edition
Slate Money on Equifax, SoFi, and sex robots
43 min
Gist: Ted Leo’s Hanged-Man Wisdom
The musician’s latest album offers a serenity prayer for political obsessives.
25 min
90 Seconds: A Trio of Trumpian Anecdotes
Josh Voorhees brings you three new anecdotes about the president, all of which remind us that—regardless of the topic—Donald Trump’s first and last thought is always about Donald Trump.
3 min
Represent #60: Big Freedia Comes To Slay
30 min
Gist: Which Type Are You?
Author Gretchen Rubin sorts people into four major personality types: Rebel, Obliger, Questioner, and Upholder.
30 min
Trumpcast: If You're Concerned and You Know It,...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Matt Miller, formerly of the DoJ and currently an MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst, about the latest surrounding the Trump-Russia investigations.
24 min
Studio 360 | Learning to Love “Fuller House”
Why B.J. Novak loves “Fuller House,” John McPhee’s writing tips, Amadou & Mariam live.
50 min
Political: The "What Happened” Edition
David Plotz, John Dickerson and Emily Bazelon discuss President Trump's potential to destroy the two-party system, criticism of Hillary Clinton's new book and Franklin Foer joins in to talk about the power and influence of large technology companies.
59 min
90 Seconds: When a Deal Isn't One
Josh Voorhees tries to make sense of the conflicting info coming out of Washington about a potential—key word there—deal on immigration and DACA.
3 min
I Have to Ask: Ayobami Adebayo
The author of 'Stay With Me' on using fiction to fight gender norms.
26 min
Trumpcast: The Party That Can't Govern
Jamelle Bouie talks to Julia Azari, a professor of political science at Marquette, about Trump's relationship with the GOP and why the Republicans can't govern.
22 min
90 Seconds: Bernie’s Big Day
Josh Voorhees has all the wonky details of Bernie Sanders’ new Medicare-for-all proposal. He also previews the nasty messaging battle to come, and explains why this bill matters even if—or more likely, when—it dies a slow death in Congress.
4 min
The Good Fight: Matthew d’Ancona
The Liars Are Winning. They Don’t Have To Be.
53 min
Dear Prudence: The "Rumpelstiltskin" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Rumpelstiltskin" Edition
48 min
90 Seconds: Son-in-Law, Son-in-Legal-Trouble
Josh Voorhees takes a look at new reports that a group of White House lawyers tried to force Jared Kushner out this summer, and explains how Florida got meteorologically lucky with Irma.
3 min
Represent: The "Insecure" Recap Edition
We have a spoiler-filled discussion about the emotional Season 2 ending of Issa Rae’s hit show.
33 min
Gist: Nnamdi Asomugha’s Drama School
The former NFL cornerback says football prepared him to be an actor.
28 min
Trumpcast: How to Read L’Affaire Russe
Jacob Weisberg talks to Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes about who's saying what in the Trump-Russia investigation and why it's important to know the difference.
25 min
Hang Up: The Shack Atop a Telegraph Pole Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the New York Times’ Mark Leibovich to discuss the NFL’s opening weekend, by Racquet’s Caitlin Thompson to assess Sloane Stephens’ U.S. Open win, and by Mike Pesca for a debate about the Red Sox’s sign-stealing.
62 min
90 Seconds: After The Rain
Josh Voorhees has the latest on Irma’s path—and takes a look at some stealth killers that may come after the skies clear.
3 min
Working: How Does the Penciler of Batman Work?
Jacob sits down with David Finch, the penciler of Batman, to discuss his process of wringing images out of his writer's scripts, what he's passionate about drawing, and what he's learned along the way.
47 min
Trumpcast: Facebook's Russia Problem
Virginia Heffernan talks to WIRED's Issie Lapowsky about the news from this week that Russian-linked accounts bought political ads on Facebook during the 2016 election.
32 min
Gist: Patricia Williams Isn’t Joking
The comedian known as Ms. Pat started doing standup 15 years ago. Her caseworker got her into it.
27 min
90 Seconds: Donald + Chuck + Nancy = ?
Josh Voorhees takes a closer look at this week’s unexpected alliance between the president and Democratic leaders.
2 min
Spoiler Special: It
Twists and plot holes in director Andy Muschietti's take on the Stephen King classic.
45 min
Represent #59: “Dear White People” Music Superv...
On her process of finding the right musical cues for some of the biggest movies and TV shows of the last few years.
48 min
Amna Nawaz
The ABC News anchor reveals her reporting on white nationalists, and what can be learned from talking to extremists.
23 min
Amna Nawaz
The ABC News anchor reveals her reporting on white nationalists, and what can be learned from talking to extremists.
23 min
Amna Nawaz
The ABC News anchor reveals her reporting on white nationalists, and what can be learned from talking to extremists.
23 min
Political: The “DACA Attack-A” Edition
John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon and David Plotz discuss DACA, the September legislative pileup and the future of relations between the U.S. and North Korea
56 min
Sponsored Content: Open Account - Dollars and D...
For most people, money is impossible to escape. But Megan Jasper is not ‘most people.’ She’s the CEO of SubPop Records and one of those rare people who put her dreams before dollars.
32 min
Gist: Three Cheers for Houston
Natural disaster experts are marveling at the low death toll in southeast Texas. What accounts for it?
26 min
Studio 360 | Back to School Special
This week: Kurt calls up his favorite high school teacher, novelist Nicholson Baker fills in as a substitute, and scientists turn their research into dance.
49 min
Dude Where's My Carvell Edition
Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth answer listener questions about how to help other kids understand her son with Down's Syndrome, and sharing household responsibilities.
41 min
90 Seconds: Hurricanes and Trolls
Josh Voorhees explains why Hurricane Irma may be worse than either Katrina or Harvey, and he examines the role a Russian troll farm may have had in the U.S. election.
3 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Princess Diana Beanie Baby...
The DoubleX Gabfest on Teen Vogue, the 20th anniversary of Lady Diana’s death, and One Mississippi
52 min
Gist: Music Is Sex
From gospel to rock, it’s all about sex.
27 min
Trumpcast: The Big Debt
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bloomberg's Caleb Melby about Jared Kushner, the Kushner Company, and the mounting debt at their building – 666 Fifth Ave.
25 min
90 Seconds: There’s Something About Bernie
Josh Voorhees explains the secret to Hurricane Irma’s strength, and reads from leaked pages from Hillary Clinton’s new book, in which she makes an unexpected reference to a ‘90s gross-out comedy to illustrate her point.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: Look What You Made Richard Dre...
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the 40th anniversary re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, whether Taylor Swift represents Trump-era art with critic Jody Rosen, and fan fiction with Laura Miller.
60 min
Trumpcast: 800,000 Hostages
Jacob Weisberg talks to Julia Preston of The Marshall Project about the end of DACA, its political motivations, and what this all means for the dreamers.
21 min
Gist: Choosing Who Gets Flooded
NPR’s Wade Goodwyn surveys the damage after Harvey.
26 min
Hang Up: The Quarterback Named Buckshot Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by SB Nation’s Spencer Hall to discuss college football. Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders also joins to talk about NFL tanking, and Ed Cunningham explains his move to quit his job as a football announcer for ESPN.
72 min
90 Seconds: Dreamers and Nightmares
Josh Voorhees on Trump’s decision to end DACA, and the terrifying historical comparison evoked by a new U.S. plan to pressure North Korea.
3 min
Dear Prudence: The "Checking In" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Checking In" Edition
54 min
Lexicon: Do Languages Simplify Over Time?
Old English was arguably more complicated than Modern English. Is that true of all languages?
28 min
Working: How Does the Writer of Batman Work?
On this season on Working, Jacob Brogan talks to the team behind DC's Batman comic book. He'll be speaking to the penciler, colorist, editor, and more. In this episode, he sits down with Tom King, the current writer of Batman.
72 min
Trumpcast: A New Breed of Lobbyists
Josh King talks to Nicholas Confessore of The New York Times about the new breed of lobbyists getting rich in Trump's Washington.
24 min
Slate Money: The Rebuilding Edition
Slate Money on Hurricane Harvey, construction productivity, and tax reform
47 min
Gist: Is Amazon a Monopoly?
NPR’s Robert Smith wonders whether tech giants like Amazon and Google really need to be reined in.
30 min
90 Seconds: The Church Lady and the President
Josh Voorhees explains Trump’s new plan to kill Obamacare with quietness, and digs into a new nickname-filled report on Trump’s uneasy working relationship with his new chief of staff.
4 min
Trumpcast: Lessons For a Recovery
Jamelle Bouie talks to Gary Rivlin, author of Katrina: After the Flood, about the lessons of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and how they can be used going forward in Houston's recovery.
19 min
Represent #58: Steven Universe’s Ian Jones-Quar...
Jones-Quartey talks breaking into animation and common misconceptions about what it takes to “make” it.
46 min
Political: The “Après Moi, Le Déluge” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and David Leonhardt of the New York Times discuss Hurricane Harvey, Antifa, and insubordinate Trump officials.
54 min
Gist: Dan Savage on the Nashville Statement
You can only be gay if you give up love and happiness.
27 min
Studio 360 | Casting ‘Moonlight’
A behind the scenes look at films we love and one film people love to hate.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Abstraction of Hoopty...
Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth discuss the politics of choosing a guardian for your kids and what to do about a daycare center that's been a little lax on vaccines.
47 min
90 Seconds: Explosive Semantics
Josh Voorhees explains the conflicting information coming out of Crosby, Texas, about a crippled chemical plant there, and unpacks the latest twist in the FBI’s Russia investigation.
3 min
Trumpcast: The Key to a Thousand Doors
Virginia Heffernan talks to Andrew Rice, a contributing editor at New York Magazine, about Felix Sater and why his name may come up more and more as Mueller's investigation unravels.
22 min
Gist: Shake It Off, Taylor
Is there a person underneath all the celebrity angst?
23 min
ABC: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundh...
Katy Waldman, Isaac Chotiner, and Laura Miller discuss The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, the sprawling novel by Arundhati Roy about sectarian violence in India.
53 min
90 Seconds: Harvey By the Numbers (UPDATED)
In this updated version of today's podcast, Josh Voorhees explains why James Mattis' "surprise" news about Trump's trans ban wasn't actually surprising at all. And he gives you some numbers to better understand just how much rain has fallen on Houston.
3 min
90 Seconds: Harvey By the Numbers
Josh Voorhees on what's next for Trump’s trans ban for the military, and some numbers to help you understand just how much rain has fallen on Houston.
3 min
The Good Fight: Jamie Kirchick
Dictators and demagogues are taking over across the West. Jamie Kirchick explains why that is so dangerous.
35 min
The Represent Rose: The Epilogue
Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger and his aunty Vernā Myers chat about ABC’s “historic” season and life post breakup.
48 min
Culture Gabfest: #NoFilter Edition
Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Isaac Butler discuss the social media satire Ingrid Goes West, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, and Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede with Aisha Harris.
58 min
Gist: The Flood Trap That Houston Built
How unchecked development in the Houston suburbs added to the nightmare of Tropical Storm Harvey.
21 min
Dear Prudence: The "Pray on This" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Pray on This" Edition
51 min
90 Seconds: A General Loses Faith
Josh Voorhees with a look back on what Texas lawmakers thought about federal aid when it was a different state that was under water, and a closer look at some strikingly candid comments from Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis.
4 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | Get Out (2017)
In his directorial debut, Jordan Peele pinpointed the specific anxieties of being black in America in 2017.
9 min
Gist: Al Letson Became A Human Shield
Why journalist Al Letson rushed to protect an agitator at an anti-hate rally in Berkeley over the weekend.
26 min
Trumpcast: The "Revolting" Administration
Jacob Weisberg talks to The Atlantic's McKay Coppins about the Trump cabinet appointees who over the weekend showed their lack of confidence in the President.
23 min
Hang Up: The Rats Fighting in a Sewer Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay to discuss Floyd Mayweather’s win over Conor McGregor, by Ken Rosenthal to talk about the Athletic, and by Robert Lipsyte to assess Clay Travis and ESPN’s supposed liberalism.
62 min
90 Seconds: ‘Not Out of the Woods Yet’
Josh Voorhees on who's to blame in Houston, what Trump's Arpaio pardon means for the Russia investigation, and a troubling, belated discovery from Charlottesville.
5 min
Slate Voice | The Exploitation of “Beautiful Kate”
How Donald Trump and his conservative allies twisted the facts of a deadly San Francisco shooting to stoke America’s xenophobia.
31 min
Trumpcast: The Pardon That Sets a Dangerous Pre...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Antonia Noori Farzan of the Phoenix New Times to get a background on the now pardoned ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio and just what the sentiment is in Phoenix and Maricopa County about the events of the last week.
30 min
Slate Money: The Bet the Farm Edition
Slate Money on passive investing, strawberries, and bananas
47 min
Gist: Mismatch
New York Times critic Wesley Morris on the unsettling race play at the center of the Mayweather–McGregor fight.
37 min
Trumpcast: The Complainer-in-Chief
Jamelle Bouie talks to FiveThirtyEight's Clare Malone about Trump's week of complaining and just how vulnerable Republicans are to attacks by the President.
22 min
90 Seconds: Is Trump's Shutdown Threat Empty, D...
Josh Voorhees on why Trump's border-wall demand is even crazier than it seems, the latest on Hurricane Harvey, and the glaring flaw in Gary Cohn's rationale for staying in the administration.
4 min
Slate Voice: "The Racists of OkCupid Don’t Usua...
How will banning vocal white supremacists really make dating sites safer?
9 min
Gist: America Is Weird About Sex
We don’t know how to talk about sex—or teach it.
25 min
Political: The “Get Me Another General” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz and Kirsten Powers of CNN discuss Afghanistan strategy, Mitch McConnell’s presidential silent treatment and bail reform.
53 min
Studio 360 | Sing your “I want” song
Our favorite recent segments about the stage, including lingo for staples of musicals like the “I want” song.
50 min
90 Seconds: When Your 15 Minutes of Fame Ends i...
Josh Voorhees has the details of Trump-themed drama at the WSJ, the alt-right star who is now in jail, and some good news for Obamacare.
4 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Three Fails Edition
Carvell Wallace and Allison Benedikt are joined by Ami Cooper to talk about her experience raising a trans sixth-grader. Plus triumphs and fails (spoiler alert: all fails), and recommendations.
39 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The 1800 Patriarchy Street Edi...
The DoubleX Gabfest on answer "is it sexist" questions from listeners.
50 min
I Have to Ask: The Mark Lilla Edition
The author of The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics has a recipe to save Democrats.
40 min
Trumpcast: A Taxonomy of the Alt-Right, Alt-Lig...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Andrew Marantz, a writer at The New Yorker, about the many warring factions within the alt-right.
29 min
Gist: Sure, Punching Nazis Feels Good…
But are the antifa in the right?
29 min
Slate Voice: "The Public Face of Antifa"
Daryle Jenkins has stepped up to explain the shadowy group’s violent tactics to a wary world. It’s not easy.
19 min
90 Seconds: Rewriting History
Josh Voorhees has the low-lights from Trump’s mind-bending Phoenix speech, and yet one more thing the president has in common with his white-nationalist supporters.
4 min
Culture Gabfest: The Tree is a Colander Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens and June Thomas discuss Steven Soderbergh's new film Logan Lucky, the eclipse with Atlas Obscura's David Plotz, and speech on the internet after Charlottesville.
56 min
Gist: Russia's Lab Rat
Amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel asked a Russian scientist to help him dope himself. He wound up working with the man who would expose Russia’s anti-doping fraud.
28 min
Trumpcast: The Corruption of Carl Icahn
Jacob Weisberg talks to The New Yorker staff writer, Patrick Raden Keefe, about his latest piece "Carl Icahn's Failed Raid on Washington."
23 min
90 Seconds: Taking a Knee
Josh Voorhees on the problem with Trump’s Afghan speech, a reason to worry about the president’s trip to Phoenix, and the Cleveland Browns’ anthem protest.
4 min
Dear Prudence: The "Strangers on a Train" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Strangers on a Train" Edition
51 min
Lexicon: Did Cavebabies Say Mama and Papa?
Languages across the world developed similar words for "mom" and "dad." How is that possible?
28 min
Gist: The Many Theories of Malcolm Gladwell
How does Gladwell justify a character profile, explain a historical oversight, or spice up a story? He hangs a theory on it.
33 min
Hang-Up: The Blackin’ Out the NFL and the Sun E...
Stefan Fatsis is joined by former NFL player Hamza Abdullah and ESPN’s Howard Bryant to analyze race and sports.
62 min
90 Seconds: Trump’s Turn
Josh Voorhees previews the president’s big Afghanistan speech.
3 min
Slate Money: The Only Way Is Ethics Edition
Slate Money on the CEO council disbanding, companies’ responsibilities to shareholders, and impact investing
57 min
Gist: The Year MTV Took Over the Charts
In 1982, synth-pop came in strong, Hall and Oates crossed over into R&B, and Paul McCartney learned about racial harmony.
28 min
Trumpcast: The Anti-Fascists AKA The Antifa
Virginia Heffernan chats with Mark Bray, the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook to figure just who the antifa are and where they come from.
22 min
90 Seconds: Learning to Laugh at Neo-Nazis
Josh Voorhees on a ridiculous—in a good way!—proposal to subvert the next alt-right march.
3 min
Represent #56: "Detroit" and “Lemon” Filmmaker ...
On her “weird” film, directing the "Juneteenth" episode of “Atlanta,” and challenging what it means to be a black female filmmaker.
59 min
Political: The “Very Fine People” Edition
Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson are joined by Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, to discuss President Trump's response to Charlottesville, the impact of Charlottesville on the nation, and the upcoming Alabama Senate Race.
49 min
Studio 360 | Say it loud: “moist”
Our favorite recent segments featuring writers and books, including one writer’s defense of the word everyone hates: moist.
50 min
90 Seconds: A Monumental Mistake
Josh Voorhees on the flaw with Trump’s monument logic, Steve Bannon’s Scaramucci moment, and a delightful story from north of the border.
3 min
Sponsored Content: Open Account - The Family Se...
Three siblings discuss why people sometimes hide money troubles from loved ones.
33 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Happiest Podcast on E...
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss how to talk to your kids about recent events in Charlottesville Virginia, and whether smartphones are "destroying a generation," with Lisa Guernsey and Janelle Krupicka.
47 min
Slate Voice: "Chain of Confusion"
Military commanders’ rebuke of Trump after Charlottesville points to a crisis for civilian control of the military.
7 min
I Have to Ask: The Orhan Pamuk Edition
The author of ‘The Red-Haired Woman’ on writing and living through Turkish history.
26 min
Gist: The Overreaction Doctrine
Moshe Maor on how Trump’s over-the-top policy ideas are actually good politics
22 min
Trumpcast: The Press Conference That Did Him In?
Jacob Weisberg is joined by fellow Trumpcast cohosts Virginia Heffernan and Jamelle Bouie to talk about Donald Trump's press conference yesterday and why this is a significant turning point in his presidency.
23 min
90 Seconds: An Unsurprising Shock
Josh Voorhees on three things you need to know in the aftermath of Donald Trump's "both sides" press conference.
3 min
The Good Fight: Ivan Krastev
Populists are taking over Central Europe. Ivan Krastev explains why—and what lessons this holds for fighting Donald Trump.
42 min
Culture Gabfest: Hella Doomed Edition
Dana Stevens, Aisha Harris, and Julia Turner discuss HBO's Insecure with Slate's Veralyn Williams, the classic film Dr. Strangelove, and the Vulture article: "The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter" with Slate's Laura Miller.
56 min
Gist: Why Are Police Unions So Aggressive?
Former Boston cop Tom Nolan on why many police unions are angry at the public.
24 min
90 Seconds: Bye Bye Bannon?
Josh Voorhees on Steve Bannon’s job security, the CEOs breaking with Trump, and the latest on North Korea.
3 min
Dear Prudence: The "Feelings Roulette" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Feelings Roulette" Edition
44 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | The Bourne Trilogy (2002...
The action-packed series showed that even if the hero gets out alive, the conspiracy never ends.
8 min
Trumpcast: "There's Nothing New Under the Sun..."
Virginia Heffernan talks to Jamelle Bouie about the tragic events of this weekend in Charlottesville, VA and how this can no longer allow Americans to put their heads in the sand about what really got Trump elected.
21 min
Gist: There Is No Order in Congress
Everything in Congress is behind closed doors.
23 min
Hang Up: The Moneyball for Rich People Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Johnette Howard to discuss Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, tennis writer Ben Rothenberg comes on to talk about Sascha Zverev, and Mike Schur analyzes the Los Angeles Dodgers’ excellence.
62 min
90 Seconds: 'I Thought It Had Something to Do W...
Josh Voorhees on three things you need to know about this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia
3 min
Trumpcast: The Last Newspaper War (Pt. 2)
This the 2nd part of Josh King's chat with Chief Media Writer at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Jim Warren, about the competition between the Washington Post and The New York Times.
15 min
Trumpcast: The Last Newspaper War (Pt. 1)
Josh King talks to Chief Media Writer at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Jim Warren, about the competition between the Washington Post and The New York Times.
29 min
Slate Money: The Disney World Edition
Slate Money on pink slime, Disney’s Netflix deal, and open seating plans
46 min
Gist: Brandt Tobler Has a Problem With Authority
Tales from the guy who once threw a roulette ball at a pit boss.
28 min
90 Seconds: Do Not Look at the Fireball
Josh Voorhees on a Guam’s emergency prep, Trump's Manafort headache, and a truly absurd Craig’s List job ad.
3 min
Represent #55: "Whose Streets?" and Actress Ani...
On her game-changing role on the hit Starz series Power
59 min
Gist: About the Google Memo
Even if Google was right to fire James Damore, why does it insist that employees can still expect freedom of expression at work?
32 min
Political: The “Like the World Has Never Seen” ...
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and Jamelle Bouie discuss Trump's improvisational words for North Korea, the unintended consequences of the Federal immigration stance and the value of public debate about the Google memo.
55 min
Studio 360 | When music punches you in the face
Our favorite recent segments about when music hits hard – sometimes a bit too hard.
50 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Teenage Fashion Plate...
Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace discuss choosing a school district in a segregated city, and how to encourage a teen's individual style while keeping their values intact. Plus triumphs and fails and recommendations.
39 min
90 Seconds: Aiming to Miss
Josh Voorhees on Trump vs. McConnell, North Korea's latest aggression, and the secret conservative investors behind Wonder Woman.
2 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Mr. Clean Is Totally Sexy ...
The DoubleX Gabfest on Google's anti-diversity memo, The Bold Type, and "Boys"
53 min
Trumpcast: A Separate Narrative
Jamelle Bouie talks to Osita Nwanevu, a writer at Slate covering conservative media, about what is happening over at Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting and why Trump is just making right wing media more of what they already were.
18 min
I Have to Ask: The Glenn Greenwald Edition
Gleen Greenwald on why Trump is less unprecedented in American history than we’d like to believe.
49 min
Whistlestop: Riding the Oratory Train
This episode of Whistlestop revisits September 25, 1919 and the collapse of grand speeches for peace delivered by President Wilson.
42 min
Gist: Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight
How the greatest knocked out the U.S. Justice Department.
25 min
Slate Voice | “Diversity” Is Not Enough
The way we’re forced to define affirmative action has opened the door to its endangerment.
7 min
90 Seconds: Knock Knock. Who's There? The FBI
Josh Vorhees on the FBI's raid on Paul Manafort's home, Trumps North Korea threat and Disney's streaming ambitions
2 min
Culture Gabfest: To Keegan-Michael Key Or Not t...
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner and Stephen Metcalf discuss The Public Theater's new production of Hamlet starring Oscar Isaac, Netflix's Friends From College, and the maligned genre of prog rock with Dave Weigel.
56 min
Represent: The Represent Rose: Part 4
We recap ABC’s “historic” move to help Rachel Lindsay find love on The Bachelorette.
53 min
Gist: Somewheres vs. Anywheres
British journalist David Goodhart says there are two kinds of people.
26 min
Trumpcast: 30 Days at Trump International, D.C.
Slate's Seth Stevenson talks to Washington Post reporter Jonathan O'Connell about how the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. is changing the way people do business and politics in the city.
19 min
90 Seconds: Preemptive Strike
Steve Lickteig with today's haul: A new, depressing climate report, Bernie's litmus test and can you pass Trump's immigration test
3 min
Dear Prudence: The "Panoply of Deviance” Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Panoply of Deviance” Edition
51 min
Lexicon: New Life for Dying Languages
The Language Conservancy's Wil Meya discusses the effort to revive Native American languages.
34 min
Gist: The Social Experiment on TV
Confidence rules, meek people lose.
27 min
Hang Up: The Pray for the Ravens Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by ProPublica’s David Epstein to discuss Usain Bolt’s loss to Justin Gatlin. The Irish Times’ Ken Early also talks about Neymar’s record-setting transfer, and Josh and Stefan analyze Colin Kaepernick’s NFL exile.
61 min
90 Seconds With Slate: I Said This Isn't a Coup
Steve Lickteig with today's haul: North Korea remains defiant, the rebels attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan president say it isn't a coup, and is Mark Zuckerberg running for president?
3 min
Working in Detroit: How Does a Music Educator W...
DeLashea Strawder teaches music to young people with Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.
35 min
Trumpcast: The Problem Solvers
Josh King talks to Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ 5th District) about the Problem Solvers – a group of 43 members of the House of Representatives split between both parties offerings solutions to stabilize the individual health care market.
25 min
Slate Money: The Shared Values Edition
Slate Money on the stock market, index composition, and Etsy
42 min
Gist: Maria Bamford Wants to See Emotion
A stand-up comic graciously shares her show notes for sports program producers.
31 min
Represent #54: Prolific Video Essayist-Turned-F...
On his debut feature film, "Columbus," starring John Cho.
55 min
Gist: The Scaramucci Tapes
Zoe Chace, producer for This American Life, digs up the audio from her 2016 interview with the former White House communications director. His past suggests he’ll bounce right back.
27 min
Political: The “Kelly and the Mooch” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz and Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post discuss White House chaos, affirmative action, and prosecutors withholding evidence
61 min
Studio 360 | American Icons: Moby-Dick
In this Peabody Award-winning show, Kurt Andersen sets sail in search of the great white whale.
49 min
SPONSORED CONTENT: Open Account: You Say You Wa...
How three women would change the world.
34 min
90 Seconds: Weight for It, Weight for It
Mike Pesca with today’s haul: why people aren’t moving for jobs, the unsurprising transcripts of the president’s phone calls for foreign leaders, and a study showing Asian-Americans are more likely to be accepted if they’re overweight.
2 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Eating Your Feelings ...
Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth discuss whether to worry about a 9-year-old's weight gain, and how to inject some passion into passionless pre-teen. Plus triumphs and fails and recommendations.
41 min
Trumpcast: The Short History of Generals as Chi...
Seth Stevenson guest hosts today's show and talks with Joshua Zeitz, a historian and contributing editor at Politico, about General John Kelly and whether his tenure as Chief of Staff will resemble that of Al Haig during the Nixon administration.
23 min
I Have to Ask: The Robert Wright Edition
The author of Why Buddhism is True thinks mindfulness can be a weapon against Trumpism.
27 min
Gist: A Video Game Thoreau Might Play
In Walden, a game, players can pick berries, walk in the woods, or spend the rest of their virtual lives in jail for tax evasion.
26 min
90 Seconds: Anti-Vaxxers, Unleashed
Mike Pesca with today’s haul: A heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, the State Department’s untapped fund to fight misinformation abroad, and the doggie anti-vaxxers of Brooklyn.
2 min
Slate Voice | "Trump’s Declaration of Independe...
A template for a White House that breaks free from the Republican Party.
7 min
Culture Gabfest: Crash! I Dropped a Vase Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss Christopher Nolan's new film Dunkirk, the musical podcast 36 Questions, and sellouts with musician and writer Franz Nicolay.
60 min
Gist: No Hard Feelings
Scientist Lisa Feldman Barrett says the results are in: Your feelings are a construct.
32 min
90 Seconds: Mooch Gets Prankster’d
Mary Wilson has today’s three things: Alabama’s 2014 abortion law is struck down and the “Email Prankster” gets the better of White House aides, including Anthony Scaramucci and the homeland security adviser.
2 min
Dear Prudence: The "Mulligan" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Mulligan" Edition
43 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | They Live (1988)
Filmmaker John Carpenter used simple visuals to make bold political statements in this 1988 sci-fi flick.
8 min
Trumpcast: Aggressive on Immigration
Jacob Weisberg talks to Julia Preston of The Marshall Project about Donald Trump's immigration policies and how the system is failing immigrants and those seeking asylum from Central American gang violence.
22 min
Gist: How to Beat a Casino
In the new ESPN podcast documentary A Queen of Sorts, the story of a woman who turned the tables on casinos around the world.
29 min
Hang Up: The Greyhens Not Grayhens Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by sportswriter Jessica Luther to discuss girls in baseball. Dan Nosowitz also talks about trends in basketball sneakers, and Scrabble champion Will Anderson comes on the show to recount his victory.
61 min
90 Seconds: Rickrolled By Democracy
Mary Wilson has today’s three things: The architects of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” could go on trial, our benevolent voting-system hackers, and the Mooch as a law student.
2 min
Working in Detroit: How Does Shinola's Manufact...
Jen Guarino manages the creation of new leather goods, watches, turntables, and more in Detroit.
58 min
Slate Money: The Bad Eggs Edition
Slate Money on Anthony Scaramucci, productivity, and Hampton Creek’s eggless mayo
70 min
ABC: Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy
Katy Waldman, Jacob Brogan, and Dan Kois discuss Maile Meloy's novel Do Not Become Alarmed.
49 min
Trumpcast: Holy Hell to Pay
Virginia Heffernan talks to Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about her working theory – nobody really knows what a constitutional crisis is.
30 min
Gist: Alan Alda Seeks Clarity
In his new book, the MASH star shares his hope for better communication between scientists and us regular folks
26 min
Slate Voice | "Crown of Love"
Arcade Fire’s new album may buckle under the weight of absurd expectations, but it’ll also remind fans how the band got there in the first place.
12 min
Represent #53: Girls Trip and Showrunner Monica...
We discuss the box-office hit starring Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Queen Latifah. Then, an interview with the showrunner of Midnight, Texas about her career and the NBC supernatural drama.
57 min
I Have to Ask: The Olivia Nuzzi Edition
New York’s Washington correspondent on how White House staffers really view Donald Trump.
25 min
Gist: They Called Him Son of Sam
A Smithsonian Channel documentary revisits the media hysteria surrounding the 1970s serial killer known as the Son of Sam.
26 min
Political: The “If Only This Were A Movie And N...
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the Senate's skinny health care ideas, President Trump's bullying of Jeff Sessions and what the future will hold for transgender people in the U.S. military.
52 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Return of the Dan...
Carvell Wallace, Nina Aron, and Dan Kois sit down with clinical psychologist Dr. Ava Siegler about her new book What Do I Tell My Kids?: Parenting in the Age of Trump, which includes an essay by Dan. Plus Triumphs and Fails and recommendations.
43 min
90 Seconds: Justin Trudeau Can't Be President, ...
Chris Berube with the rundown: Canadians are mad at the Trudeau Rolling Stone cover; California is close to legalizing safe injection sites; Larry David makes a very Larry David-ish gaffe.
3 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Sex Robots Are Coming Edition
Hanna Rosin and Noreen Malone talk Sex robots, women in Pop, and running for office post-Trump.
52 min
Trumpcast: Fascist Curious
Jacob Weisberg chats Bloomberg's Joshua Green about his new book Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency and just where Bannon derives his ideology from.
29 min
Whistlestop: Loyalty Tests and The Bridge of Death
This episode of Whistlestop revisits July 1979 when President Carter prepared to cut a number of his cabinet members free and start afresh.
43 min
Slate Voice: "Why Young Men Might Be Playing Vi...
It’s not just that games are more fun.
7 min
Represent: The Represent Rose: Part 3
Recap of ABC’s “historic” move to help Rachel Lindsay find love on "The Bachelorette."
58 min
90 Seconds: He's Modern Day Presidential
Chris Berube with the rundown: Donald Trump's veterans tribute takes a bad turn; Did the President warn anyone about his transgender military ban?; Rick Perry takes a crank call.
3 min
Culture Gabfest: Apes, Pigs, and Comedians Edit...
Jamelle Bouie, Dana Stevens, and Stephen Metcalf discuss War For the Planet of the Apes, the Netflix film Okja and the ethics of meat eating, and the state of comedy under Trump.
55 min
Gist: Why Did Trump and Putin Meet in Secret?
Ian Bremmer broke the story of the second Trump-Putin meeting. But are we blowing it out of proportion?
27 min
The Moment: Bomani Jones 7/25/17
Brian sits down with sportscaster Bomani Jones of ESPN's The Right Time, The Evening Jones, and Highly Questionable, about being "the smartest man in sports", his background in economics, and how he checks himself.
71 min
Dear Prudence: The "Radical Unfriendliness" Edi...
Dear Prudence: The "Radical Unfriendliness" Edition
51 min
90 Seconds: The Chickens That Screwed Up Free T...
Chris Berube with the rundown: Rome's drought is getting pretty bad; Chickens are holding up a potential US-UK free trade deal; Nicolas Maduro makes a power enemy.
2 min
Lexicon: In the Negative
The history and evolution of "no" and "not."
28 min
Gist: A Kid in the Hall Tells All
Kevin McDonald on the special alchemy that made Kids in the Hall a truly groundbreaking comedy troupe.
24 min
Trumpcast: Pardon Me, Mr. President.
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bloomberg columnist and professor of law at Harvard, Noah Feldman, about just who the President can and cannot pardon...including himself.
25 min
Hang Up: The Kyrie Irving and the Chamber of Se...
Josh Levin and ESPN’s Mina Kimes are joined by Slate’s Jim Newell to discuss Jordan Spieth’s British Open win. Josh and Mina also dissect Kyrie Irving’s trade drama, and Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley analyzes Hugh Freeze’s ousting as Ole Miss football coach.
55 min
Slate Voice: "The Killer Nurse"
She didn’t brag. She didn’t leave clues. She killed her patients, then went home to play computer games.
15 min
90 Seconds: Out With The Old, In With The New
Chris Berube with the rundown: two things you need to know about Anthony Scaramucci, one thing you don't about outgoing Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
2 min
Working in Detroit: How Does a Barbecue Chef Work?
Mike Metevia of Slows Bar B-Q makes some of the best smoked meats in Detroit.
50 min
Trumpcast: The Deregulation Invasion
Josh King talks to ProPublica's Robert Faturechi about the Trump administration's secretive deregulation teams and just what you can do to help ProPublica unmask more information on the deregulation front.
26 min
Slate Money: The Fake Loans Edition
Slate Money on private student loan debt, Donald Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank, and hedge funders evading taxes
45 min
Trumpcast: Lies, Pardons, and Bringing Trump to...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Brendan Nyhan, Professor of Government at Dartmouth, about the President's many lies including his most recent ones featured in The New York Times interview with Maggie Haberman, Peter Baker, and Michael S. Schmidt.
26 min
Gist: Al Gore, Ever Hopeful
The former vice president returns with a sequel to his climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
31 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Nobody Knows Anything
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
14 min
90 Seconds: The Mustache Will Outlive Us All
Chris Berube with the rundown: Akie Abe maybe pretended not the speak English around Trump; Three hundred jobs will be outsourced at Carrier; Salvador Dali's mustache lives on, miraculously.
2 min
Represent #52: 13 Reasons Why and Who’s Afraid ...
The controversial Netflix show’s depictions of suicide and sexual assault. Then, an interview with the host of Slate’s new docuseries about Muslim American identity.
52 min
Gist: Unearthing a Cult Classic
Comedy writer Mike Sacks on the 40th anniversary of the Dixie-fried action caper "Stinker Lets Loose."
26 min
Political: The “Eventually We Will Get Somethin...
John Dickerson, David Plotz and Emily Bazelon discuss what will follow the Senate health care collapse, the influence of Steve Bannon and the future approach to prosecution of sexual assaults on college campuses.
66 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Adventures in Babysit...
Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace and Rebecca Lavoie discuss a very unusual quandary involving the inappropriate email address of their babysitter, plus babysitting in general, triumphs and fails, and recommendations.
47 min
90 Seconds: The Scariest Calendar Ever
Chris Berube with the rundown: Reports say Paul Manafort owed $17-million to Russians in 2015; New airport restrictions for everyone entering the US; Holland devises a clever way to solve cold cases.
2 min
I Have to Ask: The Zoë Heller Edition
The novelist and essayist on criticizing Hillary Clinton and becoming friends with writers you savage.
27 min
Trumpcast: The Many Missteps of Mitch McConnell
Jamelle Bouie talks to ProPublica's Alec MacGillis, author of The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell, about how the majority leader is failing to deliver for the Republicans.
22 min
Gist: The Garbage Art of Handwriting Analysis
The Gist’s resident guff detector Maria Konnikova returns to look at the (appropriately) lost art of graphology.
27 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Is It Really Dead?
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
18 min
90 Seconds: Fidget Spinners Are Brainwash, Appa...
Chris Berube with the rundown: The DoD is renting an apartment they don't need in Trump Tower; Russian state TV has harsh words for fidget spinners; The Bank of England screwed up their Jane Austen money.
2 min
Slate Voice: "The Iran Trap"
Trump is stuck with Obama’s nuclear deal. And his efforts to undermine it can only help Tehran.
9 min
Culture Gabfest: Hum In the Drum Edition
Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Stephen Metcalf discuss Edgar Wright's new film Baby Driver, Jay Z's album 4:44 with Slate's Jack Hamilton, and David Brooks' infamous sandwich column.
58 min
Gist: Tyler Cowen Fears for Our Future
An economist’s diagnosis of our societal torpor.
27 min
Trumpcast: On the 25th Floor
Jacob Weisberg goes in-depth with Bill Browder about Donald Trump Jr's meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower.
32 min
Slate Voice: "Jamie Dimon Is Fed Up With No One...
The JPMorgan CEO says he’s embarrassed by Washington’s inaction. There’s a reason he’ll never name names.
5 min
Dear Prudence: The "Open it Up" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Open it Up" Edition
35 min
90 Seconds: Secretly Canadian
Chris Berube with the rundown: Donald Trump issues his NAFTA demands; An Australian senator unearths a shocking(ly mild) fact about her past; A 250-year-old cannonball is still active, somehow.
2 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | The Parallax View (1974)
Why Alan J. Pakula’s conspiracy flick makes you feel like you’re being brainwashed, too.
9 min
Gist: Dan Pashman on the Psychology of Taste
This is your brain on food.
23 min
Trumpcare Tracker: The World’s Most Ironic Heal...
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
13 min
Hang Up: The Man Hit Ball Far Edition
Josh Levin and Jody Avirgan of ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcasts are joined by ESPN’s Howard Bryant to discuss Wimbledon. Sam Miller of ESPN also talks about Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger, and producer Rose Eveleth joins for a conversation about 30 for 30.
57 min
90 Seconds: Big Scary Iceberg Edition
Chris Berube with the rundown: How big is that giant iceberg, exactly?; Colorado scares people off the voter rolls; No, macaroni and cheese won't kill you, probably.
2 min
Game of Thrones TV Club | Episode 1
A free, spoiler-filled preview from Slate Plus
29 min
Slate Money: The Cash Offer Edition
Slate Money on going cashless with Visa, coding boot camps, and Warren Buffett
46 min
Trumpcast: Lawyer Up, Bro
Virginia Heffernan talks to ProPublica's Justin Elliot about his reporting surrounding Trump's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.
31 min
Gist: Haunted By “A Ghost Story”
How a classic Halloween costume inspired one of the most profound films of the year.
22 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Slush Funds for All
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
17 min
Slate Voice: "The Wasted Mind of Ben Sasse"
The Nebraska senator has urgent, persuasive ideas for saving American politics. Why won’t he act on them?
17 min
90 Seconds: Kermit’s New Puppet Master
Mary Wilson with today’s three things: Papua New Guinea’s thin-skinned elections chief, a hacker targets one of the State Department’s top Russian specialists, and Kermit gets a new voice.
1 min
Represent #51: Hawaii Five-0 Controversy and Th...
From the wage gap disputes at the CBS police procedural to Muslim representation in Kumail Nanjiani’s indie rom-com.
52 min
Gist: At Sea With James Stavridis
The retired admiral answers all of our questions about ISIS, H.R. McMaster, and life on a submarine.
25 min
Political: The “I Love It” Edition
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz and John Dickerson discuss what can be done to protect American democracy, the state of the GOP healthcare bill, and Mark Leibovich joins in to assess Trump's draining of the swamp.
65 min
Trumpcast: It's Bad. It's Unpopular. It's The R...
Jamelle Bouie talks to Patrick Caldwell, a health care reporter at Mother Jones, about the latest iteration of the Senate health bill and the politics surrounding it.
17 min
90 Seconds: Tiny Handshake
Mary Wilson with today’s three things: Gambia inventories Yahya Jammeh’s ill-gotten goods, wildfires shut down tourist sites in Italy and Greece, and the Trump-Macron handshake, part deux.
1 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Do What You Can Edition
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss raising Muslim kids in America with Rabia Chaudry of the podcast Undisclosed. Plus, what to do about bad kid friends, Triumphs and Fails and recommendations.
54 min
I Have to Ask: The Lydia Polgreen Edition
The HuffPost Editor-in-chief on the problems with media snark, and the challenge of covering Trump.
29 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The "I'm a creep. I'm sorry." ...
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone talk the New York magazine piece on climate change, Silicon Valley tech bros' sexism apologies, and the Netflix show GLOW.
52 min
Whistlestop: Foreign Collusion and the Dragon Lady
This episode of Whistlestop travels back to November 3, 1968 as President Johnson attempts to end the bombing in Vietnam.
36 min
Gist: Look at All the Struggling Democracies
Financial Times columnist Edward Luce introduces us to a new word: oikophobia, fear of fellow countrymen.
26 min
Trumpcare Tracker: A Possible Plan B?
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
16 min
90 Seconds: Pity the Orangutans
Why the feud around Qatar is more like a mafia feud, habitat prospects are bad for cheetahs and orangutans, and it looks like 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of greenhouse gas emissions since 1995.
2 min
Trumpcast: Intent, Motive, and Legal Implications
Virginia Heffernan talks to Bob Bauer, former White House Counsel under Barack Obama, about the potential legal implications of Donald Trump Jr's story.
24 min
Hang Up and Listen: The Best Bad Guy You Can Be...
Josh Levin and Ben Mathis-Lilley are joined by Daniel “Progressive Liberal” Harnsberger to chat about his wrestling persona. The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis also discusses Jamie Horowitz and Fox Sports, and Nick Greene analyzes NBA free agency.
66 min
Culture Gabfest: Summer Strut 2017 Edition
In this jumbo-sized summer strut special, Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, Dana Stevens, and Chris Molanphy discuss the songs of the summer and our annual summer strut playlist.
74 min
Gist: Ben Wittes on the Latest News Bomb
How bad are Don Jr.’s emails?
25 min
Trumpcast: Questioning the Trump-Russia Conspiracy
Jacob Weisberg talks to Masha Gessen about why she thinks the latest developments in the Donald Trump Jr. story aren't as revelatory as people are making it out to be.
21 min
90 Seconds: You, Too, Can Be a Saint
Mary Wilson with three things: The death of a Russian KGB mastermind, a “straight no comment” from Emin Agalarov, and a new way to become a saint.
2 min
The Moment: Alton Brown 7/11/17
Brian sits down with Alton Brown of Good Eats, Iron Chef America, and more, to discuss his history with the band R.E.M., the origins of Good Eats, and Alton's love of Gaines-Burgers dog food.
65 min
Dear Prudence: The "Bidet and Boujee" Edition
Dear Prudence: The "Bidet and Boujee" Edition
42 min
Lexicon: Why Do Languages Have Contractions?
John McWhorter explains why we love shrinkage.
32 min
Trumpcast: The Story That Sticks?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Anne Applebaum, columnist at the Washington Post, about Donald Trump Jr's meeting with the Kremlin linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.
30 min
Gist: Twitter Should Drop Trump Already
Political scientist Seth Masket argues the harassment, the trolling, and the misinformation need to stop now
21 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Is This Bill Doomed?
Jim Newell and Dylan Scott
15 min
90 Seconds: Mad Dog Takes Time for the Kids
Mary Wilson with three things: A menacing website in Russia, a redistricting push from Obama, and an unusual interview with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
2 min
90 Seconds: Deep Breaths, Don't Panic
Chris Berube with the (terrifying) rundown: A cyberattack hits US nuclear plants; The US state department can't even find a hotel room in Germany; Trump pairs up with an actual super villain (kinda)
2 min
Working in Detroit: How Does a Community Intern...
Diana Nucera runs an organization that promotes digital literacy and internet access in Detroit.
47 min
Trumpcast: G20 Speed Dating and Lifeless at Fog...
Josh King talks to Max Bergmann, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, about President Trump's trip to the G20.
32 min
Slate Money: The White Collar Crime Edition
Slate Money on The Chickenshit Club, sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, and Hobby Lobby
45 min
Gist: In Defense of Ombudsmen
Daniel Okrent, the first public editor for the New York Times, sticks up for the journalists everyone loves to hate.
21 min
Represent #50: “One Day at a Time” Showrunner G...
On how the show pulls from her personal life and Latinx representation on screen.
56 min
Trumpcast: Tensions Rising
Jamelle Bouie welcomes back Daniel Drezner, Professor of International Politics at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, to chat about all the player's in the North Korea game.
20 min
Gist: Centrists Won’t Save Health Care
Conservative writer Philip Klein says compromise won’t lead to better health policy. It has to be all or nothing.
26 min
Political: The “ICBM” Edition
David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the agenda of the Commission on Election Integrity, the Trump Euro tour, and the threat from a nuclear North Korea.
52 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Happy Independence Da...
Carvel Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth take questions about reconciling disparate parenting styles and how to make space for an introverted kid, plus Triumphs and Fails and recommendations.
50 min
90 Seconds: Let's Drink Waste Water!
Chris Berube with the rundown: The Trump Organization renews a fishy URL; One California company is bottling 'reused' water; A very upsetting sign at a baseball game is just tradition, I swear!
3 min
I Have to Ask: The Matthew Heineman Edition
The director of ‘City of Ghosts’ on filming the heroes combating ISIS, and investigating drug cartels.
21 min
Culture Gabfest: "Edwina, Bring Me the Anatomy ...
Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens discuss Sophia Coppola's new film The Beguiled, the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, and the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.
61 min
Gist: Chris Christie’s Biggest Mistake
No, it wasn’t Bridgegate. Or Beachgate.
24 min
Trumpcare Tracker: How the GOP Bill Will Harm t...
Jordan Weissmann and Harold Pollack
23 min
90 Seconds: That's a Big Rubber Duck
Chris Berube with the rundown: Trump's trip to Europe starts in Poland; 44 states hold out on the voter fraud commission; Canada rented a very, very large rubber duck for some reason
3 min
Dear Prudence: The “Flowers in the Attic” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Flowers in the Attic” Edition
48 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | Blow Out (1981)
In Brian de Palma’s unconventional thriller, John Travolta just wants to expose the truth. He doesn’t get a happy ending.
9 min
Gist: The Incredible Eddie Izzard
A conversation with the famed comedian, author, runner and one-day-only concert pianist
31 min
Hang Up: The Kaepernick of the Hardwood Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts, and Slate’s Henry Grabar explains what makes Miami’s new stadium deal so great.
73 min
Trumpcast: The Pence Shake Up and Republican Se...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Ashley Parker, a White House reporter at the Washington Post, about Mike Pence shaking up his staff and why Republicans in the Senate and the House are becoming less and less afraid of Trump.
22 min
Working in Detroit: How Does an Automotive Batt...
Mark Hughes cuts car batteries open to figure out what went wrong inside.
49 min
Hit Parade: The Imperial Elton and George Editi...
George Michael and Elton John were friends, collaborators, and for one week, chart rivals
69 min
Trumpcast: How Does a Presidency End?
Josh King guest hosts a weekend edition of Trumpcast. He talks to Frank Rich of New York Magazine about his latest feature, “Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency Ends.”
30 min
Slate Money: The Methodologically Problematic E...
Slate Money on Google’s antitrust violations, Italian banks, and Seattle’s minimum wage
39 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Can Ted Cruz Break the Senat...
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
17 min
Represent #49: Indie Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu
On marketing a film aimed squarely at black sensibilities and the concept of black joy.
55 min
Gist: Writing Cop Fiction in the Age of Black L...
Crime writer Don Winslow on the deep research that goes into writing modern crime fiction
20 min
Trumpcast: The Health Care Fight is A Civil Rig...
Jamelle Bouie talks to The Atlantic's Vann Newkirk about how the repeal of Obamacare and the rolling back of Medicaid in the Senate health bill strikes a significant blow to racial equality.
20 min
Political: The “Mitch McConnell Really Does Hav...
Emily Bazelon and David Plotz are joined by Jacob Weisberg to talk about Mitch McConnell's next move on health care, the rulings of the Supreme Court and CNN's recent resignations.
58 min
90 Seconds: The Macron Who Would Be King
Mary Wilson on news you might’ve missed: Sweden’s efforts to reintegrate former ISIS fighters, and French president Emmanuel Macron takes heat for being “pharaonic.”
1 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Aggressive Little Hug...
The panel discusses feedback from last week's question on having a second child, talking to kids about a dying caregiver, and what to do with an aggressive hugger, plus Triumphs and Fails and their recommendations.
42 min
Represent: The Represent Rose: Part 2
Recap of ABC’s “historic” move to help Rachel Lindsay find love on "The Bachelorette."
51 min
ABC: Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays by Durga...
Katy Waldman, Jacob Brogan, and Meghan O'Rourke discuss Durga Chew-Bose's collection of essays Too Much and Not the Mood. Next month's book is Do Not Become Alarmed, by Maile Meloy.
57 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Live From Brooklyn Edition
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone talk to Jenna Lyons and discuss the Cosby trial and if a woman will ever be president.
53 min
Gist: I Hate This, Don’t Quote Me
In one paragraph, Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher held the line against anonymous sources and “outright awfulness.”
28 min
Whistlestop: Lady Lincoln and the Leak
This episode of Whistlestop revisits an era of mischievous accounting by first lady Mary Todd Lincoln and the work of a leaker who helped distract the press.
29 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Why Mitch McConnell Flinched
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
16 min
90 Seconds: German Cops Know How to Party
Mary Wilson with today’s three things: Taking up arms in Venezuela, melting down arms in Colombia, and getting out of hand in Hamburg.
1 min
I Have to Ask: The Maggie Haberman Edition
Maggie Haberman on covering Trump, The New York Times’ Clinton coverage, and why this White House leaks to the press.
31 min
Amicus: Breakfast Table Redux
Dahlia Lithwick, Mark Joseph Stern, and Pam Karlan chew over the Supreme Court term just completed.
56 min
Culture Gabfest: Man Bun on a Hot Tin Roof Edition
Julia Turner, Dana Stevens and Steven Metcalf discuss Netflix's wrestling comedy GLOW, Lorde's album Melodrama with critic Carl Wilson, and Mattel's Ken Doll reboot and if/why it's so funny.
51 min
The Moment - Don Winslow 6/27/17
Brian Koppelman sits down with Author Don Winslow to talk about his new book The Force. Plus, honor and loyalty, cops, and how to write a first novel.
58 min
Dear Prudence: The “Capitalism is the Problem” ...
Dear Prudence: The “Capitalism is the Problem” Edition
44 min
90 Seconds: The Monopoly Man
Mike Pesca has your 90 Seconds: Cyberattacks are once again sweeping Europe. A friend of the Trump family gets a promotion at HUD. A Minnesota guy tries to use a Get Out Of Jail Free card.
2 min
Lexicon: The Incredible Lightness of Being
John McWhorter considers the eccentric irregularity of the verb "to be."
26 min
Gist: The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women
In her new book, author Anne Helen Petersen on how our culture treats women defying norms.
26 min
Trumpcast: All the President’s Lies
Jacob Weisberg talks to New York Times columnist David Leonhardt about "Trump Lies."
24 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Counting the No Votes
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
17 min
90 Seconds: Kansas Cuts Its Losses
Mary Wilson on news you might’ve missed: The anti-tax agenda dies in Kansas, Salvador Dali could be exhumed next month, and the New York Times announces what will replace its public editor.
1 min
Working in Detroit: How Does an Urban Farmer Work?
Greg Willerer grows a variety of organic crops on a few plots of carefully cultivated land in Detroit.
38 min
Slate Money: The Independent Directors Edition
Slate Money on Uber, Amazon buying Whole Foods, and ICOs
62 min
Gist: Do Radicals Change the World?
Author Jeremy McCarter on the five people who changed the course of America in 1917.
31 min
Trumpcare Tracker: An Assault on Medicaid
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
15 min
90 Seconds: The Klondike Kickback
Chris Berube with the rundown: The White House says you can't report on press briefings; Alaska gets a helpful clause in the healthcare bill; Gwyneth Paltrow is nonsense.
2 min
Represent #48: "GLOW" Star Betty Gilpin
On being typecast in Hollywood and finding empowerment through wrestling.
45 min
Gist: Scaachi Koul on Surviving the Trolls
It helps to stay off Twitter.
25 min
Political: The "Lump of Coal" Edition
Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson are joined by Julia Ioffe, staff writer with the Atlantic, to discuss health care, special elections and the summer season of the Supreme Court.
51 min
Trumpcast: The Bill That Gets Worse and Worse
Jamelle Bouie talks to Slate's Jordan Weissmann about the latest version of the healthcare bill and how, in many ways, it's worse than the bill proposed last month by the House.
20 min
90 Seconds: Snacker Hackers
Chris Berube with the rundown: President Trump is back on the campaign trail; More North Carolina chicanery; A very dumb heist, revealed.
3 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Welcome to the Gun Sh...
Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss what to do about a child's growing interest in guns, having two children versus one, plus their Triumphs and Fails, and recommendations.
42 min
Ben Rhodes
The Obama foreign policy adviser on evaluating Obama’s eight years in office and understanding Trump’s pettiness.
59 min
Trumpcast: Senate Backrooms and a Defense for M...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Marc Ross, a Republican operative who worked for the McCain/Palin campaign, about Senate backrooms and why he thinks Mitch McConnell is playing his cards right with the healthcare bill.
21 min
Gist: The Musings of Wallace Shawn
The playwright and actor on the struggle of making a creative statement in the face of political chaos.
28 min
Will the Senate Parliamentarian Halt the GOP He...
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
13 min
90 Seconds: Girl Scouts Are the Future
Chris Berube with the rundown: Does Donald Trump have tapes of his conversations with James Comey?; We're getting another British, like next week maybe; The Girl Scouts introduce a very modern badge.
2 min
Culture Gabfest: Vicarious Nails Edition
Stephen Metcalf, June Thomas, and Christina Cauterucci discuss the new horror film It Comes at Night, the TNT Niecy Nash vehicle Claws, and Beth Ditto's new album Fake Sugar.
48 min
Gist: Is Terrorism Coverage Racist?
A few problems with the recent study suggesting white terrorists get less media play than Muslim terrorists.
29 min
90 Seconds: It's So Hot, Planes Can't Fly
Chris Berube with the rundown: American voters reevaluate George W. Bush; It's so hot in Phoenix, planes can't fly; Bob Dylan is history's greatest troll.
2 min
Dear Prudence: The “Dealbreaker” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Dealbreaker” Edition
47 min
Conspiracy Thrillers | The Conversation (1974) ...
Before 9/11, the idea of constant government surveillance seemed extreme. Now we take it for granted.
8 min
Gist: Lies vs. BS
A handy guide to parsing the president’s tweets.
25 min
Hang Up: The When an Apple Fights an Orange Edi...
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Kevin Draper to discuss the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor mega-fight. Ben Lindbergh also joins to discuss whether major-league baseballs are juiced. Finally, David Gessner talks about his memoir Ultimate Glory.
57 min
Trumpcast: The Trump Brand and The Conversation...
Jacob Weisberg talks to the writer Naomi Klein about how the "Trump brand" is the driving force behind the presidency.
29 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Why Would Moderate Republica...
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
15 min
90 Seconds: America's Funniest Jones Videos
Chris Berube with the rundown: Is Trump under investigation?; The ratings are not good for Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview; Sheriff Clarke, we hardly knew ya.
2 min
Working in Detroit: How Does a Hair Care Entrep...
Gwen Jimmere started Naturalicious to sell her home-devised hair care products.
48 min
Trumpcast: Through the Lens with Doug Mills
Josh King guest hosts a weekend edition of Trumpcast.
21 min
Slate Money: The Scams Edition
Slate Money on rich scams, poor scams, and email scams
46 min
Gist: Jon Ronson on Writing the Year’s Wildest ...
The Welsh journalist on his new movie, the meat-is-murder fantasy adventure Okja.
26 min
Trumpcare Tracker: Senate Procedural Hijinks
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
12 min
90 Seconds: Mike Cernovich Takes a Nature Walk
Mary Wilson with today’s rundown: Catalonia campaigns for independence, New Jersey mulls a ban on releasing balloons, and for stress-free exercise, don’t hike with Mike Cernovich.
2 min
Trumpcast: Too Close for Comfort
Jamelle Bouie talks to Carolyn Fiddler, Political Editor at Daily Kos, about the Virginia gubernatorial race and why things on the Republican side were too close for comfort (to say the least).
20 min
Political: The "Mean" Edition
David Plotz, John Dickerson and Slate's Jamelle Bouie discuss the Virginia shooting, Senate health bill, Russia investigation, and Virginia gubernatorial primaries.
70 min
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Teenage Invasion Edit...
Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace are joined by actual teenager and Carvell's son, Ezra Wallace. They discuss what life is like for a biracial teen, plus triumphs and fails, recommendations and an Ezra lightning round.
35 min
90 Seconds: Putin Just Wants to Get Along
Mary Wilson with today’s rundown: Vladimir Putin says he’s ready to be friends with the U.S. The NSA says last month’s big cyberattack came from North Korea. Reading the FBI file on D&D creator Gary Gygax.
1 min
Raúl Grijalva
The Arizona Congressman on the coming battle for the soul of the Democratic Party.
24 min
DoubleX Gabfest: The Attack of The Israeli-Acce...
Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss Comey, Wonder Woman, and Theresa May.
48 min
Trumpcast: The Testimony of Jefferson Beauregar...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Matthew Miller, formerly of the Department of Justice, about the Jeff Sessions hearing and just what Bob Mueller could be up to behind the scenes.
28 min
Gist: He Ate Human Flesh for Science
Bill Schutt on his comprehensive new book, Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History
27 min
Trumpcare Tracker: How Long Can Senate Republic...
Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann
12 min
Whistlestop: A Powerful Pardon
This episode of Whistlestop revisits Sunday September 8, 1974 when President Ford announced his pardon of Richard Nixon.
36 min
90 Seconds: Buyer Be Scared
Mary Wilson with today’s rundown: The investigation of the Flint water crisis has ensnared Michigan’s health chief, and more of The Trump Organization’s property sales have been going to secret buyers.
1 min
Culture Gabfest: Thus Always to Tyrants Edition
The panel discusses the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest with journalist Michelle Dean, the Julius Caesar controversy at Shakespeare in the Park, and the podcast Hi-Phi Nation.
51 min
Represent: The Represent Rose: Part 1
Recap of ABC’s “historic” move to help Rachel Lindsay find love on "The Bachelorette."
42 min
Gist: Awk-ward!
Why does awkwardness make us so uncomfortable?
28 min
Dear Prudence: The “Call 311” Edition
Dear Prudence: The “Call 311” Edition
41 min
90 Seconds: Sergey Kislyak Throws a Party
Mary Wilson with today’s rundown: Did President Trump fire Preet Bharara because his personal lawyer told him to? China is snubbing Trump’s cabinet. And Sergey Kislyak celebrates Russia Day.
1 min
Lexicon: Is There a Jewish Way of Talking?
John McWhorter interrupts the hosts of Unorthodox to discuss hallmarks and stereotypes of Jewish communication style.
35 min
The Moment: El-P 6/13/17
Brian Koppelman is joined by El-P to discuss his musical development and growing up in New York City.
72 min
Gist: Autocrats Can’t Take a Joke
Comedian Bassem Youssef satirized two Egyptian presidents. They were not amused.
23 min
Hang Up: The Kevin Durant Is a Poncho Edition
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Kevin Arnovitz to discuss the NBA Finals. George Dohrmann also joins to talk about