Slate Presents: One Year

The people and struggles that changed America—one year at a time. In each episode, host Josh Levin explores a story you may have forgotten, or one you’ve never heard of before. What were the moments that transformed politics, culture, science, religion, and more? And how does the nation’s past shape our present?

1977 Rewind: Anita Bryant's War on Gay Rights
The pop singer who launched an anti-gay movement, and the activists who fought back.
61 min
1995: Carolyn's Diary
The first true online diarist blurred the lines between private and public life—and paid a price for her radical transparency.
30 min
1995: Hey Macarena!
A musical phenomenon that wormed its way into our brains, and maybe never left.
54 min
1995: Ann Arbor's DNA Dragnet
A controversy over genetic testing ripped a college town apart, and put 160 innocent Black men under suspicion.
46 min
1995: Hitting the Spot
In 1995, an online soap opera revealed the internet’s potential as a venue for creative expression—and a tool for destruction.
56 min
1995: Dr. GIFT
At a fertility clinic in California, patients entrusted their dreams—and their genetic material—to a doctor who followed no code of ethics but his own.
52 min
1995: Fake Oxford
A group of American teenagers went looking for old-world excellence. They got a different kind of education.
50 min
1995: The Man Who Didn't Bomb Oklahoma City
How a Muslim American got blamed for one of the most horrific crimes in American history.
56 min
One Year: 1995 Trailer
1 min
Slow Burn S6 Ep. 1: The Tape
In 1991, a 68-second video set off a chain of events that would change Los Angeles forever.
38 min
1977: Jesus on a Tortilla
How a burn mark in the shape of Christ changed a family.
50 min
1977: Roots: The Saga of Alex Haley
The author who changed America—and ignited a controversy about fact and fiction.
51 min
1977: Elvis, the Pledge, and Extraterrestrials
Three stories from a single day in August 1977.
54 min
1977: The Miracle Cure
Medical experts said the cancer drug Laetrile was dangerous quackery. It became a national sensation anyway.
56 min
1977: Mary Shane's Rookie Season
The little-known story of the first woman hired as a legitimate major-league baseball announcer.
48 min
1977: Mr. Marijuana and the Drug Czar
Keith Stroup and Peter Bourne were on the verge of changing America’s pot laws—and then a blowout Christmas party in 1977 changed everything.
48 min
1977: Anita Bryant's War on Gay Rights
The pop singer who launched an anti-gay movement, and the activists who fought back.
60 min
Introducing: One Year
A new history podcast from Slate, coming July 8th.
1 min
Slow Burn S4 Ep. 1: White Knight
45 min
Slate Presents: Lockdown
Living through the era of school shootings, one drill at a time.
24 min
Bonus | The Queen: An Audiobook Preview
Listen to the first chapter of The Queen.
23 min
Bonus | The Queen: How to Write This Book
David Grann, Eliza Griswold, and James Forman Jr. on what it takes to write a reporting-intensive book.
20 min
Bonus | The Queen: The Kidnapping of Baby Fronczak
What connects the woman who was vilified as the “welfare queen” to a much graver crime.
11 min
The Queen | Ep. 04: Bobbie and Diana
28 min
The Queen | Ep. 03: Constance
25 min
The Queen | Ep. 02: An Incredible Con
23 min
The Queen | Ep. 01: Coronation
21 min
Season 3 Trailer | The Queen: The Forgotten Lif...
7 min
Charged | Ep 6: The Other Side
Once you're marked by the system, can you ever really be free of it?
27 min
Charged | Ep 5: The Long Tail
An unexpected detour about long half-life of punishment.
39 min
Charged | Ep 4: The Escape Hatch
Life on the knife's edge
29 min
Charged | Ep 3: The Ghost of Tyrone Howard
The limits of mercy in Brooklyn.
25 min
Charged | Ep 2: Criminogenic
One of the most infamous jails in the country and the battle to close it.
30 min
Charged 1+: The Making of Charged
The producers discuss making a show that deals with race and crime.
24 min
Charged | Ep 1: Born In Brooklyn
A brutal new court opens in Brooklyn. Two men's lives intersect inside of it.
26 min
Season 2 Trailer | Charged: A True Punishment S...
3 min
Standoff | Ep. 4: Afterlife
How did a brief incident become an enduring myth on the far right?
31 min
Standoff | Ep. 3: The Wisdom of the Crowd
As the Weaver family stayed holed up inside their cabin, their story attracted droves of supporters and rabble-rousers to rural Idaho.
26 min
Standoff | The Order and Women in White Power
More about the white power movement in the 1980s and '90s.
26 min
Standoff | Ep. 2: Rules of Engagement
The tense situation on the Weaver family compound erupts into violence.
30 min
Standoff | Ep. 1: Two Shotguns
Ruth Graham explores the ideologies and influences that led to the deadly siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992.
29 min
Season 1 Trailer | Standoff: What Happened at R...
2 min