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Slate Presents: The Queen | The Forgo...

Linda Taylor was a con artist, a kidnapper, maybe even a murderer. She was also America’s original “welfare queen,” the villain Ronald Reagan needed to create a vision of a country being taken advantage of by its poorest citizens. In The Queen, Josh Levin reveals the never-before-told story of a woman whose singular life was forgotten in the rush to create a vicious American stereotype. Each season of Slate Presents brings you a new narrative mini-series.

Bonus | The Queen: An Audiobook Preview
Listen to the first chapter of The Queen.
23 min
Bonus | The Queen: How to Write This Book
David Grann, Eliza Griswold, and James Forman Jr. on what it takes to write a reporting-intensive book.
20 min
Bonus | The Queen: The Kidnapping of Baby Fronczak
What connects the woman who was vilified as the “welfare queen” to a much graver crime.
11 min
The Queen | Ep. 04: Bobbie and Diana
28 min
The Queen | Ep. 03: Constance
25 min
The Queen | Ep. 02: An Incredible Con
23 min
The Queen | Ep. 01: Coronation
21 min
Season 3 Trailer | The Queen: The Forgotten Lif...
7 min
Charged | Ep 6: The Other Side
Once you're marked by the system, can you ever really be free of it?
27 min
Charged | Ep 5: The Long Tail
An unexpected detour about long half-life of punishment.
39 min
Charged | Ep 4: The Escape Hatch
Life on the knife's edge
29 min
Charged | Ep 3: The Ghost of Tyrone Howard
The limits of mercy in Brooklyn.
25 min
Charged | Ep 2: Criminogenic
One of the most infamous jails in the country and the battle to close it.
30 min
Charged 1+: The Making of Charged
The producers discuss making a show that deals with race and crime.
24 min
Charged | Ep 1: Born In Brooklyn
A brutal new court opens in Brooklyn. Two men's lives intersect inside of it.
26 min
Season 2 Trailer | Charged: A True Punishment S...
3 min
Standoff | Ep. 4: Afterlife
How did a brief incident become an enduring myth on the far right?
31 min
Standoff | Ep. 3: The Wisdom of the Crowd
As the Weaver family stayed holed up inside their cabin, their story attracted droves of supporters and rabble-rousers to rural Idaho.
26 min
Standoff | The Order and Women in White Power
More about the white power movement in the 1980s and '90s.
26 min
Standoff | Ep. 2: Rules of Engagement
The tense situation on the Weaver family compound erupts into violence.
30 min
Standoff | Ep. 1: Two Shotguns
Ruth Graham explores the ideologies and influences that led to the deadly siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992.
29 min
Season 1 Trailer | Standoff: What Happened at R...
2 min