Simply Write w/ Polly Campbell

Have you always dreamed of writing? Of becoming a published author?

Then you are in the right place, because in this podcast Simply Write, veteran magazine writer and author, Polly Campbell offers the kind of practical, behind-the-screens information and inspiration that will help you shape a writing career.

We'll go deep into writing technique, mindset, markets, pitches, and the other details you'll need to publish your work and we will talk to bestselling authors about how they get their work done and published and how you can do it too.

Join us every Monday when we talk about the craft of writing and the quirks of creating a writer's life.

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How To
Language Learning
147. How Pre-crastination Hurts Our Writing Life
I can't believe I did that. One example of how pre-crastination led to a big faux pas.
36 min
146. Criticism, Persistence, and Self-Publishin...
How one fantasy author uses fantasy and made-up worlds to discuss real life issues.
30 min
145. Better Research with Retrieval Practice
This practice can help learn and apply what you know in your work.
12 min
144. Editor, Author, Teacher Estelle Erasmus Ta...
Estelle Erasmus explains how to hook editors and readers with the story peg.
34 min
143. Show Your Work
Get used to writing for readers with this practice
29 min
110. Make an Editorial Calendar and Publish Mor...
A little strategic planning can make the publishing process easier
33 min
105. How to Choose the Best Idea--REPLAY
Not every idea makes a good story, knowing which ones do will help you get published.
33 min
140. EIC Sarah Klein Talks Service Journalism, ...
Want repeat article assignments? Learn to write to the market.
30 min
139 Five Things to Avoid in Your Writing
There are tons of rules about writing, but these five things are easy to apply and will instantly improve your work.
30 min
138. Cozy Mystery Author Angela M. Sanders Tal...
Quirky characters and a comfortable welcoming setting will help you craft a cozy that readers love coming back to.
36 min
137. Bust Writer's Block
Sure, there are hard writing days, but you can't let them stop you. Here's how to move forward.
28 min
136. E.A. Aymar: Persistence, Inspiration, and ...
Aymar explains how his persistence to writing has paid off big-time and what he thinks about violence in his novels.
35 min
135. Planning and Development for Steady Income
Create a system to help you complete the pieces your working on, even while pitching new ones.
26 min
134. The Writer's Field Trip
To create interesting writing, you need to live an interesting life.
14 min
133. Optimizing the Revision Process
Revision is Polly's favorite part of writing process and it might be the most important part of the job.
31 min
132. Paula Rizzo: Author & Media Strategist Off...
Can you explain your book in one, compelling sentence that will capture the interest of the media, agents, and readers?
37 min
131. Writers and Imposter Syndrome
Do you feel like a fraud when you call yourself a writer? Imposter Syndrome is real. Here's what to do about it.
34 min
130. Author Jen Singer Talks About Building a ...
Keep learning to develop the diverse skillset that will help you findn freelance success in changing times.
35 min
129. Thriller Author Alice Henderson: Real Life...
Can we change the world by captivating people with our storeis? Author Alice Henderson thinks so.
34 min
128. Study the Market To Publish More
Study the publications to understand what editors are looking for.
33 min
127. Success Secrets From Freelancer Jen A. Mil...
The veteran freelancer explains how to weather the ups and downs of a writing life.
36 min
126. Better Blogging
Blogs aren't what they used to be--they are even better, and writers have to be better too.
33 min
125. Agents and Writers: The Scoop from Agent K...
Undeerstand how agents work
34 min
124.. Developing Description
The right amount of description will elevate your work. Too much? The writing suffers. Here's how to get it just right.
33 min
123. Author Donald Altman and How the Writing P...
123. Author Donald Altman talks abou the challenges of writing nonfiction and novels.
33 min