Simplify Your Small Business Podcast

Simplify Your Small Business offers quick tips in minutes to help your business grow. Learn expert insights on simple things you can do today to help bring in new customers, enjoy a competitive edge, boost sales, and much more! As an entrepreneur, you’re busy. Now, you can get unique ideas and information to catapult your small business to the next level with these short segments (less than 15 minutes each)!

Exceed Customer Expectations and Watch Sales Soar!
6 min
Write Right for the Best Business Results!
6 min
You Have a Newsletter – Now What?
4 min
HVACR Marketing That Skyrockets Sales!
2 min
Interview with Ruth King
6 min
What is Good Copy and Why Do You Need It?
4 min
Interview with Bryan Durkin of MVPInnerCircle.c...
11 min
What Services Do You Really Need for Your Busin...
4 min
The Single, Simple Secret to Massive Communicat...
4 min
Don’t Have Any News? Think Again!
3 min
Tips to Deal with Entrepreneurial Frustration
6 min
Interview with Pamela Durkin of Pamela Durkin D...
11 min
Interview with internationally-known coach, Lee...
9 min
How to Avoid SEO Rip-Offs!
5 min
Interview with Justin Miller of Profit 911
9 min
How Thick is Your PR Skin? Tips to Overcome the...
5 min
How To Make Blogging Easy!
7 min
3 Secret Tactics Your Competitors May Not Be Using
6 min
What to Do If You Don't Like the Way You Look o...
5 min
3 Ways to Relax Before a Big Media Interview
6 min
How To Find Interesting Stories In Your Business
4 min
How to Guide a Media Interview Your Way
5 min
Tips to Deal with A Communications Crisis
5 min
What Happens After Your Big PR Campaign?
5 min
What Is Public Relations? Keep It Simple and Re...
3 min
What Makes You Unique? Develop a Story That Rocks!
5 min
Interview with Ruth King
7 min
Boost Holiday Sales With PR
6 min
How To Get More Accomplished Today
4 min
5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Content
4 min
Use Internal Public Relations To Help Your Smal...
5 min
How To Make Money Without Any Money
4 min
Sound Better In Your Media Interview
7 min
3 Tips for a Better Media Interview
5 min
Get Ready Now for the Holidays Ahead
5 min
How to Measure Your Content Marketing for Bette...
5 min
How to Optimize Your Content for Google Search
6 min
What Do Your Social Media Posts Say About You a...
5 min
Simple Ways to Empower Your Day
7 min
Beware the Press Release!
PR does not mean just a press release
5 min
Benefits vs. Features
Are you using the right one to boost sales?
4 min
Are You Taking Advantage of Case Studies?
How can they help your small business succeed?
5 min
What’s In Your Media Quote?
5 min
What’s the Key to Getting Things Done?
Whether it’s content strategy, public relations, marketing, or laundry, it’s time to stop being overwhelmed!   I don’t know about you, but since September started, things have really picked up with work. My “To Do” list is flowing onto...
7 min
Are You Missing Errors in Your Content Strategy?
Something sneaky in your copy may be ruining sales! How do You Avoid Content-Strategy Errors?   Marketing moves fast. While you’ve spent time to create a content strategy with an editorial calendar, good sales copy, the right...
4 min
3 Warning Signs to Be Aware of When Hiring a Pu...
If you simply don’t have time to do your own publicity, you can generate new sales and awareness fast by hiring a professional. But what should you look out for, especially if you have a tight budget? Well, in addition to reviewing credentials and...
4 min
Why Should Authors Turn Their Book into an Audi...
Why Should Authors Turn Their Book into an Audio Book? It helps you reach another audience with the same content. You can get extra publicity by promoting this new product to your customer base and build more online awareness. It provides another...
9 min
Ken McElroy Shares his Insights
Ken McElroy has experienced massive success in the real estate world–from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. With over $700 million investment dollars in real estate, Ken offers a unique perspective...
8 min
Special Guest: Kim Kiyosaki
Kim Kiyosaki shares her experience and insights with Melanie and David on how best to simplify your small business.
11 min
Simple Tips to Plan for the Holidays Now
While it’s still summer, holiday marketing planning is already in full swing. Retailers are already starting to hire for the holiday rush as the buying season begins earlier and earlier. With this in mind, here are… 3 tips to Prepare Your Holiday...
6 min
3 Free Publicity Tools to Boost Sales Now!
3 Free Publicity Tools to Boost Sales Now! Do you want to boost sales, credibility and awareness fast without spending money? Do-it-yourself PR is the way to go. Here are 3 suggestions for starting your publicity campaign now: Make that call. Most...
6 min
Do You Fight Over Which Words to Use?
If you’ve ever had a disagreement with a client, partner or employee over the use of certain words in your marketing or PR campaign, there are two simple ways to remedy this situation. Use AP Style.   The Associated Press issues an updated...
6 min
Turn Strange Hours into Productive Times
If you need more time to get everything done each day, you may not be taking advantage of all of the minutes and hours your have. Here are a few things to be aware of throughout the day to help you accomplish more. How much time do you actually spend...
8 min
Too Many Tweets are For The Birds!
How to use social media wisely.
6 min
3 Email Mistakes that Can Kill Your Campaign
  Don’t send messages out with bad grammar, spelling and content. Your targeted audience-members get bombarded with e-mails on a daily basis. Do you really think they are going to click on a link with mistakes in the subject line of your...
6 min
Why Your Blog Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It
1. It's Boring. Does your blog provide value to your target market? Is it unique and interesting? If not, you are wasting time and effort. Your audience is bombarded with messages all day long so you have to be different and give your audience what...
6 min
Why Do You Need Content for Business Success, A...
  It’s one of the few things in business where you have complete control. Once you write your specific message and publish it, that’s how it appears. You can engage customers, sell products and more in your own style and tone.   It...
5 min
How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed with Technology
Figure out what sources you need to check regularly to get the latest insights relative to your business. This may be a daily email, monthly magazine, blog or something else. Focus on a few, key resources to stay updated about the latest technology...
5 min
Keep a Positive Attitude When Facing Entreprene...
Podcast 4: How can you keep a positive attitude when facing major challenges as an entrepreneur?   Move around and take time to do things you like to do. When at work, get up from your desk and out of the office for breaks throughout the day....
5 min
3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Content Ins...
 What are 3 things you can do to improve your content immediately? Use action verbs. Remove the word “we,” “he” and “she” and replace it with “you.” Talk directly to your customers. Write content that gives all of the great...
3 min
The Art of the Landing Page
What is a landing page and what does it need to include?
5 min
Successful Marketing Without Wasting Time and M...
How do you start having successful marketing as a new business owner without wasting time or money?
5 min
How to get more done each day!
David and Melanie provide simple tips you can use immediately to accomplish more each day.
7 min
Remove these 3 things from your website for bet...
There are three things you can remove from your website right now to improve engagement, page visits, and more.  
5 min
How to avoid distraction at work
Melanie and David discuss how to avoid distractions at work, especially if you work from home.
7 min
What social media do you really need?
  Don’t get overwhelmed with social media! Learn some key tips to focus on what’s really important for your small business.  
5 min
How to get publicity
If you want third-party credibility you simply can’t buy, check out these positive publicity tips from Melanie and David.
8 min
What do you really need to know about SEO?
Stop any confusion about SEO, search engine optimization, and discover what you really need to know as a small business owner.
8 min
So Content Is King...Now What?
You know you need content, but exactly how do you use it for your specific business? Find out with these hot tips!
10 min
How to simplify your small business
In this intro to the series, Melanie and David discuss what it means to simplify your business and enjoy life more!  
8 min