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Side Jams with Bryan Reesman
Veteran journalist Bryan Reesman talks to well-known artists about their hobbies and passions beyond their main career.
Music Interviews
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Performing Arts
Episode 12: Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell)
Moonspell's frontman discusses his love for writing, reading, and editing poetry and books.
26 min
Episode 11: Azam Ali
Throughout her nearly 25-year recording career, siren singer Azam Ali has crossed the boundaries between the old and the new, blending Persian melodies and folk sounds with other international influences, medieval music, and even modern electronic instrumentation.
40 min
Episode 10: Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
For over 30 years, Hansi Kürsch has fronted German power metal band Blind Guardian, who have enthralled audiences with their epic sound, fantasy-inspired lyrics, and his majestic vocals. Recently, Kürsch and his bandmate, guitarist Andre Olbrich, collabo...
32 min
Episode 9: James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
As the frontman for Dream Theater, James LaBrie is the distinct voice for one of the most influential bands in progressive rock and metal history. The twice Grammy Award-nominated quintet continue to push their own musical and visual boundaries with thei...
29 min
Episode 8: William DuVall (Alice In Chains)
A singer who paved the way for the Atlanta hardcore scene when he was a teen, William DuVall ascended to becoming the frontman for Seattle hard rock icons Alice In Chains and the side project Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Beyond music, he enjoys reading biog...
35 min
Episode 7: Chris Caffery (TSO)
Guitar maestro Chris Caffery is known for playing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, Spirits Of Fire, and on his solo albums. He is also involved with three outside enterprises. For nearly a decade, he has been a partner in the hot sauce company Hi...
35 min
Episode 6: Mick Box (Uriah Heep)
As lead guitarist and co-founding member of Uriah Heep, the ever-jovial Mick Box has been a driving force behind the British rock icons for nearly 50 years. Their latest album Living The Dream is a strong studio release with memorable tunes and insightfu...
17 min
Episode 5: Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth)
Metal shrieker Dani Filth has traveled the globe for a quarter-century spreading the gothic black metal gospel of his band Cradle of Filth. The British group's latest album, Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay, is their best in a decade. On top of t...
26 min
Episode 4: Ash Costello and New Years Day
Ash Costello and her New Years Day bandmates Austin Ingerman, Nikki Misery, and Frankie Sil mine a dark, heavy sound that has embraced a pop-metal approach on their solid new album Unbreakable. For this episode, we speak about their mutual love for horro...
30 min
Episode 3: Alex Skolnick
Guitarist Alex Skolnick is known for his musical prowess in both heavy metal (Testament, Metal Allegiance) and jazz (The Alex Skolnick Trio). He also loves books, so I thought it would be fitting to meet him at the Strand Book Store in NYC to discuss all...
36 min
Episode 2: Jean-Michel Jarre
French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre has toured the globe, sold an estimated 80 million albums, and holds the Guinness Book record for largest outdoor concert attendance (3.5 million people). He's also a down-to-earth person who loves painti...
29 min
Episode 1: Roger Craig Smith
Welcome to the debut of "Side Jams"! Joining me for this inaugural episode is Roger Craig Smith. You've heard this talented voice actor play many signature roles in animated shows, films, and video games over the years -- Batman, Captain America, Sonic t...
38 min