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Side Hustle School
A daily show for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, listeners will hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle—along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books.
#90 - Academic Advisor Creates Profitable Karao...
A Washington, DC man uses his entrepreneurial skills and vocal chords to turn a profit and create entertainment and community.
6 min
#89 - College Bartender Turns Online Shopping I...
In the age before easy online shopping, a bartender discovers a way to supplement the tips she lost during the recession by purchasing clothing and reselling to her friends.
7 min
#88 - Father of 9 Starts “Uber for Tutoring” Hu...
Spending approximately five hours a month, one man is able to bring in 60k/year making the search for school tutors easier for busy parents.
6 min
#87 - College Student Earns $20,000 a Month Cle...
After recognizing some major issues within the cleaning industry, a D.C. student sets out to start a customer service driven cleaning company that fills the void that other cleaning agencies leave behind.
7 min
#86 - Car Enthusiast Sells $1 Million in Produc...
A car enthusiast follows up on his curiosity and creates a project that earns $5,000/month on average and has brought in over a million dollars after a decade.
6 min
Weekly Recap #12: Social Good, Marijuana, and t...
In our twelfth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
10 min
#84 - School Administrator Creates Digital Maga...
After discovering that his passion for goaltending has little to no online presence, a hockey fan decides to create his own resource blog.
8 min
#83 - Bridesmaid-for-Hire Posts on Craigslist; ...
A Craigslist ad goes viral and brings a new six-figure business to an in-demand bridesmaid.
5 min
Monthly Check-In: What's Your #1 Question For Me?
Side Hustle School is made for you! Let me know how it's going and how the show can best serve you as you build your hustle. Send your #1 question to podcast@sidehustleschool.com
1 min
#82 -Bartender Writes Statewide Marijuana Guide
Colorado bartender sells 2,000 copies of a statewide marijuana guide in the boom of the budding cannabis economy.
6 min
#81 - Freelance Illustrator Helps Other Artists...
A successful illustrator creates a side business earning more than $25,000 a year by helping artists sell their work online.
7 min
#80 - South Carolina Man Learns to Make Candles...
Inspiration strikes in an upscale men’s store when a man comes across a line of handmade scented candles.
8 min
#79 - Worm Composting Empire Brings in $400/Month
Texas man stumbles upon a worm composting method that turns into an interesting hobby and a fun side hustle. Don’t let your hustle idea wiggle away!
6 min
#78 - Detroit Women Make Jewelry for Profit and...
An attorney for a professional baseball team co-founds a jewelry company that becomes a sustainable social enterprise.
5 min
Weekly Recap #11: Tango, Glass Files, and Pork ...
In our eleventh weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
8 min
#76 - Successful Artist Adds $1,000/Month to Hi...
An artist uses his love of whimsical drawing to create a side hustle selling everything from autographed prints to coffee mugs with his designs on them
5 min
#75 - British Pub Manager Bakes Pork Pies for P...
A British pub manager has a creative idea for new pub food that he initially uses to help his boss, but then realizes that it might be better for himself.
6 min
#74 - Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires
After traveling to South America, an American woman falls in love with tango and creates a group experience to teach others.
6 min
#73 - Florida Man Earns $100,000 Selling T-Shir...
There’s more than one way to make a lot of money designing and selling t-shirts without actually keeping them on hand. In today’s store, an app designer earns six-figures with a print-on-demand service.
6 min
#72 - College Lecturer Makes Money by Helping O...
A woman uses skills she learned in her day job to help other teachers be more successful in the classroom.
5 min
#71 - Woman Earns $7,000 in Three Days by Selli...
An impromptu trip to a local farmer’s market leads one woman in California to a sustainable six-figure side hustle selling glass nail files online.
7 min
Weekly Recap #10: Tiny Houses, T-Shirts, and Ro...
In our tenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
10 min
#69 - NYC Jazz Musician Builds $40,000/Year Blog
A musician finds financial freedom by growing a blog and starting an ecourse on learning jazz.
7 min
#68 - Alcohol Fueled Idea Sells Over 1,500 Shir...
Three friends come up with a winning idea to add huge pockets to the fronts of shirts… because everyone needs a way to carry puppies and beers around with them.
5 min
#67- A Life of Travel Leads to a House-Designin...
A Pacific Northwest couple travels full-time but still brings in over $60,000/year designing “tiny” houses and alternative living spaces.
5 min
#66 - Employee Starts Net-Zero Personal Finance...
An accountant finds a way to bridge the gap between financial advisers and tax professionals.
5 min
#65 - Finance Employee Sells 200,000 Self-Publi...
When she can’t find anything good to read, a finance employee starts writing romance novels of her own. The books go on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies and pull her family out of debt.
9 min
#64 - Long-Haired Men Create Tribal Identity
Two guys create a “Hair Ties for Guys” hustle based on the unique shared identity of men with long hair.
6 min
Weekly Recap #9: 50 Shades of Hustling
In our ninth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. Also: listener Q&A!
10 min
#62: American Teacher Pans for Gold in New Zealand
After changing continents multiple times, an elementary school teacher finds true love, settles down in NZ, goes panning for gold, and ends up making $40,000/year working mostly on the weekends.
7 min
#61: Mom-Founded Startup Rents Infant Gear to T...
Busy mom in Chicago uses a peer-to-peer sharing platform to earn extra money for her family and help visiting parents get all the baby gear they need for their trip.
7 min
Extended Cut #2: 9 Starter Ideas for Your First...
Bonus episode! If you’re just getting started in the world of side hustling, explore these different platforms and ideas, including Skillshare (teaching a class), Wyzant (tutoring), etsy (selling handcrafted items), and 6 more.
20 min
#60: Marketing Consultant Creates Private Retreats
In the foothills of Tennessee, a marketing consultant designs a quarterly, high-end retreat weekend to help attendees take stock of their lives and businesses.
6 min
#59: PE Teacher Makes $11,000 with Membership Site
A PE teacher starts a blog that makes more than $11,000 through a sustainable revenue model that will likely grow with each passing month.
6 min
#58: 50 Shades of Grey Inspires Bedroom Items H...
A chemical engineer capitalizes on the 50 Shades of Grey craze by creating a collection of adventurous products… all hidden in a series of ordinary-looking books.
7 min
#57: Microsoft Employee Teaches Hula Hooping
A Microsoft specialist turns a unique hobby into an $800/month side hustle.
5 min
Weekly Recap #8: Plane Tickets, Punk Art, and A...
In our eighth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. Also: more listener Q&A!
10 min
#55: T-Shirts on Amazon Make $17,000 in a Month
A former corporate employee in Ireland runs a merchandising hustle on Amazon.com that brings in as much as $17,000 in profit in a single month.
8 min
Monthly Check-In: How are Things Going? Let Me ...
Side Hustle School is made for you! Let me know what you're working on and what your #1 struggle is. Share your answers and opinions at SideHustleSchool.com/report.
1 min
#54: Penny Portraits of Abe Lincoln Turn Into $...
An investment marketer creates a poster portrait of America’s 16th president. Since debuting his design, it’s sold more than 4,000 units and made $40,000.
6 min
#53: Queer Punk Artist Starts Personal Finance ...
A manager for a non-profit organization who describes herself as a queer punk artist creates a series of personal finance classes.
6 min
#52: Facebook Photo Leads to Today Show Appearance
An elementary school teacher is on a mission to introduce a non-toxic face paint for school rallies and sporting events.
6 min
#51: "Cheap Plane Tickets" Site Becomes Million...
A Washington, DC political analyst turns his travel hacking skills into an email list of more than 275,000 subscribers.
8 min
#50: Belgian Fine Chocolate Comes to America
After living in Belgium for 13 years, a Louisiana native returns home and starts a hustle making fine chocolate.
7 min
Weekly Recap #7: Live Crickets, Tarot, and Rein...
In our seventh weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. Also: more listener Q&A!
9 min
#48: New Yorker Doubles Her Income With Next-le...
How a senior designer for a feminist media publication decides to create tarot card decks and ends up making as much with her side hustle as she does at her day job.
7 min
#47: Gallup Coach Creates StrengthsFinder Mugs
No two strengthsfinder profiles are the same, so a Gallup-certified coach learns to make and ship personalized mugs.
6 min
#46: The Live Cricket Drop-Shipping Hustle
Another crazy story for you today about a man who sells live crickets to reptile owners—without ever handling any inventory, which of course is critical.
6 min
#45: UX Designer Makes “Simple Bra” To Make Wom...
How a UI/UX designer scratched an entrepreneurial itch and used $15,000 of her savings to create a business manufacturing bras for women looking for an alternative to the push-up bra.
7 min
#44: Charter Bus Employee Creates PR Service Fo...
How a digital marketer created something for himself, then decided to try selling it other people who had the same needs. He now makes more than $2,500 a month from this side project.
7 min
#43: Miserable Day Job Turns Into $100,000 Side...
An education district employee follows her passion for writing and creates an online side hustle helping others do the same raking in over $100,000.
8 min
Weekly Recap #6: Pole Dancing And The Expat Life
In our sixth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. Also: listener Q&A!
11 min
#41: USPS Mail Carrier Makes Clay Imprints Of C...
How a USPS mail carrier and court interpreter created an $800/month hustle serving new and expectant parents.
7 min
#40: Chicago Psychotherapist Becomes Ceremonial...
After being featured on TLC, a Chicago psychotherapist and marriage counselor becomes a ceremonial wedding officiant.
7 min
#39: “Live Snoop” Service Helps Parents Monitor...
How an IT graduate created a web-based service that provides peace of mind to parents with children growing up in the era of technology.
6 min
#38: Tour Guide Sells Astronomy Books to Tourists
How a British software engineer moved to the Canary Islands, started working as a tour guide, and wrote her own guidebook to accompany her tours.
7 min
#37: American Expat Coaches Families Who Move O...
After living in multiple countries with his family, a technical writer creates a service to help guide other families looking to begin a similar experience.
7 min
#36: Fitness Pole Dance Studio Grows To Four Lo...
How a graphic designer started a pole dancing fitness studio, expanded it to multiple locations, and grew it to a six-figure income before quitting her job.
7 min
Weekly Recap #5: Observation, Validation, and L...
In our fifth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School, and you'll learn why utilizing your existing skills can lead to a very successful hustle.
13 min
#34: Real Estate Project Manager Fills Apartmen...
How a Seattle real estate project manager connects apartment properties with local artists for site-specific custom art installations.
8 min
#33: GE Engineer Sells Hand-Crafted Slate Artwo...
A GE engineer uses his skills to make and sell hand-crafted slate artwork to all 50 states. In addition to bringing in a great side income, it’s also given him more courage and security to make decisions at his day job.
9 min
Extended Cut #1: The Power of Observation
Bonus episode! Where do hustle ideas come from? Short version: they're everywhere!
14 min
#32: Make $4,000/Month Renting Out Cars You Don...
How a Los Angeles man has been able to bring in over $4,000/month leasing and releasing a fleet of cars he leased from the manufacturer.
7 min
#31: A Visit To The Ballpark Inspires a Unique ...
A couple decides learns to manufacture novelty baseball sweaters after receiving a lot of attention at the stadium.
6 min
#30: Ohio IT Director Earns $31,000 Helping Oth...
How an Ohio IT director earned more than $31,000 by referring clients to the tools and resources they needed to set up their own websites.
7 min
#29: Hospital Database Programmer Outsources Hi...
How a hospital employee utilizes skills that he learned from work to help others work with and process complex computer programs and information earning up to $125/hour.
8 min
Weekly Recap #4: Good Fortune Favors the Prepared
In our fourth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School, and you'll also learn why fortune favors those who come prepared. Bonus: I’m starting a traveling workshop series! Tell me where I should go.
10 min
#27: Stressed-Out Mom Gives Up TV To Launch Her...
How a San Diego accountant coping with the struggles of new motherhood launched her own private label wine hustle for stressed out parents like herself.
7 min
#26: These Resume Templates Make $462/Month In ...
A student creates a visual resume service to make extra cash, then transitions that service to work smarter, not harder.
6 min
#25: Pottery Barn Commissions Art From Independ...
How an independent photographer explored several different options for selling her art, and ended up creating a hustle that brings in a third of her total income.
6 min
#24: Honeymoon In Nepal Becomes Fashion Accesso...
A multinational love affair turns into a global side hustle that raises money to invest in the community where their product is made.
6 min
#23: Guitar Teacher Sells Lessons On Craigslist...
How a busy new father created a part-time hustle teaching guitar lessons and now earns $5,000-6,000 a month, working 20-25 hours a week.
7 min
#22: 17-Year Old Canadian Makes $7,000 From a H...
How a high-school student started a holiday pop-up shop at a mall and made more than $7,000 in profit in a month.
7 min
Weekly Recap #3: Why Some Hustles Are Better Th...
In this third weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School, and you'll also learn why some side hustles are better than others.
14 min
#20: Engineer Creates “Inertia Project” For Women
How a former engineer loses in Las Vegas and redesigns the trajectory of her life, creating an impressive hustle along the way.
7 min
#19: Government Analyst Builds Six-Figure Resel...
How a government analyst goes from collecting Frequent Flyer miles to collecting money through a reselling side hustle creating a six-figure income!
5 min
#18: College Student Generates 50m Views On You...
After seeking a method to conquer her own skin issues, one woman takes to YouTube to help others shed their skin insecurities as well.
5 min
#17: Airbnb For Dogs: Woman Hosts Pets For $200...
After moving to the states to be with her new husband, a nutritionist from Spain finds a way to make a steading income hosting other people's pets in her home.
6 min
#16: Homemade Gin Kit Sells 75,000 Units
After encountering a roadblock in starting their own distillery, two friends create a side hustle that allows others to make gin in the comfort of their own home—no bathtub required!
6 min
#15: Graphic Designer Draws Caricatures For $25...
How a graphic designer went from $8 an hour to $250 an hour in her side business. She now earns more than $100,000 working part-time—and she has some great advice that applies to a lot of hustles.
6 min
Weekly Recap #2: What Makes a Good Hustle?
We look back at this week’s lessons and identify the qualities of a good hustle. Bonus: I’m starting a traveling workshop series! Tell me where I should go.
12 min
#13: Waldorf Teacher Designs Curriculum for Oth...
A teacher uses what she knows to help other teachers save time and teach more effectively.
6 min
#12: 40,000 People Use This Web Developer's Sid...
How a San Francisco commuter became part of the original iPhone launch with a hustle that now helps more than 40,000 people every day.
6 min
#11: Ketogenic Cookbook Author Makes $1,000 the...
How a specialized diet led to an eager fan base and a $2,000 / month side hustle, all from someone who never intended to make money from her project.
6 min
#10: Saddles for Pet Chickens: Get Ready to Win...
A woman creates a specialized product business in a very unconventional industry with almost $0 in manufacturing costs—and she does it all with no fowl play.
6 min
#9: The Craigslist Wedding Photographer
A California government employee becomes a part-time wedding photographer by posting an ad on Craigslist. He now makes $3,500 a month while only taking the gigs he wants.
6 min
#8: Cruise Vacation Turns Into Highly-Profitabl...
A couple goes on a cruise and comes back with a $3,000/month side hustle.
6 min
Weekly Recap #1: Where To Find Hustle Ideas
One of the most common issues people encounter starting a successful side hustle is finding a viable idea.
9 min
#6: Single Mom Makes $15,000 From Astrology Cal...
How a former restaurant owner and single mom created an astrology calendar that made $15,000 in a short period of time.
5 min
#5: How One Man Used A $100 Microphone To Make ...
After experimenting on Fiverr, one IT manager discovers a knack for recording voiceover ads and messages.
6 min
#4: Oil & Gas Sales Rep Makes $40,000 Reposting...
How a woman in Pennsylvania gained more than 1 million followers on Pinterest and developed a recurring income, all while working full-time and raising a family.
5 min
#3: Candy Heart Hustle Becomes Six-Figure Secon...
Unable to find branded candy hearts for a client, a marketing executive decides to make her own.
6 min
#2: British Man Earns $700/Month Writing Fish T...
How a British man wrote a series of reviews about fish tanks and ended up building a completely passive income business as an Amazon affiliate.
5 min
#1: Welcome to Side Hustle School
In this first episode, you'll learn what side hustles are all about and what you can expect from this daily series.
6 min
Coming Soon: Side Hustle School
Coming January 1 with The Onward Project
1 min