Side Hustle School
A daily show for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, listeners will hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle—along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books.
#216 - Dutch Personal Shopping Service for Kids...
6 min
#215 - Rocket Scientist Creates Herbal Side Income
7 min
#214 - German Funeral Urns Are Not a Dying Busi...
6 min
#213 - Holiday Body Butters Become $1,000/Month...
6 min
#212 - High School Junior Earns $10,000 Selling...
6 min
EXTENDED CUT: Pricing Your Product or Service
When you’re starting a new product or service, how do you know what to price it at? Good news: there’s a simple method you can use that will take you less than 10 minutes to apply.
12 min
WEEKLY RECAP: Shipping Options for Internationa...
In our thirtieth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: a listener asks about shipping options for importing items from far away.
12 min
#210 -Saxophonist Hustles His Way to Back Injur...
When a chronic back injury sidelines an Australian IT professional, he pulls out his saxophone and establishes three new sources of income.
8 min
#209 - Polish Bartender Makes Money While Drink...
5 min
#208 - Busy Marketing Professional Fills Niche ...
6 min
#207 - Brooklyn Photographer Gets Paid to Throw...
5 min
#206 - Law Student Helps Create A $6,500/Month ...
10 min
#205 - “Mommee Coffee” Becomes a $20,000/Month ...
7 min
Weekly Recap: What Should You Name Your Side Hu...
In our twenty-ninth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: a listener asks about naming her side hustle.
13 min
#203 - High School Teacher Turns Woodworking Ho...
A high-school teacher turns his love for woodworking and business into lessons for his students, but it’s really he who’s doing all the learning.
6 min
#202 - Physician Assistant Earns $12,000 In 10 ...
7 min
#201 - Food and Travel Writer Creates Food Tour...
7 min
#200 - High School Students Earn $10k in Profit...
6 min
#199 - Comic Creator Illustrates His Way to $30...
6 min
#198 - From London With Love: A Tale of Diamond...
9 min
Weekly Recap: Free Video Training + How to Star...
In our twenty-eighth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
10 min
#196 - Yoga Mat Reseller Changes Lives While Ea...
After being inspired by social good companies like TOMS, a woman in London creates a yoga accessories business that focuses on empowering women worldwide.
5 min
#195 -Birds of a Feather Flock to Your Bank Acc...
6 min
#194 - London Chocolate Tours Lead to Sweet Suc...
7 min
#193 - Pilot’s Side Hustle Takes Flight With Ae...
5 min
#192 - Left-Handed Artist Creates Right-Brained...
6 min
#191 - 14 Year Old Cooks Up A Storm With $250 A...
5 min
Weekly Recap: Face Painting, Hand Grippers, & W...
In our twenty-seventh weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
11 min
#189 - Lost & Found: How Lost Property Helps a ...
Tanya-Jane Park wasn’t looking for a side hustle when she went to a popular music festival, but when her friend lost her handbag, she managed to find one anyway
4 min
#188 - Side Hustle Turned Full Time Job Disrupt...
6 min
#187 - Fire Roasted Coffee Dreams Lead to Big B...
6 min
#186 - Hand Grippers Make for a $60,000-Strong ...
6 min
#185 - Midwestern Designer Offers Up a Feast of...
6 min
#184 - Wedding Bells Ring Brighter if the Bride...
8 min
WEEKLY RECAP: Starting Your First Email List (+...
10 min
#182 - Bright Idea Leads Chicago Woman to Milli...
7 min
#181 - Junk Removal Service Owner Earns $22,000...
5 min
#180 - $10,000 Side Hustle Helps Musician Land ...
6 min
#179 - Brand Strategist and Dentist Team Up To ...
7 min
#178 - Designer Illustrates Success with Person...
5 min
#177 - Full-Time Mom Ships $35,000/Month in Fro...
6 min
EXTENDED CUT: The Million-Dollar Etsy Shop
14 min
WEEKLY RECAP: At What Point Should You Have a W...
In our twenty-fifth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
11 min
#175 - Lawyer Earns $400/Month With Stock Music...
An online music marketplace offers a young lawyer an opportunity to fulfill his dreams of having his music heard, and also provides him with a new source of passive income.
7 min
#174 - Avid Travelers Turn Finding Deals Into V...
A couple in Washington, D.C. convert their passion for travel into a side hustle planning all-inclusive surprise vacations for those who lack the time to do it themselves.
8 min
#173 - Wine Expert Loses Job; Becomes House Pai...
After rejecting the extravagant spending associated with the high-end wine industry, an Alberta man looks to get back to his roots and ends up transitioning to something completely new.
7 min
#172 - Put a Cap in It: Architect Makes the Wri...
A Texas-based architect turns a pen-making craft he learned from his grandfather into a profitable side hustle, getting featured in GQ Magazine.
6 min
#171 - Harvard Med School Program Manager Gets ...
After yearning to spend more time back in her homeland, a med school program manager creates a side hustle centered around Italian food and culture.
5 min
#170 - Nomad Family Cooks Up $40,000 Profit Wit...
A traveling family creates a houseware reselling business using the Fulfillment by Amazon model, with profits going straight to their travel fund.
7 min
WEEKLY RECAP: Super Bowl, The Bible, and Succul...
In our twenty-fourth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
11 min
#168 - A Side Hustle with Succulent Growth Pote...
A Houston mom digs into a side gig with creative and community benefits.
5 min
#167 - Indian Personal Finance Blogger Rings Up...
7 min
#166 - Mental Health Counselor Creates Coping S...
6 min
#165 - Spanish-Language Bible App Generates 1 M...
9 min
#164 - Building A Side Hustle While Battling A ...
6 min
#163 - Flight Attendant Touches Down on $50,000...
8 min
WEEKLY RECAP: What Prevents You From Making Pro...
In our twenty-third weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
7 min
#161 - Fashionista Blogs Her Way to Career Success
A thirty-four-year-old fashionista in New York City finds a way to turn the economic crisis into an opportunity promoting affordable fashion while bringing in a profit to keep her flush in designer looks.
7 min
#160 - Radio Personality Channels Her Vocal Cor...
8 min
#159 - "Airbnb for Beer": Digital Nomad Brews U...
7 min
#158 - Urban Hiker Climbs to Steep Success in S...
10 min
#157 - NYC Office Manager Moonlights As Creativ...
6 min
#156 - Army Veteran Makes $650,000 Advertising App
9 min
WEEKLY RECAP: Engagement Rings, Balloon Art, an...
In our twenty-second weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week.
11 min
#154 - “Book Registry” Site Earns Passive Incom...
A developer in Pennsylvania decides to create a book registry website to cater to it bringing in a new stream of passive income.
9 min
#153 - IT Manager Unlocks the Secrets to a Succ...
8 min
#152 - Speech Language Pathologist Pulls Profit...
7 min
#151 - Immigrate to Canada and Make $500/Month
8 min
#150 - Diamond in the Rough: Engagement Ring Hu...
12 min
#149 - Balloon Artist’s Poppin’ Business Nets $...
8 min
Extended Cut #5: How to Choose Between Differen...
Listen to this episode for 3 specific tips and a simple methodology for making decisions.
12 min
WEEKLY RECAP: What Was Your Biggest Side Hustle...
10 min
#147 - Vintage Pinup Photography Turns Graphic ...
A love of 1920s-style photography allows a Texas woman to leave her day job and bring in multiple six-figures with classic “recreations” of a faraway time.
7 min
#146 - Mom & Son Create 'Comfy Cup' Support for...
6 min
#145 - Operations Manager Manages to Make Heavy...
9 min
#144 - Orthodontist Spends $500 in Facebook Ads...
8 min
#143 - Savvy Sleeper Pillowcases Produce Dreamy...
8 min
#142 - High-School French Teacher Earns $8,000 ...
6 min
Weekly Recap #20: Frozen Bread, Terrariums, and...
In our twentieth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
11 min
#140 - Oncology Nurse Creates Products to Regro...
After kicking cancer to the curb, a Texas oncology nurse discovers the power of essential oils for hair regrowth and launches her own handmade hair care line.
8 min
#139 - Florist & Sculpture Professor Make Presi...
Adventures in creating homemade presents for friends and family lead a Beyoncé-obsessed duo to lip balm world domination. Bonus: learn Abraham Lincoln’s favorite dessert recipes.
6 min
#138 - Hip Hop Glitter Pendants Sell $60,000 on...
A web developer and a faceless artist in Florida team up with celebrities on Instagram to promote hip hop glitter pendants. Thug life has never looked so shiny!
8 min
#137 - Australian Hacker Creates Passive Income...
A web developer develops an audio system that helps medical students memorize human anatomy. Seven years later, it still produces $800/month in profit.
14 min
#136 - Corn Syrup Allergy Leads to Booming Bake...
After a doctor diagnoses her husband with a corn syrup allergy, a healthcare analyst mixes up a line of healthy, sweet baked goods that turns into a stable second income.
9 min
#135 - British Man Builds Terrariums for £600 M...
An avid plant collector in the UK makes the most out of a temporary unemployment situation by building and selling glass terrariums.
8 min
Weekly Recap #19: Scavenger Hunts, Bow Ties, & ...
In our nineteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
14 min
#133 - Psychologist Earns $74,000 Helping Stude...
After overcoming childhood barriers, Shirag Shemmassian leveraged his educational success to launch an admissions assistance side hustle.
6 min
#132 - Hair Salon Owner Designs Mittens for Col...
An avid runner has a difficult time finding gloves or mittens that feel comfortable enough for running while also keep her fingers warm in the winter. She decides to make her own and pursues a patent for her idea.
8 min
#131 - Equine Lover Makes $5,000; Stables Busin...
A former NASA employee with an unbridled enthusiasm for horseback riding changes her hustle strategy and proves she’s no one trick pony. We’re not horsing around!
7 min
#130 - Resourceful College Dropout Earns Two Pa...
A corporate employee takes charge over a new branch of the company he works at and ends up creating a second income for himself. Don’t fire your boss… get them to pay you twice!
7 min
#129 - College Buddies Create $15,000 Bow Tie H...
After making the decision to upgrade their wardrobes, two Virginia college students start a bow tie side hustle.
9 min
#128 - Epic Scavenger Hunt Becomes 6-Figure Income
An event planner creates a competitive scavenger hunt game that takes place across Boston. Can you really make money while having so much fun?
9 min
Weekly Recap #18: Barking Up the Right Tree
In our eighteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
9 min
#126 - “Sign Hustle" Biz Produces $50,000/Year ...
A Tennessee man starts a low-tech, low-stress side hustle and creates a substantial side income working only on the weekend. No website needed!
7 min
#125 - Blogger Shifts From Products to Sponsors...
Sometimes a shift is all you need to get on the right track. This blogger was able to get out of debt and make $82,000 last year while working two hours a day before and after his real job.
9 min
#124 - Hand-Stamped Feminist Jewelry Earns $25,...
She’s loud, she’s proud, and she’s wielding a hammer to smash the patriarchy with her hand-stamped feminist jewelry line.
6 min
#123 - “Uber for Lawn Care” Mows Down the Compe...
Four friends take a whack at the lawn care industry’s weeds and find ways to better connect vendors and customers.
9 min
#122 - Dog Lover Turns At-Home Baking Into Bark...
A Michigan-based dog owner uses her baking hobby to launch a gourmet, healthy dog treat business. Don’t stop retrievin’!
7 min
#121 - House Arrest Leads to $500,000 Food Truc...
While serving time after a run in with the law, one man and his cousin get creative in the kitchen, then launch a successful food truck, catering, and restaurant business in rural Pennsylvania.
7 min
Weekly Recap #17: Midnight Cookie Delivery, Pho...
In our seventeenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
9 min