Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister

As a full-time mom of two maniacs under 5, a wife, nutritionist and a health & wellness coach, I can use a little something saucy on the side. Welcome to Side Piece, a place I come to get away from the 24/7 craziness of life. Whether talking to celebs, Bravolebs or athletes, I want to make sure we’re all getting a fun, entertaining and tasty side piece for ourselves.

Life is crazy, we all need an escape on the side.

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Entertainment News
Anastasia Surmava: From Stew to Chef
<p>This week, Melissa talks to Anastasia Surmava from Below Deck Mediterranean. They get into how and why Anastasia decided to become a yachty, that infamous cake and whether or not she would go back to crewing for Captain Sandy.&nbsp;</p>
46 min
Lexi Barbuto: The Doll of RHONJ
<p>On this episode, Melissa has girl chat with Lexi Doll of RHONJ. The two dive into Lexi being on RHONJ and having to wonder about her personal nudes leaking(she wasn't too concerned), how she feels about the ladies on the show, which housewives she'd be fine to never seeing again, and the two discuss all the beef that Margaret has had on the show.</p>
50 min
Ralph Pittman Jr: The Sexiest Side Piece on RHOA
<p>On this episode, Melissa sits down with RHOA newest sexy Side Piece, Ralph Pittman Jr. Ralph gives Melissa more details on the infamous 3 day Tampa trip, why it took some convincing for him to be on RHOA, and he lets her know if we will be getting more steamy bathroom pictures.</p>
55 min
Cary Deuber: RHOD Hot Nurse
<p>Melissa talks with RHOD alum, Cary Deuber. The two dive how being on the show caused stress in Cary's friendships, how she feels about the housewives still on the show, and why she got fired from the show after being demoted to a friend role.</p>
43 min
Izzy Wouters: The Below Deck Breakout Star
<p>On this episode, Melissa has girl chat with Izzy Wouters from Below Deck. The two dive into Izzy's time on the show, she spills the tea on her the Below Deck crew, and she tells Melissa which of her former castmates she would throw overboard.&nbsp;</p>
52 min
Kelly Bensimon: A Model Housewife
<p>On this episode, Melissa chats with RHONY alum, Kelly Bensimon. Kelly fills Melissa in on what she's been up to since leaving the show (hint: it involves millions of dollars), always being nervous and stressed about being on the housewives show, and Kelly gives her feelings on the OG NYC housewives.</p>
43 min
Landon Clements: A Real Southern Charmer
<p>On this episode, Melissa has some girl chat with Southern Charm's Landon Clements. She talks about what really went down with her, Thomas and the London trip, how she really feels about Kathryn and what's she's been up to since leaving the show.</p>
52 min
Peter Madrigal: The Vanderpump Rules Don't Apply
<p>Melissa talks all things Vanderpump Rules with Peter Madrigal. The two talk about the hookups and the almost hookups, what he's been up to since the show has been on hiatus, (hint:dates) and the two discuss if we will see Peter as a full-time VPR cast member anytime soon.</p>
45 min
Peggy Tanous: RHOC Realness
<p>Melissa talks with Peggy Tanous from RHOC. Peggy talks about why she initially turned down the opportunity to be on RHOC, what went down behind the scenes with her, Alexis, and Jim; and what she's been up to since leaving the show.</p>
57 min
Adrienne Gang: The OG of Below Deck
<p>On this episode, Melissa talks with an OG of Below Deck, Adrienne Gang. The two jump into what surprising thing Captain Lee said to Adrienne when they first met, what she thought after filming the first season of the show with a crew of idiots, and she tells Melissa who she would love to "throw overboard".</p>
47 min
Captain Sandy: The Boss of Below Deck Mediterra...
<p>On this episode, Melissa chats with Captain Sandy from Below Deck Med. The two jump into where Sandy and Malia stand today, who she'd love to have back on the yacht, and her side of the story on what went down with the firing of Hannah.</p>
39 min
Adam Neely: The Ultimate Shahs of Sunset Side P...
<p>On this episode, Melissa talks with everyone's favorite Shahs of Sunset side piece, Adam Neely. They talk about how he and Reza met, he and Reza's current friendship with MJ, and how he and Reza were able to work through their relationship difficulties of last season.&nbsp;</p>
48 min
Frank Catania: The Favorite Ex-husband From RHONJ
<p>On this episode, Melissa talks with everyone's favorite ex-husband of RHONJ, Frank Catania &nbsp;The two talk about his 3way friendship with his ex-wife Dolores and her boyfriend David, choosing sides between Joey Gorga and Joe Giudice, and if he thinks Dolores is his soulmate.</p>
34 min
Danny Pellegrino: Everything Iconic
<p>On this episode, Melissa chats with Bravo superfan and host of Everything Iconic podcast, Danny Pellegrino. The two talk all things Bravo, what it's really like to be a Watch What Happens Live bartender, and what goes on behind the scenes of WWHL.</p>
37 min
Hannah Ferrier: THE Chef Stew of Below Deck Med
<p>On this episode, Melissa has girl chat with former chief stew of Below Deck Med, Hannah Ferrier. The two discuss what really went down behind the scenes of her being fired from the show, what it's like to be a new mom and fiancè, and Hannah tells Melissa when she plans on returning to Below Deck Med.</p>
47 min
Margaret Kiss: AKA Marge Sr. of RHONJ
<p>On this episode, Melissa talks with Marge Sr. about alllll things RHONJ. The two jump into the relationship she has with her daughter Margaret, how she really feels about &nbsp;Danielle Staubs, and she shares fun stories about her "sliding in the DM's" dating life.</p>
35 min
Momma Dee Simmons: The Resident Mom of RHOD Doe...
<p>Melissa sits down with Momma Dee Simmons of RHOD to discuss everything we've loved to watch on the show. The two clear up the chatter regarding D'Andra's trust fund, the fallout of D'Andra and LeeAnne, and Melissa finds out if Momma Dee likes to "Netflix and Chill".&nbsp;</p>
40 min
Derek J: Fashion Queen of RHOA
<p>Melissa sits down with the original Side Piece, Derek J of RHOA. Derek fills Melissa in on why he got tired of being a Side Piece on RHOA, why he has had a hard time doing other shows outside of RHOA, if viewers will see him again on RHOA, and which of the housewives could use a Derek J makeover. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
38 min
Tamra Judge: Hottest Housewife of the OC
<p>On this episode, Melissa catches up with RHOC's "Hottest Housewife" Tamra Judge. Tamra tells Melissa how it really went down when she was told she would no longer be on the RHOC, how she really feels about Shannon and if we can expect a "Tres Amigas reunion, what it would take for her to return to RHOC, and why she's saving a seat for "Jesus Jugs".</p>
48 min
Meghan King: From RHOC to Idaho?
<p>On this episode, Melissa has “girl talk” with former RHOC cast member, Meghan King. Of course Meghan is not a side piece, but she does discuss her current and former side pieces (read Will Roos and Jim Edmonds), how she was really cast to be on RHOC, seeing ghosts, and fills us in on if she'd ever be a Bravo housewife again!</p>
40 min
Captain Lee:"Stud of the Sea"
<p>On this episode, Melissa sets sail with Below Deck's Captain Lee. We know what you're thinking...Captain Lee isn't a side piece... and you're right, but he is awesome! Melissa and Captain Lee get into why he thought his career was over when Below Deck started filming, which celebrity he'd love to welcome aboard the yacht, and who in his crew he'd like to "throw overboard".</p>
40 min
Mike Hill of RHOA: 1 Half of #CHILL
<p>On this episode, Melissa is talking with one part of #CHILL, broadcaster and side piece to RHOA star Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill. The two dive into why Cynthia was his favorite RHOA even though he was married to someone else, how a thirst trap Instagram photo got his attention to text Cynthia, and why he really turned the camera off during the filming of a RHOA episode.</p>
40 min
Chef Tracey Bloom of "Don't Be Tardy" Serves Up...
<p>On this episode, Melissa has a delicious conversation with Chef Tracey Bloom from Bravos' "Don't Be Tardy". The two discuss how she went to Kim Zolciak's house for the first time and "never left", the one dish she just can't ever seem to get right, what she wants in a lover, and sets the record straight on her son, Kannon.</p>
43 min
Seth Marks: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
<p>Welcome to the first episode of Side Piece! Host Melissa Pfeister sits down with Bravo's Real Housewives of Salt Lake City side piece Seth Marks; husband of RHOLSC cast member Meredith Marks. They dive right into Seth and Meredith's marriage, why Seth was hesitant to be a part of the newest housewives show, how being on RHOSLC changed their relationship, and Seth also reveals new details about their marriage that Melissa never saw coming!</p>
32 min
Welcome to Side Piece!
<p>Welcome to Side Piece, a podcast that exists to celebrate our favorite best friends, stylists, chef, nanny, and spouse that completes our favorite Bravoleb, because you can’t have a full Bravolebrity without getting a taste of their ultimate Side Piece!</p>
2 min