Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture

Jeena Bloom is a transgender female comedian that grew up in the world of male pop culture. Now living her best life, she’s bringing the loudest, bro-iest pieces of pop culture from her old life to her favorite female comics Each week, Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture will feature a female comedian that will watch or experience, for the first time, a movie, tv show or experience geared toward men. Another comic that is already a fan will join the broadcast and both will discuss with Jeena their experiences, and what it tells them about the world of men and bro culture. Join Jeena and her guests each week where everything from professional wrestling to Nicholas Cage action movies to Crossfit is open for debate.

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Oh My God, That Mom Sounds Exactly Like You (Ri...
Jeena closes out season 2 of Shweet! with a deep dive into the extra bro world of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Joining Jeena this week are comedian/cool mom/initiate Nicole Blaine and Rick and Morty staff writer, Anne Lane. Anne gives us all some really cool and non-spoilery insight into the show's writer's room while Nicole finds her parenting style reflected in their multiverse shenanigans. In the last episode of the season, Jeena and her guests decide to revoke Rick and Morty's bro culture status and proclaim it's true audience is fancy ladies of discerning tastes everywhere. Ladies, grab your portal guns with your pinkies up and listen now!
64 min
Shut Up, Dave (Training Day)
This week Jeena jumps in the Monte Carlo and hits the mean streets of Los Angeles for an in-depth discussion of 2001's Oscar winning bro classic Training Day. Join Jeena on her ride-along are horrified newbie/comedian Duaa Osman and self-described bro-pologist/comedian Courtney Reynolds. Duaa is nearly traumatized by Denzel's turn to the dark side while Courtney reminisces about how his 13 year old self was blown away by even the parts of the movie he didn't completely understand in a movie that is dated and timeless all at the same time. King Kong ain't got nothin on this week's episode of Shweet!
55 min
You Don’t Even Get to Start Believin’? (The Sop...
Everybody grab some gabagool because this week Jeena is talking all about The Sopranos! Joining Jeena this week are first timer and comedian Ever Mainard and tracksuit enthusiast/comedian Brandon Scott Wolf! Ever is unimpressed by the sheer time commitment required to learn about sad mobsters, Brandon's love is undeterred and Jeena makes another shocking confession this week by coming out as a reformed Sons of Anarchy fan! Pop some prozac with your favorite gumar and listen now!
58 min
Dave Matthews, Literally the Name Gets Me Wet (...
Jeena welcomes KarenLee and Cameron Poter from the podcast Sex Talk With My Mom to discuss the man, the myth, the growl: Dave Matthews. Cameron learns way more about his mom KarenLee's taste in erotic music than he ever wanted to know while Jeena destroys what little Millenial credibility she had left with a shocking confession of erotic desire of her own. Grab your hackey sacks and put a towel on your seat, because we're going in deep with Dave Matthews on this episode of Shweet!
58 min
The Die Hard 3 Problem (Law Abiding Citizen)
Jeena is joined this week by comedian/newbie Neha Talreja and fellow comedian/unapologetic apologist to discuss the mostly forgotten 2009 revenge thriller Law Abiding Citizen, starring Jamie Foxx and Jeena's favorite beefy himbo daddy turned criminal mastermind Gerard Butler. A dude tunnels INTO prison and somehow comes up with box office gold! Everybody is left to wonder: is Gerard Butler a real-life secret nefarious genius? Judge for yourself, citizen, on this week's episode of Shweet!
52 min
Isn't It Amazing What You Can Do When You're a ...
Jeena welcomes Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman, comedy power couple and hosts of the Couples Therapy podcast this week to talk about that most bro-y of bro sketch shows, Mr. Show with Bob and David! There's ironic billiards, white boy nonsense, and some very questionable comedic choices that are in no way whatsoever still a problem today! Naomi is thoroughly unimpressed with the most formative comedic experience of Andy's life! And Jeena is also there! Grab your favorite problematic comedy friend and listen now!
68 min
The White House as Grey Gardens (Pod Save America)
This episode was recorded before the murder of George Floyd, the subsequent protests and incidents of police brutality that followed. Jeena takes the world of lefty political bros by taking a deep dive into Pod Save America and their recent interview with Bernie Sanders. Joining Jeena is Pod Save newbie and altogether pleasant Canadian comic Naomi Snieckus and Pod Save stan and equally pleasant burlesque comic Ariana Seigel. All of the ladies debate whether or not the podcast is just liberal comfort food or if it actually makes a difference. Listen to this episode recorded less than 3 weeks ago and marvel at just how dated it is now, with Jeena and her guests unaware at just how much worse everything was about to get in America.
51 min
I Think He Hanksed Me (Saving Private Ryan)
Jeena spends her Memorial Day Weekend hanging out and talking about Saving Private Ryan, the 1998 WWII classic starring Tom Hanks. Joining Jeena this week is thoroughly traumatized first time viewer/comedian Kari Assad and comedian/vet Pete Stegemeyer. After horrifying one of her guests, Jeena switches gears to have a lively discussion about how war movies and free college convince young men to join the service and sometimes a war movie can feel as real as an actual war.
53 min
Kate Middleton, That's Her Bag (Jazz)
Hey all you hep cats, this week Jeena brings you an episode all about that most American musical form: jazz. Ya dig? Joining her this week is NYC comic/jazz non-fan Blair Dawson and jazz legend/Blair's dad, Roger Dawson. Roger brings more authority and expertise to this show than it probably deserves and will almost certainly never have again. Blair is all like, that's my dad! Jeena is impressed by this artistic family and everybody learns so very much about slide piano. It's fun! It's complicated! It's jazz, baby!
52 min
No One's Gonna Yuck Your Yum (Wrestlemania 36)
Ohh yeah! Dig it! Jeena is digging deep into Wrestlemania 36, the audience-free wrestling COVID-19 version of the WWE's biggest event! Joining her in the squared circle are comedian and wrestling newbie Joanne Schinderle and comedian and wrestling expert Bobby Hankinson! Bobby provides an encyclopedic knowledge to Joanne's eager newly converted fandom while Jeena once again cannot see past hairdos. Everybody loves The Man (and mom-to-be) Becky Lynch, everybody does not love the Florida Man wrestling in the boneyard and everybody is very, very confused about where all the ladders came from. Listen now for some good ol fashioned all American surrealism. Suck it!
55 min
Complete the Vu (The Matrix)
Jeena journeys down the rabbit hole of the Matrix! Joining this week is Remy Kassimir, comedian and host of the popular podcast How Cum, as the first time viewer and fellow comic (and Remy's boyfriend and quarantine partner) Ben DeMarco as the designated apologist. Jeena waxes poetically about internet erotica of the 90s, while Remy and Ben discuss the very nature of reality itself. Everybody has to have their priorities, but one thing that everybody can agree on is that Trinity is a royal babe. Fulfill your destiny and listen now!
49 min
Taco Bell is the Only Reason I'm Alive (Demolit...
Mellow greetings everybody! This week Jeena takes on Demolition Man, the oddly prescient Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes sci-fi shoot-em-up from 1993. Jeena's initiate this week is comedian Caitlin Reese and joining them are double apologists and fellow comics Hattie Hayes and Matt Storrs. The future is not exactly female, but its definitely effeminate as we explore contactless queerness, Taco Bell marriage proposals and a movie that seems to hold every contradictory opinion about society at once. Grab all three of your seashells and listen now!
57 min
It Takes a Village to Fix a Broken White Boy (G...
It's a surprise sequel to our Star Wars episode as Jeena explores the Star Wars of Boston movies, Good Will Hunting. Joining Jeena is first timer and fellow More Banana podcaster Anita Flores and Boston area native/comic apologist Valerie Tosi. It's another roller coaster ride of straight guy emotions, therapy plus the unending mystery of what angelic Minnie Driver was doing with this jerky janitorial genius. Come join the winner's circle by listening to this episode today!
57 min
A Little Chiquita Banana (The Sandlot)
Jeena zooms into quarantine podcasting with this deep dive into the 90s kid classic The Sandlot. In keeping with the film's questionable gender politics, Jeena switches the roles as Jeena is joined by lady and Sandlot/softball expert Erica Dawson and the Jeena's fellow unsporty comedian Joseph Schles. Everybody confesses to having special feelings stirred as kids by The Sandlot's ethnically ambiguous older boys and having their anger stirred as adults by the movie's skeevy poolside kiss and choice of ultimate insult. All you buttsniffers should listen now (no kink shame)!
54 min
Your Gayness is Broken (Bad Boys for Life)
We bid a fond farewell to the pre-quarantine episodes as Jeena welcomes comedy couple Jenna Cortis and Dustin David to discuss Jenna's first experience with Bad Boys for Life and the Bad Boys trilogy, in general. Everybody learns that it takes a city exploding to make men feel things, but once they do, the feelings don't stop. Break out your beard dye and come out of retirement for one last time as we ride together and hopefully not die together as enjoy being Bad Boys for Life. (Please excuse the audio recording issues in the first half, there was a problem at the independent recording studio and we were not able to retape the episode due to the quarantine).
43 min
We're Gonna See Those Rocks Again (The Shawshan...
This week Jeena is joined by Jamie Loftus and Caitlin Durrante of The Bechdel Cast to discuss Jamie's first time ever viewing of the bro-motional classic The Shawshank Redemption! Jamie's boyfriend misses an important trip to the Genius Bar and everybody discusses the precise shot length required to show two straight men hugging without any gay subtext (from a helicopter). Caitlin and Jamie bring their trademark intersectional feminism to a movie with no women whatsoever, while in the end, Jeena finds a way to make it all about herself. Crawl through the poo poo tube with us and listen now!
57 min
Can't Wait to Grow Up and Go to Therapy (Star W...
Jeena welcomes comedian and podcaster extraordinaire May Wilkerson to her first time ever watching the original Star Wars. Joining them both is Jeff May, fellow comic, podcaster and Star Wars superfan. Vast galaxies are explored, while May is pleasantly surprised by a surprisingly feminist space princess and everybody learns to process their feelings via Good Will Hunting. It's another round of pre-quarantine comedy when our deepest existential fears were not in the process of being realized! Listen now and the force will be with you!
56 min
A Kiki, A Laugh, A Cackle (Coal Chamber)
Jeena brings back guests Danielle Perez and Madison Shepard this week as Madison tests her friendship with Danielle by making her listen 90's nu metal also-rans, Coal Chamber! Hear a heartwarming nu metal tale that begins at Cirque du Soleil and crosses through the hardest rocking bowling alley in Texas as Danielle and Jeena learn about how Madison was shaped into the boss bitch that she is today by the music of Coal Chamber, a band that apparently existed during the heyday of Korn and Limp Bizkit! Get loco and listen now!
50 min
A Tyrese in the Streets and a Tyrese in the She...
Jeena closes out the salute to the Fast Saga with the bisexually flirty Hobbs & Shaw, bringing along first time Fast Saga-er/comedian Madison Shepard and her bestie/designated apologist/comedian Danielle Perez. Jeena just sits back and lets the guests do all the work as the discussion zips around from drama to hot daddies to messy bitches who live for drama. Make sure you listen next week when Madison and Danielle switch roles for an in-depth discussion of Nu Metal. It's family time and we are here for it!
55 min
Strawberry Diabetes (Podcast Party LIVE in LA! ...
Jeena takes the week off to record a live episode of Shweet! as part of Podcast Party, live at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles. Returning fave guests Stef Dag and Sarah Afkami join Jeena live before a studio audience to sample the finest bro items that can be bought at the CVS around the corner from the theater. Listen now to find out how everybody reacted to a man's armpit covered in Axe Body Spray. The result won't surprise you! And make sure you listen next week for the thrilling yet temporary conclusion to Jeena's salute to the Fast Saga!
17 min
What a Mitzvah! (Fate of the Furious)
57 min
Respect the Recklessness (Furious 7)
The emotional climax of the Fast Saga comes fast and furious for Jeena and her guests, first timer/LA comic Veronica Kwiatkowski and longtime franchise viewer/LA comic Dante Chang. There are explosions! Beefs! Heartfelt farewells! Cars improbably flying through buildings! The franchise that truly has it all reaches its platonic ideal as the first timer becomes the fan and the fan wonders what he has done with his spare time! Chaos reigns on this new episode of Shweet!
44 min
We're Just Gonna Big Spoon (Fast and Furious 6)
The action shifts to London as Jeena welcomes Fast Saga newbie Molly Ruben-Long and her fellow LA comic Dave Cerwonka to the highly improbable action of Fast and Furious 6. There are tanks and giant planes and prison break-ins, but in the end, Jeena and her friends determine that the real story was all the friends Vin Diesel made along the way. Stare deep into Paul Walker's dreamy eyes and recover from your amnesia, because we're six movies deep into the most expensive art-house miniseries ever made!
49 min
Here's an Apology Casserole (Fast Five)
Welcome to Brasil! Jeena is joined by recent LA transplant Stef Dag and Chicago's own Michael Martin to discuss the testosterone super-powered antics of Fast Five. It's the debut of The Rock in the franchise and while everybody on the show can smell what he's cooking, not everyone finds it appetizing. The gang spitballs endless expansions to the Fast family, discusses some highly improbable physics and mostly just wishes everybody in the movie would make out already. FAMILY!
50 min
Men Just Want to Have Buddies (Fast and Furious)
Shweet! continues living a quarter mile at a time as Jeena welcomes NYC comedians Dani Faith Leonard and Alison Klemp to discuss Fast and Furious, the fourth film in the Fast Saga! After being separated for two films, this is the one that reunites stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and continues their epic love story. Jeena and her guests discuss the loneliness of the adult American male and how the Fast saga provides a fantasy of male friendship built on fast cars and longing yet somehow platonic looks between men. Help us bring down the cartel by listening today!
49 min
Coast to Coast Han Talk (The Fast and The Furio...
Welcome back Drift Kings! The Shweet! salute to the Fast and Furious movies continues with this deep dive into the far out world of Tokyo Drift, with comedian and first timer Irene Fagan Merrow and die hard franchise stan Bryan Yang! Join us as we discuss how the world's oldest teenager infiltrates the vaguest criminal empire in film history. Then most importantly, we discuss all things Han, the true emotional center of the Fast universe. And remember, drifting is just turning irresponsibly.
49 min
Act a Fool! (2 Fast 2 Furious)
Hey street racers! Jeena is back this week and bringing comedian Sarah York into the excessively fast and furious world of 2 Fast 2 Furious! And joining the action this week is designated apologist and podcaster Aaron Benoit. Shweet! explores the far out year of 2003, when girlfriends matched their boyfriends outfits and everybody's outfits matched their cars. The jury is still out on what is the actual plot of this movie, but homoerotic punches will be thrown and hundreds of very expensive cars will be destroyed with zero consequences. Don't you act a fool and listen now!
49 min
The Buster Brought ME Back (The Fast & The Furi...
54 min
Too Many Tiny, Tiny Words (Infinite Jest, Part 2)
It's a wrap on season one as Jeena continues the discussion about the King Kong of bro books, Infinite Jest. Returning guests include first time reader Hannah Corrigan and Infinite Jest stan Kris Montello as the discussion widens out to David Foster Wallace's place in the world and whether or not women can be just as profound in a fraction of the time. Listen to the end for Jeena's thoughts on season two. Thank you for listening and keep an eye out for new episodes coming from More Banana Podcasts!
49 min
The American Express Black Card of Nothing Impo...
Hey Shweet! fans, this is it! Part 1 of the big 2 part season one finale! And we are tackling that tower of smart bro-dom, the doorstop sized novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Joining Jeena is comedian and first time Jester Hannah Corrigan. Hannah and Jeena manage to do the one thing that 99% of the dudes on the NYC subway system nursing a copy of this book will never do- actually read Infinite Jest! Joining us is filmmaker and apologist Kris Montello. It's the tweediest, most intellectual episode ever! If you've ever been curious about what this book is actually about, listen now and then again next week for part 2! Fart jokes will return next week!
57 min
Two Dylans, No Steves (Big Trouble in Little Ch...
This is Jeena Bloom on the More Banana Express tellin' you to listen up: we're talking about Big Trouble in Little China, the Kurt Russell 80s action cult classic featuring a whole lot of Chinese ghost wizards doing what ghost wizards do best! Joining in the fun are the ladies behind We Stan Together, first time viewer Lauren Brickman and longtime stan Caitlin Bitzegaio. We explore the lost art of the video store, the many voices of Kim Cattrall and more from one the 80s strangest dude movies. Listen to this episode for America!
50 min
PUT YO WEIGHT ON IT! (The Godfather)
This episode of Shweet! is making you an offer you can't refuse! Yes, this week we review the all time bro-classic (and all-around classic) film The Godfather. Jeena brings her friends Monica Prata and Reid Wittman along for the ride and they discuss the long influence this film has on culture, bro and otherwise. Everybody is a very bad feminist and Jeena learns that not all of her oblique comedy experiments work out! Take the cannoli and listen to this episode now!
49 min
Is this Racist or is this Really Racist? (Con A...
Shweet! is all the way LIVE at Caveat in New York City and we are talking all about the 1997 Nicolas Cage bunny saving classic Con Air. First timer Milly Tamarez and not-so-apologetic apologist Geoffrey Asmus talk with Jeena before a live audience about all things Con Air. The hotness of drunk rednecks, the sexual allure of Steve Buscemi and that weird little girl who apparently lived in an empty swimming pool are among the many topics discussed before on this very special live episode of Shweet!
51 min
It's Cute, I Hated It (Sublime)
Sup bruhs? Jeena's representin' the MBP with this week's episode about the sick ass music of Sublime! Joining her is righteous comedy babe and Sublime newbie, Sarah Fatemi as well as true G from the old school, comic Rogin Kim. The three have one tight discussion about whether anybody ever actually liked ska, the magical year of 1992, and how the DARE program is now totally down with drugs. Listen now, mah dudes, only on More Banana Podcasts!
53 min
Kicked Four out of Five Bags of Popcorn (The Wa...
On this week's Shweet! Jeena brings LA comedian Austin Leigh some quality H2O in the form of 1998's Adam Sandler classic, The Waterboy! Joining the discussion is Sandler superfan/fellow comic Nicole Mackie, bringing the liveliest of designated apologies! The trio discuss the fineness of Henry Winkler's stunt butt, the mouth feel of the medulla oblongata and how everything kind of works in this movie, except for Adam Sandler. Listen today on the More Banana Network! YOU CAN DO IT!
57 min
Wait! He Has Tinnitus (Baby Driver)
Jeena welcomes writer Sofia Barrett-Ibarria to the fast paced, extremely dudely world of 2017's Baby Driver! LA comic and film geek Max Mielecki puts the pedal to the metal as the designated apologist! Jeena takes a hard left turn into a discussion on tax credits! Everybody take a road trip back to the briefly cool car chase movie that served as Kevin Spacey's last hurrah as a movie star and inspired a thousand Bustle thinkpieces, today on Shweet!
46 min
Always Happy to Meet a Fan (The Joe Rogan Exper...
This week, Jeena makes a podcast about a podcast! The topic this week is The Joe Rogan Experience, featuring Rogan first-timer, actress Xenia LeBlanc and spirited apologist, comic/writer Sarah Afkami. The lively discussion begins with a single episode of Rogan but quickly enlarges into broader topics on gender, civilized discourse and cancel culture. And there is still time for jokes about strap-ons! There are some very sensitive topics and some very surprising reveals, so grab your mass-building supplements and listen now!
52 min
I Hope, I Hope this Ruined your Childhood (Ghos...
Jeena's guests this week, NYC comics Emily Walsh and Phil Rizdon do a movie swap! Emily has never seen the original 1984 Ghostbusters but has seen the 2016 all-female reboot while Phil is an 84 Ghostbusters fan that never saw the reboot. And then, they swap movies and discuss! As it turns, everybody thinks both movies are pretty ok! None of this excuses the Fallout Boy theme song for the 2016 reboot, which everybody agrees should have drawn all of the internet's hate. The gang discusses both the toxic parts of nerd culture and the need to create original, non-rebooted material for the ladies in this lively and friendly discussion of a topic that got irrationally racist and ugly just 3 years ago. Listen now and relive all the confusing controversy!
51 min
Brought to You by Depends (Kill Bill, Vol 1)
On this episode of Shweet!, Brooklyn based comic Morgan Root watches Quentin Tarantino's martial arts epic Kill Bill, Vol 1 for the first time with Jeena and Tarantino fan and woke bae, Alex Fossella. What follows is a wide ranging discussion on Tarantino's relationship with Harvey Weinstein, getting revenge on behalf of other people and male-lensed feminism. It's a meaty, thoughtful episode that still manages to take time to riff about Gillian Anderson's nipples and Depends adult undergarments, so there really is something for everyone on this very special episode. Listen now!
49 min
Hats! (Red Dead Redemption 2)
Shweet! finally enters the bro-y world of video games! NYC comedian and video game noob Anya Volz enters the immersive world of Red Dead Redemption 2, guided on her quest by fellow comic and gamer Mike Recine. Journey back to the old west where you had a lot more wardrobe options than you'd expect! Jeena confesses to being a clueless old that understands neither the appeal of video games that force you to be ethical farmers or watching other people play games on the internet. Put on your finest hat, punch some cattle and then ride into the complex morality play of modern video gaming on this week's Shweet!
48 min
Tammy Lived a Life of Quiet Desperation (Hooter...
Happy Pride everybody! In honor of the queerest month of the year, this supersize episode of Shweet! features a gay brunch at Hooters, starring unimpressed first timer comedian Margo Reiss and two apologists, comedians Chris Moore and Rosa Escandon! It's hot wings at the gayest, campiest restaurant in all the land: Hooters! Jeena and her merry band of queers comics throw shade at the wings, the uniforms, the Hooters rulebook but have nothing but nice things to say about the bathrooms! YASSSS HENNY!
54 min
I Should Try to be the Jazz Person (Nightmare o...
Last week's guests Katharyn Henson and Melissa Diaz are back and switching roles! This time we talk about Freddy Krueger and all things teen horror with as Katharyn has never seen A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Melissa is a big fan who can't wait to talk about Freddy. That is until Jeena derails her own show by talking about her lost ability to lucid dream herself into literally flying around and having mundane sex. We won't learn much about the movie or the men who watched it, but you will learn more than you ever cared to learn about your host on this week's episode of Shweet!
49 min
Sunday Albino C*ck (Neutral Milk Hotel vs Laury...
On this special episode, Jeena and her guests explore musical geniuses that put out one good album and then left the scene. Comic Melissa Diaz has never heard any of the indie music bro classic "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel and fellow comic Katharyn Henson has never heard the entirety of Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" so they swap favorites and talk it out. Two artists released classic albums in 1998 and quit, but have very different reputations now. Can female artists gain mystique by walking away from their art like male artists? That's the discussion on this episode of Shweet!
49 min
Life is Prison (The Entourage Movie)
Hug it out with Jeena and funny lady Carolyn Bergier as they take a deep dive into 2015' Entourage movie. Comic and unabashed Entourage fan Eitan Levine drops by to defend the seemingly indefensible! Marriages and friendships will be tested! Featuring jet skis, finance drama, so many problematic men, and no discernible dramatic conflict- it's the continuing adventures of Vince, E, Ari, Turtle and Drama as they navigate the difficulties of being straight white men with unlimited money and spare time on Shweet! OHH YEAH!
47 min
He Was Talking with His Whole Face (Varsity Blues)
Jeena and More Banana founder Cait Moldenhauer join forces to initiate comedian Nadia Quinn into the manly football film world of the 1999 hunkfest Varsity Blues. Cait and Nadia become real life versions of two of the women in this movie while Jeena ranks the hotness of James Van Der Beek and all of the actors playing high school boys. It's not creepy if they are actually 31 years old! It's Friday Night Lights for Dummies on this episode of Shweet! Now get out there and play like gods!
49 min
"Oh Cubes! Cubes in Cubes! A Cube Made Out of C...
You know what the problem with Hollywood is? They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit. And Jeena brings comedian Chloe Koser into a world of Hollywood shit with her first viewing of the 2001 John Travolta/Hugh Jackman action hack-a-thon "Swordfish." NYC comedy mainstay Gianmarco Soresi drops by to explain how this movie provided his sexual awakening while Jeena can't seem to get over some wildly inflated compounded interest calculations. It's 50,000 watts of bro culture on this episode of Shweet!
45 min
"Please Go Out With Me, D'Angelo Russell" (Bask...
This week Shweet! puts it all on the court as Jeena explores the world of professional basketball with comedians Jax Dell'Osso, who has never seen an NBA game live, and Veronica Garza, who is a ball player at heart above all things. Just days before recording the episode, the trio saw a Nets vs Cavs game together at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Jax and Jeena have provide thorough ratings of all the man butt on the court, while Veronica provides an in-depth treatise on the theory and practice of basketball from all possible angles. Listen as they explore everything from basketball haircuts to crop tops on men to the finances of the WNBA while sometimes also talking about the actual game!
44 min
My Penis is My Favorite Thing - Mortal Kombat 1995
Jeena takes a journey into the tournament of Mortal Kombat, the 1995 film adaptation of the popular video game. NYC comedian Sarah Hartshorne watches the movie for the first time while fellow NYC comedian Sarah Kennedy acts as the enthusiastic tour guide to the mysterious Outworld, a land where a fighting competition somehow determines the fate of the universe, a woman forcibly gets a bad blowout and a French guy becomes an Asian thunder god. It's non-toxic masculinity at its best, so GET OVER HERE!
48 min
Not as Profound as a Dog Fart - Insane Clown Po...
Jeena does a deep dive into the oddly apocalyptic world of rap duo Insane Clown Posse and their multi-platinum selling album “The Great Milenko.” Comedian Marisa Riley joins Jeena as they both venture into ICP for the first time and both come out of the experience mildly amused. Comic and confirmed Juggalo Joseph Roberts drops by and the trio extol the wonders of chosen families of all types over some delicious Diet Faygo.
46 min
Neither of Them Knows How to do Stuff - The Pro...
The discussion turns to the problematic 1998 action movie “The Professional”, featuring a way too young Natalie Portman killing people in her underwear. Jeena welcomes Professional first-timer comedian Caitlin Ruppert and circumspect fan/comedian Erin Lynn O’Connor. A frank discussion about how men sexualize young girls in films and in life, especially filmmaker Luc Besson, follows.
51 min
Prancing Around And Calling Each Other Handsome...
Jeena brings writer Nayomi Reghay back to the 80s with Rocky IV. Nayomi is dropped four movies deep into a series she has never seen. Comedian and Rocky superfan Freddy G joins in the fun and they discuss how robots raising children, punching your way out of the Cold War, and how Rocky movies can bring the Democrat party to victory in 2020. Maybe Rocky really can save the world?
47 min
Every Kind of Bro - S1E2
Jeena inducts NYC comedian Brittanie Sheree into the 1999 bro classic film “Fight Club” whereupon they constantly break the first and second rule of Fight Club by talking about Fight Club. Fellow NYC comic Shawn Wickens joins as the Designated Apologist and everybody agrees that there needed to be more Helena Bonham Carter.
52 min
A Beautiful Bird - S1E1
The journey begins as Jeena welcome her younger sibling Carson Hyde and longtime friend Alan Fessenden as her first guests on the show. The trio discusses the 1989 Patrick Swayze action extravaganza “Road House,” fulfilling Jeena’s promise to make Carson watch the bustin’ heads and breakin’ hearts antics of Mr. Swayze and learn everything he needs to know about being a man.
53 min
Introducing Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Cultu...
Jeena Bloom is a transgender female comedian that grew up in the world of male pop culture. Now living her best life, she’s bringing the loudest, bro-iest pieces of pop culture from her old life to her favorite female comics. Each week, Shweet!
2 min