Shout It Out Loudcast

A KISS podcast by 2 friends who share a love for the Hottest Band In The Land! Laugh and listen along as we talk all things KISStory. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music History
Music Commentary
Episode 10 "All For The Glory"
This week, Tom & Zeus preview their KISS March Makeup Madness Tournament!
72 min
Episode 9 "Comin' Home"
This week Tom and Zeus with "special guest," Murph, discuss Kiss and the 1990's.
97 min
Episode 8 "Dressed To Kill"
Tom and Zeus review the 3rd Studio album by KISS, Dressed To Kill.
103 min
Episode 7 "We Are One"
This week Tom & Zeus discuss all the different Kiss lineups.
88 min
Episode 6 "Smashes, Thrashes & Sh*t"
This week Tom & Zeus give their list of the top 15 WORST KISS songs.
106 min
Episode 5 "Animalize"
Tom and Zeus review the 12th Studio album by KISS, Animalize.
81 min
Episode 4 "The End Of The Road"
Tom and Zeus discuss the opening night of Kiss' final tour The End of The Road
72 min
Episode 3 "Great Expectations"
This week Tom & Zeus predict the setlist for the upcoming Kiss End of the Road tour.
83 min
Episode 2 The REAL "KISS Alive III"
This week Tom & Zeus make a setlist for what could have been Alive III in 1979
76 min
Episode 1 "Got To Choose" The First KISS Draft!
This week Tom & Zeus present the first Kiss Draft.
96 min
Shout It Out Loudcast Introduction "Wouldn't Yo...
Meet the guys behind the new Kiss Podcast Shout It Out Loudcast.
44 min