Short White Coat Syndrome

This podcast was created by a group of Physician Assistant students at Quinnipiac University with the goal to help promote, educate, and provide resources for Pre-PA, current PA students, and practicing PAs. Tune in while you get a perspective about PA school and the PA profession from current students! Follow us on Instagram @ShortWhiteCoatSyndrome for some of our best moments and upcoming news.

Health & Fitness
True Short White Coat Syndrome: The Clinical Year
In this episode our esteemed guest Peter Sandor, PA-C, joins David and Brett to talk about ways to make the most of clinical year and advice for new graduating PAs
58 min
David and Dee’s Study Advice
David and Dee talk about study methods, strategies, and survival skills to help you not just survive but thrive through PA school
37 min
Didactic Year: the Ebbs and Flows of a PA student
Didactic year can be a lot, but there is light at the end of the tunnel
60 min
You’re Accepted to PA School… Now What?
Is didactic year dragging you down? Are you burnt out while “drinking from the firehose” that is PA school?
39 min
How to Tackle the PA School Interview
One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of getting into PA school is the interview
49 min
What is a Physician Assistant?
Hosts David Cooper and Amelia Maurer learn about the experiences and importance of the PA profession with faculty member and former AAPA president William Kohlhepp, PhD, MPH, PA-C
61 min
Behind the Microphone: Podcast Introduction
Welcome to Short White Coat Syndrome: A PA student podcast
8 min
Introducing the Short White Coat Syndrome Podcast
A podcast for PAs by PA students.
0 min