Foreign Policy Playlist

Each week, Foreign Policy’s Amy Mackinnon, will recommend one podcast from around the world, interview the host, and play an excerpt. This curated show is designed to help listeners interested in the things we are—great stories, compelling interviews, and cogent analysis on international affairs—sort through the overwhelming variety of podcasts out there and find the best ones. And occasionally you’ll hear audio from our own newsroom. FP Playlist replaces our flagship podcast First Person.

Lebanon's Arab Spring?
Protesters are directing their anger at the political elite for years of corruption and mismanagement.
30 min
When the U.S. Turns its Back on Allies
A former U.S. intelligence officer explains what happens to locals who helped the United States when troops leave a conflict zone.
30 min
How North African Migrants Ended Up in Permanen...
The Irish journalist Sally Hayden traces the story of many of them.
30 min
Bonus Content: Roundtable Discussion on China
36 min
Why Hong Kongers Are Still Protesting Against C...
A democracy activist describes how the demonstrations got underway and where they go from here.
28 min
And Now the Hard Part: Resetting the U.S. Relat...
Brookings scholar Bruce Riedel on how America's oldest alliance in the Middle East is being tested and what to do about it.
30 min
Why for Some Spaniards the Wounds of the Civil ...
A new film traces the stories of people still seeking justice for Franco's crimes.
28 min
Haven America or Fortress America?
Harvard historian Jill Lepore on the long and tortured history of the U.S. immigration debate.
26 min
Roots of a Quagmire
On the podcast: America's first post 9/11 envoy to Afghanistan recounts the early months of the war there.
34 min
The Future of Kashmir
How India decided to end the area's autonomous status and what it means for the region.
25 min
Death on Everest
On the podcast: An American mountaineer describes the dangers of climbing one of the world's tallest peaks.
40 min
How an Upscale Chef Came to Serve Those in Need
On the podcast: José Andrés on food insecurity, Puerto Rico, and battling hunger.
28 min
How War Traumatizes the Victims and the Perpetr...
On the podcast: A new film explores the experience of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.
26 min
The Dark Legacy of China’s One-Child Policy
On the podcast: The filmmaker Nanfu Wang tells the harrowing story of her own family’s one-child ordeal.
29 min
Trump, Immigration, and the Fight for America’s...
On the podcast: Where Trump’s effort to block asylum-seekers fits in the history of U.S. immigration policy.
28 min
A Survivor’s Struggle to Care for Her People an...
On the podcast: The filmmaker Alexandria Bombach followed the Yazidi human rights activist Nadia Murad for her film "On Her Shoulders"
25 min
A U.S. Marine Looks Back at Fallujah
On the podcast: Elliot Ackerman served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanista
32 min
Argentina, Iran, and the Enduring Mystery Surro...
On the podcast: Alberto Nisman accused Argentina's president of covering up Iran's role in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. Then he was shot in the head.
25 min
A Dream Deferred
On the podcast: Journalist Laura Wides-Muñoz traces the lives of several undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.
33 min
The Dirty Residue of Brazil's Car Wash Probe
On the podcast: The editor in chief of Americas Quarterly explains why investigators are now under scrutiny in Brazil’s largest corruption inquiry.
26 min
The Tragedy of Mohamed Morsi
On the podcast: Shadi Hamid recounts the quick rise and spectacular fall of Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt.
32 min
How an Extradition Bill Became a Red Line for H...
On the podcast: A former China correspondent traces Beijing's gradual effort to erode human rights in Hong Kong.
33 min
Death and Debris at 30,000 Feet
On the podcast: An American adventuerer describes climbing over bodies to reach the top of Mount Everest.
39 min
Shot by Israelis, Healed by Israelis
On the podcast: Yousef Bashir describes growing up in Gaza during the second Palestinian uprising.
30 min
The Referendum That Changed Ireland
On the podcast: A look back at the vote in Ireland that ended the abortion ban.
30 min