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FP's First Person

Each week here at Foreign Policy, we interview one person for an intimate, narrative-driven conversation about something timely and important in the world. Our guests are people who have participated directly in events, either as protagonists or eyewitnesses. We get them to tell a story about their experience, not just offer their analysis. That approach is driven by the feeling here at Foreign Policy that to understand our world—to grasp the complexities and nuances of our time—we need to get as close to the source as possible. Hence the name First Person.

Nice Doing Business With You, Moscow
That Trump campaign members may have colluded with Kremlin officials is a huge problem. But that the U.S. president may still have substantial interests in Russia is an even bigger issue.
45 min
Has Moscow Already Taken Down the Trump Adminis...
Donald Trump can’t seem to get ahead of the wave of Russia news stories, no matter how hard he tries.
41 min
Book Talk, Part II: “Madame President: The Extr...
From inspiring young women leaders to forging relationships with the hardest hitters on the international stage, how will Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s legacy live on?
33 min
Book Talk: “Madame President: The Extraordinary...
Can Liberia’s rock-star president lead her country to another leader?
30 min
Are We on the Verge of a Full-On Trade War With...
China was once a cheerleader for Trump. But now that the president is singing a different tune, that could quickly change.
46 min
‘The President is Aware’
The Pentagon is sending in more troops to Syria and Afghanistan. And, apparently, the president has been made “aware.” Is that it?
46 min
Behind the Latest WikiLeaks Dump: New News?
The jury is still out about whether the latest CIA document release will cause harm. But what they could potentially be holding back may be more alarming.
51 min
The Middle East Welcomes Trump, Warily
With a new Trump administration changing policy from Israel to Yemen, the volatile region could be in for a wild ride.
42 min
Is Russia Running Circles Around the United Sta...
America may have the best intelligence, military, and diplomacy programs, but it’s getting played bigly by the Kremlin.
38 min
And the Oscar Goes To…
Sunday’s Oscar snafu was the perfect summary of the world we live in today. Is this the new norm in Trump’s America?
48 min
Has America Become a Reality Show?
Donald Trump seems to be more concerned with his “ratings” than U.S. foreign policy and managing the government. Welcome to the new America.
37 min
Trump vs. The Bureaucracy
With a president trying to challenge and discredit Washington’s establishment, how is our government supposed to accomplish anything?
41 min
How Long Until Trump’s First War?
The Trump administration’s unpredictable foreign policy could force the United States into an unintended conflict.
47 min
Trump and the ‘War on Truth’
In an age of alternative facts, it’s up to leaks and public outcry to hold the executive branch accountable.
39 min
What You’ve Been Missing Following Trump’s Ever...
In this relentless, breathless news cycle, critical issues are getting lost in the chatter.
46 min
But Mattis, but the World, but the Law, but Bur...
Can we hold on to these little bits of optimism as the Trump administration takes us into a turbulent, unprecedented future?
42 min
A Tale of a Very Messy Trump Transition
With just a week gone by, how much damage can the new Trump administration do?
52 min
Welcome to President Trump’s (Un)Ethical World
The 45th president of the United States has just been sworn in. Can the mountain of potential ethical violations that he is under investigation for bring him down?
47 min
Life in the Post-Truth World
A damning but unverified report on Trump and Russia has recently surfaced. But do the American people even care?
43 min
It’s the End of the World as We Know It
Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the fragility of international order and his latest book, “A World in Disarray.”
47 min
Why We Should Remain Optimistic in 2017
New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman argues that despite all the disruptions in today’s world, we should instead look to opportunity and growth, and stay positive.
42 min
The Best Things of 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ was released. But what else happened this past year that calls for celebrating?
28 min
The Worst Things of 2016
Donald Trump became president, Russia hacked the U.S. elections, and Europe may have unraveled. But what else awful happened in 2016?
34 min
Trump’s Four-Star Friends
The incoming Trump administration keeps nominating former top military brass. Is that such a bad thing?
41 min
On Digital Diplomacy, Empowering Citizens Globa...
Executive chairman for Alphabet Inc., Eric Schmidt, on the future of technology, harnessing information, and what’s next for Google.
38 min
Entering into the Era of the Unknown
What we know: Trump loves Putin, China is moving to take advantage of America’s non-strategy in Asia, and the rest? We’re still not sure.
49 min
Hitting the Reset Button on International Order
From a realignment with Russia to the revocation of global trade deals, is the Trump administration relapsing to an era we once thought confined to the dustbin of history?
38 min
Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet a Cause for Concern?
President-elect Trump’s national security apparatus is beginning to take shape. Here’s who and what to look out for.
35 min
After One Week with President-elect Donald Trum...
Even as the incoming Trump administration fills its top cabinet and advisory roles, Trump’s foreign policy plans are still a mystery.
47 min
Can President Trump Undo Obama’s Legacy?
A stunning upset that sent shockwaves around the world is sinking in. Is the world order forever changed?
38 min
How To Survive a Trump Hangover
The United States has endured what is arguably one of the most polarizing elections in recent history. How will America recover once it’s over?
36 min
The News We’re Missing Because of the U.S. Pres...
Campaign news might be dominating headlines, but it’s the stack of international problems awaiting the next president that really deserves our attention.
48 min
Battlegrounds: The Fight for Mosul and Election...
What will come next in the offensive against the Islamic State in Iraq? And should U.S. voters be wary of a cyber attack on November 8?
45 min
Could America Get Even Uglier?
Racism, nativism, and anti-Semitism are disturbingly apparent in this year’s presidential race. But what comes after November 8 could disrupt American democracy itself.
34 min
How Much Did the Second Debate Change the Race ...
The hot mic tape, dissention in the G.O.P, and another defense of an aggressive Russia has put Donald Trump on the ropes. But whether Hillary Clinton landed her political punches, remains to be seen.
51 min
How Much Can Russia Mess With the U.S. Elections?
If Vladimir Putin really is behind the hacks of the DNC and Clinton campaign, it could mark the frightening beginning of a new cyber-era of election tampering.
30 min
Obama, Syria, and the Missed Opportunities of U...
World leaders gathered in New York City to give speeches and discuss the world’s most pressing foreign-policy issues, but they neglected two of its biggest problems.
38 min
Syria Is Now Everyone’s War
With more than a million refugees in Europe, the spread of conflict throughout the region, and Russia’s involvement — why what’s happening in Syria matters everywhere.
36 min
Back to Escuela with Trump and Obama
As Trump talks softly in Mexico, and Obama gets pranked in Asia, a quick run through the big international stories driving late-summer headlines
47 min
What Is ‘War’ Anymore?
The lines between violence, conflict, and war are being increasingly blurred -- with dangerous consequences.
47 min
Is It Too Early to Call the Election for Hillar...
While we’re at it, let’s just pick her foreign policy team of advisers…
36 min
How Chekhov Explains the Republican Revolt Agai...
And who's on tap for the top national security jobs in the Trump administration?
28 min
What Does Expanding the Definition of War Mean ...
Increasingly, America’s armed forces are tasked with protecting new battlefronts around the world — from cyberwarfare to post-conflict peacekeeping. And that could be very bad for the United States.
42 min
Is Trump Putin’s ‘Guy’?
From the DNC email hack to his comments on NATO and Crimea, why Trump might be the Russian president’s secret weapon.
44 min
What Will It Take to Keep China From Behaving B...
Beijing was denied its maritime claims to the contested waters, but will The Hague’s ruling really make a difference?
30 min
Do Trump, Turkey, and Brexit Signal a Shift Tow...
It feels like the world is in a state of constant upheaval, and maybe it’s time to start connecting the global dots.
48 min
The World After the Iran Deal: Better or Worse?
One year later, it appears the historic nuclear agreement is a success. But that doesn’t mean the world is a safer place.
30 min
Is Globalization to Blame for Brexit?
Britain shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union, but what comes next could be even more dangerous.
28 min
The End of Eras: Donald Trump and the TPP
What do the success of the controversial presidential candidate and the free trade deal have in common?
40 min
What Policies Should Decide the Presidential El...
A campaign-platform wish list for the next U.S. president
34 min
The Future History of Obama’s Foreign Policy
In the coming decades, will the outgoing president’s foreign policy ultimately be remembered as a success or will it be overshadowed by what some would call his inability to act?
33 min
The Collapse of the Political Middle
Does the rise of Donald Trump and right-wing groups across the West mean the world is experiencing a democracy crisis?
28 min
The United States of Politically Crazy
Who’s the Worst Presidential Candidate in U.S. History?
36 min
The Case for Electing a President Who Knows How...
Does Hillary Clinton’s experience making — and surmounting — mistakes strengthen her POTUS potential?
36 min
The Washington Insider Who Believes He’s an Out...
What Ben Rhodes tells us about ego and politics inside the Obama administration.
35 min
Examining Sy-raq
For this week’s discussion on Syria and Iraq, The E.R. team asks "Is the worst yet to come"?
34 min
Should Britain Stay, or Should It Go?
With the U.K. on the verge of saying “piss off” to Brussels, the great European democratic project hangs in the balance.
32 min
Is Brazil the Chicago of Latin America?
We shouldn’t be surprised that Brazil — and other countries in the BRICS — is dealing with the stumbles and falls of an emerging economy. Meaningful progress takes decades.
34 min
Defending Donald Trump … Again?
Why playing devil’s advocate with the Republican front-runner’s rhetoric eventually leads back to the source of the problem — Washington.
31 min
Not to Defend Donald Trump, but…
Why the contentious presidential candidate may not be wrong about how to negotiate on foreign policy. Maybe.
19 min
Is Obama Too Thoughtful for His Own Good?
In today’s complex, tumultuous world of global affairs, perhaps nuance and patience aren’t assets for an American president.
32 min
Who Would Bibi Vote for?
AIPAC, the Iran deal, Israel’s recent outreach to Russia — which of the presidential candidates is going to corner the vote on Middle East policy and tackle the legacy of the current administration?
35 min
Is Cuba Really a Triumph for Obama?
As his last year in office winds down, the president looks to cement his legacy by forging a new path in Latin America.
38 min
Let the Judging of the Obama Administration Begin
From the Islamic State to Libya, from China to Putin, can the sitting U.S. president offer real perspective while he’s still inside the White House?
48 min
Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Not a Real Revolution
The United States isn’t going to see the kind of change brought by the Arab Spring and Euromaidan—no matter how many millennials rock the vote.
40 min
The Future of Putin’s Russia and the Syria Dilemma
What will the next president choose: war, diplomacy, or inaction?
34 min
Saving Syria at the 11th Hour
In lieu of a clear commitment to stopping the violence, the Obama administration has settled for limited intervention without a clear strategy. Can the United States still make a difference?
32 min
The Tension Between Political Will and Politica...
From Syria to Germany, from the U.S. election to the plot line of Homeland, this week’s panel debates whether even the best political intentions can produce real change.
28 min
Why Is the United States More Afraid of the Isl...
It’s actually Putin and a rising Russia that pose the greater threat to world order. And that's something we need to acknowledge, for ourselves and our allies.
29 min
Newscast: What Looms on the 2016 Horizon
From China’s economic downturn to the lifting of sanctions on Iran, this week’s panel reviews the scariest, biggest, and most important stories in the year ahead.
42 min
The Truth About Davos
Why it was another disappointing year for the World Economic Forum's big meeting.
40 min
2015, in Hindsight
The great migrant crisis, the Latin American Left, and Putin’s power plays: What else will the world remember about last year?
36 min
Here’s Looking at You, 2016
From Syria to the Islamic State to electing the next U.S. president to Adele’s pop music domination, naming the biggest global story of the coming year.
26 min
On Trump, the GOP, and Muslim Refugees
The pursuit of life, liberty, and a culture of religious intolerance.
38 min
The Power of Love, Etc.
From Canada’s open immigration policies to FP’s inspiring Global Thinkers, can outsiders change America’s political culture?
38 min
Does the United States Have a Gun Problem or a ...
Why Americans are getting stuck in the rhetorical mud about true threats to national security.
34 min
Rating the U.S. Reaction to Terrorist Attacks
Looking at the world’s response to recent terrorist attacks — from policy shifts to political stumping to emotional outpourings and shows of solidarity — how does America measure up?
37 min
How Is the War on Terror Like the War on Drugs?
The U.S. fight against global terrorism is costly, distracting, self-perpetuating, unceasing, and unresolvable. Is there any way to fix it?
49 min
How to Reboot America’s Global Influence
A foreign-policy to-do list for the next administration.
40 min
Which International Architecture Rules the World?
Between the Atlantic and the Pacific, recent developments and displays of power could be changing the way the world works in a fundamental way.
48 min
Do Your Generals Speak Economics?
Why the military can't fix a broken foreign economy — and possibly shouldn't be asked to.
38 min
It’s Time the U.S. Military Reinvented Itself t...
Is the U.S. military still too much of an industrial-era relic to meet the challenges of the moment and adapt to a new world order?
46 min
‘We Fail Better’ Should Not Be the Motto of the...
David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Tom Ricks wrestle with America's recent legacy in the Middle East and what's broken with the last superpower's armed forces.
39 min
Cyberoffense, Deterrence, and the Dawn of a New...
Do our leaders know enough about code and IT to develop sufficient cyberpolicy? Listen to David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and David Sanger explore the modern challenges facing cybersecurity.
45 min
Living in the Aftermath of the Iran Deal
How does the "new" Middle East look now that the Iran deal is done? David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and David Sanger debate.
41 min
Who’s the Most Successful One of All? Rating th...
David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Bob Kagan, and Kori Schake debate who's been the world's most effective head of state since Barack Obama took office. Spoiler alert: It doesn't help to be a good guy.
35 min
If the World Is So Dangerous, How Come So Few o...
CEO and editor David Rothkopf sizes up the 2016 contenders on foreign policy with Rosa Brooks, Robert Kagan, and Kori Schake.
47 min
American Power at a Crossroads
Is it even possible to "Make America Great Again"? David Rothkopf takes on American exceptionalism with Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Robert Kagan.
36 min
Decoding the Iran Deal
FP Group CEO and editor David Rothkopf discusses the implications of the Iran deal with Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Robert Kagan.
34 min