Foreign Policy Playlist

Each week, Foreign Policy’s Amy Mackinnon, will recommend one podcast from around the world, interview the host, and play an excerpt. This curated show is designed to help listeners interested in the things we are—great stories, compelling interviews, and cogent analysis on international affairs—sort through the overwhelming variety of podcasts out there and find the best ones. And occasionally you’ll hear audio from our own newsroom. FP Playlist replaces our flagship podcast First Person.

A First-Person Account Of the War in Nagorno-Ka...
Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: Al Jazeera's The Take
33 min
What People Don't Talk About When They Talk Abo...
31 min
Foreign Policy Playlist Trailer
1 min
Haven America or Fortress America?
Harvard historian Jill Lepore on the long and tortured history of the U.S. immigration debate.
25 min
HOTM: The Solutions Under Our Noses
A look at how many of the innovations that will be needed for a cleaner, greener future are actually available today—and what's needed to get them activated on a larger scale.
32 min
HOTM: The Future of Green Energy
A look at why it’s critical for the world to move toward more renewable energy sources and how innovations like concentrated solar power are helping us get there.
30 min
HOTM: When Climate Hits Home
Climate change is forcing people from their homes, especially in island nations. How can the world change its policy toward climate migrants, and what can be done to assist those who want to stay not only survive but thrive?
26 min
HOTM: Extreme Weather Resilience
How climate change is increasing the intensity of storms, and what the world can do to be more resilient.
29 min
HOTM: What Would Greta Do?
Young climate activists in the United States and the Philippines are pushing for change and getting their governments to take notice.
29 min
HOTM: Why Bold investments Matter
A look into how green investments and economic policy changes can be a driver for a healthier planet.
30 min
Lebanon's Arab Spring?
Protesters are directing their anger at the political elite for years of corruption and mismanagement.
29 min
HOTM: Adapting to a Drier Planet
An exploration of the wider ramifications of water scarcity and what’s being done to help those affected.
32 min
Spies of the UAE
A look into Project Raven, a program where Americans were recruited to help the UAE hack people and organizations around the world.
32 min
HOTM: Talking Green Without Seeing Red
How governments, journalists, and activists are all trying to change the narrative when they talk about climate change. The goal? Make the conversation more inclusive, less hostile, and frankly less boring.
30 min
The Future of Hong Kong
On the podcast: A former China correspondent traces Beijing's sustained effort to erode human rights in Hong Kong.
33 min
HOTM: A New Plan for the Amazon
Saving the Amazon rainforest is not just about raising alarms but also about finding ways to make harvesting its trees more profitable than tearing them down.
31 min
The Referendum That Changed Ireland
A look back at the vote in Ireland that ended the abortion ban.
30 min
HOTM: Food 2.0
26 min
Meltdown at Chernobyl
On the podcast: A journalist reconstructs the world's worst nuclear disaster.
34 min
The Dark Legacy of China’s One-Child Policy
The filmmaker Nanfu Wang tells the dramatic story of her own family’s one-child ordeal.
30 min
HOTM: Making Cities Greener
Heat of the Moment explores how cities can play a major role in reducing carbon emissions.
29 min
Introducing Season Two of I Spy
CIA officer Richard Holm is sent to Congo in 1965 to organize local agents against an anti-government rebellion. But a fiery plane crash leaves him in hostile territory, fighting for his life.
37 min
A U.S. Marine Looks Back at Fallujah
A U.S. Marine Looks Back at Fallujah
32 min
Introducing Heat of the Moment
From FP Studios and the Climate Investment Funds, a new series which looks at the climate crisis and offers reasons for hope.
30 min
How an Upscale Chef Came to Serve Those in Need
José Andrés on feeding people in times of crisis.
28 min