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FP's First Person

Each week here at Foreign Policy, we interview one person for an intimate, narrative-driven conversation about something timely and important in the world. Our guests are people who have participated directly in events, either as protagonists or eyewitnesses. We get them to tell a story about their experience, not just offer their analysis. That approach is driven by the feeling here at Foreign Policy that to understand our world—to grasp the complexities and nuances of our time—we need to get as close to the source as possible. Hence the name First Person.

The Road Ahead with North Korea
16 min
Reporter’s Notebook: Brazil’s Forgotten Childre...
26 min
What Comes Next in Syria?
13 min
Reporter’s Notebook: Germany’s Family Reunifica...
17 min
How Far Will China Go?
29 min
The Double Life of Nikki Haley
22 min
Is Democracy Dying?
37 min
What to Expect From Talks With North Korea
23 min
The State Department's #MeToo Moment
34 min
The Strange Legal Journey of the Trump Dossier
26 min
Bonus Episode: Susan Glasser Joins the E.R. to ...
31 min
A Former Peace Negotiator Muses on Trump and th...
40 min
The Mysterious Origins of a DHS Report Calling ...
25 min
How Far is Too Far for Israel’s Targeted Killings?
26 min
The Olympics on The E.R.: Figure Skater and Two...
23 min
The Olympics on The E.R.: What Can We Learn Fro...
21 min
After ISIS
28 min
Meet the Godfather of Modern Counterinsurgency
How would the outcome of the Vietnam War differ if we had listened to Edward Lansdale? The world may never know. 
35 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Beam Me Up,...
Robert Mueller got hold of emails from the presidential transition and the Pentagon has been researching sightings of UFOs. Yes, seriously.
63 min
What Are Billionaires Doing to the Space Industry?
Privately-funded space ventures are altering the industry … and, maybe, the final frontier itself.
28 min
Meet the Unsung Codebreakers of the Second Worl...
Liza Mundy discusses how she uncovered the lives of the women codebreakers who helped turn the tide of World War II.
37 min
Rational Security: The "When You’re President T...
Mike Flynn is cooperating with Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation, and President Trump raises questions about whether he sought to obstruct justice.
51 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Power of De...
Mike Flynn may be cooperating with Mueller’s investigation, but President Trump thinks the investigation may be nearing its end.
48 min
What’s Next for the Middle East?
44 min
Spies, Lies and the Murder of a President
What do the JFK releases really tell us?
32 min
Among the Memes and YouTube Videos, What Do the...
The CIA recently released hundreds of thousands of files seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound. What can we learn from them?
33 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "DMs on the ...
Does democracy go down in the DMs? The folks at Lawfare discuss.
48 min
Trump’s Big Asian Adventure
President Trump is making his way through Asia on the longest trip to the region since the age of ping-pong diplomacy. But how much will he actually accomplish?
33 min
The E.R. Presents: Lawfare and FP’s Bar Review ...
Has the role of the White House counsel drastically changed in the time of Trump?
71 min
Can Anyone Stop the Tragedy in Myanmar — Before...
The U.S. pulled military assistance to Myanmar in the wake of abuses toward the Rohingya people, but does anyone have enough leverage to end the ethnic cleansing?
30 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Million Dol...
Sure, Manafort got indicted. But the real question is how did he spend so much on rugs?
49 min
From Moscow to Havana: Secret Weapons and Diplo...
The “sonic attacks” in Cuba aren’t the first suspected instance of invisible attacks on U.S. diplomats.
32 min
Can Libya Be Put Back Together?
Six years after the fall of Qaddafi, Libya still teeters on the edge of chaos. Here’s why that matters.
43 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The “How Many El...
Trump’s GOP critics decide: should they stay or should they go?
47 min
Tackling the FBI’s ‘Black Identity Extremists’ ...
The government’s designations continue to confound and upset critics.
28 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The “Decertified...
Trump deems Iran in violation of the “worst deal ever.”
56 min
So You Want to Be a Leaker?
No method is foolproof, but some are better than others.
30 min
Does Kaspersky Have Something to Hide?
35 min
Book Talk: Spy Schools
Exploring the dark relationship between intelligence services and academia.
39 min
Europe Slams Its Gates (Part Two)
Are the moral consequences of Europe’s increasingly hardline policy on African immigration outweighed by the political imperatives?
31 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The “Moron” Edition
Is Trump’s undermining of Tillerson another step in his “madman” theory of diplomacy?
49 min
Europe Slams Its Gates-The Making of FP's Speci...
European aid intended to combat African migration may just be making the problem worse.
46 min
Is U.S. Immigration Policy Worse Than It’s Ever...
Suketu Mehta and Becca Heller talk President Trump, the real economy of immigration, and getting trolled by Ann Coulter.
36 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Lady, You C...
Saudi women will get the right to drive … in 2018. Maybe.
45 min
Who Is the Real Winner in Germany?
Merkel went silent as the AfD went viral.
44 min
Staring Down the Barrel of Russia’s Big Guns
The massive Zapad 2017 military exercise proves once again that Putin never does anything small. But what’s he really after here?
28 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Age of Flyn...
Do legal defense funds accept rubles?
52 min
Trump vs. The World
The president delivers his first U.N. address Tuesday. Which version of Trump will show up—the bully or the dealmaker?
34 min
Inside Afghanistan’s Most Dangerous Corner
What reporting from Afghanistan’s unruliest province signals about the future of the country, the influence of Iran and Pakistan, and whether Trump’s mini-surge will make a difference in the longest war.
37 min
Rational Security on the E.R.: The “Boris and N...
Was the purchase of targeted social media ads by Russian “troll farms” during the 2016 election a criminal act?
47 min
With Allies Like These
Unwavering U.S. support for Saudi Arabia comes at a terrible price for Yemen
47 min
Where in the World Is Rex Tillerson?
The Secretary of State fiddles in Texas as the world may, quite literally, burn.
34 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Hurricane A...
What did Rod Rosenstein know and when did he know it?
46 min
About That Other Nuclear Threat...
Is the Trump administration trying to blow up the Iran deal - or just playing hardball?
43 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "No Morka" E...
Can you still be fired if you resign?
50 min
Where Is The Administration On Africa?
Eight months in, the continent has barely been mentioned.
27 min
Rational Security on the E.R.: The "Everything ...
America’s longest war stumbles into its next phase.
46 min
The Prince of Darkness Has Left the Building
Steve Bannon is gone from the West Wing. Can Trump’s White House finally get itself in order?
44 min
Is There A Way Out Of Afghanistan?
Trump is frustrated with the lack of options.
31 min
The Object of McMaster’s Obsession
Mike Cernovich tries to walk the line between journalist and activist. Can he have it both ways?
37 min
Are We Going to War with North Korea?
The rhetorical battle of words is at an all-time high. Here’s how the real shooting could break out.
41 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Fire and Fu...
Donald Trump didn’t start the battle of words with North Korea, but he’s certainly not helping.
53 min
Can Sessions Turn Off the Faucet?
Attorney General tries to prove he’s not “very weak” on leaks.
33 min
Can Anyone Save Venezuela?
An economic and humanitarian crisis, precipitated by the Maduro regime, has brought Venezuela to the brink of collapse.
42 min
Rational Security on The E.R.: The "Send In the...
The new White House chief of staff tries to make a chain of command out of chaos.
45 min
Morale Takes a Nosedive at State Department
And you don’t need an employee-wide survey to understand why.
35 min
Rational Security on the E.R.: The "Beleaguered...
The attorney general continues to show up for work as his boss shames him on the record.
46 min
Six Months Of Trump Foreign Policy--The Good, T...
The President’s tweets and cringe-inducing rants have antagonized allies and enemies alike. But for all his bluster, it’s not the doomsday many foretold.
47 min
Trump’s Bigly Plan to Be Better at ‘the Cyber’
The administration is planning key changes to U.S. cyberintelligence structure, but is it a step backward for U.S. national security?
32 min
Rational Security on the E.R.: The "Wray of Sun...
The Senate questions FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray. Democrats file suit against the Trump campaign over leaked emails. And the UAE is reportedly behind a cyber attack that led to upheaval in the Gulf region.
48 min
Is Trump Jr.’s Meeting Evidence of a Conspiracy...
A meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. has made a Russian attorney and an Azerbaijani pop star household names.
24 min
Is This the End of ISIS?
The Islamic State has lost the battle for Mosul. Raqqa will be next to fall. But is the so-called caliphate dead — and who are the winners?
40 min
Rational Security On The E.R.: The "Looks Like ...
President Trump’s eldest son met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer to get Russian government dirt on Hillary Clinton. Iraqi forces liberate the city of Mosul from ISIS.
47 min
Trump, Putin, and the G20
President Trump has returned from his first G20 summit and a highly anticipated sit-down with Putin. Did it live up to expectations?
29 min
Rational Security On The E.R.: The Smoke and th...
The first signs of potential collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia emerge
48 min
The Russia Investigation Takes Another Twist
New reports appear to show the most concrete ties yet between an associate of the Trump campaign and Russian hackers. But is it collusion?
35 min
Book Talk: The Exile: The Stunning Inside Story...
Al Qaeda’s leader was in hiding for over a decade. A new account tell us what he was doing.
32 min
The Showdown in the Gulf Gets Nasty
Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies have given Qatar until Monday to comply with a list of demands that are unreasonable at best. So where does it go from here?
40 min
Can Trump End the Never-Ending War?
Sixteen years into the war in Afghanistan, the Trump administration is preparing to finally win or go home trying.
31 min
Is Trump Preparing For a Conflict With Iran?
Tensions are rising within the Trump administration and on the ground in Syria. This could be the beginning of a very ugly confrontation.
31 min
Book Talk: Are the United States and China Dest...
It’s a law of nature: rising states and established powers come to blows. But can the Trump administration avoid a clash of nuclear superpowers?
49 min
Is Kim Jong Un Ready to Talk to Donald Trump?
North Korea poses a growing threat to the U.S. and neighboring countries. But there may be room for negotiation.
31 min
Comey, Sessions, and the Barrage of the Russia ...
Allegations of the Trump administration’s collusion or cover-up are now daily front-page headlines. Is Trump a sinking ship?
29 min
Book Talk Part II: Can the U.S. Government Surv...
In his new book, Raven Rock, Garrett Graff uncovers the secret programs meant to keep America alive.
24 min
Book Talk: How the U.S. Government Plans to Sav...
Garrett Graff’s "Raven Rock" and the ugly truth about the continuity of government in the event of nuclear war.
29 min
Has the U.S. Lost All Credibility on the Intern...
As Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement, rails on Iran, and does a 180° on China, America’s allies are reeling and looking elsewhere for leadership.
51 min
Was Trump’s Trip to Europe a Total Disaster?
A U.S. president who has repeatedly undermined NATO just met with NATO allies. Yeah, it didn’t go great.
38 min
Book Talk, Part II: Churchill & Orwell and the ...
Are we living through the 1930s all over again?
33 min
Book Talk: Tom Ricks on Churchill and Orwell in...
Do the legacies of these two figures still resonate in today’s world?
33 min
Is There Anything Normal About the Firing of Ja...
The short answer: no.
59 min
The European Union Just Squeaked By
Is Western liberalism safe with Macron’s win, or are more and more Europeans really migrating to the right?
41 min
Trump Takes the Global Stage
With upcoming trips to Europe and the Middle East, what can we expect from these high-profile and greatly anticipated meetings?
34 min
Clean Up on the Foreign-Policy Aisle
Trump’s Cabinet is always at the ready with brooms and mops to clean up the commander-in-chief’s errant outbursts. But does the administration have a real strategy?
41 min
Trump’s 100-Day Theater
What has the U.S. president really accomplished so far? Or is everything just for show?
55 min
Deciphering the French Election Results and Tru...
What does the latest round in the French elections tell us about U.S. foreign policy and Trump’s first 100 days?
49 min
Book Talk: The Great Questions of Tomorrow
The planet is in a deep moment of transformation. What are the fundamental questions we should be asking?
26 min
Book Talk: The Retreat of Western Liberalism
Does Donald Trump’s victory cement the idea that democracy is in crisis?
31 min
The Power of the Arts
How can culture be used to address some of the greatest challenges of our time?
65 min
How Will We Choose to Leave our Earth for Futur...
David Rothkopf sits down and speaks with one of FP’s Global Thinker Lifetime Achievement Award winners Dr. Jane Goodall.
31 min
Get Ready for a ‘Very Difficult’ Trump-Xi Summit
Does the administration have a strategy for this vital meeting with the Chinese president or does Trump just want to tweet about it?
33 min