Foreign Policy Playlist

Each week, Foreign Policy’s Amy Mackinnon, will recommend one podcast from around the world, interview the host, and play an excerpt. This curated show is designed to help listeners interested in the things we are—great stories, compelling interviews, and cogent analysis on international affairs—sort through the overwhelming variety of podcasts out there and find the best ones. And occasionally you’ll hear audio from our own newsroom. FP Playlist replaces our flagship podcast First Person.

Newscast: What Looms on the 2016 Horizon
From China’s economic downturn to the lifting of sanctions on Iran, this week’s panel reviews the scariest, biggest, and most important stories in the year ahead.
42 min
The Truth About Davos
Why it was another disappointing year for the World Economic Forum's big meeting.
40 min
2015, in Hindsight
The great migrant crisis, the Latin American Left, and Putin’s power plays: What else will the world remember about last year?
36 min
Here’s Looking at You, 2016
From Syria to the Islamic State to electing the next U.S. president to Adele’s pop music domination, naming the biggest global story of the coming year.
26 min
On Trump, the GOP, and Muslim Refugees
The pursuit of life, liberty, and a culture of religious intolerance.
38 min
The Power of Love, Etc.
From Canada’s open immigration policies to FP’s inspiring Global Thinkers, can outsiders change America’s political culture?
38 min
Does the United States Have a Gun Problem or a ...
Why Americans are getting stuck in the rhetorical mud about true threats to national security.
34 min
Rating the U.S. Reaction to Terrorist Attacks
Looking at the world’s response to recent terrorist attacks — from policy shifts to political stumping to emotional outpourings and shows of solidarity — how does America measure up?
37 min
How Is the War on Terror Like the War on Drugs?
The U.S. fight against global terrorism is costly, distracting, self-perpetuating, unceasing, and unresolvable. Is there any way to fix it?
49 min
How to Reboot America’s Global Influence
A foreign-policy to-do list for the next administration.
40 min
Which International Architecture Rules the World?
Between the Atlantic and the Pacific, recent developments and displays of power could be changing the way the world works in a fundamental way.
48 min
Do Your Generals Speak Economics?
Why the military can't fix a broken foreign economy — and possibly shouldn't be asked to.
38 min
It’s Time the U.S. Military Reinvented Itself t...
Is the U.S. military still too much of an industrial-era relic to meet the challenges of the moment and adapt to a new world order?
46 min
‘We Fail Better’ Should Not Be the Motto of the...
David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Tom Ricks wrestle with America's recent legacy in the Middle East and what's broken with the last superpower's armed forces.
39 min
Cyberoffense, Deterrence, and the Dawn of a New...
Do our leaders know enough about code and IT to develop sufficient cyberpolicy? Listen to David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and David Sanger explore the modern challenges facing cybersecurity.
45 min
Living in the Aftermath of the Iran Deal
How does the "new" Middle East look now that the Iran deal is done? David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and David Sanger debate.
41 min
Who’s the Most Successful One of All? Rating th...
David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks, Bob Kagan, and Kori Schake debate who's been the world's most effective head of state since Barack Obama took office. Spoiler alert: It doesn't help to be a good guy.
35 min
If the World Is So Dangerous, How Come So Few o...
CEO and editor David Rothkopf sizes up the 2016 contenders on foreign policy with Rosa Brooks, Robert Kagan, and Kori Schake.
47 min
American Power at a Crossroads
Is it even possible to "Make America Great Again"? David Rothkopf takes on American exceptionalism with Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Robert Kagan.
36 min
Decoding the Iran Deal
FP Group CEO and editor David Rothkopf discusses the implications of the Iran deal with Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Robert Kagan.
34 min