The Sharita Star Empower Hour

Cycles constantly circulate within all of our human experiences in our soul to spiritual connections. Ever wonder why particular challenges present themselves, or how moments flow all the more seamlessly? Astrologer & Numerologist Sharita Star translates these consciousness understandings to allow you to live a more empowered life. As a Forecasting Expert, her impeccable fusion of the ancient wisdoms of Astrology and Numerology -along with her uncanny ability to explain the power of spelling out the truth from our words, names and titles via Lexigrams- guides us with pure empowerment to Never Compromise Living Consciously.

Society & Culture
The Shocking Truth About Frequency & Vibration...
With a warmest welcome back to returning Special Guest Feng Shui Practitioner and Author of Feng Shui for the Soul , Amanda Gates
76 min
Tapping Into the Power of EFT: Emotional Freedo...
Let’s Learn How to Free Up Your Stagnant and Stuck Feelings!
69 min
Current Reflections Upon America and The Global...
Thoughts and analysis of current events by a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander, LTC Steven Murray
72 min
Empowerment Words to Remember in Reflective Ti...
As related in the previous episode, August 2023 was going to completely level up the collective’s need for reflection practices
60 min
Understanding A Universal Month in the 15/6 fo...
Summer 2023 continues and we experience the 31 days of August under a 15/6 Universal Month here on earth.
62 min
Remembering The Soul of a Nation: A Star Medit...
Like any human being, a country has a natal astrological birth chart and core numerological guidance that is the constant go to for understanding their self-knowledge which serves them throughout their entire life.
70 min
Spiritual Material Conflict, Understanding Ame...
This episode unpacks the energetic guidance over the nation within a riveting year
64 min
SUMMER 2023 Energy Update
As our 7 Universal Year of STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN enters the Summer Season, reflection will be absolutely accelerated from many simultaneous cycles.
60 min
Listener’s Special! Your Questions Consciously ...
This episode is dedicated to the Listener and their current questions concerning matters circulating in our now experiences.
78 min
The Law of Attraction Power of Gratitude & Rea...
This episode focuses upon the genuine energy behind what Gratitude ensures we can receive by practicing it
61 min
The energy of our lunar cycles as they ebb and flow, always are here to assist us in our law of attraction soul work.
62 min
Conversations With Max, Celebrating the New Ani...
For anyone who has lost a pet, this is a perfect opportunity to get connected with the ways your beloved animals are absolutely still able to communicate with you.
68 min
Welcoming the Zodiac New Year & Spring Energy ...
Every year when our Sun naturally enters Aries- we are back at every beginning of our Zodiac Wheel
62 min
Accepting Accountability in America: Special G...
‘How The West Was Lost’s’ LTC Steven Murray Information Warfare Officer & Cyber Defense Battalion Commander joins the show as a very Honored & Special Guest.
73 min
Preparing for the Zodiac New Year 2023 Energy ...
Honoring Grief, Understanding Enlightenment in the Continuing Need for STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN for 2023
60 min
Feng Shui for the Soul, Celebrating the New Bo...
This episode takes a consciousness turn to converse about the importance of cultivating Chi with Special Guest Amanda Gates, who shares her innate wisdom of how to achieve more OHM from your HOME.
70 min
Retrograde Shadows Correction from Reflection ...
This episode explores how we ideally navigate for the first time -not only for 2023, but truly since the Autumn of 2022- in consciously working to move forward after such intense passages of reflection from both Mars and Mercury Retrogrades
65 min
The Journey of Reflection to Resolutions
Why do New Year’s Resolutions seem to soon fizzle and fade by February or far earlier?
61 min
2023’s Forecast: What You Need To Know About A...
The doors to 2023 ever so delicately open under deeply reflective and contemplative tones as we welcome “The Year of STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN”
60 min
Gifting Mastering Mercury Retrograde in Caprico...
With plenty of intense reflection already in play, it only seemed appropriate to generously gift our Listeners with the tips and tools to assist moving through the remainder of the Holiday Season
60 min
How Did We Get Here? Taking A Look Back at 202...
Via Astrology and Numerology’s fusion forecasting, 2022 was coined “Mastering The Value of Compassion” in order to start Understanding a 6 Universal Year.
61 min
Connecting the Planetary Dots of Astrology & N...
Most people have an understanding that Astrology is a divination tool that connects us to the interpretation of our planetary cycles and their natural energies.
61 min
America’s Pluto Return, 2021 to 2024: Near Deat...
What in the world is a Pluto Return, exactly? How is this cycle specifically affecting the nation, and more importantly: how long will this intense experience continue?
60 min
2022’s Final Forecast: What You Need to Know
Have you already been feeling it? Our collective energies are on the rise and have become all the more intense as we entered Autumn 2022
60 min
Owning Our Law of Attraction: Let’s Spell Out ...
Perfecting our Law of Attraction practices with Sharita Star
60 min