The Sharita Star Empower Hour

Cycles constantly circulate within all of our human experiences in our soul to spiritual connections. Ever wonder why particular challenges present themselves, or how moments flow all the more seamlessly? Astrologer & Numerologist Sharita Star translates these consciousness understandings to allow you to live a more empowered life. As a Forecasting Expert, her impeccable fusion of the ancient wisdoms of Astrology and Numerology -along with her uncanny ability to explain the power of spelling out the truth from our words, names and titles via Lexigrams- guides us with pure empowerment to Never Compromise Living Consciously.

Society & Culture
Mastering Mercury & All Retrogrades for The Re...
As we crossed the threshold of 02 May 2024, All Planets Direct Motion for our Current 8 Universal Year officially ended.
66 min
Finding Our Purpose & Honoring Our Excellence
Let’s connect the Astrology to Numerology dots of understanding our soul’s purpose
62 min
Jupiter’s Joy: Finding Our Truth, Wisdom, Opti...
67 min
What’s Really New For You and 2024’s Total Sola...
Spring 2024 brings with it the highly anticipated date of 08 April: when the potent lunar energy of a Total Solar Eclipse will align at 19 degrees Aries.
66 min
The 1, 2, 3’s of Numerology
This conscious conversation is designed to begin discussing the basic fundamentals of numerology
71 min
The ABC’s of Astrology, Part 2
Astrology’s conscious conversation continues that started in the previous episode discussing the basic fundamentals of this divination tool
72 min
The ABC’s of Astrology Part 1
This conscious conversation is designed to begin discussing the basic fundamentals of astrology and its’ impeccable value for our self-knowledge.
61 min
Fine Tune Your Law of Attraction in 2024 with ...
This episode dives deep into all the timing tips of the Law of Attraction that are undeniably quintessential to level up our means to manifest.
60 min
All Planets Direct Motion & Retrograde Reflect...
Are you ready for concentration and visualization in 2024 as All Planets Direct Motion visits the collective within our current 8 Universal Year that starts 27 January?
59 min
“That’s So Retrograde!” Sharing The Telling Ta...
Returning Special Guest, Om to Max Creator Katherine O’Neill shares in conscious conversation on mastering Mercury Retrograde
60 min
2024 Outlook: The Year of Earth Healing via Th...
As we cross into 2024, the collective energies shift in to an 8 Universal Year.
63 min
Why Your Personal Forecast is Your Best Resolut...
This episode dives deep into how the natural energy of resolutions is another misunderstood collective programming that merely sets us up for failure
60 min
Maintaining Our Frequency & Vibration in 2024 ...
The Art of Puttering Part 2! As this conscious conversation began back in September 2023, it now continues for Listeners to walk into 2024 with sacred wisdom
78 min
Navigating Grief in The Holiday Season with Ret...
Om To Max Creator Katherine O'Neill is warmly welcomed back to the show
71 min
What’s Really in A Name? Let’s Spell Out The T...
This episode deeply dives into the extreme power of our names as well as our words and titles.
60 min
American Forecasting for November 2023, The Awa...
Time to raise your consciousness America in order to be well prepared and level up for the “feeling it all” ride that November 2023 promises to deliver.
60 min
Autumn 2023 Energy Update
As our 7 Universal Year of stillness in The Silent Listen enters the Autumn Season, plenty of responsibility ushers in along with it
60 min
The Shocking Truth About Frequency & Vibration...
With a warmest welcome back to returning Special Guest Feng Shui Practitioner and Author of Feng Shui for the Soul , Amanda Gates
76 min
Tapping Into the Power of EFT: Emotional Freedo...
Let’s Learn How to Free Up Your Stagnant and Stuck Feelings!
69 min
Current Reflections Upon America and The Global...
Thoughts and analysis of current events by a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander, LTC Steven Murray
72 min
Empowerment Words to Remember in Reflective Ti...
As related in the previous episode, August 2023 was going to completely level up the collective’s need for reflection practices
60 min
Understanding A Universal Month in the 15/6 fo...
Summer 2023 continues and we experience the 31 days of August under a 15/6 Universal Month here on earth.
62 min
Remembering The Soul of a Nation: A Star Medit...
Like any human being, a country has a natal astrological birth chart and core numerological guidance that is the constant go to for understanding their self-knowledge which serves them throughout their entire life.
70 min
Spiritual Material Conflict, Understanding Ame...
This episode unpacks the energetic guidance over the nation within a riveting year
64 min
SUMMER 2023 Energy Update
As our 7 Universal Year of STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN enters the Summer Season, reflection will be absolutely accelerated from many simultaneous cycles.
60 min