The Seventh Daughter

In the early 20th century, a mysterious woman tutors a young girl in the arts of mind reading and clairvoyance. From the creator of The Control Group comes a story that is both a bittersweet coming-of-age story and a diabolical revenge thriller, bound together by cinematic sound design and an intoxicating tapestry of original and traditional music, providing a kaleidoscopic tour from street-corner medicine shows to vaudeville amusement halls of the era.

Performing Arts
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Bonus: The Original Soundtrack
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10. The Grave
Pearl confronts Corbeau, and Rose’s truths are finally revealed.
43 min
09. The Loving Cup
In an elaborate occult ceremony, Pearl is introduced to Corbeau’s followers; Albert searches for Rose in an urban dime museum.
40 min
08. The Scientist
Having tasted power, Pearl attempts to break free of Rose’s control, bringing herself one step closer to Corbeau.
29 min
07. The Cabinet
Performing a seance for a suspicious widow, Pearl is expected to conjure spirits while seated within the confines of a curtained booth.
33 min
06. The Dragon's Breath
Rose uses sorcery to divine the identity of Albert’s secret benefactor, and to extract secrets from a vulnerable servant girl.
31 min
05. Paradise
A chorus-girl is recruited to participate in Corbeau’s ritual; Rose deepens Pearl’s education through the help of a fortune-teller.
33 min
04. Asleep in the Deep
Pearl finds success on the vaudeville stage, until a disruptive audience member attempts to derail her performance.
33 min
03. Revival
Rose introduces Pearl to the persuasive power of charismatic religion, when they attend the tent revival of Sister Evangeline.
26 min
02. Lotus Blood
Rose instructs Pearl in the basics of mentalism, and together they perform their act as a street-corner medicine show.
21 min
01. Sanctuary
A mysterious woman retrieves a shy young girl from a bucolic convent school, and takes her on a tumultuous journey into the ominous Steel City.
27 min
Introducing: The Seventh Daughter
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