Service: Veteran Stories of Hunger an...

How do our food stories change during wartime? Each episode follows a veteran or wartime volunteer from their home in the United States through their overseas deployment and back again. We hear firsthand where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what tastes they missed most while away at war. From World War II through today, soldiers and civilians come together at the table to remember, reflect, and show respect. Hosted by Jacqueline Raposo.

So, What Did World War II Change, Really?
Historians Myke Cole and Anastacia Marx de Salcedo join to help us make sense of evolving WWII combat and cuisine.
29 min
They Were Fond of Sweets
Whether treating wounded troops or children, Army nurse and Sister Melanie Kambic tempted with candy and kindness.
23 min
He Lied to Get in the Marines… Then World War ...
During the Great Depression, the Marines clothed and fed Norman Rubin - “They had a man for life!”
23 min
All’s Fair in War... and Lasting Love
Celebrating the Service of women through the stories of the veterans who loved them.
24 min
Navy Cooking at 110%
Feeding squadrons of pilots and hungry officers trained Ray Boutwell for a life in food service
23 min
We Were Treated Like Kings
Officers and Income Disparity in World War 2 Stories of Service
29 min
When You Look Like the Enemy
Service and sacrifice of the Nisei veterans of World War II
39 min
"Dad, I Can't Talk About It." Part 2
Veterans Breaking Barriers at the Dinner Table
20 min
“Dad, I Can’t Talk About It.” Part 1
Why do our military veterans stay quiet, and how can civilians help?
21 min
Farming for the Front Lines
This Sergeant traded overalls for Air Corp wings
24 min
Food Service within the Service
Moving food around the globe was about more than just feeding service members and civilians.
24 min
Airmen Flew High
Despite segregation in the armed forces, Tuskegee airman George Hardy flew high and ate well.
25 min
“I Came Off in Waist-Deep Water”
Rifles and rations beyond the beach.
22 min
"Why Am I Alive?"
D-Day was a disaster for Axis and Allied alike.
24 min
For the Mechanically Minded
“I remember flying at 40,000 feet, and the engine just going beautifully over the Colosseum in Rome.”
7 min
“We Gave Them the Food from Our Mess Kits”
During the deadliest conflict in human history, people around the world found ways to feed each other.
24 min
A Message to Veterans
Host Jacqueline Raposo wants you to know what to expect from this show.
2 min
Introducing Service: Veteran Stories of Hunger ...
During the deadliest conflict in human history, people around the world found ways to feed each other.
1 min