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The Serene & Pearl UnShow
<p>Unscripted, unpretentious, unpredictable… unEVERYTHING. Best selling authors Serene Allison &amp; Pearl Barrett are here to untight your uptight. Serene &amp; Pearl already have a proven successful podcast career as hosts of 2018’s #1 Health and Wellness podcast… “The Poddy: With Serene &amp; Pearl.” And with “The UnShow, the girls are here to invite you into some lighthearted and uplifting conversation that will always leave you smiling. They also throw in helpful and healthy lifestyle, marriage and nutrition tips to get you through your week. A new episode every Saturday morning at 6am CST.</p>
Society & Culture
Ep. 12: Yes or No: Can You Be Married & Close F...
49 min
Ep. 11: Your Resting Face & It’s Implications
32 min
Ep. 10: Can Serene Make it Right w/Millennials?
40 min
Ep. 9: Would You Dare Open Your Dishwasher Whil...
27 min
Ep. 8: ADVANCE WARNING for this UnShow: There’s...
34 min
Ep. 7: Are you a grocery cart “Returner” or “Le...
38 min
Ep. 6: Here’s How to Have a Vacation in Your Ow...
37 min
Ep. 5: Mom Jeans & Scrunchies Are Back!
Good Idea? Or the Worst Ever?
40 min
Ep. 4: Anniversaries Gone Wrong!
Just how unromantic was Serene’s recent anniversary?
44 min
Ep. 3: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Toots. (and...
38 min
Ep. 2: Don’t Ever… Like EVER… Watch a Movie w/...
35 min
Ep. 1: The Very First Episode!
29 min