Pandenomics explores the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what the coming months may hold for Canadians. Host and Scotiabank Perspectives editor Stephen Meurice speaks with Scotiabank economists about the federal government’s response to the pandemic, the job market, real estate, small business, and much more. This podcast will delve into the real-life impact on Canadians as they struggle to keep their families healthy while dealing with all kinds of financial challenges. We will also examine the ramifications of the pandemic south of the border, in both the US and Latin America.For legal disclosures, please visit,,12561,00.html and

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Seniors face common challenges but have diverse...
Scotiabank’s Seniors’ Champion discusses how the pandemic has impacted seniors’ social and financial lives, and ways to help mitigate these issues.
23 min
The importance of accessibility in technology
Scotiabank’s Chief Digital Officer Shawn Rose discusses why it is key to make sure digital banking is not just efficient, but accessible for all.
31 min
Immigration, affordable childcare key to suppor...
Scotiabank’s Chief Financial Officer Raj Viswanathan offers his perspective on the trajectory and shape of Canada’s economic recovery.
26 min
Canada’s unstoppable housing market
Scotiabank’s Head of Real Estate Secured Lending John Webster and economist Farah Omran discuss the country’s ongoing homebuying frenzy as the spring housing market begins.
28 min
Why the Pacific Alliance is poised for a post-p...
16 min
How lessons from the pandemic can help women ad...
Scotiabank’s Chief Human Resources Officer talks about her career journey and how sharing the workload at home evenly is key for women’s advancement.
25 min
Fighting financial crime during a pandemic
Scotiabank’s EVP of Financial Crimes Risk Management and Group Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer explains how the Bank combats fraud and human-trafficking.
23 min
A post-vaccine retail rebound?
The retail sector could see a pick-up in activity in a post-vaccine world, but COVID-19 may have shifted consumers’ shopping patterns for good.
21 min
Preparing for the unpredictable
Scotiabank’s Chief Risk Officer Daniel Moore talks about what it means to be what he calls “Chief Worry Officer” during COVID-19, and what he sees coming down the road.
25 min
A brighter economic outlook for 2021
A new US government regime, stimulus in bank accounts point to a rebound this year, provided vaccines and other health measures bring COVID-19 under control
23 min
Markets recover as COVID cases surge
Scotiabank’s Vice-President and Head of Capital Markets Economics Derek Holt explains why the markets aren’t reflecting what’s happening with the virus and the main street economy
21 min
Pros, and cons, of a Biden presidency for Canada
Scotiabank’s chief economist breaks down the outlook for the US under President-Elect Joe Biden and the possible benefits, and drawbacks, for Canada’s economy.
22 min
COVID and real estate, Part 2
With immigration slowing, many Canadians working from home and retail increasingly shifting online, what does that mean for condos, office towers and Main Street shops? Scotiabank’s Senior Economist Marc Desormeaux returns to continue the conversation about COVID-19’s impact on real estate.
20 min
The COVID housing boom
Home sales activity and house prices are surging across the country, and not just in Canada’s biggest cities, despite the pandemic. We speak to Scotiabank Senior Economist Marc Desormeaux about what is driving real estate demand, and how long it could last.
17 min
COVID and business: impacts and opportunities
Pandenomics speaks with Scotiabank's Director of Economic Forecasting Nikita Perevalov about how businesses in the entertainment and retail sectors are among those most impacted.
19 min
COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s job market
Pandenomics speaks with Scotiabank's Director of Economic and Fiscal Policy Rebekah Young about Canada's latest jobs numbers, how they compare to pre-pandemic levels, and what we can expect amid reimposed restrictions as a second wave of COVID-19 emerges in several provinces.
20 min
COVID-19's impact on Canada's economy
Pandenomics speaks with Scotiabank Chief Economist Jean-François Perrault about what the pandemic has done to Canada's economy, how the federal government has reacted, and what the coming months have in store.
24 min