Scary Story Podcast

Scary Story Podcast features scary stories about darkness, unexplained phenomena, and the paranormal. A collection of short original horror tales written by Edwin Covarrubias. New scary stories Tuesdays at 5 p.m. PST.

Society & Culture
Nightmares Are Real
This is what happens when you wake up but your nightmare doesn't end just yet. 
5 min
The Ghost From The Truck Stop
Road trips are the best. Until you encounter a ghost, that is. Have you checked for an unwanted passenger in your backseat? 
6 min
A Light Coming From My Closet
Have you ever been woken up by bright lights that you can't explain? If some external force has the power to erase your memory, how would you ever know? 
3 min
Evil Items
5 min
The Phenomenon of Time Skipping
Does something hold the power to warping our time and place at will? How does time apparently repeat itself. Deja vu just got a whole new meaning.
7 min
The Creatures from the Hills
In this scary story, we feature a first person account of a solo traveler through the ancient valley of Perú. Few of us have heard of them, but more people than you may realize have already had encounters. The "little people", they call them. They come from the dark hills. They exist.
8 min