The Salvaggio and Cratty Sports Podcast

A sports podcast hosted by Ryan Salvaggio and Mike Cratty. Primarily focused on Boston/New England sports. New episodes every Wednesday night.

Episode 120: Bruins Are Rolling, Overall Week 1...
Episode 120 includes discussions on the Bruins continuing to roll, our overall week 10 thoughts, a Patriots-Jets week 11 preview, and some Red Sox offseason notes
94 min
Episode 119: The Bruins Create A Completely Avo...
Episode 119 includes discussions on the debacle the Bruins created that rocked the hockey world, the Pats’ 26-3 win over the Colts, overall week nine thoughts, second half NFL predictions, and more
116 min
Episode 118: Patriots-Jets Week Eight Recap, Pa...
Episode 118 includes discussions on our Patriots-Jets week eight recap, Patriots-Colts week nine preview, overall week eight NFL thoughts, the Bruins continuing to roll, Imed Udoka going to the Nets, and more
96 min
Episode 117: Patriots-Bears Week Seven Recap, P...
Episode 117 includes discussions on our Patriots-Bears week seven recap, Patriots-Jets week eight preview, overall week seven NFL thoughts, Bruins stay hot, and more
94 min
Episode 116: Patriots-Browns Week Six Recap, Pa...
Episode 116 includes discussions on our Patriots-Browns week six recap, Patriots-Bears week seven preview, overall week six NFL thoughts, Celtics/NBA season preview, the Bruins are off to a great start, and more
113 min
Episode 115: Bruins/NHL Season Preview And Pred...
Episode 115 includes discussions on our Bruins/NHL season preview, the Patriots’ week five win over the Lions, a preview of Patriots-Browns, overall week five NFL thoughts, and more
139 min
Episode 114: Patriots-Packers Week Four Recap, ...
Episode 114 includes discussions on the Patriots’ week three loss to the Packers, a preview of Patriots-Lions, overall week four NFL thoughts, our MLB playoff predictions, Bruins preseason notes, and more
115 min
Episode 113: Patriots-Ravens Week Three Recap, ...
Episode 113 includes discussions on the Patriots’ week three loss to the Ravens, a preview of Patriots-Packers, overall week three NFL thoughts, Bruins training camp/preseason notes, and more
84 min
Episode 112: Zdeno Chara Retires, Bruins Traini...
Episode 112 includes discussions on Zdeno Chara’s retirement and a couple other big NHL retirements, Bruins Training Camp notes, our Patriots-Steelers week two recap, Patriots-Ravens week three preview, overall week two NFL thoughts, and more
122 min
Episode 111: Patriots-Dolphins Week One Recap, ...
Episode 111 includes discussions on the Patriots-Dolphins season opener, a Patriots-Steelers week two preview, Nathaniel Hackett and the Broncos blowing it against the Seahawks, and more
89 min
Episode 110: 2022 NFL Season Preview/Prediction...
Episode 110 includes discussions on the 2022 NFL season with our preview and predictions, a Patriots-Dolphins week one preview, and more
122 min
Episode 109: Donovan Mitchell Gets Traded To Cl...
Episode 109 includes discussions on the Donovan Mitchell trade, Celtics News, the Patriots wrapping up the preseason and finalizing the roster, the state of the Red Sox, and more
82 min
Episode 108: The Durant Saga Ends, Patriots Tra...
Episode 108 includes discussions on moments of the week, the Kevin Durant saga ending, Patriots training camp notes, the World Juniors and things going on with the Bruins, the Red Sox still being In shambles, and more
107 min
Episode 107: Bruins Sign Bergeron, Krejci, and ...
Episode 107 includes discussions on moments of the week then shifts to Bruins signing Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, and Pavel Zacha, Chris Sale ending his season with a bike accident, Patriots training camp notes, and more
98 min
Episode 106: RIP Bill Russell And Vin Scully, D...
Episode 106 includes discussions on Bill Russell and Vin Scully’s lives and legacies, the Dolphins/Tom Brady tampering situation, Red Sox trade deadline recap, the Bruins’ festivities in Italy, and more.
76 min
Episode 105: Red Sox/MLB Trade Deadline Preview...
Episode 105 includes discussions on the Red Sox and the MLB in our trade deadline preview, some football talk plus our thoughts on the Jaylen Brown/Kevin Durant news
98 min
Episode 104: Red Sox Talk, MLB Draft Recap, All...
Episode 104 includes discussions on the Red Sox, MLB Draft recap, All-Star festivities, MLB trade deadline, and Bruins/NHL offseason talk
95 min
Episode 103: NHL Free Agency/Bruins Madness, Pa...
Episode 103 includes discussions on NHL free agency and the Bruins Madness, the Patriots trading N'Keal Harry, and some Red Sox/All-Star Game thoughts
120 min
Episode 102: Celtics Add Brogdon and Gallinari,...
Episode 102 includes discussions on the Celtics adding Brogdon and Gallinari, the Bruins hiring Jim Montgomery, plus an NHL draft preview, Mike’s first-round mock draft, and Brayan Bello making his MLB debut
144 min
Episode 101: Celtics Offseason Talk, Bruins Coa...
Episode 101 includes discussions on the Avalanche’s Stanley Cup shenanigans, the Celtics offseason, Bruins coaching search plus other notes around the NHL, capped off by some Red Sox-Blue Jays thoughts
105 min
Episode 100: Celtics Season Wrap-Up, Red Sox No...
Episode 100 includes discussions on moments of the week, a Celtics season wrap-up, the Red Sox, NHL awards, the Bruins, and the Stanley Cup Finals
130 min
Episode 99: Do-Or-Die Time For The Celtics, Ana...
Episode 99 includes discussions on top moments of the week, Celtics-Warriors talk ahead of game 6, analyzing Bruins head coach candidates, and Stanley Cup Playoffs predictions
119 min
Episode 98: Celtics-Warriors Talk, Sorting Out ...
Episode 98 includes discussions on top moments of the week, Celtics-Warriors, sorting out the debacle going on with the Bruins, and Stanley Cup Playoffs updates
122 min
Episode 97: Celtics-Heat Recap, Celtics-Warrior...
Episode 97 includes discussions on top moments of the week, Celtics-Heat, Celtics-Warriors, Bruins offseason notes, and Stanley Cup Playoffs talk
125 min
Episode 96: Celtics-Heat Talk, Catching Up With...
Episode 96 includes discussions on top moments of the week, the latest on the Celtics-Heat series, some Red Sox updates, Bruins offseason notes, Stanley Cup Playoffs thoughts, and more
113 min