Royally Yours

In this romantic comedy for fans of Love Actually, sparks fly across London as the lives of ten people collide on the day before the highly anticipated Royal Wedding. 

Nothing brings people together like the promise of happily ever after. All of London is abuzz with anticipation: everyone from the New York paparazzi flown in to catch the money shots to the maids at Buckingham Palace. And every one of them has their own chance at true love. 

But when the (literal) princess bride and her maid of honor go missing, will love prevail? Or is a fairytale ending impossible, even for royalty? 

Royally Yours is a Realm production created by Megan Frampton and written by Megan Frampton, K.M. Jackson, Falguni Kothari, Liz Maverick, and Kat McMurray. Listen away.

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Introducing Overleaper, starring Thora Birch
This week, we would like to introduce you to Overleaper, a new show from Realm.
26 min
6. The Big Day
A day fit for a princess.
65 min
5. The Butler and the Bodyguard
Muscles meet manners in the hunt for the runaway bride.
59 min
4. The Maid and the Gardener
Love blossoms in the Royal Gardens
64 min
3. The Milliners
Hold on to your hats!
67 min
2. The Tourist and the Scotsman
True love is real and she’ll prove it!
67 min
1. The Paparazzo and the Queen's Guard
Make way for the Queen’s Guard.
68 min
Introducing Royally Yours
Royally Yours premieres July 2021.
1 min