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TV & Film
Heeeere's Late Night!: The history of the late-...
Roe and Roeper review the new CNN series about late night TV, and talk about recent rules changes to the game of baseball.
34 min
Petition this, Tony Stark fans! Plus the Thursd...
Roe and Roeper look at the campaigns to revive Tony Stark and re-do the final season of "GOT."
27 min
Recapping the Academy Awards
Roe and Roeper discuss the winners, the losers, the triumphs and the just plain weird on Oscar's big night.
31 min
Mark Your Ballots!
Roe and Roeper share their picks in all 23 categories.
26 min
Not Even Nominated!
Roe and Roeper talk about the greatest performances that weren't even nominated. Plus your awards show update!
26 min
Potent Potables for $200: The Next Jeopardy! Ho...
Roe and Roeper discuss the next Jeopardy! host and take a look at the latest movies and streaming releases.
32 min
Real Talk About Bill Maher
Roe and Roeper explain why Bill Maher was full of it with his "takedown" on Hollywood movies.
29 min
Let's Play Electric Football! Plus, What to Wat...
A look at the table top sports games of the past, including Electric Football, Table-Top Hockey and Strat-O-Matic Baseball.
31 min
Should Hollywood Leave Georgia?
Roe and Roeper discuss the calls for Hollywood to boycott Georgia--and the problem with movies set in one place and filmed elsewhere.
30 min
James Caan joins "Screen Time"
The legendary James Caan gives a rare interview to "Screen Time"
17 min
Ken Burns Joins "Screen Time"
Legendary filmmaker Ken Burns joins "Screen Time" to talk about his latest documentary series, "Hemingway."
33 min
Devil in Disguise: John Wayne Gacy
Roe and Roeper discuss the Peacock docuseries about John Wayne Gacy, and share their experiences covering the story.
24 min
Better Call Bob
Bob Odenkirk talks about his new film "Nobody" and the final season of "Better Call Saul." Plus an update on the Academy Awards.
32 min
COVID vs King Kong
Richard returns to a theater to see Hollywood legends clash. Plus, can 4 hours save The Justice League and the Thursday Three.
35 min
Oscar Nominations: The Good, the Bad and the Sn...
Roe & Roeper break down the Oscar nominations and have some suggestions about the April 25th telecast.
30 min
Oprah's Royal Flush
Oprah, Megan and what's-his-name mine television gold causing a stir in the states, but could topple an empire. Plus three things you have to see this weekend.
28 min
The Doctor Is Out
Roe & Roeper look at the cancel culture and false outrage after the Dr. Seuss controversy, plus some of their favorite movie "Easter Eggs".
28 min
Coming 2 America
Coming 2 America: Roe and Roeper discuss the long-awaited sequel, and talk to KiKi Layne, who plays King Akeem's eldest daughter. Plus, recommendations for weekend home viewing.
26 min
Are the Golden Globes Obsolete?
Should the Golden Globes stop spinning? Roe and Roeper recap Sunday's show, and talk about whether the 78th Golden Globes should be the last. Controversy and bad timing (literally) may have doomed the season's wackiest awards show.
28 min
Getting Ready For The Golden Globes & The Thurs...
Roe and Roeper get ready for the first big awards show of the season, The Golden Globes. The Thursday Three looks at a trilogy of new films about the US spying on the famous and infamous.
32 min
The Old & The New: Changes to SNL & Millennials...
Roe and Roeper assess the changes SNL has made in the post Trump universe and why Millennials and Boomers can't see eye to eye. The answer is black and white.
29 min
New Releases, Archer, Breaking Bad & The Thursd...
Roe & Roeper talk two new "ripped from the headlines" releases plus Archer, Breaking Bad and the Thursday Three.
29 min
Silence of the Lambs Anniversary, The Rock's La...
Roe and Roeper do a deep dive into 1991 classic, Silence of the Lambs on the 30th anniversary of its release. Plus, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new flashback project and White House pets are breaking the internet.
26 min
The Future of Concerts, Past Screen Legends, & ...
Roe and Roeper look at the future of concerts, remember recently past screen legends, and unveil the Thursday Three.
25 min
Sports in 2021
Roe and Roeper take on Superbowl aftermath, how the pandemic changed sports forever and the screen legend who broke Twitter.
32 min