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TV & Film
No Time to Die: Daniel Craig's 5th and Final Ti...
Richard Roeper and Roe Conn discuss "No Time to Die" and do a deep dive into the history of the James Bond franchise.
34 min
John Belushi's Best Performance was not in "Ani...
Richard and Roe revisit "Continental Divide" on the 40th anniversary of its release, and talk about the best journalism movies of all time.
35 min
The Many Saints of Newark and the Many TV Shows...
Richard Roeper reviews "The Many Saints of Newark" and Roe and Rich talk about the dozens of TV shows that have been adapted for the movies.
31 min
Adam Carolla joins Screen Time
Adam Carolla shares his memories of Norm Macdonald and talks about how he remains close friends with Jimmy Kimmel despite their vastly different views.
27 min
Best and Worst of the Emmys, plus reviews of "T...
Richard Roeper says he's "Crown'd" Out, while Roe Conn celebrates "Ted Lasso" and the Emmy win by the former nun who said "Shame, Shame, Shame!"
34 min
Football is back! The best and worst TV announc...
37 min
Emmy Predictions!
Richard Roeper and Roe Conn make their predictions for the 2021 Emmys and also discuss "Impeachment: American Crime Story"
34 min
Jennifer Hudson joins "Screen Time"
Richard Roeper talks to Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson about her role in the Aretha Franklin biopic "Respect -- and Hudson accepts Roeper's offer for a certain gig in the fall.
31 min
Chance the Rapper joins Screen Time
Richard Roeper interviews Chance the Rapper about his new concert film and his movie/TV ambitions.
27 min
Deep Fake Entertainment and What to Watch
Richard Roeper's take on "Deep Fake" technology in documentaries and virtual concert shows. Plus reviews of six new releases.
36 min
The Best Streaming Series of 2021 So Far
Richard Roeper's Best Streaming Series and Documentaries of the Year
24 min
Roeper's Best Movies of 2021 So Far
From "Cherry" to "Cruella" to "A Quiet Place II," Richard Roeper's Favorite Movies of 2021 so Far!
24 min
Happy Birthday, "Independence Day"!
Roe and Roeper celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Independence Day," and talk about all the big disaster movies of the 1990s.
29 min
Central Perk, Monk's Cafe and the Cheers bar! V...
Roe and Roeper talk about their experiences visiting sets of famous TV shows. Plus, "Fast and Furious the Musical"?!?!?
26 min
The Best LGBTQ+ Movies
Roe and Roeper talk about history of LGBTQ+ movies. Plus: What Not to Watch and the Thursday Three.
25 min
Happy Birthday, Ferris Bueller!
Richard and Roe share their thoughts on "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Is it really a suicide prevention film?
35 min
Happy Birthday, Nutty Professor!
Roe and Roeper celebrate "The Nutty Professor" and talk about the best multiple-character performances of all time.
29 min
The Death of Boxing
Roe and Roeper talk about the Showtime series "The Kings"
27 min
The Greatest Sitcoms of All Time
Cheers to your Arrested Development, Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm for your Friends at The Office
34 min
The One Where the Friends Reunited
Roe and Roeper review "Friends: The Reunion" and tell you Who to Follow on Social Media
26 min
1971: The Greatest Year in Music History?
Roe and Roeper review the new Apple TV+ series about 1971. Plus the Thursday Three and What Not to Watch.
30 min
A Quiet Place Part II and Chance the Rapper
Roe and Roeper talk about "A Quiet Place Part II," and Richard tells the story of his adventures with Chance the Rapper.
31 min
Concerts are back, What Not to Watch and the Th...
Roe Conn and Richard Roeper talk about the Genesis reunion tour, share their personal memories about Phil Collins and take a look at the newest theatrical and streaming releases.
31 min
The Golden Globes get the boot. Plus, we talk t...
Richard Roeper and Roe Conn give the Golden Globes the thrashing they deserve. And we talk to the legendary Billy Crystal!
34 min
Happy Birthday Happy Gilmore! Plus, the best an...
Roe and Roeper celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Happy Gilmore," "Mission: Impossible," "Twister" and "Independence Day"
29 min