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Rock M Radio Presents: Episode 5 Dive Cuts with...
Sam and Matt are back with another episode of Dive Cuts! They bring on Blake Lovell of (13:00 minute mark) and talk SEC Basketball and how many teams the SEC can put in the NCAA Tournament. Sam and Matt also wrap up by giving a...
62 min
In the Short Corner with Sam Snelling and Carri...
Welcome back to another edition of Rock M Radio. We bring you another episode of In The Short Corner with Sam Snelling. Carrington Harrison joins him on the podcast to talk Mizzou, The “Showdown for Relief,” Mizzou Basketball and the expectations...
46 min
Rock M Radio Presents: Bench Minutes with Sam a...
Rock M Radio is back bringing you another episode of Bench Minutes with Sam & Jarrett! They talk FBI, SEC Basketball, and preview some of the teams. AND, that Mizzou/Kansas game that is rumored to be happening. How about that? Be sure to...
45 min
Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling
Rock M Radio Presents the latest episode of Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling. He is joined by Arkansas Fight’s Doc Harper. What does this year look like for Arkansas and what type of team will Mike Anderson use this year? ALSO: They discuss...
45 min
Rock M Radio Presents: Dive Cuts with Sam Snell...
Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris are back on Rock M Radio! And they have a name! Rock M Radio presents: Dive Cuts. Did something happening in College Basketball this week? Lots of Hoops talk with plenty of things happening in College Basketball...
57 min
Rock M Radio: Episode 17: In Defense of Barry Odom
Rock M Radio is here bringing you another episode! This time, we are joined by Josh and Tramel as they break down this Mizzou team, Barry Odom’s comments, and defend Coach Odom’s tenure at Mizzou. Recruiting woes before Odom’s tenure could be to...
33 min
Rock M Radio: Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling
Rock M Nation's Sam Snelling brings you another episode of Opponents Alley presented by Rock M Radio. He chats with Charlie Burris of the Orange and White Report. The talk plenty of SEC basketball, Mizzou, Tennessee, Cuonzo Martin, a little...
60 min
Rock M Radio Presents: Zoulogy Missouri at a Cr...
Rock M Radio Presents another episode of Zoulogy: Barry Odom has Missouri at Cross roads after 31-13 loss to South Carolina Join Oscar, Dan, and Dvaid for the second episode of the 2017 season discusses Mizzou's 31-13 loss to South Carolina with...
34 min
Rock M Radio Episode 14: Bench Minutes with Sam...
Rock M Radio Presents: Bench Minutes with Sam and Jarrett. They talk Mizzou Hoops, Torrence Watson, and Sam interviews writer and scout Earl Austin Jr. for PrepHoops in Missouri. Plenty of talk about prospects on Mizzou’s radar and players on the...
69 min
Rock M Radio: Episode 13
Sam and Matt dive deep into the Carte'Are Gordon rumors and talk Torrence Watson. They also have the new outlook for Mizzou's 2018 recruiting class. AND Please tweet @SamTSnelling, @MattJHarris85, or @Mhill_ for a podcast name suggestion!
62 min
Zoulogy: Talking Missouri Football Handshakes, ...
Rock M Radio Presents: Zoulogy. The latest episode of Zoulogy is here! Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison are joined this week by Bill Connelly to talk about Missouri's upcoming 2017 season.
67 min
Rock M Radio Episode 11: Sam and Matt talk with...
Sam and Matt talk with Coach Chris Neff of the MoKan Elite. They talk Jontay Porter, intriguing future prospects on his team, and what it is like to be so involved with a young player's development. Do you like Rock M Radio? Drop us a Review! Be...
62 min
Rock M Radio Presents: Zoulogy with Eric Edholm
The Zoulogy crew is joined by NFL writer for Pro Football Weekly Eric Edholm. Is Drew Lock the next Blaine Gabbert? Talking Mizzou in the NFL with Eric Edholm.
51 min
Episode 9: In the Short Corner
Rock M Radio Presents: In the Short Corner. Sam Snelling is here to bring you a new edition of In the Short Corner. He is joined by CBS Sports' Matt Norlander. They cover plenty of College Basketball, SEC Hoops, Mizzou Hoops and... BONUS MUSIC TALK!...
66 min
Rock M Radio Presents Zoulogy: 2017 Missouri Ti...
Rock M Radio brings you another episode of Zoulogy. This episode is all about Previewing Missouri Football's 2017 season with Oscar, Dan, David and special guest Alec Blome. Can Mizzou do better than 6-6? Is 9-3 the ceiling? Is every game a rivalry?...
56 min
Rock M Radio Episode 7
Rock M Radio is back with another episode! Sam and Matt are here with an emergency recruiting podcast! They talk about Mizzou Hoops, the recruiting trail, and some expectations for Mizzou Basketball! Also: Is Mizzou a basketball school (again)?
51 min
Rock M Radio Episode 6: Zoulogy Episode 2
Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison are back to talk a little Missouri football recruiting and a lot of Missouri fall camp position battles.
31 min
Rock M Radio Episode 5: Bench Minutes
Rock M Radio Presents: Bench Minutes with Sam and Jarrett. They are back for episode 2! They break down the Alumni Game over the weekend, Mizzou Hoops, and of course, SEC basketball. Be sure to subscribe to Rock M Radio on iTunes!
68 min
Rock M Radio Episode 4: Opponents Alley - Kory ...
Rock M Radio brings you a new of Episode of Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling. In this episode, he welcomes Kory Keys, a former graduate assistant at Ole Miss and SEC basketball expert. They cover everything from Andy Kennedy and his relative lack of...
60 min
Rock M Radio Episode 3: Zoulogy
RMR is here bringing you the latest edition of Zoulogy with Oscar, David, and Dan. Hear the crew talk about Mizzou Basketball, recruiting, and of course, Mizzou Football! Subscribe today.
48 min
Rock M Radio Episode 2
Rock M Nation's Rock M Radio continues with episode 2! Sam and Matt are here to talk about the financial side of Mizzou Basketball as well as what the offense will look like and expectations for Mizzou Basketball this year.
46 min
Rock M Radio Episode 1
Rock M Nation's Rock M Radio is back! Listen to Episode one as Bill, Josh, and Tramel talk about Mizzou's first 5 years in the SEC and... Is Norm Stewart Overrated?
40 min