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Welcome to “The Rinkside Rundown Podcast” the ultimate destination for all things women's hockey! Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of women's hockey, offering an in-depth and insightful look at the players, teams, and stories shaping the game!

Hosted by Chris Sinclair, “The Rinkside Rundown Podcast” brings you the latest news, trends, and breakthroughs in women's hockey. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a casual viewer, or a newcomer to the sport, “The Rinkside Rundown Podcast” ensures you stay informed and engaged with the ever-evolving landscape of women's hockey!

In each episode, we explore a variety of topics, from game highlights and strategic plays to the players' off-ice experiences and contributions to the community. Expect thought-provoking discussions and a deep dive into the inspiring stories that make women's hockey a powerhouse in the world of sports!

Tune in weekly to “The Rinkside Rundown Podcast” and become part of the growing community that appreciates and supports women's hockey at its finest! Whether you're looking to stay updated on your favourite players, teams, or just want to be part of the conversation around the rapidly evolving world of women's professional hockey, this podcast is your source for all things puck-related.

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