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Nonny de la Peña: Democratizing Storytelling
Nonny de la Peña, founder/CEO of the Emblematic Group and Godmother of VR, shares how a little empathy goes a long way on her lifelong journey to democratize storytelling with immersive journalism.
43 min
Ian Briggs: Designing for Emotion
Hear from the co-creator of the first street-legal single-seater supercar, Ian Briggs, on how generative design is changing the automotive manufacturing industry.
34 min
Matt Workman: Shaping Virtual Production
Matt Workman, cinematographer and developer, shares his thoughts on virtual production, how he got his start and why he thinks this collaborative new process will crack the film industry wide open.
23 min
Kiira Benzing: Multidimensional Storytelling
Multidimensional director Kiira Benzing shares how she’s transforming the world of theatre and the art of storytelling — one immersive experience at a time.
38 min
GMUNK: Cultivating Creative Energy
Director and designer GMUNK talks about cultivating the right creative energy, and how curiosity and collaboration work together.
43 min
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0 min