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Are you ready to REVIVE? We're a daily, one hour, live show and podcast hosted by Sunny and the REVIVE Crew! REVIVE helps refresh and renew moms and dads by giving them a break from the daily grind. The conversations are fun, honest, uplifting and focus on marriage, parenting and having a happy family life. Watch us record our podcast LIVE weekdays at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern or subscribe through your favorite podcast player. REVIVE is part of the Parents On Demand Network.

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Kids & Family
Adjusting Your Kid's Screen Time After Summer a...
Are your kids whining about having less screen time now that summer is wrapping up? And more about the motorized bike that is actually making riders more physically fit!
65 min
Prepping Your Family Finances for a Changing St...
Protect your family's finances during a wacky stock market climate. Plus, a lively discussion about when kids are ready to have their own cell phones.
63 min
Parenting with PTSD and Dawn Daum and Anna Gann...
Are you guys ready to meditate? You'll get a quick pick-me-up toward the end of the show. Plus, how PTSD can impact you as a parent.
66 min
Balancing Work and Parenting with Sarah Argenal...
Kids fail at recommended exercise and screen time. Plus, we're chatting about how working parents can create a more balanced life and the dangers associated with kid online influencers.
67 min
Special Guest Jessica Dahlquist of Extraordinar...
Seriously, what's the deal with driveless cars? Plus, talking toilets and helping dads transition to parenthood. And yes, there will be games!
61 min
Maria Alcoke from The Engine Mom Podcast and Cr...
How many apps do you use on your smartphone? Plus, wise words of wisdom from mamas Maria Alcoke and Crystal Escobar and the REVIVE Crew!
63 min
Sunny's School Drop-Off Dilemma, Parenting Expe...
You know why school drop-off and pick-up is so stressful? One word: whistles. We've got some tips on instilling confidence in your kiddos. Oh, and some crazy news headlines.
67 min
Parenting Lessons with Jenny Dean Schmidt of Ch...
You may want to think twice before you go to a baby shower without a gift- we'll explain why. Plus, parenting tips for our special guest Jenny Dean Schmidt from ChannelMom and we'll see if your kiddo would pass a test of having basic life skills.
63 min
Sunny's Horror Travel Story, Parenting Older Ki...
What could go wrong while flying solo with four kids and a small dog? Hmmmm. Plus, tips for advocating for kids with special needs once they get older, and we're discussing some of the common misconceptions surrounding home birth.
69 min
Ancestry Lists: Friend or Foe? Co-Parenting Out...
More Americans are taking tests to learn about their ancestry, but is this really a good thing? Plus, we're talking about how to create "drama-free"co-parenting drop-offs with your kids!
68 min
Parenting Through Stories with Paul Smith, How ...
Communicating life lessons to your kiddos could be as easily as telling stories, plus how a cut in the federal interest rate could impact your mortgage. And we're playing fridge fun facts to celebrate the anniversary of home refrigerators!
66 min
#ClearTheLists Helps Teachers Buy School Suppli...
How parents can get involved with the #ClearTheLists social media campaign, and the book "You're Doing It Wrong!" analyzes the history of mothering advice in the media.
62 min
Why Pre-Teen Kids Are Quitting Sports and Encou...
More and more kids are dropping out of sports at an early age- but what does this mean? And tips for parents wanting to encourage their kids to become entrepreneurs!
59 min
Violence, Video Games and Mass Shootings with D...
Can violent video games cause mass shootings? Dr. Rob shares his expertise as a kid's media expert. Plus, learn all about Winnie, the website that helps you discover qualifies preschools and daycares in your area!
59 min
Divorce and Single Parenting with Peter G and M...
Tips for Surviving Divorce and Single Parenting with Peter G from "The Peter G Show", and Financial Planner Paul Fenner explains Medical Savings Plans.
63 min
Tips for Successful Playdates with Janine Hallo...
What are some practical tips for scheduling a successful playdate for your kids? Plus, more kids are making money on YouTube, but what's really at risk here?
66 min
Top Questions for Preschools, Yoga for Little K...
We're discussing the most important questions to ask preschools before enrolling your child. Plus, the benefits of yoga for kids and fun activities you can do with your family toward the end of summer!
74 min
Extra-Curricular Activities for Kids, the Amazi...
What extra-curricular activities are best for your kiddos? Plus, we're kung-fu fighting with Henry Calentog and rapping the hits from the 1980s!
63 min
It's Job Day! We're Sharing Hiring and Firing S...
Have you ever been fired or laid-off? We're sharing stories that empowered us to become entrepreneurs. And we're learning how automation can be a lifesaver for your business.
68 min
It's Christmas in July! Santa Claus Joins REVIV...
REVIVERS ask Santa their most pressing Christmas questions! We learn how we can save some money instead of overdoing it on holiday gifts. And we test ourselves to see how can finish the Christmas song lyrics!
60 min
Homeschooling Your Kids, Finance Aid for Colleg...
It's Friends Day! Learn about the benefits of homeschooling, plus money-saving tips for parents with college-age kids and the Newlywed Game!
62 min
Best Cars for Families, Allison Carter Explains...
Is a minivan really the best car for parents? Why a "My Favorite Things" Part is a must-have for your mom friends, and Dr. Mike from PediaCast discusses heat exhaustion and bee stings.
70 min
Are Large US Cities Becoming Childless? Margare...
Margaret Ables from the podcast, What Fresh Hell, is here! New York City shows trends of large cities in the US becoming childless. And we'll compete in a friendly game of Family Feud.
64 min
We're Having Fun with Alexa! Kelly Lynn Adams f...
Sunny and Jerzee John ask Alexa funny questions and Kelly Lynn Adams has some practical advice for parents wanting to have it all. And we're playing "Fact or Fiction" with a REVIVER!
65 min
Self-Care with Mom Deconstructed and Ed Troxell...
Kate Turza chats about the importance of self-care for moms, we learn three tips on how to achieve anything you want in life. And REVIVER, Jennifer, joins us to play "Would You Rather".
61 min
It's Whinesday! Andy Hill from Marriage, Kids a...
Are you ready to whine? Plus, we're learning all about family budgets and the importance of prioritizing what's important to you!
60 min
Jen McClellan from Plus Mommy, Managing Student...
Is your health care provider "weight-friendly"? Plus, we'll learn more about student loan debt and how we can find the joy in parenting- even through difficult times.
75 min
Guilty Pleasures for Parents, Dr. Rob Explains ...
Sunny and "Jerzey John" share their favorite guilty pleasures. Plus, encouraging your kids to use more brain cells when consuming media and we debut "Dad Raps", which is just hysterical!.
70 min
Are Kids Growing Horns? A Screen Time Test for ...
Is technology making our kids "horny"? We'll take our own screen tests to see how we're doing as parents. And we've got some tips for planning a birthday party last minute!
73 min
Happy Fourth of July! The REVIVE Crew Shares In...
Lots of fun events happen each year of July 4th... including hot dog eating contents! Woohoo! And we've got some grilling mistakes we hope you'll avoid this holiday.
62 min
Cory Warren from Lean Green DAD, YouTube Channe...
We're lean and green! Podcaster Cory Warren joins REVIVE as our special guest. Plus, cool (and free) YouTube channels recommended by moms, and tips for saving some extra bucks for your kid's college.
64 min
#FIWGL Sunny's Husband Joins REVIVE! Plus Money...
Wanna know what #FIWGL means? We're playing a new game and getting some great money-saving tips from Sunny's Hubby.
61 min
Feeding Mistakes with Pediatric Nutritionist Ji...
Ever heard of a @poopcatepillar? Learn about feeding mistakes we're making with our kids and how to make them respect money.
73 min
Bow Wow Wow! We're Celebrating the Family Dog w...
We're learning all about man's best friend and Producer John even created a special dog-focused trivia game!
62 min
It's Whinesday with Kristen Stratton from Newbi...
It's time to whine, y'all! Plus, we're learning what we can do to strengthen our child's inner IQ.
65 min
Dr. Mike from PediaCast Talks Summer Safety and...
Dr. Mike talks bike safety, swimming and tick bites. Ugh! And What to do when your kid treats you like an event planner this summer?
66 min
Jessica Kupferman from She Podcasts and Self-De...
Are you ready for She Podcasts Live 2019? And we're learning all about self-defense for moms and kids.
60 min
We're LIVE at night! Travel Horror Stories, Fam...
It's REVIVE at night! We're sharing our travel horror stories and providing some travel tips for parents about to hop on a plane.
61 min
Stacey Simms from Diabetes Connections, Dad or ...
Mama and Diabetes Advocate, Stacey Simms, is here and we're discussing the benefits of summer camps for kids!
64 min
All My Single Ladies! Parenting Agreements and ...
Have you heard of a parenting agreement before? What should be included? And why are we continuing to pressure our kids into college?
62 min
Lisa Druxman from Stroller Strides, Spotting Ki...
Can you spot your kid's lies? Find out as we play a new game with our special guest, Lisa Druxman. And is it really possible to get teens to eat their vegetables?
61 min
Ryan Dobson from Rebel Parenting, Colicky Kids ...
Was there a moment when you first realized parenting was going to be hard? Plus, how to improve paid family leave here in the United States.
56 min
Father's Day Memories of Dad and the Top Postpa...
What's your best memory of your dad? Plus, we're busting some of the top postpartum myths - with the help of an experienced doula!
63 min
It's Twins Day! Father's Day Amazon Gift Ideas ...
We have lots of twin parents on the show today! Plus, unique Amazon gifts ideas for Father's Day and a pelvic specialist who wants to heal your "lady parts"!
59 min
It's "Whinesday! Bravo's Ali Levine Talks Mothe...
Our special guest Ali Levine from Bravo's Stripped launches her new podcast focused on motherhood. And it's "Whinesday" so we'll break down the latest crazy things our kids are whining about.
61 min
Andy Hill with Marriage, Kids and Money, Nation...
Andy Hill is in the house!!! We're chatting with our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Mike from PediaCast and you'll hear the amazing story of a mama who's defying all odds and living a good life!
58 min
Sleep Tips for Kids, Minivan Drop-off & School ...
Elizabeth Pantley gives us some great sleep tips for kids, and we ask our audience an impossible "Would You Rather" parenting question!
60 min