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The Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast
<p>Eliza, Karlin &amp; Alison update &amp; RE-solve all of the segments from the 90's TV show Unsolved Mysteries. Watch along with us as we uncover the latest information on all of the segments in everyone’s favorite mystery show. We laugh, we cry, we drink cheap wine and we want justice! Follow us on Facebook &amp; Twitter @resolvethepod and IG @re_solvedmysteries.</p>
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Listener Short Stack 9
In this Listener Short Stack, we discuss one listener's experience at a naturalist resort, a haunted railroad in Canada and forgiveness for serial killer Michael Lee Lockheart. We hear about a way too close for comfort connection to the Helen Brach disappearance and a 13 year old boy solves a 27 year old cold case with a Go-Pro!
24 min
Between the Folds S2E6
Did Rudolph Hess escape? Did he die by suicide? Was he murdered? Eliza, does some Nazi hunting to find out. Alison covers the classic UM story of Patricia Meehan and the infamous photo that gives us all the chills. Karlin tells us the sad tale of Tina Jefferson and the monster who took her life.
98 min
Listener Short Stack 8
Ahhhh! We already have an update on the Dale Kerstetter case! It's amazing! We also cover a recent missing persons story out of Portland OR., read a listener's Lost Love letter and OMG hear from a listener whose father & uncle knew the Golden State Killer, Joseph De Angelo. Sprinkle in a little Coin Scammer information and a solid Ya Done F*cked up for Alison. We're not gonna lie, this Listener Short Stack is effing awesome.
38 min
Halloween Short Stack 2019!
Happy Halloween, honeys! In this little mini episode we share some ghosty stories, hear from a listener who investigates the paranormal, talk about the 1980s candy scare and share our favorite costumes. We also get some Halloween safety tips from Eliza (Hint: it involves pepper spray and knives). Have a fantastic Halloween Re-Solvers, we love you so!
25 min
Marfa, Marfa, Marfa! S2E5
Sure, Jan. Alison covers the cases of Dale Kerstetter and the missing platinum, was he an unwitting victim or did he plan the heist? Karlin gets cozy with the townspeople of Marfa, TX and the unexplained lights they love. Eliza covers the heartbreaking, unexplained deaths of Jay Cook & Tanya Van Cuylenborg. Karlin tries to figure out where the hell Salvatore Caruana is hiding out, is he still alive or is he swimming with the fishes?
104 min
Listener Short Stack 7
This Listener Short Stack is a goodie! We chat about messages and emails from listeners who weigh in on NDEs, explain why so many people saw the weeping Jesus at The Holy Trinity Church and decipher what the hell Parapsychologist Michaeleen Maher was trying to say when she was discussing the General Wayne Inn Haunting. Plus we cover the mysterious death of Heather Anne Lacey, learn about Cyntoia Brown-Long's new memoir and of course...NUDIES, honey!
26 min
Poopin' in His Little Police Pants S2E4
Karlin provides an update on fugitive Greg Webb a full-on garbage person who murdered Anna Marie Anton, a woman who may have been leading a double life. Eliza tells us the truly heartbreaking story of the Rogers Children and their search to find their missing siblings. Alison covers the mysterious murder of Ralph Probst and winds up in a world of horse meat, mafia men and child murders.
94 min
Listener Short Stack 6
We are getting so many interesting messages from our listeners, it's awesome! In this Listener Short Stack, Nycole tells us about the mysterious disappearance of Laurie Depies, who vanished from a parking lot in 1992. Victoria has a weird coincidence that we call all relate to. Mike gives us some more information on Christi Nichols and tell us about his first hand Roswell experience. Michelle tells us about the incredible organization- Private Investigations for the Missing. A non-profit begun by Bruce Maitland, the father of Brianna Maitland who went missing in 2004. Erika educates us about some medical and psychological conditions that could lead to "Missing Time". Ashley gets us all feeling those "Final Destination" vibes just in time for Halloween! Episode Sources: Laurie Depies Christie Nichols blog post: Our blog post for Private Investigations for the Missing: Briana Maitland Seizures that may explain "Missing Time":
29 min
For Heaven's Sake! S2E3
Alison covers the mysterious murder of Kay Hall, could the husband have done it?! GASP! Eliza & Robert Stack warn us all about that infamous coin scam in NYC. Karlin covers the heartbreaking mystery of Mabel Wood and her sweet pups. Alison updates the WTAF story of the Lost Fisherman on the Sarah Joe. Karlin discusses the kidnapping of Avery James Norris. This episode is a heartbreaker honeys, get ready!
113 min
PATREON SNEAK PEEK: Forgotten Few #1: Bob Dozie...
Hi Listeners! Here is a sneak peek at our new Patreon series! Join us on  to get access to three different series releasing bi-weekly. This is first episode of our new series--the Forgotten Few! In th...
25 min
Totally Nake S2E2
Alison covers the mysterious death of Jack Brown. Karlin gets a biiiiit skeptical about the Blinking Jesus at Holy Trinity Church in Ambridge, PA. Eliza wraps it up, discussing a true monster, William Eugene Hilliard…or is it Rusty…or Garland Russel? Wha...
75 min
Saucer-stansive Evidence S2E1
It's our Season Two Premier! Karlin tells a tale of lost love—soldier Jim Meade Jr. has been searching 15 years for nurse Lt. Betty Stephens who cared for him after a life threatening helicopter crash in Vietnam. Then, Alison and Eliza cover the many mys...
99 min
Listener Short Stack 5
Pfft, who needs a hiatus when our awesome listeners send us so much cool *ish to dish! In this Short Stack, listenerJess asks us to discuss Audrey Moran, 26, and her boyfriend Jonathan Reynoso, 28, who disappeared on the evening of May 10th, 2017. If you...
20 min
Listener Short Stack 4
Here's a Short Stack created by you, our RM Honeys! In this episode, we decide we want postcards from your weirdest named towns. A listener shares how Unsolved Mysteries helped him develop critical thinking as a child. We discuss a Lewistown, PA mystery....
21 min
It's for Bonin', Dude! S1E24
It’s the Season One Finale, honeys! We have some exciting announcements for you so don’t skip the intro, ya skippies. Alison has her very first treasure segment, she covers the story of Babe & Doc Noss and the Victorio Peak Treasure. Eliza tells us the h...
136 min
Watertight Bottom S1E23
In our penultimate episode of Season 1(!!!) Alison has not one, but TWO Unexplained Death segments. The first is the story of Gus Hoffman, a young man who disappeared after being seen with chain wielding members of a motorcycle gang. Next Eliza discusses...
138 min
Zoo Night S1E22
Alison covers the story of the murder of TK Harty and the ladies discuss what a “Zoo Night” means to them. Eliza finally has a fraud segment that actually interests her as she follows Liz Carmichael’s fall from grace and the ladies can’t help but draw co...
118 min
Surly Reputations S1E21
Karlin tells us the truly harrowing story of Lisa Marie Kimmel and the outrage is real. Eliza is so so so grateful that she has yet another gd treasure story that spans so, so, so MANY years (jk, she's not happy about it at all, obv.). Alison covers the ...
112 min
Neckerchief and Nips S1E20
Hold on to your cowboy boots because this episode gets truly WILD. In episode 20, Karlin discusses us the sad and confusing story of the murder of Don Smith and his daughter Brenda, who was left wondering what happened after he paid her a drunken visit a...
103 min
Naked Above the Waist S1E19
In  this episode the ladies plan a tunneling heist, with Eliza creating the musical score. Karlin sees the light and promptly turns it off in her segment about NDEs. Alison discusses the unexplained death of Permon Gilbert and wants to know….who was the ...
103 min
Foresquin S1E18
Episode 18 has a little something for everyone. This five segment episode is as big as Bigfoot’s, um... big feet. Eliza tells us the story of unexplained murders of race car driver Mickey Thompson and his wife and business partner, Trudy Thompson. Alison...
149 min
Listener Short Stack 3
Hi Re-Solvers!In this Listener Short Stack we check in with some previously recommended non-fiction books, Strange Piece of Paradise and the The Indifferent Stars Above. Who's up for a summer reading list?! Listener Jenny, writes to ask for assistance i...
33 min
You Cannot Ignore the Holes S1E17
Awwww yeah, it’s the ALCATRAZ episode! We’ll be discussing Alcatraz history, infamous inmates (hot ones, not-so-hot ones), the escape, and of course, the very scientific “test” that UM creates to see whether or not the escapees could have made it out ali...
109 min
Literally Cutthroat S1E16
Karlin tells us a tale of possible police corruption and the theories surrounding the murder of Lester Garnier. Eliza discusses the brutal murder of Kathy Hobbs and the other terrible killings of the serial killer thought to be responsible. Alison gets t...
107 min
Listener Short Stack 2
Hi Re-Solvers! We need your help! On this Listener Short Stack, two of our listeners are looking for answers and perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery. We also discuss what our last meal would be on Death Row, find out what ever happened to...
20 min
Who's the Psychic Now?! S1E15
Alison gives a bananas update on the case of missing Micki Jo West and we all decide that if you’re going to murder people- don’t tell everyone you’ve ever dated about it. Eliza gives us the history of the Orphan Trains and we’re all equally fascinated a...
118 min
#notalltancars S1E14 pt.2
Don’t forget RM loves, Episode Fourteen is split into two parts. In Part Two, we cover the last three segments. Karlin tells us about Leo Koury, a very dangerous restauranteur who ended up on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. Alison falls into the rabbit ho...
80 min
A Good Bushman S1E14pt.1
Don’t forget, Episode 14 is split into two parts. In Part One, Eliza covers the mystery of missing boy, Jeremy Bright. Did he run away with the carnies? Did people still do that in the 80’s? Are we still allowed to say carnies? Alison discusses the sense...
75 min
Listener Short Stack 1
On our very first Listener Short Stack we discuss listener Jamie's call for justice for Amy Mihaljevic, a 29 year old cold case outside of Cleveland, OH. We try to clarify why exactly there was that whole, "not a news broadcast," announcement before the...
16 min
The Coziest Corpse S1E13
Alison covers the murder of Lee Selwyn and laments that she missed her true decade. Eliza dives into yet another WTAF coverup in the search for Michael Rosenblum. Karlin has her first Fraud segment with Arthur Frankford and dares to suggest that she hate...
111 min
Allegedly Allegedly Allegedly S1E12
Eliza has not one but two lost loves and they're both super good (we can't believe it either!) so she's not too mad about it. She covers the tale of Hungarian refugees & the GI who brought them hope. Alison gives some closure for listeners who have alway...
137 min
File It Under Puss S1E11
Alison releases the fury for Jenny Pratt and rails against the selfish, entitled SoCal community that has continued to withhold justice from Jenny for decades. Eliza covers another old white guy stealing money from someone... (again). Karlin discusses th...
157 min
Voodoo Dandy S1E10
The very classy RM Ladies clutch their pearls while discussing all of the exposed flesh in the Ann Sigmin/ Garey Goff mystery and Alison, much like Charlie Sigmin, is totally underprepared for the scene in the refrigerator shed. Karlin misses the time sh...
104 min
Bigger Blood Budget S1E9
The RM Ladies try to figure out Kurt Sova's missing 72 hours before his mysterious death. Eliza tells us the story of John Nellis and his search for both his father and his son. Alison REALLY wants you all to watch Spotlight before you listen to her miss...
143 min
Pile of Floppies S1E8
The girls WTAF the story of Christi Nichols, wonder why Medford OR was always being fleeced in the 80's, decide that they'd definitely pull a Mark Adams if they were in San Quentin and discuss the murder of 4 year old Barbara Jean Horn. (Apologies for th...
113 min
Slather It On S1E7 pt.2
Eliza talks allllll about Son of Sam’s “redemption”, one of us absolutely screams into a pillow about it. Alison talks about the kidnapping of Annie Laurie Hearin and has a “great” idea for a contest that she now, in retrospect, definitely regrets.Check...
95 min
Slather It On S1E7 pt.1
Alison hijacks her first “Haunting” because nobody puts baby in the corner. Karlin tells us the emotional story of Gretchen Burford and we catch the feels. Check out our Patreon: us:https://resol...
88 min
Rubbin' Those Grubbies S1E6
Eliza is back from her Sportsball season and covering her first of two Son of Sam segments. Alison considers Walter “Curly” Green’s recipe for pilot light canned beans and the ladies learn all about how to NOT deal with evidence in Karlin’s segment about...
129 min
Losies Weepies S1E5 pt2
In Part Two of Episode 5, Karlin does her best to figure out the WTAF story of The Boys on the Tracks (with a medium conspiracy rant from Alison). Then we ALL help Eliza get through a Sportsball?…Sportsballs?… Sportspants? (is it mystery, if we don’t act...
89 min
Findies Keepies S1E5 pt1
Oooooh yes! Our first TWO PART release! Help Alison and Karlin work through alllll of the WTAFs in the stories of DB Cooper and Kevin Ives & Don Henry (The Boys on the Tracks). More importantly, help us help Eliza get through a segment about Sportsball! ...
75 min
Shaft Alley S1E4
The ladies retell the "haunting" of the Queen Mary, re-solve the murder of Roxanne Woodson at the hands of Joe Sheperd and resolve the disappearance of Gail DeLano. We also snark on some ghosties, discuss dirtbag mustaches and give all the nopes to the r...
86 min
What is Re-Solved Mysteries?!?
Alison, Eliza & Karlin introduce themselves and The Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast. We update every segment that the original Unsolved Mysteries (Robert Stack years) released. UPDATE: We know what happened. Let's talk about it. Get exclusive and early acces...
0 min