Reporting on 9/11

Journalists run into places others run away from. This was perhaps never more true than on September 11th, 2001. In "Reporting on 9/11," we'll hear the emotional, true stories of men and women who brought us the news from the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania and learn how that day changed the course of their lives.

Personal Journals
Episode 1: Dawn Ennis - "Cutting In"
A journalist experiences joy and loss on 9/11
11 min
Episode 2: Dennis House - "Life is Valuable"
A life-changing trip to Ground Zero
8 min
Episode 3: Suzanne Kennedy - "Carrying a Secret"
One of the first journalists to arrive at the Pentagon was carrying a secret
11 min
Episode 4: Kenn Venit - "Up in the Air"
A journalist was stranded after all flights were grounded
17 min
Episode 5: Rebecca Baldwin - "The Laugh"
A laugh taught a lesson that would shape a journalist's professional life
12 min
Episode 6: Joe Little - "First on the Scene"
A young reporter is the first on the scene in Shanksville, Pennsylvania
11 min
Episode 7: Wasim Ahmad - "You Don't Know What Y...
A journalism professor realizes what he didn't know when covering 9/11 as a student journalist
8 min
Episode 8: Amy Parmenter - "Hearing the Stories"
A radio reporter's planned day off didn't last very long on 9/11
12 min
Episode 9: Jon Rosen - "Managing It"
A journalists helped manage a large newsroom on 9/11, but says on that day, he never felt more alone
10 min
Episode 10: Bill Prasad - "Helping Other People"
A journalist's experiences on 9/11 sent him on a new career path, helping others deal with trauma
9 min