SEASON TWO: In April 2010, Arizona enacted the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, better known as Senate Bill 1070. The state law required police officers to inquire about the legal status of anyone they thought might be in the country illegally. But what would make an officer think someone was in the country illegally?To its opponents, it codified and provided legal cover for racial profiling, something that continues to be an issue. To its supporters, SB 1070 tackled the issue of illegal immigration in a way that Washington would not. The law was a state-level response to a national issue that had stalled in Congress. It sought to break the federal log jam and show the nation that if Congress wouldn't tackle immigration reform, Arizona would. Ten years later, the law played a role in reducing the size of the state’s undocumented population and unquestionably reshaped Arizona politics. It also may have influenced the political rise of President Donald Trump. In season two of Rediscovering, we'll retrace the history of SB 1070: how it happened, who advocated for it and why it still matters a decade later. We’ll speak to former Governor Jan Brewer, SB 1070 architect Russell Pearce, Arizona’s senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema, and young Latino and immigrant activists whose lives were forever shaped by the legislation.This is Rediscovering: SB 1070 for The Arizona Republic and All five episodes drop on Wednesday, July 15.

SEASON ONE: Our show focused on Don Bolles. Bolles was an investigative reporter for The Arizona Republic in the 1960s and '70s. After years of reporting on corruption in the racing industry, he was killed by a car bomb in 1976. Decades later, we found cassette tapes of his phone calls from the '70s. With those tapes, we're telling the story of Don's life and his quarrels with the mafia before his death and how his spirit was crushed long before his murder. 

S2 Epilogue: How did SB 1070 shape the 2020 ele...
SB 1070 galvanized a new generation of Latino voters, culminating in the 2020 election. Rediscovering: SB 1070's epilogue reflects on the past 10 years.
36 min
S2 EP05: Nothing lasts forever
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S2 EP04: That's their image of us
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S2 EP03: Burn that Capitol down
47 min
S2 EP02: They think they can survive without Me...
33 min
S2 EP01: You're not welcome here
37 min
Coming Soon - Rediscovering: SB1070
In this season of Rediscovering, we'll retrace the history of SB1070: how it happened, who advocated for it and why it still matters a decade later.
5 min
S1 EP06: Legacies
42 min
S1 EP05: It started as a routine day
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S1 EP04: Legal recourse and revenge
25 min
S1 EP03: The Menace Within
30 min
S1 EP02: Wiretaps and wild allegations
42 min
S1 EP01: Shattered naiveté
26 min
Coming soon - Rediscovering: Don Bolles, a murd...
Thanks to cassette tapes from the 1970s, we're now able to tell the story of Don Bolles' life using his own voice.
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