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Film Interviews
Interview with Interview with a Vampire’s Eric ...
42 min
YouTube fights TikTok with cash
28 min
José Andrés has a full plate, but he's adding ...
28 min
The inside story of YouTube
48 min
Why the Good Fight creators are glad they moved...
34 min
Algorithms that give you anxiety and a Web3 pro...
33 min
Home Box Office of the Dragon
29 min
Why the Democrats finally got on TikTok
40 min
Land of the Giants: Why Instagram Broke Its Square
36 min
B.J. Novak on “Vengeance”, podcasts and the dow...
44 min
What is the metaverse, when is it going to show...
30 min
Ken Auletta on the Harvey Weinstein story he wr...
31 min
Netflix has a huge hit with Peaky Blinders — an...
30 min
The future of: Crypto criticism; Substack and A...
58 min
Is this a Netflix problem or a streaming problem?
33 min
Bill Simmons on podcasts, celebrity interviews ...
58 min
Why is this VC on your TikTok?
40 min
Engineer Molly White explains why Web3 isn’t go...
30 min
Is Big Tech getting better about misinformation?
31 min
What can you learn from the guy who built the i...
76 min
Ronan Farrow: “We are living in a post-privacy ...
45 min
Behind the scenes at Apple with journalist Trip...
31 min
NYT’s Wesley Morris on writing, podcasting and ...
42 min
Can Elon Fix Twitter? Can Reed Fix Netflix?
67 min
Elon and Twitter: A love/hate story
42 min
Disney vs. Itself vs. The Right
51 min
The State of Streaming
59 min
Judd Apatow on The Bubble, TikTok and The Slap
41 min
The Oscars: Hollywood’s smallest biggest night?
36 min
Dan Le Batard on life after ESPN; Russia sancti...
56 min
Big Tech takes a side, finally + Zappos' tragic...
41 min
Covering the war in Ukraine, online and on the ...
66 min
Uber, but for TV
48 min
Chuck Klosterman relives the 1990s & Sarah Pali...
63 min
What's next for CNN? + The Afterparty's Ben Sch...
63 min
Is Spotify’s Joe Rogan problem over? Plus how t...
64 min
Game on: Behind the sports betting boom
49 min
Gaming out Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision B...
51 min
So … what the hell is Web3? With the Chernin Gr...
62 min
How the right covers 1/6 + tales from the Thera...
47 min
The Verge’s Ashley Carman on podcasting’s big year
34 min
What the hell happened in 2021? With Bloomberg’...
42 min
WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar’s almost-exit inte...
Kilar is scheduled to leave his post if AT&T’s deal to move WarnerMedia to Discovery goes through next year,
47 min
BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has gone public
Details behind why he wanted his company to go public, and why he's not worried about former investors.
32 min
@Jack is leaving Twitter. What now? + Lina Khan...
Bloomberg’s Kurt Wagner gives his thoughts on the Twitter founder’s departure; the New Yorker’s Sheelah Kolhatkar details her latest profile on FTC Chair Lina Khan.
43 min
Director Rhys Thomas on his unlikely journey fr...
A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye.
37 min
The inside story of HBO, with Jim Miller
Details behind Miller's latest book Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers, which chronicles the rise of the network.
56 min
What is Twitter Blue and is it worth $3?
Twitter product executive, Tony Haile, explains why you might want to opt-in.
29 min
Facebook’s Metaverse explained - by metaverse e...
Why Facebook is transforming into a Metaverse company, and how CEO Justin Smith is currently building out Bloomberg's successful media business.
58 min
How to cover the Facebook leaks + SNL’s Heidi G...
Details behind the data leak sent from whistleblower Frances Haugen; SNL's Heidi Gardner gives insight on what it's like to make sketch comedy during a pandemic.
65 min
Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel on his $2.7 billion Mere...
Details behind Vogel's plans to use his digital expertise to take on the print publishing world.
30 min
Land of the Giants: "He's No Steve Jobs"
Episode 3 of Land of the Giants: Apple breaks down the different leadership styles of Steve Jobs, and his successor Tim Cook.
36 min
Ozy Media, RIP with NYT’s Ben Smith + Condé Nas...
What the Ozy Media fiasco tells us about media start ups, and Roger Lynch's plan to turn the iconic magazine brand into an iconic entertainment company.
49 min
Streamers shrink Hollywood, again + What’s a “H...
Puck's Dylan Byers sheds some light on CAA acquiring ICM. Then, Campside Media's Bijan Stephen details how Twitch is handling "hate raids" on their platform.
28 min
How Peter Thiel went from Silicon Valley to The...
Details on Chafkin's new book The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power.
54 min
Instagram boss Adam Mosseri on teenagers, Tik-T...
Plus, Puck co-founder Jon Kelly on his news site’s recent launch.
63 min
Big changes at Apple: New phones, new AR glasse...
Bloomberg's Mark Gurman discusses the upcoming products and changes happening at Apple.
41 min
Defector Media: Life after Deadspin is good (an...
Editor-In-Chief Tom Ley reflects on how the first year of running the subscription based publication has been going, since leaving Deadspin in late 2019.
34 min
OnlyFans’ weird week with MEL’s Magdalene Taylo...
Why the service decided to ban (and then quickly unban) the content that made them their primary income, and addressing misconceptions about the disinformation industry.
37 min
WWE’s Nick Khan on pivoting his streaming strat...
How Khan came to the WWE after representing it's stars at CAA, and how the company is adapting to the streaming era.
33 min
NYT’s Shira Ovide on the everything and nothing...
Details behind her popular column, "On Tech".
34 min
Reese’s $900 million deal; ScarJo vs Disney wit...
A breakdown of the latest stories out of Hollywood, as well as the difficulty the media is facing reporting on the ongoing pandemic.
56 min
Director Tom McCarthy on Stillwater, finishing ...
Plus, an interview with creator Kyla Scanlon, whose short form videos on stocks and finance has quickly gained popularity.
37 min
Deep fakes come to the movies and Hollywood res...
The New Yorker's Helen Rosner on the Anthony Bourdain doc "Roadrunner", and The Ankler's Richard Rushfield on the return of movie going, and the dominance of streaming.
43 min
WeWork's rise and fall (and rise again?) with E...
Details behind the Wall Street Journal reporter's new book, "The Cult of We".
41 min
Kevin Delaney turns the future of work into a m...
A peek behind Delaney's new media company Charter, and a taste of Gura's coverage from Sun Valley.
54 min
Men In Blazers’ Roger Bennett loves soccer and ...
Details on his new memoir: (Re)Born In The USA: An Englishman’s Love Letter to His Chosen Home.
52 min
One of the most popular streamers on Twitch… is...
How he used his love for gaming to boost his career in left-wing media.
33 min
One of Silicon Valley’s most powerful investors...
VC firm Andreessen Horowitz is getting into publishing. Partner Margit Wennmachers explains the new strategy.
27 min
Jake and Amir on being Web famous, fed up with ...
How the duo's careers in comedy helped them become successful entrepreneurs.
29 min
How to make it in the creator economy with Rob ...
Why he started his Substack , The Art of Noticing, after years of working for various publications.
32 min
Why is Amazon buying MGM?
Plus, Dan Taberski on his career in podcasting and details on his latest show, The Line.
42 min
Jim Miller on HBO’s new home; Alan Yang on a ve...
Miller's thoughts on the latest split between AT&T and Warner Media, plus details behind season 3 of Netflix's Master of None.
41 min
Why did AT&T just bail on WarnerMedia? And what...
NYT's Edmund Lee joins the show to breakdown the details of AT&T's exit from Warner Media.
28 min
Antonio García Martínez's controversial exit fr...
Antonio García Martínez used to work at Facebook, and wrote a book about it. In April, he started working at Apple, and weeks later he was gone, after Apple employees revolted.
22 min
Live music is back! Live Nation CEO Michael Rap...
Details on Live Nation's plans for the future now that venues are beginning to open up again.
40 min
The Jeff Bezos Empire with Brad Stone & Jason D...
Inside his new book “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire”.
60 min
Apple vs Epic with John Gruber; Truth, Doubt an...
The latest news on the antirust trial between Apple and Epic Games, and details on the latest season of The Last Archive.
58 min
AMC Networks can’t compete with Netflix. CEO Jo...
Sapan gives details on how the network is doing during the pandemic, and why he loves niche streaming platforms.
36 min
Did the pandemic kill the Oscars?
Plus, a music podcast you'll love.
51 min
Apple and Facebook's ambitious audio plans
Apple’s selling podcasts. Facebook wants to distribute podcasts - and take on Clubhouse, too.
23 min
Substack’s next target: Local news
Co-Founders Chris Best & Hamish McKenzie detail their latest venture into hiring relatively new writers to cover local news.
38 min
How Hollywood and the NBA are betting on NFTs
With interviews from Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou, The Verge's Mitchell Clark, and UTA's Brent Weinstein.
75 min
WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar on a wild first yea...
Plus, his thoughts on the current state of the movie and streaming industry.
47 min
Media Merger Mania with Axios’ Dan Primack and ...
What’s a SPAC and why are they buying all the media companies?
34 min
The rise and maybe fall of YouTube star David D...
Details on the latest allegations against Dobrik and his colleagues; An update on Angwin's non-profit newsroom.
48 min
How Christina “Tinx” Najjar became a TikTok sta...
As well as the business and economics of being a social media influencer with Vox's Rebecca Jennings.
46 min
How did - and didn’t - the pandemic transform m...
How sports, streaming, and gaming has held up after one year of the pandemic.
75 min
Fubo TV is a Reddit meme stock. CEO David Gandl...
How the CEO plans to tackle the competition through streaming and sports betting, while also betting on himself.
43 min
Have we hit peak streaming? + NYT’s Kevin Roose...
The Verge's Julia Alexander gives her thoughts on the newly launched streaming services: Paramount Plus and Discovery Plus.
54 min
Australia vs. Facebook; Al Madrigal means busi...
Who won the battle between Australia and Facebook? Recode’s Peter Kafka asks his colleague Sara Morrison to explain.
41 min
Pandora founder Tim Westergren on the future of...
Details on his return to the music business with the live-streaming service, Sessions.
33 min
New York Times CEO Meredith Levien on the futur...
This interview was recorded at Digital Content Next’s virtual summit.
39 min
How To Make An Influencer In America with Nick ...
A peak behind the scenes of his latest HBO documentary “Fake Famous”.
36 min
Andrew Ross Sorkin on Gamestop, Robinhood, Redd...
What happens next? Was this a one-off for the Reddit crowd, or will we see repeats?
39 min
How Jessica Lessin got people to pay for The In...
What she’s learned, what she thinks about Substack, and her concerns about tech leaders’ attempts to end-run journalists..
39 min
Trump vs the Press - a final report card from J...
Plus: Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez on Apple's potential venture into podcast subscriptions.
48 min
What the Capitol Riot tells us about online power
NYT's Kevin Roose on big tech's power and responsibility following the events, and NBC's Ben Collins on what this means for Qanon moving forward.
46 min
Behind the making of The Dissident, the movie a...
Director Bryan Fogel gives details behind why he wanted to tell this story, following his last film, Icarus.
40 min
Zach Seward started Quartz, sold it, and bought...
Details on the future of the publication, now that it is back under his management.
41 min